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Nightlong: The Union City Conspiracy Walkthrough

By Eddy (Edoardo Chidichimo)

Download the Walkthrough with all maps and pictures

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  1. General Advice
  2. Disk1
  3. Disk 2
  4. Disk 3
The Walkthrough General Advice

Hello folks, here I'm again, with I hope a helpful guide to the world of Union City!! Well, what to say on the game, only one thing, do you like games like Broken Sword? If yes Nightlong is your game.

The game contains 3 CD, and I should say it's quite easy to solve, probably only 1 or 2 puzzles are more difficult, but like you know walkthrough are made for helping people who have problems, so let's start with the long list of things to do for solving the game.

Remember left mouse click for examine objects, right for use it. An object can be used on other things on the screen play ore with others objects in your inventory. For common use here is how I will tell the right direction in all the game (like you operate all the days), refer to this image: (The image if you download the walkthrough shows a graphic of a monitor with the words left side on the left side of the monitor and right side on the right side of the monitor.) Another convention that we at The Computer Show use is that the left side of the monitor is west. Right is east. Above or up is north. And down or below the monitor is south.


  1. After the intro you will find yourself in a parking area on the top of a building.
  2. Look on the floor near the right side of the first car and take the aluminum foil.
  3. Look if you want to the broken barrier on the left side of the building(it will come in handy after)
  4. Now enter the door and look at the elevator and press the button on it:the elevator will broken so open the panel and take the fuse, combine the fuse with the aluminum foil, and place it in his position.
  5. Look inside the elevator you will see a slot, use the elevator card on the slot and go on Ruby's floor.
  6. Ruby's apartment is the fist near the elevator door, on your left.(look at the name on the door) you will read that the apartments room is 17. Take the elevator an return to the top, look at the mail box and find the box numbered 17, use now the small key on it.You will find a letter.
  7. Now return to Ruby's apartment and use the letter on the pen pad and then the magnetic pen on it.Now look for the note on the table, open the refrigerator ant take the vodka, look for the photo an take it, then in the trash you will find a subway car.Now open the right door and go in, push the switch beside the window, open the window, and take the tape that have a key hide, now open the wardrobe and move the dresses, and use the new key on the safe.(you will find a tube, a report and a gun.)
  8. Go out the apartment and use the credit note on the vendor machine, you will get a bear and 5cents.
  9. Now return to the top of the building and exit the door, in the parking area go to your left and look for the broken barrier ,use the tube on it and get the bar.
  10. Return to the elevator and go to the subway. Go to the ticket machine in the bottom left part of the screen and use the 5cents on it, you will get a metro access, go to the subway scanner (top right part) and click on it, now you will take the metro.
  11. In the new location, look on the floor under the graffiti and take the piece of plastic, use it on the left fax, and you will identify it.Give the beer to the man and show him the photo, then the vodka and listen to what he have to say.(you will get a skate).
  12. Take the elevator and go out to the square,go and talk with the doorman(you will find that for enter you will need a membership card).Now enter the right shop, it's a liquor shop, listen to the conversation,then look on the right over a shelve is a member card for the club ,speak with the man, and you will know that he will exchange the card for a bottle of Chateau Lafitte 85!!
  13. Return to the square and cross the railings beside the left side of the shop.
  14. Now use the bar on the mainhole and go down.TAke the dead rat and return up.
  15. Use the tube again on the lockpick of the trapdoor.Now use the rat on the skate, and go down the trapdoor.
  16. Use the skate-rat on the woman, and she will run away.Look for the crate in the bottom part of the screen, open it an take vine.
  17. Return up and go again in the liquor shop, use the vine on the man and you will get the car.Return to the square and use the member card on doorman, enter the nightclub, and speak with the woman.Return outside and return to the subway and use the minicom in your inventory to call Huge, now he will send you a fax, that you can take from the left fax.Return in the square and recross the railings, go down the mainhole again and click on the and click on the Grate.

