By Al Giovetti
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Ultima7 pt2 : Serpent Isle Walkthrough

by Adrian Yau

    靈컴컴왜컴컴커靈컴컴 靈컴컴 靈컴컴왜컴컴커靈컴컴왜컴컴커靈컴컴컴컴컴커 낳 낳 넣 읏 낳 음 음 냠袴袴袴 낳 낳 낳 냠袴袴槁 米 米 넣컴컴컴 낳 낳 넛 粕靈컴컴옌 낳 낳 낳 米 낳 낳 넣컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴옌 낳 낳 음 낳 낳 Ultima7 pt2 : Serpent Isle 낳 낳 낳 낳 냠袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴袴씌 낳 음 훤袴袴袴袴袴槁훤袴袴 훤袴袴 훤袴袴안袴袴槁훤袴袴안袴袴槁훤袴袴袴袴袴槁

    Walkthru vers : 1.0
    by : Adrian Yau
    Last Modified : 16 July 1992

    Feel free to send me any corrections, additional notes or bug-info. (spelling mistakes, complaints,... )

    I would greatly appreciate a note if you find any items which I have missed.

    Send e-mail to: ayau@tartarus.uwa.edu.au *************************************************************************


  1. hints and suggestions
  2. walkthru - WARNING! -- spoilers
  3. serpent gates layout - the Dark Path map
  4. serpent teeth - source & locations
  5. training - trainers & costs
  6. list of strange items - paired with lost items
  7. cheat notes - getting "extra" gameplay
  8. currency exchange - exchanging money & gold
  9. spells - sources & costs
  10. reagents - sources & costs
  11. potions - sources & costs
  12. weapons/supplies - sources & costs
  13. important items - locations
  14. magical weapons/armour - locations
  15. spell scrolls - locations
  16. coordinates directory - sextant coords


Look out for secret walls which may act as a door to secret passages or other rooms. They will be identified as "Wall" with a capital when clicked upon. D-click them to open.

Watch out for illusions, especially in mountain passages. Walk against the walls of the passage and you may find yourself walking through it! Illusions are quite common under stairs; treasure or another hidden stair.

Set a specific place to drop items (somewhere accessible, like near a serpent gate). You never know if it may prove important.

Try not to allow yourself to be resurrected by the monks (don't die!). This is as you'll be teleported to other locations. Sometimes you'll find yourself in places you're not supposed to be in. eg: getting killed in the Mts of Freedom; you may be teleported out of the mountains with the Black Sword (not supposed to happen).

Talk to everyone. Make sure you've followed up all their keywords; even if they still keep saying the same thing. Sometimes the conversation game flags are set by talking to people only after doing something.

Finally, save your game frequently. Back up your savegames if you've got the space... you never know when you'll need to go way back. ************************************************************************



  1. Head South along the coastline. Your companions will be struck by lightning and dissappear. Continue on past the bridge, you'll meet Thoxa. She'll give you the Hourglass of Fate after some questions. Karnax appears and a battle ensues. Thoxa tells you to seek your three companions; you won't succeed without them and to look out for three items which will enable the Power from the Void to communicate with you.
  2. Further South, Shamino rejoins you. He'll make a list of strange items which were swapped with your items. Next, the cave with the invisible entrance, marked by a large red bush (some useful items).


  3. Flicken at the southwest Monitor gate, orders you to see Lord Marsten at the crematorium. It's North of the gate (Northwest of Monitor). Talk to Cantra on your way there; hints on the Test of Knighthood. Renfry, the undertaker directs you to the crypts where the funeral is taking place (behind the curtains).
  4. Talk to Marsten, Lord of Monitor, Leader of Leopard command. He gives you the password to take the Test of Knighthood: "Courage is the Soul of Life". He tells you a white-haired enchanter (Iolo) who appeared during the funeral is in jail. Dupre rejoins the party and adds to the list of strange items.
  5. Caladin tells you that his grandfather's urn has been stolen from the crypts. He gives you some essential instructions on the Knights Test.
  6. In the crypts, note the pedestal with the crossbow. Plaque reads: Caladin Golden-Tongued Knight. Caladin's grandfather's urn has been replaced with a crossbow. Iolo's?
  7. In the Jail, northeast of the city, Iolo pleads you to talk with Marsten to win his freedom. Marsten, upon telling him that Iolo is your friend and lightning was the reason for his unusual appearance, still refuses to let him go. Will only release him to a knight.
  8. Renfry, the undertaker will pay 100 monetari for each dead pikeman's body brought to him for cremation. He tells you Batlin was involved in a theft at Andral's shop. Andral, the Artisan suspects Batlin stole his blacrock serpent.
  9. Simon, innkeeper of Sleeping Soldier gives you some info on recent visitors; four underlings accompanied Batlin: a warrior (Brunt), had disagreement with Standarr a sailor, Deadeye was with Shazzana a hooded man (the gargoyle Palos). Accept Simon's offer to try the fawnish ale... puke!
  10. Spektor, the treasurer will exchange currency. He tells you Gwenno went to the library in Monk Isle.
  11. Harnna, Healer of Monitor, Cantra's mother. Gives you information about people in Monitor, places and strange objects. plain shield : ask if anyone lost their shield strange hairbrush : see Templar
  12. Tip: When asking her for info, don't ask more than two things. She'll end the conversation and refuse to give any more info until later. Ask her two things, end the conversation then talk again.
  13. Note: If you get thrown into jail, look under the corspe in your cell for a hidden/camouflaged lever.

    Knight's Test:

  14. Shmed; agree to take the test. Take note of his instructions. Note: you'll only be wearing leather armour and mace.
  15. Run through the first corridor (explosions). Two gremlins appear as you get close to the chest; not an easy fight. Tip: you can skip combat by "stealing" the chest from a distance. Hit the chest a few times; get the yellow key which unlocks door to east and door to north after that.
  16. Pile some rocks (form stairs) to get the key on the monolith. There are snakes under rocks; stay in combat mode. Next, the room to the south; cyclops appears in the center. Tip: you can use the fire/lightningbolts to kill him. Get the key to the next east door.Ignore the door by the bag of potions. Follow the passage until you reach: __ |c | c - chests (trapped) | | | | ___ x - illusionary wall | |__|c |__________| | k - key | __ x__________ k | | | |c | |___| | | | | | | |c_|
  17. Ignore the four booby-trapped chests. Walk through the illusion to get the next key. After the next door, go south a bit, get the grey key and use the lever; secret Wall opens. Get the blue-red key. The two keys should get you through the next two doors.
  18. Go north; you'll find the Claw and a scroll with instructions. Go south of the last door; you'll meet a pikeman assasin. Kill him and read the scroll on his body. (Cremate his body; 100 monetari) There's a secret Wall near where the assasin appeared; between two torches a doorwidth apart.
  19. Use the Claw on yourself, then the bloodied Claw on the Ashes of Gurnordir; kill the wolf that appears. The blue key in it's body unlocks the door out (to south). Bring the wolf back to Monitor. Note: Drink water from fountain to regain strength.
  20. At the exit, Shmed will appear and attack you. Read the note on his body. His key opens the main door of the Test. Outside, ask Dupre and Shamino to rejoin. Your belongings are in Shmed's chests.


  21. Give the wolf meat to Lucilla at the Slashing Sword. Give the wolf to Cellia the Furrier for the Cloak of Knighthood (need to come back in 24 hours for it). Get your Tattoo of Knighthood from Lydia (use the mirror!). She tells you her sister Selenia was taken to Moonshade to be a mage.
  22. Shortly after, you'll fall ill. See Harnna for healing (no need to pay for healing). Get the instructions about getting the cure: Varo leaves from Delphynia, the herbalist at Fawn. Harnna deduces you were poisoned from the tattoo.


  23. Outside Fawn, kill the goblins which captured Fawn Tower; the pikemen will takeover.
  24. At the bridge into Fawn, you'll meet a guard. Ruggs will approach you. Accept his request to take a love letter to Delphynia.
  25. Delphynia, healer of Fawn and horticulturist. Give her Rugg's letter; agree to carry a letter back to Ruggs. She tells you of Alyssand's ring (the one you've got). Get the five Varo leaves and head back to Monitor immediately.
  26. Ruggs is waiting outside Fawn; give him the letter from Delphynia. He tells you of Scots the cartographer and his maps of Serpent Isle.


  27. See Harnna immediately, she'll heal you with the Varo leaves. Then see Lydia. She'll admit to poisoning you; kill her.
  28. Collect the Cloak of Knighthood and proceed to the Banquet Hall. Harnna interrupts the banquet; Cantra is missing. Accusations are thrown about; fighting erupts - end of banquet. Tip: Talk to everyone while they're there.
  29. Ask Marsten to release Iolo; vouch for his behaviour. He gives you the key to Iolo's cell. Note: you can free Iolo earlier by paying a fine to Spektor.
  30. Harnna, asks you to look into the crystal ball. Cantra has been abducted by Batlin. Agree to search for Cantra. She gives you Cantra's wooden sword and instructs you to seek the Hound of Doskar. Ask her of Iolo's urn: Caladin's grandfather's ashes. Return it to Caladin for reward of 200 monetari.
  31. Lucilla tells you that Luther has a new, magical shield. Note: You need to ask Harnna about the shield for this keyword.
  32. Luther denies and refuses to return Dupre's shield. Insult and enrage him as much as possible; challenges you to a duel. Train with him in the List Field. You should be able to defeat him with a sword or a halberd; ask him to return the magic shield Note: You still get to keep the Monitor shield, bug?
  33. Krayg, the provisioner. Asks you to look for clues to traitor's identity at the goblin meeting place in the Knight's Forest, north of Knight's Test. Look for the strange black obelisk (monolith, 82S,18W).
  34. Go there and pick up the clue; a bottle of fawnish ale. The companions will alert you. The bottle is identical to the one Simon offered you. Go back to Monitor, talk to Caladin or Templar. They'll tell you to see Lucilla. She'll tell you that only Simon drinks fawnish ale.
  35. Confront Simon. Accuse him of lying, he'll turn into a goblin! Near death, he asks you to take revenge on goblin king Pomdirgun and gives you the location of the goblin camp: Great Dead Tree in Knight's Forest (69S,33W). 3 keys in his body: grey - opens chest; rust - inn rooms; blue-red - entrance to Goblin hideout.
  36. Templar gives you some hints on attacking goblins and tells you someone is stealing from the treasury. Spektor asks you not to tell anyone of the thief, fearing panic.


  37. Go down the stairs hidden by the huge tree (northern end of forest). Use Simon's blue-red key to unlock the door. Go down the stairs by the sign "Watch thy Head". Fight the goblins by the campfire. From here, keep going North as far as possible (past two sets of barrels).
  38. The stairs on the left lead down to a pool of strength. On the other side of the pool, go up the stairs. Leads to another stair up. And another one up. Fight the bats and keep going NW as possible. The passage eventually goes directly North.
  39. Keep following the passage North, past the circle of standing stones (poison fields erupt in a circle, chest of poison potion in center). You'll find the treasury next (on right, locked) guarded by goblins. The passage leads out into a valley of the goblin encampment.
  40. Kill Pomdirgun, King of Goblins. The brown key on his body unlocks the treasury door. Get the Helm of Courage and letters (evidence of Marsten and Spektor being traitors). Note: What's the brown key in Pomdirgun's crate in his room for?
  41. Lead the knight imprisoned in the goblin camp back to Monitor. He dies on the way back (bring his body back).


  42. Give the evidence to Caladin (or Brendann); Marsten and Spektor are arrested. See them in jail. They tell you of a exploding powder (created by Standarr). Spektor confesses to killing Cantra's father.
  43. Lucilla gives you a pink key belonging to Spektor, which unlocks the door at invisible entrance to the secret cave (mountainside near Harnna's house 154S,12W). You'll find powder kegs, treasure and the body of Cantra's father; read Cantra's note - tell Harnna.

    Fellowship camp outside Fawn:

  44. Scots, the cartographer gives you a map of Serpent Isle (not very accurate, but extremely useful).
  45. Leon, Fellowship speaker. Babbles about the Fellowship's philosophy and asks you to join. Tell him the Fellowship has been disbanded and outlawed in Brittania.
  46. Alyssand, daughter of Delin the provisioner, sells provisions (chart). Ask her about the ring; returns your magic gauntlets. Join the Cause to expose the fraud of the Oracle.
  47. Zulith the Chancellor of Fawn; following you around. He will arrange an audience with Lady Yelinda. He exchanges currency in Fawn.


