Synnergist Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Publisher: 21st Century Entertainment

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Synnergist Walkthrough



  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2
  4. Chapter 3
  5. Chapter 4.
  6. Chapter 5
  7. References
  8. Letters

    Chapter 1

    New Arhus Chronicle

  1. If you look at your desk, you will see a notepad. You will need to then take the notepad in order to leave the office.
  2. There is a set of darts in the dartboard on the wall, you will want to take these with you.
  3. In Hallmags' office you will find a letter opener on top of the filing cabinets. You will want to take this.

    Ambrose Foundation

  4. If you tell the Receptionist that there "must be some kind of mistake", you will be able to interview Victor Ambrose for your story. NOTE: Once you are in Victor's Office and he leaves, he will return as soon as you try and take any action.
  5. If you have the letter opener, you can open the cardboard box with it and take the Food Ticket.
  6. After the interview, you will need to return to your office and listen to your messages before proceeding.

    Heisenberg Park

  7. Look at the body on the ground. When you look up, there will be a bum hiding in the bushes.
  8. Talk to the bum and he will give you Nick's wallet.
  9. If you examine the wallet more closely you will find several other items inside, including a matchbook.
  10. If you examine the matchbook closely, you will discover the address of the Last Chance Bar.

    Last Chance Bar

  11. Talk to the bum and ask him how to get in.
  12. If you have the food ticket, give it to the bum (otherwise you will need to go back and get it).
  13. Go down the stairs and knock on the door. The Bouncer will answer. After you give him the password, you will need to give him some money before he will let you in.
  14. Talk to the Dart Player or sit at the bar and you will be challenged to a game of darts. Be sure to use your own set of darts when you play.
  15. Jessica will come up to you and talk to you. Do not agree to go back to her place; she must not leave before you.
  16. Leave the bar and you will be mugged. If Jessica does not leave before you, she will find you and you will enter...

    Chapter 2

    Jessica's Apartment

  17. Talk to Jessica. When you are done, Frankie the Pimp will burst into the room.
  18. Roll out the window instead of trying to get by Frankie.

    New Arhus Chronicle

  19. Open up the file cabinet and read the article on Captain Barberelli.

    New Arhus Police Dept.

  20. Talk to the Desk Sergeant and ask after Barberelli. He will let you into his office.
  21. Look at the fax machine on Barberelli's desk and then examine the fax more closely.

    Downtown Murder Scene

  22. Show the FBI ID you got out of Nick's Wallet to Officer Estrada. He will let you into the alleyway.
  23. Talk to Forensic Allen in the alleyway. She will recommend you to the Morgue.


  24. Look at the Janitor's cart and you will see his diary. Examine it more closely and you will discover he has lost an important photograph.
  25. Search through the garbage outside the Morgue and you will find the Janitor's missing photograph. Take the photo and bring it inside to him. He will bring you to the head Mortician.
  26. Talk to the Mortician and he will take you up to the locker room to see the victim's body. When he is done explaining you will leave the room feeling ick and then hear a crashing noise.
  27. Reenter the locker room; Be sure to take the UV Goggles on the floor.

    New Arhus Chronicle

  28. Look at the desk and you will see a wad of gum under it. When you look at the wad of gum you will find your spare apartment key. Take this and you will be able to go home and get rest so tomorrow you can get a fresh start on...

    Chapter 3

    Tim's Apartment

  29. Open the drawer and take the plastic bag inside.
  30. If you so choose, you may answer the vidphone. Answering the phone or not will change your path through the game.

    Downtown Murder Scene

  31. Put on the UV Goggles in the alleyway and you will see a piece of organic tissue. Put this in your bag.
  32. If you Look at your Subway Tokens at this point you will realize you are running low. You can follow the sign to the Downtown Station or continue on anyway. This choice will affect your path through the game.

    New Arhus Chronicle

  33. Open up your desk drawer and take the roll of tape.

    New Arhus Police Dept.

  34. Tape up the shredded paper by the wastebasket and you will find a letter to Barberelli from his Mistress.
  35. If you leave the Department and return, Barberelli will finally have arrived.
  36. Talk to Barberelli and ask him about his faithfulness to his wife. When he doubts your evidence show him the taped up letter. He will grant you access to the Forensic Lab.
  37. Use your pad to leave a note on the door to the Forensic Lab for the absent Head Forensic. Be sure to tape it on the door so it doesn't blow away.

    New Arhus Chronicle

  38. Try to type up your Ambrose Foundation article on your computer. You will discover you are missing some crucial information.

    Last Chance Bar

  39. Look through the garbage outside and you will find the pamphlet that was around the food ticket you gave the bum. This will let you complete your article.

    New Arhus Chronicle

  40. Finish your article on Ambrose. After you hand it in to your boss you will receive a message on your answering machine or pager saying that Jim the Forensic has returned to the lab.

    New Arhus Police Dept.

