Ravenloft:Strahd's Possession by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Developer: Dream Forge
Music: James C McMenamy, Cooksey, Mason Fisher
Lead Artist: Jane Yeager
Programmer: Don Wuenschell
Game design: Chris Straka, Thomas Holmes
Producer: Scott Namestka and Nicholas Beliaeff
Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc.
Website: www.ssionline.com

Ravenloft:Strahd's Possession Walkthough

Copyright 1994, 1997 Al Giovetti. Use byl permission only. Permission is specific to the application and no other publication is allowed. Review must be unaltered.

General tips: Whenever a non player character (NPC) leaves the party, they will be found, with the exception of Vladislav either in their house in the town, so search the houses and map them, or where you originally found them.

    The South Woods

  1. Go immediately west to the abandoned hut.
  2. search the skeleton
  3. Find the button on the south wall and push it to open the trapdoor down to an subterrainian lair.
  4. Open the two doors
  5. take and equip all the weapons, armor, scrolls, and potions
  6. go up and out of the hut.
  7. Find Fhalken in the southeast corner of the woods.
  8. Get Fhalken to join your party and collect and equip all the stuff near where you find him.
  9. go west to exit the woods onto the Old Svalich Road South
  10. Go north and talk to the Gypsy.
  11. travel north until you reach the town of Barovia
  12. find the Burgomeister's House in the walled enclosure in the northwest portion of the town.
  13. Take all the scrolls, books, and other stuff in the mansion
  14. Find and talk to the burgomeister in the southeast corner of the mansion.
  15. Accept Strahd's invitation and travel to his castle.
  16. In the castle go straight in by the unguarded door into the dining room.
  17. Strahd will welcome you and give you the key to the cavern to the west of the town. Strahd will return you by carriage to the town.

    The Cavern, Irmagog and Vladislav

  18. exit the town in the northeast corner
  19. go due west to the cavern entrance
  20. when you meet Irmagog, just outside the cavern, recruit her.
  21. use the key on the symbol to open the gateway.
  22. As you move west you will encounter a spinner that you can defeat by moving sideways or just turn around while checking your automap often.
  23. Let Vladislav join your party, he is actually Strahd in disguise and when travelling with a certain companion who resembles his love, he will take her away and kill the party so be careful to watch the signs.
  24. go west past the lightning bolts then north to the gateway.
  25. a lever to the south of the gateway opens it.
  26. enter the gateway, find, and get the jade cavern key #1
  27. return to the lightning bolt area
  28. go north to the corridor and east to the passageway.
  29. pull the lever to the north which opens the gateway to the south
  30. enter the gatway
  31. open the next gateway with Jade Key #1
  32. turn undead works nice on the bone golems, after which you bash them to pieces
  33. go south, then east to find the jade key #2
  34. go back to the jade key gateway #1 and go north into the niche and you will be teleported
  35. from the teleport destination, go southwest to jade gateway #2 and unlock it with the jade key #2.
  36. enter the gateway and retrieve jade key #3
  37. go north into the nitche and teleport to gateway #3
  38. use jade key #3 to open the gateway
  39. enter the gateway and find jade key #4
  40. find the nitch, enter it, and be teleported to gateway #4
  41. open gateway #4 with jade key #4.

    The Church Vestibule Key

  42. go west to the next gateway and unlock it
  43. go north to find and retrieve the Church Vestibule Key
  44. head west to the gateway, Irmagog has the key and she will open the gateway for you.
  45. go west into the circular room, then through the illusionary wall to the west.
  46. Be warned, there is a spinner in this room in the middle.
  47. cast dispel magic, continue on into the next circular room
  48. go north and enter the Portal, you will find yourself in the woods to the west of town
  49. both Irmagog and Vladislav will leave your party.
  50. go east and enter the town.

    The Old Church, Main Floor

  51. Leave Barovia from the northeast exit, then go north to the Old Church.
  52. Enter the front hall or vestibule of the church and use the church vestibule key on the right hole and enter the church.
  53. look at and listen to the talking mirror and the priest in a catatonic fit.
  54. go east and push the buttons to open the next two rooms.
  55. get the gold church key.
  56. go west past the misrror and north to the stairs down to the lower level
  57. pick up the tome of evil artifacts on the floor.
  58. descend steps
  59. the church is full of clerical scrolls, collect them all, especially atonement, cure disease, and remove curse.

