By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Secret of Evermore Walkthrough

by Carson Lee 2nd email and Eric Oliver


  1. Introduction
  2. Characters
  3. Weapons
  4. Charms/Rare Items
  5. The Walkthrough
  6. Map of the Dark Forest
  7. Spells List [Names/Locations/How]
  8. Spells List [Names/Cost/What]
  9. Ingredient List
  10. Nobilia Marketplace Trading Guide
  11. Game Genie Codes
  12. Acknowledgements
  13. References
  14. Letters

    Secret of Evermore FAQ Version 1 (December 16, 1995)

    IMPORTANT: -This FAQ was written in basic text format so everyone could read it. A simple editor like MS-DOS Edit will show it as it is in front of me, perfectly aligned.
    -This FAQ was designed as a guide. It's purpose is to help those that are lost or people who think they have explored all the possible areas in the game and would like to know if there's anything they haven't found. I'm writting this because of some negative response (very little though) to my previous FAQ on Chrono Trigger.
    -I like mail, unlike many other authors of FAQ's. If it gets too unbearable, my response time may be slow but that's ok. I've only included two of my e-mail addresses above.

    What's New about this FAQ: -This is the first one (There are others in production)
    -Walkthrough written
    -List of alchemy spells
    -Game Genie codes
    -Map of the Dark Forest
    -Charms/Rare Items List
    -Ingredient List/Price Comparison

    Items to be added to FAQ:
    -More Game Genie codes?
    -Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    -If anyone re-writes this FAQ/Walkthrough, please send copies to:

    Name Internet E-Mail Address
    Carson Lee
    Eric Oliver oliver@dolphin.upenn.edu
    Lord Rokol lordrokol@aol.com

    I. Characters
    (By Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com)

    The Boy
            The boy (No default names in this game) is a B-movie fanatic.  He's
            sorta gullible and needs your help to guide him through Evermore.
    The Dog
            Your trusty friend changes form whenever you move onto a new section
            of Evermore.  It levels up it's Dog Attack very early and usually
            does 4x as much damage as the human, so keep him healthy.  He loves
            to find ingredients all over Evermore, but it's hard to tell exactly
            where it is, since his nose doesn't always point to it.  Try this:
            If he stops and sniffs at an area, but you can't find it, try leading
            him away a little bit, then bring your dog back and he might get
            closer to where it is.

    II. Weapons
    (By Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com)

            I.      Bone Crusher
                    The weapon you start out with, there's nothing special about
                    this one.
            II.     Gladiator Sword
                    This one is given to you after you win the gladiator match.
                    Again, nothing special about this weapon.
            III.    Crusader Sword
                    You recieve this one when you beat up the 3 clones of
                    yourself, you use it for a few minutes, then recieve a better
                    weapon.  I haven't found anything special.
            IV.     Neutron Blade
                    You get this one at Omnitopia when you free the orange
                    bazooka guy from jail.  The final sword.
            I.      Spider's Claw
                    You get this after beating up the first bug.  It allows you
                    to cut through the underbrush, but then, all the weapons
                    after it does that too.
            II.     Bronze Axe
                    You get this at the Pyramid.  This axe is the only axe that
                    allows you to break the rocks in Antiqua.
            III.    Knight Basher
                    You get this from Tinker's room.  This is the only axe that
                    allows you to break the huge rock barriers at/around the
            IV.     Atom Smasher
                    This final axe is at Tinker's room too, where you got the
                    Knight Basher.
            I.      Horn Spear
                    I don't remember where you get this one, just that you WILL
                    get it.  Nothing special about this one.
            II.     Bronze Spear
                    You get this at the Halls of Collosia.  It will help you get
                    through it.
            III.    Lance
                    You get this after beating the dragon in the Dark Forest (who
                    was using it as a toothpick!).  Nothing special.
            IV.     Laser Lance
                    I don't remember where you get this but it's somewhere at
                    Omnitopia.  This final lance has nothing special.
            You get this the first time at Omnitopia, but then lose it.  You get
            it again when you talk to Cecil at Ebon Keep.
            Because by the time you recieve the Bazooka, you have strong enough
            weapons, I never really used it.  I can't tell the difference between
            the projectiles except that the Thunder Ball is used up one per shot,
            the others, I have no idea.

    III. Charms
    (By Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com)

    Jaguar Ring     -From the sand pits of Prehistoria, a salesman gives it to
                     you with any purchase.  Press A to run.
    Chocobo Egg     -Gives you and your dog 50% more HP.  It's at the side
                     markets of Ivor Tower, though I heard you can find it in a
                     basket somewhere...
    Oracle Bone     -If you keep a Jeweled Scarab and Golden Jackal when you get
                     to Ivor Tower, you can get this item.  So far, it's only use
                     is to get one extra spell.  Tell me if it acutally causes
                     something else.
    Thug's Cloak    -Increases Evade %.  You can either buy it from a booth at
                     Ivor Tower or get it free if you helped an Oglin along the
                     way in the Dark Forest.
    Silver Sheath   -Increases the strength of swords.  You can get it from a
                     booth at Nobilia or cheap at a side booth at Ivor Tower.
    Moxa Stick      -Powers up healing items or spells.  You can get it from a
                     booth at Nobilia.
    Armor Polish    -Increases the protection from body armor.  You can get it
                     by trading the Silver Sheath for it.
    Insect Incense  -Repels mosquitos.  You can get it from a side booth at Ivor
                     Tower.  Doesn't work for me.
    Jade Disk       -Increases hit %.  You can get it from a booth at Nobilia.
    Ruby Heart      -Decreases enemy hit % when your HP is low.  You can get this
                     at a booth at Nobilia.
    Wizard's Coin   -Increases magic defense.  I have not gotten this yet.  HELP!
                     Tell me IMMEADIATELY if you find it.
    Staff of Life   -Increases defend power.  You get it from Horace after
                     beating up the dog statue.
    Sun Stone       -Increases endurance.  You can get it from a booth at

    IV. The Walkthrough
    (By Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com and Eric Oliver, oliver@dolphin.upenn.edu) This walkthough includes ALL the things I've found, including secrets. If there are some you've found, please tell me.

