By Al Giovetti
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    Getting started

  1. If you don't know what to do after your introductory briefing. Hint: Before you leave the class room, familiarize yourself with options available from this screen. Click on the chalkboard and read the training topics. Click on one of the television sets to access the SWAT team interviews. Click on the bulletin boards to read department postings. When you've familiarized yourself with all the elements in this room, exit by clicking on the door at the right of the screen.
  2. If you've left the classroom after your introductory briefing Hint: You're supposed to be in small arms training. Click on the picture of the Police Academy in the upper left of the screen to access the weapons briefing screen. Use this screen to familiarize yourself with your SWAT gear. When you are finished learning about your gear, click on SELECT, then on the SWAT logo graphic in the lower left of the screen. Choose small arms range from the menu that appears.

    Small arms and combat training

  3. If you don't know what gun to use. Hint: Listen to the instructor. He will tell you what weapon and ammunition are needed for the next drill.
  4. If you don't know how to load or reload your weapon. Hint: Load your weapon by clicking the appropriate ammunition on it. Then click on the weapon to make ready. The cursor will change to the gun sight. If you need to reload, click the weapon in the inventory area. Click the ammunition on the weapon, then click on the gun to make ready. Don't worry, you can't run out of ammo during a drill!
  5. If you're using the MP5 and don't understand the settings. Hint: The MP5 has three settings, the bottom one is "safety on". The middle setting is "semi-automatic". This setting fires one bullet at a time. To fire a continuous stream of bullets, choose the top setting, "automatic". You can choose a setting by clicking on it, then clicking outside the setting box to begin the drill. When the instructor tells you to put the gut on safety, select the bottom setting, then click outside the box.
  6. If you've loaded your gun and you don't know what to do. Hint: Listen to the instructor. He will tell you what the drill is going to be. When the whistle blows, perform the drill exactly as instructed or face the wrath of your teacher!
  7. Small arms training and it seems to go on forever. Hint: Go somewhere else and practice there! Try combat or sniper training. Once you've reached a certain level of proficiency in the basics, you will receive a callup.
  8. If you can't access combat training. Hint: You can't enter combat training until you have completed at least one small arms drill. Once you've done some small arms training, you will have access to combat training.
  9. If you don't know what weapon to use in combat training. Hint: All combat training drills are performed with the Colt .45. You will not need to change weapons during the training.
  10. If you need help with the Dozier drill. Hint: Shoot at all five targets until they fall. To get through this drill successfully, load your gun right before the drill starts so you don't run out of ammo. Aim for the head of each target. As your aim gets better, you should be able to complete this drill well under par time and with only five shots.
  11. If you need help with the Presidente drill. Hint: This drill takes some practice to perform smoothly. Load your gun right before the drill starts. Moving from left to right or right to left, mentally number the targets from one to three. When the drill begins, aim at the circle on each target. Shoot target one once, target two once, target three twice, then target two once and target one once. Reload as quickly as possible, then repeat the sequence. Practice will make you faster on this drill!
  12. If you need help on the Combat drill. Hint: This is a fun drill! The drill will last for twenty seconds, but there is no par time. Load your weapon before the drill starts. As each target turns toward you, aim at it and fire. Reload your weapon as necessary. Hit as many targets as possible in the twenty seconds.

    Sniper Training

  13. If you keep getting turned away from sniper training. Hint: You can't enter sniper training until you have completed at least one small arms drill. Once you've done some small arms training, you will have access to the sniper range.
  14. If you're having trouble making the zero shot. Hint: Click on the rifle to bring up the targeting screen. If this is your first time at the range, listen to Saunders' explanation of the rifle's adjustment knobs. Do not make any adjustments to the rifle settings before making the zero shot. Use your mouse to center the rifle's crosshairs on the target. Load your weapon by clicking the ammo from inventory on the rifle right below the sight. Fire by clicking in the same place. After you fire the first time, Saunders will tell you what adjustments to make. Continue to make adjustments until you hit the target.
  15. If you want to qualify as a sniper. Hint: After you've completed two separate training drills at the sniper range, return to Metro. Pacmeyer will ask you if you want to attempt to qualify as a sniper. Say yes! Go back to the sniper range and take the test. If you fail, you must complete two more training drills at the sniper range before you can take the test again.
  16. If Pacmeyer never asks you if you want to qualify as a sniper. Hint: You will need to talk to him about qualifying fairly early in the game, as he will eventually get promoted and move out of D Platoon. A good time to work on sniper training is right after your first callup. This will catch Pacmeyer before he leaves. Use the Control Panel button to set the Callups frequency to almost nothing. This will give you the most time to practice before you are called to a crisis.

