By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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    I'm stuck at the tomb...I need a blue crystal..where is it...I've got a cheat (walktrough) and can't find a blue crystal anywhere...please help...here it is: The Dig
    SPACE SHUTTLE: ------------- use pen ultimate to talk to Miles about Flying pig Click on Flying pig ASTEROID: ------- Click on pig to open it up Get Shovel Get Zero-G digger Get Explosive Unit Alpha Get Explosive Unit Beta Click on Space Go to quadrant 2 use zero-G digger with target surface use explosive unit alpha with dirt use arming key with explosive unit alpha click on space go to quadrant 3 use shovel with boulder use explosive unit beta with surface use arming key with explosive unit beta click on space go to shuttle
    SHUTTLE: ------- use pen ultimate to talk to Ken Borden about explosives watch video clip Go back to astroide
    INSIDE THE ASTROIDE: ------------------- click on metallic plate use zero-G digger on all 3 odd projections click on all 3 metallic plates click on dark tunnel watch video clip
    CENTER OF ASTROID: ----------------- click on pedestal get all 4 plates click on square indentation use all 4 plates on square watch video clip
    PLANET: ------ go to clearing go to the ? at the left (wreck)
    WRECK: ----- click on wreck open chest get device pull on hanging wire watch video clip get wire get engraved rod leave wreck go to clearing
    GRAVE: ----- go to ? at top of screen (grave) get tusk use shovel on grave get jaw bone leave grave go to clearing
    DIRT RAMP: --------- go to ? at right of screen (dirt ramp) use device use shovel with small mound get bracelet leave dirt ramp go to dias
    Dias: ---- watch video clip use shovel with small hole watch video clip (Brink dies, but don't worry he won't stay that way...)
    NEXUS 1: ------- get plate walk right until you find the purple rod get purple engraved rod click on all the panels near doors examine purple rod click on the buttons until they match the purple rod do this with all the panels(doors will not open yet) exit panels click on ramp(bottom of screen. near dark tunnel)
    RAMP: ---- click on edge look at unattached lens click on edge to see yourself again click on control panel --------------------------------------
    NOTE:there are 7 buttons that program a robot top white is backspace bottom white is clear purple is left blue is up green is right yellow is down red is stop/pause --------------------------------------- to get the lens push: purple 4 times, yellow 2 times, and red 1 time then exit the control panel leaving the panel lit click the triangular button watch video clip click on control panel push bottom white to clear panel to restore power (to open doors) push: purple 5 times, blue 4 times, and red 1 time then exit the control panel leaving the panel lit click the triangular button go to nexus watch video clip
    NEXUS 2: ------- enter open door click on ? (tram call) get on tram watch video clip
    MUSEUM SPIRE: ------------ try to open weakened door (can't open it yet) don't even try to open the broken door it is never needed go outside go up start light bridge
    1. click on strange device(light bridge control)
    2. click an HOLD down switch 3. move on lens 4. repeat steps 1-3 until light bridge in formed (light bridge makes it easier to travel when all are lit) click on light bridge look at crystal go back to museum spire enter door(museum) get tablet get glowing crystals click on all displays and watch them(they give hints) get red engraved rod enter door to left (library0talk to Maggie Robbins about everything leave and go back to nexus NEXUS
    3: ------- use tusk on panel nearest sparks use wire on open panel use wire with sparks(fixes panel for later use) click on panel nearest acove (at right) examine red rod click buttons on panel until they match red rod enter open door click on tram call (tram won't come) leave and enter nexus use glowing crystals on Brink's body Watch video clip use museum tram
    MUSEUM SPIRE: ------------ clisk on weakened door Watch video clip get cannister leave room go outside look at fossil(try and remember it) go to water Watch video clip(Brink will run off) click on loose bones (ex turtle) arrange bones to look like the fossil(legs all curve the same way. feet at back) use cannister with dead creature (bones) use glowing crystals with dead creature Watch video clip enter water Watch video clip
    UNDER WATER CAVE: ---------------- enter chamber get plate get orange engraved rod leave chamber enter water go back to nexus
    NEXUS 4: ------- open door using orange rod (same way as before) enter door use tram call enter tram
    PLANETARIUM SPIRE: ----------------- go outside go up click on far side(water will carry you) use shovel with boulder get light bridge to work (same as before) click on plateau use shovel on closest cave to clearing get dowel get cover get rib cage use dowel with hole in wood frame circle get pole get pole again use pole with pin (dowel) use rib cage with hook get rod use rod with cage catch critter
