By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Neverhood Walkthrough


  1. Nursery: Disk One
  2. Disk Two
  3. Music box
  4. Third Disk
  5. Elevator
  6. Disk Five
  7. Disk Six
  8. Disk Seven
  9. Disk Eight
  10. Disk Nine: The Fog-horn and the heavy door
  11. The radio
  12. Disk Ten
  13. One makes you small and the other makes you larger
  14. Disk Eleven
  15. Disk Twelve and Thirteen
  16. Disk Fourteen
  17. Disk Fifteen
  18. Disk Sixteen
  19. Disks Seventeen and Eighteen
  20. Disk Nineteen
  21. Disk Twenty
  22. Finale
  23. References
  24. Letters


  1. Klayman, our hero, starts out sleeping in a nursery. Click on him to wake him up. Click if you like on the red button on the wall to open the window and take a peek at the world outside. Clicking on the handle on the left wall will make a big hammer hit the door. You will have to do it three times. After the door is broken, walk out through the opening and jump off the balcony. The Venus fly-trap swallows Klayman but spits him out again.
  2. The ladder at the left side of the room leads down to a mailbox where you find helpful letters from Willie Trombone. (You won 180 to need them now.)
  3. If you click on a ring hanging from the ceiling Klayman will jump up to it. Two of them are useful. The second ring from the right opens the door, and the first turns a purple radio on and off. Push the fly-trap until it is just below the second ring from the right and make Klayman jump up to the ring. When Klayman lets go of the ring the fly-trap catches it instead and the door remains open. Good! Turn on the radio too.
  4. Leave the room through the door. Outside you see a red house with a brown door in front of you - enter the house.
  5. Pick up (click on) the square disk on the floor - you will need to find 19 more to finish the game!

    Disk Two

  6. There is also a big doll partly made of dynamite. If you click on the TV-screen you see a picture of it.
  7. When you click on the dud parts they will be replaced by real TNT.
  8. When you are done a gong sounds and the doll drops down to the floor ready to be lit by a match. Leave it until later and walk out through the door to the right.
  9. Walk somewhat forward and turn to the right. Click on the big double doors to open them. Behind them there is a water well with a red switch on it.
  10. Click on the switch to start the water running. Turn back. Right in front you will see a red mushroom. Disregard it.
  11. Walk forward a little and turn right.Walk up to the wall with a big strange sign on it. Click on it to see strange sights and hear strange sounds.

    Music box

  12. Turn left and click on the green music-box. A lot of things start to happen without your intervention. Back inside the red house, pick up the match that the strange creature dropped in front of you. Light the dynamite doll and push it towards the creature. The creature eats the doll and explodes.
  13. When all is over, return to the music-box. Enter through the hole in the wall and sit down into the red putt-putt car.
  14. Drive the car along the track. Go downwards at the T-junction into the spiral. Press the green button once to hear a foghorn-like sound. (If it buzzes like a bell - press again!)
  15. Go back to the top. Leave the car and walk back through the red house to the open space outside the nursery.
  16. Turn right and enter the house with a big H on it. Pick up the disk.

    Third Disk Click on the 9-game on the wall. Move the pieces until the pattern is completed.When it is done you hear the gong sound and the door to the right opens.

  17. Enter through the door and pick up the third disk.

    Disk Four Click on the disk-player to see how it works (no real need just now, just to get the feel of it!)

  18. Click on the small door to the right and enter the next room.The room you enter is almost dark, turn on the light by pressing the green button. Walk right into the next room.Pick up the glass on the floor. Press the button on the wall to remove the teeth across the entrance into the wall.


  19. Enter the door and go down using the elevator into a small chamber. Pick up the disk on the floor and press the blue button on the wall.

    Disk Five Make sure that you hear the foghorn sound - if there is a buzzing sound instead press again.

  20. Go back to the elevator and click on the handle on the wall to see what you will have to do later on.
  21. Click on the opening in the ceiling to leave.You are back in the Hall of Records. If you have lots and lots of time click on the wall to read the story of the Klay world.
  22. Anyway, you have to walk 38 rooms to the right to pick up a disk - boring stuff! Do so and then walk back and turn off the light.

    Disk Six

  23. Return to the chamber with the elevator and make a drawing of the three signs on the wall (you need them to aim a cannon later on).
  24. Leave the room and close the gate by pressing the button in the wall. Walk left until you reach the room with the diskplayer. Put the disks into it if you like - they are now five,right?
  25. Leave the room through the small opening in the left wall. Open the front door by pressing the button in the right wall. Leave the house.
  26. Walk straight across to the off-white house with green ornaments and step on a pedal in the ground to start water flowing. Click on the water to get a drink. If you press the red button you will hear sounds from the pipes above and beside the door.
  27. Spit water into the pipes to the right of the door (by clicking on them) to make them sound just like the ones above. You will have to spit 3 times into the first from the left, 1 into the second, then 2, 0 and 4 times respectively.
  28. When you are finished, press the button and the front door will open. Enter through the front door and pick up the disk below the TV.

