By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Liesure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail!

  1. Start of the game, Room 110: Shamara's Bedroom, take the hair weave kit and vice graps. Open the hair weave kit in inventory and use the vice grips on the needle. Use the bent needle on the right side handcuffs.
  2. Lift click on the glass door, select "other" and type in "break. Enjoy the animation to the Love Boat.
  3. Go to room 441, the purser's desk, get key card and map from cursor and use map to go to Cabin O.
  4. Room 550, Larry's Cabin. Get toilet paper and lubricant and use map to go to The Proud Little Seaman Lounge.
  5. Room 240, The Lounge, after the animation get scorecard and use map to go to Sexual Prowess Competition.
  6. Room 410, the LoveMaster 2000, use scorecard on machine on left use the map to go to the swimming pool.
  7. Room 301, changing cabana: talk to cabana steward and get swimsuit
  8. Room 300, Swimming Pool, read magazine on table near Drew. Talk to drew about her book and get it. Talk about clothes. Choose a drink, use map to go to library.
  9. Room 302, Drew Close-up. Use the orgasmic powder on the gigantic "buddy" which sits on the table beside Drew's chaise lounge. Drink the buddy. (This will allow you to see more of Drew when she walks you to your room later).
  10. Room 430, library, read books on electromagnatism and Anton Fokker from the bookcase. For a treat click on the beaver on the top shelf, select other and type "milk". (This will result in the Juggs being in the alltogether when you see them.) Go up and to the right.
  11. Room 432, Vicki, click on vicki, choose talk, other, type in any subject. Take the mucilage and book from stack. Click on Prudish and Proud and choose remove jacket. Click on The Erotic Adventures of Hercules and use P&P cover. Close inventory. Wait until Vicki has stopped typing and leave to the left and vicki will ask for the book.
  12. Room 433, Hot Vicki, click on the left of the two men on Vicki's monitor. (This will show you more of Vicki when later in the game.) Talk to Vicki about the weather.
  13. Room 550, Larry's Cabin, return to the library
  14. Room 433, Hot Vicki, talk to Vicki about "sex" then choose "prove it". Choose "Lovemaster."
  15. Room 410, the LoveMaster 2000, watch Vicki get a high scorre and then use map to go to swimming pool
  16. Room 300, Swimming Pool, Talk to Drew about "Fokker" and all other topics, Go to Promenade Deck.
  17. Room 260, Promenade Deck. Take fire hose. Find Peggy and talkt to her, choose "cabin boy." Go to employee break room.
  18. Room 385, Employee Break Room. Click on Employee Break Room door and then choose "other" and type "push." Take jumper wire from bulletin board and KZJelley on the counter by sink. Read the message on the bulletin board about "shaved dice." Click on the locker bay and look at the lockers. Go to the Promenade Deck.
  19. Room 260, Promenade Deck. Find Peggy and Talk to her about "locker" and "combination." Go to employee break room.
  20. Room 380, Employee Break Room. Click on second locker bottom row and choose "open." Type in the combination "38-24-36."
  21. Room 385, Xqwzts' Stall. Talk to Xqwzts about everything. Buy the dirty pictures of Larry from Xqwzts. Go to Promenade deck.
  22. Room 260, Promenade Deck. Find Peggy and talk to her about "Xqwzts" and all topics which concern him. Go to purser's desk after finding out he needs a passport.
  23. Room 341, Purser's Desk. Talk to Purser about passports. Use mucilage on dirty pictures and use sticky poto on cabin keycard to create a photo ID. Use photo ID on Purser to get Larry's passport. Go to Xqwzts.
  24. Room 387, Xqwzts Stall. Save game. Give Xqwzts passport and get master key. The master key is hanging on rack. Use map to o to forward hold.
  25. Room 531, Forward Hold. Use master key on door, enter room and get Drew's suitcase, use map to go to pool.
  26. Room 300, Swimming Pool. Talk to Drew about suitcase. Cartoon takes you to Larry's Room
  27. Room 550, Larry's Cabin, After Drew takes her shower, use fire hose on toilet. Connect hose to overhead pipe. Flush toilet. Take the mold from the shower. Use map to go to horseshoe area and exit right to the Poop Deck.
  28. Room 255, Poop Desk, Talk to Juggs about their show. Use map to go to the Heaving Ho' Restaurant.
  29. Room 330 and 331, REstaurant. Talk to meat carver. Take S'pork repeatedly until Wang leaves. Get carving knife, bulb from heat lamp and go to the lounge.
  30. Room 240, Lounge. Talk to Johnson and order a cocktail called a "gigantic erection." While Johnson mixes the drink go into the Juggs' dressing room.
  31. Room 245, Jugg's Dressing Room. Use silicone lubricant on deodorant can on dressing table. Push button at the rear of the dressing room and go to the lounge.
  32. Room 240, Lounge. Look at spotlight and take spotlight bulb. Use heat lamp bulb on spotlight. Use map to go to the horseshoe competition area.
  33. Room 250, Horseshoe competition area.
  34. Room 311, Boning Exterior, after the scene with Mr. Boning, before giving the insurance policy to Annette, go to the hallway outside Annette's cabin. And click on the crotch of the third statue from the left, select other, and type "unzip." (This will give you an extra scene with Annette enjoying herself with a new toy.)

