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Zork Grand Inqusitor Walkthrough

by Kostas Pontikis (GR) / sniper@compulink.gr


    This walkthrough assumes that you are familiar with the places in the game. You don’t have to know exactly where things are but you should have a rough idea of the Underground and the different locations.


    • Outside the fishmonger’s find the speakers volume controls and turn the volume to the maximum
    • While the speaker is talking take the can of Mead light and the plastic rings form the ice box (+10)
    • Go to the crane on the pier and put the plastic rings on the hook
    • Operate the crane to pull the box out of the water and take the lantern (it’s broken) (+20)
    • Go to Antharia Jack’s and use the lantern to knock on the door (+5)
    • While Jack is looking for his wrench to repair the lantern quickly get a cigar from the box on the bench (watch the rest of the cut scene until Jack throws you out)
    • Find the Grand Inquisitor dolls atop the crate next to the fence and use the cigar to set the doll on fire (+15)
    • Quickly hide in the barrel (+19)
    • After Jack gets arrested go to his store get the lantern and leave Port Foozle


    • Outside Frobozz Electric get the rope (noose) that is hanging from the large sign on the left


    • Use the rope on the well (+5)
    • Climb down the well into the Underground

    As you descend to the Underground you meet with Dalboz of Gurth, the Dungeon Master, whose spirit was imprisoned in the lantern by Yannik, the Grand Inquisitor, when magic was banished from the realm. At the bottom of the well you meet Y’Gael the Enchantress who gives you the spell book (+15) and explains that there are three magic relics to be found before magic can be restored and Yannik defeated. These magic relics are: The Coconut of Quendor, the Skull of Yoruk and the Cube of foundation.


    • Search the bucket next to the door and take the subway token
    • Cast REZROV on the door to open it (+5) and go down the stairs


    • Open the display case on the left of the door, take the hammer, close the case, smash the glass with the hammer (+5) and get the Elven sword and the map
    • Take the dragon totem from the ground on the right of the door (+14)
    • Go to the entrance to the Dungeon Master’s lair
    • Use the sword to cut through the undergrowth (+9) and enter the garden


    • In the garden open the shed door and take the shovel and the THROCK scroll


    • Go to the entrance to GUE Tech, cast REZROV on the gate to open it (+9) and enter


    • The entrance exam to GUE Tech consists of the three pillar puzzles
    • Pillar #1 (+7)

    • Pillar #2 (+8)

    • Pillar #3 (+9)

    • Enter GUE Tech through the window on the third pillar exit through the door
    • Use the shovel on the dirt pile to dig out the KENDALL scroll (+6)


    • Go to the entrance to the subway, insert the subway token into the slot and go down (+9)


    • Cast KENDALL on the subway announcement board to simplify the tracks (+17)
    • Travel to Hades


    • Go to the skeleton and get the Scratch’n win ticket from his hand
    • Solve the puzzle (+10) to win 500 Zorkmids


    • Open the book next to the controls and get the GOLGATEM scroll
    • Cast REZROV on the closed sluice to open it
    • Press the blue and yellow buttons to close all four sluices and create a flood (+12)


    • Inside GUE Tech cast IGRAM on inscription ‘Infinite Corridor’ above the hallway and walk down the corridor to the lockers to make the hallway stay a smallway (+8)
    • Go to the change machine and insert the 500Z note to make change
    • Take the change
    • Insert 1Z in the ice cream machine (to the left of the change machine) and take the sandwich ice cream which melts and leaves you with the OBIDIL scroll
    • Insert 1Z in the candy machine (to the right of the drinks machine) and press #11 (+12)
    • Go to the lockers (Yannik’s locker is now open) and get the Prozork tablet
    • Return to the candy machine and attach the permasuck to the lower part (+5)
    • Insert 1Z and press #8 (Zork rock)
    • Activate the permasuck to suck the Zork rock
    • Open the permasuck and take the Zork rock (+13)
    • Put the Zork rock in the drinks machine
    • Insert 1Z and press ‘Blam Classic’
    • As soon as you have the bomb run to the lockers insert it in locker #6 (+8) and retreat until you hear the explosion
    • Return to the blown locker (Dungeon Master’s locker) and take the student ID
    • Turn to the door with the card reader on the left and insert the student ID to open it
    • Enter the spell lab


    • Use the sword to cut the rope that holds the bridge and get rid of the six armed invisible bridge guy (+5)
    • Cast GOLGATEM on the opposite ledge to create a new bridge (+5)
    • Cross the bridge and take a blank spell scroll from the box to the right of the ‘Replication’ table

    NOTE: Here you can make spells from scratch. The instructions are in the brown book in Yannik’s locker. The only spell that can be created is BEBURTT so don’t bother about the others.

