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Star Fleet Academy Walkthrough

  1. "Uninvited Guests"
  2. "Hide and Seek"
  3. "Nothing Ventured"
  4. "Into the Abyss"
  5. "The Barrier"
  6. "Divide and Conquer"
  7. "Cry From the Dark"
  8. "Escalation"
  9. "Revenge"
  10. "Carry a Big Stick"
  11. "Diplomatic Immunity"
  12. "Kobayashi Maru"
  13. "Balance of Terror"
  14. "The Best Laid Plans"
  15. "The Sun God"
  16. "End Game"
  17. "Smugglers Den"
  18. "Common Ground"
  19. "The Ultimate Klingon"
  20. "A World of Their Own"

The Missions
This is the most important part of this manual. It assumes that you've already spent time studying The Basics and have the necessary know-how to have a chance at making it through them. Follow these mission guides closely, and you should have no trouble making it through. But remember, don't let any instructor become suspicious that you might have some extra help!

"Uninvited Guests"
Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

In this scenario, you must protect the Epsilon system from a combined fleet of Romulan and Klingon vessels that has crossed the Neutral Zone and is advancing on Epsilon IV. Starfleet suspects that the Klingons are about to carry out a punitive strike against the colonists on that planet. Your mission is to protect the colonists until reinforcements arrive - without starting a full-scale war.

Before doing anything else, go to damage control and set maximum (or near maximum) damage teams to shields, hull, phasers, photons, and life support; you won't need warp drive during combat, and it doesn't take that long to repair should it take damage. Next, signal red alert and assign extra power to photons, phasers, and shields, then go back to green alert so you'll have enough power to initiate warp.

Protect the Auriga: As soon as you attempt to go into warp to go to the Epsilon system, you'll receive a distress call from the Medusan freighter Auriga - it's being attacked by a Klingon Bird of Prey. When you arrive, another Bird of Prey warps into the vicinity and uncloaks. Destroy one of them as quickly as possible; if you don't do this quickly, you'll receive the distress call from the Drake while the Auriga is still being attacked. After you've destroyed both Birds of Prey, start repairing your shields.

Depending on how long you take to destroy the Klingons, you'll either receive the distress call from the Drake or have the chance to resume your original mission in the Epsilon system.

Protect the Drake: This is pretty straightforward: Defeat the two Klingon warships in battle. But if you've taken too much damage in the previous battle victory can be quite difficult to achieve.

Warp to Epsilon: When you enter the Epsilon system you learn that the colonists have been attacked and that Governor Ryan has been taken prisoner aboard a Klingon D7 heavy cruiser. Engage the D7 and before you know it she'll drop her shields - and if you're close enough you can beam the Governor aboard the Agincourt before finishing off the Klingon ships.

"Hide and Seek"
Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

The Federation suspects that the Klingon Governor Dumas, who led an attack on Pascal II with Klingon and Romulan warships, is a renegade acting without the authority of the empire. In addition, one of the Romulan Warbirds involved in the battle at Pascal II attacked two Federation ships, the USS Demeter and the USS Alexandria. The Demeter was destroyed, but the Romulan ship's warp engines were damaged. In this scenario, you join the Alexandria and the USS Rutherford in a mission to find the crippled Romulan ship.

You'll be involved in some heavy combat, so before warping to Pascal II set your damage-control teams to ensure the integrity of all systems related to combat - shields, phasers, photons, hull, and warp. Go to red alert and increase energy allocation for photons and phasers as much as you can while still maintaining at least normal shield levels, then switch back to green alert so you can enter warp.

Warp to Pascal: Forester will automatically follow Sturek's advice for locating the Romulan ship. When Sturek suggests localizing the search, enter warp. You'll arrive near a planet with the remains of the Demeter almost directly in front of you. Go to red alert and blast the Demeter into nothingness - that way it won't clutter your radar when you're in battle. Then turn right so that the planet is in the center of your view screen.

