By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
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Lands of Lore III (3) Walkthrough

by Garr


  1. Introduction
  2. Begining
  3. Forest
  4. Draracle's Cave
  5. Second Level
  6. Third Level
  7. Fourth Level
  8. The Frozen Wastes
  9. Underworld
  10. References
  11. Letters


  1. After an attack, you're left a bit disoriented. Go forward and pick up a backpack. Turn slightly left and continue forward into a darkly overgrown tunnel. Lots of spiders around and you should try and destroy all cocoons. Continue around and into another tunnel (near the entrance.) Get a rusty knife, from a low ledge, and equip it. Up on the ledge and to the left, get your journal. Go back down to the waterfall. Get on the ledge to the left and jump up into the waterfall.
  2. Hit keyboard Tab to access your map and see there's a small alcove to your right. Approach it. Carefully move the cursor around, till it turns to a hand, and get a lorestone. Get down from the waterfall and go to a small alcove (crouch to go in.) From a chest get a fire crystal. Go back out, get on the low ledge where the knife was and work your way up to a web covered opening. SAVE! Cut the webs twice, quickly start slashing to destroy a big spider. Click its corpse to get a ball of silk.
  3. Slowly continue forward to a tree, on the left with a knothole, and get a compass from it. Go 1 or 2 more steps and on the right, get a bag of rations from another knothole. Slowly continue forward till you see a small pine tree. On the left side is another knothole, try to see it before you get to it. Get an ancient stone from the knothole. Going past the pine tree starts a movie involving Dawn. You end up with a scroll describing some characters.
  4. You're outside the guild and the doors behind you are locked. Step toward the big revolving sword and turn around. On the right side of the steps is a rock, and on the left is a Geldenberry. You can get the berries from an orchard in the Gladstone Woods or from a Farmer. Turn back around. In the alcove, beneath the revolving sword, there are a few coins on the left side. Either of the 2 openings take you to a courtyard and you encounter Dash who recommends that you join the less reputable guild.
  5. Along your travels, smash all barrels if you can. After Dash leaves, when you see 3 signs. Follow the one pointing to the right. As you go along, there's some double doors on the left that leads to the Finch guild. Go through. To the right of some stairs, talk to Boris. Move the cursor over him and click, when it's the money icon, to give him a coin of pledge. He tells you to get some meat from a wild boar in the woods. You gain the lesser heal spell. Place it in the leftmost of the bottom 5 slots of the screen.
  6. Go east, back out the sliding door. Go back towards the Keep and across the courtyard, to the other 2 signs, and toward the magicians and fighters guilds. Go NE toward some long stairs. Before going up, look behind bushes on the left for a few coins. Go part way up the stairs, there's a few coins on the right side. Continue to the top. In an alcove to the right, bust all the barrels and get a Flashpot, Aloe leaf, and a biscuit.
  7. In another alcove to the left are more barrels and some goodies. Continue through the next opening. A grand structure beyond the corridor is the Talamari magicians. Nearing the steps, Sioned invites you to join. DON'T do so, since you've already joined Finch and next you'll be joining the Iron Ring guild.
  8. If you had joined, Sioned would have told you to get something from a portal in the woods, and would have given you a crystal to put the item in. You would also have gotten the lesser spark spell.
  9. Look at the signs and go in the direction of the arrow to the fighters guild. Along the way, there's lots of barrels to smash. Go through another small opening and corridor to a magnificent building, the Iron Ring guild. Talk to Celerian. When he offers membership, move your cursor on him and click the automatic money icon on him to join. You get a key to the warehouse in the woods, and you're instructed to get rid of wharf rats.
  10. Joining the fighters also gets you a dagger and shield. Facing the Iron Ring guild steps, go left along the stone path. Go down some stairs and open a grate. This would be a good place to mark on the auto map. While out in the woods and beyond, get in the habit of marking spots on the map, if they're not automatically marked.
  11. Enter the sewers. SAVE! Dash wants to play follow the leader and if you can find him, you can join the thieves. In the sewers, you really shouldn't stop and fight anyone. Beyond a grate that Dash opens, go right and down a hallway and try to avoid any roaches. On reaching a wall, turn right and continue to the next wall and turn left.
  12. Go to the end and turn right. The first left should be marked with a circle/key, take it to the end and turn left. Take a right to a 4-way intersection. Go on through, follow marks to end. Turn left and continue to second right. Continue and to the thieves Bacchanal on the left. Talk to Jadin who offers the service of Syruss (ferret?) DON'T accept. You DON'T want to join either because you're already pledged to Iron Ring and Finch.
  13. Had you joined the Bacchanal (requires 2 coins), your first task is steal a dagger (what about the one in front of you?) Joining the thieves gets you lock pick, steal and backstab skills.
  14. When you're done at the Thieves guild, you must return to upper Gladstone by way of the path that brought you here; return south to first left, go east to end and turn right, go to 4-way intersection and straight through, turn left then a quick right, continue south to next right, go west to end, go south to end and face east. There's 2 wall switches. Push the left switch, go through the doorway and up the ladder. Return to the Talamari guild and go inside.
  15. Sign the book to acquire the tiny Greselda for a companion. Behind Sioned, there's several aloe leaves you can safely pick up. Back outside, return to the semi-circular courtyard area in front of the Keep and walk to the gated area just south of the signs and speak to the guard. The door leads to Upper Gladstone's dungeon, but you don't want to go there at this time. Move the switch next to the guard and go through the gate to the forest.


  16. After the loading sequence, on the left go behind several boxes and kill the small pig. Get the porkchop. As you enter the woods outside upper Gladstone, one or two wild Boars might attack. Kill them, then click on them to get a porkchop from each body. Remember, porkchops are what the Finch Cleric guild wants (your first Finch quest) to officially induct you into their guild. Any additional meat you get can be kept in inventory as food, except for the rotten kind.
  17. On the right, near a pile of cut wood, get the Axe and equip it as your melee weapon. It's the best you have so far. Keep a lookout for knotholes in trees as you go along. Continue to the woods beyond this open area. Kill any wild boars that attack (their grunts and rambling in the underbrush usually give warning.) Since you've pledged to the Iron Ring, continue SE, then slightly E to a 3-way intersection and 2 signs. Mark this spot on map as "T".
  18. Turn right and follow the ship sign to a wooden wall. Follow it to a door. Since you've accepted this assignment from the Iron Ring guild, your cursor will change to a key. Unlock the door and enter the warehouse and docks area. You can easily kill most of the ordinary rats. Keep check on your map and check out all doors and rooms. In one room, there's a crossbow inside a large crate.
