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Shadows over Riva Walkthorugh

  1. Realms of Arkania III: Shadows over Riva by Diana Griffiths
  2. Intoduction
  3. General Hints
  4. Getting started
  5. Boron's Field
  6. Exploring Riva
  7. The Dwarven Mine
  8. Stipen Hullheimer
  9. The Sewers
  10. The Guild
  11. The Old Sewers
  12. The Sorcerer's Tower
  13. Gorm Goldrecht/Bosper Jarnug/Malmodir Elin
  14. Bride of the Winds
  15. Arrested!
  16. Mandara
  17. Water Dragon
  18. Castle
  19. Harbour Basin
  20. Even Star
  21. Borbarad's Wand
  22. The Hive
  23. Copyright

  24. Introduction

    Assuming you can win all the battles, this walkthrough leads you to a successful conclusion. I assume you are familiar with the user interface and have a general knowledge of how to open locked doors and chests. You will encounter many more combat sequences than I mention. Be prepared for combat at every turn! I only specify particular items that you must find to progress. You will also find many more chests and booty than I mention. I assume you will open every door and chest you can.

    General Hints

    1. Return to Riva at any time to sell/buy equipment or use the services of a healer but be aware you may be captured by guards later on.
    2. If you need some spare cash, there are herbs in the countryside outside Riva, which can be gathered and sold in Riva.
    3. If you have a weak party of characters you will need to gain experience before you can tackle and win all the combat sequences. In that case it is better to progress as far as you can with each sub-plot. Return to the sub-plot when you think you are able to continue. Save on entering every new area.
    4. Perform the wand ritual at an inn so that you have at least a constant light spell.
    5. Mark exits on the map so you can easily find your way in and out of areas.
    6. Once you have befriended Ordo, his home is a good place for a nutritious free meal and a night's sleep.

    Getting started

    Chat to the priestess at the Temple of Travia. Ask her about Riva in particular. She advises you visit the priestess at the temple of Firun.

    Leave and turn right. Continue on until you reach the house with the red light. Turn down the street to the left and continue on past the bridge until you reach the Temple of Firun on the right.

    Enter the temple. The priestess will tell you about a problem with the undead.

    Leave and return nearly to the bridge. Turn left and open the double doors to the cemetery.

    Boron's Field

    Find the hut in the south-east corner and visit the servant. Leave and go to the three graves opposite the double doors. Check out the middle grave and go down the ladder.

    Explore the tomb thoroughly. Find the room with dead man. Destroy the candles of the pentagram on the floor. Find the room with the Servant of Boron. Find the black key in a chest in the room with the bookcase. Return to the gold amulet on the wall near the ladder. Remove it and you will use the black key in the key hole. Go through the illusional wall. I didn't find anything to do here. You can take the protective amulets. Leave via the ladder.

    Return to the servant's hut in the south east corner and deal with the impostor! Leave via the double doors and return right to the Temple of Firun.

    Tell the priestess what you discovered. Leave.

    Return to the bridge and go over it.

    Exploring Riva

    The first thing to do is sell some of your excess equipment at the market to make some room in your inventory. Now find the map maker located in the center of the city. Buy the map.

    Now you can explore Riva much more easily. Visit Quenya Stardust to find out what you need to treat diseases. Make sure one of your characters is carrying all these herbs, then (s)he can cure any other characters who fall ill.

    The first order of business is to sort out that orc problem at the mine. Find a city gate and leave the city.

    The Dwarven Mine

  25. Level 1
  26. Level 2
  27. Level 3

  28. Level 1

    Head toward the mountain in the east. Go though the rocky scree and examine the rock wall here. You will find a way through the wall. Find the mine entrance. Explore the first level.

    Find the barrel containing the dwarf and get the key. Find the chest that the key will unlock and take the cross spanner. Check out the west most bookcase in this room and use the spanner. Go into the room behind the book case and explore thoroughly. Open the chests and piece together the scraps. Continue exploring and in another room read the history of the mine.

    Level 2

    Explore thoroughly. If you decide to investigate the area where the orcs fell down, make sure you have a rope with you. Fight the spiders then have the character with the rope climb up the ramp. Check out of the seven dwarves trapped under the rocks. Fight them and/or use a spell to banish their spirits. Overpower the lone orc you find in the corridor and question him. Fight the skeleton warrior. Don't enter the water and save before approaching the pillars. When asked the five questions, the answers are, in order: No, No, Yes, Yes and No.

