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Jure Lopatic <>

    I have another walkthrough for Loom

  1. At start you find yourself on a hill. Go down to the village. Go to the left tent.
  2. Walk to the right of the screen past the tapestries. Watch the scene.
  3. Pick up the distaff. Klick on the egg. You will hear a melody (draft). When you play this draft something opens. It is like the command "open". When you play the draft backwards, you will get the opposite command. If you use the command for open, than playing backwards gives you the command "close". Whenever you get a new draft it is the best, that you write it down and write also what it is for. Play this draft and the egg will open.
  4. Go out of the village and go to the upper left corner of the screen.
  5. Go past the trees to the cemetery. On the left side there are thorns. Klick on them. A rabbit will run away. Now go right to the trees and klick on each hole. After klicking on all four holes you will get another draft. It is for bringing the light. Now go to the village and go to the right tent. Klick on darkness and then use the draft for bringing the light. Klick on the wheel and you will get another draft. Use this draft on straw. This draft is for changing something into a gold.
  6. Go to the next tent on the right. Klick on the dye pot. Use this draft on laundry in the tent. Take the book and klick on the flask. Write this draft too. You can't play it yet, but you will be able to do it later.
  7. Go out and go to right of the village on the hill, where you started the game and open the sky. Now you have a boat and a new tone (f). Take the boat (go to the left of the village). To get past the waterspout klick on it to get the draft, then play it backwards. Now you came to a new island, plus you got a new tune(g). On the crossway go straight and suddenly a few people will show up. Put down this draft too. I think it is about making something invisible. If you play it backwards, you will become invisible. Talk to them and leave. Go to the right to the crystal (green) city. Go to the tower and listen to the conversation. If you use the crystal bell, you will come on the top of the tower, but you have to leave, it's a restricted area. To get rid of those guards you must go outside and become invisible. Now go back to the tower and use the bell. Go past the workers and use the bell on the other side. Look at the sphere. Put down the draft, you got. Now use this draft on shepherds. Now you can go left. Keep going left, past the sleeping guard to the village. Talk to the woman. In a scene you will get another draft. This one is to cure(heal) something. Now go to the flock of sheeps and use the draft you used for coloring the sheets at home. Do this on sheeps and the dragon will take you. Maybe you have noticed, that dragon is sitting on a pile of gold. What can you do with gold? You can turn it into a straw, can't you?. Do it. Now you got a new tune (a). You can burn the straw by pointing at dragon and using the draft, which changed you in dragon. Now go to the hole. In cave use the draft for bringing the light. Wander around, until you come to the pool. There you will get another draft for reflection. Continue your way until you get out from the cave (go to the blue exit). Outside use the draft, which you used on the waterspout. Now you have come to another cemetery. Start playing and you will awake the boy. After he goes asleep again, use the draft for reflection on him. Only this way you will be able to come into the fortress. In the fortress go to the right edge of the screen. You will end up in a cell. Just klick on the straw and watch the scene. Take the distaff and open the door. Go downstairs. Use the draft to spin something (you used it before on waterspout). Watch the scene. To get out of the cage, use the draft for "open". Watch the scene. Try to look at sphere. That guy will not let you do this at first, so you get rid of him easily. You can look at the sphere 3 times if you want to. It is not so important. Go outside. Take the distaff. Go inside and back outside. Now you have to fix the mistakes in the holes and then close them. You can close the green hole. Go to the red one. Talk to Rusty and then use the draft for healing (you got it from the leader of the shepherds, remember?). Now you can close the red hole too. Go to the blue one. Use the same draft as in the red one (healing), and close the hole. Go to the green hole. Talk to the guy and then close the hole. Now you have a new tune(b). Go left to the pool and then again left. You are back home again. Now go to the loom and klick on it. Watch the scene. Now click on loom to get the draft and use it played backwards on the duck. Do this one more time. Then use the third draft you get on the loom. Watch the scene. Now you have the last tune. Go into the hole and play the draft c(2) f g c(1) on yourself. You have heard it before in the game. This is the only draft, that doesn't change from game to game. So this is the end.



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