Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor Walkthrough Solution


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor Walkthrough Solution

by Al Giovetti


  1. Introduction
  2. Character Creation and Non Player Characters
  3. Game Design
  4. Copyright
  5. Stillwater Ruins
  6. Halls of Stone, Level 2, Rhonglyn Green
  7. Deep Halls, Level 4, Rhonglyn Red
  8. Halls of Light, Level 1, Rhonglyn Purple
  9. Main Halls, Level 3, Rhonglyn Yellow
  10. Speculum, Rhonglyn Blue
  11. First Cellar: Elven Catacombs: Level 1
  12. Cheats
  13. References
  14. Letters

    General Advise

    Introduction: The book Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor has the basic linear plot of this computer role playing adventure game which uses Advanced Dungeons and Dragons third edition rules. The AD&D third edition simplifies the rules quite a bit.

    Gone are the racial limitations on levels. All character races can attain high levels in their chosen classes in this third edition. Multi- and dual- classing have been combined into one multi-class model where you can have as many as four classes for any character. The game allows you to go up 32 levels so that you can be level 16 in one class and 16 in another. The maximum level in each class is 16. These multiple classes are an important factor in the game. Picking compatible classes can be very important. Pick compatible classes,

    such as ranger/rogues, rogue/sorcerers, fighter/clerics, paladin/monks, monk/rogues, and monk/sorcerers. This list of two classed characters has no armor restrictions like other class combinations might have.

    Character Creation and Non Player Characters (NPC) who can join the party

    Kestral starts with 12 Strength, 17 dexterity, 11 constitution, 14 intelligence, 11 wisdom and 8 charisma. You can multiclass Kestral to a sorcerer or a ranger or you can multiclass Ghleanna Stormlake (8 strength, 13 dexterity, 13 constitution, 13 intelligence, 9 wisdom and 17 charisma) to a rogue. Ghleanna is a better wizard than Jarial (11 strength, 12 intelligence, 8 wisdom, 16 dexterity, 14 constitution and 17 charisma) who is the first NPC to join the party.

    There are eight non-player characters you can find in the game who can join your party: Athan, Bronwyn, Eadred, Emmeric, Faeril, Jarial, Kellan, and Tudo. You can replace any party character with another of these eight non-player characters. Your entire party could be people you find in the dungeon if you so desire.

    Athan is a level 16th level male fighter who is found in the passage to Castle Cormanthor after you finish the catacombs or cellars under the castle.

    Bronwyn is a 12th level female elven ranger, and sister of the silver fire which will solve the mystery of the pump desecration behind the hall of gems. Bronwyn is on he second level, also called the second cellar, of the catacombs. Both sisters Bronwyn and Kellan guard the Shrine of the Silver Fire in the very center of this map.One can get to the Shrine by moving north along the eastern walls from the stairs down from Speculum Grounds. When you reach the northeast corner of the map on the first level of the catacombs go along the north wall across from east to west to the northwest corner of the map. Take the stairs down from one of the rooms in the northeast corner of the first level to access the second level of the catacombs. Either work your way south to the central western area of the map and then move to the center from west to east. Alternately, work your way south on the first level to a third stair down to the second level of the catacombs and then work your way east to the Shrine of the Silver Fire. These two sisters can provide you with much information about the catacombs so talk to them extensively before you consider adding them to your group.

    Eadred the Glim is a 8th level male human paladin who is guarding a cursed sword in the tomb of his lord Hachaam Selorn. The barrow with the enchanted sword that keeps Eadrid prisoner is found throgh a door in the northeast corner of Glim-Gardens. Eadrid wears chainmail +2 and gauntlets of dexterity. Anyone who takes up the sword Eadrid guards in the barrow takes up his vigil in stone. Eadrid can return to his vigil after you loot him of his equipment by having him grasp the sword hilt again.

    Emmeric is a 5th level male fighter found in the Halls of Stone. You will pick up Emmeric (strength 16, dexterity 13, constitution 15, wisdom 9, intelligence 16, and charisma 10) in the Halls of Stone (level 2) later in a fight with cultists. Emeric is found in one of the rooms in the SW corner of the Halls of Stone this area is loaded with undead. Halls of stone are entered from a stair up from Main Halls (level 3) on the east wall of the map in the far south east portion of Smith Avenue.

