StarSiege Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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StarSiege Walkthrough



  1. Introduction
  2. Read Al's Review
  3. Read Al's Preview
  4. StarSiege Cheats

    Campaign Missions

  5. Vulture Duty
  6. Flashburn
  7. Stealing Thunder
  8. Diamond in the Rough
  9. Operation Jailbreak
  10. Under the gun
  11. Beheading the snake
  12. Imperial Retaliation
  13. Hunting the Icehawk
  14. Dust to Dust
  15. Guardian Angel
  16. Glitch Hunt
  17. Ill will blowing
  18. References
  19. Letters

    StarSiege is a first person perspective rock-em-sock-em robots game. It has missions and briefings in the campaign mode that are strung together from the revolution on Mars versus the Imp lice (Imperial Police) and later taking on the Hive Mind of the Cybrid Empire which somehow escaped destruction in the last installment. StarSiege is the sequel to EarthSiege 2. The majority of the single player game is composed of missions strung togeter as a campaign. This part is meant to help with those campaigns.

    Keep your speed up. A moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary one.

    When equipping your hercs and tanks try to use the advanced tech advantage of Mars. Use the advanced blasters and heavy blasters over other weaponry. The engines and shield generators are important to keeping the equipment fast.

    Otobe should be put into fast hercs or tanks with lots of firepower. Sax should be put into fast tanks. Your character is best off in the hover tank as soon as it becomes available during the Stealing Thunder Mission. Put Verity when you get her into the heaviest mech with the highest firepower that you have.

    When you modify hercs and tanks adhere to these suggestions. Before using a herc or tank modify it with the best equipment available. As soon as you can replace and modify mercs and tanks.

    The best herc armor is Durac. The best tank armor is QuickSilver which becomes available later in the game. Tanks are actually better suited for survival in this game than heavy hercs. CAPs are a waste of space since they are very heavy and do less damage than the lighter auto cannons or heavy blasters. Heavy Blasters (H Bla) work best in pairs. One M-FAC weapon is usually enough to destroy the enemy.

    Save your games each time your play a new mission. If you loose any players or essential equipment, replay the mission until you do not loose players or hercs and tanks.

    Character assignments from the map view (hit return to get into the map. click on the return key in the lower left corner of the display to get out.), are made by clicking on the vehicle or the character name and then on the item you want to assign them to. Practice will make you better at this. An X is an area assignment while a shield with a cross in it shows a defense assignment.

    Vulture Duty Follow the way points to the downed flier and destroy it. Avoid getting killed by the Imp Lice (imperial police). This is an easy mission.


    Stealing Thunder

    Diamond in the Rough

    Operation Jailbreak

    Under the gun. This mission is an ambush. The tunnel you need to go to is on the other side of the base. Once the artillery starts firing, the mission is over when you get to the tunnel with the convoy. Put Verity into the modified Olympian. Put Otobe in the Minotaur. Saxon is good in tanks so put him in the Paladin.

    Beheading the snake

    Imperial Retaliation. Put Verity in the modified Olympian. Put Otobe in the modified Minotaur which is a fast herc. Put Saxon in the modified Paladin.

    Hunting the Icehawk. Put Verity in the modified Apocalypse. Put Otobe in the modified Basilisk. Put Saxon in the modified Paladin. Put your character in the modified Predator with the laser targetting site. Move your team to defend the canyon just up and to the left of your position. Move over the ridge to where you can see the first turret. Call down an air strike. Make sure you keep the target painted by keeping it in your view window until it is destroyed. If any of the enemy gets interested in you retreat to your guys who will now be good enough to kill them all. Any small groups that get within 1000 meters of your location will attack you if you fire on them. Once you have their attention retreat to where your guys will get them.

    Dust to Dust. Put Verity in the modified Gorgon. Put Otobe in the modified Apocalypse. Put Saxon in the modified Myrmidon. Put your character in the modified Predator. The thumpers destroy all vehicles including cybrids and human tanks and hercs. Shift-F1 will activate the thumper. Start the thumper. Assign each squad member a different convoy truck to defend from the map view. Then you as the squad leader go up to the gorge that the thumpers are in and sit beyond the thumper range. The cybrids will be attracted to the thumper like the worms on dune and will be killed. As soon as your convoy enters the pass or canyon, turn off the thumpers with the same command. As soon as your convoy moves through the pass or canyon, start the thumpers again.

    Guardian Angel. The vehicle assignments are the same as last time. Assign one character to each of the south, east and north dropships within the base from the map view. Your character should move as quickly as possible through the base and up on the ridge and destroy the two artillery tanks there. Killing these tanks quick and return down the hill to support your team. Defend the drop ships against multiple waves of cybrids and you win.

    Glitch Hunt. The vehicle assignments are the same as last time. Your goal is to capture the nexus which is a large ground vehicle guarded by cybrid hercs. Assign your team to follow you. Move into the destroyed base, search all the buildings for survivors. Move south and east from the base until you find a north to south valley. Follow the valley south. Kill all hybrids you see. The very large upside down bowl is the nexus. Once all cybrid herc and tank guards are destroyed. Signal for the pickup of the nexus. Mission successful.

    Ill will blowing. The vehicle assignments are the same as last time. Assign each member of your team to one of the power generators. Your character should stay close to the unassigned generator and help out when the attacks come. Attacks will come from different sides of the base in waves. Your guys will have dusted one group of baddes and return to their assignments just as another group comes over the hill.

    Please send additional insights to add to this solution.



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