Find the Romulan: The Romulan ship will uncloak on the left side of the planet. Immediately target his warp drive and open fire with everything you've got as soon as he does - if he escapes the mission's a failure. Pursue and destroy him to the exclusion of all else; two Klingon warships will show up as you chase the Warbird, but the Rutherford and Alexandria should delay them long enough to give you a chance to finish the Romulan. Once the Romulan is destroyed, assist the Alexandria and Rutherford in their fight against the Klingon ships. When they've been reduced to space dust, head back to Starbase.

"Nothing Ventured"
Ship: USS Tempest
Class: Miranda

Raiders have been attacking freighters on the galactic rim. Your assignment is to patrol four sectors (Churchill, Allendon, Montgomery, and Mountjoy) to see if you can discover who the raiders are and their point of origin. Note: You might have to complete these objectives in a different order than the way they're listed here depending on how long it takes you to complete each one.

Before leaving, be sure to set your damage control and energy allocation to whatever settings you prefer for combat - you'll be tangling with some new opponents during this simulation.

Scan Allendon II: If you hurry, you can scan this planet before you receive the Motherlode's distress call; if not, you can always come back later.

Protect Motherlode: Before you can begin your patrol, you'll receive a distress call from the Motherlode in the Churchill system. Warp there, go to red alert, and target the Pinters Folly. Hit it with one phaser blast and he'll offer to surrender. Hail the Motherlode, then the Pinters Folly, then the Motherlode again. Listen to their arguments, then increase your sensors to maximum energy and scan the Motherlode. After you get the results of the scan, hail the Pinters Folly - the captain will sheepishly apologize and break off his attack.

Scan Churchill II: Even though you're already in the system, you might need to go to navigation and plot a course for Churchill II to finish this objective. Of course, you can always come back and scan it later.

Scan Montgomery II: Scan the planet.

Protect Freighters: At some point you'll receive a distress call from the freighter Liepzig in the Laurier system. Make sure you've returned your scan energy back to normal, then go to the Leipzig's rescue. The ship attacking the Leipzig will warp to the Walpole system.

Warp to Walpole: Upon arrival in the Walpole system, you learn the vessel is commanded by the Venturi. Hail the Venturi, but be aware that any answer you give will lead to a battle. After defeating the Venturi ships (a relatively easy task) go back and scan any planets you haven't yet visited and return to Starbase.

"Into the Abyss"
Ship: USS Tempest
Class: Miranda

The objective of this simulation seems simple enough: Visit three systems within the Abyss nebula and destroy the navigation transponders being used by the Venturi. It's during this mission that you'll learn the reason behind the Venturi's aggression and of a mysterious being called Prelate Alshoff.

Destroy Alpha Transponders: Warp to the first location. Go to red alert, increase your sensor strength to full to counteract the effects of the nebular, and change your firing to manual aim (you'll probably land more shots this way because of the disruption the Abyss has on your targeting system). When a Venturi ship attacks, return fire until Dorboha, the Venturi captain, offers to surrender. Choose the option to have him and his crew transport to your ship. Destroy all the transponders using phasers only - you'll need the photon torpedoes desperately later in the mission. And this is crucial: Wait until all damaged systems are repaired before moving to the Beta transponders!

Destroy Beta Transponders: Destroy any Venturi ships you encounter (no problem), then take out the transponders. Again, conserve photon torpedoes as much as possible, and keep an eye on life support levels - for some reason the combination of the Venturi's weapons and the effect of the Nebula means it's constantly in need of repair.

Destroy Gamma Transponders: Two Venturi ships, a medium and a light cruiser, will try to prevent you from destroying the transponders. This is where those photons you've been conserving will come in handy. Concentrate on the medium cruiser first (it has the greatest firepower). After both ships are destroyed, smash the Venturi base then finish your mission by eliminating the transponders.

"The Barrier"
Ship: USS Tempest
Class: Miranda

The actions of the Venturi raiders are not representative of the Venturi people. In an attempt to put an end to the attacks, the USS LaGrange will carry several Venturi diplomats to the headquarters of the Venturi raiding force, and your mission is to escort the ship to ensure its safe arrival. This would be a routine mission, save for one thing: your destination is beyond the galactic barrier.