  19. Near the rear part of the warehouse are a couple of Wharf Rats. Close the door so they can't get out. After killing them, search the bodies and get coins from one of them. This completes the first Iron Ring trial. Return to the woods and T intersection. There's likely to be several wild boars on your return trip. Since the Iron Ring and Finch quests are complete, return to those guilds in Gladstone to become a real member and get your next quests. Also you need to get Familiar Griselda from the Talamari by signing the book there if you haven't done so already.
  20. While at the guilds, look around at things to buy. At the Finch guild, after checking a room down each of the 2 side stairways, underneath the stairs there's a room with lots of spells. You eventually want to purchase the Greatbow Shift and Magical Armor. If you have a cheat program, you can have lots of money early on. If not, you might have to wait till you find many thousands of coins in a desert area. It's a good idea to find the portal in the next paragraph anyway, as you'll be in that area later on.
  21. Had you joined Talamari, you would go left at the 3-way intersection and continue mostly straight , avoiding side paths. Keep looking right and take the first right side path at a split. As you near the portal, there'll be ground tremors. There's lava pools and 2 big hills. Go up the left one, being careful not to fall from the tremors. At the top is a green sphere, the portal. Use Sioned's crystal shard on the portal and quickly back away. Head back to Gladstone.
  22. Now that you are official in your guild or guilds, go back through Gladstone woods. Keep checking the map and go NE, SW, S, then due SE, NE and south to the intersection. Go left (NE) then a long way due east making minor direction changes following the main path. You eventually find the Draracle's Cave. Enter and check the map to see you're at the extreme south.

    Draracle's Cave

  23. NOTE: during your exploring of the Draracle's Cave, you'll come to a river with a long wooden bridge. To the right, before crossing, is a small room with a colorful mural and a button on each of the four sides. Each button costs 25000. When you can afford all four buttons, there's a huge cache of items behind the mural. It's well worth the 100,000. Notably the Greater Bezoar Ring and scads of other stuff.
  24. Once you have the lightning spell, you can take out all the skeletons in the river with 2 or 3 blasts. Down the north side of the bridge on the far side, you can get in the water, but not for too long. All the water skeletons have coins. On that same side, near where you entered the water, is a ladder to climb out of the water.
  25. Work your way north to a large chamber. Go due NE and N to a wooden door. Go through to see 3 Orcs moving around in the water. Go to the other side and talk to the Orc standing up. The Orcs complain about the Draracle's answers not making sense. After the conversation, go through the north door and continue through the cave. The spiders and possible roaches are larger here. You can fight a few to increase your experience levels.
  26. Go through some more doors and eventually see some skeletal guardians. Go on past them and past some tar pools. Go through another door to a large lava pool. There's some stuff around the walkway you can get if you want. On the other side go through a big door and down a narrow hallway through doors to the Draracle's chamber. You meet Jakel who eventually gets you an audience with the Draracle. After Jakel leaves, approach the large red curtain.
  27. Listen to the Draracle, but Jakel is actually pretending to be the boss and asks you to keep it a secret. After talking, go out and walk through the bright glowing portal, transporting to Gladstone Woods.
  28. From the Draracle cave entrance, go due west toward Upper Gladstone, and keep checking the map to find the third right turn. Continue across a river and continue due north to an intersection. Continue west, ignoring paths to the right or left. You eventually find a brightly dressed man Rix, who's full of himself. After talking, continue forward and take the first left. Continue to an ordinary gate and enter Lower Gladstone, the poorer section of town.
  29. Just inside to your immediate left, check the sign on the building to see it's the Blue Deer where you have a room. Go inside, listen to the owner complain, then give him 50 crowns back-rent. If you don't have enough, go around town and kill a few of the bandits and get their coins. Make sure to get in close to them before fighting. Once you've paid up, go upstairs, open the second door back and enter your room. Store items here that you don't need right away.
  30. Back outside, explore Lower Gladstone and enter all the buildings possible, busting barrels to get items. Go back to your room and drop off excess items if necessary. When you tire of the town, go back through the gate to Gladstone woods. Go NE to the intersection, go N then W to the farmer and get some Geldenberries. Go back south to the intersection, then to the far south to the intersection. East is the Draracle's cave, but go right (due SW) to the next intersection and go south toward the portal area.
  31. Go up the left side hill of the two and step through the portal. Once through, step forward so that the portal doesn't pull you back to the woods. Now SAVE or quick save (F10.) Walk carefully due north and east along the narrow path, looking slightly down to see in front of you. When the ground shakes, stand still. Continue and the Draracle eventually shows up. After he disappears, walk through the portal that appears.
  32. Go through the doors and turn right. Go through the small archway and follow the hallway. Jakel appears, so talk to him till he leaves. Continue forward through the gate. The far mirror on the wall is the Shining Path and there's no glass in it. Walk back out to the corridor and go through the south door. The Draracle says to follow the path. In the large cavern, follow to a gap in the path and push a button on the right wall.
  33. Go across the bridge that appears and continue forward as more bridges appear. Go through another door and down some stairs. At the bottom, step onto the large mound and teleport to some elevated walkways. Continue forward (S), the up and around an incline. The Golden Sigil is on a platform surrounded by some revolving floor sections. Quick Save (F10), the step onto a revolving section. Walk to the edge that is closest to the Sigil. When you click on it, you teleport to a large room.
  34. Go around to the opposite door and through it. Continue south through another door to a long arched bridge. Go across and through another door. As you approach the edge of a large pool, the Draracle appears again. After he leaves, go back through his cave and go through the bright portal to return to Gladstone Woods. Return to Upper Gladstone and check in with your guilds. Buy some spells at the Finch and Talamari. Also buy good weapons and armor.
  35. Finally, go back out into the woods. Consult the automap and go to the far south central area. Go back through the portal. Go forward past where the Draracle was and on past lava pools, along narrow ledges. Near a corner, your journal flashes. Check it for information on a Fire Elemental. Quick save (F10), then continue and quickly destroy the Elemental. Continue into a large cavern and check your journal when it again flashes.
  36. DON'T attack the Fire Beetles and they probably won't attack you (there's too many anyway.) Check the automap to see two other tunnels leaving the area. Take the first tunnel on the left and go to the end. Hit the steam vent 2 or 3 times to seal it and experience a tremor. Go back to the Fire Beetle area and seal the steam vent there. Sealing the 2 vents causes a stone pillar elsewhere to rise up and down.
  37. Go through the right-hand tunnel to another chamber. A ledge hugs the right wall. Go up the steps and kill a Lesser Fire Drake. Continue on to the top of the cavern. Notice the stone pillar going up and down. Quick Save. You have to jump on the pillar, ride it to the bottom and jump off. Do so now. At the bottom, go through a large entrance. Cause a large stalactite to fall and seal a vent. The lava should solidify. Walk across and through a tunnel to another large cavern.