    Disk Seven

  29. Then walk to the right to the adjacent room and pick up another disk.

    Disk Eight

  30. Click on the ladder to climb up to the next floor. Pick up the disk.

    Disk Nine: The Fog-horn and the heavy door

  31. Press the red button in the wall to hear the fog-horn sound.
  32. Climb down and leave the house (you will have to press the red button to open the front door).Walk across the open space and down into the gray cave.
  33. Klayman will stop in front of a heavy door with three latches. The red, blue and white buttons are illuminated if you have pressed all three fog-horn buttons correctly before. Pressing the buttons will open the door.
  34. Walk across the bridge and turn left facing a screen in the wall with a big red button below it.Pressing this button 12 times will display different signs - write them all down in sequence and make a note of which sign that is accompanied by a funky sound.Turn around and walk towards the yellow house but make a right and climb into the cannon. Click inside the red ring to fire.
  35. The shot will make the water leave the basin through a drain. It also reveals a house with a big parabolic antenna on the roof.
  36. Leave the cannon and walk trough the yellow house. On the back you find a strange antenna with puzzle at its bottom. You are supposed to attach the nine pieces by clicking on them in turn. Their markings show you in which order they must be used. The gong sound shows when you are successful. The pieces now form a handle with which you can move the bridge up and down. Move it down.
  37. Leave the yellow house and walk up to the screen. Turn left and climb down into the basin.
  38. Turn right towards the sink and walk towards it. DON'T JUMP INTO IT - it's the only way to get killed in this game!!
  39. Turn right towards the wall and climb into the green Putt Putt car. Ride up to the T-junction.

    The radio

  40. Follow the track to the left to a picture of a radio. Remember the tune you hear. Go back to the junction and follow the track to the right. After many twists and turns you reach a slanted T-junction. Follow the track going upwards to the right.
  41. After a while you reach three test tubes with red,green and blue liquid. Make a note of their levels - you will need this clue ,later on.
  42. There is no need to follow the tracks any longer. Return to where you started.Leave the car, move out to the middle of the open space and turn left and walk up to the yellow house with the antenna. Click on the front door to enter. Pick up the disk.

    Disk Ten If the purple radio doesn't play when you click on it you'll have to return to the nursery and pull the ring next to the door.Do so if necessary.

  43. Click on the scale of purple radio to re-tune it. Continue to do so until you hear the same tune as you heard before. The door to the right is now open.

    One makes you small and the other makes you larger

  44. Enter into a darkened room.
  45. Pull the string to turn on the light. Take a note of the word BOBBY written on the cabin to the left. Turn off the light again and enter the cabin. Inside the cabin you find a red button and five gray ones.
  46. Press the red button and you'll see a light ray passing five colored crystals.
  47. Press the first gray button until the first crystal is Blue.
  48. Then press the second gray button until the second crystal is Orange. Continue with the three other buttons until the five crystals are, in order, Blue, Orange, Blue, Blue and Yellow (BOBBY!)
  49. Pressing the red button then makes Klayman very small! Make Klayman enter through the small opening to the right and stop below the window.
  50. Click on the colored test tube to the right. Make a note of the liquid levels in each tube (red, yellow,purple) and walk down again. Click on the colored tubes in the middle of the screen to get a close-up. Click on the colored tips until the levels correspond to the ones you just noted,then click on the red faucet. Klayman drinks the mixture and is big again! Return to the BOBBY capsule and press the red button - same result!
  51. This time you walk past the window and continue through the opening to the left. Go past the clay figures to the three colored test tubes to the right. Fill the tubes up to the levels you noted when riding the green car. Click on the green faucet and Klayman is big again!
  52. Pick up the disk, then look (by clicking) at the third opening from the right.

    Disk Eleven You will see a small figure with a H-shaped hat and a gray button in the middle of the H.

  53. Pressing the button lowers a ladder from the ceiling.Climb the ladder and pick up the disk on the floor. There should be 11 of them now!

    Disk Twelve and Thirteen Leave the room through the opening in the middle of the wall and sit down in the yellow car. It is some kind of travel device that Klayman will use to move between different parts of the Klay kingdom. Click on the big red button. In the close-up you see a ring of six smaller buttons with different symbols on them. The flashing ones correspond to possible destinations. Press the one with a nail and then thebig red.Hey presto - Klayman is teleported to another place! Step out of the car and walk to the right. Click on the gray nail holding a heavy chain to pull it out. After a while Klayman succeeds,and the two parts of the Klay kingdom move together again. Notice that the track of the red putt putt car is extended! Go back to the red travelling device. Two new locations are now available. Choose the upper right symbol.Press it and then the big red. You move to a room with two disks on the floor. Pick them up and then step on the pedal in the floor to open the door. Move out quickly - you may have to try a few times before you succeed.