Escort LaGrange: Almost as soon as this mission starts, both the LaGrange and Starbase will come under attack from three Venturi ships. It might not sound like something Kirk would do, but as soon as the mission begins, hit full reverse impulse power (Shift + zero) and get the heck out of there - there's absolutely nothing you can do to save the LaGrange, and Starbase can take care of itself. Keep it in full reverse until Starbase contacts you - it means that all the Venturi have been destroyed. Whatever you do, do not engage the Venturi ships! If you take one or two hits, your shields will be knocked out, and you'll have to wait as they're being repaired before you can continue the mission.

Sometimes it's impossible to avoid battle with at least one of the Venturi. If you must fight, try to target a Light cruiser that's already suffered damage. And if your shields should take damage during the fight, be sure to wait until they're at 100 percent before warping to the next objective.

Scout Omega 12-300: Before warping through the galactic barrier, be sure to set your damage control teams and energy allocations to whatever settings you prefer for combat - you'll be in a scrape very shortly. Remember, allocating a lot of power to shields, photons, and lasers will keep you from going into warp unless you switch from red alert to green alert, but it's no big deal, since you can always switch back to red alert when you arrive.

When you arrive at Omega 12-300, your warp drive will fail and Alshoff will hail you. Any response you give will result in a battle. Destroy the Venturi ships that attack you then stop and repair any damage you may have taken. After all repairs are complete, approach the four Venturi ships and the Converted Meteor. When you get within range, select one of the ships and fire upon it. If it doesn't come at you after ten hits or so, target the next ship. Keep doing this quickly until one attacks you. This is the ship that Alshoff is on. Destroy this ship and your warp field will be restored. Scan all the remaining ships and the Converted Meteor (the Venturi base) before heading back to Starbase

"Divide and Conquer"
Ship: USS Tempest
Class: Miranda

Your assignment is to monitor an experiment by the USS Hawking to use charged tachyon particles to increase the efficiency of a standard warp drive. Before you start the mission, set your damage control levels for combat then go to red alert and allocate energy to shields and weapons. Switch to green alert.

Warp to Alpha Herculae: Warp to Alpha Herculae and monitor the experiment being conducted by the USS Hawking. While the experiment takes place, the Hawking will be attacked by a Bird of Prey (the Klingons think you're working on a new Project Genesis). When you destroy the Klingon, it results in your ship being duplicated. Your alter ego will take the alter ship to the Dante system.

Warp to Dante, Protect Dante, Warp to Alpha Herculae: Follow the alter ship to the Dante system. Target the impulse drive with full phasers until its damage levels reach near-critical levels (they'll be yellow on your sensors). When that happens, change to disabling phaser fire until you knock out the drive, then target the ship's phasers with disabling fire until the ship is completely harmless. (You can hail the other ship, but it's not necessary to complete the mission - your alter ego simply says he's intent on revenge, and you can't stop him.) Use your tractor beam and tow it back to Alpha Herculae.

Approach USS Hawking, Return to Starbase: Move towards the Hawking and the two ships will be merged back into one. Return to Starbase and tell Rotherot of your experience.

"Cry From the Dark"
Ship: USS Tempest
Class: Miranda

Starfleet has been receiving numerous subspace distress transmissions from all known - and some unknown - life forms. The transmissions, which apparently are being sent from automated distress beacons, all originate from the Heeya system just outside Gorn-controlled space. Your job is to find out just what's going on out there.

Before warping to Heeya, go to damage control and engineering and set repair teams and energy levels for combat.

Warp to Heeya: When you get to the Heeya system you discover the distress signals are coming from Mimics, space-based creatures with the intelligence level of parrots capable of reproducing subspace sounds. A Gorn ship, the Sweet Song, is harvesting the Mimics in order to take them back to its planet for entertainment. Ask Sturek about the intelligence level of the Mimics, and you learn they are frightened of the Gorn ship. Be firm and tell the captain of the Sweet Song to leave the system; he leaves, but only after threatening to call in the Royal Gorn Navy.

Protect Organisms: After the Sweet Song departs, Sturek will suggest relocating the Mimics to a similar star system. Don't follow his advice. Instead, tell M'Giia to notify Starfleet of your situation and maintain an orbit around the planet.

