Space Quest 3 Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Space Quest 3 Walkthrough

by Ton Kroon


  1. Introduction
  2. Phleebhut
  3. Monolith Burger
  4. Planet Ortega
  5. Planet Pestulon
  6. Final Showdown
  7. References
  8. Letters

    beforewe begin we have to explain something. the actual commands that must be entered from the keyboard will be placed between " " and are in CAPITAL letters. directions are given as north,east,south,west,left,right,forward or backward.

    W E

    some of the actions in the game are activated by function keys,they will be shown as .. .

    save your game as much as you like. it will prove to be the best approach in case that you have forgotten something or worse you DIE !. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    the begining:

  1. you are stranded in a huge junk freighter which picked you up in deep space as you were another piece of space scrap. walk to the big metal thing in front of the escape pod.
  2. "LOOK GROUND","LOOK OBJECT". looks like somebody lost his warp motivator. better remember the spot. might come in handy.
  3. "SOUTH" , "EAST". you see a big hand and a large bucket conveyer carrying shredded metal to a horizontal conveyer above you.
  4. you must get on the conveyer. just walk into it and it will take you up. once you're on the horizontal conveyer type "STAND" ,"JUMP".
  5. if you are to late,life sucks again.0 points and already dead !?!?. looks like you're of to a good start.
  6. if you are on the rail walk "WEST","WEST","WEST". "LOOK".
  7. walk over to the grabber suspended from the rail."ENTER GRABBER"."LOOK GRABBER" use the arrow keys to move the grabber around.
  8. now move the grabber backwards almost until the end of the next picture.
  9. "PUSH BUTTON". if your position is good ,the grabber will grab the warp motivator.if not move the grabber a little and try again. now go further backwards until you have made a turn through the big machine.
  10. "PUSH BUTTON".if your position is good,the grabber will release the warp motivator right into the ship.if not move the grabber a little and try again.
  11. now go "WEST" until you reach the spot where you found the grabber. now you must get out.there is only one place to do this. move the grabber to the middle of the'll see a sort of ramp there.
  12. "GET OUT".now don't hesitate and walk right into the shute. watch the droid,he will shoot you if he can. no mercy for organics. you're now in some sort of rat hole.just look up.
  13. "LOOK","LOOK LAMPS","LOOK WIRE".now walk to the hole on the left and just
  14. "GET REACTOR".walk EAST and "CLIMB" the low-tech ascent/descent module. off course we mean the ladder. once on the surface again.(looks familiar doesn't it). "GET LADDER". and don't forget the place where you crawled out of the hole.
  15. "NORTH" ,"EAST".walk through the tunnel.get the piece of wire in the beginning of the tunnel "GET WIRE".walk are attacked by some sort of space rat. he stole the generator from you.don't worry we'll just get it back.
  16. go back to the place where you left the rat hole "DROP LADDER","CLIMB".
  17. walk over to the generator and "GET GENERATOR".
  18. climb out again and go to the tunnel.walk through it. the rat won't bother you again.
  19. walk over to the big metal head."CLIMB EYE".
  20. walkover to the side of the ship that's facing you.
  21. "USE LADDER" ,"CLIMB". watch your step the ship is slippery on top.
  22. walk over to the hatch and "OPEN HATCH".
  24. "CONNECT WIRE TO CABLE", "LOOK COMPUTER","SIT". so you're ready for takeoff.
  25. type "COMPUTER". press "7" ,"8" ,"F". now press the spacebar.
  26. once out the junk freighter "COMPUTER" ,"2" ,"1" . resume scan "1"

    Phleebhut until you see the planet phleebhut.

  27. "2" set a course for it. "3" return to compute r.
  28. "5" and off you go..
  29. when the computer signals that you are in the vicinity of a planet.
  30. "COMPUTER" , "3" and land on the planet.
  31. "STAND" ,"PUSH BUTTON".now walk EAST,EAST,NORTH,NORTH. behold you see the world o' wonders.
  32. enter the world o' wonders. "SHOW GEM".
  33. sell the gem for 425 buckazoids,no more ,no less.
  35. just for fun do "LOOK CARD" untilyou've seen them all. "EXIT". when you leave the shop you are caught by arnoid the annihilator. fortunately for you he's in a good mood today,so he gives you a lead before he comes after you to kill you.go
  36. "WEST" and enter mog's foot.
  37. walk onto the elevator "PRESS BUTON".leave the elevator and walk up the stairs.
  38. now walk upto the big machine on the left. you can see two pulley-blocks in the front and the back of the machine. walk over towards one of them. (it doesn't matter which one). stand left of it.
  39. now when arnoid comes up the stairs and walks past the big gear wheels just type "GET ROPE", and he is c rushed into tiny pieces.way to go roger !
  40. walk do the stairs and up to arnoid "LOOK ARNOID", "GET BELT".
  41. now wait until fester comes up with the elevator.hitch a ride down with him.
  42. go back to your ship and fire it up. that is just start the engines, you know how to do it by now.

