The Riddle of Master Lu Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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The Riddle of Master Lu Walkthrough

by Balmond

8 October 1995

    Destination List

  1. Introduction
  2. New York
  3. Peiping
  4. Danzig
  5. Sikkim
  6. Easter Island
  7. Moca Moche
  8. New York Again
  9. Danzig Again
  10. Peiping Again
  11. Mount Li
  12. References
  13. Letters

    New York

    New Game
    Get handling stick
    Move left into other Odditorium room
    Open drawer
    Get turtle treats (and turtle also, to avoid revisiting New York below)
    Go right and exit to Posh Express office
    Talk to Posh Express agent to send radiogram to Baron von Seltsam
    Book passage to Peiping (the only choice)


    Talk to agent to buy some yuan
    Exit Posh Express office
    Put journal on gatekeeper to sketch Chin Shih Huang Ti cartoon
    Go right and enter blacksmith's alley
    Look at junkpile
    Give Chinese yuan to peasant, get amulet
    Take wheel
    Take seven spokes
    Return to courtyard
    Give Ripley photo to old lady, get soldier's helmet
    Put soldier's helmet on awning
    Walk left to alley with wall holes
    Use seven spokes on alley wall, get pass
    Put journal on any set of tablets to sketch Tablets of History cartoon
    Get silver butterfly on ground
    Go left, get mallet
    Use mallet on gong
    "Student of life"
    "Too big"
    Exhaust dialog with priest (first responses only)
    Exit Hall of Classics
    Go left to Posh Express office
    Send rebus amulet & silver butterfly to New York
    Book passage to Danzig (only choice besides New York)


    Buy some marks
    Exit Posh Express office, take taxi to castle
    Sketch castle cartoon
    Enter castle, go into sitting room
    Exhaust dialog with younger Baron von Seltsam
    Look at sofa
    Pick up German banknote
    Exit sitting room
    Enter billiards room
    Open writing desk
    Open writing desk drawer
    Get envelope
    Get keys (optional)
    Zoom out
    Open envelope, get postage stamp
    Get billiard ball
    Touch Ace of Spades on wall to left of Neptune painting (*)
    Touch switch
    Look at smoking hutch
    Touch lid
    Get cigar
    Touch vent
    Put billiard ball into circular hole
    Touch black button on wall
    Touch billiard table
    Go down stairs
    Get periodic table
    Put periodic table into glass jar (*)
    Open drawer
    Get garden hose
    Get rubber plug
    Get surgical tube
    Get pump grips
    Close drawer
    Get faucet handle
    Put pump grips on pump rod (at top of pump)
    Put faucet handle on air valve
    Put surgical tube on nozzles
    Get lever key from left wall
    Put lever key on table pivot
    Close air valve/handle
    Use pump
    Open air valve, get Romanov emerald
    Touch emerald/cork
    Sketch Romanov emerald for cartoon
    Put Romanov emerald into iron support
    Get glass jar
    Get periodic table
    Get air valve/handle
    Get surgical tube
    Get lever key
    Get pump grips
    Get pump rod
    Get faucet pipe
    Combine pump rod & lever key
    Put lever key/pump rod on bracket
    Put glass jar on lever key
    Put rubber plug on glass jar
    Put cork on glass jar
    Put pump grips on glass jar
    Put faucet pipe on glass jar
    Put garden hose on faucet pipe
    Put surgical tube on garden hose
    Touch surgical tube to get cursor, put surgical tube on faucet stem
    Put faucet handle on faucet stem
    Use faucet handle
    Get faucet handle (optional)
    Get letter (long reading), enter info into journal (snake)
    Put Romanov emerald into microscope
    Look at periodic table:

    Chemical Symbol         Ti              Xe      
    Element                 Titanium        Xenon   
    Atomic Number           22              54
    Note that TiXe is "exit", backwards
    2254 backwards is 4522
    Use buttons
    Enter 4522
    Go right to graveyard
    Sketch Pommee cross for epitaph cartoon #1
    Sketch Celtic cross for epitaph cartoon #2
    Return left to Danzig
    Send postage stamp & German banknote to New York
    Book passage to Sikkim