    Disk 2:

  18. You will find your self in the subway, now use the pistol on the door and enter it.Open the bag in the center cabinet and get the things inside(you can take the poster but it's not important)There is a door here but you can not open it now.
  19. Go outside and look for the logo of the advertising(bottom right corner of it) and use the screw-driver on it. Now use the logo on the chain beside the door , and throw it on the pipe on the top center part of the screen(over the subway rails).Now you're on the other side of the platform go up and open the panel with the tool, use the leads on the contact and push the lever, now use the leads on the magnetic door, and it will crash.
  20. Enter the door and look for the bridge,go to your left open the door and look for the piles on the shelves, there you can open a trapdoor that goes down but don't do it it's a dead end.Now return to the bridge and look at the top of the wire you will see the word cable appear use the pilers on the cable, now return down and cross the new bridge, and enter the zoo.
  21. The zoo: (Editor's note: The graphic of the zoo is very basic with 9 rooms. The entrance is part of a string of rooms spread out east and west. 7-6-1-2, respectively. Room three is below room 1. Room 4 is left or west of room 3. Room 5 is northwest or up and to the left of room 4. Room 9 is above room 7. Room 8 appears to be above or north of 9. The layout is roughly that shown below. Download the graphic for more information, if needed.) 8

    Numbers reference: 1 = entry - 2 = Pond - 3 =Sphinx - 4 = Fissure - 5 = Cave - 6 = Bar - 7 = Goddess - 8 = Hangar - 9 = bookstore

  22. Go to the left and in the bar take the can, move the curtain and take the broom and the cylinder, and near the computer the bear can.
  23. Now go to the Sphinx and look at it , she will start telling you a story and then the system will crash saying something about a security code.Go near the statue and click on the small wheels, and you have to resolve the first puzzle in the game.
  24. Here is the solve: (Editors Note: There are three stone wheels that look like lifesavers with graphics on the wheels and one window for each wheel to select a single graphic. The upper wheel when solved shows a round mirror carried by a being with three legs. The left wheel when solved shows a round mirror or disk carried by a beetle. And the graphic on the left lifesaver wheel shows a horus, which is an egyptian falcon, which looks a little like a face considering that the wings are outstreatched and the body of the bird looks like a nose. Download the graphic for an exact picture.)
  25. (I don't know if I'm right but I think that here the game has a bug, cause there is no help on it only the words that the sphinx says, but then after resolving the puzzle and going on with the game you will be able to enter the book store and there you will find on the shelves an Egyptian book with all the symbols for the puzzle game that now are useless.)
  26. Well, now the sphinx door will open and you will find a security room, push all the buttons to green for deactivate the zoo barriers. Take the gun on the left table.
  27. Go to the fissure, cross the first wood bridge, a dinosaur will come out, use the pistol on it, and go to the cave, take the flare from the table go to the Goddess room. In there move the plant under the statue and click on the faucet 2 times, now use the bear can on the brazier.
  28. Go to the pond room,push the panel(small video) and use the cylinder ,the bear can, and the flare on the tank.(new small video) cross bridge and right click on the kid.(you get a remote control)
  29. Return to the cave and use the remote control on the key lock, a door will open showing a new elevator.
  30. Enter the elevator, and you will arrive in the hangar. Look in the left crate 2 times, you will get the pincers and a projector. Now use the other elevator (top left part of screen) and go up, click on sensors, and a go up.
  31. On the roof , click on the hose, then use the bar on the door and enter it ,now cut the pipe with the pliers and move it under the window, go outside and connect the hose to the pipe (you can see it under the window), return inside and push the lever,Again outside and use the broken minicom on the lock, then the hose on the lock.(small video).
  32. Return down and as you see in the video to the panel in the right top part of the screen, click on it then use the screw-driver on the cover, click on the earth wire(center one) and move it on the contact.close the panel using the screw-driver again on the cover, and take the match from the floor near the panel.
  33. Take the top right elevator and go again near the sensor, especially the fire sensor, now use the broom with the match in your inventory and a new fire alarm will start.(but the terrorist now will be very shocked!!)
  34. Return down, do not enter the new door, but g all the way back to the zoo entrance, and then to the subway, use the telescopic pliers on the chain and you will cross the rails, enter the door and use the oil can on the door hasp,enter the new room and on the floor you will see a trapdoor, open it, go down and to the next door use the key on it and finally you will enter the book shop with the famous Egyptian book on the left shelves, go to the desk and take the bulb from the lamp.
  35. Return to the dark room and look at the broken bulb , click on it and replace the broken one with the one you have taken in the book store, now click on the switch near the door and take the 3 way adapter.
  36. Return to the hangar and enter the new door, use the 3way adapter on the socket then the projector on the adapter.(small movie)Look on the body of the terrorist.(you get laser and key)
  37. Now take the elevator , and in the new room open the left drawer and get paper.look now at the computer and return down with the elevator, use the laser on the panel and open it, now look at this picture:The right sequence is from number 1 to 7 :
  38. Go up again with the elevator and open the right door , move the panel, then the second one and look at Ruby, examine the cloth and take the stereoscopic.
  39. Return in the other room and use the stereoscopic on the other door.(long movie.)