    Monolith Burger

  43. set a course for monolith burger.(leave radar and shields never know). once inside monolith burger's fast food dive, walk "WEST" and go over to the counter.
  44. "LOOK MENU", "7" ,"Q", "PAY". walk to an empty seat and "SIT", "EAT". what do you know,a swell decoder "STAND" and walk over to the arcade game on the left. "LOOK GAME" and read the instructions on the screen.
  45. if you are ready to play astro chicken just "INSERT COIN". now play and "INSERT COIN" until you get a secret message on the screen.
  46. "USE RING" and you can now read the message. it will take a little time to decode but at least you wil now what to look for and where.just get out of that second rate mac (tm) and enter your ship.

    Planet Ortega set a course for the planet ortega and land there.

  48. now walk over the crevice. go SOUTH. hide behind the rocks until the scientists disappear.
  49. walk over to the telescope and "USE TELESCOPE", "LOOK MOON".
  50. walk to the crate on the right of the rock "GET DETONATOR". go EAST, EAST, NORTH.
  51. now walk around the right corner of the big rock in the middle. go down the stairs and go EAST.walk up to the ladder and "CLIMB". walk carefully to the edge of the gene rator. "DROP DETONATOR".
  52. walk back to the ladder "CLIMB".
  53. now go back to the picture with the telescope. walk to the wind meter on the right of the crate with the detonators.
  54. "GET POLE". go NORTH, "USE POLE", and get back to the ship.

    Planet Pestulon now go to the computers navigation system and scan for the planet pestulon. set a course for the planet pestulon and land there. "STAND", "WEAR BELT".

  55. "PUSH BUTTON", and go SOUTH. "USE BELT" and "ENTER DOOR". walk past the guards. "PRESS BUTTON" left of the door.
  56. now walk through the hallway until you see a door on the inner wall. enter it.
  57. "LOOK", "LOOK CLOSET", "WEAR COVERALLS". leave the closet. walk through the hallway until you see a door on the outer wall that hasn't got a key card security system.
  58. enter it. you are now in some sort of office. just walk past any waste paper bin and "USE VAPORIZER".
  59. don't forget to empty the all,because if you miss one you will be recognized as an intruder.
  60. just work your way through the office until you see two guards . each one of them is carrying a whip. (oh yeah,on your way you will see a copier machine standing in a corner./ remember it for later use ).
  61. on your right you will see an office with a man in it. just walk out of the picture and re-enter it.the man will be gone.
  62. go into the office and up to the desk. "GET KEYCARD".
  63. now go to the copier machine.on the wall infront of the machine you will see a picture of the big boss in charge of scumsoft. "GET PICTURE".
  64. walk to the copier
  65. "COPY". walk back from where you got the picture and "REPLACE THE PICTURE".
  66. walk out of the office through the door you came in. walk through the hallway until you see the door in the outer wall with the keycard security system.
  67. "USE CARD", "USE PICTURE" and enter the door. "PUSH BUTTON".
  68. walk over the retractable bridge towards the two guys in jello.

    Final Showdown

  69. Save game

    YES YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN !!!! done what, you may ask. getting youself in trouble again, that's what you've done.

  71. you are captured by elmo and taken to the arena for a one on one.
  72. use the "J" key to hit and the "M" key to block elmo's hits.
  73. use the cursor keys to move around. just don't hit and block too much or you will lose power rapidly.
  74. once that slimeball hits the dust, run for the ship.
  75. "COMPUTER", "1", "6".
  76. they have sabotaged your ship so you must fight them.
  77. use "8" to go to the weapons section. put up the back shields and wait. don't forget to change the shield from back to front. depends on from what side they will attack.
  78. you can see this on the radar screen.(bottom left of the screen).
  79. now just blow 'em out of the galaxy. after you shoot a few down ,the rest will give up.
  80. use the "O" and the keys to go back to cockpit view.
  81. the two guys will repair your ship because, believe it or not,they're hungry. and now:



    The End



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