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CORPORATE INFORMATION For corporate information or general public relations questions about Electronic Artsô, please contact Pat Becker, Director of Corporate Communications, at (650) 628-7523 or Tracey Nakano, Public Relations Specialist, at (650) 628-7307.

EA SPORTS‘ TITLES If you have questions regarding the following EA SPORTS titles, please contact the respective product specialists:

Charlie Scibetta, Senior PR Specialist, at (650) 628-7537 John Madden Footballô Knockout Kings Boxing NASCAR Racing EA SPORTS Edge

Kathy Frazier, Senior PR Specialist, at (650) 628-7030 or Trudy Muller, PR Specialist at (650) 628-7323Tiger Woods 99 Triple Play Baseballô FIFA Soccerô World Cup NBA Live Basketball NHL Hockey

Scott Gamel, PR Specialist, at (650) 628-7286 NCAA March Madness College Basketball NCAA Football

ELECTRONIC ARTS: ACTION TITLES If you have questions regarding any of the following EA franchises or titles, please contact the respective product specialists:

Jeane Wong, Senior PR Specialist, at (650) 628-7702Need For Speedô series Moto Racer 2‘ Road Rash‘ 3D X Gamesģ Pro Boarderô

Anthony Andreano, Account Executive with mPRm at (212) 727-1030, aandreano@mprm.com Small Soldiersô

Jerris Mungai, PR Coordinator, at (650) 628Ė 7358 Future Copô: L.A.P.D.

ORIGIN SYSTEMS‘, FIRAXIS‘ TITLES AND JANE'S“ COMBAT SIMULATIONS If you have questions regarding any of the following ORIGIN or Firaxis titles, or if you require review copies, screenshots, or general facts about ORIGIN or Firaxis, please contact:

David Swofford, Director, Communications at (512) 434-6620 Wing Commander‘ Prophecy Sid Meier's Gettysburg! Privateer‘ 2: The Darkening Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Wing Commander Secret Ops ∑

Kristen McEntire, Senior Publicist, at (512) 434-6788 Jane's Longbow 2 Jane's Longbow Anthology Jane's F-15 Jane's Israeli Air Force Jane's WWII Fighters Jane's Fleet Command Jane's Airshow Tour Prax War* (Working Title)

Teresa Potts, Associate Publicist, at (512) 434-6453 Crusader: No Remorse‘ Crusader: No Regret‘ Ultima Ascension Ultimaô Online Ultima Collection

MAXISô AND BULLFROGô PRODUCTIONS If you have questions regarding any of the following MAXIS of Bullfrog Production titles, or if you require review copies, screenshots, or general facts about MAXIS or Bullfrog Productions, please contact Patrick Buechner, PR Manager, at (510) 927-3782. SimCity 3000“ SimAnt“ SimCopter‘ SimGolf‘ SimTower“ SimPark‘ KickOff‘ 97 Dungeon Keeperô Populousô Syndicate Warsô Gene Warsô Theme Hospitalô

WESTWOOD AND IRVINE STUDIOS If you have questions about Westwood or Irvine Studios titles, contact Aaron Cohen, PR Manager, at (702) 228-4040 x362.

PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS If you have any questions regarding any of the following publishing companies, or if you require review copies, screenshots or general facts about any of their products, please contact the companies directly or contact Marci Galea, Manager of Electronic Arts Distribution, at 650-628-7541.

Accolade Inc: Erica Krishnamurphy, Public Relations (408) 985-1700 Publisher of PC and PSX product; Hardball“, Test Drive‘, Star Control‘ and Deadlock‘.

DreamWorks Interactive: Rich Flier, Product Marketing (310) 234-7158 or Anthony Andreano at Killer App Communications (213) 938-7600. Publisher of Small Soldiers and Trespasser‘ for the personal computer.

NovaLogic Inc.: Kris Kraves (818) 880-4997 Publisher of interactive entertainment; F-22 Raptor‘, Armored Fist‘ 2 and Comanche‘ 3 (PC).

Square Electronic Arts LLC: Lisa Ahern (714) 429-7207 Publisher of interactive entertainment for PC and PSX. Publisher of Final Fantasy‘, Parasite Eve, Xenogears, Bushido Blade 2 and Brave Fencer Musashiden.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Press Materials can also be found on the web at http://www.ea.com/press












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