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Journeyman Project 3 Walkthrough

by Matthew Beermann

    Hints and Walkthrough
    [Hints] | [The Destroyed Cities] | [The Sosiqui Legacy] | [Atlantis] | [El Dorado] | [Shangri-La] | [Assembling the Legacy] | [Miscellany/Easter Eggs]

    General (non-spoiler) Hints 
    This walkthrough will only guide you through the actions necessary to complete the game. If you want to really enjoy it, you'll have to spend a lot more time wandering around and conversing with people. In general, explore each character's dialogue tree as far as it goes, and try interacting with them in a number of different guises.

    Arthur is your friend - and he has some of the funniest sidekick dialogue I've ever seen in a computer game. By all means, listen to his "thought bubbles", but his "lightbulb" hints become quite explicit if you keep clicking them. Try to figure things out by yourself and only ask for hints if you need them.

    When Strider Mode is available as an option (double arrows appear instead of a single one), by all means USE IT! One of the main flaws in the game is the tediousness of walking around through the pre-rendered nodes. Hold down the mouse and you should quickly run straight ahead as far as you can.

    One cool feature that for some reason isn't pointed out in the instruction book is this: while in the inventory view mode, position your mouse just over the little question mark in the corner. It will bring up an information screen that reminds you where you picked up an object and what it's used for.

    The Destroyed Cities 
    As the game begins you'll find yourself at the base of a shattered windmill, searching for the three parts of a time coordinate left by the rogue Agent 3. Once you find all three, you can find her and begin the game proper.

    Atlantis: Walk up to the top of the hill and meet Arthur. He'll explain what the heck is going on here, then download himself into your chameleon suit. Continue forward down the hill, across the stepping stones, and up to the fragment of broken wall.

    Stop to take a look at that rowboat off in the distance, then grab the rope ladder lying at your feet. Turn around and head back to the ruined windmill. Toss the rope ladder up to the bottom of the shattered steps and climb up. Continue on to the top of the windmill to find the first time coordinate scratched in the wood, and witness a rather disturbing scene.

    El Dorado: To escape the well, take the stone off of the water gate, then click on the gate's handle to open it and flood the well. Ride the bucket to the top and climb out. Grab the crank you see right in front of you, then continue on down the path. Watch for and take a branching path on your left that goes steeply up the hill.

    Follow the path to the farm ruins. Grab the basket you see lying there, then go back to the main path. Take it down and around until you arrive at the ruined balloon dock. Walk over to the mooring on the left, attach the crank to it, and use the crank to pull the remains of the balloon down to earth. Tie the basket to the ropes and climb in.

    Grab the grappling hook dangling from the balloon by clicking on the little handle thingy to your right. Use it to hook the other derelict balloon, then shimmy over to it. There you'll find another time coordinate, and have another near-death experience.

    Shangri-La: When you enter this timeframe, turn around immediately and walk down the mountain's slope. Grab the winch handle you see there, as well as the dead guard's walking stick. Walk back up the slope and enter the remains of the ruined gatehouse.

    Attach the winch handle to the winch gear on the right, then use it to lower what's left of the bridge down into the ravine. Work your way around to the lower level of the gatehouse, and out onto the balcony. You'll have to climb down the broken bridge and drop into the ravine. Walk over to the right where you'll find the shattered temple.

    Locate the window that's loose, then use the walking stick to pry it open. Enter the temple and cross the room to the Buddha statue. Climb it and at the top you'll find the last time coordinate, and have a close encounter of the Cyrollan kind. You're on your way to meeting the elusive Agent Three, Michelle Visard.

    The Sosiqui Legacy 
    Once you've brought Agent 3 back to TSA and talked with the Cyrollan ambassador, you'll learn the truth: the Cyrollans and Qou'Thalas have been fighting for millennia over an artifact that contains all the knowledge of a mysterious, ancient race known as the Sosiqui. The artifact, known as the Legacy, was split into three parts and scattered throughout Earth's history. Atlantis, El Dorado, and Shangri-La were all destroyed by one of the races when it was apparent the other was about to find a piece.

