By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Shadow of the Obelisk Walkthrough

  1. Please see the walkthrough for Beyond Time. It is the same game.
  • Walkthrough by Karen July

    From: Judith Jones "Frederic H. Jones"
    Dear Al,

    The situation regarding the two-title game is this. A version of the game (not with our completed game engine) was sold by Virgin Sound and Vision, the original publishers of the game titled "Obelisk" in Scandinavia to publishers who failed to support the product. DreamCatcher Interactive, Inc., a Toronto based company, published the final version of the game in the rest of the world, under the title "Beyond Time." DreamCatcher has been very gracious about helping purchasers of the Scandinavian version of the game by sending them a new disk one, with the debugged engine. Anyone who purchased the game titled "Shadow of the Obelisk" should contact DreamCatcher at: dreamcatcherinc.com or visit their website for help.

    I will email Astrid directly with directions for receiving support. Best wishes, Judith Jones



    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 01:02:50 +0100
    From: Mikael Bengtsson
    Hi! I wonder i you could find some hint or a walkthrough for me? The game is " Shadow of the obelisk" I have played it for some time but i dont now what to do any more. If you find it please e-mail a copy to me or add it to you great page. Many thanks! Micke
    Hi, Shadow of the Obelisk is a marvelous game, but not to play without a walkthrough. It's a very difficult game to play. It's developed by Jones multimedia and a trademark of Virgin Enterprises Limited. Copyright 1997. E-mail: obelisk@JonesSquare.com or de website www.JonesSquare.com I hope you can solve this problem for many of us players? Greetings from a gamemanic in the Netherlands, Astrid .
    Hi Al, Thanks for your walkthrough from Shadow of the Obelisk. But there seems to be an other problem, maybe it's usefull to put it on your site. As you know there are two titels for this game. Shadows of the Obelisk and Beyond Time, as you know. Now there's a bug in the game, and the patch calles ossyfix.zip is only working with the game called Beyond Time. Now isn't that a shame, because my game doesn't work with this patch, because it has an other titel. Maybe you've also got a solution for this problem? So if not, maybe it's good to put it on your site to inform other players. Bye, Astrid.
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