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Secret of Mana Walkthrough


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    Secret of Mana Walkthrough part 1

    The Rusty Sword

    After you fall down the waterfall, you land in a lake. If you go down a bit, you will see a sword standing in a stone. Go to the other side of the stream. Hero realizes that he needs something to cut through the bushes. Go around until you reach the sword. Take the sword from the stone. Cut through the bushes, and go through. You'll find some rabites in the forest. Work your way around the forest until you get to Potos. Talk to everyone. Rumor has it that the village is being attacked by monsters. Talk to the elder in front of his house. He tells you that your sword is the legendary Mana Sword. The villagers realize that you must be responsible for the sudden attack on the village. You get slapped around some, and then an earthquake shakes the ground. This is your first boss, the Mantis Ant.

    It's easy to kill becouse you can't die!! If you die and you HP reaches 0, a strange man will stand at the top of the hole and revive you. He also gives you a hint or two. When you beat Mantis Ant, he will pull you up. He gives you a little more info about your sword. It must be re-energized, and only you can do it. You learn that his name is Jema, and he is going to meet you at the Water Palace, home to the Sage Luka.

    The elder banishes you from the village. Take what is in the chests and leave. Go to the Water Palace, as Jema told you to. The easiest way to get there is by Cannon Travel. Jema has already paid your fare. If you wish to walk, however, you may find that Neko's is on the way. Things there are more expensive than they would be in a normal shop, but it will be useful to know where Neko is when you get your first magic elemental. Don't go to Pandora yet. Talk to the soldiers near the Palace. You learn that the commander's name is Dyluck. Remember this name. It will be important later. Enter the Water Palace.

    Jema's waiting for you at the door. Go to the stage room. You'll meet Luka. She's a 200 year old sage who guards the Mana Seed of water. Pay attention to what she says, because this info will help you later. You learn about the Empire and its plans, the legendary Mana Fortress, dwarves in Gaia's Naivel, trouble in Pandora, as well as many other things. Luka will then ask you to seal the seed, and she will also give you another weapon, the Spear. When you leave the Palace travel towards Pandora. You'll get captured by goblins. A blonde girl saves you, but runs off without telling you her name. After you escape the goblins, head to Gaia's Naivel.

    Gaia's Naivel

    Gaia's Naivel is your first dungeon. Kid-goblins and blats are easy to kill, but don't overestimate their power (or yours). Use candy when you need it. Drops can be tough, but if you want to gain a few levels before going into the dwarf village, these are the things to kill. The cave isn't long. One of the things you should do before you leave the cave is get the Magic Rope. The pathway is very simple, and there aren't too many twists and turns. Wander around until you reach the dwarf village.

    Talk to the dwarfs, sleep in the inn, buy some armor. Find the blacksmith Watts. Save your game (important) and then go see the Sprite Show. When the show is over, go into the room to the right of the stage and get your money back. Make sure you're healed, because your second boss will attack as soon as you come out of the cave. Tropicallo isn't very hard to beat, but be careful around the vines and the pumpkins it spits out. Just beat on it with your sword and it will soon be dead. Sprite will join you after the battle. With him will come two new weapons: Boomerang and Bow and arrows. Next go find Watts. He will show you a shortcut to the cave, and then he will have an axe that you can buy from him. This is the fifth mana weapon. Then exit the cave and go to Pandora.

    The Girl

    When you get to Pandora, go to the castle and walk through the halls. In one of them, the girl who rescued you from the goblins will come charging out of one of the doors. She hears that you're a swordsman, and are going to the Haunted Forest. She joins your party and asks for your help rescuing her boyfriend Dyluck (remember him?) because the witch Elinee has captured him. Now head to the Haunted Forest.

    Haunted Forest

    The Haunted Forest is pretty long. Neko will be right at the beginning. Buy whatever you need and save your game. Go right, then go downstairs. Kill the Eye-Spy, then step on the teleporter. Go back, and you will find two statues. Break them with your axe, and continue your journey. The rest of the way is simple.