    Level 3

    Follow the trapped tunnels to the three doors. The letters on the walls of the tunnels spell out a word. Answer "Remission" to get the doors to open. Return to the tunnel where there is lichen growing on the wall. Check it out. Go up the ramp, through the door and meet the demon. Use ignifaxus and fulminictus spells to kill the demon. Battle Manresh the orc and when he is dead watch the worm leave his skull. Go to the lectern and take the book. Use the destructo spell to magically destroy the demon book.

    Find your way back to the mine entrance and return to Riva.

    Stipen Hullheimer

    Leave the city and find the magic college student Stipen to the east of the city. Agree to help him. Look at the first rhyme. It is referring to the two willow trees at the edge of the water near the city wall. Go south west to the pair of willow trees. When you reach them, blow Stipen's horn.

    Read the second rhyme. This is referring to a picture on the city wall near the northern gate. Go north to the city gate and look at the picture of the dragon on the wall. It is left of the gate. Blow Stipen's horn.

    Read the third rhyme. This is referring to a place on the rock wall very close to the scree. Have your strongest warrior pull the legs free. Fight the trapped warrior to free him. Take the boots. Blow Stipen's horn.

    Read the fourth rhyme. This is referring to the broken down dock. Go south to the broken down dock. It is quite close to the good dock. Blow Stipen's horn.

    Read the second parchment in Stipen's inventory. Return north east to the hut near where you first met Stipen. Check out the logs. Stipen finds the ring and returns to the college. Wait for Stipen to return. Be magnanimous and let him keep his graduation gifts. He should let you have the most valuable item. Return to Riva.

    The Sewers

    Go the Harbour Maid tavern to find Tarik. Talk to Tarik extensively. When you can't talk to him any more go to his house and interrogate him further. Find a sewer grating and enter the sewers.

    Explore the sewers thoroughly. You should briefly meet the rat-catcher and watch a monster eating. Do not try to open the trellis that leads to the castle. When you can't find anything else to do here, return to the surface.

    You should be lead to the scene of a murder. Ask around for some more information. When the guards have left the scene of the crime, return to the house and use the secret door. As you explore, one of you characters will suggest you return to the place you first saw the monster. Return to the surface and find a sewer grating that enters the main area of the sewers.

    Explore thoroughly again. You will find a bridge that leads to a solid wall. You realize there must be an opening here but you can not find how to activate it. Keep exploring and you will find a new area. Here Mandara will join you. Return to the bridge and Mandara will activate the opening. You immediately encounter the guild members…who are hostile! Mandara reveals her true identity and you escape from everyone back to the surface.

    You now have plenty of topics to ask people about. Visit the more significant places, particularly the temples and find out as much as you can. Also try to talk to the inn keepers and house occupants. Definitely visit the rat-catcher's residence. It is the house at the north end of the bridge. Enter the house and look around. Take the strange device then talk to the rat catcher.

    The Guild

    Eventually the guild will contact you and arrange a meeting at the warehouse south of the Efferd Temple around midnight. If you need to kill time until midnight, rest at the Might Fortress Inn for a few hours.

    Enter the warehouse and you will be taken by the guild. They will instruct you to help them deal with the pirates. All you have to do is find out the names of Adran Seahoff's contacts. You find yourself in the sewers again. Find the nearest exit to the surface and head for the bridge. Go over the bridge and find the north most house along side the harbour. Wait for Adran Seahoff then talk to him. Put the house under observation, watch and wait until he leaves. You may have to wait some hours. Follow him when he leaves. Prepare for combat! Break into the house he enters. When you have won the fight you will find the document naming the pirate conspirators.

    Return to Tarik and hand over the pirate document. Interrogate Tarik again. He has plenty of new information.

    The Old Sewers

    Put on the blue guild armbands and visit a temple. Talk to the priest or priestess and you will gain access to the old sewers. I found these sewers were a quicker way of getting around Riva. So mark all the temple names on the map as you explore. Explore thoroughly. Don't bother entering the water. When you find the three holes, you will place the rat-catcher's device in them. This will open up access to more of the old sewers. You should find an entrance to the rat-catcher's house. Leave via the Efferd Temple when you have the old sewers mapped and all the exits marked.

    The Sorcerer's Tower

  29. Level 1
  30. Level 2
  31. Level 3
  32. Level 4

  33. Scout around the city above ground for a bit and you should come across an angry mob attacking a Holberkian. Do not attack the mob, just disperse them. You will take the Holberkian home and meet his family. They want you to return the following day. Build up your supplies as you are in for a tough and interesting time.