    Faeril, a female half-elven 5th level fighter and 9th level cleric, who is found in Mystra's sanctuary in Stillwater Ruins. Faeril can join the party after the party defeats the dark naga in nightingale court at the temple of Mystra there and frees Annorrwyn's spirit from the dark curse.

    Jarial a 3rd level male half-elf sorcerer is found just west of the fountains in the center of the Main Halls. He is freed by solving his riddle and wearing any "ring" while smashing the stone that binds and protects him. Jarial is the first NPC who can join the party.

    Kellan is a female human 7th level fighter and 6th level sorcerer and sister of the silver fire who oppose the cult of the dragon.Kellan is found on the second level of the catacombs. See Bronwyn above for information how to find and add this NPC to your group.

    Tudo is a male human 12th level rogue found in the northeast portion of the First cellar level of the catacombs. Can only be added to the party after finding the wizards torc and restorying it at the house of gems so that it will open the portal to the catacombs in Ulair's circle. Tudo and Nottle are fighting over treasure just west of the northeast corner of the first cellar level of the catacombs. The party needs to move north along the eastern wall from the stairs down or the gate in from Ulair's circle on this level in order to find Tudo and Nottle.

    Some feel that you should leave Ghleanna and Kestral back and create an entirely new party with better statistics than you get when you take the premade party. Since fighters, barbarians, and monks need little charisma and intelligence these stats are wasted on them, so have two or three in each and maximize strength, dexterity and constitution. Wisdom of ten or eleven in fighter and monk classes allow you to multiclass easier later. Clerics and Paladins on the other hand have little need for intelligence which can similarly be set at two or three when creating characters.

    The rogue/sorcerer multiclasss is particularly suited for this game giving you a sorcerer who is hard to hit and can do good damage with a shortsword or dagger and is equally good with a sling or shortbow for sneak attacks of 30 points or so. Other useful multiclasses include paladin/ranger, monk/ranger, monk/rogue, and cleric/fighter. The class should be careful not to violate armor restrictions. There is a set of armor in the game that sorcerers can wear and get decent armor class (ac) so that a sorcerer/paladin or similar multiclass is possible.

    An ideal party is a monk/ranger or monk/rogue, paladin/ranger or fighter/cleric, cleric/fighter, and rogue/sorcerer

    Game Design One serious deficiency in game design is the lack of a location indicator that shows the coordinates of where you are. Coordinates would make it infinitely easier to write this walkthough and make maps totally unnecessary. Prima Games has an excellent clue book with maps for about 20 US Dollars, 13 Brittish Pounds, and $28 Canadian Dollars (www.primagames.com). This walkthrough is without maps and can be followed easily by anyone who can read and understand the English language. If you find a confusing part simply contact me at (wizards@charm.net) and I will fix anything that needs fixing.

    Copyright This walkthrough is copyrighted by Al Giovetti and the Computer Show and requires written permission to reprint. We grant permission for reprint to any personal or not-for profit web pages. We welcome other inquires.

    Stillwater RuinsStillwater Ruins:

  1. You start the game on the surface of Myth Drannor at the area called Stillwater Ruins. Stillwater Ruins contains a sanctuary of Mystera, the goddess of mysteries and magic, located in the west across a bridge, the merchant Nottle, located in the central area of the beginning map, and an entrance to the dungeons of Myth Drannor, found on the far north-east part of Stillwater Ruins. The characters are first level and need experience to progress, so explore and remember to save often.
  2. Wandering around during the day above ground avoids the wandering undead mobs. Take refuge in the shelter for healing or near the fountain in the north central area of the beginning map of Stillwater Ruins. After fighting your first battle, you can save the game. After saving the game move east and save Nottle. Tell Nottle that you don't need a reward and he will tell you the warding word sealing the entrance to Mystra's sanctuary.
  3. In a barrel just west of Nottle you find a carved barrel stave key. The hardwood key opens the chest in the shine to the west of the chest and the shrine will fully heal your party and is a good location to stick around early on.
  4. In Mystra's Santuary read the book for the word of power which opens the glyph down to the Main Halls. The glyph and stair down are found in the far north east corner of Stillwater Ruins. Also here talk extensively with Faeril and Beriand clerics of Mystra. One of your quests that you receive here is to retrieve Beriand's stolen Deathbane. Orcs will have the staff which you return to Beriand for experience and gratitude. Once Beriand has his staff he can raise fallen characters from the dead. Beriand's Deathbane staff is found in the Great Hall in a room just north east of the entrance. Once you get the staff it would be a good idea to return it to Beriand in the sanctuary, immediately. Dead characters will move with the party and appear as a dead body on the ground wherever they go. Faeril, a half-elf 5th level fighter/ 9th level cleric (17 strength, 12 dexterity, 16 constitution, 10 intelligence, 16 wisdom, and 15 charisma) can join the party once you kill the dark naga infecting the Temple of Mystra in Nightingale Court. By returning with Faeril in your party, the sprit of Annorrwen will take the first step to being firmly rooted in this time and place and later actions will allow her to help the party. When you complete the elven catacombs, Faeril and Beriand, if Faeril is not in the party, will be kidnapped. The party will have to rescue Faeril and Beriand from the second cellar of the elven catacombs in the northern cult stronghold area of the north central part of the map right on the north wall of the map.

    Main Halls.

  5. The Main Halls are composed of the Great Hall, Smith's Avenue, Rhonglyn Room area, Turgild's Square, Lizard Row, Bedlam Prison, Dwarven Tombs, and Central Ruins. The Great Hall in the north-west is home to a tribe of orcs lead by Zud. The Grand Avenue in the north-central area connects the Great Hall in the north-west to the Smith Avenue in the north-east. The Smith Avenue in north-east is the home of the Dark Naga Preybellish who will only open his door when the party comes back with a good neckpiece. Rhonglyn Room in the south-west and central-west area is a teleportation device that must be activated on another level to allow access to all the floors and to the House of Wizards on the surface of Myth Drannor. Turgild's Square is south of the marker in front of the opening to the great hall just west of the entrance to this area from Stillwater Ruins.

    Great Hall:

  6. At the bottom of the stairs from Stillwater Ruins fight the three orcs who seem to be searching undead bodies here. After you kill them open the chest for a notched silver bar key (the key to the living), sling +2 and shortsword +1, and get the notched black still bar key (the key to the dead) on the table. First go north through the locked door to the dead and work your way around to the library killing groups of undead as you go. Just before the library is an apparent dead- end. You can smash a wooden panel at the dead-end to go further. Keep moving west until you get to the library. Just north of the library four zombies are fighting three orcs and one orc leader. You can let them fight or join in immediately. To the east of the orc-zombie battle is a room with one orc leader, two orcs, a spectre and a chest. The orcs will not attack you until you attack them or the spectre. The spectre will not attack you if you kill the orcs, but will wait until you either try to loot the chest, attack the spectre or move too close to the spectre. The spectre is a very tough fight for characters at your level and you may want to leave him till later. The chest has an ancient dwarven chest key, leather +3, chain armor +5, and longsword +1.
  7. You may need the longsword +1 for Emmeric if you don't have a paladin or fighter in your group yet. You will pick up Emmeric, a 5th level fighter (strength 16, dexterity 13, constitution 15, wisdom 9, intelligence 16, and charisma 10) in the Halls of Stone (level 2) later in a fight with cultists. Emeric is found in one of the rooms in the SW corner of the Halls of Stone this area is loaded with undead. Halls of stone are entered from a stair up from Main Halls (level 3) on the east wall of the map in the far south east portion of Smith Avenue.