    The Witch's Castle

    Elinee's castle is extremely difficult. Make sure you have good armor, and be very careful. Werewolves will beat you into an unidentifyable pulp. Wander around, and you will find Neko in the prison. Buy everything - 4 Cups if Wishes, Chocolates, Candys, even Royal Jams.. You'll fight one of the hardest bosses of the game.


    After a while , you'll reach Elinee, the witch. She doesn't like kids, and your presense in her castle disturbs her. Here you head about Thanatos in the ruins south of Pandora. Then she calls Spikey Tiger to attack. Keep at least two chars alive at all times. When Spiky jumps up onto the platforms, use the bow to hit him. When you are engulfed in flame, switch players, and use a medical herb. When you defeat him, Elinee turns back into a normal lady, but she has no more magical powers. She gives you the whip, the sixth Mana Weapon. Exit the castle. Once outside, Luka calls you to the Water Palace. Use the whip and take the shortcut to the Palace.

    Magic Elemental: Undine

    Luka tells you that Undine, the elemental of water, has failing powers. She asks you to go to her cave and find out what is wrong with her. Go around the Palace on the right and enter the waterfall. The boss is really easy. Try to stay at an angle from him so that he can't swallow you with his tongue. When he is dead, enter the cave where Undine awaits you. You meet Undine, the Water Elemental of Mana. She gives her magic powers to Sprite and Girl. Sprite can use Freeze, Acid Storm and Energy Absorb. Girl can use Cure Water, Remedy and Ice Saber. Raise your magic to lv. 1. To do this you must use it over and over again until it reaches a level. Head for the Underground Palace.

    Underground Palace

    The Underground Palace is infested with monsters. The Palace is short, but beware of the enemies. Don't waste time and magic trying to kill them. Just go around them. In the middle of the palace, you'll find a gap. You'll have to use the whip to cross it. Fight (or evade) your way to the stage room. The Gnome won't let you in. After a short argument between Gnome and Sprite, the Fire Gigas attacks. Use Undine magic (Freeze) on him, and he should be quite easy. Heal when you need to, usually when he turns to fireballs. After the battle, and a little agrument between Gnome and Sprite, Gnome gives you his magic powers. Raise Gnome's level (level 2 this time, after you seal the seed), and head for Pandora's ruins.

    On your way to the ruins, you will see a purple-haired girl. Talk to her. You find out that her name is Phanna and she is a friend of Girl. When she disappears, Hero suggests that you check the ruins. There are many enemies inside, so be careful. Many of the enemies can poison you. Just wander through the ruins until you reach Thanatos. There will be a small scene, and then you will have to fight Wall Face. Use Earth Slide. Don't worry about the two eyes on the side. Always cast on the middle eye. Three times or so will win the battle. After the battle, go to the castle and talk with the king. He'll give you some orbs and some money. Return to the Water Palace. Here you find that the Water seed's been stolen.

    Scorpion Army

    Go to Gaia's Naival. Use Watt's short cut to get back into the dwarf village. Talk to Jema, and enter the hole. You find yourself on some kind of ship. There are some people there who call themselves the Scorpion Army. They have stolen the Water Seed to power their evil robot Kilroy. Beware of his hammers. They can moogle you and pigmytize you. Earth Slide works half way decently, but weapons work better. Range weapons (bows, javelin, whip) are idea for distance fighting.

    After you defeat Kilroy, grab the water seed and take it back to the Water Palace. Stop by Neko's and get a Faerie Walnut. You'll need it for the next battle. There are monsters in the Palace. Automatically assuming something is wrong, you rush into the place. These monsters give lots of gold and exp, so try not to skip too many of them. Once inside, you'll meet Gestar from the Empire in the stage room. He has taken Luka prisoner, and will only exchange her for the Water Seed. It doesn't matter which choice you pick when you're given one. You'll fight the Jaberwocky anyway. His attacks can hurt, so cure when you need to. Keep casting Earth Slide on him, and he'll eventually die. Once the battle is over, the seed is back on the stage. You'll have to re-seal it. Talk to Jema and Luca, and then talk to the Cannon Man near Potos. He'll take you to the UpperLand forest.

