As the game opens, you are on the plane. Go forward and select Laptop computer on your right. Play audio message. Turn left and get backpack. Turn back toward computer and get cigar. Put the cigar in inventory. (Plane lands) Go forward and exit the door on the left.

After dialog, give Chris the cigar. Turn left and go past the buildings (map in Instruction Manual is VERY helpful). Then turn right and go to far building and enter. Talk to Davenport. Turn R and go toward bookcase (notice book) and then turn R again and exit. Turn Left and go to the warehouse (building straight ahead). Enter (keys automatically appear when you try to enter a locked door) and talk to Lorrie. Turn and exit.

Go forward, then R, to walk up between the trailers. Turn R at first trailer and enter Jerry Segal's. After dialog, turn left and notice long wooden foot locker against wall. Turn and exit. Start to explore (try to get into) each of the quonset huts. After a while, Davenport appears and tells you about Chris -- and that Chris lives in Hut 8. Go to Hut 8 and enter. There are two poisonous critters in here that you will have to get past to read letters.

Turn L and approach the table. Turn on fan to blow the scorpian away. Read letter. Turn and go past the curtain to the 2nd area. Turn R and approach snake. Turn off heater and read letter. Turn heater back on. Go past next curtain -- meet Crowley. Ask about statue on left. Turn and exit.

Go to your trailer. Go forward to bed and use it. (Dream of Jerry Segal's murder). Wake up.

New Day:

Candles of safety surround your bed with note from a friend (this was my version. )

Exit trailer and turn R. Lorrie tells you about murder and that Davenport is waiting for you in the mine.

On way to mine, enter warehouse and examine box. Notice the hole in lid that is in the area of the water drawing. Turn and exit. Turn R and follow road to mines. Turn L at gate and use ID card with guard. Enter mine and talk to Davenport. Turn L and follow shaft to dead boddy. Take dagger. Take keys from his right pocket (all keys you get go on one large key ring in your inventory). Turn and retrace steps, try to keep going into dark area (can't). Exit mine. Davenport meets you at gate and explains that power is cut. He should explain about 6 levels in mine, carts/conveyer/pulverizer system and the 6 draw fan system, one fan for each level. Notice the 6 fan housing covers surrounding the mine entrance area.

Go to Jerry's trailer and enter. Approach computer. Take Sonar maps disc by the mouse then turn to computer, turn on monitor, insert disc. (all info deleted). Go to wooden foot locker along the wall. Use keys. Use small square panel on left of bottom. Press red button. Take Sonar back-up disc from the compartment and read the journal. Use B/U disc on computer (need mine map overlay). Retrieve disc and then go the Davenport's office.

Davenport is waiting outside and talks to you. After he leaves, try the door, then climb in the window. Go to water dispenser and fill your canteen. Go toward calendar hanging on wall. Take it down and discover safe. Go toward desk and open center drawer. Read memo about valuable crystal and take keys -- once they go into inventory, there are no labels: they just work where they are supposed to. They open Lorrie's trailer, Davenport's trailer, Garage, Quonset 2, Infirmary, Generator shed, and two of the Warehouses -- the one closest to the Infirmary and the one in the corner near Garage/AirTower.

Read memo in the in-box, it tells you fan tools are now in the hanger. Exit office (window) and go to Infirmary and enter. Turn L and take smelling salts from the sink and exit. Go to the hangers. You can't open them. Walk between them and then turn around and view them from the back. Approach hanger on (screen) left and discover its open window up high.

Go to Quonset 2, enter, go forward to bed frame. Move it and open trap door. Turn on lights and go down stairs. Keep exploring corridor until you find the door with the padlock on it all the way at the end of the corridor. Turn around and exit.

Go to Warehouse nearest Infirmary. Turn R and take masking tape and then exit.

