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King's Quest V (5): Absence Makes the Heart go Yonder Walkthrough

-Lucky Charms

  1. Introduction
  3. References
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    If you see anything wrong with this, or have any easier ways to do things, please feel free to write to me!

    NOTE: Sometimes you may be stopped, and it will tell you that you need to use Crispin's wand to cast a spell, and they give you a code to use. To crack it, you must look in your KQ5 manual. The symbols are listed at the tops of the pages. Also, this is just what is essential to your beating this game. There may be other people you'd like to talk to that I haven't mentioned, or other things you want to explore and look at. Go ahead, that is one of the most fun parts of the game.

    INTRODUCTION: Watch this if you want...but the main idea is King Graham of Daventry (you) leave for a walk one day, and return to find your castle gone. An owl nearby (Cedric) says he knows what happened; the evil wizard Mordack stole them away to his castle far, far away because in a previous game, your son Alexander had turned Mordack's brother into a cat, and Mordack didn't know how to make him human. So you accompany Cedric to the land of Serenia to visit his human master, a magician named Crispin, who gives you snake meat so you can talk to animals, some advice, and an old wand that no longer works.

  1. CRISPIN'S HOUSE: You begin the game standing outside Crispin's house. Nice place, eh? Walk south twice, and enter the town.
  2. TOWN: The town is a small, busy place. A man fixing a broken wagon blocks the pathway into the rest of the town. Talk to the man. He refuses your help, so enter the tailor's shop, which is the first shop of three. Then exit the shop. The wagon man is gone, but you see a gleam on the ground. Pick it up, it's a silver coin. Look inside the barrel, and take the old fish. Then walk west twice and enter the bakehouse.
  3. BAKEHOUSE: There is a short movie. You see a woman and her son buy a custard pie, then they leave. The bakehouse is small and the only other person you see is the baker. Talk to the baker, then buy one of the pies with your silver coin. Leave the bakehouse and walk west twice.
  4. BEES: When you get to this scene, you see a bear raiding a bee hive. Throw your fish to the bear. The bear will take the fish and leave. The Queen Bee will the thank you an offer you a honeycomb. Take one, then pick up the stick on the ground. Walk north once.
  5. ANTS: There is an ant hill here being attacked by a big dog. Throw your stick to the dog, and the dog will take it and run away. The Ant King thanks you and promises to help you any way he can in the future. Then walk west five scenes and south one. (Note: this will take you into the desert. You can move a maximum of six screens before you die of thirst, so be sure to drink at each oasis you go to.)
  6. OASIS #1: Ah, water! Drink here, then walk two scenes north and three west.
  7. TEMPLE OASIS: Here is a small oasis, surrounded by rocks. Off in the distance you can see a temple. Quickly hide behind the rocks and wait. If you are hidden well enough, the bandits that come will not see you. Watch as they gain access to the temple, then they leave. Drink your fill as soon as they're gone, then walk one scene east and three south.
  8. SKELETON: There is a skeleton here, as well as a shoe. Take the shoe and walk south two scenes.
  9. OASIS #2: Once again you must drink, then head south one scene and west four scenes.
  10. BANDIT CAMP: You enter a bandit camp with two tents. There looks like a party going on inside the larger one. Watch as a drunken bandit collapses in the sand, then drink from the jar by the fire. Next, go into the smaller, quieter tent.
  11. TENT: There is a bandit slumbering here. Behind him, you can see the staff you saw the bandits use to open the temple door. Carefully walk around the bandit and take the staff, then walk back around him and leave.
  12. BANDIT CAMP: Nothing new. Walk east once and north three times.
  13. OASIS #3: Drink up, Graham, then head east twice and north three times.
  14. TEMPLE OASIS: Drink here, then go north once.
  15. TEMPLE DOOR: Knock on the door with the staff you took from the bandits. The door will open, but the staff will then break and become useless. Enter the temple.
  16. TEMPLE: You must be quick here, otherwise the door will shut and you will be sealed in forever. Though there are piles of gleaming treasure just inches away, all you need are the gold coin and the bottle by the doorway. Take these, and quickly exit, just as the door closes.
  17. TEMPLE DOOR: Walk south once.
  18. TEMPLE OASIS: Drink from the oasis. Now you must head east eight scenes. (Note: Though Graham can usually only move six desert scenes at a time before he perishes, it will work here because the seventh and eighth scenes are not really desert.)
  19. GYPSIES: There is a gyspy wagon here, as well as a male gyspy sitting outside in a chair. After a brief talk with Cedric, step toward the wagon until the man stands in your way and asks for a gold coin. Give him the gold coin you found in the temple, and he will allow you to enter the wagon to see Madame Mushka.