Easter Eggs
-By clicking on the beaver in the library, and choosing "Milk", you'll get a little surprise next time you go into the Juggs dressing room.
-By clicking on the plant in front of Drew, and choosing "push", you'll get a little surprise.

Items List Name of Item Place Gotten How used
Lil' Hair Weave Kit Shamara's Room To open and get needle
Vice Grips Shamara's Room To bend needle
Needle Lil' Hair Weave Kit To bend
Bent Needle Lil' Hair Weave Kit To unlock handcuffs
Your Cabin Keycard Peter the Purser To unlock your cabin; to serve as photo i.d.
Ship's Map Peter the Purser To navigate the ship
TMT Scorecard Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge To keep track of events; scoring
Firehose Promenade Deck In your cabin to hook up toilet and water pipe
Kumquats Fo'c's'le Used in quiche recipe
Mucilage Library Used to paste photo to keycard
Silicone Lubricant Your Cabin To replace with deodorant in the Juggs dressing room
Toilet Paper Your Cabin To shave the souvenir dice
"The Erotic...Hercules" Clothing Optional Pool Used to make Victorian loose
"Prudish..." Sans Jacket Anywhere No use
"Prudish..." Book Jacket Anywhere Used on "Erotic..." and given to Victorian
Souvenir Dice Sculpture Garden To get shaved and win at craps
Screwdriver Sculpture Garden To unscrew the cover to the PA system and sails, and also to unscrew the grate in Xqwzts's room
KZ Sexual Lubricant Employee Lounge To be wiped on the bowling ball with hanky to win Bowling contest
Jumper Wire Employee Lounge Used on PA system and sail controls outside Bridge
Carving Knife The Heaving Ho' Used to cut polyester from the ship's sails
Heat Lamp Bulb The Heaving Ho' Used on the lighting trusses to make the Juggs "overheat"
Polyser Cloth Above the Bridge Used on Jamie Lee Coitus to win Best Dressed Contest
Orgasmic Powder Cabin 510 (Dewmi's Room) Used on quiche to win Cook-Off
Dirty Pictures Xqwzts's Room Used with mucilage and keycard to make photo i.d.
Sticky Dirty Pictures Anywhere Used on keycard to make photo i.d.
Photo I.D. Anywhere Used with Peter the Purser to gain Passport
Passport Peter the Purser Given to Xqwzts
Custodial Key Xqwzts's Room Used to open the ship holds
Magazine Page Kitchen Used to get quiche recipe
Pot Kitchen Used to hold beaver milk
Salt Kitchen Used in quiche recipe
Venezuelan Beaver Milk Lower Aft Hold Used in quiche recipe
Lime Juice Lounge Used in quiche recipe
Deodorant Spray The Juggs Dress Room Used on bowling pins in Aft Hold
Chase Lights Lounge Used on spike in Sculpture Garden
Remote Control Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge Used to turn on Chase Lights, and magnetize horseshoe stake
Woman's Handkerchief Your Room after Annette Used to apply KZ jelly to bowling ball to win Bowling
Life Insurance Policy Dessert Tasting Room Given to Annette to get stocks
Stock Certificate Owner's Suite (Annette) Given to Captain Thygh to get laid
Treated Handkerchief Anywhere Used to put on bowling ball to win Bowling Contest
Mold Your Room (Drew) Used in quiche recipe


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