    Old Church, lower level

  60. search for four pieces of parchment and other loot.
  61. pull all levers and push all buttons
  62. use the gold church key to open the other locked doors on this level.
  63. In the room to the north you will see four large pillars.
  64. pull the lever on the northside of the southeast pillar to open two doors in the room to the west.
  65. there is an illusionary wall in the west room's northwest corner.
  66. go through the illusionary wall in the west room and to northeast until you find another illusionary wall.
  67. move north and west until you can go no further due to a locked door, note the door on your map.
  68. to the east of the locked door find the lever in a large room that opens a door in the southwest corner of a room to the south.
  69. In the southeast corner of the room to the south is a button that opens two doors on the west side of the room.
  70. exit west out of the large room into the main hall.
  71. Go west along the main hall to the second room to the south (your left). There is a lantern hanging here.
  72. Go south, then work your way nothwest to the illusionary wall in the northwest corner.
  73. Go south through another illusionary wall.
  74. Go south through the door.
  75. Face south and push the second button on the wall.
  76. Go west and north to the next room.
  77. return to the door with the buttons,
  78. go to the northwest corner and througth the illusionary wall and then co south
  79. Leave the pile of gold bones in the corner, but note their location on the map.
  80. Once you have all four pieces of parchment return to the Main Floor.
  81. Put the four parchment pieces into the Tome of Evil Artifacts.
  82. Hold the Tome
  83. Use the Tome at the talking mirror.
  84. The mirror cracks and the priest is released from the trance.
  85. Talk to the now free priest and he gives you the Cemetary Key.

    The Cemetary

  86. Exit the church and go northeast to the Cemetary Gates.
  87. Unlock the Cemetary Gates with the Cemetary Key
  88. Mark the locked vault to the north on your map. This is the Bone Vault.
  89. Go to the northeast corner of the Cemetary and search their for a Bag of Gold Dust.
  90. Get the dust.
  91. If you need another party member go to the south and find the theif, Vuko, and recruit him into your party.
  92. You can continue in the Cemetary or return to Barovia

    Barovia, The Jeweler's Ghost Quest

  93. Return to Barovia, and locate the building in the northeast that looks like the number 3 on your map.
  94. Enter the building and talk to the Jeweler's Ghost long enough to get the Bone Vault Key. One of your party will become possessed.

    Cemetary, Bone Vault, Banshee, and Elven Warrior's Crypt

  95. Return and open the Bone Vault with the Bone Vault Key (north of the Cemetary Gates)
  96. Kill Grymig, the Lord of the Ghouls.
  97. Loot the vault, making sure you pick up the Rod of Rebirth (which will resurrect the Gold Bones) and the other Bag of Gold Dust (which will banish the Banshee).
  98. Leave the Vault
  99. The Jeweler's Ghost will appear and give you the Jeweler's Key, and cure your party member of possession.
  100. Go to the southeast corner of the cemetary, where you will find a vault with statues of two sisters. If you go into the vault you will be killed by the banshee there.
  101. Hold the golddust in your hand, use the gold dust on each statue flanking the entrance to the vault. The banshee's spirit will now be appeased and the banshee will disappear.

    The Elven Signet Quest in the Elven Warrior Crypt

  102. Enter the vault and descend the stairs to the Elven Warrior's Crypt.
  103. Work your way east and talk to the Elf Spirit, who will send you on a quest to find the Elf Signet hidden in the depths of the Crypt.
  104. Leave the room and move clockwise along the corridor to the southeast corner of the level with four closed doors.


From Gordon

thanks for the help but it did not help. I must have spent 3 hours checking the area that the walk threws talked about, but it was not woking. If you are familiar with Ravenloff Strads possession then you know where the church is.

the walk threws tell you go to the mirror and look at it. they then say go to the priest and look at him. after this go east and push the two buttons. I looked all over the wall to the east. I also had other people read the cheats and try the same thing. after hours and hours noone was able to locate the two buttons on the wall where there were supposed to be. If you have any ideas on how to push the two buttons then let me know.


Shay Addams, Questbusters The Book of Clues 2, 1994, Infotainment World

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