Sin Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Sin Walkthrough

by Unknown


  1. Introduction
  2. Helicopter
  3. Freeport City Bank
  4. Abandoned Buildings
  5. Construction Zone
  6. Abandoned Subway
  7. SinTEK Chemical Plant - part one
  8. SinTEK Chemical Plant - part two


  1. Time to save the people of Freeport and the whole world from a fate worse than death - being turned into twisted mutant abominations. Neil Mohr felt right at home.
  2. THERE are several ways to play Sin and we've taken this into account. What you do will determine the levels you will visit; the differing paths you may take are listed at the end under "Alternate levels". When I use the phrase "action it" it means press your 'use' key - there's a fair bit of using in Sin, just like good old Duke. Ah, the memories...
  3. Helicopter The helicopter start to the game is pretty easy. Take your time shooting each of the rocket launchers and then the entrance archway to the bank. It is possible to shoot the billboard high above the bank and get it to smash through the skylight. If the helicopter becomes too damaged it will land on the road forcing you to use the alternative entry to the bank.
  4. Freeport City Bank Lots to shoot and plenty to do here. Your main job is to find and go up the main escalator - take your time and deal with each enemy as they turn up. Ammo can get a bit tight on these first levels so don't go mad. Go through the double doors at the top, then through the next door and get the security key off the desk you come across. Action all the hostages to get them out of the way to safety.Return to the upper escalator area and use the other exit to find Mancini, watch your back at this point. Jump over the counter and go left, find the double doors and go up the stairs in the room. Shoot out the window and hop over to the locked room. Find the computer console in the next room and disable the guns and security doors. Get the vault combination. You can now go to the vault that Mancini ran through and complete the level. Using the console you can also get Blade's and Elexis Sinclaire's PIN and account numbers, use them on the ATM back at the start to transfer all her money to Blade's account. Don't miss the cupboard full of goodies in the computer room. To accomplish all the objectives you need to return to the fountain area and head out the lower double doors. You need to kill all the enemies and rescue all the hostages.
  5. Abandoned Buildings Follow the passage till you get trapped and Mancini throws down the dynamite. Find the angled brick in the wall, action it to reveal your escape route. Go up the stairs and you will drop down into the street, head in the first doorway and check the room to the left. Shoot the broken support to clear the exit route. Secret one is inside by the window overlooking the skip, just crawl through it to collect some ammo and health. Make your way to the top floor and jump out of the open window into the skip to collect some money bags. Find the stationary tramp in the blocked doorway, in the same area. At some point the gas blows and you can now continue after Mancini. Alternatively, find the angled beam and you can reach the roof and then leap to the passageway. Go across the broken stair area, drop down between the buildings and find the tramp. Crawl under the debris and shoot the pipe to find secret two. Turn the valve - you find this will affect the construction zone. You need to make your way to the top of the buildings. Find the open window on level one and negotiate all the broken beams to the top and use the little bricks to jump to the broken ladder. Back outside you find where you last spotted Mancini, enter the opposite building. The exit is on the first floor where a couple of guards block your way, deal with them and make your way through.
  6. Construction Zone Jump off the dumpster up the ladder. At the top jump to the other rooftop overlooking the construction site and use the beams to make your way down. Shoot the barrels in the fenced area, go in the cabin and talk to the foreman. Open the locked gate and drop down; you can also activate the crane and walk up the pillars. Drop down, fight your way through the dark area and you drop out into a pit, shoot the beams high above to burst the pipe. Get into the open pipe, find the exit but watch for the falling block as you get out. Find the hole that is boarded up and shoot the cylinders to clear the exit. At the end is a hole in the ground and if you turned the valve on the previous level it will be flooded. Dive in and find the hole in the floor and climb out. If you turned the valve the lift shaft will also be flooded, swim down for a secret and some health. Get outside and make your way to the end of the road to finish the level.
  7. Abandoned Subway This is just a run and shoot level really. Carry on chasing the mutant Mancini through the level. There is a bug in the original Sin that can make Mancini just disappear at your first meeting instead of blasting through the wall, so save your game. Climb in the second subway train you come to. Fight off Mancini and, when you come to the subway station, polish him off.
  8. SinTEK Chemical Plant - part one At the start you need to snipe the secretary. Stand by the wall peeking through the front door. As she appears a head shot will take her out. Crawl along the corridor she was using and take the second on the left. Spot the elevator, crawl past another window and take the next left and go in the first door. Shoot the guy in the bathroom and get the pass card. Open the lockers and collect the suit. Head for the lift and go down.
  9. SinTEK Chemical Plant - part two At the start wait for the room to clear and kill the secretary. Use the computer to halt the ventilation fans. Smash the vent grill crawl down it until you hear the fans, enter the room and drop through. Try to shoot the guards before anyone sets off the alarms. Walk through the labs till you see the scientist above run off, CJ makes some comment. Head back to the main lab and kill the scientist who is hiding behind the closed door. Get his pass card and proceed through the security corridor. Find his computer terminal and use the password wellofsouls. If this doesn't work use the security computer on the same level to get the password. Open the C4 containment and activate the lift, enter the C4 room and grab the C4. Go down the lift, find the first lab and place the C4 in the Bioscanner. When you have all the information go to the large blue lit room and spot the grill near the bottom. Finish the level through there.
  10. SinTEK Warehouse - part one Climb up the first ladder you see and take out everyone you can see. Jump on the back of the lorry, get in the control room and open gate B. If the alarm goes off just use the same terminal to turn the security off. Through the next gate go in the first door, head up the stairs and open gate C, again turn any alarm off from here. Go through gate C and exit through the door on the left.