  41. Give Jim your tissue sample to examine. If you have your pager, you may be paged by Jessica on the way out. Otherwise you will need to check your answering machine at the Chronicle.
  42. If you did not get tokens earlier, you will have to pick some up at the Downtown Station.

    Downtown Station

  43. As you get your tokens, you will see a drug deal going on. You can choose to investigate, but it will affect your path through the game.

    Skyline Restaurant

  44. If you are running late, there will be police all over the place. Talk to the nearest officer and tell her that your girlfriend is inside. She will let you past her.
  45. Take the cover off the body that fell through the skylight. You will be shocked to discover it is Jessica.
  46. When you come to your senses, a police officer will take you down to the station for questioning and you will enter

    Chapter 4.

  47. If you are on time, proceed to the reservation computer and put in your driver's license. Tell the computer you have reservations and then enter the elevator.
  48. Once at the top of the restaurant, talk to the Maitre'D and he will seat you. in the middle of your conversation with Jessica you will be paged and will have to leave.
  49. After you witness the shooting in the lobby, enter the Security Room and untie the guard. She will play back the tape and you will enter...

    Chapter 4

    New Arhus Police Dept.

  50. Talk to Jim the Forensic and he will escort you to his lab.
  51. Read the monitor in the lab.
  52. Question Jim about Primax.


  53. Talk to Eddie the Repairman and he will ask you to get his toolbox.
  54. Open the van and take the toolbox.
  55. Look at the suit hanging in the van and you will be able to take the ID card.
  56. Give Eddie the toolbox.
  57. Open the glass door and talk to the guar. Then show her Eddie's ID. She will let you take the elevator to Felden's Office.
  58. If you Look at the desk, you will note several items of interest.
  59. Take a close look at the pyramid and then try and open it. When you press the button within, the holgraphic fishtank will reveal a safe.
  60. Look at the safe. The code is "FELDEN" as it would be entered on the phone.
  61. When the safe opens read the red book and then the letter in the envelope. JoeTV will arrive.
  62. Take the wirecutters.

    Jessica's Apartment (if she is alive)

  63. Talk to Jessica outside her apartment.

    New Arhus Police Dept.

  64. Get the Hydrochloric acid from the Forensic Lab.

    Last Chance Bar

  65. Get a bottle of beer from the bartender.


  66. Use Hydrochloric Acid on alarm box.
  67. Cut wires in order of rainbow: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  68. Give the bum the bottle of beer.
  69. Enter the building and talk to Dr. Steinman.
  70. Open the right biohazard container and take a hypodermic injector.

    Psychiatric Quarters

  71. Talk to Dr. Bouker. If you have the injector he will inject himself and collapse.
  72. Take Bouker's Lab Coat. When you look inside it you will find his diary and keys.
  73. Use the keys to enter the basement.
  74. Open the Security Panel in the basement and take a closer look.
  75. Enter the code that you find on the edge of Bouker's diary and press Enter.
  76. Go down the secret passage into the Mutant Labs

    Mutant Labs

  77. Put on the Lab Coat.
  78. You may choose to take the Tranquilizer Gun, doing so will change your path through the game.
  79. Walk to the doors and go through them.

    Gene Splicing Room

  80. Look at the potted tree and then take the pot.
  81. Use the letter opener to pry off the Security Panel.
  82. Use matches to fuse to melt the casing inside the panel.
  83. Place the pot under the drip. Then throw it at the Control Panel.
  84. Use your wirecutters to free JoeTV.

    Chapter 5

    Side Entrance

  85. Look at the garage door and you will see a crowbar. Take it.
  86. You can take a rock from the pile if you so choose, but you do not have to.
  87. Talk to Dave the Van Driver. He will take you to the Revolving Restaurant.

    Revolving Restaurant

  88. If you do not already have a rock, take the one outside the building.
  89. In the security room pry off the control panel on the right with your crowbar.
  90. Use you wirecutters to cut off a piece of wire and pick up the wire using the lab coat as insulation.
  91. Take a closer look at the computer and hit the monitor with the rock.
  92. Use the wire and you rtape to hotwire the computer.
  93. Try and open the main door to the restaurant. The elevator will open.
  94. Watch the scene on the monitor in the security room.
  95. Take the elevator up to the eating deck.
  96. If you do not have the tranquilizer gun, you will be able to get a pistol from one of the dead drug lords.
  97. Use the crowbar to remove the podium and then slide it to the archway.
  98. Climb up onto the archway and try and use your UV Goggles to give power to the hatch.
  99. Go back to the eat deck, stick a heavy object in the elevator doors to keep them open, and take the wire from the computer.
  100. Go back up to the hatch and use the wire to connect the UV Goggles.
  101. Go through the hatch and shoot the two guards on the rooftop.
  102. Use the wire cutters to disconnect the emitters.
  103. Get the screwdriver from the cardboard box.
  104. Go down the shaft and remove the screws.
  105. Open the vent and proceed into the MagLev Chamber.




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