  48. A magic storm breaks out and a lute materializes at Iolo's feet. He picks it up and is asked to play.
  49. Kylista, Priestess of Beauty. Give her the ceremonial breastplate. She'll ask you to come by her room later to get your magic armour (Don't bother, just go get it from her room).
  50. Delin, provisioner of Fawn (speak to him when Alyssand's around, more interesting). Delin sells provisions at same price as Alyssand (haggling may be different). His Freli was taken to Moonshade to be trained as a mage; wants word of him.
  51. Jendon, proprietor of the Broken Oar inn; sells food, drink and room. (see chart). He provides you information of strange items, people and places.
  52. Kalen, the Fellowship sailor, attacks you while in Fawn on Batlin's orders. He tells you Batlin will soon have powers greater that dreamt.
  53. Jorvin, approaches you; Lady Yelinda will grant an audience at the throne room after noon.
  54. Lady Yelinda gives Iolo a white diamond necklace for Gwenno. Toasts are made. Dupre makes a slip and toasts to Lord British... The Lady yells blasphemy and Dupre is imprisoned (entire group is attacked).
  55. You wake up in the rooms of the Broken Oar. A letter at the bedside requests your presence at the temple for Dupre's trial. Proceed to the Temple of Beauty. Trial begins; a sham. A recess is called, Dupre appoints you to defend him.
  56. During the recess, Alyssand gives you a glowing yellow key; unlocks temple door (beside sign "Donations Welcome"). Go down the stairs, flick the switch opposite Dupre's cell. You'll find Voldin with the set of levers which control the Oracle. Kill him. Numbering the levers 1 - 5 from left to right: use lever 3 then 5. The Oracle speaks. Get the Oracle to change the revelation and to say that the trial is corrupt. See Alyssand again and ask her about the Cause. This enables the Trial to continue (You may have to wait a day).
  57. Back at the Temple, the Oracle reveals Dupre's innnocence and Kylista and Voldin's guilt. Jorvin arrests Kylista (visit her in jail!).
  58. Get the brown key at the palace (in room East of the throne room); unlocks the door (in the throne room) leading to serpent gate.
  59. Note: Being thrown in jail in Fawn requires a little foresight. Unlock the cell doors before being caught. Or you could kill yourself with the iron maiden and be resurrected by the monks.

    Sleeping Bull

  60. Miggim, Xenkan monk, librarian at Monk Isle. Warns you that an attempt will be made on your life but will not tell you who to avoid.
  61. Devra, runs the Sleeping Bull sells food, drink and room. Return her slippers in exchange for your swamp boots. Silverpate the pirate hid treasure somewhere before dissappearing.
  62. Kane, a sheepherder. Waiting for Captain Hawk to get to Moonshade; looking for his brother Edrin, who dissappeared during a storm but found Ale the parrot instead. Hawk got into fight, pikemen took him.
  63. Flindo, the merchant gives you some information on Moonshade and Ensorcio's exile. He will get you an audience with the Magelord but you'll have to see him in Moonshade.
  64. Byrin, the gleeman. Get him to sing some songs (information).
  65. Argus, the innkeeper of Sleeping Bull tells you Captain Hawk is held at the Bull Tower until fine is paid.
  66. Selina asks for your protection, apparently afraid of dissapearing. Comes from Moonshade. (Lydia's sister?)
  67. Ensorcio, exiled mage from Moonshade. Batlin took his serpent jawbone. He will sell you spells (see chart) and the secret of making bloodspawn from stoneheart.

    Sleeping Bull Cellar:

  68. On the northern wall, there's a secret Wall between the casks of wine; leads you to a room. The switch opens the sliding door. Get the key.
  69. Down the steps at the sliding door, use the key to unlock the cells. Read the note on the corpse (about the wardrobe room and getting to the serpent gate)

    Wardrobe Room: (west of cells)

  70. There's an invisible chest along the northern wall. The fountains: NW invisibility, SW cursed, SE sleep, NE awaken Five chests line the western wall. The second one from the south holds the map to Silverpate's treasure. The brass key unlocks the door to the main switch in the centre of the room. (The main switch must be enabled to use the others). Using the switches teleports you to the various rooms in the inn (numbered below). Silverpate's Wardrobe Room 1 2 3 room 6: diary of Batlin's lackey 훤袴袴姦袴袴胱袴袴 room 7: antique armour main room switch 7 袴袴藁袴袴誥袴袴敲 4 5 6
  71. East of the Wardrobe room, there is a secret passage directly opposite two torches a doorwidth apart; leads to the serpent gate. The chests contain The Dark Path map (serpent gates layout). The key unlocks the door to the teleport (sends you back to the inn).

    Bull Tower:

  72. Ask to pay Captain Hawk's fine; the pikemen will ask for 100 monetari initially. When Shamino tells them you have more, the pikemen asks for more than what you have.
  73. Back at Sleeping Bull inn, Selina approaches you and offers you a share of the treasure at the storm-struck lighthouse. Agree to go with her, but do not leave your companions behind (remember Thoxa's words). Selina gives you a rust-brown key (unlocks Mint door). Also, get the glowing blue key in her backpack (note: doesn't allow you to remove her blink ring). Ask her directions to the mint; follow the coast north, then head east.
  74. At the Mint, get all the gold you can carry (especially gold bars). Once out of the Mint, you're attacked by a group of mercenaries. Selina abandons you using her blink ring. Kill the mercenaries, and read the note: Batlin sent them to ambush you, knowing that you'll be at the Mint (Selina set you up).
  75. Note: While on your journey to the mint, you might cross the explosive maker factory. The ghost of the Chaos Hierophant is not meant to be there (bug). Try not to talk to him here (though its quite safe to do so)
  76. Return to Bull Tower. Pay Hawks fine with gold bars (tip: drop all but one gold bar before paying fine). You'll get a key to Hawk's cell. Talk to Hawk to set him free, asks you to see him at the pub.
  77. Wilfred, Knight of Bear Command (appears after freeing Hawk). He's looking for his father's murderer, Batlin.
  78. Additional Note: Just south of Sleeping Bull, you'll find a hollow tree (117S,36E). There you'll find a brown key. This unlocks an invisible chest ontop the monolith at 100S,39E. Stack some crates to get it.
  79. Captain Hawk, agrees to take you to Moonshade. To get to Moonshade, go to the docks and get onto the ship. Captain Hawk, Kane, Ale and Flindo will come on board; you're off.


  80. Captain Hawk tells you he won't be sailing back to mainland. You can find him at the Blue Boar Inn.
  81. At the Seminarium school of mages; Fedabiblio, Magister of Moonshade. He gives you some info on Moonshade and Batlin's visit. He asks you to bring him three fresh mandrake roots (only from Monk Isle swamps) in exchange for a spellbook.
  82. Freli, long-lost son of Delin gives you a letter for Delin. He tells you Batlin purchased spells from Torrissio.
  83. An automaton brings you a scroll from Rotoluncia, the Red Sorceress. Use the scroll; Rotoluncia speaks. Refuse to tell her the secret of controlling daemons.
  84. Mortegro the Necromage. will only sell spells to a mage. See him for seances (informative).
  85. Torrissio, mage specializing in automatons (see chart). He wants the stockings back, DON'T give it to him.
  86. Topo, artisan apprentice for Ducio, sells food, weapons and supplies. He'll buy gems from you at 100 guilders each.
  87. Rocco, runs the Blue Boar inn (see charts). He gives you info on visitors and locals. Petra, the automaton at the Blue Boar inn tells you Mosh loves fish (Buy some from Petra for Mosh).
  88. Flindo, owns the Capessi Canton (provision store) tells you Bucia believes Pothos is connected to Erstam. Flindo promises to arrange for the Magelord to meet with you. You need to return to Flindo to ask of this promise later; you'll be summoned to the Magelord's banquet at the appropriate time (a few minutes later, you're teleported to Filbercio's castle).

    The Banquet:

  89. Present are: Filbercio, Gustacio, Rotoluncia and Frigidazzi. Rotoluncia attacks you, Gustacio jumps to your defense. Pothos enters informing Filbercio that the search for blood moss was a failure. The banquet ends.
  90. Bucia runs the Capessi Canton, sells supplies and provisions. She gives you information on people, places and strange items.
    fur cap : Magelord bought for Frigidazzi
    apparatus : see Ducio the Master Artisan
    bottle of wine : see Julia, Chief of Rangers at the Winery
    (don't show her the egg; it offends her)
  91. Bucia also exchanges currency (takes gold nuggets, bars and jewellery). She tells you that Pothos has an uncanny resemblance to Erstam Note: She only tells you this after the banquet.
  92. Pothos, the Apothecarist, sells potions, reagents and magic items. Offers to buy your stoneheart. Tells you how to make bloodspawn: Use a ritual blooding device (on yourself). Fill a container with blood. Use blood on stoneheart. The result will be bloodspawn. He offers to trade his secret for some blood moss (swamps south of Moonshade). Note: For this keyword to appear, talk to Bucia about Pothos.
  93. Get the blood moss from the swamps (right in the middle). Give the blood moss to Pothos; he tells you how to contact his father, Erstam. To contact Erstam, go to the docks north of the Mts of Freedom. Ring the bell and chant the given mantra. A sea creature (turtle) will take you to Erstam's island. Give Erstam the password: Iskatradeeth. Note: Key to Pothos' vault is under his chair (see cheat notes also).
  94. Right after speaking to Pothos, Shamino is kidnapped. Pothos tells you to see Fedabiblio, who in turn instructs you to see the Magelord. Note: You can go straight to Filbercio without talking to anyone.
  95. Tell Filbercio you suspect Rotoluncia kidnapped Shamino. He instructs you to search her manor. There, an automaton attacks you after being questioned. Rotoluncia can't be found there. (Get her serpent tooth (Furnace) while you're there) Filbercio then suggests you look in his love palace, in the middle of the Lake of Enchantment; gives you permission to use his yatch.

    Filbercio's love palace:

  96. The key in the drawers upstairs unlocks the gate in the cellar. Rotolucia attacks when Iolo says you don't know the secret to controlling daemons. She has two keys: one unlocks the same gate at the foot of the stairs. The other unlocks Shamino's cell, teleporter gate and the teleport door in Filbercio's castle.
  97. Notes: A lever behind Filbercio's throne opens the secret Wall to the treasury. The key to the chests is under a plant in his bedroom.
  98. There is a secret Wall (north) in the jail holding cell, if you get jailed for some reason.

    Isle of the Mad Mage

  99. Follow Pothos' instructions to contact Erstam. Note: You cannot do this until you've solved the kidnapping case. The serpent will tell you: you've forgotten something.
  100. Erstam, the Mad Mage claims the apparatus belongs to him and takes it back. He instructs you to look into his telescope to see the origin of the blue egg. He initially pretends not to know of teleportation, but Vasel interrupts indicating otherwise.
  101. Vasel, Erstam's latest assistant tells you of the serpent jawbone belonging to Erstam.
  102. Erstam agrees to tell you the secret of teleportation if you get for him a phoenix egg. Agree; you'll be teleported to an island. Wander around a bit you'll find a switch beside lava. Using it causes a phoenix to be reborn, which rewards you with a phoenix egg. There is teleporter back to Erstam's Isle.
  103. Help Erstam with the experiment. Put the phoenix egg into the hopper on top of the Life Creation Machine with a complete set of bodyparts (head, torso, arms and legs). The result: Boydon is recreated.
  104. Erstam gives you the key to his storeroom outside the manor and a serpent tooth (Erstam's Isle). He gives you two more teeth when you return with the jawbone (Moonshade & Monk Isle)
  105. Boydon, the monster asks to join; ask Erstam's permission for this. Erstam tells you that once destroyed, no force can recreate Boydon.

