By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Turok 2 Walkthrough

by Tombstone


  1. Introduction
  2. References
  3. Letters


  1. Activate 3 Distress Beacons
  2. Rescue 4 Children
  3. Activate the Warp Portals
  4. Locate the Energy Totem and Defend It at All Costs


  1. You start out the level looking at a fairly large dock in a harbor with a sinking ship in it. Walk forward into the water and swim down to the ship. Enter the left side of it to get 2 Gold Life Force and 1 Red. Swim out and enter the right side to get 3 Red Life Force. Swim out of there and go to each of the five alcoves on the north side of the harbor to get 5 Red Life Force. Now get out of the water on the side you came in on and turn left. Walk forward along the dock and watch the cool explosions. To your left after you go up the ramp is a series of crates that you can jump up to get a single Gold Life Force. Now go forward and you should see a lone barrel standing up against the wall. Whip out your Bow and shoot the barrel, blowing a hole in the wall. Now go up the ramp and turn around you should see a cluster of crates in front of you (and slightly to the right). Jump on top of the nearest one then continue forward to get five arrows. Now go into the hole that you blew in the wall. Climb the ladder and walk through the pipe. Take the next right and collect the 4 Gold Life Force. Go forward through the pipe and grab the Power Cell then turn left and climb the ladder. Head down the pipe and jump to the large platform with the warp on it. (NOTE: If you miss the jump just circle around the platform until you see a ladder that can get you up*). Donít go in the warp just yet. Instead, look around until you see a pipe with a broken ladder connected to it. Jump from the platform to the ladder and climb up into the pipe. Walk forward and get a useful piece of artillery, the Pistol. Bust that mofo out and drop down to the floor below. Continue walking forward until you drop down once more and end up at the harbor again. Turn left and walk along the wall until you come across another hole*. Go into it and walk forward to place the power cell in the socket. Distress beacon activated. Now go back out and make your way to the previously seen warp. When you get there step into it. ++++++++++
  2. Walk out of the warp and climb the ladder on the left. Go along the walkway and collect the 6 Gold Life Force. Turn Left and walk forward through the arched hallway. A Raptoid will come bouncing along towards you. Shoot it with the Bow or Pistol. In the next room you will see a Level 2 Key on the right. Grab it and (if you need to) turn around and get the quiver of 10 arrows over on the left side of the rubble. When done, walk forward through the hallway opposite the one you entered in but be careful as you turn the corner because two Raptoids will come leaping around the corner. Exterminate them and then turn the corner and climb the ladder. Go along the walkway and get some more Gold Life Force, 5 this time. Look down and to the right and you will see a barrel. Shoot it and it will blow open a little crawlspace. Go into that and get as much of the bounty of Blue Health (7 to be exact) as you need. Once your out of the crawlspace go left to grab a Pistol and make your way into a large room. Go forward onto the bridge and look up and left. You should see an Endtrail standing on a ledge. Donít worry about his grenades as they should bounce off the angle of the bridge. Aim up and shoot him in the head with your Pistol. (NOTE: Itís easier to do this with the look spring turned off. I highly recommend that you do this (it helps throughout the entire game). All you have to do is go to the options find the option ďLOOK SPRINGĒ and switch it off). Once you kill him jump over the side of the bridge and collect the 4 Silver Health and the box of 40 bullets under the water. This a good time to point out that both Blue and Orange Health will only raise your health to 100 whereas Silver and Ultra will go over and beyond 100 if possible. After you get the goods make your way over to a small tunnel with 3 Red Life Force floating on the water. Go into the next room and swim over to the back wall and turn right so you are facing the ramp. Jump forward once to get onto a block and then once more to get onto the ramp. Walk forward. The switch in front of you opens up the wall behind you granting access to 2 Blue Health but a Raptoid will fall from the ceiling and attack you. Despite which course of action you take ascend the ladder and head into the pipe. Drop down onto the ledge, you are now back in the large room. Head right along the ledge and collect the 4 Gold Life Force then go into the opening on the right. Hit the switch and then turn and head towards the ladder in front of you. (NOTE: Youíll probably here an Endtrail marching around on the floor below you. You can either plug it with a bullet in the head now or wait until you come back in here). Climb up and grab the flashlight then head up the ladder to the left. Get all 8 Silver Health in the hallway then drop down into the next room. To the left is a pipe with a Red Life Force at the end as well as a switch that opens up a hallway. Get the Red Life Force if you want then push the switch. Go