By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:


Police Quest 1: In Pursuit Of The Death Angel - Komplettl"sung:

=============================================================== *****************************INFORMATION*************************************** When I tell you to patrol with the car I mean that you are supposed to patrol the streets until you get a message. You also have to patrol several maps, not only one map (3-8 maps ?). When I say north I mean the upper part of the screen (south is obvious by now). Left is the hand where you have your thum to the right in case you didn't know. To get into the car do the following at the cardoor: "OPEN DOOR" Press F4 "CLOSE DOOR" Press F4 This procedure will referred to as getting into the car. In this game most of the doors open themselves, if not type "OPEN DOOR" ******************************************************************************* 1 2 3 4 ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * * " * * * " * * * " * * / * * * * " * a * * " * * * " * * * A * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * " * bc * * " * / * * ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * " * * * "/ * * * ==================*===================*==================*================== * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * " * * */ " * * * ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * * " * h * * " * * /* " * * * j* * * " * * * " * */ * " * * e * B * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * " * / * * " * * * ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * "/ * * * " * * * ==================*===================*==================*================== * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * */ " * * * " * * * ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * * " * * / * " * d * * " * * * C * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * / * * " * * * " * * * ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * "/ * * * " * * * " * * * ==================*===================*==================*================== * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * D * * */ " * * * " * * * " * * * ******************"*******************"******************"****************** * * / * " * * * " * * * " * * * * * * " * * * " * * * " * * * * /* * " * * * " * f*g * " * * * */ * * " * * * " * * * " * * * ******************"*******************"******************"******************i / = Motor-way Horizontal streets from above. * = Streets A : Palm and Oak Road = and " = Map borders B : Fig and Peach Road a = Hotel Delphoria C : Rose and Lilly Road b = Carol's Coffein Castle D : Poppy and River Road c = Wino Willy's d = Police Station Vertical streets from west. e = The Blue Room Parkway drive,1st and 2nd street f = Court House rd,4th and 5th street g = Jail House 6th,7th and 8th street h = Car Crash 9th,10th and Clear Water drive i = Cotton Cove j = Lytton City Park

  1. The big hall in the police station Walk east to the dressing room ( The south door on the right side).
  2. The dressing room Walk to your locker (Find it yourself !). Type "UNLOCK LOCKER" "TAKE GUN" "TAKE AMMO" "TAKE BRIEFCASE" "OPEN CASE" "TAKE THE NOTEBOOK". "TAKE THE PEN". "TAKE TICKET BOOK" "CLOSE BRIEFCASE" "CLOSE LOCKER" I will from now on not type how to open and close the locker. Walk out of the dressing room.
  3. The big hall in the police station. Walk east to the briefing room (the north door on the east side).
  4. The briefing room. Walk to the paper, type "READ PAPER" (There are more than one page). When you're finished reading, type "PUT PAPER DOWN". Wait until a police officer comes in, and then walk to your place(Find it yourself).Face the blackboard and wait until the briefing is over. Type "WRITE NOTES" and write your own notes.Then walk to the cubic holes on right wall, find your hole and type "LOOK IN THE PIGEONHOLE". "TAKE THE NOTE". "READ THE NOTE". Exit the briefing room.
  5. The big hall in the police station. Walk to the keys at the west wall. "TAKE THE PATROL CAR KEYS". Walk to the table with the radio extenders. "TAKE A RADIO EXTENDER". Walk west, behind the wall with the keys.