  38. Here are complex ledges, overhangs and platforms over the lava. Quick save (F10), then jump to first platform. Continue jumping to the others and get attacked by another Lesser Fire Drake, quickly destroy it. Continue to a large platform and another Lesser Fire Drake that doesn't attack. You can destroy it to have more room though. Look left (west) and notice a ledge around the big stone tower. Jump to it and start north. You'll come to a break in the ledge.
  39. It's not likely you can jump the gap. You'll probably have to jump to a platform, then to another, and back to the next ledge. Repeat this routine till you get across the middle and to the far side of the cavern. Destroy another Lesser Fire Drake, then Quick Save. Jump to the next tunnel you come to.
  40. Follow the tunnel and DO NOT harm the Lesser Fire Drake, it will walk away. Follow it to a large cavern and again don't bother it, or many will attack. SAVE or Quick Save. To the right of your ledge, there should be a narrow crevice. Jump over it to a narrow walkway go right, to the end. Get on a narrow walkway against the left wall. Follow it around till you start up an incline. Notice the ledge, across the lava, going around another wall. You'll be back here later.
  41. Continue to some moving walkways and go up them. Notice a sort of stone bridge going back the other way toward a round shiny object. Go across to find a Spiked Iron Shield that you might want to exchange for your old one. Return to the moving walkways and go back down along the ledge against the wall. When you start down a certain incline, keep checking to the right. On the other side, there should be a ledge moving away from you.
  42. Directly in line with it, get against the wall and look down so that you can jump from the very edge. Quick Save! Jump across to the platform and follow the ledge around, jumping from one ledge to another. Soon there's a tunnel to the right. Enter it and continue. In the next large area, go left and destroy a stalactite to bridge the lava behind and to the north.
  43. Go across to next area and notice the flames ahead. Approach and follow a ledge to the right. As you talk to the giant creature Morphera, in inventory click on "Follow Player", or just hit F2, to keep the Familiar near, or flames might destroy it. After talking to Morphera, the flames lower. Continue along the ledge to the other side and enter a short tunnel. At the end, bear right and follow along the lava river to the end of the area. Destroy a stalactite there to cause 2 stone pillars elsewhere to rise up and down.
  44. Return to the area this side of Morphera and get in the water. Wade to where you can get on the ledge around the stone tower. Go to the top and destroy a Lesser Fire Drake. On the ledge near the top of the tower, Quick save. You can jump to the closest of the 2 moving pillars. Ride it up and jump to the tunnel and follow it to water pools and falls and climb up them. At the end, get several Dragon Blood vials. Look through the large crack in the wall for a glimpse of the Dragon City.
  45. Go back down, jump to the moving pillar, then to the central tower. Go down the ledge to the other moving pillar and Quick save. Jump to it, ride up and jump to another tunnel. In another open area, a Fire Elemental starts blasting away. Destroy it and go left, jumping from rock to rock. Be careful of another Fire Elemental. On the far side, jump to a low shelf and climb the ledge to the next tunnel. Continue to a large area leading to the Dragon City.
  46. Drop from the path to the area around the city. Destroy some Fire Elemental before approaching the city. Jump over the lava river and approach the large doors, and dealing with Fire Beetles along the way. Step on either of 2 large footprints and the door slowly opens. Destroy more Fire Beetles, ideally all of them. Continue and open other doors in the same way and combat more Beetles. You eventually have to destroy 2 Lesser Fire Drakes.
  47. The next set of footprints are at the top of a short ramp. Open the doors there. The chamber contains 2 Fire beasts that you can destroy with a good ranged weapon. Continue into the room and open doors to the next tunnel. The next door is guarded by Fire beasts that you can again destroy with your ranged attack. Check your automap and zoom it out to see 3 exits across from where you entered.
  48. Go to a low place in the walkway and get up on it. Go back counterclockwise and enter the left doors (look carefully for the footprints.) The next tunnel isn't long. Destroy 2 more Fire beasts with your ranged weapon. Go through the hallway to a large eye. Head left through the corridor. Open another door to a big room. Several elevated walkways can be searched, if you need items, but falling causes death.
  49. Stand at the edge of the platform and it lowers, turn right and get off at the next level. Move forward to another edge and ride down to bottom, step off to platform and cross it to the SW. Open door to corridor with ramps that can be searched but you main concern is straight through the dark corridor where a door will open. Jump the low edge, enter the room and QUICKLY Quick Save. Blocks will lower and raise and there's gaps between them.
  50. When you see a block lower, quickly get up against it. When the way is clear, continue forward in this fashion till you get to another room. There's ramps you can explore, but a door into the next area is your main concern. There should be a big volcanic mound. Climb it and get the Firestorm spell. Step to the center of the mound to teleport back to the large eye area. Turn left and walk due east to a tomb area with beams and elevators.
  51. Step forward onto the platform and keep facing east going up. At the third level, step onto another platform. Go through the door to the main tomb area. Here's another room with beams and elevator. Step forward onto the elevator and ride up. Get off at third level and enter a chamber with a floating platform. Quick Save. Jump to it and the next door will open. When they're fully open, run/jump and run through the doors. There's 3 big eyes here. Stand between them and ride down, past a door to your left, and get off at a reddish looking door. Go through it and a curved hallway to another reddish door.
  52. Enter a large cavern, jump over the lava streams and go through a door on the far side. Go through another hallway to a room with beams and elevators. Go all the way to the back of the room and ride to the top and step off to the left. Make an immediate right into the tomb of one of the Dragons. Approach the tablets and click your spyglass cursor. Your Familiar will translate.
  53. Turn around, go down the walkway and examine the room on the right. Return to the elevator, ride to the bottom and go forward and back through the 2 reddish doors and get on the elevator. Face right going up and get on next platform. Open the light colored door and go forward into the area with columns and take the next left.
  54. Follow the corridor toward a symbol on the wall, and enter first alcove on your left. Get a Lifestone and the Stone of the Cobra. Go back toward the symbol on the wall, get on the elevator and face west. Go up and get off at another Dragon's tomb. Click your spyglass cursor on the tablets for more translation. Go back down the elevator, back through the corridor past the Dragon alcoves and continue due east.
  55. Get on the elevator, go up to top, get off to the left and make a right into a Dragon's tomb. Again get your Familiar to translate the tablets. Ride the elevator back down, get off west, then turn right. Get the objects on the mound if you've missed them. Turn around, cross to the teleporter and use it to return to the first big eye. Walk down the hallway due south and open the door and the next one.
  56. Go left (E) to the next room and open the door to a short corridor. You can destroy 2 Fire Wisps, at the end, with your ranged weapon. Open that door to an incline and balcony and talk to Morphera again. After talking, turn around and go back to the large room. Go through the third and final hallway to the left (S.) You have to get on the ledge where it's low and carefully look for the footprints.
