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Reah Walkthrough

Disc 2

The Sundial Puzzle: Opening the Gates

Find the three sundials outside the city and for two of the three dials, remember the symbols on which the shadow falls. Also, note the pictures of the animals shown on the base of each sundial. Go to the town gate and move the bars by sliding them. Every bar has brackets symbolising an animal's horns. Compare the horns with the animal shown on the base of each sundial, then move the bar to the proper symbol. The lower bar has a randomised symbol which is different every time you play. Just keep moving it with the other two bars in place and the gates will eventually open.

The three headed fountain Puzzle: Understanding people

You can walk around the city and talk with anyone you encounter. However, you will not be able to understand them! In order to understand the inhabitants, go to the three-headed fountain, and walk around the fountain. You will start to understand the people you meet, when all three heads will make a sound, corresponding to the noise coming from the direction they are facing.

The head facing the bells should make the Bim Bam sound. The head facing the side where the wooden cart is parked should make the'torr torr' sound, and the head facing the wall should make the 'shoo shoo' sound, since in that corner the wind is always blowing.

The shopkeeper puzzle: Get the weight made of lead

After you have solved the fountain puzzle, go back to where you entered the city. Facing in the same direction as when you came in, look at the left side wall for a stone casket containing a weight made out of porcelain. Now go to the shopkeeper. He will invite you inside. Exchange the porcelain weight for the one made out of lead.

The tap puzzle: Gain entrance to the temple

Find Jasmine - she lives in one of the side streets. Talk to her. Now return to the place where the shopkeeper lives. Outside his house is a market stand. There you will find the jug. Return to Jasmine's house. She will now let you in. Examine her bedroom to find a looking glass. Next, examine the map lying on the table outside Jasmine's house. You will see some flute / pipe symbols. The dots indicate the tones needed to play them.

Unfortunately there are no pipes in the town, but you can play tones using the taps:

For the tap near the fountain you will need to play: low, medium, high which corresponds with 4 times to the right (4xR) and two times to the left (2xL). For the tap near the wooden cart, you will need to play: low, high, low (3xLeft, 1xRight, 1xLeft). For the last tap on the temple's wall play high, low, medium or (3xLeft, 1xRight, 2xLeft). By turning the taps you will have started the flow of gas. By pushing the wooden cart, you will generate some sparks. These will set off an explosion. You will now be able to enter the temple.

Disc 3

The beggar's puzzle: Get the crutch

Inside the temple you must find a beggar. Talk to him. He needs water - you can find it in the the temple, by looking around. Bring the water to beggar. He will leave his crutch. Pick it up.

The gong puzzle: Gain entrance to the cellars

Now you can try to visit temple's cellars. Find the gong-stick which lies next to one of the gong's in the main hall of the temple. Go to the other gong which is diagonally across on the other side of the hall. Hit it and quickly run to the gong which resonates after you have hit the first gong. Hit the second gong and run to the gong which then starts moving. After you have hit all four gong's run to the stairway leading down into the cellars and hit the glass. If you are quick the glass will break and you will have gained entrance to the cellars.

The column puzzle: Open the tower doors

In the temple there is a door which cannot be opened. After having solved the gong puzzle, you can go downstairs to the cellars. To open the doors, you will have to solve a puzzle. In order to get access to the puzzle, turn the hanging column by inserting the beggar's crutch in one of the holes. Turn the column and access the puzzle on the floor. It is a simple IQ test where you have to finish the sequence. Find the symbol which fits in the lower right corner and press the arrow. Do the same for three other sequences and the doors upstairs will open. If you have difficulty solving the puzzle, the solution is: (2xUP, arrow, 4xUP, arrow, 10xUP, arrrow, 10xUP). Now go back to the temple and find the entrance to the tower.

The stone game puzzle: Get the philosopher's stone

Go up with the lift to the top of the tower. Find the table with the book and stones and access the puzzle. The puzzle consists of a simple game. Taking turns, you and the ghost can take 1, 2 or 3 stones from the table. He who takes the last stone wins. Win four games and you will be given the philosopher's stone, which enables you to turn lead into gold. If you are having problems with winning the game, try leaving four or eight stones for your opponent at every turn.

The spyglass puzzle: Find your way around the desert

In the tower, read the book on the table and note the two symbols. Go to the spyglass and set the symbols on the floor in the tower (2nd in first row, 3rd in second row). Click on the spyglass and it will show you the location of a secret oasis.

The sandbag puzzle: Return to the temple

To return from the tower to the temple, you need to reset the sandbags which operate the lift. All the green sandbags need to be up, whilst all the red ones need to be down. Unfortunately the bags are linked. Just keep pressing them until you've got it right. Alternatively, if you don't have the patience use this simple trick: From the outset, click on all the bags which are hanging up, going from left to right and ignoring the ones on the left which move up when you advance to the right.

