Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Walkthrough

by Al Giovetti


  1. Short Review
  2. General
  3. Start the game at Lefty's Bar
  4. At the casino
  5. At the convenience store
  6. At the Lost Wages Disco
  7. At the casino second time
  8. At the Quicki Wed Chapel
  9. At the convenience store the second time
  10. At casino third time
  11. At Lefty's Bar again
  12. At casino fourth time
  13. Make extra points
  14. References
  15. Letters

    Short Review

    Leisure Suit Larry is one of those losers in leisure suits you remember from the 1970's: balding, short, nerdy looking, no luck with girls and perpetually nervous. Larry Laffer is kind of a mixture of a less intelligent Woody Allen and a dorkier Bill Gates all rolled into one small, infinitely offensive package. Leisure Suit Larry is an adult game that restricts access by the under age with a pre game quiz.

    Leisure Suit Larry is the brainchild of a saxophone player in bars and lounges who just happens to design games. Saxophone first witnessed the sleazy lounge lizard phenomenon looking to "score" and often finding disappointment in the meat market atmosphere. Larry seeks his true love or just a one night stand in the sleaze pots of Las Vegas, while you rack up points and often die from Larry's indiscretions. Rub shoulders with winos, whores, pimps, roughnecks, and gamblers as you help Larry seek the launching pad for his sexual fantasies.

    This animated adventure has side view scenes that Larry explores and solves to move onto the next scene. Items are collected that can mean success or failure when used in the correct locations in the correct way. The puzzles are novice level. Sierra On-line produced the game for the IBM, Apple II and IIGS, Amiga, and Atari ST.


    The adventure game interface uses special commands that need to be typed in to get Larry to progress in the game and manipulate his environment. When calling a cab type in "call cab." Larry must wait until the cab has come to a full and complete stop before attempting to get in the cab (enter cab). When Larry is asked for a destination, type the destination. When the cab arrives at your destination "pay man" and "get out." If you take wine in the cab, you will loose the game. Try it if you like watching Larry death animations.

    During the game, you will receive notice that Larry's breath is getting fragrant. Larry must use his breath spray immediately or he will get into further mishaps. Should the breath spray get empty, you will need to replace it with $50 from the store clerk. Apples can be bought from a man in a barrel outside the casino. You will be much better off if you accumulate as many apples as you can so check this area often for the barrel man.

    Gambling is performed in the classic style to get money to allow you to finish the game. Play 21 or blackjack, as it's easier to play and accumulate cash. Save game before playing. Bet $20 all the time, every time. Save game after winning a game. Restore game after loosing a game. A fortune is amassed easily this way.


    The game begins outside Lefty's bar: Go to the door. Open the door. Walk to bar. Sit. Beer. Whisky. Stand. Go through north door. Go to bum. Talk bum. Give whisky. Go to table. Get rose. Go to door. Open door. Read wall. Repeat reading wall until you get the password. Go to sink. Look sink. Get ring. Go to door. Open door. Go through south door, then to east door. Knock door. Ken sent me. Use remote. Change channel (until the bouncer sits in front of the TV). Go upstairs. Go to table. Get candy. Go to window. Open window. Climb through window. Walk to ladder. Get hammer Get out. Go left. Call cab. Enter cab. Casino.

    At the casino: Go north through doors. Go north. Go to ashtray. Get card. Go south. Gamble until you have $250 and break the bank. Go south. Call cab. Enter cab. Convenience store.

    At the convenience store: Enter store. Go to wine rack. Get wine. Go to counter. Buy wine. Leave store. Give wine to bum. Walk east.

    At the Lost Wages Disco: Go to man. Show card. Go upstairs. Go to seat beside girl. Sit. Look at girl. Talk girl (until she gives you her name). Dance. Stand up. Walk to dance floor. Return to seat. Sit. Look girl. Talk girl. Give candy. Give rose. Give ring. Give money. Stand up. Go south. Save game. Call cab. Enter cab. Casino.

    At the casino second time: Go north. Gamble until you break the bank. Go south. Call cab. Enter cab. Chapel.

    At the Quicki Wed Chapel: Go to door. Open door. Walk to minister. Marry Fawn. Go south. Call cab. Enter cab. Convenience store.

    At the convenience store the second time: Go to phone. Dial phone. 5558039 (no dashes) Wine. Honeymoon suite at casino hotel. Call cab. Enter cab. Casino.

    At casino third time: N. N. Enter elevator. Press four. Go to door with heart on it. Knock door. Go to wine. Pour wine. Lie in bed. Cut rope with knife. Get rope. Go to door. Open door. Enter elevator. Press one. S. Gamble at least $50. S. Call cab. Enter cab. Lefty's. (You may be able to type Leftys.)

    At Lefty's Bar again: Go to door. Open door. Go to east door. Knock door. Ken sent me. Go upstairs. Go to window. Tie rope to railing. Tie rope to me. Get pills. Break glass with hammer. Get pills. Go to fire escape. Untie rope. Save game. Go to ladder. Exit bin. Go left. Call cab. Enter cab. Casino.

    At casino the fourth time: (be sure you have apple now.) N. N. Enter elevator. Press eight. Go to girl. Look at girl. Give pills. Wait for girl to leave. Press button. Go to east elevator. Enter it. W. Go to hot tub. Undress. Look at Eve. Give apple to Eve.

    Make extra points: You can make even more points by fooling around with the condoms and the rubber doll. You can find the condoms at the convenience store next to the disco. You can find the rubber doll in the closet of the penthouse near the hot tub where you find Eve.



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