    1. click on holes (get critter to run right off screen)
    2. stand between wood circles and wait(may have to repeat steps 1 and 2)
    3. when critter shows up near wood circles click on trap(critter will run under trap and get caught) use bracelet with critter click on trap (setting critter free) get rod get rib cage enter cave stand near bowel use device use shovel with tracker spot get machine part leave cave go to clearing (we'll come back latter) go to crevice(far right) get blue rod(don't bother trying to get into crevice. not needed) go back to nexus
    NEXUS 5: ------- enter dark tunnel Watch video clip walk left click on button enter air lock push button in air lock twice enter door click on glowing panel click on black crystal use blue rod with hole click on black crystal again click and drag sliding crystal until crystal is white(for each sliding crystal there is a spot that turns it really white) exit go back to nexus
    NEXUS 6: ------- enter open door(the one with the broken tram) push tram call(it will work this time) enter tram Watch video clip enter spire go to plateau use shovel with stone plate enter hole(tomb) use blue crystal with hole walk to bottom of screen stoping on the 2 C markings use rod with loose stone leave tomb click on dirt click on path get light bridge to work (same as before) click on light bridge go to spire from the light bridge
    SPIRE (CRITTER AREA): ----- go to plateau use machine part with panel use cover with panel click on panel enter door get green rod get plate get twin sceptors use gold scepter with faint light click gold scepter on planet at 2 o'clock position(light part) Watch video clip click siver scepter on large moon at 7 o'clock position Watch video clip push button go to nexus
    NEXUS 7: ------- open closed door with green rod (same as before) enter door use tram call enter tram
    MAP SPIRE: --------- enter opening (top of screen) click on strange field exit enter cavern enter pit enter opening click on panel use all the rods on the buttons as you did the door lock(shows you hidden room) exit click on opening get light bridge to work (won't work just yet) open panel click on panel click on source 3 times (points to bottom prism) click on bottom prism 3 times click on top prism 1 time click on left prism 3 times use light bridge click on light bridge go to tomb
    TOMB: ---- click on statue click on crypt twice go left click on door Watch video clip use glowing crystals on broken bones use yellow engraved rod with slot enter door click on pyramid use yellow engraved rod on panel use glowing crystals on dead alien try talking to alien Watch video clip Exit tomb click on path click on cave interior click on plataeu talk to Brink go to cavern use flash light on bat-like-creatures go to plataeu get Brinks crystals Watch video clip go to nest ------------------------
    NOTE: to get to nest go to map room go to pit go left door walk all the way left enter nest ------------------------ walk right talk to Brink(he will distract the monster) go through right door go to top of water fall push rock go back to nest talk to Brink about grate talk to Maggie about grate Watch video clip go talk to dead alien with Maggie Watch video clip go to map spire go to beach near map spire tram (strange field) look at strange field use tablet with Maggie enter island opening get plate go to cavern
    Watch video clip(Brink is trapped) go to planetarium spire go to crevice Watch video clip use jaw bone on Brink Watch video clip use plates on acove enter door use tram call enter tram Watch video clip enter door look at console look at gap exit console view walk up ramp to top of screen look at controls look at alien device go outside(up) talk to Maggie go left click on nest get light bridge to work (same as before) go talk to dead alien again(for the last time) get creature's engraving go to map room use creator's engraving with panel (like the rods) go to beach near water fall (where you saved Maggie) get eye part go to cathedral spire go to machine room (the one with the console) Watch video clip go to tomb spire go to platform where Brink was/is use eye part on Brink Watch video clip use eye part with slot in relic Watch video clip get eye part Watch video clip use eye part with slot in relic get eye part and crystals go to cathedral spire click on the console use glowing crystals with empty slots use eye part with gap
    SAVE GAME HERE (there are 2 endings) talk to Maggie Watch video clip *this is where you can choose your ending* either use a glowing crystal on maggie or skip it go to light bridge click on light bridge Watch video clip turn off light bridge (push button) Watch video clip turn light bridge back on click on light bridge click on eye Watch video clip click on portal Watch end video clip



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