forward into the passage. If your careful you can probably shoot the Endtrail thatís patrolling the walkway around the room in the head. If your not well than youíll have to get down and dirty with it. Donít be stingy with ammo in this area as there are 4 clips with 10 bullets each located around the room. Go along the path on the outside edge of the room and enter the other doorway. Go either right or left, it doesnít matter which, both have 4 Blue Health. When you get to the second story youíll have to battle it out with another Endtrail. Once itís dead head into the center of the pathways and find the alcove with a switch in it. Go press the switch and turn around to blast the fuck out of the Raptoid coming towards you. After you kill him go get the box of 40 bullets in the alcove he was in. Go back downstairs and enter the cage. I know the temptation is strong but resist shooting the girl in the head and tap her instead. Child rescued. Now go back to the large room. If you havenít done it already you can take care of the Endtrail from the ledge above are you could drop off the ledge and get some action down below. Either way you do it, kill it and go through the now-open doors at the end of the room. Thereís a box of 40 bullets in the middle of the room but donít get it yet. If you need bullets, go behind each door to collect a clip then walk forward and take care of the Raptoids in the next room. When theyíre dead get the box of bullets and make your way towards the warp. If you need some arrows thereís a quiver over to left behind a fallen pillar. Enter the warp. ++++++++++
  3. To the immediate right behind a fallen arch is a clip and thereís another one to the left against the wall between a standing and a downed pillar. Now face forward. You should just see the top of an Endtrailís head. Back up a little to get a clearer shot then splatter its brains against the wall behind it. Go around the arch in front of you and turn left. You should see a fallen pillar. Behind it is another Endtrail with a little aggression it needs to let out. Every time he lands one of his pink energy shots on you it takes off about 10 health so youíre going to want to be cautious. Crouch down and carefully strafe right Ďtil you can see its head then give it the same treatment you gave its friend. If you need some health turn around if not skip to the ***. Look to the left and you should see a crack between a standing and a fallen pillar. Enter the crack and press the switch on the wall (this opens a wall with 3 Blue Health behind it). Go out of the crack and collect the health then turn around. *** Walk over to where the second Endtrail was and get the quiver of arrows if you need it then turn right and look for a space between a pillar and the wall. Walk between the pillar and the wall and turn left. You will se 3 Compyís picking at the remains of an Adian soldier. Equip your Talon and slash at them until they burst then head forward and activate the switch on your left. Go back around to where the second Endtrail was standing and you will see a hallway on the right. Enter it. Once your in the hallway take a right, a left, and another right. You will be facing a gate that opens as you approach. Behind it is a timid Endtrail that quickly runs behind a crate when it spots you. That tactic I used for this situation was to quickly run at the Endtrail then to jump on the crate once you get to it. The Endtrail will either run around trying to hit you with grenades or just crouch down. Whatever it does kill it and then up climb up the ladder and hit the switch (grab the arrows if you need them). Drop down and walk under the archway to encounter 2 Raptors. When fighting Raptors you can either crouch and slice Ďem up with your Talon or crouch and pelt them with arrows but donít try to hit them with bullets. After theyíre dead climb up the ladder on the left and hit the switch. Now you have a choice you can go through the newly opened gate and end up with an Ultra Health (highly recommended) or you can simply drop down and continue with the game (skip to ***). Drop down and head right into the hallway. Turn right and head up to a bridge but be careful because a Raptoid jumps over it as you approach. Kill it, then make your into the passage and around the left turn collecting the 5 Red Life Force. When you get to the ledge look to your left and you will see an Ultra Health spinning atop a broken pillar. Jump to it and revel and in the joy of having over 150 health (unless you donít). If you miss the jump, simply retrace your steps and try again. Once done, go back to the place where the 2 Raptors were. ***Make your way along the path until you see a broken arch with a Pistol and 2 clips on it. Pull out your Pistol and shoot the Raptoid that runs around the corner towards you. Kill it then walk forward and grab the bounty but be wary because the gate in front of you opens to release an Endtrail. Kill it then turn around and follow the curve of the arch to its end, then jump to the ladder. Climb up and collect the 5 Silver Health then drop down and head into the tunnel that the Endtrail came out of. Go through the hall and you will come to a gate that opens for you. If you shoot one of the barrels on top of the watchtower