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Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Walkthrough

by Diana Griffiths


  4. SET UP
  5. MAPS
  7. DAY 1
  8. DAY 2
  9. DAY 3
  10. DAY 4
  11. DAY 5
  12. DAY 6
  13. DAY 7
  14. DAY 8
  15. DAY 9
  16. DAY 10
  17. DAY 11
  18. DAY 12
  19. DAY 13
  20. DAY 14
  21. DAY 15
  22. DAY 16
  23. DAY 17
  24. DAY 18
  25. DAY 19
  26. DAY 20
  27. DAY 21
  28. DAY 22
  29. DAY 23
  30. DAY 24
  31. END GAME
  33. References
  34. Letters


    This walkthrough gives explicit instructions for playing Quest for Glory IV that lead to a successful conclusion. It provides, where necessary, separate directions for each of four different characters (Fighter, Magic User, Thief and Paladin). The walkthrough is designed to be used sequentially, so the game can be played completely from the instructions. I have supplied links to each days events to help find the instructions needed. To facilitate those who wish to use this walkthrough for explicit instructions in one section of the game only, I have supplied links between the same locations to be visited at different times. Note that the days event's may not occur on the exact day as these depend on your performing actions on previous days according to the instructions in this walkthrough. Links between the same locations are given for this reason. By following these links you should be able to find all possible actions that should be performed in that location.

    The information given here assumes that the player has read the game documentation included in the Quest for Glory IV game box. The documentation comprises the 'Sierra Game Manual', 'Shadows of Darkness Technical Guide', 'The Journal of General Job Adjusting, HERO, Special Hallowe'en Issue' and 'Quest for Glory Shadows of darkness Combat Reference Card'.

    This walkthrough also assumes you have.access to maps of the valley and of the castle. I have included maps of all the areas you will visit in the Maps section of this walkthrough.

    Note also that if you have version 1.0 of the floppy disk based game you will need the following two patch files. Do not start the game with out applying both these patches or your saved files will not be restorable after the patches are applied. Both patches can be found in CIS GAMAPUB Forum, Sierra On-Line Section 11:

    QG4NOT.ZIP Patch which fixes the order of events in the Hero's bedroom so that important events are certain to occur. Without this patch you will not be able to complete the game.

    QG4PAT.ZIP Patch which fixes a number of fatal errors and miscellaneous other problems.


    Before you can start playing you must either import a character from a previous QUEST FOR GLORY game or create a new character. This walkthrough assumes you are either importing a Paladin or creating a new character. If you are creating a character three different characters will be displayed: Fighter, Magic User and Thief. Select whichever appeals to you. Then allocate points. This walkthrough depends on the Thief having some magic using ability so assign the extra 100 points to the Magic Skill. This will enable the Thief to perform many, but not all, of the Magic User specific actions and skills. The Fighter must be able to climb, so assign the extra 100 points to the Climbing skill. Otherwise assign the 100 points as you like. Don't forget to give your character a name.


    1. Sleeping
      There are a few places where you may sleep so that you can recover your health, stamina and mana: Your room at the Inn, the Staff area inside the Town Gate and Erana's Garden in the forest. (You can leave and enter the Inn in the middle of the night by climbing through your bedroom window.)
    2. Eating
      Eat breakfast and dinner at the Inn when ever possible, and keep stocked up on Avocado and Garlic Sandwiches which you can buy at the General Store.
    3. Monsters
      Before you start the game set your skill level in the control panel to Low. Set combat to Strategy and set Auto-Save On. This will make fighting monsters and villains as easy as possible. The game will automatically run the combat sequences for you and the monsters will not be too difficult to defeat. Provided you have built up your skills sufficiently, you should survive every encounter. If not, there is always the auto-saved file!
    4. Money
      You will likely need to find extra cash to spend on rations and equipment. You will find stashes of money from time to time as you explore. You will encounter wraiths and undead after dark. They carry treasure and money. Take the treasure from the wraith's barrow and search an undead's 'body' after defeating them. If you are a Thief you will have many opportunities to steal money.
    5. Potions
      You will be able to obtain two types of healing potions. The regular healing potion that restores some of your health points and the poison cure potion that will counteract the effects of poison. Both are very useful. You will find these potions from time to time as you explore and meet people. The most reliable method of obtaining potions, is to visit Dr. Cranium. Each new day he will supply you with one potion of each type.
    6. Mana Fruit
      There is a Mana Fruit tree in Erana's Garden. Only Magic Users can pick the fruit. And you will only be able to pick one fruit each day. Eating the fruit restores some of your mana points.
    7. Rest and Time Driven Events
      Rest whenever you need to heal or recover health or mana points. Rest also when you need to kill time! Sometimes you must wait for darkness before you can perform the next required action. Sometimes you must act at a particular time of the night. Resting then checking the time will help you arrive at the proper place at the right time.