    The remainder of the game sends you on a search through time of the three cities on the day before their destruction. In each city, the Legacy is stored in the heart of the central temple, but getting there is by no means easy. You'll have to insinuate yourself into the city's routine and discover how to reach it. You'll be dealing both with suspicious natives and cryptic puzzles guarding the Legacy. Good luck, Gage.

    You can complete the various timeframes in any order; however, each timeframe will require some items only found in other times. Basically, you'll have do a lot of jumping around. I've tried to indicate in bold items that you'll need elsewhere. Your location/guise within a timeframe will also be saved if you jump out in the middle, so timeleap at will.

    Getting your bearings: You arrive in Atlantis right where you left it: at the top of the windmill. Go down through the trapdoor to the top floor. Grab the gears lying on the floor and insert them in their slots in the clutch mechanism by the window. Walk around to the other side of the room, then turn the handle a few times until the broken (sail-less) windmill spar comes into view. When it does, walk out onto it, turn around, and give the handle one more turn to ride the spar around to the seawall.

    Walk as far as you can down the seawall and you'll find a ship's yardarm just within reach. Jump onto it, then climb down the ship's mast to the ground. Follow the path straight ahead through the docks until it dead ends at a cul-de-sac with a blind beggar. He's the perfect person to capture for a chameleon guise without freaking them out (how convenient!). Do so, then chat with him if you like - he won't make much sense, but his ramblings might be significant later.

    Go back along the path and board the docked ship. Search the deck of the ship until you find a gaff and a silk scarf - both will come in very handy later. Then assume the beggar's guise and proceed to the front of the ship. Talk with the Egyptian captain held captive there - he'll give you a few Atlantean coins. It sounds like he's waiting for someone in particular, but you'll have to unravel that mystery later.

    Leave the ship and take the path around past the mast to the other side of the docks where you'll find a ferry docked. Assume the guise of the captain and talk to the ferryman. (The ferryman will carry any of your guises, but it's best to use the captain as he tends to give useful bits of gossip to this character.) One of the places he'll take you is the temple, which is exactly where you want to go. He'll ask for a coin, and then off you go. (This is also the mysterious "infinite coin" - no matter how many you give you'll always have more.)

    Entering the Temple: When you reach the temple, you'll get a rather rude greeting from the guard on duty. Not only do you have to be a native Atlantean to enter, it seems, but either making a delivery or in possession of a golden medallion. Well, he mentions that the potter and oil vendor will be making deliveries today, so perhaps that should be our next stop. (Choose either from the ferryman's menu, their shops are next-door.) The ferryman will also give you some interesting info about a resistance among the second-class captives, hmm...

    When you reach the potter/oil vendor, walk straight ahead to the end of the sidewalk and around the corner to the oil vendor. She'll give you lots of interesting info about the Atlantean culture if you ask. Leave and walk back towards the ferry, turning right at the pots to find the potter's shop. You can talk to him in another guise if you wish, but you'll definitely need to talk to him as the oil vendor, who just happens to be his sister. Offer to watch his pots; this will get him out of your hair so you can work in peace.

    Go over to the table by the door. Use the little Play-Doh device and grab the lump of clay it spits out. Also check out the table by the kiln doors and take the pitcher and bowl sitting there. Head back towards the oil vendor. There's a container of olive oil sitting on the ground by the olive drying racks. Use either the pitcher or bowl on it to get a container of olive oil. Continue into the shop and examine the big pots to the left of the door.

    Lo and behold, one of them has the same temple seal on it as was on the guard's breastplate. Press the clay to this seal and you'll get a nice, if unfired, medallion. Take one more trip back to the potter's shop and open the kiln doors. Place the clay on the little platform, and put the gold leaf from El Dorado on top. Close the doors, give the wheel a few spins, and voila! You've got a gold medallion!

    Inside the temple: Return to the temple gate and assume the guise of the potter or the oil vendor. Show the guard your medallion and he'll open the lock so you can enter. Once inside the temple, go straight ahead and you'll find yourself at the shrine.

