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Legend of Kyrandia 1 Walkthrough

    LEGEND OF KYRANDIA - Komplettlsung: ====================================

    Some general notes.
    1) It is always wise to click on someone or something until the response is the same each time, thus ensuring that you haven't missed some meaningful dialogue or a needed hints.
    2) You should SAVE before doing anything or using anything which might be irreversable. For example, SAVE before placing gems on a plate, crossing a lava flow, or drinking a potion. Thus, you can experiment freely, find the correct solution, LOAD the saved game, and do it right without using anything more than neccesary.
    5) After SAVEing at a critical point, it is often worthwhile to do something obviously wrong, just to see what happens. For example, even if you know what to do at the Lava Bridge in the Dark Caverns, you should SAVE and do it wrong... it's hilarious!
    4) Click on anything that looks like an object, things in shadow or that blend in to the background might just be useful items.

    What follows is NOT a hintbook, there are no gentle suggestions. This is a straight, point by point breakdown of the solution of The Legend of Kyrandia. The game is basically linear. That is, you must solve each puzzle in sequence before the next is presented. There are some parallel or simultaneous puzzles, but for the most part, the game goes step by step. Also, there are some puzzles that cannot be 'solved' until other conditions are met. For example, Hermann will not fix the bridge till you have done everything you need to in the first areas. If you've been given a quest which seems unsolveable, or you are banging your head against a particular area of the game (finding the Quill, Fixing the Pantheon of Moonlight, or crossing the lake to the castle), it is often a good idea to SAVE a scratch game and then run around to old areas, or seemingly unrelated areas of the game throwing things in holes, using spells, magic items or amulet powers and generally flailing around. You CAN get lucky and stumble into the solution.

    A good rule of thumb is; if you find yourself saying "I've done everything but ..." ... do it. It might just solve the puzzle. Some puzzles are quite ingenious and have clever solutions with hints throughout the game. Others are just 'try every combination till you hit it' type obstacles.

    If you find an area you just can't solve, start reading the below step-by-step instructions at the beginning, reading till you get to the part you are stuck at. If you see something you didn't do, or something is described that didn't happen to you, back up to that area and work from there. Try not to read any further ahead than you need to, as this is akin to turning to the last page of a mystery. It takes all the fun out of solving it yourself, and you'll feel cheated.

    Please note that I've given only the absolutely neccesary steps. There are many actions which can be performed which I don't go into, many of which can be amusing, helpful, or even costly. Feel free to experiment. Who knows, maybe I missed something... I'm only human!

    I hope these instructions and maps will help you finish The Legend of Kyrandia without diminishing any of the enjoyment found within. This is definately one of the best games I've played on my PC in the past few years, if not one of the best ever.

    Good luck, and enjoy!


    Things that appear as Proper Nouns are being referred to using the _GAME'S_ wording. If you think you have something close, or are in the right area, but thing's aren't going right, check to see if the Names involved are really the same. Area Names are taken from the description line at the bottom of the window. Item Names are derived from handling the items.

    If you are told to move in a direction _without_ Capital Letters, that means in a general way. E.g.: "Go south to the cave and give Hermann..." means you should head in a generally southerly direction till you find a cave with Hermann in it. Directions given in CAPITALS are explicit directions. "Chase Merith by going EAST, EAST, EAST..." means follow those directions precisely, moving one screen east for each "EAST" given.

    IF you are to go to a location by name, the map reference for tha location is also given. For example, "Go east to Pool of Sorrow (1G)" means to head east to find the Pool which is on the map for Stage 1, at location G.
    TAKE {item} means to click on the {item} and place it in your inventory.
    DROP {item} means click on the {item} in your inventory, and the put it anywhere on the screen.
    GIVE {item} means DROP the {item} on a specific person on the screen.
    PLACE {item} means DROP the {item} in a specific location on the screen.
    TALK {character} means click on the {character}.

  1. For the first part of the game, you should TAKE any and all gemstones you come across in your travels. You should wander the maps (when possible) looking for items. There are many randomly placed items that vary from game to game. Gems are one of these. I can not tell you where to find specific gems, just that there are 11 which will (or MAY) be needed for the "Birthstone Quest": Diamond, Peridot, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Opal, Pearl, Topaz, Onyx.

    All the Maps are included at the end of the solutions.

