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Shadoan Walkthrough

    KINGDOM BOOK ONE : THE FAR REACHES Walkthrough by Crash

    Another fine quality from Interplay. This animated adventure game is definitely fun and good for the whole family. The interface is easy. You can travel to other place just by clicking on the map icon and choose the place. There're 2 places that you can heal yourself, one at the haunted waterfall ( enter via the guildhall after you cure the blindman ), and another at the Maluki's house ( after visiting the shimmering oasis and the lost mines ). Here's the walkthrough ( arrange in order by place ) :

  1. - Outskirt of Glendoe : notice the blind man
  2. - Daelon Mansion : receive scroll of seeing, and choose another scroll to learn Travel to forest
  3. - Elkwood Forest : get the woodelf staff
  4. - Fairy circle : use spell of seeing then give the staff to the fairy the crystal castle will appear
  5. - Forrester Camp : learn the info from the mother
  6. - Huntsman's crossroad : learn another info about the crystal Kalbar
  7. - Outskirt of Glendoe : use spell of seeing to cure the blindman
  8. - Daelon mansion : receive the scroll and choose another to learn
  9. - Center of Glendoe : learn that the guildhall will receive you
  10. - Huntsman's crossroad : learn info about orb of Mobus
  11. - Outskirt of Glendoe : learn the info about secret passage
  12. - Daelon mansion : receive the scroll and learn the last one choose travel to haunted waterfall
  13. - Guildhall : you'll be sent to haunted waterfall, and now you can cure yourself there
  14. - Daelon mansion : receive the final scroll ( now you have 3 of them )
  15. - Marsh wastes : get the cold fire
  16. - Barren rock : use cold fire to defeat myst monster, read rock, use understanding spell to translate it, then choose the left path use scroll of release to free the crystal of Kalbar
  17. - Marsh wastes : use scroll of seeing, it'll open the path to the open desert
  18. - Dunespeople : use understanding spell to scare them, get the onyx seal
  19. - Shimmering oasis
  20. - Crystal castle : use crystal of Kalbar to defeat crystal tiger, enter, read the book ( somekind of promo, duuuhh ), and use the seal to open the door get the mace
  21. - Desert oasis : use the crystal of Kalbar to defeat the monsters, meet the amazon's tribe and notice the enchanted bow
  22. - Cindra castle : use release spell to free you from the desert wind enter the castle, choose the right path, then choose the left path, use the mace to reflect the spell go through north path, north path again, and receive the talisman of sceptre
  23. - Desert oasis : read the writing on the sand about the temple on top of the hills, show the talisman to the tribe and receive the bow
  24. - West end coast ( north of Cindra castle ) : use mace to defeat the ghostfish
  25. - Black heep : enter the archway, defeat the wizard with crystal of Kalbar, enter, defeat the monster with the crystal again, enter the door, get the bloodsword, exit through the left door
  26. - Merelda Hut : enter the door then listen the information about bloodsword and silver weed
  27. - Hedge maze : meet Isemei, the keeper of the maze. Use the bow to reach the center of the maze, get the orb of Mobus, exit to temple ruin
  28. - Valley of Argent Knights : use Mobus to get the coin
  29. - Drakeblood's castle : go to right door, go to north door, enter the door on the top of the stair, meet the princess enter the middle door, enter the door beside the tapestry pull the rope and grab the bag back to tapestry, use the mobus to reveal the secret of the tapestry go back to main hall ( hall with a harp player ), go to the right door, choose the left door
  30. - King's chamber : use the coin to distract the king, use bloodsword to get the silver weed outside the secret path
  31. - Valley of Argent Knights : get the coin using the orb of Mobus
  32. - Dunespeople : show them the talisman, listen the news about Mobus
  33. - Lost mines : meet Maluki, the indian
  34. - Maluki's house : he told you about the hunting horn
  35. - Hills above the desert : give the silver weed to the guard, step on the bridge, visit the windcove, and meet the thunder god ( prepare for the time limit starting now ) choose the haunted waterfall
  36. - Haunted waterfall : use travel spell to Drakeblood's castle
  37. - Drakeblood's castle : repeat the step to get the silver weed
  38. - East end coast ( left of Black Heep )
  39. - The ice castle : use tide control on the bottom right screen ( looks like a grey rock ), and get the chalice
  40. - Drakeblood's castle : enter the door under the stair in the main hall, choose the left archway and voila ... back to Daelon castle
  41. - Haunted waterfall : visit the guildhall to heal yourself, then use travel spell to go to the Hills above the desert
  42. - Hills above the desert : give the weed to the guard and go to the windcove give the chalice to the thunder god, receive the hunting horn ( piiuuh that's the time limit zone !!! )
  43. - Black Heep : enter the archway, use the horn to defeat the monster and open the locked door on the left, enter, use the understand spell to translate the runes
  44. - Drakeblood's castle : go to the king chamber, use the rune, then throw the bloodsword to kill the king. To be continued ......... to SHADOAN
  45. That's it you have won the game. Copyright @ January 1997, Crash



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