    Disk 3:

  40. Now things become more difficult(at the end!!)
  41. In this section you can use A VIRTUAL POSITIONER, it's really useful , so I suggest you to save position when you're there the first time so that you can travel faster, the position are: 1-2-3-5-7-8-and the virtual office.
  42. I have made a map of this section here it is: (The map of this section can be obtained by downloading the walkthrough. Be patient when downloading. If the download capacity is exceeded you may have to click many times to get the file to download. The map to this section is complex and has about 30 rooms or objects to interact with. Only 10 of those rooms or objects are important to the game. There is a circular room in the southeast of the map. The slot machine (1) is on the north wall of the circular room. The shooting range (2) is on the east wall of the circular room. the totem square (3) and cage + hut (9) are on the west side of the circular room. The water fountain with coin (4) is in a room in the northeast of the map. There is a square arrangement of rooms in the north east of the map. The north central room in this square of rooms is room 5. Just south of room 5 is the werewolf room (6). Just north of the room in the northwest corner of the square arrangement of rooms is the lava fountain room (7). The castle (8) is directly west of the circular shaped room in the southeast. The skeleton room (10) is one room north and one room west of room 5. Exact directions to room 5 from the circular room are: Enter the labyrinth from the slot machine and go directly north into the room north of the east-west passageway connecting to two rooms. Go one room west. Go two rooms north and one room east. Now you are in room 5. Room 4 is reached by going north into the labyrinth from the circular room, past the east-west passageway into the room to the north. Go east one room. Go north one room. Go east to the north-south corridor and turn left or north into room 4.)

    map reference: 1=slot machine(labyrinth entry) - 2=shooting range - 3=Totem square with 9=cage + hut - 4=water fountain with coin - 5=room before werewolf room(6) - 7=lava fountain - 8=castle - 10=skeleton room

  43. First thing is to get the silver coin from the water fountain in the labyrinth (go to 4) now to the skeleton room(10) and take the cloth, then go to the totem square(3) and use the hammer on the drum, it will break,now take the remaining hammer and go to the slot machine(1) use the hammer on the spider leg over the slot machine and put coin in the slot, pull lever and you will get 6 coins.
  44. Go to the hut, enter and go downstairs, use the cloth on the handle of the boiler, and the spider will leave, take the mud from the floor and the saltpeter from top left spot in the wall.
  45. Now to the shooting range, use the mud on the runners ,and the coins in the slot, now collect your prize, the puppy.
  46. Return to the hut, open the left drawer and get the match. open the left drawer and use the puppy on it.Now go outside and enter the cage, and click on the remote control in your inventory.
  47. The castle.
  48. Enter the Church(front right door) take the torch on the right side of the stairs, then the skull from pentagram ,open the bracer and take dust.
  49. Return out and enter the alchemist room, take the piece of metal on the floor beside the book, use the skull on title, then the torch on the skull, and the match on it,kick the skull now and look at the mirror.
  50. Read all books and pechments,and take the bag and the jar from right shelves.
  51. Return out and go on the tower:
  52. New puzzle awaits you!!
  53. use the piece of metal you found in the alchemist shop on the sun clock, here is an image
  54. ok, for all of you that don't know roman numbers here is a legend according to the numbers you found in the alchemist room :7-8-4-5