  20. WAGON: It gives you the option to watch a movie here. If you don't want to watch it, all you need to know is that Mordack is threatening your family's lives and Madame Mushka gave you an amulet for luck.
  21. GYPSIES: Once you are back outside the wagon, put on the amulet. Walk east once.
  22. SOBBING TREE: Talk to the poor princess who was turned into a tree by an evil witch, then go east once more.
  23. FOREST ENTRANCE: Ignore the sign and enter the forest. Cedric won't come with, just as he didn't want to go to town with you, or into the desert either. Nothing new, right?
  24. FOREST PATH: Walk west once, east once, and north once. Somewhere along the way (it happens randomly) a witch will appear. She attempts to zap you into a toad, but the amulet the gyspy gave you stops it. You can talk to the witch if you want, but it's nothing special. Give her the brass bottle you picked up in the temple. Watch as she is imprisoned in the bottle by a genie, then they both disappear. Continue with the instructions (unless the witch stops you right in front of her house) in which case you should go in.
  25. WITCH'S HOUSE: It's small and dark in here. Open the trunk at the back of the room and take the spinning wheel, then reach into the lamp hanging from the ceiling and take the key. Open a drawer and take the pouch. Go to your inventory and open the pouch. You should discover three emeralds. Leave the house.
  26. OUTSIDE HOUSE: Walk east once.
  27. TREE: There is a tree here with a winding path leading to it, and a small door carved into the trunk. Walk up the path and open the door with the key you found in the witch's house. You should discover a golden heart (could it be the tree princess's?) and you should take it. Then walk west twice.
  28. FOREST: It is much quieter here, and you can see eyes blinking out from the depths of the forest. Squeeze your honeycomb onto the ground. The honey will drip down, and the honeycomb will be reduced to a lump of beeswax. Click your emeralds on the eyes. One emerald should drop the ground close to the honey, and an elf will run out and grab it. Keep doing this until your emerald lands in the honey, and the elf gets stuck. You will grab him and talk to him, and the elf will tell you he can show you the way out of the forest. He moves a rock and beckons you to follow. Do it.
  29. ELVES' CAVES: Another movie, if you choose to watch. If not, just know that you recieve a pair of much too small shoes in return for the emeralds.
  30. FOREST ENTRANCE: Another talk with Cedric, who is glad to see you back. Now walk west once.
  31. TREE: The tree is still weeping and playing her harp endlessly. Give the gold heart to her. She turns back into a human, then calls for her prince. They leave, without so much as a thanks. Sigh...that's what you get these days. But she did leave behind a pretty nice harp. Take it. Walk west once.
  32. GYPSIES: The gyspies, as well as their wagon, are gone, but they have left behind a tambourine on the ground. Take it, then go east once and south once.
  33. GNOMES: An old gnome and a much younger one are sitting on a bench outside a house. The young boy is playing with a neat marionette...hmm. Give the old gnome the spinning wheel you found in the witch's house. He takes it gladly, saying it was once his and it spins straw to gold. In return, you get the marionette, and the gnomes leave. Walk south once.
  34. INN: An old inn sits here, as well as a barn and a haystack. Look though the haystack. Suddenly, a group of ants marches up and searches for you, producing a golden needle. It's the Ant King! He talks to you, then leaves, having repaid your kindness. Walk east once.
  35. BAKEHOUSE: Walk almost all the way across the screen here. You will be stopped in time to see a terrified mouse being chased by a big orange cat. Throw the old shoe you found in the desert at the cat. He runs away, and the mouse thanks you and promises to help you later if he can. Walk east once.
  36. TOWN: Nothing new here, so enter the tailor's shop.
  37. TAILOR'S SHOP: Talk to the young man, and ask about the cloak. Then offer him the golden needle. The man will thank you, telling you about the time he had lost it at the inn, then will give you the cloak in return. Leave.
  38. TOWN: Enter the next shop down, which is the toy shop.
  39. TOY SHOP: A large old man sits behind a desk here, and a young girl plays with a doll nearby. Talk to the man, and offer him the marionette. The man will exclaim about it's wonderful craftsmanship and you'll end up the the sled in return. Leave.
  40. TOWN: Now go into the last shop in the row, which is the shoe shop.
  41. SHOE SHOP: An old woman sits by a desk, while an old man works slowly on his next pair of shoes. A dog lies here as well. Talk to the old woman, and she will tell you of the couple's financial problems. Offer her the shoes the elf gave you. She and the man will inspect them, then thank you profusely and offer you a hammer. Sure, why not? They (with the dog) leave. Since there is nothing more to do here, leave.
  42. TOWN: Walk west three times.
  43. INN: You enter the inn, and once again Cedric prefers to stay outside and wait.
  44. INTERIOR INN: Three men sit at the desk, talking in low voices, while a dog lounges on the floor. Walk near the men. You hear them talking about loot, when they notice you. One of the men bashes you over the head...
