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Safecracker Walkthrough by Peter Ekstrom

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    Complete safe-solutions to
    Safecracker by Daydream Software

    Written by Peter Ekstrom v1.0 HTML (970907)
    Latest version can be found at Cheat happens (
    This may not be altered in any way without permission from the author.

    This is not a walkthrough of every room in the game, only the
    solutions to the safes and the contents of them. Its listed by room-number
    but you may not be able to go in that order when you play.

    Color Codes:
    Name of safe
    Solution to safe
    Contents of safe

    Plans over the house can be found in room 1, Receptions. May come in handy.

    Room 0 - The street

    Lock on gate:
    Get all three musical symbols

    Entrance code:

    1st floor

    Room 1 - Reception (2 safes)

    Blue safe
    3 1 4
    7 x 25c coins,
    First piece of elevator codekey (1)

    Green safe
    This puzzle you have to solve on your own :)
    Key to archive, room 6
    Key to strongbox in storeroom, room 27
    Photo with code to keydisplay, room 10

    (Try the Computer)

    Room 2 - Small showroom (3 safes)

    Blue safe
    Hit the switches in this order:
    4 2 6 7
    3 5 1 8
    Note on Libertysafe, room 5

    Grey safe
    3 2
    3 1
    Crank to clockmotor, room 55

    Brown safe
    1 1
    5 5
    Scrolls to T-1001

    Room 3 - Designers room (1 safe)

    Jukebox safe
    Put in a 50p coin (from strongbox, room 27),
    Match the scrambled artist names with the right song:

    12    5    11    4 
    11    1     6     9 
    8     10   12    7 
    1      9     4     6 
    10    2     8     5 
    3      7     3     2 

    Jimi Henrix - Purple Haze
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away
    The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction
    The Beach Boys - California Girls
    David Bowie - Lets Dance
    Crash Test Dummies - Mmmm mmm
    Guns AND Roses - Paradise City
    Elvis presley - Hound Dog
    The Beatles - She Loves You
    Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA
    Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
    Whitney Houston - How Will I Know

    A clue can be foundin coffin in room 59
    Codes to final safe

    Room 4 - Coffee room

    No safes in here

    Room 5 - Constructors Office (1 safe)

    Liberty safe
    Type in "LAFAYETTE"
    Key no.2 to safe room 7,
    Diapicture disc to safe room 6

    Room 6 - Chief Engineer (1 safe, 1 archive)

    Green safe
    Use diapicture from Libertysafe room 5
    Second piece of elevator codekey (8)

    Key from Green safe, room 1
    Note on clockmotor, room 55

    Room 7 - Big Showroom (4 safes)

    Green Flower safe
    Get all flowers in the same color (red & yellow)
    Get one flower right then click that on until all three are right.
    Egyptian Cypher (1) to Pyramid safe, room 49,
    Scrolls to T-1001

    Green blind language safe
    Turn: 1 right - 5 left - 4 right - 2 left
    Key no 3 to safe, room 13,
    Codes to final safe

    Red key safe
    Keys from:
    Liberty safe, room 5
    Keybox, room 9
    Silver safe, room 7
    Fourth piece of elevator codekey (2),
    Blueprint on coffegrinder, room 21

    Silver safe
    Block key from Refridgeratorsafe, room 21
    Key no 1 to safe, room 13

    Room 8 - Cloak room

    No safes in here

    Room 9 - Security guard (Keybox, Archive)

    Key from strongbox, storeroom room 27
    Key no 3 to safe room 7
    Key to room 52
    Key no 1 to safe room 13
    Note on Clocksafe, room 34

    Note on handdryersafe, room 21

    Room 10 - Secret room, floor 1 (1 safe, 1 keydisplay)

    Type in O - P - Q - N in that order
    Dispenser key to bars, room 10

    Use dispenser key on lock on bars

    Job Contract,
    Video cassette to Video, room 52

    Room 11 - Customer Support ( 1 safe)

    Red voice safe
    Get dictaphone from lettertray on desk, play tape to safe
    Key no 3 to safe, room 13,
    Codes on Final safe,
    Note on Radiosafe, room 36

    Room 12 - Sales & Export (1 safe)

    Blue safe
    1 6
    5 2
    Codes to Final safe

    (Try the computer)

    Room 13 - Administration (1 safe)

    Red safe
    Keys from:
    Red safe, room 11
    Keybox, room 9
    "Blind script" safe, room 7
    Codes to Final safe

    Room 14 - Sick room

    No safes in here

    Check cupboard on wall for third elevator codekey (1)

    Room 15-17 doesnt exist

    Room 18 - Stairwell/Cannon Annex (1 safe)

    Elevator code: 1812

    Harnesk-safe in stairs
    Key to handdryersafe, room 24,
    Scroll to T-1001

    2nd floor

    Lite fuse (just click on it)
    Thermos, crackers, soft-cheese (in case youre hungry)

    Look at painting on wall over stairs, cracks safe in room 31

    Room 19-20 doesnt exist

    Room 21 - Kitchen (1 safe, 1 hidden door)

