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Ultima III Walkthrough

Written by: Leon McNeil

    Ultima 1

    Ultima III Walkthrough

    Ultima III Walkthrough

    This walkthrough is taken from an excellent old adventure guide, The Book of Adventure Games (Arrays, Inc. ISBN 0-912003-08-1). The only walkthrough I've seen for Ultima III is from the "Mines of Moria", an old Apple II pirate BBS -- it's basically a chopped up version of this edition, with various stupidity and inaccuracies added in. This version had some inaccuracies also, but I corrected the more glaring mistakes; I've also changed references that didn't make sense for the Mac version. Since the book is no longer available (and mainly talks about games that are no longer available either), I doubt there's anyone that would mind me putting it up.

    Obviously, this walkthrough contains SPOILERS, so don't read it unless you either don't want to enjoy the game or you are hopelessly stuck.



    There is no set solution to this game. It's long, even with these gold and time saving clues. Try forming a party and transferring all food and weapons to one member. This is best done within the Castle, avoiding monsters with which you can't cope. Leave the town to save the game, quit out of the game and then relaunch it, delete the empty character shells, and create three more. Go to town and buy your front line men bows; these have the major advantage of hitting targets from a distance. Consider using a Cleric with 25 Wisdom points, as you'll need all the healing power he can muster.

    You'll be able to get to a maximum of 550 hit points, initially, by (T)ransacting with the King, provided you have enough experience. With your 550 points, go to the dungeon in the northeast corner of the island, in the blackened area. You'll recognize it by its waterway. In the first two levels, you should fine two "plates," which you should touch. One yields the Mark of the King, and the other the Mark of Fire, which permits you to walk through fire. With the Mark of the King, you can now get up to 2,550 hit points, again provided that you have enough experience.

    When you leave the Castle, go west 8 steps and south 34. When the moons are in 0,0 conjunction, the town of Dawn will appear below you. In it you'll be able to buy better armor and weapons, as well as the keys, powders which negate time, and gems which permit a screen display of the local area. More important, in the lower right corner are three guys, each with important clues about Exotic weapons. After leaving, try to find a ship if you don't already have one. Try digging on the two-square island near the island town of Fawn.

    Make your way to the town on the island east of the Mainland. You'll recognize it by the bribable guard standing before a locked gate. You can save the 100 gold bribe fee and a key by entering the maze south of the main entrance. Go north at the first place you can, then straight east as far as you can, and then north to inside the gate. Peer at a Gem, and sketch the town, using the sketch to get into the town. Go west to the locked gate. This one requires using a key. Go south to the entry on the left side of the screen. Go west to the first north possibility, west to the next south possibility, and west again. This should put you next to a guard. Bribe him, unless you are strong enough to kill off all the guards. To the west lies a treasure area, good for about 1,100 gold (about 2,000 if you have the Mark of Force). It's good to have a Thief who can grab the chests, and a Cleric who can heal him. Repeat this process until you've got quite a load of gold, say 13,000 or so.

    Loaded with your gold and at least four keys, jump in your ship, find a whirlpool storm and enter it. You'll be cast on the shore of another island where there are four shrines. Here you can buy capability points at 100 gold a pop. Peer at a Gem to get the lay of the land, and make a rough sketch. The Shrine of Strength is in the southwest corner, reached through the mountain entry way in the northwest corner. Work your way south from there. You're on the right track if you encounter two sets of wild horses. Keep going south from there. Be sure to <Search> at each shrine.

    The Shrine of Intelligence lies behind three locked gates in the north-central area. Don't bother opening up the cages. Capture the ship that's waiting for you and sail west to where you can disembark. The Shrine lies behind the third gate. You reach the Shrine of Wisdom by going north from the entry gate of the Shrine of Intelligence. Track around to another locked gate. After the initial north and east travel, work your way south and slightly east. Ignore the next locked gate you see. The Shrine of Dexterity is in the southeast area. After entering the dark area (to the right and north of your landing point), work your way northeast.

    Near the initial entry into this area you'll be able to go south. Following that track gets you to the south shore of the Island, where you must capture a Pirate ship. Using yet another key, sail through the locked gate to the west and into the awaiting Whirlpool in order to get back to the point at which you initially entered the Whirlpool. Several trips between Death Gulch and Shipwreck Island [Ambrosia] should bring your attributes up to a fairly impressive level, and will certainly make your life easier.MP> By now you should have at least two Marks and all four Cards. You'll find the Mark of the Snake on the eighth level of the dungeon on the large island east of the Mainland. Another Mark appears on that level. If it isn't the Mark of Force which permits you to walk through force fields, you'll find it in the west end of level 8 in the dungeon surrounded by lava in the dark mountain area at the southeast end of the island. Lastly, if you want to find the Lord of Time, look in the northwest corner of level 8 in the dungeon locked in by mountains (which you can only reach via the Moon Portals).