  55. So now move the metal piece on 8-7-4-5.
  56. The small save below will open, and you will read a diary.(long movie)
  57. Now you are in Hugh's virtual office.After the chat with the secretary, use the bag on the chocolate(right side of the secretary), she will fall a sleep.
  58. Push button on the desk and enter the meeting room.Take the pistol from the showcase and club from armor.
  59. Now use positioned and jump to the totem square, use the club on the drum and get the bell.
  60. Use positioner and jump to the lava fountain, use bell on the lava, then the silver coin on bell and 1 bullet on the bell,now use the cloth to take back the bell from lava and get the silver bullet from the floor.
  61. Now jump to room 5, and combine in your inventory the saltstone ,the black dust and the jar, you will get gunpowder.
  62. Combine in your inventory the pistol, the gunpowder and the silver bullet, and enter room 6(werewolf room) and shoot the monster, use the jar on the blood, and again use the positione for jumping in the virtual office.
  63. Now use the jar on the lock in the right door of the meeting room, enter Hugh's office and open drawer, take image from it and use it on the projector in the meeting room.
  66. All you have are 2 pictures, one over the wall of the secretary room:
  67. the other from the projector of the meting room:
  68. Now what the heck are this pictures?
  69. You see 2 times 6 row in both pictures(first tip).
  70. Well like the Egyptian puzzle (solved thanks to my brother who studies Archeology especially Egyptian language), after 1 hours of trying mathematics combinations, I said "Hey Richard com over here an tell me what you see!!!). He looks to the picture and says "well there are numbers inside the second picture!!", and BANG I realized!!.
  71. If you have a calculator near you ,look at the numbers he rights on the display: now according to the first picture the number showed with different colors is 8, and if you take out from the 8 made from the calculator all the small bars you see in the second picture you find the right sequence:
  72. Here it is :5-6-2-3-9-6
  73. Return to Hugh's office and insert the code on the computer.(long movie)
  74. Now you will find yourself on a Island.
  75. Go to the left and use the laser on the conduct padlock.
  76. Then return to the landing area, and look for the turtle eggs in the first spot.
  77. Go to the right and use the egg on the snake, then the laser on the snake and at the end the telescopic pincer on the snake.
  78. Return to the conduct, and use the snake on the pond, enter the conduct.
  79. Now in the washing room, use the cans on the upper washing machine, then move the left shelves and take the detergent, and use it on the bucket, then close the grating, and push the washing machine(small movie).
  80. Look at the door and take keys, go to the right to the sentry post and take the mdvd.
  81. Open the infirmary door and inside look for the cloth, in witch you find a thermometer and a floss.
  82. Now open the Isolation ward, and look for the central jail, inside you will the Prof.???.Spec with him, then return to the sentry post and use the mdvd on the key lock.
  83. Return to Prof., and give him the mdvd, now you will be able to open the lab.(left door near sentry post).Enter the lab and get from table tubes and the tester and the gloves.In the inventory use the tubs with the syringe.
  84. Return to the security post and open the panel under the window using the screw-driver.(small movie)
  85. Now use the tester on the box then the parallel box on the box.(medium movie)
  86. Now go to the infirmary, and use the glove on the cylinder, then in your inventory combine the floss with the gloves,and with the syringe.Click on the window and on the window beside yours, you will now hear Eva's.(small movie).
  87. Now use the flying glove on the other window.Eva will take it and will use the syringe on the guard.
  88. Return out an reopen the Isolation ward, and then open the first cell on the left, Eva will give you the code for opening the the keyl ock in the isolation room.Look on the body of the guard and take the laser.
  89. BUT!!! Now you have to solve the last puzzle:
  90. In the black board of the lab you see some encryptic numbers:
  91. here is the solve : 105*85 =8925 + 5025
  92. and now mix it with the map that Eva gave you: and the solve is: 9-5-8-3-2-0
  93. Use the code on the key lock in the isolation ward, then:
  94. Reinsert disk
  95. And ENJOY THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. A long way ,don't you think????
  97. But we made it!!!

    Like ever if you have problems, want to chat , or find errors in the solve please e-mail me: mailto:eddyk@tin.it

    E-mail = eddyk@tin .it

    (Revision1)actual solve.zip size(186kb)


    Crash's FAQ


  1. From: Maurice Hillebrink, Sent: Monday, December 20, 1999 11:05 AM, Subject: Cry for help: In walkthrough nightlong union city it doesn't say how to get to the subway. Could you please tell me how ?! I'm very ,very stuck and its just 1/2 an our into the game . At point 10 it says "return to elevator and go to subway", but how? Please help me I feel very stupid . thanks. ANS: I believe you ride the elevator down to the subway level. Al Please let me know if I am right.

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