  45. INN'S CELLAR: You awaken to find yourself bound in ropes in the cellar of the inn. A mouse comes out and chews away at the rope, freeing you. The mouse, who you saved earlier from the cat, talks to you, then leaves. Take the rope, then break the lock on the door with your hammer.
  46. INN'S KITCHEN: Open the cupboard to find leg of lamb. Take it, then leave through the left door.
  47. INN: Whew! Fresh air! Walk north once and east twice.
  48. SNAKE: A snake blocks the path into the mountains. Frighten it away with your tambourine. (Very clever, Graham!) Now walk east, up the path.
  49. SNOWY PATH: After a few hours, you find yourself in the snow-capped mountains. Put on your cloak to brave the freezing temperatures, then continue up the path.
  50. FROZEN WATERFALL: You are standing before a frozen waterfall. A branch juts out from the falls, as well as a rocky ledge. Throw your rope around the ledge and climb up.
  51. CHASM: By now the game has probably alerted you that you are getting hungry. Eat half of your leg of lamb and save the rest for later. There are six rock outcroppings that lead across the chasm. There are three in the back and three in the front. Jump across the back three, then the last front one, then onto the other side. Walk across the log and to the east.
  52. SLOPE: A large slope leads down here. As you enter the screen, Cedric is snatched by a wolf and carried away, yelling for your help. Use the sled to ride down the slope.
  53. BOTTOM OF SLOPE: You end in a crash landing, breaking your sled. Oh well. Walk east once.
  54. EAGLE: As you enter this scene, you see a lone eagle sitting on an outcrop. Talk to him, and discover the poor guy is starving. Give him the rest of the leg of lamb. He eats it eagerly, then promises to help you later if you ever need it. Then he flies off. Walk north. You are stopped by two wolves, who lead you into the ice castle.
  55. ICE CASTLE: You enter a room where Cedric is imprisoned in an ice cage, and a woman sits upon her throne. She announces herself as Queen Icebella, and orders her wolves to get rid of you for tresspassing. As soon as you get your chance, play the harp. You now have the chance to watch another movie. If you do, you'll find that your beautiful music has softened Icebella's heart, and she'll let you and Cedric go free if you can get rid of the yeti in her crystal cave. Sir Greywolf leads to to the cave.
  56. PATH: Sir Greywolf sits, blocking the path. There's no turning back now, Graham! Take a deep breath and head up the path.
  57. OUTSIDE CAVE: You step outside the cave, when the huge, ferocious yeti comes out. Throw your pie at him. It splats in his face (HAHAHA!) and he falls off the edge of the cliff. Enter the cave.
  58. CRYSTAL CAVE: Waterfalls and crystals glisten from every corner of the room. One particular crystal catches your eye, however, one in the center of the room. Take it (with the help of the cobbler's hammer) then leave the cave and go back to Sir Greywolf.
  59. PATH: Sir Greywolf takes you back to the queen. Another movie? You bet. In this one, Icebella thanks you for getting rid of the yeti, and lets you and Cedric go free. Greywolf takes you both back to the path, where you should go south once.
  60. TWISTY PATH: The way to get through here should be obvious, just head towards the pool of water that Cedric is by. When you get to the top, however, a huge bird swoops down and carries you to it's nest.
  61. ROC'S NEST: You are dropped unceremoniously into the Roc's nest, where an egg is hatching. Quickly snatch the locket next to you, then wait and hope. Just as the egg cracks, your eagle friend carries you away. The baby birds are left with only your cloak.
  62. BEACH: You are dropped on a beach, and the eagle flies away. Cedric is here, wondering what happened. Walk down to the edge of the beach and take the iron bar, then walk north once.
  63. BOAT: You see a boat here, as well as a waterfall rushing out to the ocean. There is a hole in the boat, so put your beeswax in the hole, then shove off.
  64. OCEAN: Sail east three times and south once.
  65. ISLAND: You sail into an island, where harpies come down on you and Cedric. Cedric is carried off one way, you the other.
  66. END OF ISLAND: You are dropped here by the harpies, who argue about what to do with you. As soon as you have the chance, play your harp. One harpy wants it, so she grabs it and flies away. The others, jealous, forget you and chase after her. Take the fishhook on the ground, then do west once.
  67. SANDY PATH: Cedric is here, lying injured in the sand. Take him, (well, OF COURSE!) and walk west.
  68. ISLAND BEACH: Take the shell, then get into your boat and shove off. You want to get out of here as quickly as possible...those harpies are mean!