Shortly thereafter, a Gorn military vessel, the Long Flame, will appear. Be firm yet diplomatic, and you can reach a compromise, in which both the Federation and Gorn Navy will patrol the system to protect the Mimics from poachers. As soon as you do, go to red alert - the Sweet Song and another Gorn harvester will launch an attack. Take out the Sweet Song first and you should have no problems (don't bother hailing the Long Flame - it won't come to your assistance). Return to Starbase.

Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

This is simple enough: you'll take on a new Klingon heavy cruiser, code-named the Ber'taa, three times in a row. The first time around you'll be aided by two Miranda-class ships. The second time you'll get help from one Miranda-class ship, and the third time you have to fight it alone. Make sure you go to red alert and raise repair levels on phasers, photons, shields, hull, and life support to maximum and lock them (lower the other selections as needed). Do this as quickly as possible and get back to the view screen. Avoid the front of the Ber'taa at all costs!

Keep your speed high, use a hit-and-run strategy, and try to stay above or below the Ber'taa. This will maximize the damage you inflict and will minimize your own damage. Fire constantly at the Ber'taa's stern, bottom, or sides. When you get close, zoom past it until you're about 3000 to 4000 distance units away, then turn back and fire on him again. Keep on doing this until he is destroyed. Oh, one other thing: Good luck!

Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Miranda

Starfleet has lost contact with the entire Aegis system, home of the Ceti-Prime Station - and the Hyperion Nebula blocks all sensor scans. Your mission: find out what's happened.

Warp to Egeus, Investigate Prison Colony: When you arrive at Egeus, you discover the prison colony there has been destroyed, and there are no life signs on the planet. Proceed to Athena Station.

Investigate Athena Station, Rescue Warden: Go to red alert as soon as Sturek tells you the Oberon is approaching, but don't attack until you're fired upon, and when you do fire back, target his weapons. After a few seconds of battle, McNeil will tell you that he's holding the warden of the prison colony hostage and that he wants your ship in return. Tell him your transporters are damaged, to buy some time for Brady and Sturek to come up with a plan, and stay as close as possible to the Oberon - but don't fire on him after he's said he's holding the warden hostage! (If you choose a different dialogue path instead of the transporter excuse, you can still succeed in the mission.) When they say they've figured out the command codes, beam the warden aboard (you need to be within transporter range). McNeil will either go to warp and head into a nebula, or stay and fight it out here.

Neutralize McNeil, Warp to Aeres: Increase sensor strength to maximum so you can target the Oberon. It doesn't matter whether or not you bring back the Oberon, so you can either smash him to smithereens or merely let him commit suicide by initiating the self-destruct sequence on the Oberon.

"Carry a Big Stick"
Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

It appears that Kumas was not acting on the authority of the Klingon High Council, who ordered him to apologize for his actions - and because you were the commander representing the Federation in all the incidents, you're the one who must accept the apology. You must travel to Klingon station K-28, where you'll meet Kumas and other Klingon officials.

Before heading for Deznah, set your damage control and energy allocation to whatever settings you prefer for combat, then switch to green alert. Remember: Don't raise your shields or arm your weapons until you're attacked.

Warp to Deznah: A Klingon cruiser commanded by Kamath, who accuses you of carrying surplus dilithium crystals, will scan you. It doesn't matter what your reply is - he'll leave in a snit regardless.

Accept Apology: After the cruiser turns away from you, start to head for the base, but try to stay astern of the ship commanded by Kamath. When you get close to the base, Kumas will order Kamath to attack you. Go to red alert and hail the Romulan warship. Tell the Romulan captain that Kumas has tricked the Empire and created a diplomatic incident (you can also simply ask for his assistance). The Romulan will then help you fight the cruiser. Remember to use hit-and-run tactics against the cruiser and keep your speed high. Whatever you do, don't let the cruiser draw a bead on you with its forward-firing weapons! After you destroy the cruiser, warp back to Starbase.

"Diplomatic Immunity"
Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

Increased piracy in the Stygia sector near the Klingon Neutral Zone has forced Starfleet to send a ship out to investigate. You'll patrol three sectors - Charybdis, Cerebus, and Damocles - and you must maintain the Organian Peace Treaty in the process. Set damage control and energy allocation to your preferred settings, as you will be fighting very soon.

