King Quest 1 - old version complete points list Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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King Quest 1 - old version complete points list Walkthrough

by Avi Machness

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    1 Get into castle.
    3 Bow to king.
    2 Take carrot.
    3 Talk to elf.
    (-2) Use ring to escape enemy.
    3 Take bowl.
    1 Read bowl.
    1 Take pebbles
    3 Take walnut.
    3 Open walnut (find gold).
    2 Climb tree.
    6 Take egg.
    2 Move rock.
    5 Take dagger.
    1 Look in stump.
    3 Take pouch.
    3 Look in pouch.
    2 Eat house (find out witch is not in).
    2 Take note.
    1 Read note.
    7 Push witch into fire.
    2 Open cabinet.
    2 Take cheese.
    3 Give bowl.
    3 Play fiddle.
    2 Take bucket (cut rope).
    1 Climb rope.
    (2) Fill bucket.
    4 Dive.
    1 Get in dragon's cave.
    5 Throw water.
    (3) Throw dagger.
    8 Take mirror.
    4 Leave by swimming.
    2 Take clover.
    3 Jump to condor.
    1 Take mushroom.
    (-?) Give treasur to rat (you lose what you got for it).
    2 Give cheesse.
    3 Play fiddle.
    8 Take shield.
    6 Take scepter.
    2 Eat mushroom.
    1 Get into hole.
    (-?) Give treasur to troll (you lose what you got for it).
    5 Show carrot to goat.
    4 Take goat to troll.
    (3) Take key (if you don't guess Gnome's name).
    (2) Unlock door (if you don't guess Gnome's name).
    5 Guess Gnome's name.
    4 Take beans.
    2 Plant beans.
    2 Take sling.
    (2) Use sling.
    5 Wait for giant to sleep.
    8 Take chest.
    1 Open gate (castle's gate).
    3 Bow to king.

    158 Total, Out of
    158 Possible
    == =============================================================================

    This File have been written by Avi Machness. for corrections / additions / comments please contact me at: my email

    Note: if you have points lists for any quest, or can give me more points for this one, please contact me ASAP. Thanks, Avi



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