    At the Lucy Long Callup

  17. If you have just arrived at the callup site and don't know what to do. Hint: When Pacmeyer asks you to question the Long's neighbor, go to where the man with the rake is standing with the two police officers. Click your arrow cursor on him to question him. You should also question the two officers. Keep clicking on the officers and neighbor until they start repeating themselves.
  18. If you have questioned the neighbor and the police officers. Hint: Go back to the SWAT van by clicking your arrow cursor on it. Click on your SWAT team members to question them. Eventually Rooker will call a briefing. Rooker will tell you what team you're assigned to, and Pacmeyer will tell you what weapon and ammo to use. If you have further questions, click on Rooker or Pacmeyer for more information. If you have questions about your weapons or ammo, take them from your inventory and click them on Pacmeyer. He will give you further information on your weapons. Make sure you load your weapon!
  19. If you need help right after the gunshots fire. Hint: Pacmeyer orders MP-5s on full auto. Make sure you set the weapon to full auto before joining the others. When you're told to move up, select SLICE PIE and slice the pie right to move up on the house. You will see the team mirror the door, then enter the house. You must now get in position at the back of the house. Check for the suspect by using your mirror on the left side of the house.
  20. If you see no suspect. Hint: Good, she's not there. Click the left arrow to proceed, then click the forward arrow to move up. Click the forward arrow on the gate. It's locked. Use the LASH to request "Ram one-two corner". Two SWAT team members will ram the gate for you. Now, click the mirror on the ivy wall. When you see that the backyard is clear, slice the pie on that corner. Repeat these tactics until you see Lucy hiding behind the maple tree. Use the suspect hand signal to warn your team. If they ask, use the LASH to advise that she is unarmed. Click the forward arrow once to approach Lucy. If she doesn't respond, click the forward arrow again and she will surrender.
  21. If you see Lucy in the mirror with a gun. Hint: Use the suspect hand signal to warn your team. Cover Wixell as he approaches Lucy. If she tries to shoot Wixell, you must shoot her before she can fire. This will end the scenario. You will be taken off active duty while the shooting is investigated, but don't worry. The investigation will determine that you did the right thing.
  22. If you see Lucy in the mirror, and she is unarmed. Hint: Use the suspect hand signal to warn your team. Cover Wixell as he requests, but don't shoot. He will take Lucy into custody. If you've been assigned to rear guard, entry team.
  23. If you need help entering the house. Hint: When the door is open and you hear Pacmeyer shout "Ready, initiate!" slice the pie right on the door jamb to enter the living room.
  24. If you've just entered the living room and don't know what to do. Hint: Follow Pacmeyer's order to cover Carmichael. Click the forward arrow on Carmichael to move up on him. To follow the team into the kitchen, slice the pie right on the door jamb, then slice the pie right again on the kitchen cabinets to move deeper into the room. When Pacmeyer again orders you to cover Carmichael, you'll move up on him automatically. To leave the kitchen, slice the pie on the right wall.
  25. If you're in the bedroom. Hint: Pacmeyer will signal you to cover the door. Keep your sights on the door and wait until Pacmeyer signals for you to move up and cover the scout. When Carmichael signals that he sees the suspect in the bathroom, Pacmeyer will instruct you to move in. Slice the pie on the left side of the bathroom door, then slice right to move further into the bathroom.
  26. If you're with the suspect in the bathroom. Hint: Lucy is hiding behind the shower curtain. When she sees you, she should come out. There is no need to shoot her, she's unarmed. Once you have the suspect in custody, the scenario will end.