After having done that, there should be one red still up. Click on it. Then click on the only green one down.

Disc 2 after having played through disc 3

The furnace puzzle: Turn lead into gold

Go back into the city. Go to Jasmine's house. In the courtside you will need to activate the furnace, to change lead into gold. Unfortunately it is not working yet. The book in Jasmine's room will give you clues. Find the book and read it carefully. The clue is the number 44. In the book you can see shapes of stone boards with numbers inside. Remember the shapes of the boards which numbers add up to 44 and go outside. Find the corresponding stones and press the symbol on the stone board which is similar for all three boards. The furnace will now work and you will be able to turn lead into gold.

The water puzzle: gain entrance to the desert and find the oasis

Without water you are not allowed to go into the desert. Go to shopkeeper and simply buy some water by picking up the flask of water standing on the table. Pay with the golden weight. Now you will be allowed to go into the desert to find the oasis. The oasis is close to the sundial which does not cast a shadow......

Disc 4

The oasis puzzle: Gain entrance to another world

Upon entering the oasis, go to the door straight ahead. You will mee a man. Talk to him. Next, click on the stone above the door. Set the symbol of the East door as follows: moon becomes sun. Turn around and walk in the direction of the skeleton. Turn left, approach the door. Here, set the symbol of the South door to sun. Round the lake and go to the door behind the palm trees. Set the symbol of the North door to moon. Turn left, go to the last door and set symbol of the West to: sun becomes moon. You will now gain entrance to another world.

The jungle puzzle: Find the golden skull

In the jungle world, look for a young woman sitting near the wooden house. Talk to her.

Go to the house, look around and you will find a code and a chest with a code-lock. Open the chest by using the code. This entails doing the foll owing. Roll the third symbol one down, roll the second one up once, roll the fourth symbol down once and roll the first symbol three times up. Next, take out the golden skull.

The temple puzzle: Find your way out

Go to the temple. On your way, take a closer look at the columns. Also, listen closely to the voices. In the temple put the skull on a pedestal. It will bring up a secret control panel. Pressing the symbols, you will hear the names of the different gods linked to the various symbols. From inspecting the columns, you will know which name belongs to which symbol. For each of the three symbols, only press the ones which carry the same sound as you heard outside when standing close to the columns. Do this in consecutive order. If done correctly, it will trigger a mechanism, which creates either fire, wind or water, depending on the symbol you pressed. Once you know how to trigger all the mechanisms, do the following: create fire, add some wind and pour water over it. This will create a huge amount of steam, which will take the wall down, allowing you to progress.

The stones puzzle: Remove the egg shaped stone

Going through the hole, you will find that you have entered a stone labyrinth. The only real exit is blocked by an egg-shaped stone. To remove the stone, approach it and you will see a symbol appearing. Scattered around the labyrinth are four stone buttons. Find these buttons and remember their location. Next, approach the egg shaped stone again and look at the symbol you need to press first. Find the button, press it and return to the egg-shaped stone. Be quick though, for if you are too slow, you will not be able to press the buttons. Find all the four stone buttons and press them. When you finally press all four buttons the stone will disappear and allow you to progress.

The drawbridge puzzle: Gain entrance to the water city

Look for a ratchet in one of the machines. Get the crank from one of the drawbridges. Use both the ratchet and the crank on the other drawbridge. Use the crank and raise the bridge. You can now enter the water city.

Disc 5

The watercity puzzle part I: Get the canvas

Upon entering the city, go to the basket and try to lift it. Get out, and go to the house close to the water. There, talk to the dyer. Next, go up the stairs and find the blonde man all the way up the stairs. Talk to him, leave him for a moment and return to the same spot. Talk to him again. Next, go to the other side of the cliff where you will meet a woman. She will give you a canvas.

The watercity puzzle part II: Paint the canvas

With the canvas you got from the woman up the cliff, go down to the house on the water and talk to the dyer. Enter his house. You will need to paint the canvas, but to do so you will need to light the fire of the furnace. Do so by using the mirrors and the lens. The following sequence allows the beams of the sun to set the furnace on fire. Press the lens in the middle, next, press the bottom of the mirror on the wall near the furnace. Press the left bottom of the middle mirror on the back wall. Next, move the canvas hanging in the middle of the room. The furnace will now be on fire. Go to the furnace, use the canvas, and take it out again. Also, do net forget to take the bottle with red ink, as you will need it later on.

The watercity puzzle part III: Get the lockpick

With the painted canvas you got from solving the previous puzzle go back to the woman. Give her the canvas. She will give you the talisman. Take a closer look at the canvas and remember the paintings of the animals, as you will need them for a puzzle later on. Go back to the blonde man and talk to him. From him, you will get the key. Next, go to the dyer. Exchange the key for the lockpicks. Now, go to the basket lift, open the lock and activate the mechanism.