    All that said, on to the solutions:

  2. Having gone through the introductory sequence, you are standing in Brandon's Home.

    First Stage: The Amulet Quest/Crossing the Bridge

  3. TAKE: Grandfathers Saw, Garnet, Note.
  4. GO: east to the Pool of Sorrow (1G).
  5. TAKE: (Catch) Teardrop.
  6. GO: south to Cave (1J).
  7. GIVE: Grandfather's Saw to Hermann.
  8. GO: northeast to the Forest Altar (1H).
  9. TAKE: Lavender Rose.
  10. GO: west (past Brandon's Home) to the Temple of Kyrandia (1F).
  11. GIVE: Note to Brynn.
  12. GIVE: Lavender Rose to Brynn.
  13. TAKE: Silver Rose.
  14. GO: southeast to the Willow (1D).
  15. PLACE: Teardrop in Dent in Willow.
  16. GO: (Chasing Merith) EAST, EAST, EAST, EAST, NORTH
  17. TAKE: Marble.
  18. GO: east to Forest Altar (1H).
  19. PLACE: Marble in top of Altar.
  20. PLACE: Silver Rose on Altar.

    Thus, you have gained the Amulet of Kyrandia. This is NOT the Kyragem. This is referred to from now on as "the Amulet". Solving certain puzzles will cause one of the 4 gems in the Amulet to light up a color. When you are told to "USE Gem", simply click on the Gem in the Amulet display.

  21. GO: south to the Cave (1J). (If you have completed the Amulet Quest, Hermann will be here, having finished repairing the bridge. You may now cross into the next stage.)

    Second Stage: The Timbermist Woods

  22. GO: WEST to Darm's Abode (2B).
  23. TALK to Darm.
  24. GO: southwest to Marble Altar (2D).
  25. DROP: Gems (do NOT put gems on plate yet.) (NOTE: It's a good idea to DROP any gems you may find at the Altar giving you more inventory slots for other items. You will to have all 11 gems here at a later point.)
  26. GO: WEST, WEST to Oak Grove (2E).
  27. TAKE: Acorn
  28. GO: east to Bird's Nest (2G).
  29. TAKE: Walnut.
  30. GO: Around Timbermist woods looking for a pinecone. It may appear in a random area.
  31. TAKE: Pinecone.
  32. GO: to Deadwood Glade (2K).
  33. PLACE: All three nuts (Pinecone, Walnut, Acorn) in Dark Hole.
  34. GO: north to Bird's Nest (2G)
  35. USE: Yellow Amulet Gem.
  36. TAKE: Feather.
  37. GO: to Darm's Abode (2B).
  38. GIVE: Darm the Feather.
  39. TAKE: Magic Scroll.

    Thus, you have completed the first quest in the Second Stage, the "Quill Quest". You should have the first Amulet Gem lit Yellow. You should be carrying a Magic Scroll and any Gems you have found and not left at the Marble Altar.

    Darm will now set you on a second quest, the "Birthstone Quest". His clue is not very helpful. He is NOT making a reference to the birthstone for the first summer month, but rather to an arbitrary Sunstone which you may have encountered, but woud not have been able to take yet. The clue is also misleading in that it implies that you should be placing the Gems on the Plate in order of season. Not so. The order you place the Gems (after the initial Sunstone) is random and changes each game.

  40. GO: southeast to Bubbling Spring (2J)
  41. TAKE: Sunstone (found IN the stream leading off the bottom of the picture).
  42. GO: around the Timbermist Woods and the Land Around randon's Home (First Stage) looking for Gems. There are 11 (listed above). They were not available until Darm set you on the quest. They are distributed randomly around both Stages. You can find multiple Rubies at the Ruby Tree (2F). When you take one (or more), a Snake will bite you. After taking nay rubies you want and BEFORE leaving the area, USE the Yellow Amulet Gem. Once you have all 11 (either in your possession or DROPped at the Marble Altar), NOT counting the Sunstone, continue on...
  43. GO: to the Marble Altar (2D).
  44. PLACE: the Sunstone on the Plate.
  45. SAVE THE GAME HERE. You now have to begin a process of elimination. PLACE each Gem on the plate, until one dissapears in colored light, rather than in flames. This is the 'second birthstone'. LOAD your SAVEd game, PLACE the Second Birthstone on the plate, SAVE the game again, and repeat the process to find the Third, and Fourth Birthstones.
  46. TAKE: the Flute, any one Red Gem (Ruby, Garnet), any one Blue Gem Sapphire, Opal, Aquamarine), and the Topaz. If you have used these gems to get the Flute, you will have to travel around to re-find them.

