By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Sign of the Sun Walkthrough

    The version of SOS found here uses many files which need to be intalled on to your hard disk drive.
    From the subdirectory you want to install into, where d: is your CD-drive,

    XCOPY/e d:\*.*

    The Sign of the Sun executable is SOS.EXE, i.e. to run the game type:



    James, the main character, is controlled by the keys on the numerical pad:

    7: punch (left hand) 8: Walk forward 9: Punch (right hand)

    4: Turn left 5: Duck 6: Turn right

    1: Kick (left leg) 2: Walk backwards 3: Kick (right leg)

    0: Pickup (only where object is available) Del: Examine an object

    Enter: Use an object

    Space Bar: Select pockets or skip through text

    <> Select object left/right /: Select an object to use with another

    Move the mouse to the area you wish James to move to and click the left mouse button.


    Keyboard: Walk towards an object stand next to it and press 0 or Insert.

    Mouse: As the cursor passes over an object it will change to a hand.
    Click with left button to pick up the object.
    Keyboard: Select the pocket by pressing space bar. Move the spinning selection square to the required object.
    Press Enter.

    Mouse: Click left mouse button on required object.

    Keyboard: Select the pocket by pressing space bar.
    Move the spinning selection square to the required object using <>
    Press: /
    Move the spinning selection square to the other object using <>
    Press Enter.

    Mouse: Hold down the left mouse button on required object and then move to the other
    object an then release mouse button.

    Keyboard: Select the pocket by pressing Space Bar.
    Move the spinning selection square to the required object.
    Press Del.

    Mouse: Right click with the mouse over the desired object.


    During the gameplay pressing Esc. Button brings up the in-game menu. From here you can load or save the games. Games can also be loaded from the main menu.

    To save a game click on the SAVE GAME option. You will be presented with 10 savegame slots. Select the slot yo wish to save in and then type the name of your savegames.

    To load a savegame select LOAD GAME on the menu screen and click on the savegame you wish to load.

    To quit the game select the QUIT option in the in-game menu.


    LEVEL 1

    You are captured by the firons and teleported into the starting room.
    You have in your pocket: a gun, an ID tag and a suit crystal.
    Arm yourself with your gun by using it.
    Walk of teleport platform and firons will appear.
    Shoot them with your gun ( Use left punch to fire).
    Shooting the one on the teleport pad will break the glass.
    Jump down the now-opened chute to make your escape.

    You fall down into a cave system and your suit crystal has fallen out and now lies on the ground, so pick up suit crystal.
    Walk right.
    Walk right.
    Pick up torch on ground.
    Walk left.
    Walk left.
    Light torch in lava at back of carvern.
    Walk left.
    Use suit crystal.
    Walk through force field.
    Pick up rope on alter.
    Pick up half mask near the entrance you entered the room by.
    Pich up the hook the half mask was hung on.
    Walk right.
    Walk right.
    Walk right.
    Walk right.
    Use hook with rope.
    Use rope & hook near stalagmite to throw it across abyss.
    Balance on rope across gap (using left & right keys to balance).
    Pick up rock on far side of abyss.
    Walk up and out of entrance at the back of abyss room.
    Pick up half crystal that shines on the Sun's surface.
    Walk down right to lower exit.
    Enter first lava room from the far side.
    Pick up health potion.
    Walk up.
    Walk up to far exit.
    Use rock (throw across abyss).
    Walk across rope (computer will balance James).
    Pick up rock again.
    Walk left.
    Walk left.
    Walk left.
    Walk left (to the alter room).
    Use (drop) rock on the stone pressure platform (door on left stays open).
    Walk left and bird appears.
    Fight Bird (hti "B" for a quick kill).
    Pick up half crystal from leftmost room.
    Use the 2 half crystal together (to make a big crystal).
    Walk right.
    Use big crystal near the alter.
    Pick up 4 crystals from holes (revealed) in wall.
    Walk left.
    Stand near center circle.
    Use 4 crystals in mechanism on far wall.
    Pick up statue peices that rise from floor.
    Walk right.
    Walk up.
    Construct statue on left and right (the cats whiskers indicate if the pieces are in the correct order).
    Pick up golden eye that is reward.
    Walk down.
    Walk right.
    Walk right (to starting place).
    Walk down.