    SET UP

    Go to the control panel and set the following.

    1. Skill level to low.
    2. Combat to strategy.
    3. Autosave to on.
    4. Speed to high.


  1. Mordavia
  2. Town
  3. Castle
  4. Caves


    You find you have been transported, against your will, to a dark cavern filled with bones and skeletons. You have no idea where you are or why you are here!

    DAY 1


    Search the three skeleton bodies for a dagger, a flint and money. Take a torch from the holder to the right of the altar. Create a spark using the dagger and flint and light the torch. Light the torch to the left of the altar with the lit torch. Exit through the sphincter at the top of the screen. You will enter the heart cave.


    Fighter/Paladin: Take the sword and shield.

    Thief: Look for the thief mark near the exit at the bottom of the screen.

    Magic User: Take the cloth.

    Leave the cave at the bottom of the screen.


    Fighter/Paladin: Cross the pit via the rope, crossing hand over hand.

    Thief: Walk the tightrope across the pit.

    Magic User: Use the cloth and levitate spell to fly across the pit. Leave the pit cave at the left of the screen.


    After meeting Katrina, take the octopus-like shape (Dark One sign) from the bottom of the arch.

    Leave to the left.


    Slide down the cave path! Now head through the forest toward the town. (Use the general map.)


    Take a corn cob from the corn sheaths. Go through the town gate to the Staff area.


    Pick some flowers. Go left.


    Speak with the Burgomeister.


    Go into the Inn and speak with the Innkeeper. Leave the Inn.


    Go into the General Store, purchase some rations - avocado and garlic sandwiches - then leave.


    Speak with the Burgomeister. Ask about the Adventurers' Guild and he will give you the key.


    Go right to the east part of town.


    Try to enter Dr. Cranium's house. Solve the puzzle by repeating the sequence exactly. Once you do this correctly, the door will open. Enter the house. (You will have to do this each time you visit Dr. Cranium's house. Note that the sequence usually changes each time.)

    In the hallway, open the door to the right. You will release some baby antwerps. Use the Acme Trap and identify the animal as an Antwerp. Bait the trap with one of your avocado and garlic sandwiches and wait for a baby antwerp to be caught.

    In the control panel, set the speed to low.

    Open the door on the left. Move the maze so that the antwerp moves through the maze, fetches the key, then takes the key to the exit.

    In the control panel, set the speed to high.

    You now have the key. Try to unlock the door at the end of the hallway. Solve the puzzle by moving the pieces around to form a keyhole. Once you have done this, unlock the door and enter Dr. Cranium's lab. Speak with Dr. Cranium then ask about Science. Ask about the Healing and Poison potions. You will have to refer to the Technical Guide and look up the formula the doctor requests of you for each potion.

    Ask Dr. Cranium for an empty flask.

    Magic User: Ask about magic and you will receive the glide spell.

    Leave Dr. Cranium's house and head north.


    Talk to Igor the Gravedigger. Enter the Adventurers' Guild.


    Look at the books on the bookshelves. Sign the log book on the desk and read the log book.

    Practice on the stairstepper. (Do this daily, unless directed otherwise. You will need to add the weights from the top right corner of the room from time to time.)

    Fighter/Paladin/Thief: Pick up the rope and grapnel. Throw the grapnel up the hook on the ceiling. Practice climbing. (Do this daily.) Don't forget to collect the rope you before you leave.

    Fighter/Paladin: If/when you have sufficient strength, break open the Emergency Weapon Box and claim the superior sword.

    Fighter/Paladin/Magic User: Leave the guild after practicing your skills until you are unable to exercise any longer. Return to the Inn.

    Thief: Look under the table. Now look at the coat hooks on the right. Solve the puzzle as follows: Click on the skull below the third hook from the left until the hook is on top. Then, similarly, move the second hook from the left so that the hook is on the bottom. Next move the right most hook so that the hook is to the right. Lastly, move the left most hook so that the hook is on the left. Climb the bookshelf into the Thieves' Guild.