    • Process the blank scroll in the following order: Origination => Modification => Replication => Interpretation => Transmogrification
    • Run the resulting scroll through the spell checker and you get the BEBURTT spell (+19)

    Also run the OBIDIL scroll through the spell checker to get the OBIDIL spell (+8)


    • Go to the umbrella tree
    • Cast IGRAM on the purple umbrellas to turn them invisible and reveal the scroll
    • Cast BEBURTT on the invisible umbrella and get the scroll (+20) (It’s the ZIMDOR spell which can be cast only once)


    • In the garden throw the Prozork tablet at the snap dragon to put it to sleep
    • Use the sword to cut the snap dragon (+5)
    • Go behind the house where there is a mushroom-like plant below the window
    • Cast THROCK on the plant to turn it into a spring-plant
    • Put the snap dragon on the spring-plant
    • Hit the plant with the hammer to get the piece of scroll from the window (+8)
    • Walk to the front door to Harry, the alarm system (!)
    • Empty the can of Mead light in the cup on the right of the front door
    • Cast ZIMDOR on the cup to fill it
    • Put the cigar in the ashtray on the left of the front door (+15) to put out the alarm
    • Once inside the lair look through the blinds to see the walking castle
    • Quickly cast OBIDIL on the castle to make it approach the lair (+10)


    • Inside the walking castle look at the pulsating heart and get the NARWILE spell scroll


    • Return to the lair and pick up the following: (a) the cocoa mug from the vine on the left of the front door (b)the jar of hot bugs, the Hungus lard and the fudge from the bookcase on the left of the window
    • Exit to the garden and go to the beehive
    • Put the Hungus lard in the hive to scare away the bees, cut the hive open with the sword and get the honey comb (+6) (do this quickly before the bees return)


    • Put 1Z in the machine to get the letter opener
    • At the bottom of the drain pipe cast THROCK on the moss of Mareilon to make it grow and take it (+5)


    • Inside the lair put the Hungus lard, honeycomb, moss of Mareilon and Fudge on the chia processor
    • Next put the cocoa mug and finally the jar of hotbugs for a hot cup of cocoa blend
    • You also get the YASTARD spell (+15) (might as well drink the cocoa)
    • Enter the Dungeon Master’s room
    • From the window over the bed get the other half of the torn scroll
    • Through the mirror enter the mirror image of the D.M.’s room where everything works the opposite way
    • Here, through the inventory, combine the two pieces of the torn scroll and get the SNAVIG spell-scroll (+8). You still have to run the scroll through the spell checker to get the spell itself
    • Return to the normal room and open the closet to reveal the 1st time tunnel
    • Cast NARWILE on the time tunnel to activate it (+25)
    • Cast YASTARD on the dragon totem to send the dragon through the 1st time tunnel to the White House


    • Walk to the side of the house
    • Get the GLORF spell scroll from the ground
    • Open the mail box, get the envelope, put the scroll in the envelope, put the envelope in the mail box, close the mail box, raise the flag
    • Leave through the time tunnel behind the house (You return to the present)


    • Run the SNAVIG scroll through the spell checker to get the SNAVIG spell (+8)


    • Find the phone and pick up the receiver
    • When you hear ‘press one for the list of questions’ press 8
    • The answers are: 2, 8, 9, 5 and Charon arrives (+1)
    • Give 2Z to Charon to take you to the realm of the dead
    • When you arrive to the other side turn around and cast SNAVIG on Charon to assume his form (+9)
    • Move towards the two-headed guardian (which lets you pass as Charon) and punch the card with your name ‘Charon’ (+3). The gate opens
    • On the ground to your left is the Brog totem. Get it (+14)
    • Cast NARWILE on the 2nd time tunnel to activate it
    • Cast YASTARD on the dragon totem to send the dragon through the 2nd time tunnel to the Ocean


    You arrive at an oceanic landscape which is actually a BIG dragon sleeping in the water. The time tunnel through which you arrived is on one of the dragon’s feet.

    • Fly to the other foot and move the right nail to make the dragon’s belly emerge from the water (+5)
    • Fly to the belly and take the inflatable raft and captain (inside the crate)
    • Fly to the sleeping dragon’s hand and take the air pump from the skeleton
    • Fly to the dragon’s head and plug the inflatable raft and captain in the nostrils
    • Inflate them to open the dragon’s mouth (+16)
    • Fly into the mouth close to the uvula to find the Coconut of Quendor. Take it
    • Someone from inside the belly of the dragon throws you a rope to help him get out. You can if you want but in the end he dies anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Just take the rope. Also take the gold tooth
    • Look up and put the Coconut of Quendor in the raft
    • Exit the mouth and tie the raft to the captain on the outside
    • Fly inside once more and using the gold tooth pop the captain (+9) so that he drags the raft with the coconut out of the dragon and quickly get out of the mouth
    • Collect the Coconut of Quendor as the walking castle appears place it in its rightful position inside the castle (+10)
    • Exit the castle and you return to the present


    • Back in Hades check out the mail box outside the gate and get the mail (+10)
    • Open the envelope with the letter opener and you get the GLORF spell (+107)
    • To leave cast SNAVIG on the two-headed guardian to assume its form and give 1Z to Charon to take you back


    • Go to the 1st time tunnel and cast YASTARD on the Brog totem to send the Brog to the White House