the tower will explode and sprinkle a Blue Health, a quiver of arrows, and a Pistol clip onto the ground. Get Ďem if you need Ďem and then shoot the Raptoid thatís wandering around. Once heís dead turn right until you can see a ladder. Climb up to get 2 Silver Health and a clip. Turn around, drop down and walk forward ignoring the are to the right with the floating Shotgun. Head into the clearing on the left with a patrolling Raptoid and a boat on stilts. Shoot the Raptoid then climb up the ladder leading to the top of the boat. Once at the top, head right and shoot the Endtrail thatís chucking grenades at you. Now that your up here you can grab the clip and drop down or you can jump to a crate below with a Blue Health on it. Whichever you choose go over to where the Endtrail was when youíre done and shoot the barrel thatís up against the wall to reveal an alcove that has the second Power Cell inside it. Grab the Power Cell then turn around. If you want it, thereís a Red Life Force in the left-hand corner of the pool of water. If not, head left towards the stacked crates. There are 5 arrows in the area below the slats of wood. If you donít need the arrows just hop up to the ladder then climb and plug in the Power Cell. Distress beacon activated. Now go over to the door the Endtrail was guarding and snatch the single Red Life Force behind each door then head into the warp. ++++++++++
  4. Quickly duck and move backwards so you can shoot the Endtrail in the head as he marches past the door. Grab the 3 Red Life Force from behind the warp after the dinoís dead and then head into the clearing by turning right. Go into the corner in front of you and grab the 5 arrows then turn left (about 130 degrees) and shoot the Raptoid thatís leaping towards you. Head down the ramp from whence he came and grab the Red Life Force in the left corner of the pool. When you get out of the water duck down and proceed carefully forward under the boat on the left. Once you see an Endtrail standing guard at the top of the ramp in front of you, shootit in the head and bring it down for life*. After the Endtrailís dead you can roam the clearing freely as well as climb the 2 ladders on both boats and collect the 5 Silver Health on each. If you want you can jump from one of the boats onto a small walkway of crates that leads to a Blue Health or jump off the other boat to land on a series of 3 crates, each with 3 Red Life Force on them. After youíre done head up the ramp the Endtrail was guarding and hit the switch thatís in the alcove. Turn around, crouch, and then walk slowly towards the edge of the ramp. You should just be able to make out the outline of an Endtrail thatís standing in front of you. Shoot in the head then drop down, head left, and pick up the Power Cell thatís floating in front of you. Turn around and make your way forward and to the right (where the Blue Health was). Go between the two crates, turn left and plug the Power Cell into the socket. Disterss beacon activated; Mission A accomplished. Turn around and head right. Go into the room that the second Endtrail was standing in and hit the switch. Turn around and crouch. As soon as the gate on the right opens a Raptor will leap out. Kill it, then go therough the doorway it sprang out of. Shoot the barrels in front of you to reveal two alcove with 2 clips each and Raptoid. Kill the Raptoid then collect the ammo. Go along the pathway once more and whip out your Talon.Turn left and destroy the Compyís then get your Pistol out and head up the ramp. 2 Raptoids will come around the corner and attack. Kill them then head up the ramp a little ways and the wall in front of you will blow up and an Endtrail will run out. Kill him and collect the Blue Health in the alcove then continue along the pathway to the bridge. If your careful you can shoot the Endtrail across the bridge before he sees you. Or you can run forward, jump to grab the Shotgun and blast the f*ck out of him. Either way, after you get the Shotgun, turn left and hit the switch then turn around and enter the Save Portal to save your game. Donít get the health or ammo bonuses yet unless you really need them because you can only receive them once a level. After you get back out of the portal turn left and crouch. Go forward across the bridge and stop once you reach the end of it. Turn around go to the left side of the bridge. You should see an Endtrail marching around down below you. Shoot him from the bridge and then jump to the stack of crates next to the wall to get 3 Red Life Force. Thereís a Raptoid patrolling the area behind you so turn around and walk forward until you drop down onto the floor then wait there until it sees you. Waste it when it does and then turn around. BTW: the barrel pressed up against the crates contains a clip. Walk forward into the middle of the room with 4 Gold Life Force and crouch as a Raptor comes out of the pipe in front of you. Kill the Raptor and then enter the pipe it came out of. As you approach the end, a Raptoid jumps out of nowhere and tries to kill you. Shoot it and then enter the water-filled passageway. To the right is a clip. Get it then turn around and make your way around the corner. A Raptoid will jump off the ledge in front of you as you come around the bend. Kill