    The UpperLand

    You land in a strange forest, full of moogles. Sprite loses his memory. He can't tell you which way to the village. Talk to one of the moogles and you'll find out that he's crying because pebblers have taken over their village. If you go south, you'll find Neko. The UpperLand consists of 4 seasons - Winter (where the moogles are), Spring (where Neko is), Summer (near the Cannon Travel Center), and Fall (where the owls are). Go to Summer, and enter the Moogle Village (Top Left of the screen). There are 3 Pebblers inside. Defeat them, then try to leave. The moogles come back to the village. Find the weapon orbs that are there, and talk to Watts. Buy whatever you need from Neko (including a Faerie Walnut), save your game, and then talk to one of the moogles. They will tell you to "Walk the seasons from spring to winter to spring again." This simple means walk to spring, then summer, then fall, then winter, in the little circle that the seasons are in. If you turn back you'll have to start all over again, so be careful not to make a mistake. When you get back to spring, the gate to the Sprite Village will open.

    The Sprite Village has been abandoned, but there is a boss there. Spring Beak is there waiting for you. Cast Earth Slide on him, and he will soon die. Then follow the path to the Wind Palace. Sprite finds his grandfather. The Grandfather tells Sprite that all of the villagers were killed. He would go with you himself, but he lost his vision during the attack on the Village. He sends Sylphid with you instead. Sylphid the Wind Elemental's magic will break the orb on the west of the Spring. Cast Air-Blast on the crystal to get rid of it.

    This is the real forest. It's very large. Beware of the monsters that lurk here, for they are sometimes tough. Work your way through, and you will find a cave in the side of a stone wall. Use the axe to cut down the spikes and enter the town on the other side. Welcome to Matango, the mushroom city.

    These mushrooms are friendly, unlike mushbooms, so talk to them. Watts is inside the palace, so you can reforge your weapons. Be sure to buy new armor and now you can buy Faerie Walnuts for only 500 gold each instead of 1000. Go inside and talk to the king. He tells you a prophecy about a white dragon on the east of the Fung Castle. The King will ask you to find the white dragon, and he will give you a new weapon orb to aid in your search. Save your game, and go out the door on the right on the first floor of the castle. Then find the caves and enter.

    The White Dragon

    Before you enter the White Cave, you'll have to pass a large rooms with Steamed Crabs, etc. Take this opportunity to raise Sylphid's magic to level 3 (as well as the other magic if you haven't done so already). The cave is filled with Kimono Birds, Pebblers, and Nemesis Owls. They are all weak against Gnome, so Earth Slide will be usefull. Cross a gap using your whip, and go down stairs. Cross another gap, and go down another set of stairs. Work around to the left. You'll find yourself on a long stretch full of monsters. Soon you will find some large blocks blocking your way. Go upstairs and find the Crystal Orb. Earth Slide will trigger it. The rocks are gone. Keep wandering deeper into the cave, and you'll find the Great Viper. Use Sylphid's Thunderbolt on it, and you'll kill it rather quickly. Now you find the White Dragon. Her parents were beaten by the viper.

    Truffle wants to take care of the dragon. He names her Flammie, and promises to keep her until she grows stronger. He also tells you that Cannon Travel in the Great Forest is reopened. Go back to Cannon Travel, and head to Kakkara.

    Stranded You come out of your flight and end up in the middle of the desert. The Cannon travel man must have miscalculated somewhere. But there's no time to worry about that. You need to find water. There are really no directions, so just wander around until you find the Imperial Sandship.

    The soldiers on the sand ship think you are spies. You end up being a slave in engine room. Talk to Sergo the pirate, and he will tell you to go talk to the guards over by the door. While you distract them, Sergo yells "FIRE" and the guards leave the door to see what's going on. Take this opportunity to leave. Go off in search of your two companions. Find Sprite first. He has eaten all of the food on the ship, and they beg you to take him with you. So you do. Next, go find the way to the helmsman at the wheel. He will save your game. Now go search for Girl. There is a "hidden" door in the bottom part of the ship where the silver walls are. Enter the door, and you'll hear an argument between Girl and your captor. Then the Empire attacks.

