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Deck 2-Quinn
1. In Quinn's quarters
A). Take the stepping disk from under the table.
B). Click on the storage locker and take the stasis negator gun.
2. Go to the general purpose lab.
A). Get the programmable sensor probe off the algorithmic array console.
B). Get the hyper-conducting attractor unit off the ground by the shelf.
C). Get the programmable reader off the shelf.
D). Use the sensor probe on the stepping disk, to get the power capsule.
E). Use the sensor probe on the stasis negator gun.
F). Use the good power capsule on the stasis negator gun.

Deck 5-Quinn
1. Take the isolinear optical fiber off the status indicator in the hallway off the wall.
2. Click on the loose access panel on the floor in the hallway and take the multi-purpose netentior clamp from behind it.
3. Go to the sick bay
A). Get the scanner out of the storage cabinet.
B). Click on the red button on the autodoc.
C). Click on the advanced procedures then open door.

Landing Bay 2-Quinn
1. Get the cable harness off the ground.
2. Use the hyper-conducting attractor unit on the cable harness.
3. Go to the vacuum suit room
A). Get the rebreather tank off the ground.
B). Click on the storage locker and get the laser diffusion aerosol.
C). Click on the other storage locker and get the sonic stunner.
4. Use the cable harness on the hand grip on the right side of the vacuum suit door.
5. Click on the control panel, then click on operate crane.
6. Click on tractor field off.
7. Move the cane all the way to the right, then slowly move the crane forward until the crane picks up the cable harness.
8. Click on the cable harness, then go to the second door to the left.
A). Use the diffusion aerosol on the anti-mutiny laser.
B). Use the retention clamp on the anti-mutiny laser, then click on the door.
C). Use the scanner on the question mark to set the tone to the first mark.
D). Use the scanner on the anti-mutiny laser, then walk towards the door.
E). Use the sonic stunner on the anti-mutiny laser where you put the scanner.
F). Get the scanner off the anti-mutiny laser and turn off the tone.
G). Use the stasis negator gun on the stasis field.
H). Get the diffusion aerosol off the ground.

1. Talk to Miranda.
2. Ask Miranda about the autodoc.
3. Give the programmable reader to Miranda.

Deck 5-Quinn
1. Go to the sick bay
A). Use the isolinear optical fiber on the autodoc where the green wires are.
B). Use the programmable read on the autodoc by the green wires.
C). Click on the red button on the autodoc.
D). Click on advanced procedures, the open the door.
E). Click on the yellow button on the autodoc and take the infodisk.
F). Take the programmable reader off the autodoc.

1. Give Seeker the infodisk.
2. Talk to seeker.
3. Click on Quinn's computer console.
A). Click on scan ops
B). Click passive enabled
C). Click deep scan
D). Click geographical then click the up arrow

Canyon People-Quinn
1. Use the stasis negator gun on the man with the gun.
2. Use the sonic stunner on the man with the gun.
3. Talk to the chief of the canyon people.

1. Say (scan for ARM location)
2. Click on Quinn's computer console.
A). Click scan ops
B). Click short scan
C). Click technological
3. Say (go back the way we came)
4. Pick anyone

Landing Bay 2-Quinn
1. Go to vacuum suit room
A). Click on the space suit control panel.
B). Click left the select
C). Use the rebreather tank on the suit.
D). Click on the suit.
E). Click on the air-lock door.

Space Port Ledge
1. You most use the scanner to find the nine peaces to the space ship.
2. To use the scanner, Click on the scanner and use it on the question mark, then click on scan, to bring up the screen.

The Rim
1. Go down the screen until you come to the transport car.
2. Click on the car door.
A). Use the slider for speed
B). Use the switch for forward & reverse
C). Use the red button to stop & to exit the car
D). Use the car to go forward to the second elevator
3. Use Seeker to open the door, then use Quinn to click on the open door to bring down the steps.
4. Go in the elevator
A). Click on the control button.
B). Use Seeker on the robot.
C). Have Qiunn use the airbag on the robot's foot.
D). Use the rebreather tank on the airbag, then click the control button.
E). Click on the computer to the elevator and use the second and third buttons.

1. Have Miranda click on the wire by her left hand.

Spill Mountain-Quinn
1. Go to the crank and click on the lever.
2. Get your rebreather tank.
3. Go to the helium room and fill your rebreather.
4. Go and use your rebreather on the balloon.
5. Flying the balloon, there is no easy way to do this, matter of fact it well take you a few times before you get it right.
6. Wait until the balloon comes to the river then in-between the two pecks to the right of the river decease your altitude as far as it can go. The balloon should do the rest.

1. To find your way to the woods, use your scanner on the question mark then click scan, it well point the way.
2. Use the flute on Quinn.
3. Use the sonic stunner on the man with the gun then click on the guard tower.

1. Get the pillow off the bed then use the pillow on the toilet.
2. Click on the light above the toilet then use the wire on the light.

Spill Mountain-Seeker
1. Get the face mask.
2. Get the flask of alcohol.
3. Use the face mask on the flask of alcohol.
4. Get the two wick lamps.
5. Get the gun powder.
6. Get the glass dome.
7. Go to the pictograph room and use the rope to go down the ledge.
8. Use a wick lamp on the green fluid then use the glass dome on the wick lamp.
9. Take the scrith key by the side of the glass dome.
10. Go to the elevator then go down the ladder until you reach the ice.
11. Use the gunpowder on the ice then use the wick lamp on the gunpowder.
12. Click on the opening in the ice then use the scrith key on the door.
13. Use the face mask on Seeker.
14. Now you are in the vampire maze you most find your oun way through this.
15. If you run into vampires use the sonic stunner on them.
16. Somewhere in the maze you well find a safe with a blue jem---- and a scroll.
17. When you find the safe you need to try to light up all the lights to red, in oder to open the safe. There is combine of lights to press, you just half to keep on trying.
18. In order to leave the vampire maze you need to kill all the vampires.
19. If you make it out of the maze you need to give the scroll to the leader of the spill mountain folk.

1. When the guard comes in to give you food flush the toilet.
2. Go to the guard station outside your cell to the left and get the box and the handsnaw.
3. Go back to your cell and use the handswan on the vent, then use the box to climb in the vent.
4. This is the way through the vent:
5. When you reach the exit you need to view it a few times until the man leaves to go to dinner.
6. Click on the grade.
7. Go to the room on the right and click on the computer to release the ghoul protector and exit that room.
8. Now go to the room to the far left.
9. Spill mountain top tulb map:
10. go to the center room in the flooting city last thing you need to do is walk into the light.


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