    Rules of the Road:

  1. Fight every creature, the more you fight, the stronger you get (a paraphrase from Ayla)
  2. Stock up on items, then ingredients. Items are more important early in the game.
  3. Save often.
  4. Talk to everyone.

    The Beginning

  1. The beginning is a long introduction story (charactersitic of Square games). You get sent to Omnitopia, where you're forced into a room. Get the bazooka from the chest, then fight the two bazooka dudes. This is easy. You walk into the Escape Pod, then you get dropped down into Prehistoria. Here, your dog changes form and instead of fetching the stick, he gives you your first weapon, the Bone Crusher.

    First Boss

  2. You travel around, gaining experience from killing flowers and obtaining free ingredients. At the end of the area, you meet your first major challenge, the Raptors. You CAN beat them.

    To Bugmuck

  3. You end up in Fire Eyes's village one of two ways, winning or losing. It doesn't matter how, since the same thing happens. You talk to Fire Eyes and she asks you to find StrongHeart. She gives you the Flash spell and Call Beads so you call summon her. You procede east to Bugmuck. You'll reach an area with quicksand pits. Intentionally fall into one of the first ones and you'll reach an inaccessable cave. There's a salesman here and he gives you a Jaguar Ring if you buy something from him, so please do. Go back out the way you came. Proceed south. When you reach the tar pits, you see a cave to your right. Here, you meet a friend of Strongheart's. He gives you the Hard Ball spell.
  4. Eventually, you'll reach your first maze in the bone structure. There is a way through, if you don't get it the first time, it gets obvious since the incorrect paths crumble.
  5. The boss is not very tough. Aim your spells directly at his heart. Keep your HP high since he retaliates after every direct hit. After you beat him, you get a Spider's Claw and free Strongheart.
  6. On your way back, keep checking the wall to your right. You'll find an entrance and get the Acid Rain spell.

    A Cooling Volcano?

  7. When you return to Fire Eyes, she asks you to check up on the volcano, which seems to be cooling off. Get new stuff in the village, including the Defend spell to the far west of the village. Go to Strongheart's house (South of village, North-West of the screen) to get the Cure spell.
  8. Return to the village and go north. You eventually reach the Mammoth Graveyard. At the top is the boss, but they're pretty easy. After you beat them, Strongheart appears and gives you the Heal spell. Proceed north into a larger area. Here, there are two areas of interest. A cave where you have to fight some raptors to get the Dino Skin (strong armor) and the middle of the volcano. At that location, you should clear the grass to reveal the blow points. Take the right one to get stuff, the left to get to the top of the volcano. When you take the left one, go in the cave closest to you, then use the blow point you land near.
  9. At the top of the volcano, you will be given the Levitate spell, to help get rid of a boulder that was blocking a cave entrance. You need an ingredient for that spell that is only found in the swamps to the east. Go back to the entrance of the Mammoth Graveyard, then go east to a path blocked by underbrush. Cut through it and proceed. Here, walk into the second shallow water part and onto a lilypad, which triggers the others to surface. Keep going. In this area, you'll face your second maze. It's long and I don't have directions, but killing certain small frogs? will trigger lilypads to surface. You eventually find your way to the boss. Before you get there, you might want to level up your spear. To do that, kill as many monsters as you can, even leaving a screen and re-entering it if you have to until the game says that you did. This is a helpful step.
  10. You'll know you've reached the boss when the boss music sounds. Walk north and you'll see Blimp across the swamp. He asks you to beat up the snake. Power-up your spear (by holding onto the attack button) and let it fly at the boss when it's charged up. Let your dog take care of the flames since he can't do much else. When you beat him, Blimp invites you to his house where he gives you a much needed Mud Pepper.

    To the Volcano (again...)

  11. You go back to the cave that was blocked off and cast Levitate to remove the rock. Go in. As you travel through the cave, you'll find more rocks that block your way. You'll also find the Mud Peppers you'll need to lift them. In some areas, you'll need to push rocks off a ledge into the lava.
  12. You'll eventually be led into a cave. As you go through, search the walls for an opening cause there's a man hiding with the Speed spell. You'll eventually go back outside and see the mini-boss. Beat him to get the final Mud Pepper.
  13. You'll reach the waterways of the Volcano. In the main room, there are two choices. In the left side, you will eventually find a switch to a door. In the right side is the door that is activated by the switch.
  14. The boss is pretty annoying, since he goes back into the lava to heal. Just keep pounding him, since I know of no secret way of beating him.

    Lost in a New World

  15. When you beat the boss, you will be shot out of the volcano. On your trip down the river, you and your dog will be separated. You find yourself on the shores of Antiqua. Shop around the city, then proceed east (since the other way is a dead end). Go into the cave that leads to the upper platform, then go into the cave there. In it you will find Blimp. He will give you the Crush spell and help establish a bridge to the desert. If you were crazy enough to buy an Amulet of Anihillation from the guy behind the crates, you can ride the boat across the desert, otherwise, you have to walk through it. It's rather large but there should be nothing of interest (The Sting spell could be found in an oasis somewhere...) there.

    The City In The Middle Of Nowhere

  16. When you reach Nobilia, you'll find yourself in a marketplace. You have a few minutes to shop, so do so. Look around for the best deals and get as many rare items as you can AND DON'T TRADE ANY OF THEM AWAY!. One guy will offer you an Armor Polish for your Silver Sheath and some money. Do it. You'll find it again later. There's this guy below the entrance who babbles a lot of crap. Listen to him. He's really funny. When he says something to the effect of "If I'm lying, may I be struck down with lightning", the next screen should be a list of three animals. These are the three animals you can change him into when lightning hits him. You can choose one and he'll be permanently changed into that animal or you can press Y and spare him. He gives you something if you spare him and you can do it over and over again.
  17. You will eventually reach the meeting. In it, your dog will choose you to fight the gladiator. Tiny escorts you to the gladiator prep room. In it, you will find all the armor you'll need. Just let your dog sniff around. When you go out to fight, you'll be doing it alone. To beat Vigor, the invincible, you have to hit him in the back. This is no problem with a charged up spear. Just keep doing it and you'll have no problem beating him. You'll get a sword when you win.
  18. You get to leave after you win, you get unlimited shopping time. If you haven't found the Atlas spell yet, go into the rooms with doors and you will find a guy hiding behing crates somewhere.
  19. When you're ready to leave, pick up a few Amulets of Annihilations. This will make your trip across the desert easier. When you leave, be sure to have one Jeweled Scarab, one Golden Jackal, and at least 4 extra Amulets. This will help you later on.