    THIEVES' GUILD (Thief only)

    Search the grid on the floor and you will find a knob.

    Take the card from the poster. Unlock the back door using the card. Read the books on the bookshelf and learn about disarming traps.

    Put the knob on the safe. Solve the safe puzzle by clicking on the letters and lines to spell out "F I L C H". Note that not all these letters are present. The letters on the combination are in alphabetical order with alternate letters represented by lines. When you have solved the puzzle, the safe will open. Take the lock pick.

    Go over to the desk and disarm the trap. Pick the lock. (You may need to build up your skills in lock picking. If so, keep trying.) You will find a log book and a lock picking kit and some daggers. Read the log book carefully.

    Check out the painting near the back of the right wall. You will find a safe. Disarm the trap by selecting three in a row of the same colour. (Just decide on a colour and click on it every time it appears. Eventually you will have three squares in a row.) Open the safe by picking the lock.

    Look at the thief mark by the drain on the right.

    Check out the barrel lying under the poster. Solve the puzzle according to the poem in the log book. Make the top row: Blue, Blue Yellow; the middle row: Green, Green, Green; and the bottom row: Red, Green, Red. Speak with the Chief Thief, then leave and return to the Inn.


    Wait until the evening, then enter the Inn. Sit down at the chair on the right hand side of the table and eat. Speak with the Innkeeper and the Townspeople. Go up to your room, the first door at the top of the stairs, enter and sleep until the morning.

    DAY 2


    When you wake up, go downstairs and eat breakfast. Leave and go to the Adventurers' Guild.


    Practice skills until you can not exercise any more. Leave the town and go to the forest room south of the town gate.


    Recover your stamina by resting. Pick up rocks from the ground and practice throwing. Practice throwing until you get tired.

    Thief: Practice throwing with your throwing daggers. Pick up the daggers from the ground or you will lose them.

    Magic User: Practice your spells.

    Rest. Go to the Castle Gates.


    Speak with the Gatekeeper. Find out his name: Boris. Go to the lake.


    Speak with the Rusalka. Give her the flowers, then speak with her again.

    Return to town.


    If it is after dark, the gate will be closed. In that case:

    Fighter/Paladin: Climb over wall using the rope and grapnel.

    Thief: Climb over gate.

    Magic User: Levitate over gate.

    Go to the Inn.


    If the door doesn't open, knock on the door. If you get in, eat then go to your room. If no one responds, go the Staff area. Sleep until morning.

    NOTE: Use the above method each night unless directions indicate otherwise.

    DAY 3


    Get breakfast, then go and practice your skills at the Adventurers' Guild.


    Leave town and explore the forest. Return to town.


    If it is after dark you will meet Katrina here and receive a healing solution. If you are a magic user you will learn the frostbite spell. If it is daylight, you can leave, wait then return when it is dark, or meet Katrina on another night.


    Go into town, and go to the Inn. If it is early evening, sit in your chair and watch the Gnome Comedy act.

    Go to your room, return downstairs and have supper. Return to your room and rest until it is after midnight. Go downstairs and speak with the Domovoi above the fireplace. Return to your room and sleep until morning.

    If you fail to get in the Inn, sleep in the Staff area. The above and following days' events should happen the next evening you spend at the Inn.

    DAY 4


    If you spent the evening at the Inn, visit the room at the end of the landing. Knock on the door. Enter and speak with the Gnome. Ask how he lost his humor, about the curse and about Baba Yaga. Take the rubber chicken from the bed.

    Eat breakfast downstairs in the Inn.


    Practice your skills and explore the forest. Return to the Inn.


    Eat, and rest until midnight. Go downstairs and speak with the Domovoi. Return to your room and sleep until morning.

    DAY 5


    Eat breakfast, then leave the Inn.


    Speak with the Burgomeister and the Townspeople.


    Enter the Burgomeister's Office and talk to the Gypsy. Leave the town immediately and go to the Graveyard.


    Look at the open grave where the headstone has fallen down.

    Fighter/Paladin: If you are strong enough you should be able to push the headstone off the grave. If not, keep trying or try the Thief method.

    Thief: Climb the tree and hang the rope over the branch overhanging the grave.

    Magic User: Cast the Open spell on the headstone.

    Check out the Borgov Crypt, then leave. Return to town.