Go to Warehouse down on the opposite side of path, nearest Generator "corner", and enter. Turn L and go past metal drums to the broken ladder. Turn L and face forklift. Put both boxes that are next to forklift on the forklift. Go into forklift. Push green start button. Push right lever forward to raise boxes. Climb up forklift and go foward. Use dagger on rope with hanging container. Then go foward (swing on rope) to ladder. Up ladder to loft. Turn L and take rope/grappling hook. Turn around and go down-down-down ladder. Exit.

Go to rear of hanger with high window. Use rope/hook. Go up and enter. Turn L to tool box. Open and take wrench (for fans). Turn around and go down ladder and out door.

Go to garage. Enter and turn L. Pick up wire strippers. Turn R. Pick up gas can and "carry" it to your left and put it on the table. Pick up gas dispenser nozzle and use it on can. Flip switch to turn on dispenser and then use trigger on nozzle to start gas flow. When can is full, return nozzle and take full gas can. Turn around and take pliers from on top of big boxes across the room. Turn and exit.

Go to Generator Shed. Use wire strippers on the ends of each 8 wire pieces. Then use each small piece of stripped wire on the large piece of the same color to connect them. Use masking tape on each exposed wire area. Open black cap. Use gas can to fill with gas. Push green button to start generator. Exit and go to Davenport's trailer.

Enter trailer and turn to bed. Pick up book-get bookmark with numbers on it. Exit. Go to Lorrie's trailer. Turn and go toward Lorrie on bed. Try to wake her, then use smelling salts. Take tower key from table and exit.

Go to Davenport's office and enter through window. Use bookmark numbers to open safe. Put selector frame on top number and change it to 28. Move frame to second number and make it 9. Move frame to 3rd number and make it 5. Use handle to open safe. Take mine maps. Go to computer and turn on monitor. Insert mine maps, select "yes", then take out first disc and insert sonar B/U disc. When maps appear on screen, select print. Turn to printer and take printed maps. Climb out window. Go to Quonset 5 and climb in the broken window (left of door), turn R and take necklace. Climb back out.

Go to air control tower and climb up. Use keys on lock. Turn all the way around. After you talk to Davenport, climb down and go to mines. Enter and go toward Right side that was dark before.

You can wander a lot in the mines, and get your bearings relative to the maps...I've covered just the essentials in the sections which follow.

Find your way to the conveyer/pulverizer area on this first level. Examine controls. Try to turn it off. Knob breaks off. Use knife to cut hydraulic fluid "pipe". This stops the pulverizer (not the conveyer so the sound continues). Return to elevator and use red button to open. Go down to Level 2 -- this elevator only goes between Levels 1 and need to go to other elevator on this Level to go further down. Make your way to the other elevator, use button, and go down to Level 4 ( down twice).

Level 4: Other elevator has been dis-abled. Go to rail siding that has the rail car on it. You will use this to go up and down the levels from this point on. Enter car and click on arrow point (not knob) to select a direction. Car automatically stops when you come to a fork in the rails. Paths to the right go either UP to next level (or across to a siding if the siding is in view). Paths to the left go DOWN.

Go down and around Level 5 and then go down to Level 6 -- bust through the Wooden blockade. You want to pull over at the 2nd siding you come to on Level 6. This is the easiest one to travel to and from. Exit car and go all the way across the shaft that's along the bottom of the map..Find bloodstain (where Jerry was really killed). Turn back and take the first turn to the left and then turn right and make your way around the curved section of the shaft toward the upper right corner of map.

Approach digging machine and enter. Use blue button to start, green button to start blades and then knob to move forward. Watch destruction (and see glimpse of mummy). When all stops, take keys and go directly back to the rail car. Take it all the way up to the first Level and pull in at the Conveyer area. Exit car and climb onto the conveyer. Go up, then down and down to climb out.

Go back to camp and go to generator building. Enter and approach "mine fan switch" box. Use keys to open and then turn the fans off.