  57. Two Fire Wisps guard the final door. Then Quick Save. Through the door is a long narrow tunnel with platforms and deep trenches with lava. Consult the automap and jump to each platform, Quick saving after each successful jump. At the big area, elevator, at the end, ride down to the bottom and jump off to the east. Go through a tunnel to a large room. There's lots of Fire Beetles. Cross to the other side and go through another tunnel.
  58. You will find more platforms to jump to. Go due south, then SW to another elevator and jump on. At the bottom, get off due SE and go up a sort of stone stairway and carefully jump to Morphera's level and talk to her a final time. Then she attacks. Keep moving around while trying to damage her. At the same time, destroy the 3 Stalactites to seal off the lava vents. Then when you destroy Morphera, she can't revive. There's lots of coins and a shard left behind.
  59. Collect all the coins first, then click on the shard with the golden sigil. Watch a spectacular whirlpool, as you're transported to the Draracle's place and the shard is automatically put in the Shining Path. After talking to Jakel, he opens a different path to the right from where you stand.
  60. Through those corridors are creatures and spells that shoot from the walls. As you start into the first corridor, there's fireballs that will shoot from the walls when you step on pressure plates in front of them. Stay close to the walls, and even crouch some as you go along. At the end, there's another fireball and an alcove to the right possibly worth investigating. Press a button to find some items. Go back toward the entrance and take the first left for some useful items.
  61. Then back at the entrance, the path to the right leads out. Follow it to the NW corner of the area and turn left (S.) Follow the crooked hallway SE, the more to the south. At the wall go left and toward a small alcove but don't go in. Turn left before it and start north. Follow the curve to the right to an intersection. Mark the small alcove in front on the automap. Explore the left corridor for some items, then return to the small alcove and push the button for an exit to level 2 of the maze.


  62. The roaches here are larger and more aggressive. Stay against the left wall till you get to a dead end. Press a button here to reveal some items. Go back toward the ladder and take the first left. At an intersection, bear right and follow the left wall around 2 corners. You'll be in a long corridor. Look closely at the left wall and move a wall panel to reveal an alcove with some items.
  63. Back in the main corridor, just beyond the false wall, press a button to open the end of the hallway. Go through and bear SW to find another cache of items. Then follow the right-hand wall toward the next ladder, but don't go up yet. Bust the left wall and get a Lesser Heal spell if you don't have one. Now go up the ladder.


  64. Here, there's big Wharf Rats and several false walls. From the ladder, there's no floor ahead and to the left. The simplest way across is to jump at an angle to the far side, from the corner. Another way is to go opposite from the open floor, get up in a small alcove off the floor, and push twice on a button beside the raised alcove. Then crouch and jump out to the floor from the right hand corner.
  65. Then go north, west, and north to a wall button for more items in the west wall. Then face south where you first climbed up. Go south and slightly west, past a bright wall, through a winding corridor to a dead end. Click your hand cursor on the west wall to open it. Step in and move the north wall. In the extreme SW, push a button in a dark corner. Make a quick right, left, and another right. Continue and take the next right, then a left at the next branch. Follow the left wall to the ladder and go up. Turn left and get on a narrow ledge. Turn right and step out into the next level.


  66. Skeleton guards and Wharf rats are on this level. From the ladder, go east along the wall. There's a pressure plate near the red fruit, and an arrow trap at the east end of the hallway. Work your way to the extreme NE area of the map and start west. At the first left corridor, go south to the next left (E) and go a short way to an item cache.
  67. Go back out to the north/south corridor and go north to wall and continue W, N, W, and south to a room with narrow walkways crossing over a missing floor. Carefully cross over and bear right to a short alcove and press a button there. This opens the way to the exit. Go east past the narrow walkways, following the right wall till you reach a right/left turn. Turn right and go S, W, N, W, S, W picking up a Lesser Light spell on the way. Go south again and up a ladder to a different area of Gladstone Woods.
  68. Consult the automap to see where you are in relation to the Guilds and the Keep. Start south, ignoring turns left and right. The second left turn goes to the Frozen Wastes, where you'll go after first reporting in to Upper Gladstone. Cross the river and go straight ahead. Continue till you pass the path to the Draracle's cave. While constantly checking the map, you'll eventually find the way back to Upper Gladstone.
  69. Just inside the gate where the guard is, go left of the guild that has 2 lanterns. Check with your guilds and look around for anything useful. Then go to the area with the big revolving sword and enter the Keep. Samuel greets you. Talk to him, then continue through the main doors. There's a fountain and 2 doors to the right. Go through the first door on your right. Nathaniel is in charge of this small room and you can sell items and buy also.
  70. Exit and enter the other door to the right of the fountain. Victoria runs the smithy. Talk to her. Leave and enter the door just left of the fountain. At the intersection, go right and enter the Chapel. Go to the far end and turn left. Get the Damage Shield spell if you don't have one. Exit the Chapel and turn left in the hallway. Enter the next door to the dining room. Other than easy mode, carefully examine the portrait that seems a bit out of place.
  71. Enter the hidden door to the kitchen. Go through the inner door to the stock room. If you are low on edible items, you can click on the hanging meat a few times to replenish your supplies. Return to the Chapel entry and go through the west door to a stairway. Go to the top, step forward, turn right and go talk to Luther (LOL2.) He gives you Thohan's Great sword. Replace your old melee weapon with it for a huge increase in melee power.
  72. Leave the balcony and go to the right down a short hallway. Behind the table, pick up a Lesser blades spell if you don't have one. At the bottom of the stairs, return to the hallway outside the Chapel's south door and take the west door ahead. This is a storeroom with barrels that might contain something useful. Leave and go right through the door and down the west corridor. Go right through the door to Jeron's office.
  73. After talking, go back in when Jeron leaves. If you're playing Easy Mode, you'll have to leave the Keep to the big revolving sword, then go back into Jeron's office. Behind the desk, crouch and look on the right for a switch that opens a trapdoor in front of the desk. One of the wall lights looks rather suspicious. Push the chair and go through the open wall panel. Push a skull in the pile to your right and ride down an elevator. Go to the bottom of some stairs and enter the alcove to the right.
  74. Get lots of money and some Ancient's Stones. In inventory, right click all the Ancient's stones to increase your Ancient Magic. Go up the steps to a small room. Closely examine the King's picture. The eyes are cut out for spying. Return to the elevator platform, turn around and press the button. At the top, push the candle holder and re-enter Jeron's office. Exit the keep.
  75. It's time for the second portal. In Gladstone Woods, go toward the Draracle's cave at the extreme east of the map. At the intersection leading to the cave, go left instead. Cross the river and continue along the path to the next right, then continue north to another right that leads past a water fall and on through a portal to the frozen wastes. Watch an astounding movie scene.