    To The Other Side Of The River

  20. When you return from the desert, you should return to Blimp's Cave. He will give you the Revive spell. This time, you will proceed west of the city, the area with a dead end. This time, control your dog and make him jump over the bridge. Proceed north with the dog and bring the conveyor over to his master. Past the shrubbery, you will eventually find Horace's camp, one way or the other.
  21. Horace tells you that you should get the diamond eyes that everyone's looking for. There are two places where the eye is located, the Hall of Collosia and the Pyramid. To help you out, Madronius gives you the Revealer spell.
  22. I think that the Pyramid should be completed first, since the weapon you get there is used in the Hall of Collosia and the fact that the weapon obtained from the Hall of Collosia has a higher attack rating.

    The Pyramid

  23. When you reach the Pyramid, you have to step on the switch to activate the small door. Make your dog go in it, then proceed up the pyramid steps. The dog will help opens doors as you navigate throughout the pyramid. The pyramid itself is not that complicated, though don't be confused that you cannot enter the top of the pyramid because you need your dog to step on the other switch. In one of the pots in the stage is the first of Horace's add-on spells, Regenerate, which is added to his call. You will have to beat a mini-boss to get the Bronze Axe. This mini-boss acts exactly like the tall guards with spears, just that they're capable of casting spells and they have higher HP. After you get the axe, you can chop down the barriers that was blocking former entrances.
  24. Your next goal is to find your dog. Once you find him, head up to the top of the pyramid. There's a boss there. You can only hit this boss when he re-attaches himself to the platform that brought him in. Until then, I suggest you run around the bottom of the room because the statues will cast Flash at you. When you beat him, you will get one of the diamond eyes.
  25. Before you go to the Hall of Collosia, go back across the river and break the rock barrier that blocked off the cave entrance. You get the Drain spell from the guy inside.

    The Hall of Collosia

  26. Your next goal is the Hall of Collosia but return to Horace's camp to get the Escape spell from Madronius. The Hall of Collosia is east, then north of Horace's camp. Use the Revealer spell to get across. Inside, the main room has two hidden bridges. One is a save point and another activates the first door. Once you've saved your game, find that door and go in.
  27. The first room is pretty easy. Just walk around and step on the switches. When you think you've gotten them all (you should return to the door if you went the right way), leave and look for a second open door in the main room (It may be a good time to save again).
  28. This room is the mini-boss. He's pretty easy, just beat him up. When you win, you get another switch. Activate it to open a third door.
  29. The third room has a series of switches that have to be activated in a pattern to open a door. You might want to try 3-2-1, to get in the second door, then leave and re-enter, using the pattern 1-2, go in the first door and get the stuff, then 3 to open the final door. Be sure to check the north of the room before you enter door 3 though. Again, go around until you've found the switch that activates the final door (again, you will be led to the beginning).
  30. The final room has some neat stuff in it, make sure you saved first. Check the walls, there are some areas with pots in them. When you make it to the mini-boss, beat him up and you'll get the Bronze Spear, the thing you need to activate the switch in the main room and to get out of this one. Before you leave, check the left wall of the mini-boss room for a secret passage. It will lead you to Madronius's brother, who gives you the Fireball spell.
  31. When you return to the main room, be sure to save. Activate the switch across the room and go in. This boss is pretty easy. Pick a weapon that can be charged. Start charging it up as you go in. This boss likes to jump out of the fire pits, curve in the air (be careful if you approach him at this time), then land and shoot a spell. Hit him in his final stage, then he will jump back into the pit and the process repeats itself. When you beat him, you get the other Diamond Eye.

    Stupid Boy

  32. When you return to Horace's camp, you hear that Horace went across the river. You head there to look for him when you run into his "twin". He convinces you (rather easily you stupid boy) to hand over the Diamond Eyes. Only when the evil twin howls with laughter do you consider the possibility that he might be evil. Beat up his guards, then follow him to Nobilia.
  33. When you reach Nobilia, everyone's gone again. They're all at the main square. If you haven't saved, you might try the inn. The boss is pretty tough because he puts out these annoying vultures. You have to hit him when there isn't a symbol of some sort on his head. Until then, keep away from the monsters or sick your dog on them.
  34. When you beat him, Horace will come and ask Tiny to throw the Energy Core of the statue away. This core will explode and open up a new tunnel. Before you check it out, Horace will give you a Staff of Life.

    Journey Into A New World

  35. When you return to Horace's camp, go explore the south of it and go across the bridge there. Go down the slope and go north down where the river previously was. Up there, there's a cliff. Jump off it.
  36. You will land in an area that is totally dark. This area is very annoying. Here's a guide through it:
  37. Right, Down, Teleporter, Right, past a Teleporter, Down, Right, Up, Teleporter, Left, past a Teleporter, Up, Right, exit the screen, Right, Down, exit the screen, Teleporter, a pot with a Call Bead, Left to exit, up into the boss room.
  38. The boss should be a cinch if you charged up the spear like I told you to earlier. Just stand behind him and keep charging and chucking the spear at him, stopping periodically to Heal yourself.