  6. The little hall in the police station. Walk west out of the police station. 7
  7. Outside the police station. Your car is to the west and to the south.You're supposed to do the "VEHICLE SAFETY INSPECTION" descriped in your manual. Get into your car, but before pressing F4 the second time, type "LOOK IN THE CAR","GET THE NIGHTSTICK" and then press F4. 8
  8. Driving your car You now have 30 points and a map over the part of Lytton City where the station resides.I recommend reading "REFERENCE CARD - IN YOUR CAR" and "BASICS EVERY OFFICER SHOULD KNOW - DRIVING CODES" so that you get more information about driving, what the codes are used for, and how to change them. Now you are supposed to patrol until you get a message about a car accident (point h on the map), drive there. Get out of the car (Guess how?). 9
  9. The crashed car Walk to the driver's door on the crashed car. Type "LOOK AT THE MAN" "HELP THE MAN" "RADIO DISPATCH" (or press CTRL-D) Walk over to the crowd at the right side of the wreck. Type "TALK TO THE CROWD". A young man have by now stepped forward, wanting to give you information about the crash. Type "DID YOU GET THE LICENSE NUMBER?" "RADIO DISPATCH". Wait for another police car to arrive and listen to your boss. Patrol the streets. 10
  10. Patrolling the streets Now you're out patrolling again, drive around until you get a message from Steve about seeing him at Carol's (point b on the map). Drive there. 11
  11. Carol's Caffeine Castle and Wino Willy's Enter Carol's. 12
  12. Carol's Find Steve. type "SIT DOWN". TALK TO STEVE" Wait for the coffee. Shortly afterwards you get a phone call. Type "STAND". Walk to the phone. Type "USE PHONE". Walk back to your table and sit down. Type "TALK TO STEVE" again. Wait until Steve says it's time to get to work again. Exit Carol's and get into the car. 13
  13. Patrolling the streets You're out patrolling again. Be observant, you are supposed to see a red car neglecting the traffic lights. After seeing that try stopping the red car. The easiest way stopping cars is to be close behind the car using an appropiate code. 14
  14. The stopped red sports car Walk to the back of the sports car so that you can see the license plate. Type "RADIO LICENSE". Walk to the driver's door. Type "LOOK AT THE GIRL". Now you have her before you (Gosh!). Type "HELLO". She will be asking for your name, type "SONNY BONDS". She will now claim she did nothing wrong. Type "YOU RAN A RED LIGHT". She'll now try to convince you to drop the matter. Type "NO". "TYPE HER A TICKET" "RETURN DRIVER'S LICENSE TO HER" "PLEASE SIGN THE TICKET" "GIVE THE TICKET TO THE WOMAN" Return to your car no matter what she says, and start patrolling the streets again. 15
  15. Patrolling the streets You're now patrolling again. Wait for a message about a complaint at Carol's. Drive there. 16
  16. Carol's Caffeine Castle and Wino Willy's Enter Carol's. 17
  17. Carol's Walk up to Carol. Type "ASK CAROL ABOUT COMPLAINT". Exit Carol's. 18
  18. Carol's Caffeine Castle and Wino Willy's Enter Wino Willy's. 19
  19. Wino Willy's Walk to the man in the black coat standing at the bar. Type "PLEASE MOVE YOUR MOTORCYCLES". Now they are going to try make to you sleep a little harder than you usually do (ie never waking up). When you feel trapped use, the night stick, which you activate by pressing F10. After the gang has left the room, the girl in the bar will adress you. Type "TALK TO THE GIRL". "DO YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT DRUGS? Remember what she said. Start patrolling again. 20
  20. Patrolling the streets. Now you're out patrolling again. Do this until you see a car literally bumping side to side on the street. Chase the car and stop it. 21
  21. The car with the drunken man. Walk to a position from where you can see the license plate. Type "RADIO THE LICENSE NUMBER". Walk to the driver's door. Type "TALK TO THE MAN". "LOOK AT THE MAN" "SHOW YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE" "GET OUT OF THE CAR" Carry out the "INTOXICATED DRIVER PROCEDURES" described in the manual (give field sobriety test). When the suspect begs you to cuff him, Type "NO". "SEARCH THE MAN" "GET IN THE PATROL CAR" Follow him to the patrol car's back door, Type "OPEN THE BACK DOOR" "CLOSE THE BACK DOOR" "RADIO FOR A TOW TRUCK" Drive to the jail (point g on the map) with the suspect. 22
  22. Outside the jail house. Open the door for the suspect and wait until he has gone out, then close the doors. Lead the suspect to the stairs. Then walk to the gun lockers at the wall of the jail door. Type "OPEN THE GUN LOCKER" "PUT MY GUN IN THE LOCKER" "LOCK THE LOCKER" Walk to the button at the right of the door. Type "PUSH THE BUTTON" Then enter when the door opens, your prisoner will follow you. 23