    You've had a bone to pick with Geshtar for a while now. He attacks you with Mech Rider. You can easily defeat it with weapons, but magic (Earth Slide and Thunderbolt are useful) is good as well. After you defeat Mech Rider, the Sandship is destroyed. Talk the all the soldiers, and one of them will ask if you are leaving. Tell him yes, and he will give you directions to Kakkara. Go north. Buy new armor, items, and save your game. You find out that the Fire Seed has been stolen. Use cannon travel and go to Ice Country.

    The Power of Fire Good armor is a must in the Ice Forest. In the middle of the forest, you'll find Santa's hut, but it's deserted. Grab the Spear Orb inside. At the end of the Crystal Forest, you'll have to fight Boreal Face. This boss has a lot of HP, but he is no match for you. Use HP drain on him, and hit him with weapons. Thunderbolt is also somewhat useful. When he dies, go into the town. This is the Hidden Paradise. It's very warm even in the middle of Ice Country. But what's that you see? The Scorpion Army! One of those goons is guarding a stove in the center of the city. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to watch the stove to make sure it doesn't get cold. What's this? The stove is making noises! Should you open it? Yes, if you know what's good for you, you will. Out pops Salamando. He's rather upset that he was being used as a stove, and agrees to join your party.

    Now, going back to Todo Village and raising Salamando's magic to level 3 would be a very good idea at this point. You will need it when you get to the Ice Palace. After you raise the levels, go back to the city. It's deserted now, so just go on through. There is a section on forest with two paths. The path on the left leads to Neko. Go here first and buy whatever it is you may need. Save your game, go back and take the right path.

    Ice Palace Ice Palace is not a dungeon, but it is a tough place full of tough enemies. When you get to the crossroad, you can go right for an energy orb. Don't try to kill the enemies in the magic library. They use magic, and it takes magic to kill them. Run through until you get to the first boss(es).

    Don't use magic on them. You'll need it later when you fight the Gigas. Just take them one at a time, and you will soon be able to kill them all. I would suggest using range weapons, and also using the target command on your menu ring so that your companions don't attack the wrong ones and you have them all on your tail at once. Now for the Frost Gigas. His magic is strong, but yours should be to by now. Fireball is the spell to cast on him. Use the rapid magic casting trick (cast right after the elemental has disappeared) and there isn't really any way you can loose. After you defeat him, you get the Fire Seed back. Now, head back to Kakkara and the Fire Palace!

    Fire Palace

    You must return the Fire Seed to the Fire Palace. The Palace isn't really that hard, but there are several orbs in it that you will need to use magic for. First, cast Exploder on the crystal. Go upstairs. Cast Fireball on another orb. Go upstairs again, then go down and then go upstairs! Keep going, until you can go downstairs. Trigger the switch. Go downstairs, use your whip to cross the gap. Cast Freeze on the crystal. Trigger the switch. Only two lamps are on fire. Stand in the space between them. Now you have to face the Minotaur.

    His magic is very strong (lv.7 ), but he doesn't have too many HPs. Cast Thunderbolt on him, and soon he will be no more. Try to stay away from him, or he'll knock you down with his horns. Now, put the Fire Seed back on the stage, and return to Kakkara.

    The Empire

    Kakkra's Cannon Travel can now take you to the Empire. You land in the Empire's Southtown. Don't buy any new armor yet. You will soon be in Northtown and there is better armor there. Don't waste money. Talk to Mara, the lady on the west side of town with purple hair. She's really a Tasnican spy, and she'll give you the password to the sewers leading to Northtown.


    Northtown is the capital of the Empire, as well as a city full of your enemys. You also meet the resistance, led by Krissie. She tells you about the situation in the town, and about the ruins to the north. You begin to think that you're getting tired of old Thanatos, and that he's taking over one too many ruins for your tastes. Buy good armor, and check out the ruins...