    Monk Isle

  106. Use the serpent jawbone to get to Monk Isle. (put all teeth into the jawbone, d-click the serpent gate)
  107. Draxta tells you some prophecies. (Read the Book of Prophecies on the altar). Meet her at the Place of Visions on the north-western edge of the fields to see a vision; Petra.
  108. Nameless Monk, Child of the Corn, offers his supply of dried mandrake roots in his hut. He tells you fresh mandrake roots can be found in the swamp when the tides are right (see him later, he'll tell you the tides have receded).
  109. Collect the mandrake around the swamp (brown, man-like shape).
  110. Ruins in swamp: The key in the hollow tree (SE of ruins) unlocks the gate to the Ophidian ruins underneath. You'll find another key in the Ophidian ruin (in corpse). This unlocks the other gate (east). There is a key on the corpse camouflaged by the tree in the second ruin. This unlocks the gate to the Serpent Gate.


  111. Give the Mandrake roots to Fedabiblio in exchange for a spellbook (asks you three questions).
  112. Mosh, the Rat Woman tells you to listen to Columna. Listen to what Columna says about Mosh then return to Mosh, tell her you believe her story. She tells you of Columna's Comb of Beauty. Give her some fish and she'll give you a magic harp which will put the Ratmen to sleep.
  113. Get the Comb of Beauty from Columna's manor. There's a secret Wall on the north wall, leading into the scrub. Look for a chest. The key to unlock the chest is in Columna's cellar.
  114. Frigidazzi (doesn't appear until you get the spellbook). Return her fur cap for your magic helm. She asks you to meet her after midnight to learn spells. Apparently, she has other ideas... you end up angering Filbercio and thrown in the legendary Mountains of Freedom. Note: Key to Frigidazzi's lab under pot of plants

    Mountains of Freedom

  115. You'll only have your reagents, spellbook, Hourglass of Fate, a staff and scale armour (so stock up on reagents and spells beforehand).
  116. You're greeted by an automaton; kill him and get the necessary key (keep it, many of the doors in the labyrinth have the same lock). Get what you need from the store.
  117. There is a secret passage behind the sign "escape is futile". Head to the south, you'll find another secret passage (marked by trail of blood, guarded by nagas). Keep going south till the teleport.
  118. The next room is occupied by a mage capable of morphing into a bear. He'll run away when defeated. Note: This mage has Dragon Breath. The teleporter brings you to Stephano; get him to join (you need him). (Note: Interesting story about the mage Cellenia; Selena)
  119. In the next room, get the yellow key in the bag. You'll then meet a guard with the Black Sword; it'll jump to your possession. The Sword urges you to release him; _DON'T_.
  120. Teleport to the next passage, use the yellow key on the left door. You should see a sequence involving Lorthondo turning his minion to a skeletal dragon. Bug Note: Some people may encounter a bug here where you enter the room, stand in front of Lorthondo (no kneeling guy) and the game hangs. Try restoring and use the cheat mode to teleport to the room. If there is a guy kneeling to Lorthondo, then everything's OK. If not, use the cheat to get into the room to get the key. (Just skip the skeletal dragon sequence)
  121. Get the key in Lorthondo's room, then head back east. Grab what you want from the chests (they're trapped, but a solid whack with the Black Sword should do the trick). Use the levers with Stephano's help (this is where you need him).
  122. Use a telekinesis scroll on the winch, lowering the drawbridge. Kill the old man. The room with levers is next. Note the original position of the levers; the idea is to get the opposite positions on all of them. Open the woman's cell (Sabrina); lead her to the nightmare (horse). The horse kills Sabrina. Get the carrots and the key. The key unlocks the chest in the supply room (scroll gives you a clue what to do). Drop the carrot in front of the rabbit; changes to a woman who rewards you with a bouquet of flowers. Give these to the ranger who's pining for his girlfriend in the next room. He fixes the stucked lever. Use previously stucked lever; opens room with hollow tree. The teleporter sends you to a clearing with a blue lever; use this. You'll be teleported back. Use the SW lever to open the sliding doors to the south.
  123. The fire in the circle of stones goes out as you approach. Enter the circle and you'll be teleported. Here's the legendary infinite tunnel. There's a secret passage on the right of the tunnel.
  124. Next pile the crates (use the chest as well) to get to the bell. Next - "Pick one or die" : Choose the western passage.
  125. You'll then meet the last automaton. Talk to him; he'll attack you; kill him and get his key.
  126. In the next room, Lorthondo seals all exits. Release the Arcadion from the sword (no other way), he'll take care of Lorthondo; messy! The last teleporter takes you to the courthouse in Moonshade, where Stephano leaves. Congrats! You've survived the Mountains of Freedom.


  127. Look for Dupre at the Blue Boar inn. He'll tell you where to find the others. Shamino can be found in the western woods (80S,110E). Boydon at Capessi Canton. Iolo at Gustacio's manor.
  128. Shamino gives you three gifts from Frigidazzi. The Serpent Earrings, a Chill magic scroll and a letter. Right after putting on the earrings a serpent speaks: A new hero has entered into this world. Am I dreaming or is this real?
  129. See Ducio about repairing the Daemon Sword, he'll tell you Gustacio's flux analyzer. Gustacio says that the sword needs to have its sorcerous energies realigned using the flux analyzer which was stolen.
  130. Gustacio tells you Mortegro was struck by lightning and replaced by a stone alter. Agree to help in his experiments. Take the power globe to the tower in the valley north of Moonshade. Place it on the platform and use the winch. Use each of the levers until no new color is observed.
  131. Gustacio tells you to bring the results to Fedabiblio, who instructs you to look into his crystal ball. You'll see Edrin being struck by lightning and change into Ale the parrot. Fedabiblio then tells you to inform Gustacio of this.
  132. To revert Edrin to his natural form, Gustacio gives you another power globe and a bird cage. Use the bird cage on Ale. Place the globe on the platform and Ale on one of the pedestals. Use the winch and then the corresponding lever. Ale changes back to Edrin.
  133. Gustacio rewards you with the Mirror of Truth and gives you all the spells he knows for free.
  134. Soon after, the serpent speaks: Who art thou stranger? Why can't I see thee? Curse this imbalance which veils my mind.
  135. Hawk tells you of the catacombs in the mountains to the south which lead back to mainland; Julia has the key to the entrance. Julia "loans" you the key for 40 guilders as you've got the Chill spell (given by Shamino from Frigidazzi).
  136. The catacombs entrance is south of the Lake of Enchantment. Wander around (not very big place), the exit is past the Ratmen city and past the ruins occupied by wildmen. Exits into the Furnace.


  137. Talk to Zhelkas "Iron Helm", ruler of gargoyles, from across the drawbridge. Agree to take the Test of Purity and he'll lower the drawbridge to let you through. The test is in the NE chambers of the Underground City.
  138. Look for a button on the wall to open the sliding door (very common in Ophidian ruins). Then cross the bridges which links a few towers. You enter the Underground City, inhabited by sleeping gargoyles.
  139. Head east. The door to the NE chambers lies east of the arena; you need a key. Enter the arena and defeat the four automatons to get it. Cast unlock the magically locked door beside the entrance. The passage will lead you to the Twin Pillars. Grasp (d-click) the Pillar of Fire to begin the Test of Purity.

    Test of Purity:

  140. Behind the north door, you'll meet Iolo who pleads with you to enter the red moongate to flee from the doomed world. Refuse to go with him until he leaves without you. Next, Shamino behind the west door. Push the button on the northmost pillar to release the trapped people. Lastly, the east door. Pick up the hammer and attack the worms. Dupre urges you to follow him to explore the treasures behind the door; don't. (using the target T key is helpful here). Keep hammering until all 10 worms are killed (they explode).
  141. You'll then be teleported back to the pillars. Zhelkas gives you the Serpent Ring.

    Special case:

  142. If you decide to fail the test, Zhelkas gives you a second chance. Get the Everlasting Goblet from the Conjury of Ancients (hall in northern chambers of the city). Return to him with the goblet and he gives you the ring. (The goblet does not run out of drink, ie. you need not carry any food, though feeding will become very tedious)
  143. In the library, read the book "On accessing the Serpent Gates". To get to the serpent gate you need the keys of Ice and Fire; hints where they can be found.
  144. The Key of Fire can be found on a corpse, in the baths west of the arena. The Key of Ice is found in the park in the SE of the city. You'll find a serpent tooth (Monitor) on the corpse with the key.
  145. In the Great Temple (behind the Twin Pillars), place the keys of Ice and Fire on the altar. They merge to become the blackrock key. This unlocks the brass door on the balcony of the Great Temple leading to the serpent gate.


  146. Give Freli's letter to Delin; gives you a half-price offer.

    The Gorlab Swamp

  147. Soon after entering the Gorlab swamp, you'll fall asleep and enter the Realm of Dreams.
  148. Note: You MUST have the three artifacts of Love, Truth and Courage on the Avatar, to complete your quest in the Realm of Dreams. These items are the: Crystal Rose of Love, Mirror of Truth and Helm of Courage.

    Realm of Dreams

  149. Siranush, healer of Gorlab. She asks you to get the dream crystal from Rabindrinath. He can only be overpowered by the artifacts of Love, Truth and Courage.
  150. Besides Siranush, you'll meet others in their dreams including: Batlin, Byrin, Cantra, Ensorcio, Iolo, Lord British and Stephano. Thoxa shows you the Moon's Eye and instructs you to seek it in the Temple of Ancient Ones in the north.
  151. Rabindrinath's keep (located far south of the Realm of Dreams). Rabindrinath approaches you as you enter the keep. He babbles about the artifact of Courage, then casts a spell against you. It fizzles; he swears and teleports away. Look for him in the torture room. Talk to him. He babbles about Love and teleports away. Get the yellow key in the corpse on the torture table. It unlocks the door to Rabindrinath's room. Talk to him again. He babbles about the artifact of Truth, attacks you with a spell. It backfires and he dies. Get the key in his body. Unlock the vault and get the dream crystal.
  152. Notes: Do not enter combat mode when facing Rabindrinath. Just talk to him (make sure you've got the artifacts though).
  153. Give Siranush the dream crystal; she rewards you with the Serpent Necklace. You'll be teleported back to the swamp. (d-click the necklace to hear the Great Earth Serpent talk)
  154. Notes: Don't bother collecting any items. You can't bring them back to the waking world. To get out of the Realm of Dreams, get yourself killed (combat, the iron maiden in Ensorcio's dream, or step into the pillar of fire).

    Swamp of Gorlab

  155. Soon after waking up, the Great Earth Serpent speaks: Hasten, the Imbalance grows stronger. Note: Bloodmoss abundant in Gorlab Swamp.

    Great Northern Forest

    Draygan's Fort:

  156. Beryl, Draygan's prisoner tells you to use an arrow treated with King's Saviour; seek Forest Master's help (lives SW of the fort).
  157. Morghrim, the Forest Master asks you to get the Orb of Elerion back from Draygan. He tells you where to get King's Saviour
  158. Head west of the Forest Master. The King's Saviour is found near mushrooms (green plant with yellow flowers). Use the plant on an arrow. A sleeping arrow will appear at your feet. Go back to the fort and shoot the arrow at Draygan. He'll fall asleep; kill him. Get the Orb of Elerion from his body. Morghrim materializes; give him the orb. In exchange you'll get the Whistle of Doskar.
  159. Use the whistle. The Hound of Doskar will appear. Get the Hound to track Cantra using her wooden sword; leads you to Shamino's Castle.
  160. Get Shamino to draw a map of his castle. He tells you of the secret entrance to the castle, between to great trees, west of the castle. Look for two tree stumps; an invisible cave entrance leads into the storage room of Shamino's Castle. There you'll be met by the spirit of Beatrix.

    Shamino's Castle

  161. If you did not use the Hound to track Cantra's sword, the huge doors of the keep will be blocked by barriers. They will be removed once you've done this.
  162. In the keep, fight Palos and his henchmen. Batlin appears and whisks Palos away to the north.
  163. Upstairs you'll find Cantra dead. The nameless Xenkan monk will appear and take her back to Monk Isle to be resurrected. Pick up Batlin's medallion and have the hound track it; points north.
  164. To explore the outer chambers of the castle, go to the barracks; a secret Wall leads to a room with 10 levers. These control the locks of the doors (up = locked, down = unlocked). Numbering the levers from left to right:
    1 guard room
    2 wizard's chambers
    3 meeting hall
    4 servant's chambers
    5 kitchen
    6 storage room
    7 mess hall
    8 armoury
    9 barracks
    10 chapel

    Going to the North

  165. The passage to the north is through a cave entrance at 28S,3E. Note: Each member of your party must be wearing a full set of furs (fur cap, cloak, fur boots) when venturing into the north. Without these, they'll freeze.
  166. In the catacombs you'll meet the spirit of Gannt the Bard. It asks you to take revenge for his murder by Captain Stokes (in House of Wares, in the Knight's Forest). Get the brass key.
  167. At the entrance to the north, Fitch, in his last breath, tells you the trappers were attacked by a sorceress; They killed her (Gwenno).