    The doughnut-shaped container above you holds the healing water that the oil vendor mentioned. Once in a great while a geyser shoots up from the well through the hole in the center to refill it. Pull the chain on the cow's head and some of the water will drain into the bowl. Healing water sounds like it could come in handy, so use whichever container you still have empty to get a container of healing water.

    Go around to the back of the shrine and you'll find a sort of well where the water from the bay drains into the inner temple. That's where we want to go, so we'll probably need to turn off the water. Notice that little hook on the water gate? Use your gaff to grab it and pull the gate shut.

    Now that the water's off you have a clear view down the shaft. That does look like the Legacy fragment at the bottom, but there's still no obvious way down. Well, the only location on the ferryman's menu you haven't explored yet is the windmill, so head there next.

    Infiltrating the Resistance: Assume the guise of the captain and enter the windmill. Pause a moment in the outer room and take a peek into that chest by the wall. A secret passage? Very interesting. (Also check out the rug for one of Arthur's funniest riffs in the entire game.) Continue on to the inner room.

    Talk with the windmill keeper. He too seems obsessed with the weather. What is going on here? The only other person we've met who acts like that is the weird old beggar, so perhaps he's worth another chat. Assume the windmill keeper's guise as you leave and return to the docks where you began.

    Tell the beggar that it does indeed look like rain. He'll reply with a startlingly serious message. A secret meeting between the captain and the windmill keeper? Could this man be the ringleader of the mysterious Resistance we keep hearing about? It sure seems like it, so assume the beggar's guise and board the ship to talk with the captain (who is, oddly enough, an Egyptian as well...).

    When the captain hears that it "looks like nasty weather" and he'll reveal some more information about the Resistance. More importantly, he'll give you the countersign that the conspiracy uses. This could come in very handy. Assume the guise of the captain and go back to talk to the beggar.

    Give him the countersign of "it may even rain" and he'll drop the feebleminded act. He is, in fact, the head of the Resistance, and he's arranged a meeting between the captain and the windmill keeper. Apparently the captain is the one they've chosen to pilot the ship for their escape from Atlantis. Interrogate the man thoroughly, and he'll give you one last codeword. Keep the guise of the captain and head back to the windmill to keep that appointment.

    When the windmill keeper hears that "it will be a long winter", he'll open up and tell you everything, including the origin of the "blind old beggar" and their plans to escape Atlantis. Especially interesting for you is that there's a secret passage running from beneath the windmill to the inner temple. Finish questioning him and he'll go upstairs to repair the windmill, leaving you alone to work.

    Walk to the block-and-tackle device by the door. Grab the rope, turn around, and attach it to the windmill shaft. Turn the crank and the windmill will start turning, lifting the stone from the floor and revealing the secret passage. Since you cleverly thought to shut off the water in the temple, the pipe is drained and you can enter. Crawl down the passage and find yourself, finally, within the inner temple.

    Retrieving the Legacy: The windmill keeper mentioned that Saros, the Guardian Templer, was a friend of Padros, the beggar. So, assume his guise, then climb the ladder and head left down the hall, examining the murals on the wall and listening to Arthur's comments as you go. Apparently, the Sosiqui entrusted the Atlanteans with the Legacy of Life, and the alien battle above their city has been long prophesied. Continue to the end of the hall to meet Saros.

    Saros will give you a brief speech on his dissatisfaction with the temple's policies, and entrust you with a sun-shaped device. Saros is, in fact, one and the same person as Dr. Eliot Sinclair, inventor of time travel - the Legacy really did grant him eternal life. He witnessed the Cyrollans seemingly destroy Atlantis, and it was that which caused his irrational hatred of them when they reappeared on Earth millennia later. Once he leaves, you'll find yourself in front of a celestial clock.

    This clock tracks the periodic recurrences of the solar eclipse above Atlantis. When one occurs, it activates the mechanisms beneath the temple to shoot a geyser of water up the shaft to refill the reservoir and reveal the Legacy. Insert the sun gear into the gap between crank and wheel, then use the crank to advance the clock to tomorrow's eclipse. Once you've done this, all that's left is to turn the water back on and watch the show.

