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Ring Walkthrough (revision 1)

by eddy Edoardo Chidichimo 17/11/98


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    Well,well here comes a new solve for all of you out there.

    First of all like ever let me explain my thugs about the game.

    Ring is a great adventure especially for the image and sound impact.

    The game is composed of 4 adventures that you can play in different moments so if you're stuck in one you can start an other but every adventure have a meaning for all the game story.

    So now if you're ready choose your path in the left frame (click on the images!!) and enjoy you're way.

    Like ever here is my e-mail: email Eddy

    Alberich adventure:

    After the chat with the dwarf look for the entry on the right and go in, inside look at the jar(and you will get a magic frog), then look for the tittle on the wall ,the dwarf will tell you that is his lucky tittle, now use brutality on he and you'll get it, go again inside and take the pyramid(Loge's tears).

    It's time for your first ride on the motorbike, so open the panel and give a mineral to the funny creature,go all the way down then at the end of the track turn and go all straight on until you enter a cave and you''LL find yourself in front of a computer panel.

    Click on the panel and a virtual panel will appear.You can notice that a peace is missing, but you'll quickly realise that is the tittle in you inventory ,so use it on the panel.

    Now look at the image the number are the right sequence from 1 to 5.

    The computer now is active so click on the other button, something will now appear but only for a second, use brutality on the left side of the panel, now the you'll see the a virtual map of the mines.

    For now you'll able to move only 1(the tube part) so move it to connect the round room below the main level of the mines.

    Exit the panel and turn around move in the tunnel behind the panel.

    At the ending you will find a door that has to be rebuild, like this:

    In the new room you will find a diving helmet in the left cabinet in the big egg an anti-g materia, and if you open the right cell and click on it you will meet someone.

    All the way back to the control room and click again on the panel for the virtual map:

    Turn 1 in the other direction and pull up 2 , now the upper room will be flooded.(you will see the map like in my image), leave the panel and pull the right lever for going down to your hypersonic bike, and all the way back until the end of tracks.

    Inside live the bike and look for the 2 panels one on the right and the other on the left, open it and pull the level to green, go in front of the door in the other part of the room and look down you will see a clickeble spot, click on it and something will open. Putt the Loge's tear inside there, and take the right lift to the top of the room put the diving helmet and jump in.

    In the magic word you will meet 4 woman's that will try to distract you, so every time they will end the conversation don't click on them but click the direction button every time you pass use a key will appear so take it and go up until you arrive inside the mountain.

    In the cave take the last key and enter the door.In the new room take the fish on the right and use it on the small water circle on the left, a dolphin will appear and you'll get a medallion.

    Enter the new door and on the other side use the first key (disgust)on the back of the door .

    Go on and in the new room click on the light path.

    Now click on the first water circle and give the medallion to the woman.Click up and at the second water circle retake the medallion , and click up now put your diving helmet end enter the third water circle and give the medallion again to the woman.

    Now the door is open, pass it and use the key of mistrust on the back of the door.Use brutality on the mirror and the woman will give you an anti-g cell.

    Pass the door and use the key of selfishness on the rear of the door.There you'll find a woman asking for water listen to her and click on her again.At the end of the sequence enter the last door and use the last key on the back of it.

    Enter the lift and put the diving helmet, open the door and take the gold.

    Retake the bike and head for the room on the other side of the tracks enter it and use the loge's tears again the the door compartment back to the tube panel and pull the lever to green for both (the left and right panel). Jump on the bike and go out .This adventure is done.

    I have not mentioned the right place of the main mines tunnel where you can talk with an other Dwarf (after you have taken him up with the elevator pulling the elevator lever to the middle), cause in this adventure it's not important.


    After a long intro you'll find your self in the mines again.

    In the starting room talk with the Dwarf and then go in the main mines tunnel and turn on the right going down the elevator tube(2).Down there you'll have a long talk with a hanging worker, after all use the fire on it.