    Rhonglyn Room

  8. The Rhonglyn Room area can be accessed by leaving the door to the living to the east and following the right hand wall around to the south. You first encounter a fountain of healing which can be useful after battles. Of course once cleared most rooms on this level allow for rest, healing, spell and skill restoration, so the healing fountains are uneccessary. Directly south you will encounter some undead and find a roughly circular room. This room has a device in the center called the Rhonglyn. The Rhonglyn once unfrozen by a blow from a melee weapon at the Rhonglyn room within the Deep Halls frees up this teleportation device which provides access to every floor of the dungeon as well as the Speculum. Once freed of the ice, the pedistals around the center of the Ronglyn device will glow with blue, yellow, green, purple and red light. The center pedistal will glow with the light of the level that you are currently on. Blue is the Speculum. Purple is the Halls of Light, or first level of the dwarven dungeon. Green is the Halls of Stone or second level of the dwarven dungeon. Yellow is the Main Halls or the third dwarven dungeon level. Red is the Deep Halls or fourth dwarven dungeon level. Emmeric is found very near the Rhynglyn teleporter on the Halls of Stone level.
  9. Immediately to the east is the entrance to the dwarven inn, with one orc waiting to fight you at the entrance. To the southwest a barrel gives one character a permanent increase of one constitution. The room to the northeast has two more orcs. A very large room is to the north and north west of the current room with seven orcs to fight spread all over the room. The roomhas a locked chest with a warhammer +2 and a fountain of restoration with only two portions left over. Behind the secret door in the northwest of the large room is the tavern of health. On the west wall of the tavern of health are two kegs with two potions each of healing salves and potions of power. Also in the room are two small shields +1 and a wrought iron key on the table. A zombi and a shadow guard the kegs. In the east corner of the room are six barrels that give from top left corner to bottom right corner PERMANENT increases of one charisma (northwest barrel), one dexterity (northeast barrel), one constitution (centraleast barrel), one wisdom (central east barrel - furthest east of them all), one strength (southwest barrel), and one intelligence (the southeast barrel - furthest south of them all).
  10. South of the dwarven inn along the west wall found a circle of spires with orog bodies. When you walk into the spires shadow attacks who carries a wand of restoration. East of the dwarven inn and south of the Rhonglyn teleporter are two rooms side by side. The western room is locked with four skeletons and an elder skeleton. The eastern room holds three skeleton knights who carry a battleaxe +2. The extra battleaxes can be used to make battleaxe +3 in the dwarven forges in northeast corner of the Halls of Stone. Three regular iron battleaxes placed into the forge gives you one battleaxe +3, a very good deal. If you leave the Halls of stone after putting one or two iron battleaxes into the forge, it will reset so don't put them in unless you have at least three. Also in the skeletal kinght room is a trapped chest with the black skeleton key and a wand of magic missiles.
  11. South and west of the skeletal knights room is the locked black skeleton key door room with two stairs down to to the Deep Halls in the southwest corner. You need to go southeast and work your way around to this area passing through a two door room guarded by five skeletons. These rooms in the deep halls have the winter blade and the blood moon key in a barrel in one room and the other room leads to a third room locked with the blood moon key and guarded by two skeletons and a wraith. One more room in the Deep Halls to the northwest of the blood moon key room is the Tomb af Aeseder which contains the Kluusar Bloodstone Amulet. Once you have the loot from these four Deep Hall rooms return to the Main Halls and keep exploring.
  12. Three rooms directly to the east of the Rhonglyn teleporter house a mage, two skeletons, and two skeleton knights in the northwest room who drop a scroll or lightning bolt and wand of restoration. The central room has a locked chest and two healing potions. The southeast room has three zombies and a secret door that connects to Turgild's Square to the northeast.
  13. Southwest of the secret door to Turgild's Square is a group of rooms with undead. Thre is a room with a keg of sheilding which gives shield of faith to every character who drinks. To the far south of this area are a series of cold rooms that border on the southern edge of the map. One room has three cold wells that releases a cone of cold aimed toward the center of the room. If your group is on the wall side when you smash the wells you take no damage. Smashing all the wells opens the frozen door to the southwest of the room with the three frozen fountains. The frozen door room has a shadow and two trapped chests with scrolls and a wand of chain lightning.
  14. three rooms to the north of the cold rooms are arranged in northwest to southeast fashion. The northeastern room of the three has a ghast, a ghoul and a zombie guard ing a trapped chest with wand of melf's acid arrow and reptilian scale mail. .