  76. You arrive on a sheet of ice facing a wide tunnel. Go through and get in close to a big Ice Worm and destroy it. To the left, follow a zigzagging path down to the bottom. Then follow the ravine to a couple of caverns. Jump from platform to platform continuing due east to north and south paths. Take the south path to an open high walled canyon. In this area are more Ice Worms and two headed Cerberus Tigers.
  77. Continue due NE. There's side alcoves with items and sleeping Tigers. The main ravine ends with another Ice Worm and a tunnel turning to the NW. It ends in another canyon filled with water. Look to the right, get on a narrow path and follow it to the top and destroy another Ice Worm. There's a narrow ledge around the canyon. Jump to it and carefully follow it around, frequently Quick Saving (F10) and look down often to check your footing.
  78. Since you've probably joined the Iron Ring guild, you'll see Morrison on a plateau. He's the guy with a big club. Go talk to him till nothing more is said. Leave through a nearby tunnel. Cross a sort of bridge to another canyon and to where the ground is transparent like ice. There's a few items up the path to another cave. Off the side of the transparent ground is another tunnel. Make sure your health is high, and carefully drop to the tunnel.
  79. Go through and destroy another Ice Worm, then continue to where foot holds are in the walls. Climb to each level till you reach a narrow walkway near the top. Follow it to another tunnel, and through to an open area with icy platforms to the right leading down. At the bottom, there's some more Tigers. Follow a narrow gorge south. At a wide bridge, Tigers attack as you cross to a big tower with a door, where there's an Ice Worm on guard.
  80. Open the door and the leader, Jacinda, destroys a fire spitting bird, then approaches and talks. SAVE GAME! You can agree to help and destroy the Stark nests, and the chickens often flying near the ceiling. You can kill her, and get a key to the tower treasury and the Shard you're after. Of course, the other tower warriors attack when they see you.
  81. Go through the first door to the right of the tower entrance. In the large room, there's 4 unlit candles on the back wall. Light each one, from left to right, with a Spark spell. The holders in that order will turn to blue, green, red, and violet. Remember this order. Leave the room by clicking the square button to the left of the exit. Go on past the door that you entered from the frozen wastes.
  82. At the far end, go through the big open doorway. In this new room, go through the door at the end. Light the 4 candle holders at the far right side. Remember the color sequence? Drag each holder in that order to the corresponding order, from left to right at the alcoves on the other side of the room. When they're properly located, a stairway will appear. Go up to 3 doors.
  83. Through the door to the left is the Great Axe Blizzard, if you don't have a better melee weapon. Through the center door is the blue gem and a Stark's nest. Through the right door are 2 chests. Go back downstairs and through the door, to the right of the candle holders. Chickens attack from high. Quickly go through the door opposite where you enter and into another hallway. In the next room is a stairway going up to a narrow walkway.
  84. Now you're on an equal level with the chickens. Go through the hallways making 3 right turns to some Stark nests to destroy and get a green gem. Behind you in a corner is a Guardian Orb. There's a structure in the NW corner with zigzagging ramps going up. Near are 2 Ice Shard launchers, requiring gems, that you'll use later. After the entire top floor is cleared, return to the first floor and back past where you entered from the Wastes.
  85. Next to the room with the lit candles, go through the other door (on the south wall.) The corridor has some spinning planks, an agility test. Try to get through them without being hit (requires precise timing.) DON'T press the end button, it's a fire trap. Get close to the flame and take the Red Gem. Walk around to the far side and enter a big square room. Ignore the door on the left wall. Go to the opposite side of the room and press a button to open a room in each corner.
  86. There's items AND Starks in each room. Finally, go through the east door. A series of rooms takes you to a right and left branching hallway and a door straight ahead. Go through that door and explore the barracks to mainly find the Violet Gem under the left rear bunk. Leave and return to the hallway and to the Tower entrance. Go back through the door on the far side of the room heading toward the second floor.
  87. Go through the first 2 doors where Starks first attacked. To the left is an unlit brazier. Light it with a Spark spell and the stained glass will reveal 4 buttons. Press the buttons in the same order as the colored candle holders to open the panel. In the room, you can open the door with a key that was, or will be given to you by Chesara.
  88. Go back to the area with strange ramps. Open the plates on the side of each launcher and use you Gems to activate them. This also opens secret doors in this area. Having killed all Starks, the opened corridor at the top of the stairs leads to prison cells where there's 2 men. Examine the area for items, then return to the ground floor.
  89. Go back to the Tower entrance, going back through the rotating boards again. Go toward the barracks area, then all the way right into Jacinda's throne room. Quickly SAVE GAME! If you didn't kill her earlier, and you've destroyed all Starks and didn't attack any of the other women, here's an alternate ending. Accept her offer for the alternate ending.
  90. RESTORE, then refuse the offer. Jacinda attacks, so kill her. Get a strangely shaped key, the shard, and anything else she had on her. The key opens the treasury behind the throne. The hilt to her sword can be used at the Draracle's cave to create a powerful weapon. After you have everything, go back to Gladstone Woods. Other than Easy mode, you might not have the Automap, since everything has changed. One river might be lava, so just run across it (Shift plus the up arrow.)
  91. Try and find your way to the Orchard in the NW area, then SW from there to Lower Gladstone. Creatures have invaded the town and bodies lye strewn about. Parts of town may be blocked and can only be reached from Upper Gladstone. Find your way back to Upper Gladstone. Check in with your guilds and buy anything you feel may be needed. Since you've closed 2 portals, each guild should give you a new quest. Also, after the second portal, you automatically get new abilities, such as being able to jump farther.
  92. Finally, go to the Guildhall and talk to Samuel. Continue through the other big door. At the hallway, go right and through the door at the end of the hallway, to the Throne Room. After talking to the King, his advisor quite rudely ushers you out. Return to Gladstone Woods. 2 new portals have appeared, the Underworld and the Ruloi.


  93. First, go to the Underworld Portal (conquering this one or the Ruloi Portal is your second Iron Ring quest.) The underworld portal is just to the east of the Orchard. When you go through the portal, there's a movie sequence and you arrive just inside a haunted house. Directly ahead of you is a door. To the right and left of the sunken floor are small barely visible steps to a door. Step forward onto the low floor and a ghost greets you.
  94. The door ahead is the ballroom and upstairs bedrooms, the right door is the kitchen and dining room, the left door is the study and gardens. First, enter the left door and kill a Fallen One at the end of a hallway. Go on in to 3 more doors. Again go through left door and destroy a Shade with magic. Then from the pot on the table get all 3 Silverleaves. Silverleaf is 1 of 5 ingredients needed to complete the Finch Clerics second quest. Blood Aloe and Mandrake Root are 2 more ingredients to get here in the Underworld.