    At the Warehouse Callup

  27. If you've just arrived at the scene and don't know what to do. Hint: Rooker will apprise you of the situation, then leaves you to question the warehouse owner. Click on her to ask her questions. Keep talking to her until she leaves to use the phone. Then, use the left arrow to move back to the SWAT van. Click on Rooker to make your report, then click on Pacmeyer or the policeman with him to get an eyewitness report of what happened. Click on the SWAT van to attend the briefing. When Rooker asks if anyone has anything to say, click on him to tell him what you learned from the warehouse owner.
  28. If you need help entering the warehouse. Hint: After you see the other SWAT members enter, slice the pie on the left side of the door. Hurry!
  29. If you just entered the warehouse and don't know what to do. Hint: Pacmeyer will signal you to join him. Click the forward arrow. When the team moves into the next room, use the forward arrow to join them. Pacmeyer will tell you to move to the far left corner. Click the suspect hand signal on the furniture. It's clear. Click the suspect hand signal on the far boxes. When Pacmeyer moves, slice the pie on the large door. When Pacmeyer tells you to provide cover, slice the pie on the left side of the door. After Carmichael checks out the furniture and signals all clear, Pacmeyer will signal you to move up and provide cover. Click the forward arrow.
  30. If you're in the large warehouse room. Hint: Cover the pile of wood in this room. After Carmichael has cleared it, click the right arrow to cover right. The other team members will sweep the area. When Pacmeyer orders you to cover right again, click the right arrow.
  31. If you see the suspect with a hostage. Hint: Click the right arrow to move in. Take your best shot at the suspect. Be careful not to hit the hostage! If you hit the bad guy, the scenario will end.
  32. If you just entered the warehouse. Hint: Click the right arrow and watch the team clear the furniture. When Pacmeyer asks for coverage, click the left arrow. When the flashbang goes off, slice the pie right into the blue room. Now would be a good time to save your game!
  33. If you just entered the blue room. Hint: When Pacmeyer tells you to move up, click the forward arrow. He will tell you again, so click forward again. When the flashbang explodes, follow Denton and Carmichael down the stairs.
  34. If you're in the basement. Hint: When Pacmeyer tells everyone to move forward click the forward arrow. Click forward again when you're told to get moving. Carmichael will report that he sees lights. Click the forward arrow when you're told to come on. Pacmeyer will instruct you and Wixell to move to the door. On his mark, click the forward arrow. After the flashbang, click the left arrow. Don't shoot the man that appears here - it's

