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The Journeyman Project II (2): Buried in Time Walkthrough

by Diana Griffiths


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    This walkthrough assumes you have read the Buried in Time (BIT) manual and are familiar with operating the game's user interface. BIT is not completely linear so this walkthrough is only one order of events while many others will also lead to a successful game completion.

    BIT can be played in two modes. Adventure mode, the default, includes several puzzles that can be avoided by playing in Walkthrough mode. I have provided instructions for both modes. Specific Adventure mode instructions, not applicable to Walkthrough mode, are at the end of the walkthrough, so as to avoid confusion in Walkthrough mode. Click on the link supplied to go the appropriate Adnventure mode instructions. If you wish to return to reading the walkthrough following the adventure mode instructions, click on the Return link supplied at the end of each set of instructions.

    All movement instructions are given according to the directions representing the Up, Down, Right, Left, Forward navigation arrows on the Jumpsuit. An additional instruction is given to pull back from the scene you are examining, Back, representing clicking when the cursor on screen is an arrow flipped back on itself. Each of these instructions is abbreviated as U D R L F and B when a series of movements is required.

    I have provided point accumulations in this walkthrough as the game does not report your scoring unless you finish or die.


    1. The cursor changes to a pointing hand to indicate you can activate/interact with an object or attempt to open a door.
    2. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass when you move it over an object you can examine.
    3. When you read books or papers, the cursor will take on different shapes according to what you can do with the pages. An eye with a down arrow scrolls down the page. An eye with an up arrow scrolls up. A book with a right arrow turns the page. A book with a left arrow turns the page back.
    4. Click the magnifying glass cursor in the middle of the inventory list to get a description of the object. Click on the rotating view of the object, the magnifying glass again, or one of the directional arrows to dismiss the item description and get your view-screen back.
    5. Note that you can use the up and down arrows in the inventory list while in 'describe' mode to scroll through the descriptions of the items in your inventory.
    6. You will acquire a companion early in this walkthrough called Arthur who will make the experience more enjoyable. He is actually an Artificial Intelligence to be stored and accessed through a biochip interface. He has Help and Comment functions. Selecting the Comment function, when it is highlighted, prompts Arthur to offer interesting historical information about the time period and locations you visit. His Help function provides hints. A hint costs 50 points so don't use this function. You won't need hints if you follow this walkthrough. Arthur also occasionally comments, sometimes helpfully, unprompted. Select Arthur's biochip as soon as you enter a new area. He'll frequently have helpful or amusing comments for you.
    7. When you jump to a time zone, you are arriving at the exact moment in time no matter how many times you return to that time zone. Hence the locale will be in its initial state, except for items you put in your inventory. These can not be found in their original locations. Arthur remembers what he's already commented on, and does not offer the same comments again.


    You are Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency. The year is 2318. Your future self arrives having jumped from the future. You hear that he has been accused of unauthorized time travel and potentially causing time distortions. He hands over his jump suit to you, automatically cloaking you while he is taken into custody. You then jump 10 years into the future.


    Select your Files biochip and read the files on the Jumpsuit (100) and the all the TSA Agent Dossiers (100) and Profiles (100).

    Points accumulation = 300

    Move forward and turn left to place yourself in front of the cabinet. Examine the figurine of Agent 5.

    Click on the figurine to play the message left for you by the Gage from 2128.

    Move back.

    Move R F F F F R D to in front of Gage's desk. Adventure Mode Instructions Examine the futuristic answering machine on the right. Click on the buttons on the left edge to play back each of the messages.

    Move U R F L F F L D to in front of the door to the enviro-projector room. Go forward into the room.

    Move F R F R D to a pair of seats. Pick up the remote control, if you like. You may find a use for it - I didn't!

    Move U L F L D to in front of the enviro-projector. Examine it. Press the right hand button for the Interactive News Network (INN). Review the Agent 5 Arrest story (100), the Symbiotry Discussions story (100), and both Louvre Auction stories. (100) (100)

    Points accumulation = 300 + 400 = 700

    Adventure Mode Instructions Note that the INN stories have hypertext links in the text sections at the end of the story. Click on highlighted words (just like the links in this HTML file) to receive additional information on that topic.

    View and read everything, then exit the news menu. Adventure Mode Instructions (200)

    Points accumulation = 700 + 200 = 900

    Select the Jump biochip and select Farnstein's Lab. You must read the mission briefing before the biochip will let you jump. Then jump to the space station.