    Thus, you have completed the Birthstone Quest. You should now have in your posession: 1 Red, 1 Blue and 1 Yellow gem; the Magic Scroll; the Flute.

  47. GO: to Darm's Abode (2B).
  48. TALK: to Darm.
  49. GO: to Bubbling Spring (2J).
  50. TAKE: Tulip.
  51. GO: southeast to Serpent's Grotto.
  52. GO: Into the Cave Mouth.
  53. When Malcom throws the knife at you, all you can do is throw it back. To do so, CLICK on the knife. Malcom will Freeze the entrance up.
  54. USE: the Flute (CLICK it on Brandon).
  55. DROP: the Flute.
  56. GO into the Cave Mouth.

    Thus, you have completed the Second Stage. You must have: 1 Tulip; 1 Red, 1 Blue, and 1 Yellow Gem; the Magic Scroll to complete the rest of the game.

    Third Stage: The Shadowlands (AKA The Dark Caves)

    The Dark Caves are easily the most frustrating area of the game. Carefull mapping is the key to getting through this Stage with your sanity intact. There are some general rules that you should follow in the caves. First: Fireberries will last for four rooms, they dim each time you carry them into another room. So you can pick a berry, go into a room, go into another room, go into a third room, each dimming the berry. When you go into the foruth room, the berries will go out. Unless there is a lightsource in the room (Fireberry Bush, or it's not a Dark Cave), you will die. Second, Berries do not burn out unless they are moved from room to room. A Berry DROPped in a room will always be there. It will provide a safe, lit room as long as you don't move the berry to another room. If you want to map the caves yourself, you should use the following method:
    1) Pick three Berries.
    2) Move to a new room.
    3) DROP a Berry in the room. You can drop berries in almost all of the rooms so that you never have to carry them again, but this is very time consuming and unneccesary as well.
    4) When you are about to move to the fourth room (you will have no berries, since it would burn out anyway, you don't need to carry a fourth), SAVE the game. If you walk into a Dark Cave and die, LOAD the game and try another path. Make notes of the rooms you have NOT successfully entered. Just because you can;t get there now, dowsn;t mean you never will. In fact, ALL rooms are accessable, eventually.

    Unless you are very lucky, you will probably have to die dozens of times while trying to map the caves. It is not worth the effort. Just use the Map provided here. The included map has the most efficient route marked on it. If you follow this path, you will find all neccesary items, encounter all neccesary rooms/characters, and be able to get through the caves with a minimum of Fireberry toting.

    Having entered the caves, you are now standing at a Natural Mineral Sring.

  57. GO: east to the Treacherous Crossing (3A).
  58. DROP: ALL items. You will need alot of open inventory slots in the caves.
  59. GO: EAST.
  60. TAKE: 3 berries.
  61. GO: NORTH.
  62. DROP: 1 berry.
  63. GO: EAST.
  64. DROP: 1 berry.
  65. GO: SOUTH.
  66. DROP: 1 berry.
  67. GO: SOUTH.
  68. TAKE: 3 berries.

    Using the above GO/DROP pattern, follow the path as directed:

  69. GO: EAST, NORTH.
  70. TAKE: Heavy Rock.
  71. GO: NORTH, EAST, NORTH, EAST, EAST to the Pantheon of Moonlight (3D).
  72. TALK: to the Floaters.
  73. GO: EAST, SOUTH.
  74. TAKE: Heavy Rock.
  75. GO: SOUTH, WEST, SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, EAST to the Cavern of Twighlight (3F).
  76. TAKE: Coin, Heavy Rock.
  78. TAKE: Heavy Rock.
  79. GO: EAST, EAST, SOUTH, EAST, NORTH to Cavern of Emeralds (3E)
  81. GO: back to the Treacherous Crossing (3A).
  82. PLACE: All 5 Heavy Rocks on the Balance.
  83. TAKE: All items previously DROPped here.
  84. GO: to Serpent's Grotto (2L).
  85. GO: northwest to the Ancient Well.
  86. PLACE: Coin in Well.
  87. TAKE: Moonstone.
  88. GO: to Pantheon of Moonlight (3D).
  89. PLACE: Moonstone in Hole in Temple.
  90. USE: Purple Amulet Gem.
  91. GO: southeast to the Volcanic River.
  92. USE: Magic Scroll. (Do NOT DROP it.)
  93. GO: NORTH.
  94. TAKE: Iron Key.
  95. USE: Purple Amulet Gem.
  96. GO: to Fireberry Bush EAST of Treacheroius Crossing (3A).
  97. TAKE: 1 Berry.
  98. GO: to Chasm of Everfall (3B).
  99. GO: across Chasm to Dark Cave (3C).
  100. DROP: Fireberry here. If you ever need to return to the caves later in the game, having this berry here will keep you from dying if you forget that walking into a dark cave kills you. (No, I _NEVER_ did THAT! Who, ME? NAH!)
  101. GO: EAST to ... OUT!