  23. Inside the jail house. Walk up to the bailer. Type "BOOK HIM". The bailer will now ask what the suspect have done. Type "DRUNK DRIVING". Then remove cuffs, Type "REMOVE HIS HANDCUFFS". Lead him to his cell. Exit the prison. 24
  24. Outside the prison. Get your gun from the locker. It is forbidden to have guns in the prison. You will get a message saying that you are expected at the police station. Drive there. 25
  25. Outside the police station. Before leaving the car, Type "REPLACE THE NIGHTSTICK" Then enter the station. 26
  26. The little hall in the police station. Walk to the table. Type "WRITE A MEMO" "PUT THE MEMO IN THE BASKET" Then walk to the big hall (assuming you find it ?). 27
  27. The big hall in the police station. Listen to Sergeant Dooleys complaints, walk into his office (the door at the west wall). 28
  28. Dooleys office. Type "LOOK AT THE CHICKEN" Type "TALK TO SGT. DOOLEY" Exit the office. 29
  29. The big hall in the police station. Walk around listening to the police men. They will invite you to a (dull?) party at the Blue Room. Enter the dressing room. 30
  30. The dressing room. Walk to your locker and open it. Type "CHANGE CLOTHES" Now you will get information saying that a shower would do just good, but we haven't got time for that yet. Type "CHANGE CLOTHES" again. You're not going to shower until it is said so. Type "TAKE THE KEYS TO THE CORVETTE" Close the locker and leave the dressing room. 31
  31. The big hall in the police station. Walk to the keys. Type "RETURN PATROL CAR KEYS". Walk to the table with the radio extenders. Type "RETURN THE RADIO EXTENDER" Leave the police station. 32
  32. Outside the police station. Your car is the blue Corvette. Get into the car. Before leaving, Type "LOOK IN THE CAR" "TAKE THE WALLET" Now drive to the Blue Room (point e on the map). 33
  33. Outside the Blue Room. Enter the Blue Room. 34
  34. The Blue Room. Walk to the table where Jack sits and join him. Wait until the party is over, then return to the police station. 35
  35. Outside the police station. Enter the station and walk to the dressing room. 36
  36. The Dressing Room. Walk up to your locker and open it. Type "CHANGE CLOTHES" "CHANGE CLOTHES" again "GET ALL" "OPEN BRIEFCASE" "GET ALL" "CLOSE BRIEFCASE" Close the locker and walk to the briefing room. 37
  37. The briefing room. Walk to your place. Wait until the briefing is over, Type "TAKE NOTES" and write your own notes. Then walk to your pigeon hole. Type "LOOK IN THE PIGEONHOLE" Leave the briefing room. 38
  38. The big hall in the police station. Take the patrol car keys and the radio extender, walk out to your car and start patrolling. 39
  39. Patrolling the streets. You're now out patrolling again. Continue this until you get a message about a possibly stolen car. whe you see it's time to use the car codes. Stop the car. 40
  40. The stolen car. Don't leave your car! Type "CALL FOR BACKUP". Stay in your car until the backup unit arrives. Leave the car, but draw your weapon before and load it, read how to do this in the manual. You'll find it in the section "REFERENCE CARD - USING YOUR WEAPONS". Type "GET OUT OF THE CAR WITH YOUR HANDS UP" "HIT THE DIRT" When the suspect is lying on the street, approach him with your gun drawn. Type "PUT GUN IN HOLSTER" "HANDCUFF THE SUSPECT" "STAND UP" "SEARCH THE MAN" "READ HIM HIS RIGHTS" "GET TO THE PATROL CAR" Follow him to your car, open the back door and close it after him. Wait until Jack (the other cop) approaches you. Type "LOOK AT THE GUN" "READ THE SERIAL NUMBER" "PUT THE WEAPON BACK". Walk to the suspect's car, open the door. Type "LOOK AT THE DOOR JAMB" "SEARCH THE CAR" "OPEN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT" "LOOK" "GET THE BLACK BOOK" Look as much as you like (there are several pages). Type "RETURN THE BLACK BOOK" "GET THE DRIVER LICENSES" "CLOSE THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT" "CLOSE DOOR" Walk to the car's trunk. Type "OPEN THE TRUNK" "LOOK" "EXAMINE THE DOPE" "CLOSE THE TRUNK" Drive to the prison with your prisoner. 41
  41. Inside the prison. Walk to the jailer. Type "BOOK HIM". Type "DRUGS" when the jailer asks what he has done. then remove his handcuffs by Typing "REMOVE HANDCUFFS" Follow him to his cell. On your way out of the jail you will get a message saying that you're supposed to go to the police station.Drive there. When you get there, walk to Dooley's office. 42
  42. Dooley's office. Approach the table. When your boss has left the room, walk to the other side of the table and look at the memo he has left there. Type "READ THE MEMO". Then walk to the dressing room. 43