    Chat with the Burgomeister then go to the north end of the town.


    Speak with Igor, the Gravedigger. When you ask, he will give you the key to the Borgov Crypt. Enter the Adventurers' Guild and practice until after dark. Leave the town.


    Go three screens south of the Town Gate then one east and you should encounter a ghost. Speak with the Ghost.

    Continue exploring the forest. Return to town and sleep in the Staff area.

    DAY 6


    Go to the Inn and eat breakfast. Leave and go to the Leshy Bushes scene.


    Touch the wiggling bush. Answer the Leshy's riddle with the response "Leshy". Go to the Gypsies camp.


    Speak with the Gypsies.

    Magic User: You receive the Aura spell to help protect you from the undead.

    Fighter: You will receive an Amulet to help protect you from the undead.

    Ask about Baba Yaga. Offer your money pouch to the Fortune Teller and she will tell your fortune. You will spend the night here.

    DAY 7


    In the morning, go into the Fortune Teller's wagon and ask Davy about hunting and Magda about the undead. Return to the Leshy Bushes.


    Touch the wiggling bushes until the Leshy appears and talks to you. Go to the screen before the Baba Yaga area.


    Fighter/Paladin: Say the Magic Phrase that you learned from Davy.

    Thief: Use acrobatics to leap over the bushes on the left.

    Magic User: Cast Detect Magic then Trigger at the bushes on the left.


    Speak with the skull Bonehead. Leave and head toward Erana's Garden.

    FOUNTAIN (Wizard only)

    At night, a Wizard (not any other Magic User), will encounter a fountain immediately south of Erana's Garden.

    Drink the water from the fountain and you will have an interesting experience.

    Go to Erana's Garden.


    Magic User: Practice the Glide spell on the water here. Cast Detect Magic. Cast Trigger on the water. Cast Open on the flower that rises up from the water. Cast Fetch on the flower to get the scroll. Cast Fetch to pick a fruit from the magic fruit tree. This is a Mana Fruit. Eat this fruit when you are low on mana points in an emergency.

    Practice skills and spells in Erana's Garden and in the forest. Sleep until morning in Erana's Garden.

    DAY 8


    Leave and go to the town. Enter the General Store.


    Speak with the Storekeeper about her husband. Buy more rations, a pie pan and some garlic.

    Thief: Buy oil and a shopping bag.



    Practice skills until sunset. Go to the Inn.


    Eat, then leave.

    EAST MAIN STREET (Thief only)

    Go to the street where Dr. Cranium's House is.

    It must be after dark. Climb up to the upper window of the left building. (If you don't have enough climbing skill, practice more at the Adventurers' Guild.)

    Enter the old man's house. Make sure you are sneaking. Use the oil on the wardrobe, then open it. Go downstairs and steal things from the desk. Exit the way you came in.


    Leave town by climbing or levitating over the gate. At the town gate you should meet Katrina again. Go to the place where you met the ghost.


    Speak with the ghost. Return to town. Sleep in the Staff area.

    DAY 9


    Leave town.

    Fighter/Paladin/Thief: Pick up some rocks.

    Go to the Cave Path which you slid down near the start of the game.


    Fill an empty flask with goo from the pool at the bottom of the screen.

    Fighter/Paladin: Throw rocks at the pile of rocks trapping the bush until the bush has been dislodged. Pick up the Bonsai Bush.

    Thief: Throw rocks at the pile of rocks trapping the bush to dislodge the dam. If you do this, climb up to the ledge above the bush and use the rope and grapnel to draw it up. (Note: No matter how much skill I accumulated I failed to recover the Bonsai Bush as a thief by this method. So I used the Magic User method!)

    Magic User: Cast Force Bolt at the pile of rocks trapping the bush. Cast Fetch on the Bonsai Bush.

    Return to town.


    Practice skills at the Adventurer's Guild and/or rest until the sun sets. Eat at the Inn, then leave town.


    Visit the Ghost again and tell her she is a ghost. Return to town and sleep in the Staff area.

    DAY 10


    If you need more healing or poison cure potions, visit Dr. Cranium. Leave the town. Go to Erana's Garden.


    Plant the Bonsai Tree is the hole in the ground next to the mound of soil. Leave and go to the Leshy Bushes.


    Touch all the wiggling bushes until the Leshy appears. The response to the Leshy's riddle is "Baba Yaga". Leave and go to the Gypsy camp.


