Oni Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Oni Walkthrough

by Al Giovetti


  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Mandatory Training
  3. Chapter 2: Syndicate Warehouse
  4. Chapter 3: The Manufacturing Plant
  5. Chapter 4: Bioresearch Laboratory
  6. Chapter 5: Airport Attack
  7. Chapter 6: Airport Cargo Hangers
  8. Chapter 7: TCTF Regional Headquarters
  9. Chapter 8: The Interior of the Atmospheric Conversion Center
  10. Chapter 9: Interior of the Atmospheric Conversion Center
  11. Chapter 10: Regional State Building
  12. Chapter 11: Rooftops
  13. Chapter 12: Doctor Hasegawa's Laboratory
  14. Chapter 13: TCTF Science Prison
  15. Chapter 14: TCTF Regional Headquarters (REDUX)
  16. Chapter 15: Syndicate Mountain Compound
  17. Hints:
  18. Oni Cheats
  19. Read the Review by Al Giovetti
  20. References
  21. Letters

    General Hints and Introduction

  1. Keep an eye on your compass. The compass tells you where you are supposed to go. It is always good to know where to go, and people have been telling me where to go for years. This is a computer game that tells me where to go. Wow!
  2. Read the consoles for the optional background story to the game. You should be warned that the background story is confusing, inconsistent, and incomplete. You really may want to skip this “feature” in the game.
  3. Sprinting with the double tap forward is useful in getting close to enemies so you can tackle them.
  4. Special moves are not only beautiful but effective. Use Konoko's special moves often and you will have an easier time of it.

    Chapter 1: Mandatory Training

  5. Just complete this training section and get into the game

    Chapter 2: Syndicate Warehouse

  6. Take out your first guards. Congratulations you are on your way. Unlock the door with the nearby console.
  7. Go up to the second floor. Find the body of Chung. Find the extra ammo on top of the ever-present crates.
  8. Tackle any guards that run away from you.
  9. Talk to the warehouse manager
  10. Go to the third floor and activate the crane with the console.

    Chapter 3: The Manufacturing Plant

  11. . Kill the three guards.
  12. Go throught the door on the right and proceed to the nearby console. Activate the console to unlock the door.
  13. Go through the unlocked door. Kill the guard before he activates the alarm. Activate the console that unlocks the upstairs lab. (The console is behind the unlocked door – not upstairs near the lab. The worst kind of adventure games have switches far removed from the game items they activate.)
  14. . Talk to civilians and they will heal you and give you more ammo.
  15. Run through the upstairs labs and avoid the laser cannon fire by running, jumping and zigzagging in the hall.
  16. The console under the stairs turns off the lasers upstairs. Go back to the hallway and through the unlocked door. Activate the console that unlocks the lab and run back down the hallway to the unlocked lab.
  17. Go back to the hallway. Go into a door and use the console to unlock the lab containing the deadly brain.
  18. Go to the lab containing the deadly brain. Activate the stations in the lab while running, jumping, and jigjaging to avoid laser fire. Once all lab stations are activated the brain should be disconnected.

    Chapter 4: Bioresearch Laboratory

  19. Barabas will kill you in a gunfight. You must keep him from using his gun by keeping the pressure on him. Use the punch, punch, and kick combination and use your own gun only to disrupt his regeneration cycle. Barabas can only be killed by fighting and not with a gun.
  20. After Barabas is dead pick up all the ammunition and health items here. Move into the building and search the laboratories. Speak to every scientist and elicit his or her aid.
  21. Keep moving up the stairs.
  22. Use your fists and feet to dispatch all unarmed guards. Use your gun only when confronted by a guard with a weapon.
  23. Unlock the door to the bio-vat room by activating the three consoles. One console will be found on each of the three floors in the center of the building.
  24. You need not kill anyone to finish the level. To finish go across the catwalks, and activate the console on the bottom floor which opens the garage door on the lower level. Return to the first catwalk and drop down to the garage door level from the catwalks just above the door. Go through the garage door. (Note: you do not have to jump over the green corrosive liquid pool.)

    Chapter 5: Airport Attack

  25. Beat up everyone you find while exploring the airport.
  26. You can sneak around the edge of the tarmac or you can jump to the right and avoid fighting altogether. You will need to kill the suicide bomb soldier near the exit in order for the game to progress.
  27. Enjoy the cut scène with Muro. Afterwards, take out the guard with the stun gun pistol (VDG). Use the stun gun to take out the next few guards. There are three guards that attack you at the same time: two look like spacemen and one like a thief complete with a mask.
  28. Go to the repair hanger and run across the tarmac. Activate both consoles to open the exit. Leave by the exit.