    Disk Fourteen To the right outside the door you see a cone-shaped house with a hermit in it. He is fun to listen to but he gives no clue to the game.Walk straight through the opening in the wall. On the other side you see a red mushroom-shaped house with a red door and to the left a gray-brown house with a blue door. Enter the red mushroom. After squashing the gray animal walk straight ahead into the pink house with the brown door and end up in a dark room below the floor. Make a note of the three signs on the wall - you will need them to aim the cannon. Pick up the disk on the floor and then sit down in the transport device.

    Disk Fifteen Make the same choice as before, that is the upper right symbol. Go back to the mushroom house. Instead of entering turn back in the direction you came from and walk up to a screen in the wall. Your task is to put the 12 signs in the same order as you saw them on the screen outside the cannon. You do this by pressing the red button when the right sign is shown.There is just one difference: the sign in the first sequence that was accompanied by a funky noise is to be replaced with the noisy sign here.If you do it right a gong will sound,a door opens in the wall and Klayman enters a room inside. Pick up the disk from the floor.

    Disk Sixteen You can also see a key on the upper level, but you cannot reach it. Go back out and make a left to the gray-brown house. Enter through the blue front door. To the right you see a mouse sniffing at a piece of cheese. Step on the pedal in the floor and a big fan sucks the mouse and the cheese up to the next floor. Remember this fact and walk to the right. Pick up the disk and place them all in the diskplayer in the wall. There are 16 of them now -not bad at all!

    Disks Seventeen and Eighteen Behind the curtain on the right wall there is a memory game with a 6 x 8 grid. Solve the puzzle and make a note of how many times the different symbols appear. The gong sound shows that you succeeded. Walk towards the left past the blue door. On the walkway you are stopped by a mouse-puzzle.Your mission is to guide the mouse to the cheese in the lower right of the screen. You do so by following its nose. Just click on the space between the hole the mouse is pointing to and the next hole. The nose is always pointing towards the correct hole! Move on when the mouse puzzle is finished to the next room.Pick up the two disks on the floor, then push the projector all the way to the place where the mouse was sucked up to the next level.

    Disk Nineteen Step on the pedal to suck up the projector also. Open the door by pressing the button to the left of it and step out. Find your way to a transport device, for instance through the mushroom house.Choose the lower right symbol. Press it and then the big red. Walk left through the blue opening and turn right.Walk up to the red button in the wall and press it. You will now see three of the symbols from the memory game. Press the up and down arrows until the dices show the same number as you used in the memory solution and finally the yellow button. The gong sound shows if you are successful and the teddy bear lures the robot to move to its right.Return to the purple radio! You know the way, but just in case you forgot:Go back to your travel device, choose the upper left symbol and go! Leave the device, enter the room and pull the ring hanging from the ceiling! You fall down to the room with the BOBBY capsule. Leave the house. In order to open the front door you have to re-tune the radio to where it was initially.Listen for the sound - the light shining through the front door also shows when it is open. Climb up to the cannon. Walk through the yellow house and operate the lever that rises the bridge. Go back across the bridge, through the red house and finally to the red putt putt car. Drive the car to the right and then through the new tunnels. Finally you arrive to the room where you saw a key before. Step out of the car and pick up the key. Go back to the cannon.Sit down in the cannon's seat and adjust the three vertical symbols to the ones you wrote down before by clicking on the arrows. When you are finished another arrow appears on the vertical scale. Do the same for the three horizontal symbols. Click on the two new arrows to aim the cannon. When it has stopped moving - fire! The shell hits the robot in the head and almost destroys it. Return to the radio room. Re-tune the radio to open the right door and enter the BOBBY capsule room. Enter the capsule and make Klayman tiny again. Walk up to the next floor and drink the mixture that makes him grow to his normal size. Climb the ladder and go to the travel device.Choose the lower right symbol and go. Leave the device and walk left where Klayman will find the partly broken robot and try to run it. Quite a story unfolds - one of the travel devices is squashed and a big fight with a savage beast! The landscape is rearranged too, and Klayman ends up trapped inside Klogg's house. Go forward, turn right and walk out on the balcony. Pick up the needle. Go back in and make a right turn until you face the red door of an elevator. Enter and ride the elevator up to the next floor. Pick up the disk, it's the 19th.

    Disk Twenty Look out the window and puncture the balloon with the needle. The key falls down on the balcony - ride down to collect it! After picking up the second key go back in and turn right facing the broken gray door. Enter through it. Pick up the 20th disk.

    Finale Ride the elevator up to the room with the disk player, insert the last disks and listen to the story. Pick up the third key from the floor and ride the elevator down. Leave the elevator and enter throughthe broken gray door. Move the projector to the right and then pull the handle. The light will show you numbers for the key combination. Write them down. Click on the blue wall to the right and put the three keys into the correct holes. A door opens, go through it. Push the Venus fly-trap all the way to the right and click on the ring above. Klayman jumps up - click again and he drops into the trap which spits him over the fence. Walk over to the right and click on the red door-latch.The final story now unfolds. Klogg tries to persuade Klayman to accept the crown. If he does a rather short ending unfolds. If instead he selects Hoborg the (very long) happy ending takes place!



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