    Go to the Fortune Teller's wagon and ask about Erana, her staff and the Destiny spell.

    Paladin: Ask about curing the Rusalka.

    Leave. Explore the forest until after dark and then visit the Ghost again.


    Speak with the Ghost and you will discover she is Anna. Return to town and sleep at the Inn or by the Staff.

    DAY 11


    Visit Dr. Cranium, pick up more healing and poison cure solutions. Ask about a Rehydration solution. Give him your flask of Grue Goo and he will hand over a Rehydration solution. Leave.

    Outside, Dr. Cranium's house, speak with the old man.

    Go to the Monastery in the north part of town, opposite the Adventures' Guild.


    Place the Dark One's sign on the door of the Monastery and enter.

    Inside, on the left, there is dried up Domovoi on the cabinet. Treat the Domovoi with the Rehydration solution.

    Feed garlic to the creature above the fireplace. Open the secret passage by operating the right andiron in the fireplace. Go downstairs.

    In the basement, go over to the desk.

    Fighter/Paladin: Force the desk open then drink a Poison cure potion.

    Thief: Disarm the trap in the desk the usual way (selecting the same three colors in a row). Use the shopping bag to pick up the small statue in the middle of the screen.

    Magic User: Cast Open on the desk.

    Read the diary in the desk.

    Go over to the large dripping cask. Touch the cask and you will receive the Blood Ritual.

    Go upstairs and destroy the Monastery by setting alight the carpet with the torch. You leave the burning Monastery in a hurry.

    THIEVES' GUILD (Thief only)

    Give the statue you found in the Monastery basement to the Chief Thief.


    Leave town, explore the forest and practice your skills. As soon as it is dark, visit the Ghost and speak with her. Return to the town before midnight and go to the Inn.


    Eat and sleep until the morning. You should be woken up at midnight by weeping sounds from downstairs. Go downstairs and listen at the interior door. Return to your room and sleep again. You should be woken again by the Domovoi. Finally get some sleep!

    DAY 12


    Eat breakfast then visit the General Store to buy more garlic.

    Magic User: Get two bulbs of Garlic.

    Go to the north of town and tell the old man, Nikolai, about the ghost, Anna.

    FOREST (Fighter only)

    Spend the day and evening hunting. (By day 24 you should have defeated at least one of each of the following monsters: Wyvern, Chernovy, Badder, Revenant, Necrotaur, Killer Rabbit and Wraith.)

    LAKE (Paladin only)

    Go to the lake and speak with the Rusalka. Ask about the Swamp. Go to the Gypsy camp

    GYPSIES (Paladin only)

    Ask the Gypsies about how to help the Rusalka.

    GRAVEYARD (Paladin only)

    Go to the Graveyard and read the gravestones to find out the Rusalka's name.

    TOWN (Thief only)

    Practice your lock picking skills by breaking into the Burgomeister's office via the window. Sneaking, break into the desk by picking the lock. You may have to keep trying both at the window and desk until you are sufficiently skilled at lock picking.

    ERANA'S GARDEN (Magic User only)

    Practice skills, get a Mana Fruit.


    When it is dark, visit the Ghost. There are now two of them! Speak to the Ghosts. Then take or ask for Nikolai's hat. If the Ghosts disappear, leave the scene, then return. The Ghosts will have reappeared and you can continue interacting with them. Return to town and sleep by the Staff.

    DAY 13


    Get breakfast.

    Paladin only: Visit General Store and buy a broom.

    FOREST (Fighter only)

    Continue hunting and defeating monsters.

    LAKE (Paladin only)

    Go to the Lake and speak with the Rusalka. Get some of the Rusalka's hair. Put the Rusalka's hair in the broom.

    Practice skills until sunset. Return to the Inn.


    Eat then go to your room and rest until midnight. Go downstairs and speak with the Domovoi. Take the doll from the cabinet. Return to your room and sleep until morning.

    DAY 14


    Eat breakfast and leave town. Go to Baba Yaga's Hut.


    Open the magic barrier as you did before then give the hat to Bonehead. Put the corn on the ground near the hut. Then go into the hut.

    Speak with Baba Yaga and speak with her agreeably, telling her about the Gnome. She will ask you to fetch her an Elderberry Pie.



    Spend the night here.

    DAY 15


    Go to the Cave Path and fill another empty flask with Goo.