  69. OCEAN: Sail west four times.
  70. SHIP HOUSE: Climb out of your boat. You are standing in front of an odd house, build out of a ship. Ring the bell by the door. And old man will come out, and crossly demand what you want. Since he is almost completely deaf, give him the shell so he can hear better. You'll tell him Cedric is hurt and needs help, and the man instructs you to bring him inside. If you choose to watch this movie, then you'll know that the man fixes up Cedric, learns of your quest, and gets a mermaid to lead you to Mordack's island.
  71. ROCKY BEACH: After hours of sailing, you crash upon the rocks that dangerously line the island's beach. You and Cedric are both unhurt, but it seems as though you won't be leaving HERE with any easy exits! Take the fish lying in the sand, and walk north.
  72. SERPENT STATUES: Two immense serpent statues face each other on either side of the path to Mordack's castle. Use your crystal. You will walk forward and hold it up. The lasers that shoot from the serpents' eyes will bounce on the crystal and back at them, frying their eyes and rendering them useless. Good thinking, Graham! Now go north.
  73. MORDACK'S CASTLE: What an awful place! The door is inaccessable, so go left down the little trail around the side of the castle.
  74. PLATFORM: Cedric, who is extremely uneasy, is continuing to insist that you leave. Hah, easy for him to say, HE can fly! Open the grate in the floor with the crowbar you picked up on the beach. Finally, climb down the hole, leaving Cedric to guard outside.
  75. LABYRINTH: It's dark and scary down here. You won't be leaving the way you came--that was a long drop! Go south, north, north, east, north, and east. You should come to a beast with a hairpin. Play your tambourine for him. He will take it and bounce away. Take his dropped hairpin, then go south, west, north, north, north, west, north, north, east, west, east, west, north, west, north, and finally east. You'll come to a stop in front of a door. Use the hairpin to pick the lock, and go in.
  76. PANTRY: You are standing in a room lined with shelves. Open the pantry and take the bag of peas. Now go north.
  77. KITCHEN: There is a girl here, scrubbing the floor. Talk to her, then give her the locket. You find out her name is Cassima from the Land of the Green Isles, and she was taken here by Mordack against her will. She promises to help you if possible, and you promise not to leave without her. Walk east twice.
  78. DINING HALL: It would be a good idea to save your game here, since there is a series of things you need to do that happen in random order. Walk south.
  79. SOUTH END: If a cat is here, restore and start again until a blue beast appears. If a blue beast appears, let him catch you. If this happens, you will be taken through a hole in the wall and thrown in a cell.
  80. CELL: It's damp and lonely here. Look in the mouse hole. You will see a piece of cheese. Use your fish hook to get it. Soon, Cassima will shove a brick from the wall and poke her head through. After a short conversation, climb through the hole and follow her through the labyrinth until you get to the door.
  81. DOOR: Open it and go inside.
  82. PANTRY: Walk north once and east twice.
  83. DINING HALL: Save your game here again, then go south once.
  84. SOUTH END: If the cat is here, restore and try again until the blue beast appears. When he does, use your bag of peas on him. He will trip and fall, knocked out cold. From here on out, if you see the cat, you must throw the fish to him, then sack him in the empty pea bag. Go west, north, west, and south.
  85. LIBRARY: A disturbing place. Look at the book on the desk, then wait until you see Mordack appear in the bedroom through the doorway and go to bed. When he does, walk north.
  86. BEDROOM: Glad this place isn't MY bedroom! Yuck! Mordack slumbers peacefully, and his wand lay beside him. Take his want, and walk east twice.
  87. LABORATORY: A strange room. Notice the jar on the shelf...your family is in there. But pay no attention to it for now, you don't have time. Walk up the stairs and to the machine.
  88. MACHINE: There is a huge, stange looking machine here. Place Mordack's wand on one end of the machine and Crispin's wand on the other. Then drop the rotten cheese into the machine and watch. The power from Mordack's wand is transferred to Crispin's. Quickly take Crispin's wand. Just after, Mordack appears, enraged. He takes his wand and fries Cedric just as he flies through the window, then finds it is discharged. He changes into some sort of weird bug, and flies at you. Use Crispin's wand and select the fourth spell, the one that looks like a tiger. You change into one and jump at Mordack, landing in the lab.
  89. LABORATORY: Mordack then changes into a dragon, so you must use Crispin's wand to change into a bunny, which is the second symbol, the one that looks like a bunny. When Mordack realizes he can't get you like that, he changes into a snake and slithers toward you. Use Crispin's wand, the first symbol, the one that looks like a mongoose. You change into a mongoose and the fight continues. Finally, Mordack, completely enraged, changes into fire. Use the last spell to change into...
  90. Well, I'm not going to ruin the ending for you. You'll have to play it yourself to find what happens! =) Congratualtions, you've completed King's Quest Five!!
  91. **********THE END**********



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