    Take a shortcut back to the surface - walk the other way down the hallway and you'll find a stairway. It emerges behind the upper shrine inside the temple. Use your gaff to pull the water gate back open. The geyser erupts, and the Legacy appears right before your eyes. Grab it and Arthur will transport you straight back to TSA headquarters.

    El Dorado 
    Getting your bearings: You find yourself back at the top of the well, though thankfully not in the bottom of it this time. Turn around and you'll find a farmboy taking a siesta in the underbrush. Capture and assume his guise, then go back along the path. Again, you'll want to turn off onto that side path to the farm.

    The place looks a lot better un-ruined, doesn't it? The farmer is hanging out behind the stable sharpening some tools. Talk with him and you'll learn a few things about El Dorado culture. (You'll probably want to keep the guise of the farmboy for most interactions here; he's a popular figure in the village and most characters will react to him favorably.) Return to the main path and continue down to the balloon docks. Hop on to the now working balloon ferry and ride it across to the central temple.

    Climb the steps to enter the temple. Inside, take a long hard look at those murals on the wall. They tell the story of the first shaman of El Dorado, who hid the Legacy fragment somewhere nearby, then set the four elements to guard it. To retrieve the artifact, you'll have to retrace the shaman's steps through air, water, earth, and fire.

    Talk to the scribe who's working on the wall and he'll tell you some more about the culture here, as well as the meaning of those markings you saw on the mountainside. (Nazca lines, anyone?) Before you leave, grab some gold leaf from the basket by the door, and look down the shaft at the center of the room. Yes, that's the artifact there at the bottom, but how to get there?

    Meeting the Shaman: This village shaman we've heard so much about sounds like the best person to visit next. Leave the temple and turn right at the bottom of the steps. Follow the path around the corner and straight ahead towards the shaman's house at the top of the hill. At the entrance you'll be stopped by yet another guard (gruff guards seem to be a universal in this game), but this one won't be so easily duped.

    As he mentions, that war balloon floating behind the wall is his. Releasing it would be a pretty good distraction, wouldn't it? Backtrack until you can slip through the gap between wall and mountain. You'll find the balloon tied securely to a stone mooring. Use your knife from Shangri-La to saw through the rope, and the guard will cease to be a problem. Continue on into the building. One more guard will try to stop you, but this time the shaman himself bids him to cease and desist.

    The shaman, thinking you are the farmboy who keeps visiting him, will tell you the full story of the history of the village. Two spirits warring over a powerful totem... sound familiar? Here too, the impending destruction of the village seems to have been foreseen by the shaman. Interestingly, he sees a young boy as saving the totem - and we've been in the guise of that young boy. Coincidence?

    He also mentions a talisman we'll need to complete our quest. Sounds important, so let's go back to retrieve it. Head all the way back to where you first entered this timeframe, assume the guise of the shaman, and talk with the boy. Ask to "borrow" the talisman and he'll gladly give it to you. Now that you've got it, trek back to the shaman's house.

    Retrieving the Legacy: Just inside his door, turn to the left and climb the short flight of stairs. You'll find yourself in a garden with the shaman's sacred balloon at the far end. Climb in, then use your talisman (which just so happens to be made of flint, how convenient!) to light the fire. The balloon will quickly inflate and lift you into the clouds.

    On the way up, you'll be treated to a rather amazing sequence of images. Among the lines on the pampas are images of the windmill in Atlantis, the temple in Shangri-La, the seal of the Nazi Third Reich, an image of the mushroom clouds which nearly destroyed the earth, and the TSA insignia. It would appear these people were given the Legacy of Time - the shaman really can see into the past and future.

    Zoom in on the area around the temple. You'll see two birds fighting over an arrow-shaped pool. Well, if those are the warring spirits, what would they be fighting over? That pool must be where the Legacy is located! Also zoom in on the temple itself. On the roof are images of the four earth elements, in a very specific orientation. Write down which face is where (draw them if necessary) and then extinguish the flame to return to earth.

