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X-Files Walkthrough

by CarrieKendl@aol.com - http://inimation.com/xfilesgame/

    So you just couldn't stand it, could you? You had to know exactly how to get through it, huh? Well here, ya go. This way works. Many things can be done in different order. Good luck ...Spender. Disc One Field Office Meet your partner, Agent Cook. Follow him to his office and ask him questions. Go into your office and look at your artwork. Pay special attention to your bulletin board. Sit at your desk. Your phone will ring. Answer it. Go to your bosses office. Ask Skinner and Shanks all the questions. Go out of his office. Be casual to your partner. Go to your office. Log on to your computer. Your name is Craig Willmore. Password was on bulletin board: Shiloh. Read your email. Delete it if you like. Click APB. Click send. Click quit. Practice with your cell phone by opening Mulder and Scullyís file in your inventory and dialing their cell numbers. Sure enough, they donít answer. Open your desk drawer and get your gun, badge, and cuffs. Play with your tape dispenser. Pick up case files on your desk and go into Cookís office. Talk to him. Click on the case files in your inventory and drag them to his face. Click again. He has to take them. Heh heh. Go out of his office. Talk to Skinner. Go into conference room and get all the cool stuff out of the cabinet thingy. Use your PDA in your inventory. Click on Everett. Click on Comity Inn. Wheeee!!! Disc Two Comity Inn Show your badge to the girl with the Ďtude. Ask her all the questions. Go to the rooms. Look at all the stuff. Mulderís room: sunflower seeds, Magic Bullet, case file (read), book beside Mulderís bed (read), restaurant brochure, beverages. Scullyís room: Talk to Skinner, bible, TV, laptop. You can try some passwords, ask Skinner, but I donít think weíll ever know what it is. Doesnít matter. We donít keep it long. If youíve thoroughly searched Mulderís room, there is a phone icon in the top left. Drag it to Skinnerís face. Go out to the girl with tude and ask her more questions. Drag the phone to her face. Go to the car. Skinner is still in Scullyís room. Who cares. Leave him. He gets back on his own. Go to Seattle/ Field Office Field Office Go to your office. Bye bye laptop. Why do you set it down there? Who knows. Sit at your desk. In your PDA click your field notes icon. Get phone numbers and license number of car. Log onto your computer. Use ING to check out the numbers. Ooo. An address. Log off. Call the numbers using your cell phone. Call computer crimes using menu on phone. Oooo. Bummer. Check out your coffee mug. Play with the tape some more. Go to conference room and talk to Skinner. Use PDA to go to Dockside Warehouse. Dockside Warehouse Walk around to the dock in back. Get warehouse phone number. Walk back to where Skinner is waiting. Use your lockpick to open the padlock. Find blood stain on floor, bullet in post just above, Moreley butt on floor to the right, and some crates near the door. Use your evidence kit to collect stuff. What nice crates. Too bad I can't open them. Look in the barrels. Booooooring. Go to the office where Skinner is and go upstairs. Ooo. Dark. Use your flashlight. Find the crowbar. Open one of the crates with the crowbar. Use evidence kit again. Go out the back door of the warehouse. Oooo. A boat. Go show your badge and talk to the guy. Ask all the questions. Drag the icons from the top of the screen to his face. If you don't have all the evidence when you interview this guy, you'll have to come back for a second interview when you do get it all. Go back and talk to Skinner. Don't forget the icons in top left corner! You need to get him to talk about those! Go out the front door. Talk to Skinner again. Ooo. A black Sedan. Go toward the black sedan. Have your camera ready. Take a pic of the license plate. Was that an Intrigue? Go to Crime Lab. Crime Lab Talk to the guy. Give him the evidence youíve collected. Go to field office. Field Office Log onto computer. Download photos and get license number. Run a check on the license and the phone number. Run a check on Wong. Oooo. Use PDA to forward latest field notes to Skinner and Shanks, if you like. Go talk to Skinner. He gets a call. Bye bye, Skinner. Go back to your office. Cook comes in. Talk to him. I prefer not to tell him too much or take help. Leave your office. Night, night laptop. Use PDA and go to the warehouse. Warehouse, night Go around to the back door and pick the lock. Put on your night vision goggles and watch the show.. Go look in the hatch in the floor. PDA notes to Skinner and Shanks. Go to your apartment. Apartment Cool stuff. When youíve finished exploring ("FÖ.BÖ.I!!!") Go to bed. Wake up. Go to warehouse. (Or to the Field Office.) Disc 3 (Going to the Field office first also works, but this is a little faster.) Warehouse Oooo. Crime scene. Show badge. Talk to guard. Talk to coroner and male detective. Talk to female detective. Oooo. The love interest? No, this is XFiles. Cooperate with her, or the game will end abruptly. Kind of fun, though. She takes you on boat. Talk to her on boat. Look at stuff. Find yellow slicker and pills in cabinet. Talk to her about all that. Talk to Harbor Master about everything. Go to the Tarakan. Terakan Look at hull closely. Go on board. Go downstairs look at some crates with a symbol then find the crate with the sphere thingy in it. Go back to the deck then up one flight. Find two log books in Russian. Go outside on middle deck and look at burned hull. Top floor. Find fingerprints. Talk to Astadourian. Let her handle the log books. Call