    Go to the attacking Elderberry Bush two screens south of the Ghost's screen.

    Fighter/Paladin/Thief: Throw rocks at the bush. Click the Rubber Chicken on the bush to lure it out. Walk around the bush and pick up the fallen berries.

    Magic User: Cast Force Bolt at the bush. Cast Fetch on the fallen berries.

    If you do not have any bones in your inventory, you must wait until night, then seek out a Wraith, defeat it and search it's barrow. You should find some treasure as well as some old bones.


    Spend the night here.

    DAY 16


    Go to Baba Yaga's. Put the bones in the mortar and grind them with the pestle. Put the Goo and Elderberries in the pie pan. Collect the Bone meal from the mortar with an empty flask. Put the Bone meal in the pie pan. Click the pie pan on the nearby skull and the skulls should bake the pie.

    Enter the hut. Give the pie to Baba Yaga, then tell her about the Gnome and she will give you a Good Humor Bar. Baba will force you to leave.

    Magic User: Re-enter the hut, give Baba some garlic and ask for a spell.


    GRAVEYARD (Paladin only)

    After dark, go to the Graveyard. Prepare to meet a Wraith, then sweep Elyssa's Grave with the Broom. Defeat the Wraith.


    Return to town. Eat and sleep in the Inn.


    The Domovoi will wake you in the middle of the night again. Sleep until morning.

    DAY 17


    Visit the Gnome's room. You will restore his Good Humor. Eat breakfast. Leave town.

    LAKE (Paladin only)

    Speak with the Rusalka. Touch the Rusalka to kiss her! Leave


    Thief: Practice Acrobatics.

    Magic User: Practice Hide spell.

    Practice skills until sunset then return to the Inn.


    Sit in your usual chair and watch the Gnome's comedy performance. Leave the Inn and go to the Castle Gates.


    Speak with Katrina.


    Paladin only: Piotyr's spirit will tell you to defeat a Wraith far to the south of the Graveyard.

    Spend the night here.

    DAY 18


    Get breakfast then leave town.

    During the day, go back and forth between the Castle Gatekeeper, Boris and the General Storekeeper, Olga, telling each of them about the other until they have got back together.

    Paladin only: At night, visit the Wraith mount to the far south of the Graveyard. Search the mound once you have defeated the Wraith.

    Return to town.


    Eat, then go up to your room. Sleep until morning. The Domovoi will interrupt your sleep again. Sleep until morning again.

    DAY 19


    Eat breakfast then leave the Inn.

    Paladin only: Visit the Burgomeister's Office and speak with the Burgomeister about the sword, Piotyr's ghost and the Wraith.

    Go to the Graveyard.


    Go over to the Borgov Crypt. Unlock it, pick the lock or cast Open and enter the crypt.

    (Note: If you want to go back to the Graveyard from here, shake hands with the Grim Reaper by the stairway.)

    Look at the Borgov Crest on the floor. Click on the colors in the following order: Spell out the BORGOV name with the first letter of each colour; i.e. Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Orange, Violet. Take the key from the crest.

    Unlock the sarcophagus in the alcove and enter the secret passage to the castle.


    Opening doors throughout the castle, go east, until you reach the stairs. Go up the stairs to an empty room. Go north to a stairway and go into a room with a Bookcase. Touch the emblem at the top of the bookcase and you will enter a bedroom. Leave the bedroom and follow the stairway to a room with three doors.

    Return to this room when it is after dark.

    Go east and explore the castle extensively. There are chests and safes to crack open, interesting places to search, and a Wraith to defeat. Listen to, but do not get caught by, the Goon Guards guarding the empty dungeon. The secret passage from the Crypt can be revealed in the room with the bookcase by touching the candelabra. In the room which has the Borgov crest above a bookcase, spell out "E X I T" with the books and this will reveal a secret passage.

    After dark, return to the room with three doors and go west. Go up the stairway to the Child's room. Open the door and speak with the vampire child, Tanya. Give the doll to Tanya. Tell her about Erana's Staff.


    Here Toby makes the ultimate sacrifice and Tanya is restored to life. You receive Erana's Staff, then you return Tanya to her parents at the Inn and spend the night at the Inn.

    DAY 20


    Eat breakfast and speak with the Innkeeper and his family. Leave.


    Go round talking to as many people as possible and try to find out about the Dark One.