    Once you have 2,550 hit points and all eight Marks and Cards, you're ready for Exodus. "Ready" all of your party with Exotic weapons and "Wear" Exotic armour and sail up to the Snake in the center of the island on the southeast corner of the Mainland. EVOCARE. It would be wise to make a copy of the Roster file before entering the castle, as things can get rough in there. Go as far to the west (or east) as you can, walking through the Force Fields and Fire. Then head north, all the way up. As you go along you'll have several fairly tough battles. [Note that you can't use powder to negate time in Exodus Castle.]

    In the upper central part you'll hit three sets of invisible enemies (Floors), each of whom hit pretty hard. Use your Wizard's "P" spell or your Cleric's "O" spell. To get the rest, line your men up abreast and march up the room, attacking forward and to the sides. Each Floor panel will only take one hit to kill when you find them. Watch which of your guys is getting hit: he's the one nearest your foe.

    Now the time has come. Move to the left of the machine that is Exodus. Love, move right, Sol, move right, Moons, right again and Death. That should do it, only to whom should you "Report Thy Feat"???

    David Joerg <dsjoerg@deshaw.com> writes:
    I don't know why I remember this, but way way back when I won Ultima III I saw that message. Somehow (I think it was included in the game package) I had a phone number that you were supposed to call when you won. I called the number and gave Origin the message, and they mailed me a really nice certificate!

    Ultima III Prophecies

    GoldOracle Response
    100You'll learn of marks and playing cards and hidden holy shrines.
    200Of marks there are but four - Fire, Force, Snake, King.
    300Learn their use in Devil Guard or death you'll surely bring.
    400Shrines there are but four to which you go and pray.
    500Their uses are innumberable and clues throughout I say.
    600Suits do number four, called Sol, Moons, Death, and Love.
    700Unto the Montors thou must go for guidance from above.
    800To aid thee in thy cryptic search, to dungeons thou must fare.
    900There seek out the Lord of Time to help you if he cares.

    Bartender Tips

    GoldBartender Response
    7-9Thank you kindly.
    10Ambrosia, ever hear of it?
    20Dawn, the city of myths & magic.
    30The conjuction of the moons finds link.
    40Nasty creatures, nasty dark, sure thee ready before thee embark.
    50None return or so I'm told from the pool dark and cold.
    60Shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength, are all but lost into the brink.
    70Fountains fair and fountains foul all are found in dungeons bowel.
    80Exodus: Ultima III which is next? Now could be.
    90Seek ye out the Lord of Time and the one way is a sure find!

    Village Rumors & Misty Writings

    Cards are useful.<Search> for Shrines.
    The King favors a Mark.<Search> the Cards.
    Seek ye the Mark of Kings.<Dig> carefully.
    You need a Mark to pass.<Dig> up Exotics.
    Marks gained in Dungeons<Dig> on Islands.
    Hot metal leaves a Mark.Baby Bob: Bring me bucks.
    Marks are useful.Seek the Jester in Castle Fire.
    A Mark helps invoke the snake.Jester says: West-8 South-35 and await the dawn.
    Invoke the Silver Snake.Lord of Time says: Love, Sol, Moons, Death. All else fails.
    Conjuctions of moon finds link.Circle of Light: <Yell> EVOCARE.
    Only Exotics will protect you from great evil.Exodus is four as one.
    Seek the Shrines of Truth.<Insert> Cards into Exodus.
    Seek ye the Dungeon of Fire.Beware the Fires of Hell.
    <Pray> for the invocation.<Pray> in the Circle of Light.
    Dawn lasts but a Moment.

    Price Lists

    WEAPONS              ARMOR               OBJECTS         SACRAMENTS
    -------              -----               -------         ----------
    Dagger        5 B    Cloth      75 B     Keys      50    Curing        100
    Mace         30 C    Leather   195 C     Torches 5/30    Healing       200
    Sling        60 D    Chain     575 D     Powders   90    Resurrection  500
    Axe         125 E    Plate    2500 E     Gems      75    Recalling     900
    Bow         350 F    +2 Chain 6130 F*
    Sword       200 G    +2 Plate 8250 G*
    2-H Sword   250 H    Exotic   free H*
    +2 Axe      400 I*
    +2 Bow     1050 J*         MISC:  Horses       4/800
    +2 Sword    800 K*                Attributes   1/100 at each Shrine
    Gloves     1200 L*
    +4 Axe     2600 M*
    +4 Bow     6550 N*         * Available only in the Towne of Dawn.
    +4 Sword   4550 O*
    Exotic     free P

    Moon Gate Destinations

    ConjunctionFrom MoongateTo Moongate
    NE Corner
    NE Corner
    NE Corner
    NE Corner
    Cave Island
    3 square area
    Cave Island
    Cave Island
    Cave Island
    South Coast
    3 square area
    3 square area
    3 square area
    3 square area
    Devil Guard
    NE Corner
    South Coast
    South Coast
    South Coast
    Cave Island
    3 square area
    South Coast
    3 square area
    3 square area
    3 square area
    3 square area
    Devil Guard
    NE Corner
    Cave Island
    Devil Guard
    Devil Guard
    Devil Guard
    3 square area
    South Coast
    3 square area
    Devil Guard

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