Liath Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Liath Walkthrough

by Project 2 Interactive

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  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1
  3. Part 2
  4. Part 3
  5. Part 4
  6. Part 5
  7. PART 6:
  8. Part 7
  9. References
  10. Letters

    Part 1

    0.  Enter and exit the laboratory.
    1.  Make use of the "Magic Key" magic in the tower.
    2.  Take all the objects from the chest in the cellar.
    3.  Use the "shattered hallucination" magic at the ruined bridge and cross the bridge.
    4.  Go to the town.
    5.  The magic shop. Take the poker.
    6.  The poker knocks down the battery.
    7.  Speak to the salesman.
    8.  Buy the magic stick and pot from him.
    9.  Go to the hotel and speak to the Greg.
    10.  Go to the library and speak to Leena. She tells you: to use the library you need a card.
    11.  Go to the town gate -> go to Tiche's house in the forest.
    12.  Take the Ark from under the cushion.

    Part 2

    13.  Go to the town. Go to see Dorian, speak to him. After being asked about the library, he gives you a manuscript for translation.
    14.  Go to the pump-house and retrieve the "Water Element" magic from the water tank; start working the pump-house.
    15.  Find the cooling valve near Tiche's laboratory.
    16.  Turn on the generator near Tiche's laboratory.
    17.  In Tiche's laboratory, take the following of Tiche's instruments from the shelf: the translator, the needle, the candle and the acid jar.
    18.  Pick up the ring from the floor.
    19.  Charge the battery from the generator gun.
    20.  Charge the translator from the battery.
    21.  Use the translator to translate the manuscript. This shows that the manuscript contains the spell "Dark Vision", which is added to the magic file.
    22.  Bring Dorian the translated manuscript and, in exchange, he will give you the library card
    23.  In the library, hand the card to Leena; she will grant you access to the book-shelf.
    24.  Use the "Dark Vision" spell.
    25.  See the secret entrance to the underground reservoir.
    26.  Once you are there, take Condor's book.
    27.  In the library, show the Ark to Leena and she will burst into tears and tell you about her sister Miranda, who has been turned into a statue.
    28.  Take the handkerchief with which she dried her tears.
    29.  Proceed to the statue at the centre of the town and wait until nightfall.
    30.  Use the "Break the Spell" magic on the statue; Miranda recovers and hands over the shell with which you can call her.

    Part 3

    31.  Go to the forge and speak to the blacksmith.
    32.  Give him the silver to melt down.
    33.  He makes the mould for the Talisman and tells you about Coganna and where she lives. He also returns the rest of the silver to you.
    34.  Fetch the spiral-branch reagent near the smithy. All the reagents are preserved with the aid of the "Squeeze the object in the hand" spell.
    35.  Go to see Tiche in her house in the forest. Speak to her. She tells you much and gives you the "Light Step" spell. It gives you access to Ive Lake and the Elf Colony.
    36.  Go to Ive Lake. You manage to cross to the island by using the "Light Step" spell.
    37.  Fill the flask with water from the Spring.
    38.  Prepare the talisman:
    -  Melt the candle in the candlestick in Tiche's laboratory -> collect the wax
    -  Cover the talisman mould with the wax.
    -  Use the needle to scratch the pattern onto the mould
    -  Dip the blank into the acid -> retrieve the talisman
    -  Wrap the talisman in Leena's handkerchief
    -  Sprinkle the talisman with water from the Ive spring
    39.  Give the talisman to Greg at the hotel and banish the ghost; Greg will allow you to pass into the room after asking the right question.
    40.  Take the rope, the hook and the pick-axe from the trunk in the room.
    41.  At the beacon, cut the branch with the ritual knife.
    42.  Switch on the beacon; and
    43.  Speak to Condor.
    44.  Make a staff from the branch and remaining silver.
    45.  Play on the flute at the tree where the Dryad lives, wait for the Dryad to fly out and give him the present.
    46.  Take the reagent: Dryad's flower. All the reagents are preserved with the aid of the "Squeeze the object in the hand" spell.
    47.  Take the "spider web" reagent from near Coganna's home.
    48.  If you should attempt to penetrate deeper into the house, Coganna will use the "Teleport" spell; it must be written onto the ring.
    49.  In the marsh, reach the ring with the help of "Teleport".
    50.  Take the marsh root agent.
    51.  Climb onto the tree in Ern's Lair and find there the list of spells.
    52.  Learn the "Ern's Lair" and "Teleport" spells.
     "Teleport"  =  (2 marsh roots + 1 Dryad flower + 1 spiral branch)
     "Ern's Lair"  =  (2 spider webs + 1 marsh root + 1 Ive water)
     Take the pot. Place the reagents into it one after the other. Stir the magic spells in the pot with the help of the stick. Using the magic stick, put the spell on the staff.
    53.  Imagine using the "Ern's Lair" spell with the aid of the staff and strike the cell.
    54.  Find Clue 1 there in the hermit's hideaway.
    55.  Go back with the aid of the "Ern's Lair" spell.
    56.  Find your way out of the marsh, using the "Teleport".
    57.  Go to the town cemetery and take the wooden root reagent.
    58.  Prepare the spell:
     "Calls of the Dead" = (1 spider web + 1 marsh root + 1 Dryad flower + 1 Ive water)
    59.  Use the staff to cast the "Calls of the Dead" spell on the coffin in the cemetery to call Attana.
    60.  Speak to her. Receive the ritual map from her after asking about the initiation.
    61.  Copy the "Clone the item" spell from the coffin lid called "Chaos Ritual".