    Visit the General Store and buy more rations and some candy.

    Visit Dr. Cranium and get more potions.

    Fighter/Thief/Magic User: Go to the Lake and ask the Rusalka about the Swamp and the Will O' Wisps.

    In the evening, go to the Castle Gates and meet Katrina, once again.

    Return to the Inn. Eat and spend the night in your room.

    DAY 21


    Read the note in your room. Go downstairs, eat breakfast then leave town.


    Explore, practicing and building your skills until evening. Go to the Castle Gates.


    When you enter the screen immediately south of the Castle Gates, you will encounter your old nemesis, Ad Avis. Try running away, but you will be caught and taken to the Castle Dungeon.

    DAY 22


    You awake chained to a platform in the Castle Dungeon.

    Fighter/Paladin: Break the chains.

    Thief: Use the tool kit to unlock the chains.

    Magic User: Cast Open on the chains.

    Open the Iron Maiden and you will enter Katrina's Bedroom.


    Go over to the coffin and touch it. Kiss Katrina! Irate, Katrina will take you back to the Castle Dungeon.


    Speak to Katrina. Try to mollify her and convince her you were not trying to kill her. She will put a geas on you to find the five Dark One rituals and return to her with them. She will leave you at the Castle Gate.

    DAY 23


    Go immediately to the Gypsy camp and pay for a reading of a fortune. Speak with the Gypsies to find out as much information as possible. Leave. Go to Erana's Garden.

    FAERIES (Magic User only)

    You will be stopped by the Faeries before you reach Erana's Garden. Reach for the glowing staff and listen to the Faeries. Leave the scene, then return to it. Cast Reversal and Summon Staff. Use the staff to cast Resistance and Frost Bite at the Faeries. Drink healing potions and eat mana fruit as necessary. Fight until the Faeries give up. You will receive the Heart Ritual.


    Magic User: Fetch another Mana Fruit from the tree.

    Sleep the rest of the night here. In the morning, go to Baba Yaga's.


    Visit Baba Yaga in her hut and offer her some garlic. Ask about the Ritual and she will give you the Breath Ritual.

    Go to the Swamp


    Fighter/Paladin: Wade into the Swamp. Avoid the grasping hands.

    Thief: Use Acrobatics to jump from clump to clump in the swamp.

    Magic User: Use Glide to move through the swamp and avoid the grasping hands.

    Go south for three screens until you reach the Mad Monk's Tomb.

    Fight and defeat the Chernovy.

    Place the Dark One's Sign on the Tomb.

    Click out the order of the Rituals: Mouth, Bones, Blood, Breath, Sense, Heart and Essence. You will receive the Bone Ritual.

    Leave the swamp the same way you entered it. Near the edge of the Swamp, in the forest, rest and heal until evening.

    After dark, return to edge of the Swamp. There should be Will O' Wisps playing over the swamp.

    Put the Candy on the shore of the Swamp. Wait for the four Will O' Wisps to be attracted to the Candy then catch them in an empty flask.

    Walk east to the Cave Path.


    Apply the flask of Will O' Wisps to the obelisk. Place the Dark One's Sign on the obelisk. Click on the letters to spell out the name "A V O O Z L". You will receive the Sense Ritual.

    Paladin/Magic User: You now have all five Rituals.

    Return to the shore of the Swamp and release the Will-o-wisps.


    Return to town and sleep by the staff.

    DAY 24


    Spend the day practicing and building your skills, talking to people and get another healing potion from Dr. Cranium.

    Fighter/Thief: When it is after dark, go to the Wraith barrow to the far south of the Graveyard and defeat it. You will receive the Heart Ritual.

    Go to the Castle Gates.



    The Castle Gates will be open. Walk on to the Castle.


    You will be greeted by Katrina and Ad Avis. You will all transport to the Cave Mouth.


    Katrina will perform the Mouth Ritual to open the Cave Mouth and send you in to find the seventh and last Ritual, Essence. She orders you to perform the six remaining rituals.


    Fighter/Paladin: Use the Rope and Grapnel to climb down to the pit monster. Fight and defeat the monster and pick up the book. Climb back up and cross the pit via the rope, hand over hand.

    Thief: Sneak into the Pit Cave. Use the Rope and Grapnel to climb down to the pit monster. Sneak over to the book and pick it up. Climb back up and cross the pit by walking the tight rope.