    Chapter 6: Airport Cargo Hangers

  29. Kill the thug.
  30. Use the plasma cannon to kill the guards that run directly at you.
  31. Go into the first room and disable the guard. Take the guard's stun gun. Unlock the door near here. Use the stun gun, while crouching and sneaking to stun the next three guards. Then use the forward and kick buttons simultaneously to crack your opponents in the back, disabling them. The stun gun is a close range weapon. You need to get close to use it. Crouching and sneaking will get you close enough.
  32. You can run to the end without fighting any more guards since there are no consoles to activate after this point. Your option, run or kill your way to the roof. When on the roof equip your distance weapon.
  33. Go to the walkway to the cargo plane.

    Chapter 7: TCTF Regional Headquarters

  34. Kill the four terrorists you find on the first floor.
  35. Use the mercury bow to shoot the guy on the truck long range.
  36. Run to the left and go through the orange door and activate the console, which unlocks the stairs.
  37. Run up the stairs at the end of the hallway. Go straight from the first to the third floor, skipping the second floor. Run to the end of the hallway open the orange door and activate the console within.
  38. Return to the stairs and go up to the fourth floor. Go to the top floor (fifth floor). And talk to the guy wearing protective welding eyewear.
  39. Go to the elevator.
  40. Eliminate the two soldiers waiting for you here. Get the phase cloak. Activate the console. You can finish the game from here by running to the top of the stairs. Otherwise, kill to the top of the stairs.
  41. On the top floor, go to the terrace. Fight Barabas a second time. You will need to fight him the same way you fought him the first time. Disarm him. Keep him away from his gun. Use combination moves.

    Chapter 8: The Interior of the Atmospheric Conversion Center

  42. You will first encounter two terrorists. Kill them from a distance with the plasma rifle.
  43. There is a small room on the left. Go into it and activate the console.
  44. Electrical boxes here can be jumped on for access to power-ups.
  45. Go to the end of the platform.
  46. Find the elevator and take it to the next level.
  47. Find the console in a room near the elevator and activate it.
  48. From this point you can fight or run to the next elevator and take it down to the next level.
  49. Fight the guards. Move to the next security room. Assist the plant manager in his fight. Talk the plant manager into adjusting the energy flow along the pipeline.
  50. Run down the pipeline jumping over each electrical band.
  51. Run down the next pipeline while jumping over the electrical bands. Stop at the platform in the middle and kill the terrorist.
  52. Behind the stairs is a very tough thug with two hypos.
  53. Go down the stairs.
  54. Go through the atmospheric processors.
  55. Shoot anyone who gets near you. Kill the last three enemies guarding the entrance to the interior of the Atmospheric Conversion Center.

    Chapter 9: Interior of the Atmospheric Conversion Center

  56. Kill the first two guards.
  57. Proceed into the next room and down the stairs.
  58. Pull one guard up the stairs, separating him from his gun-toting fellows. Kill him.
  59. Pull his fellows again one at a time.
  60. Use this technique to pull the terrorists one at a time to a secluded location to kill.
  61. Get weapons.
  62. Move to large room with stairs in the center.
  63. Kill all enemies. Talk to Shinitama.
  64. When the countdown starts run up stairs. Go out the door and you will be on the top level.
  65. Speak to the scientist and get him to adjust the energy flow across the pipe again. Run and jump across the pipe avoiding the energy flow.
  66. Kill the two thugs and move up the stairs.
  67. Run between the energy flows again. Pick up any hypos you see.
  68. Knock worker drones off the pipe and into the acid.
  69. Go into the next room and disable the enemies. Get the stun gun from one of them.
  70. Go into the next room. Sneak around the obstacle in the center of the room.
  71. Kill the guard with the pistol. Use stun gun and back cracker to disable other guard.
  72. Go up the stairs. Enter all the labs and talk to all the scientists to get ammunition and health hypos.
  73. Go up the stairs.
  74. Activate the console in the upper laboratory.
  75. Kill the two cops who run out after you activate the console.
  76. Go through the newly unlocked door.
  77. Kill the final guard with the shield.
  78. Activate the console

    Chapter 10: Regional State Building

  79. Kill two guards. Go through right hand door. Activate console. Speak to all civilians.
  80. Go up to the second floor. Run around to the left. Activate the console in the lab.
  81. Go up to the third floor. Activate all three consoles on each side of the building.
  82. Go up to the roof. Take the mercury bow away from the guard. Activate the roof console to unlock a door on level one.
  83. Go to level one via the stairs.
  84. Go through the newly unlocked door.
  85. Dodge, jump and jig jag to avoid the lasers. Move into the hallway. Go into the unlocked room and kill the two guards. Get the stun gun. Activate the console.
  86. Return to the hallway.
  87. Go through the newly unlocked door.
  88. Run up the ramps. Use stun gun and back breaker combination to dust off the ninjas.
  89. Run down the third floor hallway and enjoy the cut scene.
  90. Kill ninja who attacks after cut scene.
  91. Go out the window after the “mysterious figure.”