    Get brochure (optional)
    Exit Posh Express office
    Disassemble cigar
    Show cigar band to guard
    Pass through gate
    Sketch temple for cartoon {major audio error when checking journal!}
    Collect prayer wheels 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15 (the only ones removable/the only oneswith monk dialog)
    Return to each of the five empty niches and try each prayer wheel in the nicheuntil you get thanks from the monk
    Talk to each of these five monks to find out what prayer they know and how longthey've been there:

    Loc   Knows           Seeks           Duration                        
    Variable4       INSIGHT         WISDOM          1/4 x he who seeks TRUTH        
    A6      WISDOM          SERENITY        1/4 x he who has found TRUTH    
    B9      TRUTH           PEACE           2 x he who seeks INSIGHT        
    C12     PEACE           INSIGHT         2 x he who seeks SERENITY       
    D                                       3 x he who seeks WISDOM
    15       SERENITY        TRUTH           (he who seeks PEACE) - 10 years E
    A = 0.25 E      
    B = 0.25 C      
    C = 2 D 
    D = 2 B   = 3 A 
    E = C - 10
    A =  5  
    B =  7.5        
    C = 30  
    D = 15  
    E = 20
    Go to monk with longest service (#9 with 30 years) & talk to him
    Go to position 14 that had prayer wheel of Enlightenment (according tobrochure)
    Descend stairs into temple to position S on map
    Note: orientation of rooms does not change with Ripley's position; north isalways up
    Pull appropriate rope to light way (also required when retracing steps)

    For a quick way to the end of the maze, hold down the Ctrl key and press theletters l e e (must be lower-case). This solution from post by Peter Taylor of Sanctuary Woods. Agroan and a gurgle later, and you're at the end of the maze! But don't forgetthe items you need from inside the maze.

    Monastery Maze

    Collect chisel & incense burner
    Find end of maze
    Pull rope to the left of the far door, ladder lowers
    Use ladder
    Look at Master Lu's book on the left (no music), get info into journal
    Use ladder
    Return to Posh Express office
    Send chisel & incense burner to New York
    Book passage to Peru
    Sketch stele (condor)
    Book passage to Easter Island

    Easter Island

    Take shirt
    Exhaust dialog with Dr. Twelvetrees (trust her)
    Sketch glyphs on tilted head
    Attempt to leave screen, instead Twelvetrees leads you north to beach
    Get driftwood puffin {game crash}, exit beach left
    Head west to quarry position D1
    Make general sketch of quarry for Easter Island cartoon
    Note: quarry position having exit south to field is D1


    Quarry Map

    Return to dig site
    Take note (map)
    Return south to Posh Express office
    Look at clock & puffins on shelf
    Talk to agent about interesting objects, puffins, clock
    Give driftwood puffin to agent, get clock facing
    Book passage to Easter Island
    Take sleeve on pole
    Take pole
    Enter shed
    Use pull cord (recalls Dr. Twelvetrees at beach later) (*)
    Get pull cord
    Exit shed
    Go east to field
    Use sleeve on obsidian disk in statue eye socket
    Go east to beach
    Get driftwood stump near statue base
    Put driftwood stump into large hole behind old woman (*)
    Put pole on driftwood stump
    Use pole
    Give clock facing to old woman {program hangs with hourglass if disk is givenfirst}
    Look at hole in hillside
    Return to dig site
    Exhaust dialog with Dr. Twelvetrees, get stick-and-shell map & whale bonehorn
    Get lighter
    Combine pull cord & whale bone horn
    Use horn with water
    Return to quarry position C4
    Put horn on clay to left of grey rock
    Use grey rock
    Look at fissure
    Get rongorongo tablet
    Sketch tablet
    Return to dig site
    Open shed windows
    Enter shed
    Get spark plug tool
    Use spark plug tool on gas tank plug
    Disassemble pull cord from horn
    Put pull cord on gas tank plug
    Use pull cord
    Put pull cord on wire
    Use lighter
    Put lit lighter on ground near gas tank
    Touch power cable
    Exit shed
    Send map & horn to New York
    Buy local currency
    Book passage to Mocha Moche

