By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Sam & Max 205 Season two episode 5 Walkthough Solution by Al Giovetti

  1. After falling through the triangle go right and talk to the moleman with the boom box until you find out about the token.
  2. Go right until you can climb the ladder up to the street.
  3. Go left and talk to Ms. Bosco’s ghost and find out about her token problem.
  4. Go left and click (throw) egg from inventory through Sam & Max’s open office window and get boxing Betty remote.
  5. Go left and give Jimmy Two Teeth the artificial intelligence from inventory.
  6. Click (use) the boxing Betty remote on the Maimtron 9000 robot
  7. Move robot to the right and click on Bosco’s window and get the token.
  8. Put token in gumball machine down in the sewer and take the train to hell.
  9. Go right through the office door past reception.
  10. Get coffee cup from hell from the desk (blarg blarg’s desk) to the left of the door.
  11. Go right and get the key card from Brady Culture’s cubicle sign.
  12. Go right and enter the back room door.
  13. Click (use) the key card on the card reader to enter any of the five dioramas.
  14. Exit any diorama by clicking the box with green arrow on the bottom right of screen.
  15. Enter the Theater Diorama and get the N20 tank next to the dental chair on stage.
  16. Click (put) the N20 tank in the street diorama (don’t use the key card).
  17. Enter the street diorama and use the N20 on the left of the screen.
  18. Jump (run the car over) the ramp on the left sidewalk of the street.
  19. Enter the toy factory diorama and talk to the elf until you can select “what are you working on?”
  20. Then select “let us help you with your toy!” and “commando style!”
  21. Then select any of the four options and “acid for blood.”
  22. Exit the toy factory and enter the Santa’s workshop diorama and shoot the Christmas present with your revolver.
  23. Enter the cooking show diorama and get the cooking book Stinky’s early years from the shelf of books to the left of the stage.
  24. Leave cooking show diorama.
  25. Get file on Jimmy Two Teeth from the open file drawer to the left of statue of Sam.
  26. Go back to the surface and shoot Jurgen’s monster in Sybil’s office.
  27. Go to the COPS and click Jimmy’s file on Timmy’s file to make one large file.
  28. Timmy now dies and ends up in hell.
  29. Go to the cooking show diorama and talk to the rats near the microphone.
  30. Talk to jimmy near the microphone in the audience.
  31. Hugh Bliss cancels the show. Exit the diorama. Satan sends Sam to diorama.
  32. Get bone saw from Max’s school desk.
  33. Look at hole in the wall. Click (throw) key card at hole in the wall.
  34. Max beats up demon peepers and Sam & Max escape the diorama.
  35. Talk to the Soda Poppers. Satan is fired. The Soda Poppers leave to complete tasks.
  36. Go back up the ladder to the street and talk to Satan
  37. You will get a paper clip chain, Satan’s shopping list on company letterhead,
  38. Click the paper clip chain on the crack in the world between Sam & Max’s office building and Bosco’s Inconvenience Store and get the minesweeper game cartridge.
  39. Go back to COPS and click (put) the minesweeper game cartridge into Chippy.
  40. Chippy beats Specks in the musical challenge and saves Chippy’s soul.
  41. Go into Stinky’s diner and get the fruit cider of the knowledge of good and evil off the counter.
  42. Give Grandpa Stinky the female Stinky’s cooking baby book. Stinky becomes “the cake of the damned.”
  43. Go to Bosco’s Inconvenience store where Abe’s bachelor party is going on and pour the fruit cider in the punch cooler.
  44. Use (click) the bone saw on Jurgen’s monster and get the rib bone.
  45. Go back to Stinky’s diner and click the rib bone on “the cake of the damned”
  46. Go to Hugh Bliss’ cubicle in hell’s offices and click Satan’s grocery list on the list of curse words on the cubicle wall.
  47. Go back to Timmy Two Teeth and talk until the “Ask what’s Peepers real name” option comes up. Find out that his name is Dick Peacock.
  48. Go to Sybil’s office and talk to peepers and say Dick Peacock (Peepers true name) and reveal Peepers true form.
  49. Leave Sybil’s office by the front door.
  50. Shoot the bell on the ice cream truck that arrives in hell’s offices after the cut scene.
  51. Get ice cream from the truck.
  52. Go right and get snow from the right of the Soda Poppers vs. Satan snow ball fight.
  53. Get the red candle from the left of the Soda Poppers vs. Satan snow ball fight.
  54. Click (put) coffee cup from hell into Mr. Spatula’s water cooler.
  55. Click (put) ice cream into Mr. Spatula’s water cooler and create “the cake of the damned.”
  56. Click (put) the red votive candle into the cake of the damned.
  57. Click “the cake of the damned” with candle now in it on the peepers.
  58. Watch the ending animation.
  59. You won.

Copyright 2008 by Al Giovetti (Alfred@giovetti.com) and The Computer Show (www.thecomputershow.com).


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