  95. Three other ingredients are in the Ruloi homeworld (Mana Leeches, Mushroom Rot, and Dreamshards.) Exit the room, back through the north door to the hall, and open the other north door directly ahead. There's more Shades in the library to destroy. In the north wall bookcase are a couple of spells. Each of the other bookcases has an item. Go through a secret door in the NE corner of the room. Get another spell from the new bookcases. Leave the secret room and go through the door on the right just ahead.
  96. Go past the garden gate exit and get the music sheets from a bookcase in the hallway. The sheets are placed in your essential items and your cursor changes to them when it's time to use them. Go through the garden gate. Flying creatures defend the area and they cause Greater Poison. Work around the fountain, looking in, and get all the coins. Somewhere in the area is a headless gardener that you'll eventually help.
  97. The way you entered the garden has grown shut. Work your way due north toward the rear of the garden and get the gardener's head in a small alcove on your right. Find the gardener and return his head. He goes and clears the exit for you. Return to the big oval room where you first arrived in the Underworld. More Shades are here. Fight or just run across and through the east door. In the corridor, open the right door to a Fallen One and more Silverleaf.
  98. Exit back out the north door and straight through the other door to the kitchen. The kitchen's east door leads to the dining room, but there's nothing there. On the kitchen's north wall, the left door leads to a pantry with some bags of rations. Exit the pantry. The right door of the north wall takes you to the basement. Go down the stairs to many Skeletal Rats.
  99. From the stairs, bear slightly right and go to the rear area of the basement. You'll eventually find a hole in the floor. Make sure your health is high, then Quick Save. Look down to see a wooden plank and carefully drop to it. Look around and get several bottles of wine. You need at least one for a later situation. Open the door and go down the corridor to the end. Jump onto a ladder, climb to the top, and jump to the ledge.
  100. Make sure your health is maximum. Jump across the gap and go down the hole there to the basement and Rats again. Go up the stairs to the kitchen and return through the south door and west in the hallway to the big oval room and more Shades. Take care of them and go through the north door to a sitting room. Go through the other doors to the large Ballroom. There's 2 still couples, elevators, and an old clock that needs winding.
  101. Ride an elevator to the balcony and step off. A spirit Butler greets you. Go through the door, near the SW corner of the balcony, and destroy a couple of Shades. Get the glass jar and it's also placed in your essential items. The next room north has a Fallen One and Silverleaf. Don't bother the lantern. In the wardrobe, get the Soft Leather Armor. It's very useful when going through acid pools on the Ruloi world. If you already have an empty jar, ignore the one in the NW corner.
  102. Through the next door east is a Shade and some Vortex Foil. Similar to Shimmerfoil, when placed on the ground, it drains several percentage, of a creature that has about 50 spell points, when it walks over the foil causing an explosion. The next 2 doors right are permanently locked. At the last door south, Quick Save. Go in and get the Lifestones in the shelves. Notice the hallway in the SE corner of the room. You'll go there in a moment.
  103. Still in the room, open the wardrobe and listen to Gabriel. When she's done talking, quickly go down the hallway and left. At the second door on the right, go in and quickly click your jar cursor on the lantern to drain it. Having prevented the fire, you teleport back to the wardrobe and are given the Death Stroke Shield.
  104. If you fail to stop the fire, you are returned outside the door to the wardrobe room, after being brought back from death. Quickly go in and through the hallway to try again till you succeed.
  105. After getting the shield (if at all), go through the door opposite the one where you stopped the fire. In the bookcases is a Spectral Phantom spell. Back in the hallway, go east to the end, then west to the end. Inside, get a clock key from the table and a couple of spells from the bookcases. Go back to the room where you stopped the fire and bust the window. Jump on the ledge and drop to the ground.
  106. Blood Aloe grows around the area. It's another Finch ingredient. Get several. The yellow stuff shows silverleaf when the cursor in on it. It's actually Mandrake root when you click on it. It's also another Finch ingredient, so get several. When you see bloody footprints moving, follow them to a trapdoor in the ground, and Quick Save or Save. Stand on the trapdoor, and when it opens, you fall to a basement.
  107. Lots of zombies, but not too difficult to destroy. Afterwards, go through the corridor and Eric's ghost appears and talks. You must find the shard and free some souls. Continue through the corridor and click on the wall to move it. Enter the basement not far from the kitchen stairs. Go up and return to the big oval room, and several more Shades. In the oval room, go through the north door to the ballroom.
  108. Approach the clock and wind it till it breaks. Walk around the hallway behind the clock and elevators. There's a drunken man trying to play the organ. Notice all the bottles lying about. Give the organist a bottle of wine, then give him the sheet music. The couples start moving around the floor, eventually passing through the wall near the organist. Go up the revealed stairs and talk to a phantom butler.
  109. Continue around to the top and enter the attic with dark drapes hanging about. Quickly go to the back and wind the Soul Clock till it breaks, freeing lost souls. Quickly turn around, get in close to the Scythe Demon and destroy it. Click on the shard to teleport to Gladstone. Jakel is really getting upset. Again, exit the caves the original route encountering several Skeletons (they have coins), Roaches, and Spiders. Return to Upper Gladstone.
  110. Check with your guilds, then check in at the Guildhall. Now for the Ruloi. From Upper Gladstone, go back toward the first portal in the south central area of the map. Go past it to first path left across the river. Continue up the path somewhat and take the next right, then a quick left to a stone quarry. Rhynn will be here for those who joined Talamari guild. Go through the portal and view a great video. After arriving, quickly turn around and move away from the portal so that it doesn't pull you back through. Mark the portal on your automap.
  111. TIP: If you have the Soft Leather Armor (from a wardrobe in the Underworld), put it on now. It protects you from acid, and creatures that use acid, here in the Ruloi world.
  112. Pick up several Mushroom Rot, another Finch ingredient you need. Destroy some Scavengers who are rather quick and difficult to target. Their eyes are mildly useful as weapons. Go around and enter a tunnel at the SE and follow it up a steep incline to an open area. Kill the Scavengers, then make sure your health is maximum. Drop through the hole in the NW wall.
  113. Follow the tunnel around to a 4-way intersection with lots of mushrooms. Go through the left tunnel to a high ledge. Get squarely in front of it and jump into the next tunnel. At the end, there's 2 chambers with Ruloi eggs lying in acid. Hopefully you have adequate poison protection. In the right chamber, destroy the eggs. Go back out, enter the left chamber and destroy all eggs. Then, return to the 4-way. Continue straight across through next tunnel to an open area. The large pillars are rigged, so don't get too close. Destroy all pillars and eggs.