Patrol Cerebus: You'll receive a distress call from a freighter as soon as you arrive in the Cerebus sector. Warp to the location of the freighter, go to red alert, and destroy the ships attacking the freighter. If your shields take heavy damage, stop and repair them before proceeding any further.

Patrol Charybdis: Warp to the next sector. The Vulcan freighter Sunrider will warp in and inform you that several Klingon vessels are attacking a civilian freighter in the Damocles system.

Patrol Damocles: When you arrive, go to red alert immediately, and try to avoid being hit too many times by the Klingon ships. Most will warp away. When they do, target the freighter that has the Klingon hostages in it and shoot it with disabling fire (the f key). After the ship is disabled, get within transport range (approx. 1500 meters) and transport the hostages aboard the Agincourt. Then warp to Starbase.

"Kobayashi Maru"
Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

Folks, it's a no-win situation, and the only way out is to cheat - so the only decision is how you'll cheat. You must choose between dumbing down the Klingon AI - making the Klingon ships easier to destroy - or making the Klingons respect and fear you personally. Choose the respect and fear, and once you arrive to help the Kobayashi Maru, hail the Klingons. Once you tell them your name, they'll boogie back home and let you use your tractor beam to tow the Kobayashi Maru to safety.

Of course, you could try winning fair and square...

"Balance of Terror"
Ship: USS Agincourt
Class: Constitution

You are to check out two outposts in the Romulan neutral zone that have mysteriously gone silent. Adjust damage control teams and energy allocation to your preferred combat settings (you might have to go to green alert in order to have enough power for the warp drive).

Warp to S1241, Warp to S1422, Warp to Anansi: Scanning Outpost 2 at S1421 reveals it has been totally annihilated, and the same is true of Outpost 3 at S1342. After scanning Outpost 3, you receive a distress call from the freighter Hazardi in the Anansi system, since a Klingon Bird of Prey is attacking it. Warp there and destroy the Klingon ship. While this might sound like obvious advice, you need to do everything possible to minimize the damage you take here because you'll be tangling with another enemy very shortly.

Warp to S1423, Stop Romulans: After defeating the Klingon you'll receive a message from Outpost 4 at S1423 - an unknown enemy is attacking them. Warp to Outpost 4 and engage the Romulan ship. He'll be going in and out of cloak, but you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating him unless you dillydally too long, then you'll have to play a stellar version of Marco Polo as Sturek tells you approximately where the Romulan is located.

Do not destroy the Romulan Warbird! Fire full phasers and photons until some sections turn red, then try to disable the vessel's warp and weapons. This allows Forester to offer the Romulans a chance to surrender (they self-destruct instead). If you simply destroy the ship without first trying to disable it, Rotherot will reprimand you for not trying to bring back something as valuable as an intact Romulan ship.

"The Best Laid Plans"
Ship: USS Ranger
Class: Constitution

On this mission you are to help the Romulans recover a stolen Romulan artifact. You will warp to the Piachi system and meet with the Romulan ambassador Tenek, and in turn both of you will contact a mysterious individual known as Tharos Greenly who might have information about the theft.

Warp to Piachi: Do the usual and set your damage control slides to their appropriate positions for combat. Go to red alert and warp to Piachi. Once there you'll talk to Jasmine Lee, the president of Piachi II. She says to keep a lookout for troublemakers.

Talk to Greenly: As you move toward the freighter containing Greenly, three ships will follow you. The leader of them, Harmony Wight, says that he speaks for the people of Piachi II and that they want to kill the Romulan. Be firm but understanding with your initial response, then warn her that an attack on your ship would lead to Federation intervention. That will buy you a few minutes of time and allow you to reach Greenly.

Go to warp and hail Greenly. Don't push him (assure him you're not here to arrest him, then work your way around to asking about the artifact) and he'll tell you who he thinks was the thief.

After you finish talking to him and find out what he knows, Wight's three ships will attack you. Take these ships out quickly because they'll also be going after Tenek. Make sure you affect full repairs before warping to Regas.