    • Walk to the boarded front door and pull on the board to take it and reveal an opening (+5)
    • Go to the cave entrance near the White House
    • Take the torch on the left (blickering torch)
    • Take the torch on the right (Flickering torch)
    • Return to the White House, enter and quickly light the fire under the pot on the right with the flickering torch (+18)
    • Go down the stairs and get an egg from the Grue nest
    • Eat some rocks (right of stairs)
    • Go upstairs again, light the fire once more and boil the egg until it becomes hard (color changes to gold)
    • Take the boiled egg, go downstairs and throw it at the beam of light over the chasm (+14)
    • Jump over the chasm to the chess puzzle (+5)
    • Use the board to smash the puzzle (+26)
    • Get the Skull of Yoruk (you are transferred to the walking castle) and put it on the proper pillow (+10)
    • Return to the present through the time tunnel


    • Go to the bottom of the well (where you started off)
    • Cast GLORF on the rope to untie it and take it (+5)


    • Use the rope on the sword (+13)
    • Use the sword on noose on the grating to climb inside the monastery (+7)
    • On the control panel of the totemizer press the button labeled ‘To Hall of Inquisition’
    • In front of the totemizer locate the turning wheel controls and turn the one below the yellow light until the light goes out (this makes the totemization process reversible since by doing this you cut off the supply of permaglue that keeps the victims imprisoned inside the totems)
    • Flip the main switch to initialize the process (+10)


    • After the totemizer takes you to the hall of inquisition get outside using the door on the opposite side of the hall
    • Open the code machine box on the left by pressing the red button
    • Get the middle hammer thing (+8) (This also creates a code message that sends the guards for a break)
    • Go inside again and get the girl totem from the bin (+14)
    • Go to the ‘Closing the time tunnels’ exhibit
    • Pull the small lever all the way down and press the red button (The hammer brakes)
    • Replace the broken hammer with the one you took from the box outside
    • Press the red button again to reveal the 3rd time tunnel (+9)
    • Cast NARWILE on the time tunnel to activate it
    • Cast YASTARD on the third totem to send Lucy Flathead to Port Foozle in the past


    • Go to Antharia Jack’s and knock on the door to get in (+18)
    • Take the cards from the table close to the bar
    • Use the card with four holes on the dart board to punch an extra (fifth) hole (+7)
    • Back to the card table insert the four cards in the slots so that they form the equation: 5 ¸ 1 - 3 = 2 (+5)
    • You are lead to the back room for a game of strip Grue-Fire-Water with Antharia Jack

    The rules of the game are simple:

    Fire wins Grue

    Grue wins Water

    Water wins Fire

    Lucy Flathead is a telepath which means that she can read the mind of Jack. Before making your choise click on the window in front of Jack to read his thoughts and choose accordingly

    • Win four rounds (+20)
    • Play for a fifth time and Jack gives you the Cube of Foundation
    • The castle appears-Put the cube on the last empty pillow (+10)
    • Exit through the time tunnel to return to the present

    After completing all three tasks you get arrested by the Grand Inquisitor and end up in jail next to Antharia Jack’s cell


    • Check the vent and use the letter opener to unscrew it (+15)
    • Click on the open vent to talk to Jack until he gives you the LEXDOM scroll (the spell can be cast only once)
    • From the wall get the announcement poster
    • Put the poster under the cell door
    • Cast LEXDOM on the door to create a lock and key
    • Push the key with the letter opener through the keyhole
    • Pull the poster from under the door to get the key (+10)
    • Unlock the door and exit
    • Check the security console on the left of your cell (you see Antharia Jack through camera 31-05)
    • Punch in 31-AB and press the button to free Jack (+23)

    You set Jack free and he sneaks out and gives you back your stuff. In the cut scene that follows the walking castle arrives and transports you to the inquisition camp at the top of a hill, where the Grand Inquisitor is getting ready to address the people. Y’Gale pops out of nowhere once again and gives you the BOOZNIK scroll (the spell can be cast only once) that reverses the functions of all the spells in your book


    • Take from the walking castle the three relics of magic (i.e. the Coconut of Quendor, the Skull of Yoruk and the Cube of Foundation)
    • Cast BOOZNIK on your spell book to reverse the spells (+6)
    • Move towards the guard tent and cast VORZER on the tent to seal it shut (+17)
    • Walk to the radio tower until you are close enough to see the electric discharges (take care not to step to close or you’ll get fried)
    • Cast MARGI to make the electric fence appear (it’s invisible but it’s purple!)
    • Step back and unplug the cable (+10)
    • Cut through the fence with the sword
    • At the base of the radio tower on the left open the hatch and place the Skull of Yoruk (+14)
    • Go up the tower and in the middle place the Cube of Foundation in the square hole (+12)
    • Go all the way to the top, place the Coconut of Quendor on one side (+13) and the lantern on the other to balance it (+10)
    • Next look up and use the sword to cut the cable (either left or right) to silence the Grand Inquisitor (+5)
    • Finally cast MAXOV on the antenna to bind the magic energies (+50) 1000/1000



    Solution © by Kostas Pontikis (GR) / sniper@compulink.gr













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