    Return to the entrance to the temple, and follow the path around to the side we haven't explored yet. The path will dead end, but work your way through the underbrush and you'll eventually reach the arrow shaped pool. Examine the small pedestal at your feet. The shape of the slot in it looks rather familiar - remember the talisman? Place it in the slot and the water in the pool will drain away.

    Inside, you'll notice that at each corner of the pool is a set of six faces. When pressed, the eyes light up, and only one can be active at a time. Which to press? Well, do you remember the faces on the roof of the temple? This is, in fact, a combination lock, and you'll have to press the face in each corner that corresponds to the one on the roof. Clockwise from bottom left, they are: second from right, second from right, third from left, and leftmost. Once all of the heads have been activated, part of the stairs will sink away to reveal an entrance.

    Go down the stairs and you'll receive the last nasty shock that El Dorado has to offer: the corridor is blocked by a wall of flame. Don't even try to run for it, unless you want to get a nasty burn. Recall that the very last panel of the temple mural showed water instead of fire - getting the idea here? Go clear back to the edge of the pool, and take the talisman out of the slot. The water will flow down the stairs and extinguish the flames.

    Finally, your way to the Legacy is clear. Walk down the corridor and approach the shrine. As you do, inscriptions on the wall will light up. Read them all. It seems that the shamans foresaw the destruction of Atlantis and Shangri-La. They even saw far enough into the future to see the final conflict between the Cyrollans and the Qou'Thalas. Unfortunately, if they saw the outcome, it's not written here. Click on the shrine and the Legacy will be revealed. Grab it and be teleported back to TSA headquarters for another update on the war.

    Getting your bearings: You enter Shangri-La standing on a stairway, facing a panoramic view of the monastery. Turn around, walk down the stairs, and you'll see a pilgrim prostrated at the end of the path. Grab and assume his image, then continue back up to the gatehouse at the top of the stairs.

    Inside, climb the stairs nearest to the door. At the top, you'll meet the dab-dab (warrior monk) who guards the way to Shangri-La. He'll want your silk scarf from Atlantis before he allows you free passage to and from the monastery. (Come back and talk to him later in various guises; he turns out to be quite the temple gossip.) Once he extends the bridge, go downstairs and head across it onto the mountain.

    Go straight ahead and enter the building in front of you. The Lama resides in a little nook to the right of the main Buddha shrine. Talk to him, and he'll give you a grounding in the basics of Buddhist philosophy, including the Wheel of Life and the Six Realms of Unenlightenment. When you finish speaking with him, he'll bid you explore the monastery and pay homage to the shrines.

    As the Lama hints and you'll quickly discover on your own, the object in Shangri-La is to visit the Six Shrines of the Unenlightened scattered about the monastery. At each, you'll have to offer the shrine an object which symbolizes the virtue which allows the souls there to enter Nirvana. When you do, the shrine will grant you a colored, magical sphere which you'll need later. The shrines can be visited in any order, so I'll give you instructions for each:

    Realm of the Gods: The Realm of the Gods is represented by a white Buddha, and its shrine is located near the top right corner of the monastery, down the steps from the main building and past Khan's tent. The vices of the gods' realm are selfishness and vanity, and its symbol of salvation is music, which breaks them of their complacency.

    You'll notice that there is a set of temple bells right across from the shrine, and their purpose should be fairly obvious. You'll have to play the "jewel" mantra you read by the animal shrine, "om ma ni pad me hum". First, though, you'll notice that the top right bell is rusty and needs oil. Use a little of your oil from Atlantis on it (or the butter boiler if you've already visited Hell's Realm) and it should function properly. Then, play the bells in this order:

    3 2 6 4
    5 X 1 X
    The statue's hand will open and the white sphere will be yours.

    Hell's Realm: Hell's Realm is represented by a black Buddha, and its shrine is located deep within the steam tunnels beneath the monastery (signified by a skeleton on your map). The vice of the souls condemned to Hell's Realm is wickedness, and its symbol of salvation is a purifying heat, to burn away their many sins.

    When you first enter hell's shrine, you'll notice its rather macabre appearance compared with the other shrines. An examination of the tools in the room reveals that there's something special about this particular statue: it's made of yak butter! (And yes, the Buddhists really did have such art.) The inscription on the wall suggests you "channel your energies" to find enlightenment.