Help Tenek, Stop Horn at Regis: When you get to Regas, you'll be attacked by a Bird of Prey. After you destroy it, a Klingon D7 will ask you where the artifact is. Get into the best attack position possible, because as soon as he sees that you aren't Horn, he'll fire on you. Destroy him, then return to Starbase.

"The Sun God"
Ship: USS Ranger
Class: Constitution

Your mission here is to investigate a solar collapse in the Thaxius system, and once you get there you'll run into an old friend.

Investigate Thaxius: Hail the colony to talk to Thomas Horn - yes, Thomas Horn, who just happens to be Margaret Horn's father. Because the colony's sensors were damaged by a massive EMP wave, they're unaware that their sun could go nova in just a few days. All Horn can tell you is that the EMP wave came from the sun itself.

Warp to the location near the sun and scan the asteroids you find there. The Sun Creature will be there, but don't engage it: As soon as you hear the message "course laid in," warp back to Thaxius I and talk to Thomas Horn again. Soon thereafter both the Raven and a Bird of Prey will uncloak and try to talk you into leaving the system. Don't use Tenek's name when you reply to the Romulan and a battle will begin. Destroy the Bird of Prey, and Margaret Horn will hail you. After she ends the transmission talk to Thomas Horn again; he'll tell you how to modulate your phasers so they'll be effective against the Sun Creature.

Stop Sun Creature: Return to the location of the Sun Creature and hit it once with your phasers. It will go to "sleep," but not before emitting a wave that knocks out your sensors and warp drive. A Klingon D7 cruiser will appear, and you must locate him without radar. Fortunately, it's not that difficult, and once he's destroyed all your systems will come back online.

"End Game"
Ship: USS Paris
Class: Excelsior

Finally, you get a chance to return the stolen Romulan artifact, and, in the process, find out what Margaret Horn has really been up to all this time.

Before you begin you must talk to Tenek and Duk'ret. Tell Tenek you'll help her, and choose the most deferential responses with Duk'ret before telling him you'll return the rebels to the Klingon Empire to face trial (you can be blunt with him and still win the mission, however).

Warp to Thaxius: As soon as you arrive, a Romulan heavy cruiser and a Klingon D7 will warp into the system and head for the asteroid belt near the sun. Choose to have Tenek and Duk'ret attack the rebel ships while you go after Horn.

Capture Margaret Horn, Retrieve Artifact: When you spot Horn, don't head toward her or shoot at her! Instead, engage a second Romulan heavy cruiser that appears near the sun and defeat it, then hail Horn (she might hail you first). When she asks if you'll let her destroy the Sun Creature, say no and Brady will transport her off the Raven automatically.

Lure Sun Creature Away: Once you have Margaret Horn on board, go up to the Raven and use your tractor beam. When you have it in tow, head away from the sun at maximum impulse power. Get far enough away to enter warp and return to Starbase.

"Smugglers Den"
Ship: USS Ranger
Class: Constitution

On this mission you must head to the Lambda Trionguli system and escort the smuggler Marcai back to base. Marcai is in possession of information so valuable that the Federation is willing to overlook his notorious past, so you'd better get him back safely.

Warp to Lambda Trianguli: When you first hail Marcai he'll ask you to come closer. As you do, a Romulan light cruiser will start an attack run on Marcai. Protect Marcai and destroy the Romulan. Just as you're about to finish off the Romulan, he'll release a self-destruct device. Hail Marcia and he'll say he's ready to go - the location will be set automatically by your navigator. Warp to that location.

Escort Marcai to Starbase: When you stop you will find that Marcai has talked you into stopping at the Draconis system before getting the Starbase. Right in front of you will be some asteroids. After Marcai arrives two Venturi ships will come out of hiding from the asteroids and attack you. Destroy the Venturi ships.

After you destroy the Venturi you can hail Marcai and discover that he no longer wants to go with you. Change your phasers to disabling power and target his impulse engines. Fire away until he is disabled, then use your tractor beam and warp to Starbase. One word of warning: Be sure not to swing around and ram the Marcai's ship into an asteroid. Instead, ease slowly out of the asteroid field until you're clear, then go to warp.