    Magic User: Cast Calm. Levitate down into the pit. Take the book. Levitate back up on the other side of the pit.

    Leave this cave by the exit on the right to the Heart Cave. Go through the lower right pulsing sphincter to the Bone Cave.


    Put your torch in the empty torch sconce. Both torches should be lit and in position. Place the Dark One Sign on the altar. Click the Bone Ritual on the altar.

    Fighter/Paladin: When the cage appears to trap you, break the bones.

    Thief: When the cage bones are closing, use acrobatics to get out of the way quickly.

    Magic User: Cast Frost Bite, then Flame dart, then Force Bolt.

    Take your torch.

    Leave and return to the Heart Cave. Go through the lower left pulsing sphincter to the Blood Cave.


    Follow the path to the bottom. Climb up to the upper path and go over to the altar. Click the Blood Ritual on the altar. This starts the blood flowing.

    Fighter/Paladin: Go to the top part of the altar. Use the rope and grapnel to climb to the ledge that overhangs the altar. Push the rock into the altar bowl. Climb down the rope and return along the main path.

    Thief: Go to the top part of the altar. Use the rope and grapnel to climb to the ledge that overhangs the altar. Use acrobatics to get to the ledge above, then to the island ledge at the center of the screen, then over to the main path.

    Magic User: Walk down to where the blood is flowing out of the altar bowl. Do not touch or walk through the acid! Cast Frost Bite on the blood in the pool. Return to the main path.

    Leave and return to the Heart Cave. Go through the upper left pulsing sphincter to the Breath Cave.


    Go over to the altar. Click the Breath Ritual on the altar. Blow through the tentacles at the center of the altar in the following order: right hand small tentacle, left hand small tentacle, center small tentacle, large center tentacle.

    Try to leave. You will be caught by the breath.

    Fighter/Paladin: When you are in the middle of the screen, catch hold of the tendril on the right.

    Thief: Climb up and out of the way of the breath.

    Magic User: When you are caught inside the lung sphincter, cast Calm and Open.

    Leave and return to the Heart Cave. Go through the upper right pulsing sphincter to the Sense Cave.


    Don't panic! You have lost all your senses. They will come back gradually.

    Walk from left to right across the bottom of the screen. Now walk up the left edge of the screen. Then walk across the top of the screen to the right. You should have all your senses now and have arrived at the altar.

    Click the Sense Ritual on the altar.

    Fighter/Paladin/Thief: Use the rope and grapnel on the horseshoe shape near the top of the screen and swing over to the center.

    Fighter/Paladin: Run through the dendrites to the exit. Take a healing potion if needed.

    Thief: Use the rope and grapnel on the large globe shape under the altar and swing across to the exit. Walk on quickly.

    Magic User: Walk along the path to the exit, casting Lightning Ball at the dendrites as you get near them to short circuit them.

    Leave and return to the Heart Cave.


    Click the Heart Ritual on the altar.

    Fighter/Paladin/Thief: Climb up, or use the rope and grapnel to climb up the altar.

    Magic User: Levitate in front of the altar.

    This takes you to the Essence Cave.


    Ad Avis will finally turn on Katrina and cause the Dark One to take her. You must now destroy Ad Avis once again!

    When you get a chance to move, Ad Avis is threatening you, so move quickly.

    Fighter/Paladin/Thief: Get the Staff out from your inventory.

    Magic User: Cast Summon Staff.

    Tell Ad Avis the Gnome's Ultimate Joke.

    Fighter/Paladin: Use the Staff on Ad Avis.

    Thief: Throw a dagger at Ad Avis.

    Magic User: Cast Force Bolt at Ad Avis. Then cast Summon Staff again.

    Click the Staff on the large crystal at the center of the cave to release Erana.

    Congratulations! You have gained the Townspeople's trust, saved Igor the Grave Digger, the Gypsy Davy and restored Tanya. You have brought together two separated married couples. You have defeated Ad Avis, the Dark Master Katrina (perhaps regretfully) and sealed away the Dark One. Last but not least, you have rescued Erana's spirit and started the process of restoring the valley of Mordavia.

    Now the dark magic is dissipating, Erasmus and Fenris finally get through to you, only to zap you off to Silmaria...presumably to be continued in Quest for Glory V!

    QUEST FOR GLORY IV: Shadows of Darkness is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line Inc.

    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1995 by Diana Griffiths. All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.



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