    If you want to get the sphere, you'll have to channel your energies, or rather, the energy within the steam tunnels. You must rearrange the various doors so that all the steam is channeled into the shrine room, which will melt the statue. Use your steam tunnel map liberally (by dragging it onto the main window) - Arthur will keep it updated with your current location and the position of all the doors.

    Following is a list of how to set the doors to properly route the steam. This is not necessarily the order you have to set them in; be careful or you'll find yourself blocked in. Arthur will tell you when you've got it right.

    Map Symbol Position
    Leafless Tree Either
    Giant X Right
    Crossed Swords Left
    Three Spheres Left
    Cornucopia Right
    Linked Circles Left
    Linked Diamonds Left
    Conch Shell Left
    Realm of the Animals: The Realm of the Animals is represented by a green Buddha, and its shrine is located just at the other side of the lower rope bridge (near the pilgrim). The vice of the animal realm is ignorance, and its symbol of salvation is a book, representing wisdom.

    It just so happens that those things in the alcoves surrounding the Lama are Buddhist books, so we'll have to get one from him. Talk to the Lama in the guise of Genghis Khan, and he'll tell you still more about the Buddhist religion. Eventually, you'll have the option of inquiring about the Realms. Ask about the Realm of the Animals.

    The Lama will challenge you about the source of all suffering; to know the answer you must have read the inscriptions on the wall near the shrine and on the base of the shrine itself. The answer is "ignorance", and once you've responded correctly he'll reward you with a book. Return to the shrine and insert the book in that slot at the Buddha's feet, and you'll be rewarded with a green sphere.

    Realm of the Humans: The Realm of the Humans is represented by a blue Buddha, and its shrine is located in the main building where you first entered and met the Lama. The vice of the human realm is pride, and its symbol of salvation is the beggar's bowl, representing humility.

    Well, where have we met a beggar before? That's right, in Atlantis. Once you've completed the Resistance storyline there, return to the beggar's nook on the docks. You'll find that he's left his bowl behind. Take it and return to Shangri-La. Place it in the Buddha's hands to receive the blue sphere.

    Realm of the Asuras: The Realm of the Asuras is represented by a red Buddha, and its shrine is located just at the bottom of the stairs next to the main building, next to Khan's tent. The vice of the Asuras realm is envy and aggression, and its symbol of salvation is a flaming sword of truth.

    It's no coincidence that Genghis Khan has his tent pitched next to the shrine. The only sword you're likely to find in this monastery is sitting right next to him. You'll have to find some way to sneak around him. First, though, have a long chat with him (in the guise of the Lama; he won't speak with anyone else). He'll give you some very interesting information about the Siddha and the Siddha's Secret - and its power of transmutation.

    Notice the steam vent just behind Khan? If we're quiet, we just might be able to grab the sword. Enter the tunnels from one of the other entrances, and work your way around to the rightmost exit on the map. Quickly grab his sword, but be careful not to disturb him, lest he see you and attack. Once you've got it, return to the shrine and put the sword in its hand to receive the red sphere.
    Realm of the Pretas: The Realm of the Pretas is represented by a yellow Buddha, and its shrine is located in the greenhouse, reached by crossing the lower rope bridge and following the base of the wall all the way across to the far left side of the monastery. The vice of the Pretas realm is gluttony, and its symbol of salvation is the spiritual fruit.

    The gardener inside the greenhouse tells you that the Pretas are spirits doomed to eternal hunger for their gluttony in life. He gives offerings of spiritual fruit from the Wishing Tree to sate their hunger. Unfortunately, the tree hasn't been producing fruit of late, and its roots are rotting. Sounds like a little healing is in order?

    Walk to the right side of the greenhouse and climb down into the steam tunnels. You'll find the roots of the tree, which are indeed rotting. Pour some of the healing water from Atlantis on them and the tree will revive. Climb back upstairs and circle around to the scaffolding on the other side of the tree. Scale it to grab the fruit, as well as a knife and a map of the steam tunnels. Drop the fruit in the Buddha's bowl and receive a yellow sphere.