    The Gwanis

  168. Note: It is not advisable have any gwani fur/cloaks in your possesions when approaching the gwanis. It'll offend them. Though, I didn't have any problems when I wore gwani cloaks (bug?).
  169. Bwundai greets you as you approach the Gwani village. He tells you Gwenno is at the Gwani Death Temple; island West of the Ice Dragon.
  170. Yenani, leader of the Gwanis, mate of Myauri and mother of Neyobi and Kapyundi. She tells you that the Great Horn of Gwani was stolen and taken to the Skullcrusher. Instructs you to see Baiyanda about saving the sick Neyobi.
  171. Baiyanda, mate of Mwaerno, healer of the Gwanis gives you a bucket to collect the Ice Dragon blood required to save Neyobi. She mentions you need the gwani horn to unseal Gwenno.
  172. Myauri "Blizzard", Yenani's mate. Tells you Baiyanda's mate Bwundai may know where the Gwani Death Temple is. Note: There is a discrepancy here: Myauri states that Bwundai is Baiyanda's mate, whereas Baiyanda tells you Mwaerno is hers... ?)
  173. Head north from the village, you'll meet Kapyundi "Little Glacier" and Gilwoyai "Of the Wind". Gilwoyai tells you to take the ice raft to get to the Ice Dragon in the north (d-click on it).
  174. Kill the Ice Dragon and use the bucket on its body. It'll fill with ice dragon blood.
  175. Give the bucket to Yenani at the village. She'll tell you a "valuable secret" in return (the password to enter the Skullcrusher): Isal Sal Cra Gaas Iskar Note: Yenani will not tell you this unless you've had the Hound to track Batlin's medallion. Even guessing the password correctly will not get you through the gate, the serpent will say you've forgotten something.

    Skullcrusher - City of Chaos

  176. Here the serpent instructs: The wizard... the key is the dead wizard, Thou must vanquish him
  177. At the entrance, place the serpent runestones on the pedestals such that the runes match the plaques. Then use (d-click) the runestones following the order of the password: I S C G I (Start from the pedestal on the left) The sliding door will then open.
  178. Unlock the cell with the skeleton pleading for aid (trap); kill it. Get the serpent teeth from Maleccio's corpse and read his diary. Get the flux analyzer and the Philanderer's Friend from Vasculio's collection (You'll get the gwani horn later). Note: See Gustacio at Moonshade and he'll instruct you to place the flux analyzer on the ground and use it on the Black Sword. The locked double brass doors will open as you approach. Inside you'll hear scratch... scratch coming from the coffin. Read the scroll on the pedestal; Vasculio emerges from the coffin.

    Here there are two possible situations:

  179. If you've got the magebane, Vasculio offers you the Mass Death spell for it. However, if you do trade the magebane, you won't get it back when you've killed him.
  180. Without the magebane, Vasculio offers to spare your life for one of your companions to feed on. They'll never agree to this. In both cases, Vasculio attacks you anyway. Kill him, get the blue-red key. It works on the brass doors at the crypt and the brass door to the east Skullcrusher exit.
  181. Once you've killed Vasculio, the Great Earth Serpent will instruct you to: Seek the temple and within it the Eye of the Moon. Get out of the City of Chaos using the east exit. The temple you're looking for is just east of the exit.

    Temple of Emotion

  182. Look into the Moon's Eye: you'll see Batlin making his preparations to open the Wall of Lights (and of course, your meddlesome intervention).

    Silverpate's Treasure (50N,40E)

  183. Search for an invisible entrance. Use the map to get to Silverpate's treasure. Don't forget you can move the caltrops! You'll find the blackrock balance serpent.

    Spinebreaker - City of Order (39N,96E)

  184. Kill the automaton that speaks in Batlin's voice. Get the brass key. To get through the sliding door, you'll be asked for the password by the automaton. There isn't one; cast a telekinesis spell.
  185. In the next passage, Brunt tells you to follow him (trap). Use the secret passage throught the illusionary wall in the North. Beside the armoury, next to the glowing sphere there's a secret Wall. This'll take you to the City of Order.
  186. In the NW chambers of the city, you'll find a shrine of Discipline. Get the serpent dagger. In the SW, get one of the three scrolls in the shrine of Ethicality. In the SE, get the abacus (red) from the shrine of Logic.
  187. Read the book in front of the Temple of the Hierophant. Place the correct symbols corresponding to the plaque on the pedestal.
    Order symbol that doth speak of principles and wisdom : scroll
    Order symbol for the strength of mind and willpower : serpent dagger
    Order symbol for a straight path of truth : abacus
  188. The brass door will open after you've placed the last item (abacus). Go down to the Hierophant's room; tell the automaton you're the Hierophant. It'll hand you the Serpent Sceptre. Place the sceptre on the blue pedestal; teleports you to the library. Read the books (info to answer automaton's test) then teleport out. Note: There is a hidden chest beneath the stairs in the Temple (behind the secret Wall).
  189. Head to the SE chambers where you'll meet Palos. You'll just have to run through his trap. The automaton will ask you the title of a book for a given phrase (The answer is the last option).
  190. The next passage leads to the Grand Shrine of Order. You'll find a body with a blue-red key; does NOT unlock the brass door. The key to this door is the blue-white key you took from Selina's backpack. Don't despair if you can't find it: The key on the body unlocks the Vault of the Dead in the northern chambers. Use the button on the carpet; lifts you to passage to the Grand Shrine. Note: Selina's key unlocks the door beside the stairs after lift.

    Grand Shrine of Order

  191. Kill Selina and Batlin's men (Brunt, Deadeye and Palos). Get the Dispel Field scroll from Selina's body. Bug Note: Using the Hourglass of Fate here resurrects Selina (an infinite conversation loop occurs).
  192. Batlin bungles up opening the Wall of Lights and ends up getting killed. The Banes of Chaos are released, taking over the bodies of your companions; Shamino by Anarchy, Dupre by Wantoness, Iolo by Insanity. The banes then teleport away. Notes: Make sure you've got everything you need (info, spells...) before the Banes are released. The Banes go on rampage, killing almost everyone in Serpent Isle.
  193. You can get Wilfred (Sleeping Bull) to join your party. Though, he will leave you in a losing battle. Once he leaves, he will not rejoin. You can also get Petra (Moonshade) and some automatons (Temple of Discipline) to join.

    The Serpent now instructs you:

  194. Seek the horn... The Gwani Horn. Seek it in the depths beneath the Skullcrusher Mountains. Get the blackrock chaos serpent from Batlin's body. Transfer the teeth from his jawbone to yours. Note: Carrying two jawbones is not advisable. The game will only look at the first in your inventory; some gates will be inaccessible.
  195. Bug Note: Using the hourglass in the room where you fought Selina will cause your companions to rejoin your party. Thus, you can even get more than five party members if you return here later with other members.


  196. Use the jawbone to get to Skullcrusher. Cast the dispel field to get the Gwani horn (in Vasculio's crypt). The serpent now instructs: Free Gwenno... Free her from the ice.

    Gwani village

  197. You'll find that after returning from the Grand Shrine of Order, the gwanis have been attacked by Hazard the Trapper. Talk to Yenani, she'll tell you that her gwani amulet (taken by the Trapper) had a serpent tooth in it. Head north to Hazard's cave (the door unlocks after the massacre). Kill Hazard and get the key to his chest. Get the gwani amulet and return it to Yenani; gives the serpent tooth (Shrine of Balance).

    Gwani Death Temple (approx 95N,46W)

  198. Use the ice raft to get to the temple. Use the gwani horn to destroy the ice barriers and to free Gwenno from the ice block.

    Monk Isle

  199. Bring Gwenno's body to Monk Isle to be resurrected (any monk will do). The serpent explains: Bane of Chaos, Chaos Bane... twisted her mind. In order to restore Gwenno, Karnax instructs you to get the Scroll of the Serpent from Fedabiblio.


  200. You'll find that Shamino the Anarch has killed almost everyone in Moonshade. Andrio tells you that Fedabiblio was turned into a statue and Torrissio's wand, the Philanderers Friend can free Fedabiblio.
  201. Use the wand on Fedabiblio; rewarded with the Scroll of the Serpent. He gives you the key to Hawk's chest (Blue Boar inn); get the map and read Hawk's directions to the treasure. Note: If Torrissio has taken the Philanderer's friend from you. Don't worry, cast the spell Vibrate on him to get it back. You might also be able to pick up the swordstrike spell "weapon"!
  202. Stephano gives you a serpent tooth (Temple of Tolerance) and joins you temporarily. Kill the Death Knight sent by Columna; Stephano gives you the key to the vault of his old house. Get the Blackrock Order Serpent from there. Note: The key to his old house in the hollow tree just outside. You can use the Hourglass to resurrect Stephano if he's killed.
  203. Search the mages' manors for any useful items. You should have all serpent teeth except #7.

    Monk Isle

  204. Give the Scroll of the Serpent to Karnax. He'll give you a scroll (the six Ophidian virtues and anti-virtues) and instruct you to make Gwenno drink the water of the virtue she is lacking; Discipline. You can reach the temples using the serpent gates, else read the book "Temples of Order" in the library for directions.

    Temple of Ethicality (33N,133E)

  205. There are stairs down on the right of the serpent. You need to take the test of Ethicality to obtain the Water (d-click on the mat in the east room). Reading the scrolls on the corpses may help. The automaton will ask three questions before allowing you to take the test. Briefly the answers are: "Risk Death", "Leave the Money" and "Continue".
    test 1: Risk death to save the man's life by pushing the button.
    test 2: Drop all your gems, gold and money on the gold pedestal. Then walk to the end of the passage and use the button.
    test 3: Do not yield to Batlin.
    You've passed the test of Ethicality. Go up the stairs and use the bucket on the basin to get the Water of Ethicality. Note: You get to carry back what you took or were given in the test.

    Temple of Discipline (44N,86E)

  206. Talk to the automaton in the NE room; He'll say something about automatons getting through the acid to get the Water. Push the button in the serpent gate room. Go down the stairs on the left and get the key from the invisible chest. Go back up and use the button on the opposite room. Go up the stairs on the right; get the brass key and the obsidian and quartz y-shapes. Next use the stairs up on the left. Read the books (especially the one on `Body Transference' and `Symbol of Discipline'). Place the obsidian y-shape on the LEFT slot to create the bridge. Down the stairs behind the serpent, use the brass key to unlock the south door; get the blue key which unlocks the north door (to Water).

    You have now two options:

  207. You can either continue through the acid path and keep casting healing spells OR...
  208. Ask Petra (Moonshade) to do a mind transference with you. Note: Petra will help you only after you've read the book titled `Body Transference' AND talked to the automaton in the NE room (or stepped into the acid).
  209. Bring Petra to the mind transference chamber (she joins you) and talk to her. She'll step onto the left platform once you've promised of her safety. Push the button and you'll swap places. Go through the acid path and use the bucket on the basin. Note: Make sure you've asked your other non-automaton members to leave before going through the acid. (Wilfred's a pain here) You'll regain your normal form after a while.

    Temple of Logic

  210. You'll have to find your way through a short ice maze. When you come across 5 ice blocks, break them with your sword (or use the gwani horn; but very messy as items spill out of the bodies). Read Dolfo's journal. It'll give you the neccessary clues to enter the Temple of Logic.
  211. The solution: Walk across the teleporters in the following order: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red then lastly White. You'll be teleported to the entrance of the Temple. Place the runestones in front of the door from left to right: B C O W.
  212. Automaton #7 is missing. Talk to all automatons; the one with the inconsistent alibi is guilty. Accuse automaton #4. He'll give you a pink key which directly unlocks the door to the fountain. Another pink key is in his body; unlocks door to the stones puzzle. The original setup: o s o x o o
  213. Pick up stone s and place it on stone x. The force field will be removed. The yellow key also unlocks the door to the fountain.

    Monk Isle

  214. Use the Water of Discipline on Gwenno. She'll instruct you to go to Moonshade to learn the secret of trapping souls (to trap the Banes).