    Northtown Ruins

    Very tough area. Great armor is a must. Don't waste time trying to kill the monsters. There are too many of them, and you'll have time to level later. Though the ruins are long, they are not very complicated. Eventually you'll get to Doom Wall. Defeat it in the same way you defeated the last one. Earth Slide.

    Thanatos is just a little more than miffed at this point, so he sends another boss; Vampire. He, on the other hand, is not so simple. He has 2500HP. Earth Slide will work very well here. Use Cure water very often. After you defeat him, the monsters, Thanatos and Dyluck are gone. You are now determined that Thanatos must die.

    The Emperor

    Go back to Northtown, and go to the Resistance Base. Krissie says that the Emperor wants peace. Could it be true? Hell no. But you must have vengance on Thanatos, so you let your sword arm think instead of your head and you follow Krissie to the Palace (it's on the north ). And then you're trapped. Imagine that. You knew this would happen, didn't you? Now you just have to get out of it. Talk to the imperial soldier to get out of the cell. You'll have to fight Metal Mantis. It uses no magic, but its beams are bad. The can frost you, engulf you, poison you, etc. But it doesn't have too many HPs. Earth Slide and Thunderbolt will work nice :) After the battle, you'll have to find your way to the Emperor. You decide that he's worth a fight with. The monsters aren't so hard, and the Embermen give you good exp, gold, etc. Keep killing them for a while, and you'll gain several levels and lots of gold. Remember to visit the right wing of the castle to get some energy orbs. Then, enter the main part of the building. When you have a choice to go left or right, go left. You'll reach the room with many switches on the floor. Use the right switch, it'll take you on the left. Just before the next switch on the floor, there's a small switch on the wall. Activate it, and the floor switch will let you pass. You'll find the Emperor, Fanha, Sheex and Geshtar in the next room. Geshtar! Damn, don't you *still* have a score to settle with him? Well, this time it's for real. He will ask the Emperor for "one more chance" with you. Another Mech Rider attacks. Oh yes. Now you will have your revenge. Nothing has changed. Weapons and magic will work very well. After you destroy him, Geshtar is about to burn the whole place. Damnit, dying's not going to let you get Thanatos...but Truffle saves the day! You decide then and there that you will give Truffle the head of Thanatos, since he deserves it so much.

    Secret of Mana Walkthrough part 2

    The Dark Palace
    ***** Elemental of Darkness Shade *****

    Now, you can use Flammie!!!! He can travel all over the world very quickly, and he can take you wherever you want. Take Truffle back to Matango, he'll tell you about the Palace of Darkness in the Lofty Moutnains. Mandala is a very old village... There's nothing interesting in the temple to the north (you can explore the videos inside, they have recorded some events from the War of The Mana Fortress from long ago). If you go down the mountain, you'll find the Palace of Darkness. Go right. Break the spikes on the right. Go down, left and up, you find a switch, activate it. Go down for another switch. Now there's no barrier at the beginning. Don't go back there yet. Go downstairs, enter the corridor. Go upstairs, use your whip, press the switch. Come back using Magic Rope. You're at the beginning. Go left, up, cut the spikes on the left, enter the room. Press all switches and follow the light. The boss is a little tough. It'll use dark magic on you. Its normal attacks are painful as well. But Fireball will finish him. He won't hit you much is you use rapid fire magic. After the battle, Shade will give his powers to Sprite. Evil Gate is pretty much useless, and also costs lots of MP. Dark Force is pretty good spell though.