    Your Dog's a Poodle, But That's Not All That's Weird

  39. A guy will lower a bucket when you beat the boss. He gets your dog and saves your game. Go to the well and pull up another surprise, an Oglin. He runs away, you don't have to worry about him until later. Before you enter the front gate of the castle, go up to the wall and proceed left into the trees. In there is a chest with Horace's other add-on spell, Aura.
  40. When you enter town, check out the shops and side shops. With your Jeweled Scarab and Golden Jackal, you can get the Oracle Bone. With the Amulets of Annihilations, you can get the best armor in this town and a ticket to the show. Check out the town to the east before you proceed with your game. Don't get any armor, since the best are in the shops or later on. Every house has this "open our treasure and take what you want" policy except for one house. This house is owned by Lance. The treasures upstairs are off limits. Go upstairs. Here's your choice. You can be evil and take the treasure anyway, or just leave the room the way it is. If you chose choice B, Lance will stop and question you. After you answer honestly, he gives you the Lance spell and sells ingredients AND LET'S you open the treasure chests, your choice.
  41. Go back to the side shops at the bottom, making sure you get the Chocobo Egg. Watch the show with your ticket. They try to convert your dog into a Pig-Poodle, but he escapes and runs in the pig race. You win and get to go meet the queen. Your dog goes off into the castle as you chit-chat with the guests.
  42. Your dog runs away from the kooky chef and falls into the sewer. You have to find your way out. On your way, try to find this lady somewhere in the basement, who gives you a special key. There's a bookshelf in a room somewhere that hides a sewer passage. This will lead to the area where she is hidden. When the dog gets out, it makes a mess of the banquet. You get jailed. Your dog gets out. Before you free the boy, you might want to attempt to kill all the bad guys in the jail cells with only your dog. This will get you the best dog collar for the area, if you haven't gotten it from the Store in the town.
  43. The last jail cell opens into the sewers. In there, there's this old guy that gives you the Corrosion spell. He's not hard to find, just a bit hard to get to because you have to run against the current. When you leave the sewers, you will be caught by the guard. He leads you to the fake queen who gives you a mission. You reluctantly agree and you're sent on your way. You go through the east wing to get to the chessboard. If you found the key, explore all the rooms in the east wing before you give it to the poor husband. He will give you the Fire Power spell.
  44. Outside is a garden maze that leads to the chessboard. It's not really a maze, since it's small and easy. In the center is the chess knight. He's really pretty easy to beat, just that he's fast and hard to hit. When you beat him, a stairway will open up. Go down. You will notice another Energy Core on your way through, one that you'll need later.
  45. Outside, you will find yourself in the Dark Forest. Save with the old man, then proceed. You'll know if your going the right way if you see a goblin up in the trees. If you must, you can use the map in the next section. This will also help you get the One Up spell, though you really don't need it.
  46. You'll meet two mini-bosses. One is a clone of yourself. Beat him up three times to get his Crusader sword, the most worthless sword in the game, since you get another weapon almost immeadiately. Across the bridge, save your game with the kid. In this part of the forest, you should easily find the Oglin that you got out of the well before. He gives you a Thug's Cloak.
  47. The second boss is a dragon. Again, he's easy to beat, but beware of his Fireballs. They hurt.
  48. You will then make it to another sewage system. It's rather easy to find a path through this one, and be on the look out for hidden paths within walls. At the end of the sewer is a door that leads to the dungeon. You will remember the layoutof this place from the dungeon of Ivor Tower. In it, one of the cells leads to an area behind a house in Ebon Keep, one leads to a symmetrical at Ivor Tower, and the others have monsters. The Mazquito you find there is most likely a prank, since you get something in the cell's symmetrical counterpart at Ivor Tower.

    Ebon Keep

  49. In the town, you'll find it totally abandoned. The only inhabitants are Cecil (from FFII), who runs the inn and store, and the Ebon Keep Pharmacy, a name I gave it cause there was no other. Cecil gives you a Bazooka with any purchase as long as you say you know him (and you should). The Ebon Keep Pharmacy is in the back of a house in the top row of houses. She gives you the Regrowth spell. Buy a LOT of ingredients and save at the inn.
  50. Enter the castle through the main gates. Be sure to go down to the basement and pick up some helpful ingredients. The boss is the Rat King. He's hard! He chucks out several spells in a matter of seconds, so you better know how to do the same. If you don't know how to throw two-at-a-time, try it out on the rats before him. Most spells, when you cast it, you can cast another one immeadiately. This is sorta helpful against him. To beat him, throw every spell you have against him, two-a-times first. If you run out, use your Call Beads, now's a good time to use them.
  51. When you beat him, enter the castle. There, you will be met by Tinker. He leads you to the real Queen Bluegarden. She tells you the whole story and gives you her call. She then tells you to go to Tinker's, which is to the right of the room. Before you get there, his hall has an assortment of creatures. They're really simple to beat.
  52. In his room, Tinker greets you and gives you the plan. He tells you to go visit Gomi, his brother, to arrange transportation to Ivor Tower. After he's done talking to you, check the left bookshelf nearest you for a spell, and the table next to the treasure chest for another. Open the treasure chest to get the Knight Basher.
  53. Go back to the main floor and go into the left entrance. There is a small wing with a couple of rooms. In one of the rooms is Naris, the "smartest" boy in Ebon Keep, the ONLY boy in Ebon Keep at the time. He asks you to guess the number of marbles in his hand. If you guess correctly, you get the Super Heal spell, if not, you can try again later after an event has been completed, otherwise, he doesn't want to play with you.

    Quest to Gomi's

  54. Go back out to the sewers, and back outside to where a huge roadblock had stopped you before. Break it down with your Knight Basher and go in. Here in the tower, you basically go until you can go no more, go back, and all of a sudden a floor panel breaks and you fall into the next area.
  55. At the top of the tower is Sterling, another dragon boss. Stay away from him, since he picks you up and drops you off the side of the tower, forcing you to climb back up the stairs. He has a very low magic defense, so use spells often, especially Drain or Double Drain, which would be VERY beneficial here.
  56. When you beat him, Gomi appears. You chat for a bit and he gives you the Lightning Storm spell. Then, he takes you back to Ivor Tower via the sewage system. Go through it as you did before and head towards the queen's chamber. She's not there but go to the stage (to the left if you hadn't seen it before). There, you have to beat up the puppets, or so it seems. After you beat them a couple of times (and they keep coming back), Mungola shows up. Concentrate your attack on him, since the puppets keep coming back. After several shots, you will eventually beat him.
  57. When you win, the fake queen will try to lure you over to her (and it worked, stupid boy). She tries to squash you but you move out of her way. Her fall disrupts the structural integrity of the tower and it begins to collapse. You and the king head downstairs at lightning speed. When you get there, you find out that everyone's moved back to Ebon Keep. You have several ways of getting there. You can use the dungeon, I think, or you can go through the garden maze. The point is head back there.