  11. SinTEK Warehouse - part two Don't miss the sniper rifle at the end of the first corridor. Use a combination of the fork lift and assault gun to plough through the first set of guards and boxes. Find the stairs up to the next level and rush through the gun-guarded area to reach the office block. Go left to find the computer terminal, place the modem link on the panel labelled network then use all the options on the console. If you go to the packing machines under the security guns you can swap shipments from guns to cleaning supplies. Proceed back the other way through the office to find the foreman, kill him and collect the pass card. Shoot out the windows and drop down and open the locked end door. Get through this last section of the warehouse to take a lift down and finish the level.
  12. Biomech Factory - part 1 There are plenty of security guns along the way so take them down, until you can turn them off. Fight your way to the locked security room, smash the glass window, kill the guard and jump in to get the pass. The next room is a trap, wait for the spider robots and kill both. Behind the left spiders is a vent you can crawl through. Up the stairs. Two glass panels in the central section cover two electrical panels and you must destroy these to proceed through the end doors. In the high security room spot the grill on the right shoot it and enter. Climb up and head left at the end drop down. Find the terminal and make sure you find the dead employee to get the pass card. Head out the other door and work you way around to the exit door. If you come to a lift, go back and find the exit path on the left. The exit is guarded by plenty of Biomechs.
  13. Biomech Factory - part 2 From the lift head straight ahead to find the upload terminal in the large experiment room. Head back past the lift and work your way through the three Biomech plants shutting each one down with the red buttons. Carry on to enter the trap, listen to Sinclaire prattle on. Initially the two Biomechs don't do anything. Once they start shooting take them out and head up the lift. Grab the security pass and out the door. Go through the security door and head right to the mainframe computer room and up the locked lift. Take out the guards and get the pass card off the mutant Biomech. Head to the control room to open the helipad doors.
  14. Silo Clear the top area, you may want to wait for the helicopter to get shot down as the rocket launching grunts disappear. Kill everyone on the surface and collect the key card off the head goon. Enter the locked building and head down the lift, fight your way around to the generator, drop down and blow the cylinders on each side. Wait for the emergency lighting to kick in. Return to the security door you passed, go in and head left, rescue the trapped soldiers and go back the other way. Drop down into the water filled tunnels and keep going right and you come out in a four-way junction. Collect the severed hand off the dead soldier and proceed to Silo 1. They're already hauling out the missile, so drop down to the control centre and open silos 2 and 3. Go to silo 2 and quickly lock down the missile. Go to silo 3 and open the missile doors. Seattle gets destroyed in the process, but who cares (the people that live in Seattle probably - Ed).
  15. Freeport Sewers - part 1 Blow the lock on the sewer door and head down. Clear the area and deactivate the water pumps with the two handles and then open the red access pipes door. Drop down and quickly climb out of the water as two goons are above you. Move through the sections, watching for the falling roof where the mutant shoots the support beam. At the end you'll find a whirlpool - jump in. Kill the mutant fish and goon, spot the ladder and shoot the lock to lower it. Through the door at the top jump in the red pipe to complete the level.
  16. Freeport Aqueducts Wait for the pipe to blow open and jump out. In the next room shoot the power generator's glass panels to create an exit. Smash through the grills and drop into the flowing water below. When the pipe gates close further down, shoot out the glass, access the computer and get the switch combination. Alter the handles on the right to reopen the gates and once they're open head on down the water. Don't miss the final long yellow ladder, otherwise you get sucked down to your death. Go through the door and find the computer terminal, redirect the water flow to the sewers. Shoot out the window, dive in and swim up the central shaft head downstream. Don't miss your only exit up the yellow ladders and through to the exit.
  17. Freeport Sewers - part 2 Take out the welcoming committee and shoot all the crates for goodies. Get out your big gun and take out the Biomechs waiting for you upstairs. Hop over the rocks and blow the barrels to destroy the truck. Outside watch out for snipers on the roofs, enter the small control room at the end of the road to finish this short level.
  18. Freeport City Dam Watch for the snipers on the roofs again. Head for the far end door behind the truck upstairs get a sniper gun. Head for the control room by the road. This brings you out on the dam road, take out the snipers. Head for the first door and get inside, a helicopter will turn up. Blow it from the sky using this room as cover from the homing missiles. Once out of the way drop to the lower level of the damn. Enter the dam control room out on its own to get a pass card. Head for the door at the end of the main building. Find the hostages and grab the pass card to open the door at the other end of the corridor. Go to the top of the stairs and find the security room. Unlock all the doors and release the tram system using the computer system. Head back outside and off to the left. Make your way through the end door and over to the next building. Find the tram inside to exit.
  19. Freeport Water Works - part one Enter the first door on the right and head past all the water processing labs, kill the Sintech guy at the end to get the intake key. Go back outside and find the intake building, go in and head right to the end of the building. Go upstairs and find the clarifier control room door. Enter and turn off the first mixer at the terminal. There are three clarifier systems - red, blue and yellow. For each one you must turn off its clarifier, pump and filter system before you can turn off the sewage intake valves. On the intake pipes turn the lower valves at the bottom end of the pipes then do the valves at the top.
  20. Freeport Water Works - part two To start shoot all the crates and collect the rocket launcher. Leave by the end door, the next bit is a little odd. There are three outflow pipes and each has a valve at the each end. Initially the alarms on the middle pipe start. Close the valves at each end. After this two huge mutants show up called Eon and Peon, ignore them. The alarm on another pipe should be ringing again, close both valves. Finally do the same to the remaining pipe. After this you can fight the mutant and the easiest way is to stay standing at the valve end of the pipes and take it out with rockets.