    Golden Tower
    ***** Light Elemental Lumina *****

    Head for the Gold City. They have some GOOD armor over there. In the city itself, you'll find nothing interesting. Walk up the stairs that lead to the city wall. Walk all the way around and talk the the old man that's up there. He will tell you about the Gold Tower and how the King sealed it up, but the key was stolen by a Tasnican spy. Call Flammie and go back to Southtown to talk to Mara. She will give you the key. You must have good armor before entering the tower. It is pricey in Gold City, but it is a must. Enter the tower. In the first room you will find a treasure chest with an orb in it. Fight your way through three rooms and go up the stairs. Here you will fight the Blue Spike. The only way to beat him is to cast Earth Slide on him. (It won't do very much damage, but it will help tremendously.) After you defeat Blue Spike, go back to town and save your game, buy Faerie Walnuts, and whatever else you need. Go back into the tower and fight your way through all of the monsters until you reach the next boss: Gorgon Bull. Gorgon Bull is easily defeated when using a high level Thunderbolt. After you beat Gorgon Bull, go up the stairs. Here, the Girl recieves the magical power of Lumina, Elemental of Light. (Don't forget to seal the seed.) Raise your magic levels and continue on to the Moon Palace. If it won't let you in, go back and visit Sage Joch and then go back.

    The Moon Palace
    ***** Moon Elemental Luna *****

    After you've raised your spells, it's time to go to the Moon Palace. Take Flammie to the desert and land him in the middle of the black hole looking place. Here you will find a path leading up. Go up, and you will find a ship that will take you to the Moon Palace. WHen you get to the Palace, don't worry about killing the Marmablues. Just enter the palace. There are no bosses here, so don't worry about that either. WHen you get into the palace, go northeast until you find a crystal orb. Lumina's magic will break the orb. When the light fades, you will find yourself before the stage room. Go up, and talk to Luna. She will give you her powers. (Don't forget the seed.) Go and raise your levels again, and then head for Tasnica.


    After you raise your levels, head for Tasnica. Jema is waiting for you at the entrance and he tells you that there is an imperial spy in the castle. Make your way to the king and talk to him. Whoops! That's not the King! It's actually a Dark Stalker. If you want to be brave and try to kill him with weapons, by all means, do so. But, if you want to take the easy way out, cast Lucent Beam on him once or twice and be done with it. After you kill the Dark Stalker, the King returns and gives you a sword orb. Talk to Jema and he will tell you that you should go to Sage Joch for a test of true courage.

    The Test of True Courage

    Go back and talk to Sage Joch. The Sage will see you now. He tells you that you must undergo a test of true courage. Make your way through the cave (don't bother with the enemies. They're too hard for you at your level.). Just run through until you reach the shadows of yourself, otherwise known as the Doppelgangers. The battle can be difficult, if you don't do it right. The hardest one to kill is the Hero's. It has the most HP. What I suggest is that you kill the shadows of your companions first, then try to kill the Hero's shadow. If you win, you pass the test of true courage. Jek will tell you that he is really the Sage, and he tells you to go immediately to the Tree Palace. The Sunken Continent is about to rise...

    The Continent Rises
    ***** Tree Elemental Dryad *****

    When you first enter the palace, you will see the Emperor, but he isn't in the best mood for talking, since he's dead...Go to the back room and find Sheex and Fanha. You learn that Sheex was the Dark Stalker, and he is out for revenge. This battle is another one of the hardest in the game. I suggest strongly that you level your Shade to it's highest so that you can dispel the wall spell that it casts on itself. Cast Earth Slide and THunderbolt on it, and keep dispelling it's wall. It shouldn't be too god awful hard then. After you defeat the monster, you race to the seed, but it's too late. Thanatos has already broken the seal on the seed. Dryad appears and tells you to leave. The sunken continent is rising. She tells you that she will go down with her palace, but you persuade her to come with you. This is probably the most important magic in the game. Level it as high as it will go. You will need to cast Dryad magic on the Mana Sword when it comes time to defeat the Mana Beast.