  215. Talk to Torrissio about trapping souls; he wants the Philanderer's Friend in exchange. Let him take the wand, then talk to him again. He'll give the spell Create Soul Prism (transcribe it) and tells you to see Ducio about the Worm Gems.
  216. Get Ducio to make three Worm Gems for you. Cast Create Soul Prism on the gems (each forms an empty soul prism).

    Monk Isle

  217. Gwenno instructs you to bathe the soul prisms in the water of temples corresponding to the Banes (Emotion, Tolerance and Enthusiasm) and to look for devices in the temple which will reveal the location of the Banes (Moon's Eye, Web of Fate, magic lens).

    Temple of Emotion

  218. Sriash, little girl's soul trapped in the force wall tells you how to obtain the Water of Emotion. To free her soul, smash the pedestal of love (column) in the middle of the room (the lodestone of love is underneath it).
  219. Placing the lodestones of emotion on the four pillars around the pond. (changes the water to the Water of Emotion). Collect the Water near the pillars with a bucket. Then use the bucket of Water on the soul prism; it will turn blue (prism of emotion).
  220. Looking into the Moon's Eye, you'll see Anarchy; the Banes are at the Castle of the White Dragon (near the Gorlab Swamp).

    Temple of Enthusiasm

  221. Find your way through the maze into the library. Read the book `My Life and My Beliefs'; tells you that the Great Hierophant of Chaos was killed in the garden and Sethys was given the key to the altar of Tolerance.
  222. Use a bucket on the well in the courtyard, then the Water on a soul prism to form a prism of enthusiasm (green).

    Temple of Tolerance

  223. To free Mortegro, you need to use the winch to lower the drawbridge. However the door to it is locked. You can cast Telekinesis OR...
  224. Get the yellow key in the west room; unlocks the dungeons below. Sethys tells you his key was taken by a rat through a small hole in the wall. Cast the spell Serpent Bond; you'll turn into a snake. Slither through the hole into the next room. Get the yellow key. and hit the lever to get out. Note: There's a Serpent Bond scroll in one of the rooms above.
  225. Unlock the door to the winch with the yellow key. Get to the island through some secret Walls. Talk to Mortegro. Mortegro gives you the spell Summon Shade and offers to sell you spells at half price (you can still haggle except for level 9). He'll ask you to take him back to Moonshade. Drop a member if you don't have space in your party. He gets struck by lightning and dissappears once he steps out of the temple.
  226. Sethys hints about placing containers on the altar to get the Water. However the altar is missing (switched places with Mortegro). Go to Moonshade and place a bucket on the stone altar in Gustacio's cellar. It'll fill with the Water of Tolerance. Use the Water on a soul prism; red prism of tolerance forms.

    Castle of the White Dragon

  227. Kill the jesters. The spirit of the King of the White Dragon also attacks you at the entrance (ice dragon). OK, here's the hard bit:

    Getting to the Banes of Chaos: (_WITHOUT_ blowing up any doors)

  228. From the main passage, enter the room with the mirrors, kill the Avatar?s. There's a secret Wall to the lab; get the yellow key in the corpse. This unlocks the door to the library (exploding books).
  229. Read the non-exploding books (just some history). Cross the balcony to the room to the west (with the nightmare) and get the glowing yellow key from the desk.
  230. Go down the balcony into the festivities hall (with the headlesses). Picklock the kitchen door. Use the secret Wall to enter the dining hall. Get the brass key under one of the plates.
  231. Go back to the main passage and use the glowing yellow key to unlock the door to the east room (sewing room). Hit the lever behind the bales of wool; opens secret Wall to next room.
  232. There's an illusionary wall under the stairs; a chest behind it. Get the green key; unlocks door up to the roof. From the roof, enter the music room (next to the main entrance). Get the grey key under the whistle.
  233. Go back down the stairs with the illusionary wall. The grey key unlocks the door of the next room (lightning, firebolts). Use the lever camouflaged by some broken columns; opens Wall to room with harpies. Use the brass key (dining hall) to unlock the door to the center passage. Picklock the door of the children's playroom; get the blue key in the drawers. Head underground using the stairs in the center passage.
  234. Use the blue key on the first left door. D-click secret Wall on SW corner of the room; out to corridor. Enter the next room to the south (secret Wall). Use the lever by the grandfather clock. Follow corridor to the east until you come across a lever. Use the lever and enter the room; secret Wall to adjoining room has opened. Get the purple key in the drawers; unlocks room door and door at the end of the passage.
  235. Hit the lever in the torture room and go back to the corridors. You can now enter the SE room which has a door leading to the hall where the Banes are waiting. Note: there's a pink key under the logs which unlocks the room door. for an easy exit.

    Trapping the Banes:

  236. You have to kill the Banes in combat. Not an easy task. (My tip: use sleeping potions on the Banes) The Banes should then be trapped in the Black Sword. Use the prisms on the sword to transfer them into the prisms. Bring your companions bodies back to Monk Isle.

    Monk Isle

  237. Get a monk to resurrect all three companions.You'll need to restore them with the correct Water: Iolo - Logic, Shamino - Ethicality, Dupre - Discipline Note:
  238. Place all three on the ground before resurrecting them else they may not respond even after using the Water on them. Xenka will then return. If you're not in the abbey, Karnax teleports you there. She gives you the last serpent tooth (Isle of Crypts) and instructs you to seek the dead there.

    Isle of Crypts

  239. Follow the path of the serpent (serpent marking on the floor) to the passage leading south initially. Don't bother about placing any offerings on the altar, keep going west till the end of the passage. Press the button on the wall; secret Wall opens to a small room with the plaque: To continue in Balance, stand here. Note: You need the Blackrock Balance Serpent to continue.
  240. You'll be teleported to another passage. Follow the passage till the end (past the pedestals `Balance is Wisdom'). Kill the mummy in the crypt and get the scroll. Go back and place the scroll on the pedestal opposite the gold serpent.
  241. Read the book on the pedestal in the library; teleported to another chamber with the Chaos Serpent Eye (cast dispel field to get it). Behind the serpents on the north wall is a secret Wall. This leads to a teleporter.
  242. You're teleported to the Great Hierophant's crypt. Cast Summon Shade to speak with him. He instructs you to get the Staff, Armour and Crown of the Great Earth Serpent. To restore Balance, you first need to reunite the Chaos serpent (need to ask Chaos Hierophant). Once this is done, proceed to the Grand Shrine of Balance.

    Temple of Tolerance

  243. Sethys joins you temporarily to take you to the Chaos Hierophant; he ages rapidly and dies outside the temple. He tells you the precise location of the Chaos Hierophant and to take along the Chaos Stone (serpent eye, look in his ashes).

    Temple of Enthusiasm

  244. The corpse of the Chaos Hierophant lies in the NE corner of the garden (near the serpent gate). Cast Summon Shade to speak with him. He hints at the location of the Shrine of Chaos within Skullcrusher (mighty detonation, shattering of bronze doors). He gives you a scroll with the instructions of the rite. He also tells you that something strong to bind the Banes is required for the rite to succeed; see Xenka.

    Isle of Monks

  245. Ask Xenka of "sacrifice"; the final sacrifice of one in balance is needed. You are chosen to sacrifice yourself at the crematorium.


  246. At the crematorium, hit the lever to cremate yourself. Dupre will jump to sacrifice himself instead :( Get Dupre's ashes.


  247. Use a powder keg to blow up the bronze doors in the north. You'll have to find your way down through the maze then back up again to get to the Shrine of Chaos (has a lake with serpent statues). There is a secret Wall on the northern wall. The Wall of Lights is behind this.
  248. Place the Blackrock Chaos Serpent in the slot to open the Wall of Lights. Then place the soul prisms on the correct pedestals: Anarchy - Tolerance, Wantoness - Enthusiasm, Madness - Emotion. Place Dupre's ashes on the last pedestal. Note: Explosions on the four pedestals should occur. However, I've noticed that when switching the computer to lower speeds, a pedestal appears and a serpent forms on it.
  249. Dupre (soul fused with Chaos serpent) tells you to go to the Sunrise Isle. Xenka also materializes, instructing you to rush to the Sunrise Isle. She gives you an Ophidian Sword.

    Fawn: the Serpent Armour

  250. Read the note on Zulith's body (at the drawbridge); Lady Yelinda has a key to the treasury where the Serpent Armour is kept. Ruggs tells you that Lady Yelinda has gone into the Gorlab swamp; her face disfigured.
  251. Search for Lady Yelinda in the Gorlab swamp. Give the Comb of Beauty to her; she'll reward you with a brass key to the treasury. There's a teleporter under the east stair in the throne room. Walk through the illusionary wall to get to the treasury.

    Knight's Forest: the Serpent Crown

  252. Starting at coordinates 98S,28W (by a sandy rock), use Hawk's map to get to the correct hollow tree (Serpent Crown inside).

    The House of Wares (optional):

  253. Use the brass key found at Gannt's shrine. Kill the pirate playing the computer (piracy does not pay!). You can use the computer. Try using the gavel on the parrot.

    Furnace: the Serpent Staff

  254. After the first bridge, try to keep going in the general direction north. You'll find the Serpent Staff at a troll encampment. The troll with the two-handed sword has the key to the brass door.

    Shrine of Balance

  255. Use the serpent gate to get here. To get out of the Temple: Note there are two sets of scales; one on the north side, the other to the south. Gather the blue and red serpents at the corners of the room. Place one red and one blue serpent on each set of scales. blue red x x x pedestals serpent gate pedestals x x x blue red
  256. After completing each set of scales the symbols of each set of virtues will appear on the pedestals. The doors will unlock once you've got all six symbols:
    Chaos: Tolerance - chain Order: Ethicality - torch
    Enthusiasm - rose Discipline - dagger
    Emotion - heart Logic - abacus
  257. Read the book on pedestal west of the temple; tells you the symbols of each virtue (as given above) and the combinations which make the virtues of Balance. Explore the area; you'll find six shrines. Place the appropriate symbol on the pedestals to create balance:
    Tolerance - torch Ethicality - chain
    Enthusiasm - dagger Discipline - rose
    Emotion - abacus Logic - heart
  258. A book will appear when the last symbol is placed. Bring the book to the great pillars (Ophidian obelisks) just outside the temple (north). Read the book between the two pillars; cross the bridge of blue flame to another pair of pillars. Read the book again; cross the bridge of red flame.
  259. Note: Make sure you've got everthing you need: (serpent staff, armour, crown, earrings, neclace, ring, Chaos serpent eye, Ophidian sword). You cannot return once you've crossed the bridges of fire.

    Grand Shrine of Balance

    The Ice Diamond & Fire Ruby:

  260. In the west passage, use the green key in the bag to unlock the chest. Read the book (instructions). Use the same key to unlock the chest in the east passage. Get an unlit serpent candle. Place the candle on the pedestal in front of the ice wall (west). The wall will shatter into ice chunks. Get the Ice Diamond and an ice chunk. Place the ice chunk on the pedestal in the lava pit (east). Cross the bridge that appears; get the Fire Ruby. Place the Ice Diamond on the blue pedestal, the Fire Ruby on the red pedestal in front of the great bronze doors. You'll then be able to enter the next chamber.

    Cubes of Fire and Ice:

  261. Note: To keep things short, the term `Rose room' is used in place of `the room with the rose symbol'. `Torch room'... etc
  262. This is the complete solution to the puzzle. No 'cheating' by using telekinesis spells!
  263. Start by going up the stairs to the west. Hit the two buttons on the wall. Go back down and through the illusionary wall under the stairs. Hit the button on the wall. Use the teleporters to get to Chain room in the east. Use the button in Abacus room. Teleport back to west.
  264. Go up to Rose room; get the brass key in the chest (on the left). Go back down and teleport to the east. Use the brass key on door in Abacus room. Go down the stairs. There's a teleporter under the stairs behind a secret Wall. Teleport to Torch room; hit button on wall and teleport back to the east. Go up the stairs and teleport back to west.
  265. Enter Heart room; hit button on wall. Teleport to east; go downstairs and enter Dagger room. Get the Key of Fire from the chest (trapped). Go back upstairs; teleport to west. Unlock door in Heart room using Key of Fire; get the Key of Ice from the chest and 2 ice cubes.
  266. Teleport to east, go downstairs. Unlock the door in Dagger room with Key of Ice. Get 2 fire cubes. Go upstairs and teleport to west.
  267. Place the cubes of fire and ice on the pedestal (at bronze doors). A pyramid of steps will materialize; a teleporter on top with a scroll (items you need to continue).
  268. The teleporter brings you to a place in the Void. As instructed, place the Serpent Staff, Serpent Armour and Serpent Crown on the altar at the northern end of the passage. You'll be given the Order Serpent Eye and teleported back to the shrine (the bronze doors will unlock).
  269. Enter the final chamber. The Order Serpent makes an appearance and orders some ice monsters to attack.