"Common Ground"
Ship: USS Paris
Class: Excelsior

Your assignment is to meet a Federation ambassador, serve as his attache and help the Astareans with any problems that may arise. And you know there'll be problems, so be sure to head to the damage control and energy allocation screens and prepare for battle.

Warp to Astarea III, Find Missing Ships, Search Hashapur System: When you reach Astarea III you'll find that the Klingon, Romuland, and Gorn ships are not on the scene. Ambassador Varo explains that they vanished near the Hashapur system, and asks you to go there and scan for them.

Search Divan System, Search Well of Discord: Your next search location is a little more lively: When you reach the Divan system you'll find the freighter Mother's Pride being attacked by a Venturi pirate. Destroy the Venturi (a simple task) then head for the Well of Discord. There you'll find all of the missing ships. Do not go to red alert - if you do that when you arrive they'll attack you en masse.

After talking to a few of the captains you learn they all seem to want peace. Make sure your shields are down. Hail the Venturi ship (you'll have to scroll down the list of ships using your down arrow key, or you can go to the communications station and click on the Venturi ship then click "Hail"). He's much more talkative then the rest and will reveal that he's being controlled by some type of life form. As soon as he ends the conversation, stay at green alert and head directly for the Venturi ship. When you get to within 6000 meters (or even a bit sooner) go to red alert and open fire on the Venturi with all you've got. The other ships will try to engage you, but it should only take one pass to destroy him - and when that happens all the other ships will stop firing on you and will follow you back to the peace conference. Mission accomplished.

"The Ultimate Klingon"
Ship: USS Paris
Class: Excelsior

The Klingon fleet has crossed the neutral zone and is attacking Federation shipping. Your assignment: Lead a task force to stop the marauding Klingons.

Warp to Danube, Investigate Klingons: You'll encounter the USS Rutherford and the USS Alexandria in the Danube system along with a wrecked freighter. Scan the freighter, then use the tractor beam to retrieve the black box and recover the info it contains.

Protect Chancellor, Protect Omega Altair, Protect Proxman: Even before you finish scanning the freighter, you'll start receiving distress calls from several systems. Immediately order either the Alexandria or Rutherford to go to Chancellor, then send the other ship to Proxman. You should go to Omega Altair and defeat the Bird of Prey there. If you like, you can use your ship as a battering ram to bring a rapid end to the battle. Before you do that, though, scan the Bird of Prey (you'll have to do it twice, once at medium range and another time much closer) and you'll learn it's receiving signals from the Delta Lyra system. You could go assist the Alexandria or Rutherford if you're in the mood for combat, but it's not necessary.

Investigate Delta Lyra: In Delta Lyra you discover Klingon Automated Unit One, a ship controlled by a computer based on the Federation's M5 computer that has the "engrams" of a Klingon warrior in its circuitry. Hail the ship and compliment the Automated Unit One on what an achievement it is, then point out that if it's successful it will mean that no more Klingon warriors need die in battle. Of course, all Klingon warriors want to die in battle, and when the Automated Unit One realizes its success will deprive Klingons of this privilege, it'll destroy itself along with all other Klingon vessels in the sector.

"A World of Their Own"
Ship: USS Enterprise
Class: Constitution

Investigate Meclanti: When you arrive at your meeting place with the USS Truong, M'Giia informs you the ship is late. Ask what the Truong's most recent destination was, and Sturek will tell you it was headed for Javik Six. After Corin lays in a course, go to red alert, increase phaser power, and lower photon power as much as you can so to still be able to do two things: fire a photon torpedo (it doesn't matter how weak it is) and achieve maximum impulse speed.

Warp to Javik Six and target the debris you find there. It is the remains of the Truong. Sturek will tell you he can follow the Meclanti's energy signature, and you'll warp to a location near the Klingon Neutral Zone. Once there, Sturek tells you the Meclanti ship is headed into the Neutral Zone, and you have the chance to break off the chase or follow the Meclanti. Decision: DON'T FOLLOW! Instead, hail Starfleet then wait for a distress call from the Klingon Commander Vor on Kurat 1.