    The next day, return to Ordo's house in the Holberkian area. Haffel will ferry you to the island. Head north then west then south to the tower, avoiding the swampy areas where possible. Make you way round to the back of the tower and open the door on the south wall. Go into the area with cages, then reopen the door you just came through. Most of the dogs leave, but you will have to kill some that have gone mad.

    Open the inner door and you will encounter the steward. Defeat the steward and you will enter the garden. Ignore the door to the tower here. Part of the hedge to the south is an illusion so walk through it to the other part of the garden. Go up to the door to the tower and check it out. Investigate the locks and open one lock with a spell, while picking the other.

    You'll have to engage the magician in combat until he disappears. Leave any equipment you won't need in the shelves and coat rack here.

    Level 1

    Go through the door and explore the ground floor thoroughly. Find a dog figurine and a key in a chest in the most south-easterly room. Take them. Go to the door with the ornate lock in the south-middle area of this floor. Use the dog figurine in the lock.

    At the winch, leave your weakest member of the team. The rest of the team should go up the level 2.

    Level 2

    You have to fight the undead creatures for the eight diamonds. You should end up with two red, two blue, two green and two yellow diamonds. You should also find a horrible statue that speaks the word "fire".

    At the door leading north with the ornate lock use a red then yellow diamond to open it. At the door leading west with the ornate lock use a green then blue diamond to open it. Through here you will find another horrible creature that speaks the word "washes".

    At the door leading north with the ornate lock use a red then blue diamond to open it. Through here you will find two more horrible statues that speak the words "blood" and "cleans".

    Go to the statue that asks you "What is the truth?". Answer "blood washes fire cleans".

    Now go up the steps to the door to level 3.

    Level 3

    When you feel a breeze, do not continue in that direction or you will find the floor is an illusion and fall into the garden below. Mark the breezes and rest areas on the map.

    Find the bedroom and search the chest of drawers for the two letters. Read the letters. At the picture that asks "Who am I", answer "Borbarad". Go through to the room with the statue of the wizard. First destroy the statue, then open the chest. You need the allen key.

    Don't use magic in the library or you won't be able to leave.

    When you have killed the magician and dog men, fetch the vial from the dead wizard's pocket using the motoricus spell.

    Go up the steps and through the door to level 4.

    Level 4

    Here you will have to defeat the magician once again!

    Go up the steps and through the door to the north. At the door that asks "What devours the one and warms the other?", answer "flame". Surprise, surprise! Fire elementals! Return to the main room via the green teleport.

    Go up the steps and through the door to the west. At the door that asks "What will light your way, but becomes your certain doom?", answer "flame". More fire elementals, of course! Return to the main room via the green teleport.

    Go up the steps and through the door to the east. . At the door that asks "What crackles, hisses and stings, and in the dark of night vivid pictures brings, but becomes your certain doom?", answer "flame". Take the green teleport to a new area.

    Here you will fight a shapechanger who keeps returning in different guises. Periodically you will have the chance to rearrange a picture. This is how the picture should look:

    When you have completed the picture you will finally defeat the shapechanger. Go though to the magnificently decorated bedroom and find another green teleport. Take this and you will end up in another part of the garden. Leave via the door. Return to the tower via the shack, illusional wall and back door. Collect the character you left by the winch and collect any inventory items you left at the entrance. Return to the dock where Haffel will row you back to the main shore.

    Gorm Goldrecht/Bosper Jarnug/Malmodir Elin

    Return to the city and go to the Holberkian area. Here you will hear the story of how the Gorm Doldrecht used a Holberkian child to give gifts to the orcs. A highly suspicious thing to be doing! Find the grocer's house and enter. You interrogate Gorm but all he does is implicate Bosper Jarnug, the judge.

    Ask around about Bosper Jarnug. Tarik and the healers will be most helpful. At some point Tarik will contact you and ask that you meet with Malmodir Elin in the Harbour Maid after dark tonight.

    Bride of the Winds

    Be prepared for an ordeal! At dusk, go to the Harbour Maid. You will be abducted and taken on board. Untie yourselves and go into the next area through the damaged wall. Open the chest and recover most of your possessions. Leave via the door and Jann, the boy, asks to join you. Accept. Find your way up to the top deck. Before going out to the top deck, redistribute your load evenly across all party members excluding Jann. Make sure you cut the ropes around the mast before fleeing. Flee to the ship's stern. If you are danger of drowning, drop the easily replaceable heavy items, preferably the cheaper ones! Get away in the small boat being towed behind the ship. You will land in Riva late at night.

    Find an inn and sleep until morning.