    Turgild's Square:

  15. Directly south of the marker in front of the main hall is the entrance to Turgild's Square. The main area of Turgild's Square is dominated by four fountains. Elana, an ghost walks these halls and wishes you to restore the waters. Elana teaches you the echoing word which locks some doors in the Deep Halls. You must free the Lifespring Guardian in the far northeast corner the Deep Halls to restore the fountains. Just north of the southeast corner of the map on the east wall, you will find the remains of Garras, Elana's lover. If you arrange Garras' bones in restful repose you will earn his gratitude and he will assist you in fighting the Lifespring Gardian and restoring the fountains. The north fountain gives you one wisdom point PERMANENTLY. The well of beauty in the west gives one party member one charisma point permanently. The well of endurance adds three points to the characters total hit points. The well of rest restores health and rest to the party.
  16. North east of the Turgild's Square with the fountains is a room with barrel guarded by two zombies with a scoll of harm and monk gloves called the fists of ranman.
  17. West of the fountain of charisma in Turgild's Square are two rooms guarded by five orcs with a trapped chest with a longbow +1.
  18. East of Turgild's Square is where you will find Jarial, a 3rd level male half-elf sorcerer. Free Jarial by solving his riddle and wearing any "ring" while smashing the stone that binds and protects him. Jarial is the first NPC who can join the party. Jarial still holds a torch for Ozama who in a fit of anger incased him in an immobilizing spell which has kept him alive and young for many years. Ozama has gone off to talk with Preybellish in the far northeast corner of this level.
  19. North of Turgild's Square's wisdom fountain is a room with a chest with the ancient rusted iron key and a dagger +3 and a note

    Smith's Avenue

  20. Smith's Avenue occupies the northeast corner of this level and is full of undead. Preybellish is in the far northeast corner near the edge of the map. You must have a good neckpiece to get into see Preybellish who is a slick-toungued dark naga who will kill you for your neckwear. Onglore's Amulet of War, Kluusar's Bloodstone Amulet, Theodore's amulet of Luck, or Tyr's Locket of Justice must be worn to gain entrance to the lair. Jariel's beloved companion Ozama's corpse is found nearby along with a pair of snakeskin boots that may help with the battle with Preybellish, an intelligent snake called a naga. In the far north is the fountain of worship. Preybellish has the the damaged wizards torc which must be restored in the house of gems, necklace of protection +3, amulet of protection +2, amulet of protection from paralysis +1, and a medallion of defense. You can also learn the word of venom, the glyph sealing the door in the Temple of Mystra in Nightingale Court on the Surface can also open the door, should you choose to wait until you reach the surface to kill this snake.
  21. West of Preybellish and east of a stair up to the halls of light is the well of worship. DO NOT DRINK from this well. It gives 750 experience points but PERMANENTLY removes one costitution and one wisdom and summmons a master shadow. The experience is hardly worth a permanent loss of stats.
  22. Just west of the well of worship room is a room locked and requires the lockpick key. The lockpick is within the room which must be accessed by taking the stair into it from the Halls of Light. The treasure in this room is only a dagger +1.
  23. South of Preybellish is a room near a staircase up along the east wall to the south is a chest with ringmail +4, a pale green key, a bed which has a silver key and a dagger +1 named orckiller. The silver key opens a locked door to the southeast. To the southeast, the pale green key locked room contains a ring of charisma and a ring of intelligence. To the northeast, the pale blue key locked room contains the fountain of the earth, which PERMANENTLY gives you four constitution in exchange for permanently taking away one dexterity and two charisma. The pale blue key is found in the locked ancient dwarven chest behind a secret door in the west corner of the diamond shaped great hall area guarded by a ghast.
  24. Going further south from the stairs is a room with two locked, trapped chests holding boots of withering beauty and ring of brute strength. A wight guards the chests and surprises you when you open them.
  25. Going further south is a room with two staircases guarded by some cult followers who have a note which identifies them as cult of the dragon. The stairs go up to the Halls of Stone in the far southwest of the level, and down into the east-central portion of the Deep Halls.
  26. going north to the second stair in the Smith Avenue and go west until you find an inoperative fountain. This fountain is home to the water spirit Plinshree and will become active when you remove the pool or radiance desecration of the pumps in the house of gems on the surface of Myth Drannor. Plinshree's waterbell quest is solved by first restoring the well and then finding the three water bells behind the water glyph doors within the Deep Halls and the Halls of Stone and returning them to any of the water sprite's wells.
  27. Just north west of the water sprite well is a group of orogs guarding a chest with a club+4. This is also the easternmost end of the Grand Avenue area of the north central portion of the map.