    The final rite:

  270. Place the three blackrock serpents in the slots; Wall of Lights opens. Place the Order Serpent Eye and the Chaos Serpent Eye on the altar in front of the statue which comes alive. Lastly, use the Ophidian sword given by Xenka to kill the Great Earth Serpent (statue).

    Congrats, you've completed Ultima7 pt2 : The Serpent Isle. A Big Hand to Origin for creating a masterpiece! (pun intended)

    Long Live Lord British! *************************************************************************

    The SERPENT GATES (The Dark Path Map)
    Chaos Balance Order 栢 栢 栢 Emotion Discipline 栢俳컴캑 쳐컴콕栢 Sleeping 읕 旼 Bull Furnace 읕 旼 Monk Isle Isle of Crypts 栢 栢 읕 旼 栢 栢 쳐컴컨컴컴 쳐컴컴컴컴컵컴컴컴컴컴 栢 쳐컴컴컴컴컵컴컴컴컴컴 쳐컴컫컴컴 栢 栢 旼 읕 栢 栢 Erstam's Isle Moonshade 旼 읕 Fawn Northern Forest 旼 읕 栢俳컴캑 쳐컴콕栢 Logic Enthusiasm 栢 栢 栢 Tolerance Monitor Ethicality *************************************************************************

    Numbering the positions in the jawbone from left to right (18 teeth).
    1 : Shrine of Balance Yenani, Gwani leader
    2 : Temple of Emotion Torrissio's manor
    3 : Skullcrusher, City of Chaos Batlin
    4 : Spinebreaker, City of Order Batlin
    5 : Temple of Discipline Batlin
    6 : Monk Isle Erstam
    7 : Isle of Crypts Xenka
    8 : Fawn Maleccio, Vasculio's crypt(Skull) Filbercio's castle
    9 : Great Northern Forest Maleccio, Vasculio's crypt(Skull) Frigidazzi's manor
    10 : Sleeping Bull Batlin
    11 : Furnace Erstam
    12 : Isle of the Mad Mage Rotoluncia's manor
    13 : Moonshade Erstam
    14 : Temple of Enthusiasm Batlin
    15 : Temple of Tolerance Stephano
    16 : Monitor Hierophant's corpse, Furnace
    17 : Temple of Ethicality Gustacio's manor
    18 : Temple of Logic Batlin

    Time Trainer Str Dex Int Comb Magic Focus
    9-12 Caladin +2 +2 strength
    12-3 Shazzana +2 +3 dexterity
    3-6 Brendann +1 +3
    9-12 Luther +3 0 pure strength, no skill
    Wilfred +1 +2

    Note: Go to the List Field in Monitor to train. However once the Banes have been released Wilfred (Sleeping Bull) is the only trainer. He charges 30 monetari, however it's free if he joins your party. *************************************************************************

    List of Strange Objects
    36 filari
    apparatus of glass/copper Vasculio Rudyom's Wand
    bear skull bear skeleton magic bow
    blue egg penguins magebane
    crude hairbrush Goblins 23 burst arrows
    ice wine Rangers
    breast plate Kylista Magic Armour
    fine stockings Stephano Blackrock serpent
    furcap Frigidazzi magic helm
    pinecone Hazzard Trapper glass sword
    ruddy red rock (stoneheart) guard The Black Sword
    bloody hand Erstam dagger
    shield (Monitor) Luther Dupre's Shield
    silver ring Alyssand magic gauntlets
    slippers Devra swamp boots

    CHEAT NOTES: This section is devoted to CHEATS!

    Look at the file U7SIITEM.TXT for the list of items you can create using the cheat mode.

    THE CHEAT MODE To use the cheat mode in the game, type: serpent pass at the dos prompt. To enable the game flags to be shown, type: serpent pass s

    You can watch the intro and the endgame from the dos prompt. However, this may cause your system to hang when its over. To do this: intro hisss (to watch intro) endgame hisss (to watch endgame)

    A better way to watch the endgame (besides completing the game) would be to create the zero-byte file ENDGAME.FLG in the STATIC directory. You can also create the file QUOTES.FLG to view the quotes (This file is created when you've watch all the credits).

    Special trick: (_TRY_THIS_!!!!!!!!)

    Run the install program, select 'NO SOUND CARD'. Then at the dos prompt type: intro hisss jive Watch the intro for some laughs!

    useful Cheat mode keys:
    F2 cheat menu (create items, teleport, modify NPC)
    F3 teleport (brings up map)
    F5 cast spell number (from 0-71 in spellbook's order)
    F8 read scroll, book, plaque
    ALT-4 drop item contents

    In the mountains of the isle, you'll find a treasure trove of weapons, armour, potions... However, most importantly this place can be accessed _WITHOUT_ using the cheat mode!

    Note: Though you can get here without the cheat mode, I don't consider this part of the 'legal' game; the serpent crown, earrings and necklace are available here.

    To get here, look for a tree stump just outside Stephano's old house (Moonshade). What you need to do is place a crate beside the stump; then get on the stump. Walk around the stump, make sure you've covered all the possible areas; you'll be teleported to a small island when you hit the right spot.

    The island will have a teleporter (back into Stephano's old house), a magic axe and a chest. There is a secret passage (invisible, heading north) from the island to the mountains of Erstam's Isle (invisible mountain entrace).

    The vault here has one of each type of magic weapon (well, almost). The key to the vault can be found in the tower before the swamp of Gorlab (62S,45E). D-click the secret Wall to get in. Cross the bridge to the east end (there's a pool of strength). The key is hidden under the stairs (just a few pixels).

    CLAW (also known as Cat Isle)

    I've yet to find a way to teleport here without using the cheat mode. The isle has a cache of weapons, armour and all the items you need to complete the game (except the serpent crown, ring and necklace).
    2 helms of courage, crystal rose of love, mirror of truth comb of beauty, fiery egg (phoenix egg), hound whistle ritual blooding device, small gong (?), everlasting goblet 4 sets of magic armour, gauntlets, leggings, boots 3 viking helms, 4 cloaks, 4 infinity bows, 5 glass swords lightning whip, fire sword, magic sword, firedoom staff serpent staff, armour and earrings, chaos and order serpent eyes

    Also try teleporting to coords 1423,2066 (decimal). You'll find a magic axe and 21 burst arrows.

    Pothos' Apothecary

    The main stairs leading to Pothos' place has a secret Wall. Behind it, another stairway leads you to a small room with a lightning whip on a pedestal. There is another secret Wall on the north wall; a passage leads to a door. Unlock the door with the key to Pothos' vault (found under his chair). The teleporter brings you to a football field complete with cheerleaders and the home team! There's some treasure at the end of the field. You can enter this place without the cheat mode. However, to get out of here you MUST use the cheat mode (teleporter at end of field does not work).

    Spell "weapons"

    When using the spell vibrate in mages you might notice that they have spell-like objects in their inventory. If you equip these in your weapon hand, you'll be able to cast the spell continuously when in combat. ie. just like any other weapon. Note: This can be done legally (without using the the cheat mode). However, if the spell-weapon is laid on the ground, you can't pick it up without using Hack Mover.

    In the cheat mode, use the keys ALT-4 to drop the contents of any container (including NPCs). Listed below are the spell "weapons" available.

    Andrio paralyze
    Columna ignite, paralyze, poison
    Fedabiblio fire bolt, ignite, lightning, poison
    Filbercio curse, fire bolt, poison
    Freli lightning
    Frigidazzi lightning, swordstrike
    Gustacio fire bolt, lightning
    Lorthondo fire bolt, lightning
    mage-bear dragon breath (Mts of Freedom)
    Melino lightning, paralyze
    Rotoluncia firebolt, ignite
    Vasculio lightning, swordstrike

    MISC NOTES Luther has the key to the List Field *************************************************************************

    Monitor : monetari
    Fawn : filari
    Sleeping Bull : gold coins
    Moonshade : guilders

    1 Monetari = 3 Guilders = 4 Filari = 2 Gold Coins
    gold bar = 200 monetari
    gold nugget = 10 monetari
    jewellery = 100 monetari apiece
    gem = not standard (Devra pays 25 monetari, Topo 100 guilders)

    Spektor only takes currency
    Zulith only takes currency
    Devra takes all currency, nuggets, jewellery and gems
    Bucia takes all currency, nuggets, jewellery and gold bars
    Topo pays 100 guilders for gems

    SPELLS - sources & costs

    SPELLS (all in Guilders) **FREE**
    1st Circle Ensorcio Torrissio Melino Columna Gustacio Mortegro
    Create Food 30 ***
    Cure 33
    Detect Trap 40 ***
    Great Douse 27
    Great Ignite 45
    Light 35
    Locate 39 52
    Telekinesis 45 20

    2nd Circle
    Awaken 65
    Cold Blast *** 75
    Destroy Trap 75
    False Coin 120
    Great Light 90 90
    Heal 75
    Mass Cure 112 ***
    Protection 120

    3rd Circle
    Curse 112 60
    Columna's Intuition 180
    Enchant Missiles 150 105 ***
    Mass Protect 150
    Paralyze 105 70
    Sleep 90
    Translate 175

    4th Circle
    Blink 100
    Deter 135
    Flash 135
    Mass Curse 165 87
    Reveal 150
    Transcribe 220
    Unlock Magic 180 ***

    5th Circle
    Conjure ***
    Explosion 202
    Great Heal 250 ***
    Invisibility 232
    Mass Sleep 217
    Erstam's Surprise 240 120

    6th Circle
    Betray 285 217
    Cause Fear 300 150
    Create Ammunition 262
    Create Automaton 750
    Dispel Illusion 240 247
    Fire Field ***
    Fire Ring 270

    7th Circle
    Energy Field 345
    Energy Mist 375
    Lightning 350
    Mass Awaken 375
    Mass Might 400 175
    Poison Mist 420
    Restoration ***
    Vibrate 330

    8th Circle
    Delayed Blast ***
    Fetch 427
    Invoke Serpent 212
    Mind Blast 450 200
    Serpent Bond 225
    Swordstrike 427

    9th Circle
    Death Vortex 545 250
    Imbalance 600
    Mass Death 600 300
    Spiral Missiles 637 ***
    Stop Storm ***

    REAGENTS - sources & costs
    monet filari guild
    REAGENTS Harnna Delphynia Pothos
    black pearl no 70 50 (gremlins)
    bloodmoss (Moonshade swamp)
    garlic 8/3 15 8
    ginseng 9/2 20
    mandrake root no 65 75 (Monk Isle swamp)
    nightshade no 25
    serpent scale no no (scattered)
    spider silk no no 35
    sulphurous ash no no 36
    worm heart no no 100
    bloodspawn no no no (mts of freedom)

    POTIONS - sources & costs
    Note: Potions can only be bought from Pothos
    Black Invisibility 240 Guilders
    Blue Sleep 85
    Bluish Black Resist Cold
    Glowing Blue Curse
    Green Poison
    Orange Awaken 65
    Orange Shimmering Restore Mana
    Purple Protection 150
    Red Cure Poison 75
    White Light
    ************************************************************************* WEAPONS / ARMOUR / SUPPLIES / FOOD - sources & costs

    monet filari guild guild
    ARMOUR Krayg Alyssand Bucia Pothos
    chain armour 200
    chain leggings 100
    crested helm 45
    dagger 8
    gauntlets 60
    great helm 75 300
    leather armour 75
    leather boots 25
    leather gloves 15
    leather helm 20
    leather leggings 45 110
    magic boots 100
    magic leggings 550
    plate mail 350
    plate leggings 150
    scale mail 150
    spiked shield 90

    monet filari guild guild
    WEAPONS Standarr Alyssand Topo Pothos
    2H axe 150
    2H sword 200
    arrows 20/20
    bolts 18/20 75/20
    bow 120
    crossbow 145 550
    glass sword 1500
    halberd 100
    magic axe 600
    magic bolts 200/10
    morning star 40
    spear 20
    sword 125 350
    sword of defense 1200

    monet filari guild guild
    SUPPLIES Krayg Alyssand Topo Bucia
    abacus 120
    bag 30
    backpack 75 200 120
    bandages 50
    bear cloak 250
    bedroll 50 150 175
    boots 50
    bucket 35 28
    candle 4
    cloak 200
    cloth 20
    fishing pole 25
    kidney belt 12
    lamp 12
    mirror 120
    pick 140
    pitcher 30
    sextant 100 150
    shovel 40 100
    sleeping powder 75
    stockings 25
    torch 8 8 10 20/3

