Pandora Directive - Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle
After you finish the crossword puzzle mail it and you will receive the money the next day. The money well be by the door in Tex's office.

ACROSS                                  DOWN 

1. Death                                    1. Dealt

6. Tract                                      2. Error

11. Eros                                     3. Aorta     

12. Sap                                      4. TS

14. Igor                                       5. Campy

15. Arr                                         7. RI

16. Armor                                   8. Agree

18. Rue                                       9. Court

19. Lotus Speeders             10. Tress

22. Trapp                                12. Srs

23. Frets                                  13. Poe

24. Sir                                       16. Aspirin

25. Duo                                    17. Refusal

26. Steer                                  20. Upset

30. Split                                    21. Drops

34. Martian Casino               26. Smack

37. Ala                                      27. Talon

38. Natal                                  28. Erato

39. Oat                                     29. Antsy

40. Cots                                   31. Lions

42. Asp                                    32. Inane

43. Anne                                  33. Totes

44. Knots                                 35. AAA

45. Asses                               36. Cap

                                                  41. St

                                                  43. As

Cabin CD ROM Puzzles
You must go to tex's office and use the CD ROM on the computer in the computer room. Look at the piece of paper you got from the cabin, it will tell what you need to do.

Cop Lock Puzzle

Claybore Mine Puzzle
red power cell & two red to the left
green power cell & two green to the right
the green power cell & a red to the left
the red power cell & a green to the right
three red to the left
three green to the right

Talking to the N.S.A.
If you having a problems getting throw the conversation with the N.S.A. and getting killed all the time, here is the way to get throw it A,B,C,C,A,A,C,A

Malloy Safe
Use the robco combuster on the safe and turn the dial to get the numbers 31,22,15,7 Look at the Everlock Titanium Safes business card and look at the numbers 484-961-225-049 on the card. The relationship between the two sets of numbers is just the order in-which the numbers are shown form high to low, on the business card. For that is the order you need for the safe. The first number (22) is second to the highest number (31). The second number (31) is the highest number (31).The third number (15) is third to the highest number (31). The last number (7) is the fourth to the highest number (31). This is the order 22,31,15,7 when putting in the numbers turn the dial counter clockwise first.
484-961-225-049 Relationship
22 - 31 - 15 - 7

Talking to Archie Ellis over the Vidphone

Regan's Puzzle Box
Combined Regan's puzzle box with the tapestry you found in the warehouse. What you need to do now is to make the pattern on Regan's box to look like the pattern on the tapestry.

Emily's Puzzle Box
Combine Emily's box with the flight schedule from the waterfront warehouse, the map from the acme warehouse and the pegs from Regan's box.

Laser Field Puzzle
Look at the paper you got from the guardhouse with the laser field diagram. On the right side you will find the code for the field, the code is sideways on the paper , code: ALPHA Type the code in first. Look at the laser diagram again to see how the squares are numbered.
1 5 9 13
2 6 10 14
3 7 11 15
4 8 12 16
The order to do is: 16-1-4-13-5

Laser Field Tunnel Door
There is a time limit on this part of the game. Once you put the dynamite at the tunnel door you must run throw the laser field and outside the doors and wait for the cut scene of the tunnel door exploding.

Roswell Alien Encounter
There is a time limit on this part of the game to contain the alien.
Go to the following rooms on the first level and get and combine the following items.
(A) Rec. Hall
Alien Abductor
Pool Cue
Free Weight Bar

(B) Mess Hall
Ice Pick
Use Pot on diesel fuel

(C) Storage Room 104
Acetylene Torch Handle
Use Ice Pick on diesel fuel drum

(D) Dorms 106
Use the shovel on the door welled.
Get: CD, CD Player, Duct tape, Containment Unit
Combine the containment unit with the containment scrap
Combine the CD with the CD player
Combine the pool cue with the dart and the duct tape
Use the combine pool cue on the badge that is between the two doors you cannot open in the dorm.

(E) Mess Hall
Use the pot with the diesel fuel on the stove and then turn on the stove and get the liquid fuel.

(F) Storage Room 102
Spark plugs
Metal case with the Acetylene cutting nozzle in it.

(G) Generator Room
Open the spark plug door on the generator and put a spark plug in it.
Open the fuel cap on the generator and use the liquid fuel on the cap.
Use the generator pump handle to prime the generator three times.
Open the door to the power switch and then turn on the power.
Run outside the generator room and wait until you cannot here the generator, then go back into the generator room and use the containment unit on the alien.
Get the oxygen tank and the wire cutters

Level 3 Elevator Bomb
There is a time limit on this part of the game.
Use the Phillips screwdriver on the elevator panel.
Use the wire cutters on the bomb wire.
Get the bomb and run to the waste disposal and put the bomb in it.

Item #186 Puzzle
Item 186 Code 7AC
122 106 168 149 150 148 177 176 180 178 188 199 198 160
166 196 192 195 182 188 199 178 180 186 198 197 180 178
188 199 175 174 186 176 177 150 148 168 149 122 106 186

Malloy's Disc Password
Once you get the anagram back from Lucia Pernell look at it. It will say MERGE THE FOUR RARE CASES TO SEE MAPS which is the password.

Talking to Elijah Witt
Use the Robco Call Tracer from the electronic shop on the vidphone in Tex's office.

Elijah Witt Home Alarm
There is a time limit on this part of the game.
1. Move the mask that is to the right of the lift in-between the two doors and click on the button.
2. Click on the button by the floor behind the plant by the dinning room table.
3. Get the bamboo pole to the right of the fireplace and use it on the button above to the left of the fireplace.
4. Take the lift up to the loft and move the plant on the dresser then click on the button, to turn off the alarm.

Elijah Witt Statue Puzzle
Look at the photo of witt's statue that is located in the bottom dresser drawer, in the loft. You well see the numbers 70 12 84 65 39 67 Look at the number calendar by the lift

Elijah Witt's Puzzle Box
Do not even to try to make any sense out of this one because the puzzle is wrong.
This is the answer
September - 8th ------ 4th - Ahau
May - 20th ----- 10th - Chuen
April - 17th ------ 3rd - Muluc
July - 12th ----- 11th - Men

Garden House Puzzle Box

Music Puzzle

Dagger Puzzle
Look at the designs on any one of the doors. It will show the pattern that the daggers should be in. Look at the dagger slots on the temple table, each slot is a different height.

The Last Camber Puzzle
There is a time limit on this part of the game.
Move Snake 3 times
Move Bird 1 time
Move Wasp 2 times
Move Dagger 3 times
Move Pentagon 1 time

The Ship Puzzle
North, Circle, Red
East, Cross, Orange
South, Triangle, Yellow
West, Square, Green

74453, or

The Game Master