    Adventure Mode Instructions


    Points accumulation = 900 + 200 = 1100

    The hatch you are facing is sealed by globules of seal-foam. Look down and turn left to look down the open corridor. Move forward until you reach the "Capacitance Array" hatch. Touch the hatch to open it. Move forward until you reach the "Docking Bay" hatch. Adventure Mode Instructions Touch the hatch to open it. Move forward to enter the Docking Bay. Save the game here. Move R F R F L F L L L F R R F L F R.

    Move forward to the "Scanner Room" hatch. Touch the hatch to open it. Move forward.

    You are greeted by the ship's non-organic sentient being, Arthur. Move forward when he asks and select Yes on the screen each time it appears.

    Turn right twice, to face the "A.I. Nexus" hatch. Look up and examine the override panel. Enter the code Arthur gives you into the panel: 32770. When it opens, touch the handle to blow the hatch. After your brief flight, touch the A.I. Nexus hatch to open it. Adventure Mode Instructions (200)

    Dr. Farnstein's recording will play, and Arthur will transfer a copy of himself to your blank biochip.

    Points accumulation = 1100 + 200 = 1300

    After the transfer, you are trapped in the A.I. Nexus. Select the Jump biochip. Adventure Mode Instructions

    Jump to Farnstein's Lab again.

    Adventure Mode Instructions Move R D F. Touch the hatch, and move forward until you reach the "Atmosphere Mining" hatch. Touch the hatch. It will not open at first, but Arthur will issue an override, and the hatch will part to allow you to enter the elevator to the asteroid. Move forward, then touch the button labeled with green text to ride the elevator to the tram inside the asteroid.

    Move R R D to view the elevator hatch. Touch it to open it. Move forward, then push the up arrow on the tram controls to ride it into the center of the asteroid.

    Adventure Mode Instructions

    Touch the up button again to take the tram to the elevator on the other side of the asteroid. Move right twice to face the elevator.

    Move forward to enter the elevator and press the green-labeled button to ride it down to the other side of the station. Look down and turn right. Take the empty water container. Turn right to face the hatch, and touch it to open it.

    Move F F R D to reach the "Biomass" hatch. Touch it to open it and enter the area.

    Move F F F L to examine the sculpture. Look down, and examine the equipment attached to the left of the rack the sculpture is mounted on, a harmonic resonator! Press the green button to test the current frequency indicated on the display. It will return "Negative Response". Move the cursor to the dial, and click when it changes to a right pointing arrow. This will rotate the dial and change the frequency. Keep changing frequencies until you get a "Positive Response". (100)

    Move back and look up. While your Evidence biochip is selected, touch the sculpture again. It will morph into a different form, and the biochip will recognize this as the temporal anomaly and automatically record it. (200) Select Review to look at the catalog of recorded evidence, and examine the evidence on the sculpture. (1000)

    Points accumulation = 1300 + 1300 = 2600

    From facing the sculpture, move L F D F. Touch the hatch to open it and exit to the corridor. Turn left and go forward. Touch the hatch and go forward. Touch the green button, move R R D and touch the hatch. Go forward, touch the down button, then turn right when the tram arrives at the center of the asteroid.

    Examine the recharge station, then place the water container over the blue valve. Turn the yellow valve to fill the container with water. Put the water container back in your inventory.

    Select the Jump biochip, select Chateau Gaillard, read the Mission Briefing, and hit the jump button.


    Fortunately the guard who turns and sees you is immediately killed by an arrow.

    Select Arthur's biochip. Select his Comment function when it is highlighted.

    Move forward and look down to examine the dead guard. Take the arrow in his back and put it in your inventory.

    Move U R R F F F F D F to climb down the stairs to the first landing.

    Move U L F R to face the door to the battlements inside the castle. Touch the door to open it and go forward.

    Move R F F L F R D. Take the grappling hook. Move U R F R F F R F F F F L Wait for a catapulted boulder to come crashing through the wall. Move F R D F to climb down to the ground below. (200)

    Points accumulation = 2600 + 200 = 2800

    Adventure Mode Instructions Select the Jump biochip and select "Da Vinci Studio". Read the Mission Briefing and Jump to the site.