    Moca Moche

    Walk to stone wall
    Head east
    Exhaust dialog with person in hole (Emilio Menendez)
    Buy shrunken head for 300, 400, 450 inti
    Ask to buy ladder & shovel
    Give emerald to Menendez
    Get wheeled toy in dirt pile by hole
    Walk east & sketch stele (monkey)
    Go up stairs
    Get green vine at entrance to tower
    Get brown vine at entrance to tower
    Sketch observatory dome for Moca Moche cartoon
    Return to chasm
    Tie green vine to spider statue
    Use green vine coil on far-side tree
    Tie brown vine to spider statue
    Use brown vine coil on far-side tree
    Cross chasm
    Untie rope from tree
    Tie green vine coil to tree
    Tie brown vine coil to tree
    Cross chasm
    Get rope
    Get shovel from hole
    Get wooden ladder from hole
    Climb to top of tower
    Put ladder on altar
    Touch altar post
    Put rope on ladder
    Use rope
    Get crystal skull
    Get rope
    Enter observatory
    Look at journal to establish that each city's sequence is a cyclic permutationof the snake's:

    The only possibility for the spider sequence is:
    EYE     COBRA   H-BOMB  TREE    CLAW<   
    H-BOMB  CLAW    CLAW    FEET<   
    CLAW    H-BOMB  CROSS   EYE     H-BOMB< 
    FEET    EYE     TREE    EYE<    
    COBRA   COBRA<  
    FEET    TREE<   
    CROSS   CROSS<  
    Put skull on skeleton
    Put shovel in hole in capstan
    Use shovel, enter info into journal
    Get crystal skull
    Return to chasm
    Cross chasm
    Go west to Posh Express office
    Send crystal skull, wheeled toy & shrunken head to New York
    Book passage to New York

    New York Again

    Leave Posh Express office
    Move left into other Odditorium room
    Get turtle (*)
    Return to Posh Express office
    Book passage to Danzig

    Danzig Again

    Leave Posh Express office
    Touch topiary
    Go through gate to side of castle
    Talk to Wolf
    Get edger
    Get plank
    Go east to Baron's tomb in graveyard
    Put plank on urns
    Use plank
    Open grate
    Put turtle treats on grate
    Put edger on turtle treat
    Put turtle on turtle treat
    Book passage to Peiping, lose inventory

    Peiping Again

    Exit pagoda south
    Get gong
    Get mallet
    Re-enter pagoda
    Put gong on brazier
    Push right tablet twice
    Use mallet on gap with journal
    Get charcoal to right of brazier
    Use charcoal on journal

    Mount Li

    Look at journal for tomb code:

    Give money to farmer, get shovel
    Open door to root cellar
    Enter root cellar
    Push rice sack
    Use shovel on hand
    Pull hand
    Look at hole
    Exit root cellar
    Talk to farmer about lantern, get match
    Re-enter root cellar
    Go down hole
    Halls of Soldiers colors:Enter Blue Hall
    Touch 5th Blue Soldier
    Exit west
    Enter Red Hall
    Touch 1st Red Soldier
    Pick up wooden beam behind 2nd Red Soldier (*)
    Exit east to East Vestibule
    Get wooden post
    Enter Yellow Hall
    Push chariot
    Get shield from each of two soldiers flanking jade door
    Push chariot through jade door
    Get crank
    Push chariot
    Put crank in slot
    Use crank
    Put wooden post on crank
    Put wooden beam in corridor
    Get wooden post under crank
    Get crank
    Proceed through corridor
    Touch wheel three times
    Put shovel in hole in bridge
    Touch wheel
    Give crank to Mei Chen
    Talk to Mei Chen: I'll stand
    Walk off of bridge
    Touch wheel
    Take shovel
    Touch wheel three times
    Talk to Mei Chen
    Proceed across bridge
    Proceed east to end of walkway
    Put shields on lake
    Proceed east to mausoleum
    Take Imperial Seal
    (Endgame Sequence)


    (*): Place stuck at for a while
    (optional): Optional inventory item
    {text}: Software errors
    Got only communications garbage when trying to contact Sanctuary Woods BBS415-286-6116
    Some audio breakup & repetition
    Touch urn in graveyard: "As long as the urn keeps burning, that's all Ineed"

    Destination List



    Copyright (c) 1995 Balmoral Software


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