After you receive the hail, have M'Giia respond. Tell Vor you'd like to help him but that you can't cross the Neutral Zone. He'll beg for your assistance; you ask why a Klingon would beg for help from a Federation ship, and he'll explain that he doesn't mind being called a coward as long as he can save the lives of innocent women and children. Ask him for his permission to cross the Neutral Zone, then tell him you're on your way. GO TO RED ALERT NOW, then tell M'Giia to hail Starfleet.

When you arrive at Kurat I, immediately target the planet, and as soon as you see the Meclanti fire at the station, fire at the planet. When the Meclanti fire a second time do the same. The Meclanti will break off their attack and turn to face you. When that happens, turn to face them. Continue to mimic their actions (including firing photon torpedoes at them when they fire their secondary weapons) until M'Giia and Sturek tell you the Meclanti are trying to communicate with you. When the Meclanti head toward the planet, you head toward the planet; when they move away, you move away. Warning: Be very careful not to fire phasers or photons at the Meclanti unless they fire at you first!

Eventually, M'Giia will hail the Meclanti. Here's what you should say throughout the conversation:

Meclanti: "You. Meclanti."
Your response: "Suspend communications for a minute. That's a bit too rudimentary...", then choose "Start communications again. Meclanti, we are the starship Enterprise."

Meclanti: "One Meclanti. One Enterprise. One Planet."
Your response: "Yes! One Meclanti. One Enterprise. One Planet."

Meclanti: "Meclanti flies. Enterprise flies. Meclanti shoots. Enterprise shoots."
Your response: "Meclanti shoots. Enterprise shoots. Meclanti flies. Enterprise flies."

Meclanti: "Enterprise. Meclanti. Meclanti. Enterprise."
Your response: "Enterprise. Meclanti. Meclanti. Enterprise."

Meclanti: "Enterprise is Meclanti but Meclanti is not Enterprise."
Your response: "Yes, Enterprise is Meclanti but Meclanti is not Enterprise."

Meclanti: "Meclanti not random and Enterprise not random."
Your response: "Right! Meclanti not random and Enterprise not random."

Meclanti: "Star is random."
Your response: "Interesting. Yes, Meclanti. Stars are random."

Meclanti: "Planet is random."
Your response: "The planet Kurat 1 is not random!"

Meclanti: "Planet shoots random. Planet flies random.
Your response: "Meclanti not damage random planet."

Meclanti: "Meclanti damage planet Kurat 1. Planet Kurat 1 is random. Meclanti not wound Enterprise. Enterprise is not random."
Your response: "Meclanti stop wounding planet Kurat 1."

Meclanti: "Planet Kurat 1 is energy."
Your response: "You want energy?"

Meclanti: "Meclanti wants energy. Planet energy. Enterprise energy."
Your response: "Robin. Can we give the Meclanti some energy?" Then choose "Do it. Meclanti, Enterprise energy is Meclanti energy."

Meclanti: "Meclanti less wounded. Meclanti wants planet to stop wound forever."
Your response: "Good. Meclanti, we can give you a home planet."

The Meclanti will tell you the Enterprise is good, then two Klingon Birds of Prey and a D7 show up. Hail the Klingons, and when the Klingon threatens you with destruction, tell him you're here on the authority of Commander Vor. He'll then say you can stay and watch him destroy the Meclanti. Tell him you have a way to get the alien out of Klingon space. He'll tell you it must die, and you respond by saying you can stop the Meclanti without harming the Klingon colony. When he says it's a Federation trick, have M'Giia transmit all the data you've accumulate to the Klingon vessel. This will cause the two Birds of Prey to leave.

Unfortunately, the D7 stays behind. Respond to Vor's hail, and he'll inform you that the D7 has a fusion disrupter on its left warp wing and that if it flies into the sun it'll wipe out every living thing in the solar system. You then choose to stop the Klingon without involving the Meclanti - and at that point it's a matter of destroying the D7 before it can head for the sun.

Congratulations! You've communicated with the Meclanti, saved Vor's hospital, and avoided involving the Meclanti in the tensions between the Klingons and the Federation.


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