    LEVEL 2

    You are in a room with a one-way lift which takes you down to a lower level.
    Kill lizard at the bottom of the lift and it will drop a crystal.
    Pick up crystal and use it near the face that reveals itself.
    Lift is now fully-operable so use it to pick up the staff on the throne.
    Down lift again and leave room to the right.
    Step onboard boat and an anchor appears in your status bar- using it will raise the anchor and you will drift off.
    Use staff to gain control of boat and kill the lizard that appears.
    Sail right and then down.
    Position your boat below island and use anchor to moor the boat.
    Disembark boat and charge up (use) staff in idol.
    Use anchor to sail away and staff will now fire charges when you attack.
    Sail north and position yourself below the stalagtite and use anchor.
    You can now pickup the pipes safely - the use anchor and sail north.
    Play (use) pipes to enchant snake. (it jumps in the lava)
    Moor by pathway and find a key in one of the holes.
    Back on boat - sail down.
    Sail right.
    Shoot large lizard to make to shrink. (don't get too close.)
    Shoot it again to kill it.
    Sail up.
    Shoot both large rocks with staff t reveal a statue holding a rod.
    Position yourself by statue and pickup rod.
    Sail down and moor by small beach to pickup an urn before returning to boat.
    Sail down and moor on beach.
    Walk down to a metalworks.
    Use key to open cupboard below moulds and find gold.
    Use gold with urn.
    Use full urn in font (rightside of room) to melt gold.
    Use gold in molds and then use hand (in pockets) to pull handle on wall.
    Use rod in front of molds to unblock pipeways.
    Use hand on handle again to cool gold.
    Pickup what has been forged - half a mask and two half eyes.
    Use two half eyes together to make a whole.
    Use two half masks together to make a whole.
    Walk north and back onto boat.
    Sail north and east.
    Use each golden eye in front of door.
    Use anchor (one last time) to moor.
    Boat sails off and your staff magically disappears.
    Walk north.
    Enter lift to left of room.

    LEVEL 2b

    You arrive on the firon surface and surprise a firon kid out hoverboarding.
    You steal his hoverboard but are recaptured and wake to find yourself in a laboratory with a skin as a fellow prisoner.
    Free the skin by using hand (in status panel) over the scanner by him.
    He greets you and will make for door, either:
    -kill him and he will drop a decoder.
    -follow him and the firons will kill him whilst trying to escape; find decoder by his body.
    Use decoder to open doors, whenever needed.
    In the room up from the original laboratory; walk to the back of the room and find two store pids containing a rope and a code.
    Code is coloured (yellow-blue-red).
    Walk right and kill firon.
    Walk to back of room (towards a large screen) and when by panel use hand to view a recorded message.
    A virus machine is located in the left of the room - use code as each correct light is shown in sequence to produce a flask of something - pick it up once all three colours have been correctly sequenced.
    Use suit crystal again because suit power is low.
    Walk south into a room full of firons.
    Kill them using the virus you have just obtained.
    Pickup light crystal off table.
    Use decoder over discreetly hidden sensor at right end of table to reveal laser cutter (pick it up).
    Walk right, the north, back to the store room.
    Use laser cutter to open up grate in floor.
    Use light crystal to drop it down the hole.
    Use rope to provide a safe means of escape.
    Jump down hole.

    You find yourself in another cave system.
    Use hoverboard and balance using <> until you don't fall of (like balancing on the tight rope).
    (this is practise for later)
    Walk north and use hoverboard to cross river use <> to balance again.
    Walk north and upto the closed doorway.

    Use your I.D. tag to open door, and walk north trough it.

    The skins magically capture you and take you to a room where you are given a quest and some items to help you achieve your task: a cloak, more virus and some explosives. You materialise in an apparently empty room.
    Walk over to pile of rocks where a card may be found.
    Rocks come alive. Kill the rockman and pickup card.
    Use card in mouth to open lift.
    Enter lift to return to the firon surface.

    LEVEL 3

    You are inside the lift; and outside is a small portion of firon civilisation. Obviously you are a fugitive but your cloaking device will disguise you.
    Use cloak and walk up through doorway.
    Notice an object in the window.
    Walk upto rock by window and pick it up.
    Walk right.
    Use rock near the other window to enable you to get the re-sizer.
    Walk left.
    Use rock under other window.
    Use the resizer to enlarge the rock.
    Step on rock to get magnetic handle.
    Walk right.
    Walk down back into lift.
    Use handle to remove panel on left wall of lift.
    Pickup toolkit from under the panel.
    Walk north then right and over to below the closed door.
    Use handle again to remove another panel.
    Use toolkit to force open door.

    Walk right into the house.

    You are presentred with a firon who isn't happy at your precence in his abode.
    Kill him with your virus and he will drop a teleport device.
    Pickup teleport device and use to materialise at a teleoprt pad.
    Walk left past a lightly guarded museum.
    Walk left (2x) and upto the large generator.
    Use explosives to plant on generator.
    Walk away from generator and watch it explode.
    Use teleport device to make your escape before guards arrive.
    Back at teeport pad; the firon townfolk are not best pleased so make your escape into the museum (left and up)

    Walk over to orb from your spaceship (right of room) and reveal a strange face and some metal which you came to test - pick both up.
    Use face on coffin to open a portal and step in.