    Chapter 11: Rooftops

  92. The obligatory romp on the rooftops starts with a ninja. Here you can use the forward – forward – action triple tap maneuver, which causes you to run jump.
  93. After the third jump find the phase cloak to the right of the main path and bypass all the conflict. Go directly to the open, end-chapter elevator.
  94. If you prefer fight your way across the rooftop: it is your option.
  95. Turn right and kill the terrorist after the elevator. Go upstairs.
  96. Leap into the next building. Go down the hallway.
  97. Leap into the next building. Go up the stairs.
  98. To make quick work of thugs, throw them off the building with the stun and throw moves.
  99. Go toward the monitors. Look out for attacks from behind here.
  100. Go up the stairs. Go to the platform and get the hypo health. Leap up. Ninjas cannot attack on top. Get the zipline rider. Leap to the bottom of the zipline.
  101. Run to the right. Throw the ninja off the building.
  102. Go up the stairs. Jump to the next building.
  103. Run around the edge of the building.
  104. Kill female terrorist. Go through double doors.
  105. The mysterious ninja is the boss of this level. He can be defeated with combination moves and by keeping yourself moving. Throwing him off the building will not eliminate him. So don't bother.

    Chapter 12: Doctor Hasegawa's Laboratory

  106. Kill Muro with combinations and super moves.
  107. Use crouching sweeps to scare the tiny cops.
  108. The Griffin is tough. Get the phase cloak in the corner of the room so that you can concentrate on the Griffon and the two bodyguards will ignore you. Also, get the health hypo if you need it from the same corner.
  109. Use the stun and backbreaker repeatedly to incapacitate the Griffon.
  110. Ignore the cops. Get the stun gun and run out the door.
  111. Zap the thug with the stun gun. Throw thug into the acid.
  112. The boss of this level is your doppelganger. Defeat him with combinations and super moves.

    Chapter 13: TCTF Science Prison

  113. Slide under the three sets of lasers across your path. Get the hypos on your left. Phase cloak is in the corner of the room. Get phase cloak.
  114. Sneak crouched up behind the cops and use the stun gun and backbreaker. If the cops sound the alarm you will have a tougher time of it.
  115. Talk with all the scientists.
  116. Go through the red door. Activate the console opening the labs. Go through the labs you opened. Speak with your uncle.
  117. Go through the door. Kill the guard. Get his stun gun.
  118. Go down the first hallway to the right.
  119. Go through all three labs. Activate the three consoles one each in each of the three labs.
  120. Go into the now unlocked lab. Speak with your uncle again.
  121. Use the stun gun on the attacking guard. Get his mercury bow.
  122. Run out the left door. Run through the lab on the left. Get the phase cloak in the hallway outside the lab. Use cloak to bypass all the guards and activate the upstairs console.
  123. Jump and dodge the lasers, yet again. Use mercury bow to take out the guard long range. Go through the open door.

    Chapter 14: TCTF Regional Headquarters (REDUX)

  124. Go through the first door on the left and turn off the lasers.
  125. Go to the center of the building and get the two cops.
  126. Activate the console.
  127. Go through the now unlocked door. Activate the console.
  128. Go through the next door.
  129. Go downstairs.
  130. Go down the center of the headquarters and kill all the cops.
  131. Jump and dodge the lasers again.
  132. Search all the rooms. Get the grenade launcher. Use the grenade launcher on large groups of guards.
  133. Disable each substation on all three levels.
  134. Go through the headquarters again and activate all the consoles.
  135. Go into the Omega Vault.
  136. Disable the main system exactly the same way you disconnected the deadly brain in the manufacturing plant. Let Griffin live.

    Chapter 15: Syndicate Mountain Compound

  137. Get the phase cloak behind the crates on the right. Use the phase cloak to run across the compound and into the building without being seen. Kill the two guards here and get the stun gun.
  138. Pull guards one at a time away from their companions to kill them alone. Move to the right and activate the console there.
  139. The stun gun is very useful here.
  140. Get the truck keys from the nearby truck driver. Use the truck.
  141. Get out of the truck. Go up the stairs. Again fight enemies one at a time by pulling them away from their comrades.
  142. Go up to second floor and through the door there. Take a right turn.
  143. Keep going right and up the stairs till you reach the satellite on the roof.
  144. Pull Muro toward Griffin and the other cops. Get the hypos from the dying cops. Concentrate on Muro and kill him. Muro has an infinite number of henchmen. You only win by killing Muro. Use super moves and combinations to defeat Muro.
  145. Congrats you won an extremely difficult and in many ways boring and repetitive game.


  146. You can reconfigure the fighting keys by text editing the key_config.txt file. Use a text editor such as notepad or wordpad to edit the file.
  147. A stun kick is used to stun the enemy for a second so you can get in a harder blow. The stun kick is activated by simultaneously pressing the forward and the kick keys. After a stun run to close range, grab and throw your enemy using the forward and kick motion at the same time again.
  148. The stun gun or VDG pistol stuns your opponent for a few seconds. After stunning run to the back of your opponent and push forward and kick buttons at the same time and crack your opponents back, knocking him or her out.
  149. If you come to the aid of civilians fighting the guards, you will be rewarded with ammunition or health hypodermics.



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