    FURRIERS Cellia Alyssand Bucia
    bear cloak 120 250
    bear pelt 80
    beaver pelt 60
    fur boots 30 100
    fur cap 22
    gwani cloak 175
    gwani pelt 100
    leopard cloak 150
    muskrat pelt 45
    snow leopard pelt 90

    Monitor, Sleeping Soldier 5 monetari (free after killing Simon)
    Fawn, Broken Oar 12 filari (free after trial, key given)
    Moonshade, Blue Boar inn 12 guilders

    FOOD Lucilla Delphynia Jerdon Topo Petra
    apple 6/3 6
    banana 6/2
    beef 12
    bread 4 8
    cake 4 10
    carrot 2 7
    fish 6 22
    grape 2
    ham 50
    honey cake 10
    jerky 20
    mutton 42
    onion 1 5
    poultry 8
    pumpkin 18
    ribs 13
    roast lamb 35
    rolls 8 5
    sausage 9 25
    seabass 35
    tarpin 40

    DRINK Lucilla Jerdon Petra Julia
    ale 3 7
    fawnish ale 12
    ice wine 25
    mead 6 20
    vintage wine 50
    wine 5 15 15

    IMPORTANT ITEMS - locations
    Locations which begin with a '* ' refer to items which can only be obtained by cheating. Characters in brackets are either quantities or some extra comments.

    Claw Isle is also commonly called Cat Isle (many cats there). Isle of the Mad Mage is also called Erstam's Isle. Skullcrusher is the name for the City of Chaos. Spinebreaker is the name for the City of Order.

    abacus Fawn Palace, South wing 69S,10E
    Seminarium, Moonshade 93S,149E
    agnium Frigidazzi's laboratory, Moonshade
    Moonshade 23S,167E (6)
    Conjury of Ancients, Furnace (20)
    Mosh's body, Moonshade (4)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    ankh amulet Avatar (brought along)
    Shamino's Castle (1st floor)
    chapel, Shamino's Castle
    servant's chambers, Shamino's Castle
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Batlin's medallion Shamino's Castle (beside Cantra's body)
    Blackrock Balance Serp Silverpate's treasure, Glacier Mts 50N,40E
    * Claw Isle
    Blackrock Chaos Serp Batlin, Grand Shrine of Order, Spinebreaker
    * Claw Isle
    Blackrock Order Serp Stephano's vault, Moonshade
    * Claw Isle
    bloodspawn Mountains of Freedom (after nagas) (9)
    Mountains of Freedom (first teleporter)(4)
    Pothos' store, Moonshade (9)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    Cantra's wooden sword Harnna, Monitor
    Chaos Serpent Eye Isle of Crypts
    * Claw Isle
    Comb of Beauty Columna's manor, Moonshade
    * Claw Isle
    Crystal Rose of Love Lady Yelinda, Fawn for imprisoning Dupre wrongly.
    * Claw Isle
    everlasting goblet Conjury of Ancients, Furnace (northern chambers)
    * Claw Isle
    Fellowship medallion goblin camp 23S,18W
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Flux Analyzer Vasculio's crypt, Skullcrusher
    gold bars Royal Mint/Lighthouse (4)
    Magelord's treasury, Moonshade (4)
    Draygan's mines, Great Northern Forest (3)
    shipwreck, North 65N,3E (5)
    Ice Dragon, North 88N,18W (10)
    Silverpate's treasure, Glacier Mts 50N,40E (1)
    Stephano's old house (1)
    Temple of Ethicality
    Temple of Tolerance (22)
    gold sextant Pomdirgun's treasury, goblin hideout
    Great Horn of Gwani Vasculio's crypt, Skullcrusher
    * Claw Isle
    Gwani amulet Hazard's cave
    Helm of Courage Pomdirgun's treasury, goblin hideout
    * Claw Isle (2)
    Hourglass of Fate Thoxa, start
    living toupee Vasculio's crypt, Skullcrusher
    magic compass Seminarium, Moonshade 93S,149E
    magic harp Mosh, Moonshade (give her some fish)
    abandoned tower, Moonshade 57S,102E
    magic lens Temple of Enthusiasm
    Orb of Elerion Draygan, Great Northern Forest
    Order Serpent Eye Great Shrine of Balance
    * Claw Isle
    Philanderer's Friend Vasculio's crypt, Skullcrusher
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    phospor Mountains of Freedom (after nagas) (6)
    Spinebreaker 39N,96E (12)
    pocket watch hut, Moonshade 94S,97E
    ritual blooding device (available in almost all Mage's houses)
    * Claw Isle
    Serpent Armour Fawn Treasury (key from Lady Yelinda)
    * Claw Isle
    Serpent Crown Knight's Forest, hollow tree 85S,23W
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Serpent Earrings Frigidazzi, Moonshade (given by Shamino)
    * Claw Isle
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    serpent eye Sethys, Temple of Tolerance
    serpentinium Conjury of Ancients, Furnace (15)
    Gustacio's body, Moonshade (5)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    serpent jawbone Erstam, Isle of the Mad Mage
    Batlin, Grand Shrine of Order, Spinebreaker
    Serpent Necklace Siranush, Realm of Dreams (give dream crystal)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Serpent Ring Zhelkas, Furnace (complete Test of Purity)
    serpent scales cave, start (6)
    naga shrine 54S,74E (18)
    Seminarium, Moonshade 93S, 149E (6)
    Pothos' store, Moonshade (12)
    hut in Moonshade swamp 129S,158E (8)
    Conjury of Ancients, Furnace (11)
    Temple of Tolerance (6)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Serpent Sceptre Temple of the Hierophant, Spinebreaker (auto)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Serpent Staff Furnace, enter from Monitor side (key from troll)
    * Claw Isle
    Serpent Teeth (see separate chart)
    small gong * Claw Isle
    spectral orb Vasculio's crypt, Skullcrusher
    spellbook Fedabiblio, Moonshade
    Web of Fate Temple of Tolerance
    Whistle of Doskar Moghrim, Great Northern Forest
    * Claw Isle
    White Diamond Necklace Lady Yelida, Fawn for (Iolo's song)
    zerine Moonshade 23S,167E (2)
    Conjury of Ancients, Furnace (15)
    Gustacio's body, Moonshade (8)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle

    Amulet of Protection Seminarium, Moonshade
    corpse, Mts of Freedom (north of beginning)
    Antique Armour room 7, Sleeping Bull inn
    Sleeping Bull catacombs, south of serpent gate
    naga shrine, 54S,74E
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    armoured boots Bucia's house, Moonshade
    Frigidazzi's manor, Moonshade
    shipwreck, North 65N,3E
    Spinebreaker 39N,96E (Palos' trap)
    Blink Ring 121S, 6W (near Knight's Test)
    Selina, Grand Shrine of Order, spinebreaker
    burst arrows Pomdirgun, goblin camp 30S,20W (23 arrows)
    Explosive Powder Maker 71S,52E (22 arrows)
    Hamlinburg, Great Northern Forest 26S,45E
    hollow tree, Great Northern Forest 15S,49E
    armoury, Spinebreaker 39N,96E (12)
    Hazard's cave (25)
    Stephano's old house (14)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    Dragonslayer Sword armoury, Shamino's Castle
    Firedoom Staff goblin hideout (giant chessboard)
    Lorthondo's room, Mountains of Freedom
    Fawn treasury
    * Claw Isle
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Fire Sword Filbercio's treasury, Moonshade
    Ice Dragon, North 88N,18W
    Fawn treasury (2)
    * Claw Isle
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Fire Wand goblin camp, hollow tree 9S,15W
    goblin hideout, liche statue
    Frigidazzi's laboratory, Moonshade
    Mountains of Freedom (chest before naga)
    armoury, Shamino's Castle
    Temple of the Hierophant, Spinebreaker 39N,96E
    Death Knight, Moonshade (attacks Stephano)
    Fawn treasury
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Glass Sword Pothos' store, Moonshade
    Hazard's cave (belonging to Avatar)
    * Claw Isle (5)
    Infinity Bow * spider temple, Moonshade
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    * Realm of Dreams (gargoyle pit)
    Fawn treasury
    * Claw Isle (4)
    Grand Shrine of Balance (ice diamond)
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    invisibility powder Garth's house, Fawn 73S,4W
    hut, Moonshade 94S,97E
    Mountains of Freedom (store at beginning)
    Sleeping Bull 100S,39E (monolith)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    invisibility ring goblin camp 23S,18W
    Sleeping Bull 100S,39E (monolith)
    Mountains of Freedom (store at beginning)
    Mountains of Freedom (lever room aft. drawbridge)
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    wizard's chambers, Shamino's Castle
    cave 10S,4W (near entrance to north)
    Juggernaut Hammer * Realm of Dreams
    Spinebreaker 39N,96E (shrine of Discipline)
    Temple of the Hierophant, Spinebreaker 39N,96E
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Lightning Wand Ophidian ruins, Monk Isle
    Temple of the Hierophant, Spinebreaker 39N,96E
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Lightning Whip Pothos' store, Moonshade (Wall under stairs)
    Temple of the Hierophant, Spinebreaker 39N,96E
    cave, north 68N,123E adjoins Shrine of Order
    * Claw Isle
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Lucky Arrow Hazard's cave
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    Magebane penguin's island 53N,33W
    Magic Armour Kylista, Temple of Beauty, Fawn 54S, 6E
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    Temple of the Hierophant, Spinebreaker 39N,96E
    * Claw Isle (4)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic Axe goblin camp 8S,30W
    King Pomdirgun, goblin camp 30S,20W
    Pothos' store, Moonshade
    Filbercio's treasury, Moonshade
    Ophidian ruins, Monk Isle
    armoury, Shamino's Castle
    Ice Dragon, North 88N,18W
    Hazard's cave
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic Boots Pothos' store, Moonshade
    Mountains of Freedom (chests at twin levers)
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    cave passages to the north 28S,3E (pile crates)
    shipwreck, North 65N,3E
    Gwani Death Temple (near Gwenno)
    * Claw Isle (4)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic Bow bear skeleton, start (Shamino's)
    goblin camp 8S,30W
    trapper's cave, Great Northern Forest 43S,22W
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic Gauntlets Alyssand (belonging to the Avatar)
    Mountains of Freedom (chests at twin levers)
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    Draygan's Fort, Great Northern Forest
    cave passages to the north 28S,3E (pile crates)
    Silverpate's treasure, Glacier Mts 50N,40E
    Fawn treasury
    * Claw Isle (4)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic Helm Frigidazzi, Moonshade (belonging to Avatar)
    Frigidazzi's room, Moonshade
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    shipwreck, North 65N,3E
    Death Knight, Moonshade (attacks Stephano)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magician's Wand King Pomdirgun, goblin comp 30S,20W (under bed)
    Mountains of Freedom (stone harpy trap)
    trapper's cave, Great Northern Forest 43S,22W
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic leggings start (belonging to the Avatar)
    Pothos' store, Moonshade
    * Realm of Dreams (Lord British's throne room)
    cave passages to the north 28S,3E (pile crates)
    Ice Dragon, North 88N,18W
    Silverpate's treasure, Glacier Mts 50N,40E
    Fawn treasury
    * Claw Isle (4)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Magic Shield start (belonging to the Avatar)
    * Claw Isle (4)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (2)
    Magic Sword Artisan's Bazaar, Moonshade (in crate)
    Sleeping Bull 100S,39E (monolith)
    * Claw Isle
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    plate armour Garth's house, Fawn 73S,4W
    shipwreck, North 65N,3E
    Death Knight, Moonshade (attacks Stephano)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    plate leggings 84S, 40E (north of Bull tower)
    powder kegs secret cave, monitor 154S,12W (10)
    Skullcrusher (3)
    Spinebreaker (5)
    cave 68N,123E (1) adjoins Shrine of Order
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (5)
    plumed helm Silverpate's treasure, Glacier Mts 50N,40E
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    regeneration ring Mountains of Freedom (chest before naga)
    Mountains of Freedom (before drawbridge)
    * Realm of Dreams (Cantra)
    * ruin in Gorlab Swamp
    serpent arrows armoury, Spinebreaker 39N,96E (15)
    Temple of Discipline (20)
    cave 68N,123E (23) adjoins Great Shrine of Order
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    sleep arrows (use King's Saviour plant on arrows)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle (100)
    Sword of Defense goblin camp, pikewoman's body 17S,24W
    mercenaries, Royal Mint
    Pothos' store, Moonshade
    automaton, Mountains of Freedom (at beginning)
    automaton, Mountains of Freedom (last one)
    catacombs, Moonshade (room with undead)
    Brunt, Grand Shrine of Order, Spinebreaker
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Viking Helm naga shrine 54S,74E
    Ophidian ruins, Monk Isle
    * Claw Isle (3)
    * mountains of Erstam's Isle
    Wand of Detainment Jorvin, Fawn (physically does not exist)