    Refridgerator safe
    Fill the thermometors to: C=9,5 - F=49 - K=282,5
    Apple, Banana, Milk Carton, Lightbulb
    Block key to Silver safe, room 7
    Scrolls to T-1001

    Turn to open hidden door to cellar

    Room 22-23 doesnt exist

    Room 24 - WC (1 safe)

    Push red button, use key from Harnesksafe, room 18
    Scroll to T-1001

    Room 25-26 doesnt exist

    Room 27 - Technical Design (1 safe)

    Blue safe
    Hit swithes in this order:

    1    12    8    9
    2    11    7   10
    16  13    3    6
    15  14    4    5

    Codes to Final safe,
    Scrolls to T-1001

    Store room, Strongbox
    Key from Green safe, room 1
    3 x 50p coins (to Jukebox safe, room 3)
    3 x 3d coins (to Jestersafe, room 32)
    Key to keybox, room 9

    Room 28-30 doesnt exist

    2nd floor

    Room 31 - Dept. Chief Export (1 safe)

    Picture safe
    Get the picture right, like on wall in over stairs, room 18
    Scrolls to T-1001

    Room 32 - Dept. Chief Marketing (1 safe, 1 drawer)

    Jester safe
    Use 3d coin from Strongbox, room 27,
    Dont quite know how I cracked this one :)
    Codes to Final safe

    Check drawer for Note with flags

    Room 33 doesnt exist

    Room 34 - Purchasing Dept. (1 safe)

    Clock safe
    Use note from keybox, room 9,
    Turn the time to 3 - 7 - 1
    Egyptian cypher (2)to Pyramid safe, room 49
    Codes to Final safe

    Room 35 doesnt exist

    Room 36 - Company Psycologist (1 safe)

    Radio safe
    Use note from voicesafe, room 11,
    Push L, turn to Radio 1,
    Push S, turn to Radio 4,
    Push M, turn to Radio Star,
    Push S, turn to Radio Luxemburg,
    Push O
    Codes to Final safe

    Room 37 - Library

    No safes in here, but a secret door to Crabb´s office,
    a shortcut (!) to the cellar and a couple of books to read.

    Shortcut to cellar
    In one corner of the Library were theres a sign that
    says "Please do not pull" what do you do? Of course you pull :)

    Secret door to Crabb´s Office (only way in)
    Right next to the "Please do not pull"-sign, check books in bookshelf.

    Room 38-43 doesnt exist

    Room 44 - Conference room (1 safe)

    Boat safe
    Turn: 2 right - 4 left - 2 right - 5 left
    Scrolls to T-1001

    Room 45 doesnt exist

    Room 46 - Music Chamber (1 safe)

    Piano safe
    Either play "Twinkle little star" on piano if you know it,
    else play taperecorder to hear it first
    Egyptian Cypher (3) to Pyramid safe, room 49
    Codes to Final safe

    Room 47 doesnt exist

    Room 48 - Hall/Secretary´s office/kitchen

    No safes in here, but a secret stair to room 55, cellar
    behind on of the paintings in Hall

    Room 49 - Egyptian room (1 safe)

    Pyramid safe
    Use Egyptian cypher no 3, turn Pyramid levels to match.
    Photo with code to keydisplay, room 10
    Codes to final safe

    Room 50-51 doesnt exist

    Room 52 - Crabb´s Office (1 safe, 1 hidden door)

    Final safe
    A5, B8, C4, D3, E7, F9, G0, H1, I2, J5, K6, L3

    Use chesspiece on chesstable. Put it next to the
    Black King. Enter hidden stairs.

    Use Videocassett from room 10 in video

    Room 53-54 doesnt exist

    Room 55 - Cellar (2 safes, 2 hidden doors to rooms 57 & 59)

    Heavy key from room 57
    Note on Chess,
    Photo with code to keydisplay, room 10,
    7 x 25c coins to slotmachine, room 55,
    Bottle of whiskey

    Click on Jester to open, beat the pokerhand
    Codes to Final safe

    Hidden door to room 59
    Look for a switch on wall behind table

    Hidden door to room 57
    Follow corridor behind table, at hidden door room 59
    Use crank on clockmotor at end of corridor, opens
    hidden door in fireplace.

    This is optional:
    You can read the childrens book about Ted Dead & his ABC
    to get clue on slotmachine.

    You can play slotmachine if you like, use 25c coins, to win
    you need to get Apple-Banana-Lemon.

    You can click on Ted to watch him...

    Room 56 - Corridor to street

    No safes in here

    Room 57 - Corridor to hidden stairs to room 48, hall.

    No safes in here

    Room 58 - Key-weighing machine

    Read book on shelf for clues on machine

    Key-weighing machine
    Pick key no 4
    Heavy key to Barrelsafe, room 55

    Room 59 - Chest room

    Open chest to get clue on Jukeboxsafe, room 3
    Check shelf for Code to T-1001

    Thats it folks.




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