    At the Eastman Entreprises Callup as a Element Leader

  35. If you've just arrived on the scene. Hint: Rooker will tell you what's up and ask you to interview people. First, click on Coco, the accountant, until she leaves. Then, click on Andy until he leaves. This will give the necessary information about the factory's layout.
  36. If you don't know what to say at the briefing. Hint: Click on the greaseboard to tell the team what you learned from your questioning. Rooker will ask you what kind of tactics you think you should use. There is only one right answer! Choose a stealth entry at side one, with highground cover at corner one-four. Any other combination will result in tragedy.
  37. What to do after briefing: Hint: If you haven't already loaded your weapon, do so now. Transmit DOOR OPEN on your LASH. Carmichael will try the door and find that it's locked. Transmit BREACH DOOR. When Carmichael has the tool and is ready, transmit INITIATE. When the door is open, order Carmichael to mirror it. When you get the all clear, use the LASH to order ENTRY TEAM A RIGHT and ENTRY TEAM B LEFT, then send ENTRY TEAM A MOVE and ENTRY TEAM B MOVE. You will all move into the building.
  38. If you just entered the building. Hint: The room needs to be cleared, so transmit ENTRY TEAM A CLEAR RIGHT and ENTRY TEAM B CLEAR LEFT. You will follow Tello, the other member of Entry Team B. Instruct Entry Team B to CLEAR RIGHT. Tello will clear the area and await further orders. Tell Entry Team B to CLEAR LEFT. To move in, slice the pie left on the desk.
  39. If you found the hostage. Hint: Use the LASH to transmit HOSTAGE DOWN. Click the arrow cursor on Eastman to learn about the suspects. When the EMT arrives, you can leave.
  40. If you need help exiting the office area. Hint: You will see your team set up and waiting for your orders. Transmit ENTRY TEAM B CLEAR LEFT. After everyone is in position, tell Entry Team A to OPEN DOOR, the MIRROR DOOR to make sure it's clear. To exit the office, transmit ENTRY TEAM A RIGHT and ENTRY TEAM B RIGHT, then ENTRY TEAM A MOVE and ENTRY TEAM B MOVE.
  41. If you're in the room with the lockers and stacks of boxes or on the stairs. Hint: To clear this room, transmit ENTRY TEAM A CLEAR RIGHT and ENTRY TEAM B COVER LEFT. Tello will cover Team A as they move up the stairs. Transmit the MIRROR command to Team A. When you get the all clear, tell Team A to MOVE. Click the left arrow to follow them up the stairs.
  42. If you're in the storage area. Hint: Wait until Team A comes back. Transmit ENTRY TEAM A CLEAR. Team A use the mirror to clear down to the far end of the boxes. Tell both teams to HOLD, then tell Team A to CLEAR RIGHT and Team B to COVER LEFT. Tell both teams to MOVE, then HOLD when they reach the corner. Have Team A MIRROR the corner.
  43. If Team A has signaled that the suspect is around the corner. Hint: Transmit FLASHBANG to Team A. After the explosion, slice the pie right around the corner. Don't relax when you see the two militia members surrender, another suspect will jump up and aim his gun right at you! Quickly shoot before he can shoot you. If you get him, the scenario will end. If you miss, well, we hope you saved your game.
  44. If you are at the Eastman Enterprises callup as a sniper. Hint: If you just arrived at the scene. If you have qualified as a sniper prior to this call up, you will be assigned to the highground cover on the roof of an adjoining building. When you're dismissed, you will accompany Saunders up to the roof.
  45. If you are in position and need to calculate your settings. Hint: Look through your rifle scope to see the flag on top of the Eastman building. You can check the flag's angle against your dope book to approximate wind velocity and direction. If this is your first time through the Eastman scenario, Saunders will inform you that an 8 mile per hour cross wind is coming from the left. Using the formula in your dope book, you calculate that you need to compensate four clicks. Adjust your windage knob four clicks to the right. Note that if you successfully complete this scenario and come back later to play it again, the wind velocity and direction will be randomly generated and different every time. Use your dope book to calculate windage adjustments!
  46. If you see suspects in the windows. Hint: Don't shoot until you see an armed suspect. When you see a suspect with a gun in the window, Rooker will give you the okay to shoot. Wait until you have a clear shot, then let him have it! If you miss, the suspect will shoot the hostage. If you are successful, the scenario will end. You will be suspended while the shooting is investigated, but don't worry. You'll be reinstated and back with your team very soon!

    These hints were provided by Sierra On-Line



  1. From: "Peter Refsnider" refsnide@up.net>
    Hi, I printed off your hints to help me through the Eastman callup as Element leader. When I entered the room with the cardboard boxes and lockers(#43), I follow the directions exactly. Entry team A clears right whil team b covers left. team A clears the stairs and moves to the storage area, I follow them up the stairs. BUT, tello stays behind and always gets shot by the terrorists. Should'nt somebody clear the other part of the room( when facing door from office, the right side, opposite the stairs)? Or how do I get tello to follow? please e-mail me! Pat Refsnider
    ANSWER: It appears that you are correct.
  2. From: "Brad Yonkman" pedulla@hotmail.com Hello My name is Brad, I got your cheats and hints for Police Quest Swat. I am right now at the Eastmans as an element leader. I am having trouble EXITING THE OFFICE. You will see your team set up and waiting for your orders. 2. Transmit ENTRY TEAM B CLEAR LEFT 3. After everyone is in position, tell entry team A to OPEN DOOR 4. Then mirror it to check if it is clear 5. (Problem) When I tell both teams to go right. Rooker tells me that the lash is not a toy then that guy in green comes out at shoots me. Could you e-mail me back and tell me what to do. Or tell me if I might be doing something wrong. Thanx. e-mail= Pedulla@hotmail.com
    ANSWER: The Eastman callup is giving everyone fits. It seems like you must prepare for the shooting better. I will do some research and get back with you. In the meantime, if you come up with the answer, email us.
  3. Subject: Had trouble. From: Karen Russell krussell@pressenter.com
    I have trouble on the game SWAT, can you help? I'm on the last callup, Eastman Enterpries, element leader. I cannot exit the office. All my men are near the door, I open door, I mirror door, then I tell both teams right, and it doesn't work. The guy always kicks the door opens and shoots me. Can you please help? Thanks for your time.
    Answer: I believe you cannot send both teams right but you must leave one team their to guard the door.

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