    Quest For Spaceship Parts

  58. When you return to Ebon Keep, go back to Gomi's. He's not in his room, but outside of it. Go there and he will land in his Windwalker. He lends it to you and asks you to find the two Diamond Eyes, a Gauge, and a Wheel.
  59. Your first stop should be Nobilia, since that's where I usually start. Land there and go visit the palace, which was previously off limits. In the palace, you will find that Horace has taken it over. He tells you that Tiny has the Diamond Eyes and he gives you the Barrier spell, which I think is pretty cool.
  60. You should go back to the Windwalker and land near Blimp's cave by the river, since going through the desert sucks. Your next destination is under the pyramid. You should first go to where you got the Drain and Double Drain spells and re-requip the Levitate spell. Then you should go to Horace's Camp, go southeast until you get to the dry riverbed, and go south instead of north this time. The path will lead to the basement of the pyramid. Kill the Oglins inside, then use the teleporter.
  61. Inside the room is three switches and a rock. Levitate the rock and it will land on a switch. You and your dog should step on the other two to open the way to Tiny. Before you proceed, you should explore the room for goodies. When you reach Tiny, the procedure for getting to his is always entering the same teleporter that you just came out of. You will eventually reach Tiny and he will give up the Diamond Eyes.
  62. Your next area is Prehistoria. Land near the village and go to where you first met the first bug boss. A new one's replaced him and he's exactly the same, only a bit stronger. Use the same techniques you used to beat the first one to dispatch this one. When you beat him, you will get the Wheel from the web.
  63. Next, return to Prehistoria and head towards the volcano. Go to the jump areas, and step on the spring that sent you to the top of the volcano. This time, it will send you past the top and onto the hillside next to the area. Open the chest to get the Guage.
  64. After acquiring all three, buy any supplies you need and save the game. Then, return to Tinker's Room. There, he will finish making the rocket and off to Omnitopia you go.
  65. You will land in the Junkyard of Omnitopia. The place is filled with rats and a tentacle monster below, all harmless. At the far right of the Junkyard is a Bazooka Joe, but he won't fire at you. He tells you that his friend is late for duty and tells you to go find him. Make your way to the glowing teleporter (left, then up, then right) and get "lifted" up to the next level. You will find yourself in a room with a lot of generators. Search each generator cause there's ingredients in each one. You will reach the jail area at the far right. You will see Bazooka Joe's security buddy in one of the jail cells. Free him by entering the control room and turning off the cell door. He won't leave before you beat the raptor though, cause he says it will terminate us all (and boy is he right). Sick your dog at it, making sure you stay away from it (massive damage machine). When you beat it, the guard will thank you and give you the Neutron Blade, then return to his post. Go to his post and he will give you the Reflect spell.
  66. Return to the jail area and go to the teleporter to the right. You will end up in a huge area. You're currently in section A1. Your only routes are blocked by Sphere Bot guardians outside. Switch control to your dog and send him out (a door to the right of the one you came out of) to get rid of them. After you beat them, the door under them opens. Be careful cause in the hallways are spinning guards, they take time to beat. I suggest going right first, cause B1 has a teleporter that leads to the Store. Go down by stepping in the middle of the floor door (it takes a bit of getting used to). Inside, by all the items and ingredients you think you'll need, but unless you have to, don't buy any armor, since most of it you'll pick up along the way anyway. Then, south of the Store is another door that leads to the Inn. Save there and go back out via the teleporter to your left. You'll end up in B2. Go left to B1, then down to C1, and finally right to C2. There is another floor door. Go down and in that room is a big cooling system. Turn the switch on and leave. Go back to C1 and go down that door. There are heaters there, but some of them are off thanks to the switch you just flipped. Go in between the ones that are off, heading south. Before you exit, there's a chest next to the teleporter. That's one of the armor you'll pick up along the way. When you come up, you'll be in A4. Go right to C4, then go down the door. You'll find yourself in the main Control Room. Here, you'll have to make a few decisions. Go to the far left bottom corner of the room. The first two consoles in front of you controls the lighting in two rooms: The Greenhouse and the Storage Room. Now, if the lights are on in the Greenhouse, there are deadly unkillable (in my game anyway) plants that kill you in one shot. If the lights are off, they're dead. Your choice. I don't know the difference if you have lights on or off in the Storage Room, except with the lights on you can see the room, with them off, there are fewer monsters (but they're easy anyways, so who cares?). That's also your choice. The third console controls the Alarm Room. It's a room that, if left on, will trap you or your dog (whoever was leading) in a room alone with six Bazooka Joes to fight. It's great for experience, but if you want to avoid that, tinker (sorry, couldn't think of a better word) with the combinations until one turns off the Alarm Room. Leave the Control Room and head right to D4. There is a door to the Storage Room. In there, get the stuff and come back out. Now, I'm not sure if it's in only my game, but for some reason, when I come out of the Storage Room, the Greenhouse lights come on. Just to be safe, return to the Control Room and shut off the Greenhouse lights, if you chose to do so earlier. From D4, go up to C4. There is a door that leads to the Greenhouse. In there, carefully make your way through the room, and before you leave, be sure to look for a chest near the teleporter. When you come out, you'll be in B4. Go left to B3 and go down the door. This is the Alarm Room. Based on your decision before, you either fight or don't fight. At the end of the room I think is another chest (I've mixed one up by now...). Leave and you'll be in A3. Go left to A4 and go in. This is Professor Ruffleberg's room. You'll talk to Professor Ruffleberg and get your next mission. He'll open up a second door under the chessboard. He'll also give you the Call Up spell. My suggestion: Equip that spell, use it up, then talk to Ruffleberg again and de-equip it. It's just to get Call Beads and the ingredients are SO rare, there's no need to have the spell equipped. Anyway, access the computer that he's been using to buy the best armor in the game. After that, go to the Shuttle Pod room, the room you were in at the very beginning of the game, and get the Laser Lance from the chest where you got your first Bazooka. Go down the door into the Shuttle Pod.
  67. Now, head for Tinker's Room, and land there. In Tinker's Room should be one new spell on the table at the bottom left of the room. Also, in the chest is the Atom Smasher. Head towards the chessboard, going to Naris if you didn't guess his STUPID number the first time to try again. At the chessboard, you go down the second flight of steps and get the Energy Core. Keep going the direction you were going and you'll find a dude there. He gives you the Force Field spell, AND the Stop spell if you have the Oracle Bone. Buy ingredients from him, then return to Omnitopia, doing all the necessary shopping beforehand. Once back at the station, be sure to talk to Ruffleberg so he can give you the coolest spell, Energize. Run around Omnitopia, killing the spinning guards for experience and practice your spells to level them up to at least level 4. This may require you to go back to Evermore to get ingredients, but this is your choice. You don't need spells for the last boss, but it's cool to use them to beat up things anyway. Go back to the Junkyard and go to the teleporter that was broken. Touch it (to place the Energy Core) and it will activate. Save your game, then you will be teleported to the boss's room.