John Amis (Crime Lab) Go to Crime Lab. Crime Lab Drop off sphere. Talk to him. Go to Field Office Field Office Find Cook. Poor Cook. Look in cabinet. Bye bye laptop. Answer phone. Talk to Cook. Log on and look up Media-Tarakan. PDA mail notes to Skinner and Shanks. Go back to Tarakan Tarakan (If you've already looked at everything, you can go on to Coroners.) Talk to Asta. Look at burned section of hull with her. Guy comes to talk to you. Go to Coronerís office Coronerís office Ask all questions. Get bullet. Talk to Asta. Go to Crime Lab. Crime Lab Give him the new bullet. Go to apartment. Disc 4 Apartment. Log on computer. Check email. Check fingerprints that Amis sent you. Oooo. Look who it is. Log off. Knock at door. Let Cook in. Be nice. Tell him what he wants to hear. Ask him about fingerprints. Go to warehouse. Warehouse, night. Get in drivers side, then out passenger side. Look at side of truck. Gordonís Hauling. Get back in truck. Look in sun visor then glove box. Get paper RR#1121 and 82434 Get back out the passenger door quickly. Go to apartment. Apartment Log on. Run checks on numbers from Harbor Master. Bummer. Go to bed. Wake up. Let Asta in. Talk to her. Watch video tape. Get 2 separate faxes and hand them to her. Talk some more. Go to the Coroner again with her. I take a shower. Coronerís Office Ask all the questions and icon questions. Go to Charno and Gordonís Hauling. Gordonís Hauling Talk to Asta. Go in building. Find Shovel FIRST (donít worry about the pliers) then the paper on the floor. Oooo. Ow. Quickly use the shovel to beat out the vent panel near the floor and escape. Talk to her. PDA mail notes to Skinner and Shanks. Go to apartment. Apartment. Go to bed. Get up. Go to the field office. Disc 5 Field Office Find Cook in the conference room. Talk to him, then go on the raid with him to the new warehouse. Smol's Warehouse Kill three guys on the first floor, and two more upstairs. Go to the top floor and find the spiral stairs going up. Go down right beside them. Talk to Smol. Talk to your pard. Go to first floor and find gun and log book. Look at crates with symbol. Go back and talk to both of them about the gun and logbook. Go to Crime Lab. Crime Lab Poor John. Test the gun. Go back to Smolís warehouse Smol's Warehouse Talk to Smol about the gun again. Cook will take him away. John Amis calls. He is mad at you. Go to Apartment. Apartment Asta arrives. She is madder at you. Feel like Mulder yet? Talk to her. Listen to phone message. Check email. Run fingerprints. Bummer. Go to bed. Get up. Go to Sand Point. Sand Point DONíT MESS WITH X!!! He doesnít play around and you will die if you donít pay attention. He leaves. Asta shows up. Talk to her. Go to Hospital in Goldbar. Disc 6 Hospital Be nice to this slimy woman or get fired. Show your badge. Tell her Scullyís name and that Skinner is her boss. Then you can ask all the other questions. Personally, I like to shoot her. Go into the room. Scully!!!! Unfortunately, she is not overjoyed to see you. Be honest and most important, SHOW HER THE PLAM. Then ask her all the questions. Go to RR1121 RR 1121 Train yard. Go climb telephone pole and use your binoculars to look at top of train car. Talk to Asta, then go find and explore the inside of that car. Go out of car and find homeless guy. Play his game, but if you get bored, itís a videotape. PDA check mail, read about the bomb, then send notes to Skinner and Shanks. Go to field office. Field Office Put tape in and watch it. Run ING on the pic of the doctor. Connect with video conference. Go to Alaska Disc 7 Alaska Col Rauchís house. Go inside upstairs. Look at the body. Talk to it. Nothing. Pull the little skeleton hanging from the ceiling. Go up. Mulder!!! Talk to him. Heís nicer than Scully. After he leaves, deal with the NSA guys. I just shoot them. Autumn is nicer: She was able to run You can run from the NSA guys. You get a use icon on the landing. You then get followed in the dark in the woods. Gotta run right then straight ahead twice and then hide in a tree. Itís hard. If you go with them Ö. well no need to read further. Go to the base. Base Meet up with Scully in the base. Start looking for Mulder. Shoot anyone who is not Mulder or Scully. I donít think you can get the password for the computer. You donít need it though for the map. Check out the map. Donít go looking at the shelves too closely. Scully gets mean and you die. Find the room with the cattle prod. Cook will attack you. Listen to what he has to say then zap him. If you shoot him you are on your own, because I havenít been able to win after shooting him! Zap him, repeat, zap him. Find Mulder. Oooo, Spooky!Mulder. Donít try to talk to him. Tell Scully to run. Turn right when you can and shoot the guy. Go back to the room where you zapped Cook. Beside it is a big room with a glass freestanding room inside it. Go to the very back of the big room and find Scully. Go to the central room that has some electrical problems (zzitt zzitt room) and push the button. Go back to the room where you left Scully and push another button that powers up the glass room. Open the door at each end of the glass room. Go through the door next to the little room and find Scully again. Go either way. Shoot the guard. Get the key off his dead body. When Mulder comes at you run back to the big room and lure him through the glass room and close the door. Mulder has a bad time. Scully watches Mulder have a bad time. Sad Scully. Cook beats you up, and makes you turn the key. BIG SPOILER!!! You canít plam him. Throw the plam to Scully. YOU WIN!!!



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