  21. Freeport City Dam If you fail the last level then it's back to the dam to clean the mess up. Head back to the main dam area and enter the first door on the left. Take the lift down and run right to the end of the corridor; don't take your time, just rocket the lot of them and grab a pass card. Return to the locked doors you passed. If time is running out simply jump straight to the bottom of the turbine room. As you enter the turbine room face slightly to the right and jump to the bottom. Press both the switches behind you to finish.
  22. SinTEK Oilrig Take out all the lower guards so you can board the oilrig. Make your way up until you find a room with a door blocked off by a wire fence. Jump under a crushing pipe and climb up; you can now jump over the fence and get up to the surface. Find the room with all the pipes and get up the lift. You finally come out looking at the helipad, go left through the door and down the lift to finish.
  23. Underwater Pass - part one Snipe the two mutants in the room, leave through the left-hand door find the terminal and deactivate the circulation systems, then find the next bit of secret gun. Return to the start room and activate both systems using the computer. Jump in the water head down the right passage opposite the locked submarine door. Use the bubbling pipes to breathe. Follow the passage and come up at the end. Grab the scuba gear and the pass card on the drawers. Head out of the door and back into the water. Follow the submarines through the previously locked door and all the way down and through the next door. Ignore the barred door, you come out in another room. Grab the green pass card. Shoot the tank over the decompression chamber. Go through the other door; you come to a room with a large yellow tank, don't shoot the explosive tank next to it yet. Follow the corridor and in the end room disable the security. Go back out and blow the tank, returning to the submarine path to go through the previously locked door. Follow the water filled tunnels to the exit.
  24. Underwater Pass - part two For this level just keep swimming around trying to find the entrance to the next section. Ignore the doorways you can see. Finally you get the objective complete signal. Follow the submarines to the exit.
  25. Hidden Docks - part one Follow the submarines through the first two doors then climb up the ladder. Head right and clear out this area, climb up the ladder you find and fetch the yellow key. Use the computer console to disable the gun and run back around through the now open door on the other side. Use the console here to disable the next gun and carry on through to get the blue key. You can reach a secret level by dropping into the water at this point; you are trying to get to the room you can see from the blue key room. Jump in the water find the large rock you can swim under, this leads to an underwater door, swim up to it and turn around. The exit is up to the left. To carry on as normal you just head back to the yellow key area, the locked door on the lower level is now open and you finish the level.
  26. Hidden Docks - part two A pretty simple level this one; follow the only route and smash the glass floor after deactivating the gun. Follow the doors around to claim the blue pass card, carry on round to the right. Be careful, there are now plenty of rocket-wielding goons. You will come to a room with stairs up to your left. This room and a few afterwards have pipes that can be blown off the wall and will crush you and your enemies so watch out for them. Go up the stairs and around to the left. In the area with stairs down, a secret door is under the steps. If you go outside you can exit the level by a secret way. Jump in the water and follow the pipes through a tight passage, finally you come out at the exit. To finish as normal pass through the stair room and get the orange key. In the next room you get the final piece to the "secret" weapon. Head back to the room with the first set of stairs to exit through the locked door.
  27. Jungle Pass - part one Make your way through the waterfall area. You appear in a jungle path, mutants are above you and will jump down as you move through. When you first come out spot the ledge running down the right side; you can access the roof of the guardhouse from here. The area after it has snipers. When you reach the next door be careful as a good few rocket firing enemies are waiting for you. Jump over the lava to finish this short level.
  28. Mountain Gorge Kill the rocket guy in the building. You now need to reach the end of the road - go by foot or by ATV (I can't control the bugger so I walk). At the entrance to the security building, snipe all the guards on the roof before you do. Go in and at some point you will get captured.
  29. Area 57 Don't kill any of the guards or scientist at the start. You have to pass through the three test chambers, use the U4 vials to replenish your health. The large brown tubes are the entrances to each test, the guards and scientist will open doors for you. Once you reach the third underwater test, find the closed-door, kill the first Nautic and as soon as the door opens swim through. Get out of the water and explore the next area to find the injection machine and step into the clamps to turn back to a human. Tool up in the area just outside and get the key before exiting through the locked door in the injection room.
  30. Xenomorphic Labs This is easily completed. When in the final room with the bloke suspended from the ceiling, ignore the ladder as it is a trap and just head for the exit. The next section is more of the same, don't miss the new gun in the first area you come to. In the control room watch out for the trapped floor that opens below you.
  31. Estate Sinclaire - part one You can either dive straight in and smash your way through the mansion or try to outsmart the security. There is cellar entrance at the top of the first ramp behind the large plant, drop in here, turn off security and climb up the ladder you find in the next room. You just need to make it to the other end of the mansion. There is a secret passage behind one of the bookcases, action all the books to find the right one. In the janitors room is a special surprise, but you can work that out for yourselves.
  32. Estate Sinclaire - part two You can explore a fair bit of this part of the mansion but you can also just wander round to the bedroom suite and find the exit lift. Watch out for the initial trapped floor.
  33. Munt Phoenix Another quick and easy level, that's what you paid your money for wasn't it? From the start find the stairs, ignore the missile room area. Up the first flight and you come out on the bottom section of the telescope room. The wall gets smashed in, kill the monsters and collect the green pass card. Outside find the locked door and go in to get the yellow card. Head upstairs and find the observation balcony to find Sinclaire. Find the control room on a lower floor to finish the level.
  34. Thrall Master It's the end of game boss. He's very very hard. If you kill him, sit back and watch the video, and that's yer lot.