    The boss is easy, but if you want, here's some help:

  68. The first stage is the annoying fans and bombs. Energize your dog, then use his long range shot to destroy the fans. Once they're all gone, turn on the switches behind them.
  69. The massive TV screens will come up and you'll have to fight your old friends, the Raptors. Energize both you and your dog and beat them up. You have to do this a few times.
  70. The third part, to my knowledge (I've only played the game throughout three times!) is the boss you faced at the Volcano and the Hall of Collosia. Beat him the same way.
  71. Finally, you'll reach Carlton. I found that if you stand behind him, you'll be safe, though your dog is dumb enough to get killed. This may not work for you, since it didn't for my sister. Pound him with your weapon, your Call Beads, and your strongest spells. Waste them all since you won't need them anymore anyway.

    And there you have it, you've beaten the game (hopefully without a lot of help from me). Enjoy the ending, it's not long, but it's also not incredibly short either. ****************************************************************************

    V. Map of the Dark Forest (Mapped by Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com)

    Start--> O 
         O=O O   E             Sorry about drawing this in ASCII but not all of
         | | |   I             you can read this if I used another format.
         O O=O-1-O O-E
         |       I I           =|  <-- Correct Path
     4-O-O=O=O O-O-O           -I  <-- Wrong Path
     I       | I   I           (1) "Take heed and go no further"
     O-O-E O=O O-O-O-E         (2) "Camp on the banks of the great green Limpopo
     I I   | I I                    River"
     O-O 5=O O O-2-O           (3) "Souvenir Spoon Pounding Factory 5 Furlongs,
     I   |   I   I I                Tours daily"
     O O-O O-O-E E O           (4) "I'd turn back if I were you"
     I I | I       I           (5) "Visit beautiful Gruelville, 25 leagues west"
     O-O O E 6-O 3-O-E         (6) "Come see Mr. Head at Perceval Plank's
       I |   I I I                  Exhibition of Cultural Oddities"
     O-O O=O O E O-O E         (7) "See the amazing Bearded Boy, next left   
     I     | I   I I I         (8) "Half Way"
     O-E O=O-O-E O O-O             B=O=(Finish) (9) "City of Costagando, 30
     I   |       I                 |                 leagues east"
     O   O=O=O S-O O-O     O=9=O-T O E          (0) "Mountains of Candy, 50
     I   I   |     I I     |   |   | I               furlongs"
     O-E O-O O O=8=O E E-O=O-O O E-O=O          (S) One Up Spell
           I | |   |     |   I |     |          (T) Thug's Cloak if you saved
       O-O O O=O E O=O=B=O O-O O-E 0=O              someone.
       I I I     I I     I I I |   | I
       O O-O 7-O-O O-O   O-O E O=O=O O-E
       I   I I   I   I
       E   O-O   E E-O

    VI. Spells List [Names/Locations/When]
    (In chronological order the way I found them) (Written by Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com) Note a lot of these spells can be obtained at any time, the times I listed are when I obtained them and how they are incorporated in the walkthrough.

    Spell           Location                Time
    Flash           Fire Eyes's Hut         First meeting
    Hard Ball       Cave in Bugmuck         Trip to Bugmuck
    Cure            Strongheart's Hut       After Bugmuck
    Defend          West of Prehistoria     After Bugmuck
    Heal            Mammoth Cave Entrance   After fight with Vipers
    Levitate        Top of Volcano          Volcanic quest
    Acid Rain       Quicksand upper ledge   After Bugmuck
    Speed           Volcano Core/Caves      Volcanic quest
    Crush           Blimp's Cave            Arrival at Antiqua
    Sting           Oasis in Desert         Journey to Nobilia
    Atlas           Behind boxes at Nobilia Arrival at Nobilia
    Revive          Blimp's Cave            After you found the dog
    Revealer        Madronius               First meeting
    Escape          Madronius               Return to camp after one Diamond Eye
    Drain           East River Cave         First meeting
    Fireball        Secret room/            Search for Diamond Eyes
                    Hall of Collosia
    Double Drain    East River Cave         After Sacred Dog fight
    Lance           Lance's House           After not taking Lance's treasures
    Corrosion       Sewers of Ivor Tower    Banquet Trouble
    Fire Power      East Wing/Ivor Tower    Give Queen's Key to lonely husband
    One Up          Dark Forest/            First meeting
                    Hopelessly Lost
    Regrowth        Secret Ingredient Shop/ Drawbridge quest
                    Ebon Keep/Behind House
    Slow Burn       Tinker's Room/Bookshelf First meeting
    Explosion       Tinker's Room/Table     First meeting
    Super Heal      Smart Boy Naris/        First meeting
                    Ivor Tower
    Lightning Storm Gomi's Tower            First meeting
    Miracle Cure    Strongheart's Hut       After volcano explosion
    Barrier         Palace at Nobilia       Talk to Horace before Tiny incident
    Reflect         Bazooka Guard/          After freeing him from jail
                    Crash landing site/Right
    Call Up         Proffesor Ruffleberg    First meeting
    Nitro           Tinker's Room/Table     Return from Omnitopia
    Force Field     Room with Energy Core   First meeting
    Stop            Room with Energy Core   First meeting/with Oracle Bone
    Energize        Proffesor Ruffleberg    After Energy Core