    Retrieving the Legacy: Once you've got all six spheres, make for the central temple, which is just past those inner doors next to the Shrine of the Gods. Pay special attention to the details of this room - it is by far one of the most stunningly gorgeous in the game. Head to the right as you enter, and take a gander at that tapestry on the wall. Then continue on down the stairs to the main floor.

    The floor is, as it happens, a replica of that wall hanging, depicting the six realms of the unenlightened. Walk to the far side of the column in the middle and you'll see a white statue, a smaller replica of the one outside. Its hand is outstretched as if expecting something, and by now you should be able to figure out what it is. Place the white stone in its palm.

    The section of floor nearest you will raise up into stairs, and at the top you'll find that another statue of a different color is accessible. Continue like this upwards to the top of the temple, placing stones and raising stair sections. As you go, read the inscriptions on the stairs - they tell the story of the fallen Siddha you kept hearing about, and his journey through the realms towards Nirvana.

    When you reach the top, you'll find that the column is capped by a giant lotus blossom, a symbol of enlightenment. As you approach it spins and opens into a stairway. Climb it and find yourself within the very top of the temple, inside those eyes you saw from the ravine's edge. The Legacy fragment is floating right in front of you. Grab it, but you'll notice something's not quite right: it's not a tetrahedron like the rest.

    Reading the inscriptions on the wall gives a clue: as the Lama and Khan suggested, this is the Legacy of Matter, capable of transmuting matter into other forms. What's more, it seems to be currently in a transmuted form itself, but we need it in its true form before it can be rejoined with the rest. The only person who might be able to change it back is the Siddha, but at last notice he was still lost somewhere within the six realms.

    Turn around and you'll notice that the third eye above the other two is made of crystal. Peer through it and you'll notice a curious thing: it is focused directly upon the pilgrim kneeling at the edge of the ravine. Recall what the Lama says - when the Siddha finally returns, he will be reincarnated as a human as the last step before Nirvana. Could this be him? It's our only shot.

    Make your way back to the pilgrim by the ravine. Speak to him, and he'll see that you are one short step away from enlightenment. Before he will change the Legacy for you, he asks that you drop all deception and illusion. Transform back to the chameleon suit's true form. He'll take the lotus from you and return it to its true form, and thank you for the chance to serve another. With your help, he will finally be able to reach Nirvana. Arthur will teleport you back to TSA headquarters with the final fragment of the Legacy.

     Assembling the Legacy 
    Once you've collected all three parts of the Legacy, you'll be teleported back to TSA headquarters just in time to see it come under attack by the Quo'Thalas forces. Before the power of the Legacy can be released, it has to be properly assembled. It's up to you, Gage, and there's not much time.

    This is the last puzzle in the game, and perhaps one of the most fiendish. You're faced with the three pyramidal fragments, placed in a triangular arrangement. They are projecting a hologram into the space between them. The object is to arrange the faces so that the fragments are projecting the Sosiqui insignia, which Arthur helpfully displays in the corner.

    To rotate the fragments on their base, click with your mouse along the base. To rotate a fragment while keeping the same face inwards, click with your mouse near the apex. Clicking directly on the active face will turn that fragment's hologram on or off.

    Again, I can't give you the exact solution to this puzzle, but a general strategy: turn off all the fragments, then turn them on and work with them one at a time counterclockwise from top. Try to find a face and orientation of that face that seems to display most of the symbol, then move on. The holograms interact so that if two project onto the same space, they cancel out, but all three projecting onto that space will appear lit. If you get stuck, Arthur has lots of explicit hints to offer.

    Once you've completed the Sosiqui symbol, the Legacy will activate and the final cutscene will play. Beg as you might, I'm not going to reveal what happens in the final sequence - if you've been paying attention to this walkthrough there's no excuse for not getting there yourself. Good luck, and happy gaming.

    Miscellany/Easter Eggs 
    There seems to be an odd bug where sometimes the game won't let you bring up your item inventory. If this happens, just walk a few screens away until it will let you, then return to wherever you needed the item.