    Thus, you have completed the Shadowlands Stage. At this point you should have 1 Red, 1 Blue and 1 Yellow Gem, 1 Tulip, the Magic Scroll.

    Fourth Stage: Fariewood

  102. GO: out of Shadowland to Cavernous Entrance (4A).
  103. TAKE: Apple.
  104. GO: EAST, EAST to Dark Woods (4B)
  105. Awaken in Zanthia's Laboratory (4C)
  106. TAKE: Empty Flask.
  107. GO: west to Fountain (4E).
  108. GO: east to Flaming Tree (4H).
  109. USE: Magic Scroll.
  110. DROP: Magic Scroll.
  111. TAKE: Crystal Ball.
  112. GO: to Fountain (4E).
  113. PLACE: Crystal Ball on Fountain.
  114. USE: Empty Flask on Fountain Water (thus filling it).
  115. USE: Flask of Magic Water on Brandon (thus drinking it).
  116. RE-FILL: Flask with Magic Water.
  117. GO: to Zanthia's Laboratory (4C).
  118. GIVE: Filled Flask to Zanthia.
  119. TAKE: Both Empty Flasks.
  120. GO: east to Cascading Waterfall (4I).
  121. TAKE: Blueberry from Bush.
  122. GO: to Zanthia's Laboratory (4C).
  123. TAKE: Empty Flask.
  124. TAKE: Moved Rug.
  125. USE: Trapdoor to GO to Strange Stump (4J).
  126. GO: northeast to Tropical Lagoon (4L).
  127. TAKE: 1 Orchid.
  128. GO: to Strange Stump (4J).
  129. USE: Trapdoor to Zanthia's Laboratory (4C).
  130. TAKE: Empty Flask (you should now have 4 flasks).

    In Zanthia's Laboratory:

  131. PLACE: 1 Red Gem and 1 Orchid in Cauldron.
  132. FILL: 2 (TWO) Flasks with Red Potion.
  133. PLACE: 1 Blue Gem and 1 Blueberry in Cauldron.
  134. FILL: 1 (ONE) Flask with Blue Potion.
  135. PLACE: 1 Yellow Gem and 1 Tulip in Cauldron.
  136. FILL: 1 (ONE) Flask with Yellow Potion.
  137. USE: Trapdoor to Strange Stump (4J).
  138. GO: south to Crystals of Alchemy (4K).
  139. PLACE: 1 RED POTION in one side of Crystals,
  140. PLACE: 1 BLUE POTION in other side.
  141. TAKE: Purple Potion.
  142. PLACE: 1 RED POTION in one side,
  143. PLACE: 1 YELLOW POTION in other side.
  144. TAKE: Orange Potion.

    Thus, you have completed the Quest of Zanthia's Potions. You should now be carrying 1 Purple Potion, 1 Orange Potion, an Apple, the Iron Key.

  145. GO: north to Strange Stump (4J).
  146. USE: Trapdoor to Zanthia's Laboratory (4C).
  147. GO: southwest of Magic Fountain to Dark Forest where the Royal Chalice is floating (4F).
  148. USE: Blue Amulet Gem.
  149. GO: EAST to Natural Clearing (4G). (Make sure you have an Apple with you before proceeding.)
  150. DRINK: Purple Potion.

    Inside Pipsqueak's House,

  151. DROP: Empty Flask.
  152. GIVE: Apple to Pipsqueak.
  153. GO: out of Pipsqueak's House.
  154. TAKE: Royal Chalice (behind bush, next to door).
  155. GO: To Zanthia's Laboratory (4C).
  156. USE: Trapdoor.
  157. GO: northeast to Tropical Lagoon.
  158. TAKE: Orchid.