Go to Quonset 2 and go back to underground corridor Use pliers on padlock. Go toward Nazi flag in front of you and lift lower corner (lever switch without handle). Turn back toward door. Examine beer and then go to front of table, turn toward it and open the drawer. Get handle. Go back to lever and attach handle, then use it. Turn R and enter hidden area. Examine rubble -- pick up note and then take gun and/or hieroglyphics book (These 2 items moved like one item when I tried to pick 1 of them up -- but once I was out of the room, they separated in my inventory so all was well). Go back up and out to mining camp.

Go to tower. Talk to Davenport. Then go to Warehouse. Use canteen of water on lid of box. Then open box and take scroll. Return to mine.

You need to open the fan housings and try to get into the mine. The fan for Level 6 has a lantern at the bottom of it. This is the key area for now. It can be tricky to find all 6 fans once you are trying to approach them close up. Fan for Level 6 is the middle one, on the right of the path leading into the mine. Follow the shaft along the bottom of the map, back to the area where the blood stain was. Turn left and discover gaping hole. Use lantern and enter the Tombs of the Pharaoh!

Tombs: (You're on your own with mapping down here!)

Turn around and pick up rock from the rubble. Then turn, and with rock in hand, go doward doorway. It opens and go through to next room. Go forward toward spear-protected doorway. After rock discharges spears, go forward, through spears, into outer chamber. It's kind of fun to save your game here and then try the door and watch the fun of drowning...the way objects move as water floods the room should help you solve the puzzle.

(Note plate with ring, on floor) turn to face the door you entered. Pick up urn on right of door, turn and put this urn on floor to the left of the plate. Use rope/hook on the moved urn. Pick up right end of rope and use it on the ring. Try door (cracks and starts flood). Turn and go toward urn by door (you climb inside). Wait out the flood/drainage. Then climb out of urn, turn and pick up rug. Go toward stairs and use rug on stairs (you get rope back automatically as you leave).

Climb stairs and go forward. Enter round room -- you are standing in the mouth of a large statue, looking out over the room. Look down and use rope/hook on statue section below you. Go down to floor of round chamber.

Go across to opposite statue and look down at points of buried spears. Touch a point - spears rise. Move statue's hand and look up(gap is too wide to cross at top of rod in hand). Retreat and turn R and go to statue with short spears in front of it. (Raising the long spears has lowered this statue's left hand) Carefully -- go forward -- don't touch hand by mistake as this raises it (so you can't climb it) and resets the spears on the other statue. If you do this by mistake, just repeat the steps back to this point. Climb up until you almost reach head, head falls off. Retreat and NOW touch the hand to reset the other statue. Go to long-speared statue and touch the head/rock. Wait for spikes to rise. Then move it's hand. Now climb up (rock fills gap) to mouth, open mouth and enter.

You will pass through several rooms, since you have hieroglyphics book, you will automatically translate the story of queen/pharaoh/priest Simotap. After last door, you find warrior mummy. When it pauses, use the Luger (don't know why you thought a gun would work on a mummy!). Examine body -- ignore earthquake. Turn left and examine skeleton. Take object from its hand. You can't open door. Turn to crevice to the right of door and enter. Keep going forward. You emerge outside entrance of the mine.

Go to Lorrie's trailer. Talk to her and she shows you how to use key to door. Return to mine entrance. Use lantern and go back down hole and forward, back to room. Approach door and use each of the 4 shaped pieces on the appropriate column stones. (Designs for bottom 2 stones can be confusing, shape of piece and drawing around shape aren't clear). Enter next priest's ghost..

When he leaves, look up at top of obelisks, turn right and see plate that works obelisks -- leave it alone for now.