    LEVEL 4

    You arrive in a Mayan jungle. In the three surrounding rooms (left, right and up) you will find six pieces of statue, a mace and a scroll. To the left and right you will see platforms where you can build the statues. Use the pieces to build a statue of a bird and a staue of a crocodile.
    Return to starting place and walk up.
    Door will now open and a ball will drop from it's mouth.
    Pick up ball and walk up through doorway.
    You are greeted by a talking gold tree who wants a drink of good water.
    Walk left and use hand upon imprint in the wall to reveal a goblet.
    Pick up goblet.
    Walk back to crocodile statue and use goblet - it fills with the tears.

    (If the wasps steal your goblet use the scroll near the base of the tree from which their nest is hanging to shrink. Walk up into hole at base of tree).

    Pick up goblet and return to tree.
    Use goblet to give contents to tree and he rewards you with a ruby.
    Pick up ruby and goblet.
    Walk left and up.
    Use ruby (drop down well) and a phoenix rises who wants a golden twig. Walk down and right back to tree - he will give you a twig if you find him some roses.
    Walk right and use the hand on imprint again to reveal some roses.
    Pick up roses, walk left and use them to give them to tree.
    Pick up reward of twig, wealk left and up and give (use) it to phoenix who drops a feather as another reward.
    Pick up feather and walk right (2x).
    Give (use) feather to statue and he comes alive bu is thirsty.
    Return to bird statue and give (use) goblet to fill it with rainbow juice.
    Pick up full goblet and return to statue inside temple.
    Give (use) goblet full of rainbow water and he holds another staff.
    Pick up staff and walk left.
    Use ball near door and two statues come alive.
    Kill them.
    Use staff in hole in floor and door opens.

    Walk up through door.

    LEVEL 5

    You are inside a Mayan temple. Flames rise to prevent you escaping the way you came in.
    Walk up and an egg opens up; you can sit in this chair, up arrow will stand.
    Walk up and into a roon with an alter.
    On the back wall you will find a loose mosaic piece which reveals a key - pick both up.
    Walk down and right into a room with four soldier statues.
    Again on back wall you will find two loose mosaic piece to fill back of chair.
    The room's torches go out and reveal some ojects.
    Pick up all the objects.
    Walk left and into a room with flaming mouths.
    Use gauntlet near each mouth to reach in and pick up:
    a snuffer, a control stick and a key.

    (The room has three faces, but you can't see one of them it is at the front)

    Walk right (2x) and pickup the dagger.
    Use yellow key to open statue with a yellow marker and pick up a stone-heart.
    Walk left and up.
    Use heart and then dagger to fill alter statue.
    A cupboard opens - pick up another control stick.
    Walk down and in front of chair - fit (use) each control stick.
    Sit in chair and you can now use < and > right to rotate the rooms about you.
    Each time you rotate the rooms; you alternate between two sets of four rooms.
    The second set of four room are:
    -a room with three snakes gushing venom
    -a room with four bowls hovering in mid-air
    -a room with dragon-like creature walls
    -a room with rocket-like walls
    Find the room with the snakes and use the snuffer to put each torch out and pick up anything you find - you will find a goblet.
    Use goblet at one of the snakes to fill it with venom.
    Find the room with the bowls and pour (use) the filled-goblet into the bowl.
    There are four different colours of venom and each must be poured into the correct bowl. The bowls need yellow, blue, green and red venom in a clockwise order, starting at the top right bowl. It does not matter which bowl is filled first. Fill the four bowls and the result is that the floor dissolves away. A platform will rise which may or may not reveal a circular idol - two idols are found left and right of the egglike chair. You may need to rotate the rooms until this newly formed hole is positioned appropriately over the idols. You may then pick it up.

    You need to find six coloured stones and two other keys and then return to room with the four statues. So use your snuffer on any lit torches.
    Use the key(s) to get a code out of the remaining statues.
    Return to the rocket-like walled room.
    Use the code with the six stones and open up this floor similar to before; to enable you to gain access to the second idol.
    With the two circular idols; return to the entrance to the temple (where the exit is blocket with flames) and notice the priest-like pictures.
    Add (use) the idols in the walls to complete the picture and two dragon statues will rise up.
    Open up last two soldier statues to recover a dragon egg and more skulls.
    Return to the dragon-like walled room and use the egg near the centre.
    Kill the dragons which rise from the floor.
    (typically with a well-placed explosive skull)
    Four pieces of stone dragon will be dropped - pick them up.
    Return to the entrance and fit (use) a flame and a wing in each dragon statue.
    The flames will disappear (flames) and the floorway will rise (wings).
    Rotate the rooms so that the entrance is above the egg-chair and walk into it.
    The door will open to reveal a chamber with a skeleton sitting in it.
    Walk upto skeleton and place (use) golden mask to his face and……



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