    Leave the inn. Before long you will be arrested for the murder of Malmodir Elin. Fortunately the judge is fair and sets you free. You can visit the judge in the courthouse to hear more of his views on Gorm's accusations.

    Try entering the castle via the sewers. Go to the trellis and open it. You will have to fight with many guards. You realize it is trap and flee.

    Spend some time in Riva recuperating, re-supplying and wait to be contacted by Tarik.

    Tarik tells you witnesses saw you murdering Gorm! Now you are really being sought by the city guards for murder and you must not be caught. Tarik tells you the Guild needs your help and is willing to hide you underground. Enter the sewers in the marketplace. Go the entrance to the old sewers marked on the map.

    Open up the way to old sewer area that you have already explored. Find the Guild headquarters, enter it and talk with Lothur.


    He needs your help with the Feylamia, Mandara, the vampiress. Lea, now out of disguise, accompanies you.

    Don't forget that Guild HQ is now your only safe resting place.

    Explore the new area and find the entrance to the Feylamia's lair.

    Leave someone on the first switch you come across. Explore further. Mandara will attack the character left behind and you race back. Everything is fine and you now find another way through so that the whole party can follow Mandara.

    Open the cells and you will find the rat-catcher in one of them. Explore further. Find the moon lantern. Lea seems to have found Mandara, but then they both disappear. Explore further. Take the diary and read it. From a desk drawer, take the small key and antihypnoticum. In the Feylamia's bedroom (where her coffin is!), take a bracelet and silver ring from the chest.

    From the Feylamia's bedroom, have a character that can cast light around them, take all the items you have found in the Feylamia's lair, wearing the jewelry. Make this character the leader of the party. Have them stand in front of the mirror and eat a piece of antihypnoticum. Now have the lead character walk through the mirror.

    You walk into a room you haven't seen before. Open the chest and take the crystal. You put the crystal in the moon lantern.

    Mandara will attack the rest of the party and then your lone character will stumble into the hall of mirrors. Mandara attacks you. Then you are joined by Lea and the rat-catcher. The rat-catcher has the silver dagger. Lea reminds you that moonlight will kill the Feylamia. Use the moon lantern.

    Have your lone character and Lea join the rest of the party. Use healing spells on the rest of the party. Return to the Guild HQ. Lothur tells you that another party of strangers, possibly, allies, are likely being held at the castle. Lothur is looking for a hidden entrance to the castle.

    While you wait for the entrance to be found , recuperate. Go to the Tsa temple and pray until Tsa grants you all maxium life points. Remember you are wanted for murder, but if you like you can risk a venture above ground to buy more magic potions. I suggest you leave the sewers via the Phex temple and buy anything you need in the Market Hall. You may also need to buy some thonnys from Quenya.

    Water Dragon

    Return to Guild HQ and recuperate with sleep and spells until Lothur reports that they have found a secret entrance to the castle. Lea reports that first you have to get past a water dragon.

    Return to the Feylamia's lair and find the new passage. It leads to a drain or underground river. Equip your non-magic users with bows and arrows. Use the raft to approach the water dragon.


    If you are in poor shape, return to Guild HQ to recuperate. Do not enter the castle until just after dusk or there will be too many guards about. You must complete the castle mission by dawn.

    Explore the castle thoroughly to maximize your experince and gain the most loot. Don't tackle any of the guard posts or try to open the portcullis. You will have enough fights without taking on an army! Find the key in the room to the south on the right. Find the torture chamber and go up the steps so that you are overlooking the instruments of torture.

    Yuck! When you have won the fight, Rohezal thanks you and asks you to free his companions. Return to the north of the castle and find the captain of the guard in his room.

    Return south and open the cell on the west wall (opposite the torture chamber). Meet the rest of the magicians. They ask you to fetch three ancient urns from the judge's quarters. The cook knows how to get to these urns.

    Find the cook's bedroom. It is in the north-east near the top of the stairs. Here you find evidence of the cook's sexual preferences. Find the kitchen. It is a short distance south-east of the cook's bedroom.

    Go to the judge's quarters. Bosper's rooms are to the south middle of the castle. The entrance is opposite some strange holes in the corridor. Look at his desk and take the key. Go into the next room, kill the "guard" and move the chest. Open the hidden chest and take the three urns.

    Return to where you entered the castle (the winding stair).

    You return to Guild HQ and Rohezal explains how the Borbarad worms are controlling the Orcs. The magicians are going to find where the queen is located while you are tasked with recovering the wand that controls the Borbarad creatures.

    You have another chance to recuperate while the magicians think how all this is to be accomplished. When the magicians are ready they equip you to go underwater to recover the wand.