it, then climb the ladder to the left. Hit the switch in front of you then turn right and follow the ledge Ďtil you come to 3 barrels. Blow them up to get a Red Life Force, a Pistol clip, and a Silver health. Go back to where the switch was and you should see an opening in the wall across from you. Ju7mp the gap to get into the hallway and then go forward into the pipe. Wjhen you reach the end, look down and you will see a cage. The following is the way I pulled this off. Feel free to experiment with your own methods. I equipped my Shotgun and then jumped onto the cage. Two doors to the left and right opened releasing 2 Endtrails. I simply shot at their heads with the Shotgun while I stood on top of the cage. However you kill them, once theyíre dead a door will open in the wall with a switch and 2 Blue Health. Press the switch to open the cage and then tap the kid. Child rescued. Now climb the ladder, jump the gap, and then enter the warp near where th barrels were. ++++++++++
  5. Climb up the ladder and shoot the Raptoid in the next room. Once itís dead grab the Level 2 Key as well as the 3 clips in the corner. Go through the pipe on the north side of the room and grab the 3 explosive shells. Drop down onto the wooden left and turn to your left. An Endtrail should run out of the pair of the open doors and attack you. Shoot it, then go into the room it came out of. Thereís a clip behind the door on the left so grab it if you need it. If not, just go into the room with the warp. There is a quiver of arrows behind the pillar at the far right and 5 arrows behind the far left one. Get those then go into the warp. ++++++++++
  6. Go forward and walk behind the house to get the clip in the corner. Turn left and walk into the square. The building you were just behind has a clip in one of its corners and the one [building] across from it has 4 Gold Life Force. If you walk out of the room with 4 Gold Life Force and turn right you should find 2 sets of 5 arrows in two different corners. The fountain near the wall has 2 sets of explosive shells. Once you get all this booty follow the Life Force trail in one of the corners of the square. Collect 8 Gold Life Force total and then go into the hallway. (NOTE: I donít know how to open the door on the right that the ladder leads up to. If anyone knows how to open it and/or what it does please tell me). Shoot the Endtrail that comes running at you and then go up the ramp. An Endtrail occupies this room and makes a simple circuit around the Warp Portal. You can either shoot him or try to sneak around him but either way youíre going to need to go forward and get the clip in the corner. After youíve done that, turn left and go into the alcove on the right. Press the switch and collect the 2 Blue Health then turn around. Go forward to collect another clip in the corner ahead of you and then turn around once more. Entering the newly-opened Warp Portal is optional. If you decide to go in you will be treated with a cutscene but once you return the Endtrail will be back (if you shot it). Make your decision and then go into the hallway on the left (or in front of you if you went into the Warp Portal). Go up the ramps to come out above the square you were just in. Shoot the Raptoid that jumps off the building to come kill you. After heís dead, go left to the front of the building and take care of 2 more Raptoids. Go behind the building and get the 3 clips then go forward and to the left to coll the 3 Shotgun sheels near the crates. Turn around and climb up the ladder. Up here is 4 Red Life Force and a Blue Health. Drop down, go to where the ladder is and face the crates. Now go down the left-hand path. Turn left, collect the 3 Gold Life Force and kill the Raptoid that jumps out at you. Go behind the building on the right (the one the Raptoid came out of) to collect 5 Gold Life Force then enter it to get a clip. Get back on the path and take a left onto a ledge with 3 Blue Health. Look down and you should see a small alcove with a switch in it. Jump into it and press the switch. Turn around, drop down, and look right. The switch you just pressed opened a door behind the fountain in front with an Endtrail and a Level 3 Key inside. Crouch and move forward until you can see the Endtrail, then shoot it in the head with the Pistol. Get up, run forward and grab the Key. Now make your way back up to the second story and instead of going left onto the 3 Blue Health ledge, go straight. Shoot the Endtrail thatís standing in front of the Save Portal and then use it. Once again, donít take the Health or Ammo bonuses unless you need them. After you have saved, step into the warp on your right. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------------

    Cheats ------------

  2. UBERNOODLE - Big Head Mode
  3. PIPSQUEAK - Tiny Mode
  4. STOMPEM - Big Hands / Feet Mode
  5. HOLASTICKBOY - Stick Mode
  6. _Obtained After Beating Level 2: River of Souls_; IGOTABFA - Pen and Ink Mode
  7. _Obtained After Beating Level 3: Death Marshes_; WHATSATEXTUREMAP - Gouraud Mode
  8. HEEERESJUAN - Juanís Cheat
  9. AAHGOO - Zach Attack Cheat
  10. LIGHTSOUT - Blackout
  11. _Obtained After Beating Level 1: Port of Adia_ - Frooty Stripes



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