    Thus, you have completed the Fourth stage of the game. You should have in your possession: 1 Orange Potion, the Royal Chalice, the Iron Key, and an Orchid. Three Amulet Gems should be lit: Yellow, Purple, Blue. DO NOT PROCEED WITH OUT THESE ITEMS. Once you cross to the Island, you can not return. You will have to LOAD an old game if you cross without these items.

    The Fifth Stage: The Dark Island

    At the Tropical Lagoon:

  159. DRINK: the Orange Potion.
  160. GO: Ooh and Ahh at the cool graphics!
  161. GO: east from the Dark Island where you land (A) to Misty Grave (5B).
  162. PLACE: Orchid on Grave.
  163. GO: EAST, EAST to Castle Gate (5C).
  164. USE: Red Amulet Gem.
  165. PLACE: Iron Key in Gate Lock.
  166. GO: WEST into Castle.

    Thus, you have entered the Final Stage of the game.

    The Sixth (Final) Stage: Inside Castle Kyrandia.

  167. GO: UPSTAIRS to Grand Balcony (6B).
  169. USE: Yellow Amulet Gem on Hermann.
  170. GO: EAST to Bedroom (6C).
  171. TAKE: Mallet on Chimes.
  172. USE: Chimes in this order: Green, White, Yellow, Purple.
  173. TAKE: Gold Key from behind Painting.
  174. GO: south to the Grand Balcony (6B).
  175. GO: Downstiars to the Castle Entry Hall.
  176. GO: EAST, NORTH, NORTH, EAST to the Kitchen (6G).
  177. TAKE: Royal Scepter (found at the right of the screen, the gold poker at the table).
  178. GO: west across Great Hall (6F) to Small Study (6H).
  179. USE: Books. Pull OUT the books which start with "O", "P", "E", and "N". Make sure all other books are pushed IN.
  180. TAKE: Royal Crown.
  181. USE: Fireplace (click on face).
  182. GO: NORTH into the Hidden Passages.
  183. GO: north to the Dark Passage with glowing green archway.
  184. USE: Blue Amulet Gem.
  185. GO: NORTH, WEST.
  186. USE: Out of place flagstone on floor.
  187. TAKE: Gold Key from beneath stone.
  188. GO: to Great Hall (6F).

    Thus, you are about to enter the last section of the game. You should have ALL the Amulet Gems lit (Yellow, Purple, Blue, Red), and should have the Royal Scepter, Crown, and Chalice. You should have two Gold Keys. You will not be able to proceed without all these items.

  189. USE: BOTH Gold Keys on the Great Double Door.
  190. GO: NORTH to the Royal Foyer (6L).
  191. PLACE: The Royal Vestaments on the Pedestals in order, left to right: Scepter, Crown, Chalice.

    Thus, you unlock the Kyravault. Malcom now appears to challenge you.

  192. GO: EAST into the Kyravault (6M).
  193. USE: (Immediately!) the Red Amulet Gem.
  194. GO: east to stand in front of the mirror at the right of the screen.

    Malcom's own rage will now become his undoing. Thus, you have saved Kyrandia and Restored the Glory of the Kingdom. Enjoy the lovely closing sequence.


    Having played this game rather intently for about a month now, I have noticed some peculiarities. There are many objects in the game which never have a use: The Rainbowstone, the Items you find in the Castle Bedrooms, the Emeralds in the Shadowlands. There ar some red herrings too: The old man at the Oldes Tree in Kyrandia (Nolby) asks you "are these my shoes?", but never quests you to give him any... nor are there any to be found.

    Further, I have done some poking into the code and resource files for the game, and have discovered references to objects I could never find: Shamrock? Mushroom? Falling Star? Never saw 'em. These objects are listed in the MAIN.EXE program and in the .EMC files which govern the conversation and item interactions, but I can't find them anywhere.

    My hunch is that these are parts of the game that didn't make the final revision. Much like scenes being cut from a movie before final release. The programmers just left out the code that uses these areas, but never deleted the actual items themselves. Curious, at the least.

    I hope this solution sheet helps you solve the Legend of Kyrandia without taking the fun out of the adventure. There are many things to do in the game which I don't list in this solution sheet. They are 'asides', which are not neccesary to completing the quest. For instance, in Brandon's hme, inside the big pot is an Apple which you can eat. There are many story ends which you won't see unless you do something wrong (like trying to cross the broken bridge before t's fixed, or crossing the Volcanic River without using the Magic Scroll (one of my favorite scenes! I Lost it!)

