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Quake 2 Demo Walkthrough


  1. Secret 1: Go down the ramp, and through the broken door. Follow the path around, then turn right at the T-intersection to go to the outside area. Walk forward down the stairs, then turn around. Go to the left side of the stairs, and go under them, to get the bandolier. (You must crouch to get it.)
  2. Secret 2: Then, from the top of the stairs, go left into the water, and follow it into the hole in the wall. You will come to a big room with a fan in the ceiling. Turn left, and follow the water all the way to where the water stops. Search around that area, and on the left side, you can go under the wall, into the second secret. There are grenades, and three armor shards there.
  3. Secret 3: Go back to the stairs where you got the bandolier. Go up the stairs, and turn right. Follow the hallway through the door. You will come to a large room with some monsters. There's a staircase ahead of you. Go around it, against the right wall. Make a left, and look up. You will see an orange-yellow light in the ceiling. Shoot it. A wall in front of it will open, and you will get 5 grenades, and two 25 health boxes.


  4. Secret 1: It's near the end of the level. Go through the level until you get to a large open area with a bridge that explodes. Jump into the water, and turn right. You will see a tunnel. Stand in front of the entrance to the big tunnel, and look left. You will see a smaller, squarish tunnel. Go in it, and follow the right wall. After three turns, you will see a crack in the wall. Shoot the crack a few times, and you'll find secret number one, with a super shotgun and a corpse in it.
  5. The rest of DEMO2's secrets come after you've completed DEMO3, so go to DEMO3 now.


  6. Secret 3: Go past the first room, and you will come into a room with a large water area. Jump straight into the water, and turn around 180 degrees. You should see a crack in the wall. Below that is a crack in the floor. Swim into the crack in the floor, and crouch. Turn left, and swim straight down the passageway. You will enter a small room. Look up, and go through the hole there into another small room. Go through the crack in the wall, and down the hall is a rocket launcher, 10 rockets, and jacket armor.
  7. Complete DEMO3, and you will return to another area in DEMO2 that you couldn't get to before.


  8. Secrets 2 and 3: Once you're back in DEMO2, hit the switch in front of you, and follow the path to the left until you're back at the broken bridge room. Then follow the right wall and go through the door. Follow the path forward, and go over the bridge you lowered by hitting the switch. After going over the bridge you lowered, go through the door and turn right. Walk forward to the first alcove and look left. You will see a red light. Walk towards it, and you will drop down. Walk forward a few steps and turn right. Go forward, get the grenades, then strafe left (facing the same way) and go forward. Turn left, go forward a few steps, and turn left again. You will see a super shotgun, and 10 shells. The super shotgun accounts for the last two secrets (yeah, it's weird, but that's all the secrets there are).

    Submitted by: john21@aol.com. Written by: Maelstrom (mael1@ucla.edu)


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