    VII. Spells List [Names/Cost/How]
    (Written by Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com)

    Spell           What Effect                     Ingredient Cost
    Flash           Damage Infliction               1 Wax           2 Oil
    Hard Ball       Damage Infliction               1 Crystal       1 Clay
    Cure            Removes Bad Enchantments        2 Root          1 Oil
    Defend          Increases Defense               1 Clay          1 Ash
    Heal            Restores Partial HP             1 Root          1 Water
    Levitate        Lifts Huge Rocks                1 Water         1 Mud Pepper
    Acid Rain       Damage Infliction               1 Ash           3 Water
    Speed           Increases Agility               1 Wax           2 Water
    Crush           Damage Infliction               1 Limestone     1 Wax
    Sting           Damage Infliction               2 Water         1 Vinegar
    Atlas           Increases Strength              1 Atlas Medal   1 Ash
    Revive          Revives the dog                 3 Root          1 Bone
    Revealer        Reveals hidden bridges          2 Ash           1 Wax
    Escape          Exits from mazes                1 Wax           1 Vinegar
    Drain           Sucks up HP from enemy          1 Ethanol       2 Root
    Fireball        Damage Infliction               1 Brimstone     2 Ash
    Double Drain    Sucks up HP from enemy          2 Ethanol       2 Vinegar
    Lance           Damage Infliction               1 Iron          1 Acorn
    Corrosion       Damage Infliction/Poison        1 Mushroom      3 Water
    Fire Power      Damage Infliction               1 Feather       1 Brimstone
    One Up          Fully restores HP               1 Feather       1 Root
    Regrowth        Restores little HP through time 1 Acorn         2 Water
    Slow Burn       Poisonous effects               1 Iron          1 Brimstone
    Explosion       Damage Infliction               2 Ethanol       1 Ash
    Super Heal      Totally restores HP for both    2 Ethanol       1 Acorn
    Lightning Storm Damage Infliction               1 Iron          2 Ash
    Miracle Cure    Heal + Cure                     2 Root          1 Vinegar
    Barrier         Immunity from attacks           1 Limestone     2 Bone
    Reflect         Immunity from spells            2 Grease        1 Iron
    Call Up         Makes Call Beads                1 Meteorite     1 Dry Ice
    Nitro           Damage Infliction               1 Gunpowder     2 Grease
    Force Field     Absorbs next hit to target      1 Grease        1 Iron
    Stop            Puts target out of time         2 Wax           1 Crystal
    Energize        Charges up power bar FAST!      1 Crystal       1 Iron

    VIII. Ingredient List
    (Written by Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com Inspired by the one written by Sir Garland, SirGarland@aol.com)

    * Currency at which it's sold
    :) Cheapest price
    Rip-Off Ratio determined using corresponding currency type values:
    Ingredient      Place           Talons  Jewels  Gold Coins  Credits  Rip-Off
    Acorn           Tinker's Room   480     240     *120        960      240%   
                 :) Ebon Keep House 200     100     *50         400      ----
                    Lance's House   480     240     *120        960      240%
    Ash             Prehistoria     *60     30      15          120      120%
                 :) Acid Rain Man   *50     25      12.5        100      ----
                    Blimp's Cave    120     *60     30          240      240%   
                    Tinker's        240     120     *60         480      480%
                    Ebon Keep House 200     100     *50         400      400%
                    Lance's         240     120     *60         480      480%
    Bone         :) Blimp's Cave    240     *120    60          480      ----
    Brimstone       Tinker's        640     320     *160        1280     106%
                 :) Lance's         600     300     *150        1200     ----
    Clay         :) Acid Rain Man   *30     15      7.5         60       ----
                    Ebon Keep House 120     60      *30         240      400%
    Crystal         Prehistoria     *80     40      20          160      133%
                 :) Acid Rain Man   *60     30      15          120      ----
                 :) Bugmuck Cave    *60     30      15          120      ----
                    Blimp's Cave    160     *80     40          320      266%
                    Lance's         320     160     *80         640      533%
                    Chessboard      640     320     *160        1280     1066%
    Ethanol         East River Cave 200     *100    50          400      200%
                    Tinker's        400     200     *100        800      400%
                    Lance's         240     120     *60         480      240%
                    Forest Maze     400     200     *100        800      400%
                 :) Omnitopia       100     50      25          *200     ----   
    Feathers        Forest Maze     4000    2000    *1000       8000     400%
                 :) Omnitopia       1000    500     250         *2000    ----
    Grease       :) Chessboard      320     160     *80         640      ----
    Gunpowder    :) Omnitopia       1500    750     375         *3000    ----
    Iron            Lance's         480     240     *120        960      266%
                    Chessboard      600     300     *150        1200     333%
                    Forest Maze     720     360     *180        1440     400%
                 :) Omnitopia       180     90      45          *360     ----
    Limestone    :) Blimp's Cave    240     *120    60          480      ----
    Mud Peppers  :) Blimp's Cave    600     *300    150         1200     ----
    Mushroom        Ebon Keep House 1000    500     *250        2000     333%
                    Forest Maze     1200    600     *300        2400     400%
                 :) Omnitopia       300     150     75          *600     ----
    Oil             Prehistoria     *100    50      25          200      166%
                    Strongheart's   *80     40      20          160      133%
                 :) Bugmuck Cave    *60     30      15          120      ----
                    Forest Maze     320     160     *80         640      533%
                    Omnitopia       80      40      20          *160     133%
    Root         :) Strongheart's   *50     25      12.5        100      ----
                    East River Cave 120     *60     30          240      240%
                    Forest Maze     320     160     *80         640      640%
                    Omnitopia       80      40      20          *160     166%
    Vinegar      :) Strongheart's   *90     45      22.5        180      ----
    Water           Prehistoria     *60     30      15          120      300%
                    Strongheart's   *40     20      10          80       200%
                 :) Acid Rain Man   *20     10      5           40       ----
                    Bugmuck Cave    *30     15      7.5         60       150%
                    Blimp's Cave    80      *40     20          160      400%
                    East River Cave 100     *50     25          200      500%
                    Ebon Keep House 140     70      *35         280      700%
    Wax             Prehistoria     *120    60      30          240      150%
                    Strongheart's   *100    50      25          200      125%
                 :) Acid Rain Man   *80     40      20          160      ----
                 :) Bugmuck Cave    *80     40      20          160      ----
                    Blimp's Cave    120     *60     30          240      150%
                    East River Cave 200     *100    50          400      250%
                    Lance's         240     120     *60         480      300%
                    Chessboard      400     200     *100        800      500%

    IX. Trading in the marketplace of Nobilia of Antiqua
    (Written by SirGarland, SirGarland@aol.com)

    NOTE: Appraisal Price is the price that the appraiser will pay to you. The number before a trade is the actual cash (jewel) value of that particular trade.