    Head for the computer room (1).Press the virtual map button and on the virtual map:

    pull up the block 3, so that all the mines will be flooded and everybody will die.

    Now reconnect one to the circular room below the mines, exit the panel and down the the tunnel. Use fire on the moveable door, and in the room below take dragon, centaur and phoenix from the 3 cells and chrysobery from the cages. Return to the dwarf in room 1, and give him the chrysobery, and take the cage.

    it's time to fight Alberich, so exit the room and talk with him, when the magic ritual starts use 1)centaur - 2)dragon - 3)phoenix and he'll be beated.

    On the planet look at the egg and use fire on it. Now it's time to rebuild the puzzle:

    it's not difficult you have only to be patient, and try, after this puzzle you have to find the combination for the safe, so put in this code 366, enter the room and put on the altar the crown and the ring.

    After the 2 robot fight go up the stairs leading to a strange machine. You have to recompose :THE RAINBOW LEADS TO WALHALLA.(turn the blue tabs(1 in the image bellow) and try the word moving the right small machine(2) on the spot you want to try.)

    A new puzzle will be prompted out. Now listen carefully to the background music and try to play the organ.

    All you have to do is divide the organ in two 7 raw LIKE THIS:

    then rebuild the background music pressing the organ keys. For row1 press the buttons from left to right in a sequence, for raw 2 press the first 3 left buttons then the first 2 right button then the forth and the fifth from right and then the third from right (hope it's right)

    The rainbow will appear and the second adventure will end.


    You will start your third adventure in a forest.

    So move straight on until you arrive at the base of a temple, go upstairs and on the top look at this image:

    In position 1 you'll find the metal tape. In position 2 the name of the pergamen, so starting exactly from quicksilver(image) take out all the 7 pergamens doing a turn around and stopping at lead(number 7 image below). here is the image of all the 7 columns:

    you have to notice this image cause the symbols and the metals will cum in play again later .

    So now restart at the quicksilver point , first press the metal the reinsert the first pregamen you have taken and do this till point 7.(press the metal then insert the pergamen).

    Now you will go down in a dark place, use instinct of the wolf and look at the strange machine.

    At the bottom of this there's a strange turning level: turn it till the face is like in the image and then press it.

    in the new room go upstairs and tak


    After the intro, enter the palace and go 2 spots up, turn left and talk to the monster, returning the tunnel, and go 2 spots up turn right and enter the door, go up and take the flower from the right, now look at the hanging man at the bottom of the circle is a small spot, click on it and place the golem n the small chair,Now place all the golem parts in the corespondent place, An other puzzle will come out, you'll get a feather, now back in the tunnel and up a spot turn right and enter the door , get the dragon sword and the on the left the apple.

    Out again and down 2 spots, turn left and enter the door now turn right and go up, use the magic lance on the phoenix, then go down and from the ground take some bark, turn left and enter the door, you'll find a fountain inside there so now click on the left part, use the magic lance on it , and water will come out, then the dragoon sword on the fountain eye and get the counch from the centre of the fountain.

    Now return to the tunnels and go down 2 spots turn left and enter, use the dragon sword on the dead body , then the feather and finally the counch on it , the phoenix will arrive and you'll get a dad leaf.

    Return in the place where you find the dragon sword, and look for the 4 columns near the hanging man on the first on the left(young child) place the flower ,then on the next on the left the apple, on the first on the right place the bark(dead man) the on the second on the right the dead leaf.You'll get a thread.

    Return in the tunnel and go up until the end now you'll be able to open the door. You'll find this puzzle : all you must do is to recreate the object in place 1 then click on 2 until the doors opens.

    Then inside look at the bottom of the machine and block the ball so that in the upper place you'll see a young child, now turn right and use the thread on the wall wheels.

    Here the adventure 4 ends.

    The ending.

    All you have to do do is to place death at the centre of the 4 adventure table: And watch the final movie.



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