  114. The big round grey patches, on the walls, are Dreamshards, another Finch ingredient. Get several. Get in the acid and quickly go SE and down the river to the next island. Destroy all pillars and eggs. You can get more Dreamshards in this area. Continue SE through the acid to the next island. Destroy the pillars and eggs. Go NE through the acid to the final island and destroy the pillars and eggs. Go through the door to the Ruloi. Kill any Drones, then go through either of 2 passages to right of entrance. In the room, go through the doorway and destroy any opposition. Go down the next passage, right or left, to a big room. Go through a short passage to the right to a small room with a third door back to the egg chambers.
  115. Return to the large room. To the left of a large exit is a narrow corridor to 1 of 10 regeneration chambers. Keep count of each one destroyed. A Ruloi and 2 defensive pillars guard the first chamber. Destroy them, then get close to the regenerator and smash its base. Exit, go through the large passage due east and walk down the right side to avoid plasma bolt shots.
  116. Turn right into a smaller corridor with 2 side alcoves, each with a defensive pillar to destroy. Walk through to the end down the right side. Turn right into another short corridor with 2 pillars to destroy. Continue along the right side to the second regeneration chamber and bust everything. Each chamber destroyed weakens those flying buggers.
  117. Exit and bear right across the corridor, moving SW into a big oval room. Inside a large central structure are 2 defensive pillars. The room's locked door conceals another regenerator. It requires a Ruloi hand for the handprint lock. Mark this location on the automap. Go back to the corridor and head SE down the next corridor to a couple of defensive pillars. Then stay to the right, go to the far end to the third chamber and destroy everything.
  118. Go back out to the corridor, bearing right to the other side and SE into a short corridor. If you are on quests for the Talamari, Sioned is imprisoned. To free her, use a Dreamshard on the impression on the left wall. Go back out to previous corridor and stay to the right. At the end, make a short right then a short left across sloped trench to other side. Make a short left then right and destroy 2 pillars. Continue along the right side to the next dark and narrow entrance, on the right, to the fourth chamber and destroy the pillars and regenerator.
  119. Exit and go right, destroying 2 pillars in hallway. Continue along the left wall, then left to a short corridor and destroy the pillars. Continue down the left side to the fifth chamber and destroy the pillars and regenerator. Exit the chamber and bear left into another big oval room. In the central structure, destroy 2 pillars. Another locked door conceals a regenerator. Exit the oval room and bear left to a short north corridor and destroy 2 pillars.
  120. Continue along the right side into a short corridor, go across and bear left into the sixth chamber. Destroy the pillars and regenerator. Exit and continue along the corridor to another prison. This Warrior will attack if you free her. Then, return down the corridor, bearing left into another corridor. Along the left wall, bear left again. At the end of the corridor, there's a big symbol on the wall. Go right or left into a big room.
  121. Destroy the warrior, then jump across to the platform with 2 oval shaped floating things. Touching them causes 1 of 2 platforms to rise with useful items. The second one has Lorestones, Vel's Fruit, and Ironwood Sap. Near the second oval object, drop down the SE side and hurry through the acid tunnel. Make the first left into a wider acid tunnel. Carefully look for a small alcove with a dead warrior. Carefully search him for a Ruloi hand (for locked doors.) In a small niche on the south wall of this alcove, hold C and enter. You might find the Great Sword Darkstorm. Equip it in your melee slot in inventory.
  122. Exit back to the wide acid river. Continue due NE and take the next left to another platform and 2 floating oval things. Go left around the platform and up the ramp. Again move the floor sections and get any items you might need. Near the second floor section, jump to a ledge and explore to the SE and enter chamber seven. Destroy the pillars and regenerator. Go back out and jump to the platform.
  123. Near the floor section where the brook flounder is, jump off the south side and hurry through the acid tunnel, across the wide acid river and on through another tunnel to a platform. Go to the right and up the ramp. Destroy a Ruloi Warrior. If you don't have a hand yet, the Warrior will have dropped one. See what the oval floating things conceal. Drop into the acid just north of the gorgonite nodules and hurry back down the acid tunnel to the acid river.
  124. Go left and take the next left to the fourth platform. Destroy the warrior, then see what the floor sections on the platform conceals. Near the Sandcrust floor section, jump to the ledge and explore to find the eighth chamber. Destroy the pillars and regenerator. You should have a Ruloi Warrior Hand by this time (from the warrior you found or one you destroyed.)
  125. Return to either oval room and use the Ruloi Hand on the central structure door. Inside, destroy the regenerator. One to go. DON'T step in the square hole in the floor as you leave the central structure. It's a teleport. Now go to the second oval room, enter the central structure and destroy the tenth and final regenerator. Exit the central structure and drop into the teleporter in the floor. You arrive near the Collective, a combination of all remaining Ruloi into one big creature.
  126. Go through the tunnel fighting the pods. At the bottom of some stairs, jump into the acid, get in close and destroy the Collective. It drops the final Shard. Pick it up and instantly teleport. Make your way back to Upper Gladstone, past lots of creatures and lava flows. You can't enter the different halls. In front of the Iron Ring, talk to the wounded Celerian. Now you have to close one final portal.
  127. In the woods, head back across the lava flows and from the south central portal area, head east toward the Draracle's cave entrance. At the intersection with lite brown flowers, the right path leads to the Draracle but go left instead. Follow the trail across the river. Take the next right, then the next left. Pass by 2 left alcoves and make the next right. Continue due east to the open area and go left. Near the alcove with lamplight nests, go down a ramp to the waters edge.
  128. Jump to the ledge on the left. Follow it around and left. Jump up the tall steps to the top level. Walk to the right and to the rear, going around the crevice. Cross the bridge and walk into the portal. Watch a movie of a nuclear holocaust. THE SHATTERED DESERT. As with any area, mark all the spots you want on the automap. Follow the canyon ahead. Mutant humans and the blasted Picadons inhabit the entire area. Beware the poison effects and use your poison shield often if necessary. The purple things around the canyon are hot beads useful for combining with other things.
  129. At a ramp, go down into the tunnels. Follow it to a stone bridge at another desert area. Make sure your health is max, then drop off the left side and continue forward a few steps. To the left, there's a vine fastened to the ledge with a silver anchor rod. Climb the vine and head due north along the ledge. Bust the piggy and get 100,000 coins. Make sure your health is maximum, then drop to the ground.
  130. Return a short way to the overhead stone bridge. On the other side, climb a vine to the bridge and go through the NE tunnel. Cross another bridge and through the next tunnel to a big plateau. Walk to the right of a big hole and approach the far cliff. Slowly turn to the right to see an open electrical panel in the far cliff. Quick Save! Line up with the far ledge at the panel and back up a few steps. Look down slightly so you can see the edge of your side in order to jump from the edge.