    Alternate levels

  35. Geothermal Plant - part one Reached from the second part of the hidden docks, this is a non-linear type of level. Just destroy as much of the level as you can. Shoot all the control panels and turn the valves you find. You may notice you cannot find a pass card to the yellow door. This is only accessible if you find the second secret level. A vent shaft cover near the normal exit lets you get to geothermal plant part two.
  36. Geothermal Plant - part two You can clear out many parts of this level by sneaking into an area turning the valve in there and backing out. The exploding equipment will kill many of the monsters roaming around. If you destroy the ciphons to drain chamber three in Area 57 this allows you to access the secret Biomass level otherwise blocked by scalding water. Return to part one with the yellow key card, allowing you to finish the original level.
  37. Jungle Pass - part two It is possible from the original jungle pass to get swept along an underground river to this level. It's not possible if you destroyed the geothermal plant. To be honest it is best avoided, as there are lots of mutants and little on the pick-up side of things. You just fight your way through the jungle setting, make sure you find the rope at the lava filled section. You rejoin Jungle Pass one right at the end section.
  38. Biomass This is just a diversion from the main path of the game. Mutants that do not pass the test are turned into food for the next lot of mutants. You have to make your way through the food processor, turn off the first set of blades at the control panel in the first room. Get to the can lift to finish the level. The guards and workers will not normally attack you so leave them alone. ---THE END---


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    1. From: Sean Mahoney
      could you get sin walkthroughs especially the code for silo#3 in the Silo level



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