    First Cellar: Elven Catacombs: Level 1

  28. The First Cellar contains the Orog Rebels around the area where you teleport down from Ulair's Circle in The Speculum Grounds, Freth Dark Elf Stronghold found to the SW and south of the Orog Rebel area extending from the south-west corner to the south-east corner of the map, The Cult Torture Chamber area extends north along the west wall up to the north-east corner of the map, The Cult Stronghold extends from the Cult Torture Chamber along the north wall or the map area to the north-west corner of the map, The White Orrey Planet area is located just below the north-west corner of the map taken up by the Cult Stonghold and extends east to a stair up to the surface within the Stillwater Ruins and south to a small area where Elven Spirits of Myth Drannor talk to you along the west edge of the map above the Freth Stonghold Area where the second lich is, and a Prison of Undead which takes up the central portion of the map.

    Orog Rebels

  29. You arrive here from the surface by stepping into Ulair's Circle in the center of the amphitheater-like area in the north-west of the Speculum Grounds. To the north-west along the west wall is a room guarded by two specters with a stair up to the Speculum Grounds Just to the west of Ulair's Circle. Following the west wall to the south west along the wall you will find a secret door. Do NOT enter this door as it contains a lich and it is advisable to find the lich's phylactery and destroy it before killing the lich so that you only have to kill the lich once. Follow the right wall of the corridor around to the south-east and find some monsters burning on a pyre in the center of a courtyard. You will find two rooms to the west with friendly orogs who will not attack unless you do. Alas, you must kill them to get the greenish copper key needed for a locked door to the east of the friendly orogs. When you do attack the friendly orogs, you will be up against about 16 of them. Destroy the ornate wooden box in the north-east friendly orog room and disperse the lich's spirit, now you can return and kill the lich in the east beyond the secret door. Also, the old elven key is found in a chest in the friendly orog rooms. The room of the greenish copper key door is safe to rest in once the margoyles are killed. To the west of the area you teleported to from Ulair's circle is a room with a well and treasure and along a path extending further to the west you will encounter a freth drow patrol led by Bergos who steps out of a darkness spell. If you tell Bergos he is the one who will die and taunt her about her group she will bring the entire group of two guard arraccats, a freth high priest and eight freth drow commandos. The group drops the silver spider key needed to access the Freth Drow Stronghold in the South of this map. Two rooms to the west are filled with bodies and are safe to rest in. Follow the right hand wall to the south and west through a double door into a new area. The adamantine key door room is to the west of the door in the wall. The adamantine key door room is locked with a stair down. The adamantine key is within the adamantine key door room and requires you to take the stairs up from level three of the catacombs to open this door. West of the adamantine key door room is a room with five wights and a well with a magic necklace of confidence. West of the wight well room is a room with four skeletal knights which is safe to rest in once the knights are dead. Beyond a secret door in the north of the skeletal knight room is a room containing a lich and a wraith. Kill the lich and the wraith and go north through a second secret door to the lich's lair. Within the lich's lair destroy the ornate wooden box which is the lich's phylactery and disperse his spirit. The room contains a magical book Aasirak's Book of the Dead which can cast control undead a level 20 spell. In the south-west corner of the map is a room with bodies which will have three margoyles attack from outside the room when you enter. Two more rooms along the south wall east of the south-west corner of the map contain margoyles. The ring with the queen margoyle is the third margoyle room west of the south west corner of the map and contains a sling +4. Freth Drow Stronghold
  30. The Freth Drow Stonghold is behind the locked silver spider key door just south of the adamantine key door room and north east of the margoyle queen room. The room just west of the silver spider key door holds four drow commandos and two drow assassins hiding behind the columns. The drow here will get the initiative by surprising the party. Follow the south wall around to the east and encounter two freth drow warriors and a freth drow priestess who has the staff or darkness and there is a drow dagger +3 to the north laying on the floor in the room. Cult maps of level 2 and 1 are found in the freth drow stronghold area on tables. North of the drow priest and warriors is a room with a freth drow commander and four freth drow warriors with drow chainmail +3 and a drow shortsword +2 for your rogue. Follow the wall around to the west into the temple of lloth. Move up the west wall of the temple room to get close to the two drow priestesses in the north of the temple near the altar to lloth. Engaging the freth drow priestesses close range in melee prevents them from casting spells and distances you from the four freth drow warriors and the two guard arracats. Once these drow are dead, touch lloth's spider idol to open the sarcophagus for a drow ceremonial dagger and a drow spinan thisagion. Follow the south wall to the east and open the rooms found there in order until you get to the south-east corner of the map where you will find Greyanna, the leader of the freth drow stronghold. The first two rooms east and south of the drow temple along the wall that you open is the drow barracks with four freth drow commandos, eight freth drow warriors. The freth drow barracks is safe to rest in once the drow are dead. The arraccat pens are west of the barracks. The arraccats will attack the drow for you and kill them if you hang back. West of the arraccat pens is a room with a freth drow commander, four freth drow priestess, and a freth drow high priestess with loot of Drow Boots of Displacement. To the west of this room is a room with four freth drow guard, a freth drow guard master, a freth drow high priestess and two guard arraccats. To the west of this room in the south-east corner of the map are Greyanna's five rooms. If you open the far west door first, you may be able to avoid conflict with Greyanna and open a few chests including one with a drow shortsword +4 for your rogue. If you open the door to the east of the far west door, the battle with Greyanna begins with two arraccats, and six drow guards. Attack Greyanna quickly. The longer you delay the more monsters will join in the battle from the rooms to the north and west. The loot from the battle, chests, shelves, and boxes in these five rooms includes drow shortsword +5, drow shortsword +4, drow lamp of darkness, ring of precision, necklace of magic resistance, Annorrweyn's skull, Drow Chainmail +5, which was not any better than my +5 dwarven plate, the knife of shide, and another idolon. Take anorrweyn's skull to the temple in Nightingale Court and talk with Annorrweyn there who is now restored to this time and place and can help you. Take the idolon and give it to the head in the south west corner of Nightingale Court for another magic ring.