    Part 4

    62.  Go into the Fire temple. Show Clue 1 to the guard.
     Place the ritual map onto the altar.
    63.  Fetch the ritual symbol 01 from room 2.
    64.  Knock on door 4 with the poker.
    65.  Fetch symbols 2 and 3 from this room too.
    66.  Add symbol 4 to symbols 1, 2 and 3.
    67.  Place symbol 4 onto the altar.
    68.  Take the ritual map and find the Annihilation spell.
    69.  Use the rope and hook to lower yourself from the hatch in the columns of fire.
    70.  Use the Annihilation spell on the holes.
    71.  In Attana's cave, use the pick-axe to obtain Attana's crystal.
    72.  Use the "Increase Potential" spell in the Chaos temple,
    73.  Place the ritual map on the altar.
    74.  Read "The Chaos Ritual".
    75.  Take Clue 2.

    Part 5

    76.  In Coganna's home, kill her with the aid of the "Bolt of lightning" spell, then use the "Break the spell" magic on the column of ice. Fetch Tilvilla. Take her with you to the Dryad tree.
    77.  Go to Condor at the beacon and ask how to release Tilvilla from the spell. He strengthens your power to break the spell.
    78.  Release Tilvilla from her spell at the Dryad's tree. Everyone turns out to be in the castle. The host Khekat thanks Criss and permits access to the castle.
    79.  Go into Tinos's room in the Elf Colony. Tinos thanks you for saving Tilvilla, grants you access to the Elf Colony and assigns you a room.
    80.  Go to Criss's room in the Elf Colony. Speak to Tilvilla. The first appearance of the Nameless.

    Part 6

    81.  Criss enters his room in the Elf Colony. Tia comes to see him. She informs him that Itena is ill and needs to be treated with the Ive Seed. To do this, it is necessary to travel by sea and a ship is needed.
    82.  Go to Khekat's castle and speak to him about the ship. Khekat asks you to go to Tilvilla, who has disappeared to somewhere.
    83.  Take the mirror from Tivilla's room in the castle.
    84.  Prepare the spell to look for her.
     "To look for a person" = (1 marsh root + 1 spiral branch + 1 Ive water + silver + an item belonging to this person)
     (To look for Tilvilla, use her mirror)
    85.  Make use of the spell. She appears in Adella's Temple. The second appearance of the Nameless.
    86.  Go to Khekat's castle. Destroy the castle.
    87.  Go to Chaos Temple and sell the soul of the Nameless. Add the "Brain Control" and "Zombie" spells.
    88.  Go to the beacon. Take the navigation receiver.
    89.  Go to the dock. Speak to Segga. Use the "Brain Control" spell on Segga and go to the ship.
    90.  Install the navigation receiver on the ship and travel to Ive Lake. (Gain access to it)
    91.  Speak to Ive.
    92.  Give her the Dryad's gift and she will give you the Ive Seed.
    93.  Call for Miranda near the sunken ship, using the shell, and ask how to returm from the island. She tells you about the "Change into an aquatic substance" spell.
    94.  Use this spell.
    95.  Go to Criss's room in the Elf Colony and give the Ive Seed to Tia. She recovers completely.
    96.  Go to the dock to call Miranda and ask her for a clue. She tells you about Sill and gives you access to the World of the Midnight Sun.
    97.  At the entrance, use Attana's crystal on the guard.
    98.  Speak to Sill. Use the ark and hear about Rotmor.
    99.  Take her to Rotmor's grave. Cut Rotmor and Sill. Obtain Clue 3.
    100.  The Crown Event.
    101.  On the outskirts of the town, the "Zombie" spell brings the messenger of the Crown back to life. Gain access to the Crown Cave.

    Part 7

    102.  Go to the Crown Cave and, after speaking to everyone, activate the portal and change the world.

    A Walkthrough by Project 2 Interactive



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