    The Underground City

    Talk to Jema, then go left and downstairs, to the lake. Work your way around to the right and go down the stairway. Now you're in the city. Use the axe to cut down the spikes. Go across the waterfall and get the orb in the chest. Go up. There will be a lot of spikes blocking your path. Cut them out of your way with the axe. Go upward, and when you reach the top go left. Fall down the waterfall, but be sure to hit the switch on the left on your way down. The water will disappear. When you get to another waterfall, fall down it and hit the switch on the left. (The other ones don't do anything.) When you go through the exit you will find yourself in the room with a Hydra. Use rapid fire magic with Exploder, and the Hydra will soon die. Now you find yourself in another part of the city. Go downstairs and enter the middle door. Step on the escalator and go down. Go into the hidden room on the left and step on the switch. Now there will be no barrier downstairs. Now you find the resistance base, and Krissie will heal you. Watts is also here for any weapons you might want to forge. (There is no way to save once you enter the city, so just be careful.) Also talk to the soldier there and he will tell you a secret code. "Red-Blue-Yellow-Green." Remember this code. You will need to later in the city. Go back into the hallway, and go right to the end of the corridor. Go left. Then you will find another escalator. Go on the right to press the switch, and a barrier is removed. Don't worry about the barrier near the switch. You'll find another long hallway full of monsters. You should see four blocks on the ground. Step in between the two in the middle and another barrier will be removed. From another corridor, you will find four switches in the colors of Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Hit each switch in order of the code that the soldier told you and go down. YOu are now in a room with two Kimono Wizards. Be sure to press the switch before you go down, otherwise you'll have to go through the city again. Go up. The barrier is gone now! Here you'll find the subway. If you want to be brave, you can fight all of the Ghouls, but remember that there is no place to save, so if you don't want to risk it, you can just run down the middle of it all the way to the end. Exit the subway and work your way around. When you get to the end you will be face to face with the Scorpion Army. Now you have to kill their new robot, Kettle Kin. There isn't really any magic that will help you defeat Kettle Kin, but use dispel magic when he casts Lucid Barrier. Also, you can use HP drain on him. He shouldn't be too hard. This is the end of the Underground City.

    The Grand Palace

    When you enter the palace, you will see a set of stairs on either side of you, and a stairway directly north of where you're standing. Go up the stairs directly north. Go up and to the left. Enter the room, and go up to the side of the stage that the orb is on. Cast Gnome magic on this orb, and then exit the room. Then go to the door on the right. Cast Undine in here. Go back down the stairs and go up the stairs either to the right or the left. Now go up the top set of stairs. Use your whip to get across the gap. Go to the left, and go in the room. Use Sylphid in this room. Come out of the room and go down. Work your way around to the right and go back up into the room. Go into this room and use Salamando. Now go back down and go up the stairs in the middle. Go the the left and down. Go into the room on the left and use Lumina. Go back out and go to the room on the right. Here use Shade. Now go back up. Go up the stairway on the right and work your way around to go down the room on the left. Hit the switch on the right and go back out into the room with two stairways. The barrier will be gone from the doorway. Go through here. Go up the stairway. Now you are in a room with six torches. Go to the left and go down the stairs. Follow the path around to the right and go up the stairs there. Now are the last orb room. Go to the left and go into this room. Use Luna here. Now go to the stairs on the right. Here you will fight the Snap Dragon. Beware of his tongue. He can cast Cure Water three times before he dies, but cast exploder on him and his days will be numbered. Now go up the stairs on the left. Here you will see the Emperor on the seed stage, but he is dead. Go through the opening in the back of the room and you will fight Hexas. Hexas is a real hard boss. Beware of her attacks. Use Earth Slide on her, and she will soon die. When you defeat her, go through the opening in the back and step on the switch. Go back out and talk to Jema. He tells you that you must go find the Mana Tree in the Pure Land to ask it if it will revive the Mana Sword. Now you're off to the Pure Land.

    The Pure Land

    The Pure Land is a white and gray island to the west of the Ice Country. The enemies there are some of the hardest in the game, so be sure to stock up on very good armor. If you look behind the Tree Palace, Neko is there. He has some good stuff, even though it's a little on the expensive side. The Pure Land is dangerous, but it's the best place in the game to gain levels before you have to go to the Mana Fortress. Beware of the Mushglooms and Gryphon Claws. You'll need Sylphid, Gnome, Undine and Salamando spells to be at a high level (6 or 7 if you want to do this quickly). The first boss is a little difficult, because he casts such high level magic, but keep casting Thunderbolt, and he will soon die.