    ALSO: There is a map of the Nobilia Marketplace that should have come with this file. If not, you can find it at http://dragon.res.cmu.edu, somewhere in the Evermore section. This was done I think my SirGarland too, but I'm none too sure.

          Beads           -6- rice and 3 jewels

    6 means that the actual value of that trade is 6 jewels. You get this from the rice. Each rice has a min value of 3 jewels. 1 rice is 3 jewels. Add the other 3 jewels for that trade and the value is 6. This has been added so you can determine what the best deal is.

    ITEM                    TRADING PRICE                   APPRAISAL PRICE
    Rice                    -3- 3 jewels                    4 jewels ea.
                            -6- 6 jewels
                            -9- 9 jewels
    Beads                   -6- rice and 3 jewels           8 jewels ea.
                            -10- 10 jewels
                            -12- 12 jewels
    Pots                    -6- 2 rice                      8 jewels ea.
    Perfume                 -12- 3 spice                    16 jewels ea.
    Spice                   -12- 2 beads                    8 jewels ea.
                            -12- 4 rice
                            -18- 3 pots
                            -24- 4 pots
    Chicken                 -18- 1 spice and 2 rice         8 jewels ea.
    Tapestry                -18- 3 beads                    13 jewels ea.
    Spoon                   -24- 2 spice                    12 jewels ea.
    Golden Jackal           -36- 2 chickens                 28 jewels ea.
                            -60- 5 spice 
    Limestone Tablet        -60- 4 spice and 2 beads        12 jewels ea.
    Jeweled Scarrab         -84- 1 spice and 2 perfumes     24 jewels ea.
    Amulet of Annhilation   -90- 30 rice                    10 jewels ea.
    Magic Gourd             -???- 1 chocobo egg             120 jewels *
    Ruby Heart              -162- tapestry, jeweled scarab  200 jewels *
                                    and limestone tablet
                            -264- Moxa Stick **
    Jade Disk               -72- 3 chickens and 3 beads     180 jewels *
    Armor Polish            -150- Silver Sheath             160 jewels *
                                  and 75 jewels ***       
    Moxa Stick              -264- 2 chickens, jeweled scarab, 260 jewels *
                                    and 12 spice
    Silver Sheath           -75- SunStone **                  160 jewels *
                            -150- Armor Polish and 75 jewels ***
                            -156- Golden Jackal and 10 spice
    Sun Stone               -75- Limestone Tablet and 5 rice  200 jewels *
    >> Fish                 -30- 30 jewels                          -----
    > Bronze Gauntlet       -60- 1 spoon and 2 tapestries           -----
    > Obsidian Helmet       -120- 10 spice                          -----
    > Stone Vest            -84- Jeweled Scarrab                    -----
    Chocobo Egg             -???- found in a ceramic pot            ???
    Secret of Evermore -- Trading in the marketplace of Ivor Tower 
    ITEM                    TRADING PRICE
    Spice                   12 gold coins
                            8 gold coins
    Beads                   15 Gold Coins
    Perfume                 2 spice
    Ticket for Show         Amulet of Annhilation
    Oracle Bone             Golden Jackal and Jeweled Scarrab
    Egg of Chocobo          9 perfume and 9 beads
    Insect Incense          3 perfume and 3 beads
    Dragon Helmet           200 Gold coins and Amulet of Annhilation
    Gold Plated Vest        800 Gold coins and Amulet of Annhilation
    Magicians Ring          750 Gold coins and Amulet of Annhilation
    Thugs Cloak             
    * denotes a permanent sell-off.  These items are various charms.
    ** denotes a permanent trade-off
    ***NOTE:  Basically, you may have the Silver Sheath OR the Armor Polish.
              It costs 75 extra jewels whenever you want to trade between the
              two.  Just go to the guy who originally supplies the armor
              polish in the marketplace.
    > denotes armor
    >> instant cure of 30 hp for the boy and his dog

    X. Game Genie Codes
    (Written by LuKas X, LukasX@aol.com)
    Lord Rokol, LordRokol@aol.com)
    Evering 15, Evering15@aol.com)
    Loma 349, Loma349@aol.com)
    Sir Garland, SirGarland@aol.com)
    Carson Lee, Carson_Lee@csgi.com)

    5DC5-CD7E      "WALK THRU WALLS"
                   This code will let you walk thru walls anywhere on the screen,
                   in any area!
    Created by :   LordRokol
                   Yes, this code work only if the DOG is a GREYHOUND...
    Created by:    Evering15
                   This code raises DOG's level every time you win a fight.
    Modified by:   Carson Lee
    6D8D-C759      The "DOG LEVELS UP AFTER BATTLE" works up to about level 77,
                   then died out for me.  So, I modified the code to make it
                   work for the rest of the levels.
    Created by :   Loma 349    
                            Gain more exp. for hero.  I used this after the dog code 
                            and hero started gaining more exp.
                            (Not going up a level every time. But, getting more)
    Created by :   SirGarland
                   The Boy gains a level after every enemy killed.  However,
                   this code only works once.  So, you have to SAVE and RESET
                   your game over to do the trick again.

    XI. Acknowledgements
    Eric Oliver oliver@dolphin.upenn.edu SirGarland SirGarland@aol.com Lord Rokol LordRokol@aol.com Loma 349 Loma349@aol.com Evering 15 Evering15@aol.com LuKas X LukasX@aol.com

    Please, if I left your name out, sorry, I'm rather busy right now, but e-mail
    me and I'll definitely include it into the next version.
    CCL :-) (-:  \|/  /----\  \|/
                  @  |  ,.  |  @
                  \--| \__/ |--/



From: Peter McRae
Hi, I cant get the walkthrough for Secret of Evermore. It might be a broken link, but my server isn't very good. Can you please send me the walkthrough as a html or a .txt to cybergerbils@yahoo.com. Thanks, CyBerGerbils

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