  43. The Dressing room. Walk up to your locker and change clothes, take your weapon and get your ammo as well. Then walk to your new boss, who resides in the room near the exit. On the way don't forget to return the keys. 44
  44. Morgan's office. Approach his desk and listen to him. Then walk out of his room and enter the open door to right of Morgan's office. 45
  45. The narcotics office. Approach Laura, ie the girl in the corner, she will be informing you about your new job. When she has left walk up to the clipboard at the west wall. Type TAKE CLIPBOARD". Browse until you find "FBI Most-Wanted List". Type "TAKE THE FBI MOST-WANTED LIST" "RETURN THE CLIPBOARD" Walk to the keys at the west wall if you're not standing there already. Type "TAKE THE KEYS" Walk to the cabinet at the north wall. Type "OPEN THE DRAWER" "READ THE HOFFMAN FILE" "KEEP THE HOFFMAN FILE" Walk out to the parking lot of the station, take the unmarked car and drive to the Court House (point f on the map). It is the unmarked car you will be using from now on. 46
  46. Outside the Court House. Enter the Court house. 47
  47. In the Court House Reception Room. Walk to the reception counter at the east wall. A man appears, wait until he has finished talking. Type "I NEED TO SEE THE JUDGE". When he has finished talking, Type "I NEED A NO BAIL WARRANT". He will now be claiming that is has to be an emergency, tell him by typing "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY". Now he walks away, when he comes back he will be telling you to enter the court room. 48
  48. Inside the Court Room. When judge Palmer allows you to talk, Type "MARVIN HOFFMAN". When she asks for evidence, Type "THE HOFFMAN FILE". When she asks for even more evidence, Type "FBI MOST-WANTED POSTER" When she asks what makes these two men the same man, Type "THE TATTOO" Walk out and get into your car. Drive to the prison. 49
  49. Inside the the jail. Walk to the jailer and Type "GIVE THE JAILER THE NO BAIL WARRANT. Return to the police station.' 50
  50. Outside the police station. Laura will approach you when you arrives at the police station, and she will be telling you to drive to the Lytton City Park (point j on the map), drive there. 51
  51. The entrance to the park. Enter the park. 52
  52. In the Park. Hide behind any of the bushes, so that you can't be seen. Draw and load your weapon. Press CTRL-D to tell Laura you're ready. Wait until the two dealers start fighting. Press CTRL-D again. Type "HALT! POLICE!". One of the suspects will flee but he will be taken care of by Laura. Approach the suspect with your weapon drawn. When you're next to him Type "PUT MY GUN IN MY HOLSTER" "CUFF THE MAN" "READ HIM HIS RIGHTS" "SEARCH THE MAN" "LOOK AT THE IDENTIFICATION CARD" "LOOK AT THE DOPE" "QUESTION SIMMS" twice. Type "FOLLOW ME" and return to your car, to the back door. But don't open the door yet. Type "QUESTION COLBY" twice. Now open the back door, and close the door after the suspects. Drive to the prison, but on the way there press CTRL-D. 53
  53. Inside the jail. Approach the jailer and Type "BOOK THE MEN". "DRUGS" "REMOVE THE HANDCUFFS" Return to the station. 54
  54. Outside the police station. Laura will advise you to drive to the Blue Room, do as she says. 55
  55. The Blue Room. Walk to Jack's table and join him. Talk to him. Wait until he has left. Then Keith will arrive and talk to you. Wait until he has left. Return to the station and enter Morgan's office. 56


  • Morgan's office. Approach him and listen to what he says. Then walk to the big hall and to the north wall where the evidence is kept. Wait until Russ (that's his name) has finished talking. Type "MAY I SEE THE BLACK BOOK, PLEASE?" When you're finished browsing the book, Type "RETURN THE BLACK BOOK". "MAY I EXAMINE THE WEAPON?" "READ THE TAG" "RETURN THE WEAPON" Walk to the computer room, that's the only room you've never visited in the station. To the west of the table.
  • The computer room. Walk up to the computer and Type "TURN ON THE COMPUTER" Type "SW9764912" and remember what you see. Type "TURN OFF THE COMPUTER". Exit the room and walk to your desk.
  • The narcotics office. Use the telephone on your desk. Type "USE THE TELEPHONE". Dial "1-312-555-3382". When you get an answer, Type"INFORMATION ON TASELLI". Walk to Morgan's office.
  • Morgan's office. Walk up to his desk, and when he has finished talking, drive to the jail.
  • Inside the prison. Walk to the girl who is in one of the cells. When she stops talking, Type "HELP WITH THE HOTEL OPERATION". Leave the prison and drive to Cotton Cove (point p on the map).