    Cult Torture Chamber

  31. To the east of the room with the stair up to the Speculum Grounds, is a door that leads north. Follow the east wall north and open the rooms to the east and west as you go until you reach the north-east corner of the map. The first monsters you encounter are 15 zombies and a zombie lord in a ruined temple attending some sort of ritual or meeting or worship service. West of the temple is the locked rusty elven key door which leads west into the Undead Prison area. The rusty elven key is found in a room to the north of here along the eastern wall of the map. North-west of the zomie temple following the eastern wall of the map north is the locked old elven key door. The old even key is located in the friendly orog room far to the south of here. Continuing north along the east wall of the map you will encounter six wights and four zombies. Follow the east wall of the level north to a stair that goes down to level two. If you go down to level two now you can find some good loot in the lair of a dark naga near the stairs. West of the stair down to level two is a room with a dead cult warrior, a note to Lieutenant Garesh and a chest with the rusty elven key. Go north and east to the far north-east corner of the map and find a room with four beneficial fountains with one charge of shield of faith and restoration and three charges of protection from evil and cure critical wounds. To the west along the north wall of the map is a room with an archmage and two orog brutes that are fighting. Hang back and pick off the winner or join in with the orogs who are fighting to free their brothers who are being experimented on. A staff of firestorms is dropped as loot from the battle. Northwest of this room is another room with orog brutes and orog marauder boss fighting soulless orogs and dragon cultists. The loot in this room includes a Great War hammer +4. Northwest of this room is another battle with an orog marauder and a soulless orog. The five chests in this room contain some junk, a ring of dodging and boots of stalking. The boots of stalking are quite good for a rogue.

    Cult Stronghold

  32. To the west of the Cultist Torture Chamber rooms is the Cult Stronghold. Go back to the dead cult warrior room and around to the south and west and work your way north-west until you find Nottle and Tudo haggling over loot. Tudo is a level 12 rogue who can be added to your party at this point if your current rogue, Kestral is lower than Tudo.



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