  131. Go through the electrical panel to a tunnel and on to another platform. Check your health, then drop off the left side and go left through the canyon to a big platform. Climb the vines to the platform. Jump up to the narrow square path to the north. Continue forward, fighting along the way, and down through another tunnel. Continue to a small room with a ladder on the back wall. Climb up and continue forward through a V shaped canyon, while fighting a few Picadons.
  132. At the huge structure, enter and left click on the normal human to talk. Listen carefully, then just inside the entrance, open a panel on the north wall and press a button. Go back outside and notice on the right, a red light has come on near a metal platform. Open the small grate and push a button. Stand on the elevator platform that appears, and push the button to go down into the base. At the bottom, a laser shoots from the ceiling. Destroy it and continue down the corridor.
  133. Around to the right, a door automatically opens. In the room are several Bikes needing fixing. Head south down a narrow corridor and click on the wall to move it. Step into the airlock, turn left and click on the east wall to move it. In the corridor, destroy another ceiling laser. Continue to another room and look to the right to see a ventilation grate in the wall. Place one of the lockers underneath the grate.
  134. Move the computer desk chair to the locker. Climb up, crouch and open the grate. Go through and open a grate at the end, then drop into the room. Cabal talks. Approach the shorting out panel, open it and press a button. Back up a few steps and fire away at the 3 laser gun through the opened door. Open it again, if necessary, to destroy the guns. Quickly continue through the corridor.
  135. Continue to a round room with 2 lasers and 2 flamethrowers. Use the pillar in the middle of the room to shield yourself. There's another vent to the left. Shoot some of the monitors and stack 2 of them under the vent. Note the back of the monitors have an extension. Jump onto this in order to get on top of a monitor. Each monitor is permanently turned a certain direction.
  136. Stack 2 more monitors near the first 2, in such a way, as to enable you to reach the top then jump onto the other stacked monitors, open the vent and quickly drop into the first gap. Turn right and follow the duct around the corner and drop into another gap. Turn right and follow the duct to a grate at the end. Open it and drop into another room. When Cabal is done talking, go around to the far side and open the second door from the right.
  137. Get an electric eye from the suit of armor. At the large door, press the button to open it. Destroy a missile launcher and continue forward into a long and wide corridor. Destroy 2 guns near the middle, and 3 guns at the end. Continue to the far end and turn left. Go through the next automatically opening door. Make a sharp left and go to the strange wall impression.
  138. Press the button 9 times and take the Boom Stick and equip it. It's best here inside the base. Turn around and go back through the turning doors on the right. Then go to the door on the left. use the glass eye to open it and destroy the guns with your Boom Stick. Continue down the corridor to another room. Destroy 2 guns on the low platform and 2 on the higher platform. Left click one of the panels to realize the power must come from these 7 panels.
  139. Bust all of the panels to turn off the center force field. Get on the low platform and carefully drop into the hole. Go forward to another hole, check your health, then drop in. Go to the end of the corridor of water. Climb ladder to ledge and another ladder to next level. There's a floor cannon in each corner of the room. Get past them and push a button and go through the door.
  140. From this platform there's electrical cables hanging at the water. Destroy the cables before going through the water. At the other end, go through door to another room. There's holes in the floor. Avoid them as you go to the other side. open and go through the door to a large room where the final shard is. Go around the central structure to the other side. The Structure's entrance is blocked by a force field.
  141. The evil Cabal turns on it's defenses and panels with 3 guns each open around the room. 4 other pillars open, revealing the force field's controls. Avoid the guns or destroy them as you destroy the pillars to shut off the force field. In the central structure, it takes 6 shots on each of the 4 red disks to destroy them. The Cabal drops the last shard. Pick it up to teleport out.
  142. Jakel is waiting, but the shard continues on. You are teleported back to the base and Cabal is operational and the base will destruct in 15 minutes. Warnings are given at 10, 5, and 1 minute. If you reach the monitor room with 4 or 5 minutes to go, you should get out in time. Don't let an explosion knock you off balance. At the end of the water passage, approach the round hole and look down.
  143. Carefully look down and drop to the ledge. Drop into the next hole to return to the deep water corridor. Hurry to the other side and climb 2 ladders and return to the room where you busted the 7 panels. Climb onto the higher platform and through the vent to the ducts. There's guns to destroy or hurry past. Go to the next grate, open it and carefully shoot the 4 guns, then drop onto the platform.
  144. Push a wall button to your right and carefully cross the bridge. Enter the ducts again, crawl past a corner. On the left, climb a ladder and crawl out. Turn around and jump across the gap. Climb next ladder on the right, crawl out, turn around and jump the gap. Open the grate and drop out. From the monitor room, head back out to the elevator platform, stand on it and turn around.
  145. Open the small floor panel to your right, push the button and ride up out of the base. Then the base explodes. Quick Save! Go down the trail toward the portal. At the square hole, look down into it to see 4 posts lining it. As you approached the hole, drop onto the post in the front left corner. Work on down and go along the path and up a ramp to a platform at the end. Drop off it and go to the platform with a vine and climb it.
  146. Go through the right tunnel and drop off the next platform. Go around to the left, pass the orange spring and the orange pool. Go to the right and down the next path. Keep looking to your right and climb the vine of the first bridge you arrive at. At the top, go left and walk all the way across bridges till the tunnel ends. Go up a ramp and through the portal to Gladstone Woods.
  147. Make your way back down, then east to the Draracle's caves and fight your way back to the chambers where Jakel is waiting. After talking, he teleports you into the water. Turn around and climb the rope. Destroy the Phantom Jakel. Through a gate, there's a bunch of elevator platforms and more phantoms. 3 green portals rejuvenate your different attributes, but also allows Rift Hounds through. You might want to just destroy the portals.
  148. Destroying each phantom opens more gates. On the very bottom floor, there's some machinery you have to activate and raise a foot bridge. Back up the elevator platforms to the top, cross the bridge to the colorful glass doors. Go through to a big open area. Destroy the 6 BIG skeletons. Jakel appears in front of you. Try to attack close in as Jakel flits around the room. When you finally destroy him, pick up the Seal and get teleported to the Shining Path (mirror.)
  149. Touch the Seal to the mirror to make it and Copper whole. He leaves the destruction and Gladstone starts to restore itself. Some think Copper perished, but not really. Watch the credits to the end, and suddenly Copper digs his way out of the rubble. Slowly start back toward Upper Gladstone. At the first intersection, wait and Jeron appears. Talk to him. Then, when he attacks, kill him.
  150. Watch an extra ending where the king is teaching Copper about wild boars.

    Interesting facts about a few weapons, armor, and devices.

Different guild quests.




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