    Blink 60S,66E (near Gorlab swamp)
    Cause Fear Pothos' store, Moonshade
    Chill Frigidazzi, Moonshade (given by Shamino)
    Great Temple, Furnace (6)
    park, Furnace
    Cold Blast Mountains of Freedom (before drawbridge)
    Temple of Tolerance
    Cold Strike Frigidazzi's lab, Moonshade
    Columna's Intuition Furnace serpent gate
    Create Ammunition Julia's room, Winery, Moonshade
    cave 68N,123E (1) adjoins Shrine of Order
    Create Automata library, Underground City, Furnace
    Grand Shrine of Order, Spinebreaker
    cave 68N,123E (1) adjoins Shrine of Order
    Create Food Fawn Palace, South wing 69S,10E
    Seminarium, Moonshade
    (plenty in the Filbercio's kitchen)
    Create Ice Frigidazzi's lab, Moonshade
    Grand Shrine of Balance (ice diamond)
    Create Soul Prism Torrissio, Moonshade (trade Philanderer's Friend)
    Death Vortex Grand Shrine of Balance
    Destroy Trap Knight's Forest, hollow tree 77S,16W
    Detect Trap wizard's chambers, Shamino's Castle
    Dispel Field Selina, Grand Shrine of Order, Spinebreaker
    Enchant Missiles Julia's room, winery, Moonshade
    False Coin Stephano's old house
    Fire Field Furnace serpent gate
    Fire Ring Grand Shrine of Balance
    Firesnake Rotoluncia's manor, Moonshade
    Grand Shrine of Order, Spinebreaker
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Great Ignite Joth's office, Fawn 56S,2E
    Great Light Moonshade 94S,97E
    Temple of Enthusiasm
    Great Heal Lorthondo's room, Mountains of Freedom
    Heal Seminarium, Moonshade
    Imbalance Grand Shrine of Balance
    Invisibility Shamino's Castle (keep)
    Invisibility All Vasculio's tomb, Moonshade 67S,112E
    Invoke Snow Serpent library, Underground City, Furnace
    Temple of Tolerance
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Light Fawn Palace, South wing 69S,10E
    wizard's chambers, Shamino's Castle
    Mass Cure wizard's chambers, Shamino's Castle
    Mass Death Vasculio, Skullcrusher (exchange magebane)
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Mind Blast Pothos' store, Moonshade
    Paralyze Rotoluncia's manor, Moonshade
    Protection goblin camp, hollow tree 18S,26W
    Shamino's Castle (keep)
    Stephano's old house
    Restoration Mortegro's manor, Moonshade
    Reveal Torrissio's house, Moonshade
    Serpent Bond library, Underground City, Furnace
    Temple of Tolerance
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Spiral Missile Grand Shrine of Balance
    Summon Gustacio's cellar, Moonshade
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Summon Shade Mortegro, Temple of Tolerance
    Swordstrike Pothos' store, Moonshade
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Telekinesis * unbuilt house, south of Sleeping Bull 125S,43E
    Mountains of Freedom (before drawbridge) (2)
    Shamino's Castle (keep)
    library, Underground City, Furnace
    Time Stop Columna's cellar, Moonshade
    Grand Shrine of Balance
    Translation Seminarium, Moonshade
    Filbercio's study, Moonshade
    Vibrate Grand Shrine of Balance (ice diamond)
    Unlock Magic Furnace serpent gate

    List of Strange Objects

    36 filari
    apparatus of glass/copper Vasculio Rudyom's Wand
    bear skull bear skeleton magic bow
    blue egg penguins magebane
    crude hairbrush Goblins 23 burst arrows
    ice wine Rangers
    breast plate Kylista Magic Armour
    fine stockings Stephano Blackrock serpent
    furcap Frigidazzi magic helm
    pinecone Hazzard Trapper glass sword
    ruddy red rock (stoneheart) guard The Black Sword
    bloody hand Erstam dagger
    shield (Monitor) Luther Dupre's Shield
    silver ring Alyssand magic gauntlets
    slippers Devra swamp boots


    Thoxa 143S,13W Hourglass of Fate
    cave 152S,37W useful items
    bear skeleton 154S,28W Shamino's magic bow

    Andral the Artisan 144S,9E
    Armourer Standarr 139S,9E
    Banquet Hall 157S,12E on Banquet Street
    Cellia's Fine Furs 139S,1W
    Crematorium 148S,9W Renfry, Harnna (crypts)
    Furnace 136S,26E Monitor entrance
    List Field 156S,8E training
    Lydia's Tattoo Parlor 147S,13E
    Harnna, Healer of Monitor 157S,9W
    Jail 139S,14E
    Knight's Test 111S,10W Shmed
    Slashing Sword Pub 152S,13E Lucilla
    Sleeping Soldier Inn 144S,14E Simon
    Tools of Trade 139S,1E Krayg
    town hall/museum/treasury 144S,5E Spektor, command leaders
    training hall 154S,1E Shazzana
    traitor's store 154S,13W powder kegs (Marsten's)

    gems 71S,24W under pile of rocks
    Goblin Hideout 69S,33W
    Goblin meeting place 82S,18W at the black monolith
    House of Wares 77S,28W Captain Stokes
    jester 87S,31W companions attack him
    Serpent Crown 85S,23W hollow tree
    sign: "Thou art lost" 81S,26W just for fun!

    Alyssand & Delin (provision) 75S,13E
    Alyssand & Delin 74S,7E
    Broken Oar inn 64S,2E Jerdon
    Delphynia, horticulturist 69S,17E
    Fellowship Camp 78S,24E
    Garth, Great Captain 73S,4W
    healers 67S,0E Delphynia
    Joth, Great Captain 56S,19E
    Great Captains'office 56S,2E near docks
    jewellers 53S,15E gems
    Kylista, Priestess of Beauty 54S,12E magic armour
    Olon, fisherman 70S,1E
    Palace, South chambers 69S,9E dining halls
    Palace, Throne room 61S,9E throne room, treasury
    Temple of Beauty 56S,9E trial
    Voldin, Great Captain 61S,19E

    hollow tree 117S,36E key to invisible chest
    monolith 100S,40E invisible chest
    Sleeping Bull inn 109S,37E
    Bull Tower 99S,29E
    Royal Mint 76S,81E
    troll castle 136S,42E

    Explosive Powder Maker 71S,52E Chaos Hierophant (bug)
    Naga shrine 54S,74E
    to enter, use stairs 63S,74E
    rock 84S,40E corpse with plate leggings
    unbuilt country house 125S,43E telekinesis scroll (cheat)

    Artisan's Bazaar 77S,141E Ducio, Topo, Mosh
    Blue Boar inn 67S,133E Rocco, Petra
    Bucia 61S,139E
    Capessi Canton 73S,133E Bucia, Flindo
    catacombs entrance 95S,132E exit to mainland
    cave 112S,128E (covered by tree)
    Ducio 64S,139E
    Docks 14S,128E to Isle of the Mad Mage
    Filbercio 71S,139E banquet, trial
    Filbercio's love palace 87S,129E
    Flindo 64S,142E
    Frigidazzi 96S,150E
    gazer pit 45S,141E
    Gustacio' manor 91S,152E Gustacio, Mortegro
    Gustacio's tower 37S,142E experiments
    hut 94S,97E scrolls
    Melino & Columna 85S,148E comb of beauty
    Mortegro 64S,146E seance
    Mosh's hut 62S,144E
    Pothos' Apothecary 79S,138E
    Rotoluncia's manor 73S,155E
    Seminarium 93S,149E
    spider temple 52S,155E cheat for infinity bow
    Stephano 81S,152E
    Stephano's old house 80S,100E blackrock order serpent
    tree stump 81S,101E teleport to small island
    small island 33S,101E passage to mts of Erstam's Isle
    mts of Erstam's Isle 24S,102E invisible mountain entrance
    telescope tower 56S,125E
    Topo 61S,142E
    Torrissio 84S,141E
    tower (magic harp) 57S,102E
    Vasculio's old house 67S,112E
    Winery 73S,127E Julia, Ernesto

    Erstam 20S,114E Erstam, Vasel, Boydon
    Abbey 4S,147E Xenkan monks
    Place of Visions 7N,139E Draxta gives visions
    ruin in Monk Isle swamps 15N,145E leads to Ophidian ruins

    ruins (in swamp) 28S,62E cheat - regeneration ring
    tower (near Gorlab swamp) 62S,45E key to secret vault
    (mountains of Erstam's Isle)

    Draygan's fort 0S,66E Draygan, Beryl
    cave 2N,77E secret passage to Shamino's
    cave 28S,3E leads to entrance to north
    Forest Master, Morghrim 54S,22W
    Hamlinburg 26S,45E
    Hazard's Lodge 17S,29E Hazard's note
    hollow tree 15S,49E burst arrows (23)
    hollow tree 20S,44E mandrake roots (2)
    hollow tree 26S,19E 50 filari
    serpent gate 4S,78E
    Shamino's Castle 3N,99E Batlin, Cantra
    trapper's cave 43S,22W
    White Dragon Castle 33S,86E Banes of Chaos

    NORTH (part 1)
    cave entrance 20S,4W
    cave 15S,3W bears
    cave 10S,4W spirits, treasure
    Hazard the Trapper 60N,25E
    Ice Dragon 88N,18W ice dragon blood, treasure
    Gwani cave 23N,0E Yenani, leader
    Gwani cave 21N,9E Neyobi
    Gwani cave 23N,14E Baiyanda, healer
    penguin island 53N,33W magebane
    raft 49N,3E
    shipwreck 65N,3E treasure
    Skullcrusher 2N,1E Grand Shrine of Chaos

    NORTH (part 2)
    Silverpate's treasure 50N,40E invisible entrance
    Skullcrusher 24N,41E east entrance
    Spinebreaker 39N,96E Grand Shrine of Order
    Temple of Discipline 44N,86E acid path
    Temple of Emotion 22N,50E Eye of the Moon
    Temple of Enthusiasm 80N,140E Chaos Hierophant
    Temple of Ethicality 33N,133E
    Temple of Logic 23N,64E
    Temple of Tolerance 61N,63E Sethys, Mortegro, Web of Fate
    ************************************************************************* 旼컴뢰 聾컴캠旼컴 旼컴떨 봤컴캭읕컴 봉컴캘 突袴셩袴暠突袴1993 Next... 靈컴컴컴컴컴커靈컴컴컴컴컴커靈컴컴컴컴컴커靈컴컴컴컴컴커靈컴컴컴컴컴 攬 냠袴袴袴 낳 郞袴袴槁훤袴袴敲 낳 읏 낳 넣컴컴컴 낳 넣컴컴커靈컴컴캭 낳 米 음 낳 攬 낳 낳 낳 攬 낳 낳 郞袴袴槁 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 낳 음 낳 음 낳 음 낳 낳 훤袴袴 훤袴袴袴袴袴槁훤袴袴袴袴袴槁훤袴袴袴袴袴槁훤袴袴안袴袴槁



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