    Some of the best fun in the game is playing with things the wrong way, or going where you're not supposed to, just to see what happens. Try doing the wrong thing ... it may have a reward all its own.

    If you find any errors in my sheet, please let me know so I can correct it before giving it to others. You can drop me a line on the Virgin Support Board or a postcard to me at the adress below would be even better. Enjoy the game, and see ya in the silicon!

    Steve Elfenbein, Ghola Productions, Ltd., P.O. Box 266, Lanesborough, MA 01237, ATTN: Kyrandia First Stage : The Land Around Brandon's Home

    Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ

    Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ


    A: Inside Brandon's Home F: Inside Temple B: Outside Brandon's Home G: Pool of Sorrow C: Below Brandon's Home H: Forest Altar D: Rotting Tree I: Cavernous Entrance E: Temple of Kyrandia K: Bridge

    Second Stage: The Timbermist Woods Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ FROM F BĴAĴ CAVE A: A Strange Hut B: Inside Darm's Abode C: A Large Statue Ŀ Ŀ D: Marble Altar EĴDĴCĴG E: Oak Grove F: Ruby Tree G: Bird's Nest Ŀ Ŀ H: Oldest Tree in Kyrandia Ĵ ĴHĴIĴJ I: An Ancient Well J: Bubbling Spring K: Deadwood Glade L: Serpent's Grotto Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ŀ KĴ ĴL

    Third Stage: The Shadowland (AKA The Dark Caves) Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ CĴOUT Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ ] [ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ B Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ ͵D͵*Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ O п Ŀ п Ŀ Ŀ п ͵ ͵*͵ Ĵ OĴ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ ͵*͵ Ŀ Ŀ п п п Ŀ п Ŀ п Ĵ*ĴAĴ* ĴOĴ Ĵ ͵ O͵ ͵ ĴE п п Ŀ п п п п Ŀ *͵ Ĵ* *Ĵ *͵ Ĵ п п Ŀ Ŀ ͻ ͻ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ ͵ Ĵ Ķ H Ѽ Ѽ ϻ п Ŀ Ŀ п ϻ ϻ ĶIĴ Ĵ ͵F͵*͵ Ĵ ĶG ͼ ͼ ͼ Ŀ Ĵ Ĵ Ŀ

    Legend: Room you * = Fireberry Bush ϻ can't get O = Heavy Rock = Room = to using = Recommeded Path Ѽ Fireberries = Available exit alone.

    Rooms: A: Treacherous Crossing E: Cavern of Emeralds B: Chasm of Everfall F: Cavern of Twighlight C: Dark room G: Volcanic River D: Pantheon of Moonlight H: Important Room (AKA Temple of Love & I: Un-important Room Tides) OUT: uhh... Out? Y'know?


    A: Cavernous Entrance F: Royal Chalice B: Broken Branch G: Natural Clearing C: Zanthia's Laboratory H: Flaming Tree D: Zanthia's Dwelling I: Cascading Waterfall E: Enchanted Fountian Ŀ L J: Strange Stump K: Crystals of Alchemy L: Tropical Lagoon Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ŀ Ŀ C JĴ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ŀ K Ĵ Ĵ Ŀ Ŀ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ

    Fifth Stage: The Dark Island Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ A: Dark Island AĴBĴ ĴC B: Misty Grave C: Gate of Castle Kyrandia

    Sixth Stage: Castle Kyradia First Floor: (The hidden passages) Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ KĴ Ĵ

    First Floor: Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ LĴM ĴJ | Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ HĴ Ĵ ĴG Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ F Ŀ Ŀ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ Ĵ | Ŀ ĴAĴ Ĵ ĴI |

    The Second Floor: A: Castle Entry Hall L: Royal Foyer B: Grand Balcony M: Kyravault Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ C: Bedroom EĴ Ĵ Ĵ ĴE D: Great Hall (2nd Flr) E: Bedroom(s) D F: Great Hall (1st Flr) Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ G: Kitchen CĴ Ĵ Ĵ ĴE H: Small Study I: Dark Passage (behind Study Fireplace) Ŀ J: Dark Passage (with ĴBĴ glowing green arch) K: Dark Passage (with | out of place flagstone)

  195. Legends of Kyrandia 1 & 2 Walkthrough Download



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