  • At Cotton Cove. Leave your car and walk to the body. Type "REMOVE THE BLANKET" "OPEN THE SHIRT" "COVER THE BODY" "RADIO DISPATCH" (or press CTRL_D) Return to the police station and enter Morgan's office.
  • Morgan's office. Approach your boss, you will now get your agent costume, bleach and stick. Walk to your desk.
  • Narcotics office. Use the telephone. Dial "0". Dial "411". Type "COBB" Dial the number you got. "555-2622". Dial "411" again. Type "WILLIAMS". Dial the number you got. "555-4522". When he asks who you are, answer "THIS IS SONNY BONDS". When he asks what you want, answer "HOFFMAN". Walk to the dressing room, but leave your radio at the table on the way there.
  • The Dressing Room. Walk up to your locker and open it. Type "CHANGE CLOTHES" once. Close the locker and walk to the east shower. Type "TURN THE SHOWER ON". "LOOK AT THE BLEACH". "USE THE BLEACH". "WET MY HAIR". "RINSE MY HAIR". "TURN THE SHOWER OFF". Walk to your locker and open it. Type "CHANGE CLOTHES". Close the locker and return to Morgan's office.
  • Morgan's office. Walk up to Morgan and listen to him. When he is ready, walk to the other side of the desk and look at his phone by Typing "LOOK AT THE PHONE". Drive to the Hotel Delphoria (point a on the map).
  • Outside the Hotel Delphoria. Enter the hotel.
  • In the lobby. Walk up to the reception, Type "RING THE BELL". Wait until the man arrives, then Type "RENT A ROOM" "PAY FOR THE ROOM". Walk to the bar, it's situated in the nearby room. (Up to the west).
  • In the bar. Walk to the bar and order a beer.Type "BEER". Sweet Cheeks Marie (you know who that is by now!!) will now discover you. Walk to the table and sit down with her. When the bartender returns with the drinks, Type "PAY THE BARTENDER". When he returns with the change Marie will introduce you to him and shec will leave to powder herself (!!!). The bartender will now start talking. After Marie has returned, stand up and walk to the bartender. Type "GIVE THE BARTENDER MONEY". Return to the lobby.
  • In the lobby. Type "LOOK AT THE KEY". Enter the elevator. Type "PRESS TWO".
  • On the second floor with the elevator. Walk east.
  • On the second floor. Now find your room, Type "UNLOCK THE DOOR". Enter the room.
  • In the hotel room. Answer "YES" twice. Then walk to the phone. Dial "555-6674". Tell Morgan it's you, Type "SONNY BONDS". Dial "411".Type "Lytton Cab Company".Dial "555-9222". Type "Hotel Delphoria". Marie will now leave you. Walk to the bar.
  • In the bar. Walk to the bartender and Type "GIVE THE BARTENDER TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS". Now follow Woody (the bartender).
  • n the store room. Walk up to Woody. He will be searching you before he fixes you in to the illegal gambling room.
  • In the gambling room. Walk to the unoccupied chair and sit down. In the manual there are a very detailed description of how to play poker (in case you don't now how). Play until you have won. Return to your room afterwards.
  • In the hotel room. Wait until your assistans arrive. Walk to the man to the west. Type "GIVE ME THE TRANSMITTER PEN". Return to the bar.
  • In the bar. Walk to the bartender and Type "FRANK SENT ME". Now follow Woody to the Big game north of the gambling room.
  • In the high stakes gambling room. Sit down on the unoccupied chair and play until they get bored. Frank will ask two questions, answer both with "YES". Follow him until you're standing outside Frank's room.
  • In the corridor. Wait until Frank has gone into his room. Type "USE THE PEN" (or press CTRL-D). Now enter the room.
  • In Frank's luxury suite. Relax and enjoy the end.


    From: Nirmal Patel Outkast75@hotmail.com
    where can i get all the police quest cheats for all the police quests from 1-6 if you have them please e-mail to me.


    1. From: Cal me Dan CalmeDan@aol.com
      I see you have PQ1 but do you have PQ1 the REMAKE? The remake is like the new Sierra titles. You don't type, just click to do a action. Will you get that?
    2. From: Claire McLaughlin [] Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2000 3:52 AM Subject: Please help!!! Hi how are you? I'm just a usual player who has been given the police quest 1 V.2, but he has not given me the manual to the game. Anyway during the game I get asked to put in the code for the locker which is supposedly in a magazine of some kind and since I don't have the manual I can't look it up. Just wondering if you would happen to know the code at all. If you do please send the code to OIB__Hotmail.com.au, who would be very thankful :) Regards OIB


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