The watercity puzzle part IV: Open the gate

Having gone upstairs with the basket lift, you will find two crossbows. Starting from the one closest to the lift, shoot an arrow accross the water. Move the crossbow and repeat until you see the mechanism moving. Now go to the other crossbow and do the same thing. Again, shoot and move until the mechanism moves. Repeat the process once, and the gate should open. Go down and find the big gate. Move the bar and open the gate.

Disc 1

The fountain puzzle: Gain entrance to the bathhouse

Go to the fountain and freeze the water. Turn until you see the bathhouse, the brightest building. On the left side is a small hole with water flowing out of it. Next, return to the fountain. Standing before one of the small fountains, add the red ink and turn on the tap. If the water turns red at the bathhouse, this tap is linked to the bathhouse. You must turn off all the water taps linked to the bathhouse.

The well puzzle: Gain entrance to the caves

After having turned off all the relevant taps, go to the bathhouse. Find the well, the watercress and a bathtub with round stones. Look into the well and you will see, that below the water there is an exit. To activate the watercress, you need to put the right weight in the basket. On the basket of the watercress, you can see an inscription, the number 22. The watercress can only be activated therefore, if it is filled with stones adding up to 22. The stones are linked to numbers. This means the smallest stone is 2, the next one is 4, the third is 8, the fourth 16 and so on. The ones that add up to 22 should be put in the basket. Therefore, pick up stone 1, 2 and 4 and put them in the basket. Next, use the watercress to get the water out of the well. After several minutes, the water should be low enough to descent into the well. Keep in mind that there are two exits. The lowest is the one you should be looking for.

The cave puzzle: access the ancient technology

Once descended into the well, search for the horn. Once found, put it in the animal's skull. This will set up the equilibrium. Here the animals that you saw on the canvas in the watercity will serve you. Make sure water and land are balanced by setting the appropriate symbols of animals. The solution is: left, from top, lizard, scorpion and snake. Right side from the top: squid, fish, ray. Now you will be able to access the ancient technology.

Disc 6

The vid-com puzzle: Find the code to open the doors

Go to the corridor marked A and enter room A818. Here, look around for an electric screwdriver, lying on the floor. Leave the room, turn and walk all the way to the other corridor (C). Here, enter room C367. Inside you will find fans blowing. Stand near the left fan and face the wall. Then use the screwdriver to remove the panel. Now enter this room and look for a magnetic card. Use this magnetic card in the console in the adjacent room (room C367). Enter the code of room A818, by inputting A818. You will now have activated the console in room A818. Now, go back to this room and look at the clues for opening the doors on the other side of the rooms A818, B and C367. Starting at corridor A the sequence tells you to push the plates once, in the order notified by the dots. First the panel containing one dot, then the one containing two, etc. When you enter the correct sequence at the final door (the one opposite to room C367), it will open and let you in....

The core puzzle: The first of the four rods

After having solved the previous puzzle, you will be able to enter the core of the reactor. To repair and operate the machine, you will have to find four rods scattered throughout the room. Three of them are guarded by ancient mechanisms, the other one is hidden. By looking through the infra-red cameras located at the top of the contruction, you will be able to spot the first rod, since it lights up white. Go to the location and remove it from the iron bars. Now, go downstairs to find the three remaining rods.

The second rod puzzle: Symbols in the eye

In the first puzzle, you must repeat the sequence of symbols, seen in the eye. Repeat three times to gain the rod.

The third rod puzzle: Inverted Hanoi towers

Here, you must move all the white stones from the right slot to the left slot, but you can only move one stone at a time and stones can only be put on smaller ones. The white arrows indicate the possiblities. Use the free slot to your advantage. Win three times to gain the rod.

The fourth rod puzzle: The chandeliers and the stones

This rod you can get after having filled all the empty spaces on the central circle with white stones. The chandeliers on the side determine the way of turning the pointer. The left ones move the pointer anti-clockwise, the right ones move it clockwise. The amount indicated by the chandeliers move it 1, 2 or 3 steps.

The correct sequence is: (3C means three turns clockwise, 1A meaning 1 turn
Bar 1 - 3C, 2C, 3A, 3A, 1A, 2C, 1C, 3C
Bar 2 - 1A, 3A, 2C, 2C, 3A, 2A, 2A, 1C
Bar 3 - 2A, 3C, 2C, 3A, 2C, 3A, 2A, 1A

The final puzzle: START the machine

For the final sequence, insert all four rods in the machine and access the keyboard. Now input the magical words to START the machine (is that a big enough hint?) , and you will be treated to the end-sequence...............



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