The graphics for the layout of this section of the tomb are a little tricky. On each side of the obelisk room is an intersection area with 4 "doors". If you assume that the doorways out of Obelisk room are facing east and west (obelisks to north) then the first turn to the north on either side (has design along top of wall) connect with each other in a curved hallway. This is the inner rim. If you exit the obeisk room and keep going straight out each door (west out west door and east out east door) you come to a corner and then can turn north to the second outer rim curved hallway -- which connects to each other and also has a design along the top. The room on the south, out the east door (right of obelisks, first right turn) is priest's tomb (the southern room out the west door is just an empty looted tomb).

Go to priest's tomb. open casket. After discussion with ghost, use scroll on open casket. After he leaves with scroll, turn right and approach trunk. Open and take dog statue. Turn to face woven gold trunk on blue wooden frame. Approach it, open and take other dog statue.

Exit straight out of door, across "intersection, and follow inner rim (with design along top of wall) around about half way. You should see a hallway to your right (no design along top). Turn and go up this hall, past (designed) outer rim, to Queens open chamber (it was closed before). Enter.

After Lorrie scene, you are frozen. Try to move (you can) and turn left. Go forward toward dark bricks in wall to open secret passage. Follow hall around to the tapestry picture.

This is a diamond shaped hall-way. You can go left or right at an angle and you will wind up at the same place -- which is a curved hallway. If you go around to the right to reach this hallway, you will pass what looks like a golden mantle. It's really a doorway which you will use (from the other side later in the game). Seeing it now might help you keep your bearings.

Go around to the right until you reach the curved hallway. Go down hallway and you will meet Chris. After several video scenes, you are left alone to perish in the Cavern of Forever.

Cross brdige and try to exit the door on right -- ghost dog guards door. Go back across the bridge and then turn and face it. The "forward" curser really has two directions -- one above bridge planks and one below the planks. Find this "below" direction and go forward to close-up of the ropes tying bridge to fasteners. Cut the ropes with murder knife. Swing down to lower level. Turn and go toward the skeleton. Take bone and go back up the ladder.

Use bone on ground where the ghost dog appears. Exit through door and meet the Pharaoh. After dialog, turn and go toward the drawing on the wall of the king with the sceptre (right of door). Approach the drawing and give the hand that emerges the dog statues, one by one. Then take the sceptre when it emerges. Go to doorway on your left, open it and go into room of LIghts. (nothing you can do right now.)

Go on through the doorway to the right of lights, and exit into hallway. Retrace your steps back though Queens' room to the room with 3 obelisks. Use the metal plate on wall to lower all 3 obelisks. Take the crystal from the top of each lowered obelisk and return to the Room of Lights.

Approach the stone altar. It is tricky to discover that the small, round pedestal on the top, moves. It is NOT the "use" hand, but the right/left directional hand when it's directly in front of the pedestal. Once the pedestal moves, depending on the position of those forking holders on top, the pedestal could rotate with either the "use" hand or the directional hand.

Put a crystal in the forked holders at the end of the light beam. Then rotate the pedestal until the light rays shine onto another light and reveal a 2nd altar. Go to it and put a 2nd crystal in the holders and turn pedestal until rays shine onto another light and reveal a 3rd altar. Go to it and put the 3rd crystal in this holder and rotate pedestal until rays reveal a hidden door. Enter door and approach the throne.

After priest shoots at you, use sceptre on priest. Then after Pharaoh scene, take the crystal device, turn to your left and exit through the side door onto beach area. Turn right and go forward to see water. Turn right and find empty box near cliff edge. Pick up box and then turn left, carrying box, and use box on water -- sail away. You automatically land.

Turn left and see Chris at the crates. Turn back to your right and follow ledge as far as you can. Then turn around to your left (2 times) and go toward the barred gate. Go through gate. Take gas mask and bottle of poison. Carry bottle back to Chris and, with bottle in hand, go toward Chris. This throws the gas at him.

After Chris' video and Davenport's have the possibility of 2 endings. Don't give Davenport the crystal device(use lugar on him instead, or just move) and that leads to one ending. Give Davenport the crystal device and .......that leads to other ending.

Written by
September, 1996