    Harbour Basin

    As soon as you move forward you will enter combat with some aggressive nixes. Move forward again and you will encounter more merpeople. Do not attack them. Follow them.

    You meet with the River Father and a young sailor. You are tasked with finding out why some the nixes have become so predatory. If you succeed the River Father will give you a glowstick that will open the doors in the Even Star. Zorka accompanies you but you must take care of her and keep her unharmed. Leave the palace.

    Go into the building where you find the winery sign in the sand. From here you will spot a nix entering the building to the north. Follow him. You will have to deal with the sea creature blocking the entrance to this building. Go in and find the entrance to the cellar. Go into the cellar.

    Explore the cellar thoroughly. When you find the room full of bottles of alcohol, smash all the bottles. Return to the River King. He will hand over the glowstick.

    Even Star

    Find the Even Star to the east. Enter the ship through the breach in the hull. Overhead is a door which leads to the rest of the ship. You need to get up to it. Remove the lead shoes of all the party. Enter the room.

    Check out the chest and take the prism. Use the prism and glowstick together to make them green. Open the green lock and enter the room. Use the prism and glowstick together to make them orange. Save. Open the orange lock and enter the room.

    Remember you must protect Zorka, so surround her so that the water elementals can not attack her. You must also send your strongest character into the "maze". This character must get to the chest in the middle. When the character heading for the chest has killed all the water elementals in his way and reaches the chest the water elementals will disappear. You open the chest …but it is empty!

    Leave the Even Star combining the prism and glowstick to unlock the green and orange locks as before.

    Harbour Basin

    Return west to the River King's palace. He will hand over the wand. Go outside and remove the lead boots. You will swim up to the surface and make your way to Guild HQ.

    Borbarad's Wand

    Be careful above ground but go to Quenya and have her decipher the runes on the wand. Return to Guild HQ with the translation. Now you have another chance to wait and recuperate. Get completely replenished by meditating with thonnys to maximize astral points and visiting the Tsa Temple to maximize life points. Wait at Guild HQ until . . . you hear the magicians horrible plan for you!

    When you are absolutely ready, click on the icon that will start the next action. You go to the entrance to the hive and are shrunk so that you will be able to walk through the hive. You lose nearly all your equipment!

    The Hive

  34. The Edifice of the Queen
  35. The Chambers of the Queen

  36. The Edifice of the Queen

    Pick up some stones from the pile ahead of you. Head west then south and kill the worm carrying the egg. Take the egg. Continue on and collect some twigs from the pile of wood. Equip your characters with sticks for close combat or sling shots as missile weapons made from the Y-twigs and stones. Continue on. Take the spines after killing the morfu. Continue on turning left at the junction, then left again until you encounter the beetles and grasshoppers. When you have killed them, use the beetle carapaces as armour and the stings as swords. Return north, go right at the junction, then left. When you have finished off the group of worms, go through the hole in the hive and climb and slide down to . . .

    The Chambers of the Queen

    Turn right and go through the fire illusion. Continue on and you will find two worms fighting over a lump. Go right at the junction and the two fighting worms will attack you. When you have killed them get the termite carapaces, beetle claws and plant stalks. These carapaces make stronger armour than the beetle carapaces. The beetle claws make better swords than the stings. Use a sting on the plant stalks to make blow pipes. You can now use the spines and blow pipes as missile weapons.

    Return through the fire illusion and take the south-east tunnel over the pit illusion to the acid pool. Turn left and follow the tunnel to the stalactite. Fight the worm. Break off as many lumps off the stalactite as you can. Use these amber lumps to boost your life and astral points later on.

    Return the way you came over the pit and through the fire illusions. Turn left at the junction. You will be confused by hallucinations sent by the Queen. When making decisions, do the opposite of what a hero should do! Once past the hallucinations you will enter a labyrinth. Hunt for the way out in the south west area of the labyrinth. You will find yourself back in the Chambers of the Queen only a little further on.

    Head west and you will find a secret door at the end. Make a flute by punching holes in one of the blow pipes with a beetle claw. Use the flute to open the secret door. Continue on. Open the next secret door using the flute again. Save. The next fight is very difficult. Climb down the ramp.

    You must disable (kill, put to sleep or otherwise make unable to fight) all the doubles within a certain time, or more doubles will appear. When you have won this fight, save, equip missile weapons and boost your life and astral energy with the lumps.

    Go through to the Queen. Do your worst!

    When the Queen is dead, use the amulet.

    Enjoy the closing sequences!

    This walkthrough is copyright © 1997 by Diana Griffiths (email: All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.


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