    After you defeat the first boss, you'll reach the First Gate of the Pure Land. Save your game, then fight the Snow Dragon. Use Fire magic. After you defeat him, go back, and pass through the gate.

    The next part of the Pure Land will be a cave full of Ice Thugs. You'll find Axe Beak in the middle of the cave. He can be easily defeated if you use Undine. Leave the cave and search for the Second Gate. Defeat the Red Dragon, and go on through the Second gate.

    Now you will have to fight Thunder Gigas. He has a lot of HP and strong magic attacks, but he's weak against Gnome. The last boss is the Blue Dragon. He is weak against Gnome as well. When you defeat him, pass through the gate. Here stands the mighty Mana Tree.


    This is the final stage of your adventure. Enemies are extremely hard when you get through to the end, and thereare lots of them. When you first wander into the fortress, you will encounter Tsunamis. Pass through room with Tsunamis, and another one with a Fiend Head and some Dark Stalkers, and then one with Heck Hounds. Press the switch and the Tsunamis will attacks you. Cross the gap.Keep wandering, and you'll get to a room where 2 Turtlances are wandering around. You have a choice. Left, or use the whip to cross the gaps. To the left is a very long path that inevitably leads to a dead end. Use the whip to cross the gaps, and you'll find yourself in a room full of blue spikes. Use the axe to cut them down. Ignore the switch in the middle. This only brings the spikes back. If you keep wandering, you'll find Buffy the Vampire. Use Lumina's magic, and Earth Slide. This boss is not that hard, but don't let your ego run away with you. There are two more to go.

    Exit the room where you fought Buffy, and there will be a right and left path. They both go the same place, but the left one is a short cut. Wander through until you come to the next boss, the Lime Slime. A trick to fighting Lime Slime is to cast wall on everyone. His magic isn't really bad, but what doesn't hit you hits him, and I personally would rather it hit him than me. Cast Shade on him, and eventually he will die. You will know it's about to die because it gets bigger towards the end. It has 5000HP. Now for the last stage of the fortress.

    This stage of the fortress is the hardest and longest. It is full of the hardest enemies in the game; Master Ninjas. They can kill you in one to two hits if you aren't careful. Stay away from them as much as you can. You will wander around for quite a while, but the path is clearly marked and there's no way you can get turned around. When you get to a big empty room, cast all the spells and such that you want on everyone. The end is near.. Thanatos and Dyluck are in the next room. Thanatos is about to steal Dyluck's body, and Dyluck is very weak. Eventually, after the big scene with them, you'll have to fight Thanatos. His true form is the Dark Lich. The graphic is very cool. He isn't too hard, but you have to watch out for some of his attacks. If you casted wall, you should be alright for most of them. Watch out for his beams,and if he's underground, don't go near his hands. Instant death awaits you there. Lucent Beam will work well, as well as Earth Slide is The Dark Lich has 6666HP.

    When Thanatos is dead, the Mana Beast attacks the Fortress. You and your companions have to decide whether to fight the Beast, or let the world die. I think the choice is pretty clear... If you decide to fight, the only way to defeat him is with the Mana Sword, and so Dryad's Mana Magic is released from its confinement. The end is now.

    The final battle:

    The only way to defeat the Mana Beast is to beat on it repeatedly with the Mana Sword. To make the sword appear, Sprite and Girl have to cast Dryad's Mana Magic on the Hero. Be cautious, though. Mana magic doesn't last long, and it take both the Sprite and Girl magic together to restore the sword. You can tell if the sword has run out of power by the color. The regular sword is silver. The Mana Sword is a greenish tint. When the sword runs out of power, cast Mana Magic again. Do not try to hit the Mana Beast when it is on your side. Only when it is in front of you can you hit it. Don't worry about charging your sword, but just wait until it reaches 100% power. If you do it this way, you should have no trouble beating the Beast.



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