    In what is probably one of Red Orb's less intelligent moves copyrightwise, all of the game's video is saved in the MOV file format, meaning you can open and resave them if you desire. Generally, there's one file for each character's interactions, one for the animated/interactive objects, and one for the prerendered walks between game nodes, all sorted by area. It would seem that the game cues up the appropriate bits by time index within the file. The 3D nodes themselves are stored in ARC archives, and Arthur's ramblings are in the Macintosh AIF sound format.

    By examining the movie files, I was able to find a number of easter eggs in the game. Below is a listing of all the ones I know about and how to activate them within the game. There are said to be at least seventeen, though, so I probably haven't found them all. Many are activated with the "E" key, for Easter Egg. If you find any more, by all means please mail me!

    • In an alternate version of the timesuit discovery in Ruined Atlantis, the suit's faceplate opens to reveal a production crewmember in full Vulcan regalia. I'm not certain who this is, but he bears the greatest resemblance to Greg Uhler, CFO and Producer at Presto. Hold down "E" as you click on the faceplate to see this.
    • There didn't seem to be any real easter eggs in Atlantis. Anyone find one I didn't?
    • In El Dorado, there's an alternate zoom down the temple shaft that continues through the mouth of the altar and apparently into the tunnels of Shangri-La. It goes up and out into Kahn's tent, where he promptly decks you, and the camera zooms back to where you started. Hold down "E" when you click the little zoom magnifier.
    • Also in El Dorado, there's a scene which has you using the elemental heads around the Legacy altar as a Whack-a-Mole game! Drag the coins from Atlantis onto the altar, then watch the fun.
    • In Shangri-La, you can apparently zoom into the top-right bell of the temple bells puzzle. The back is revealed as a can of "Shawn E. Ellis's Original Weak Sauce". (Ellis is a controller/accountant at Presto, who apparently annoyed some programmers with bean counting.) Hold down the "E" key when your mouse is over the bell; it should change to the Rotate icon, then click.
    • The steam tunnels have a number of secret "cave paintings" on the walls. You have to hold down "E" while moving the door and looking at the wall.
      • Three Spheres, door to the right, right wall, gold etching from the Pioneer 10/11 deep space probes
      • Crossed Swords, door to the left, right wall, phrase "DENY EVERYTHING" in X-Files/Aliens font
      • Linked Circles, door to the left, right wall, same message
      • Leafless Tree, door to the left, right wall, a bizzare praying mantis-like monster
    • Though there are seemingly innumerable ways to get Khan to introduce his fist to your face, there's one that causes you to actually see little tweeting birds above your head. Assume the form of someone he hates (and punches on sight), and attempt to talk to him three times.
    • Hold down "E" while walking up to the pilgrim by the cliff, then turn around to see a Mountain Dew can sitting on the pedestal.
    • NOTE TO MAC USERS: I'm told that you may have to use the ` key (left single quote) instead of "E" to activate some of these tricks. This has now been confirmed by the JMP3 webpage.
    • The Outtakes section of the JMP3 website has all sorts of truly wacky audio/video clips that didn't even make it on to the CDs.
    • STILL UNSOLVED: The Mission Secrets section mentions a mysterious (and totally useless) piece of cornbread that can be found somewhere in the game. It's known to be in El Dorado, and appears when a certain combination is entered into the pool lock, probably in the empty basket on the balloon dock or in the farmer's stable. If you manage to find it, please send me a note detailing exactly how!
    Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of everyone who helped me out by sending in more easter eggs. But to all of you, thanks!

    The game does have an official web site. In addition, you can visit Broderbund, Red Orb Entertainment, and Presto Studios at their respective websites. All images on this page were taken from the JMP3 site.

    Last updated 8/20/98. If you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions for improvement, please mail me. The most recent version of this page can always be found at http://incolor.inetnebr.com/mbeerman/jmp3walk.html. If you're viewing a mirror site, such as the Adrenaline Vault, you might want to check the original before sending in updates. This page copyright © 1998 by Matthew Beermann.



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