    After you arrive, move L L D, and touch the balcony key to unlock the door. The key automatically goes into your inventory. Look up and touch the door to open it, then go forward. (100) You see a silhouette in the other tower, and your Evidence biochip automatically records this. (500)

    Points accumulation = 2800 + 600 = 3400

    Turn right twice, touch the door to open it, and move forward to return to the inside of the tower

    Move Adventure Mode Instructions L F R F. This puts you in front of one of Da Vinci's uncompleted paintings, and the Evidence biochip detects an anomaly. Move L L D. Select the Evidence biochip and select the Locate function. Move the cursor over the smudge and click to record the evidence. (500). Review the new evidence.(100)

    Points accumulation = 3400 + 600 = 4000

    Move U F F L L to face the elevator. Move forward to enter it, look down at the turnstile, and turn right. Touch the wheel to crank the elevator down to ground level. Look up and turn right to face the dark doorway. Open the door, and go forward into the grounds.

    Move forward, Adventure Mode Instructions and forward again to get to the door to the workshop. Open the door and go forward into the workshop. Move F L Adventure Mode Instructions F F F L D Adventure Mode Instructions and pick up the siege cycle. (200)

    Points accumulation = 4000 + 200 = 4200

    Move U L F F L F F to a small desk and a small cabinet on the wall. Look down and examine the diagram on the desk.

    Move U L F R F L F to reach the door to the courtyard. Open the door and go forward to enter the courtyard.

    Move R F L F R R F F L F L F R R to the catapult. Adventure Mode Instructions Turn left and move forward to mount the catapult. Move the horizontal control nine times to the right. Move the vertical control down twice. This should line you up with the balcony on the other. Pull the central lever to launch the catapult.

    Move L F L. Put the siege cycle on the wires. Climb up onto the siege cycle. Move forward to cycle up to the tower. (200)

    Points accumulation = 4200 + 200 = 4400

    Move F F L to face the balcony door. Look down. Use the balcony key to unlock the door. Look up and open the door. You see someone jumping out and hear something dropping onto the floor. Go forward to the inside, and the Evidence biochip detects an anomaly.

    Turn right and look down. Select the Evidence biochip. Use the Locate function and move the cursor over an electronic camera lens filter (500). Pick up the lens. Click on the lens icon in your inventory list to mount the lens on your camera. (100) (Leave the lens installed as you will need it later.)

    Points accumulation = 4400 + 600 = 5000

    Look up and go forward to reach a desk full of documents. The Evidence biochip detects another anomaly. Turn right and look down to face the notebooks. Examine each of them with the Evidence Locate function until you find one the Evidence biochip recognizes as an anomaly and records it. (200) Review the new evidence. The altered document is the "Codex Atlanticus". (1000)

    Points accumulation = 5000 + 1200 = 6200

    Move B U R F R F F L to face a cabinet. Open it and look inside. Take the preserved heart.

    Select the Jump biochip and select Chichen Itza from the menu. Read the Mission Briefing then Jump.


    Move R F L F to enter the temple. Read all the inscriptions at the top of the surrounding walls using the translator biochip. Note the inscription above the doorway. Turn to the dials on the back wall and examine them. Using the translator biochip to help you read the dials. Change the date to "8 Water". Move B L D, and pick up the ceramic bowl on the floor. Move U L F D to go outside and look down at the lap of the statue. Place the bowl on the statue and begin your journey into the underworld (200)

    Points accumulation = 6200 + 200 = 6400

    Adventure Mode Instructions Move forward until you reach a fork in the path. Turn right and go forward to the first temple. Select your Translator biochip and activate it. Examine the glyphs above the doorway to learn that this is the temple of the War God. Place the bloody arrow in the mouth on the lower right.

    Save your game here. Go forward to enter. The door closes behind you so if you leave before you have completed your task here you will have to restore the game. There is only one offering that will open the door and you have used it already. Look to either side and on the floor. There are two serpent heads, one on each side, and a skeleton at your feet to the right. Pick up the skull.

    Click on the serpent head on the left. Put the skull in the jaws of the serpent on the left. Adventure Mode Instructions

    Turn right and move forward until you reach the altar of the war god. Look down, and pick up the obsidian block. (200) Move U R R then go forward until you reach the door of the temple. Open the door, then go forward twice to return to the fork in the path.

    Points accumulation = 6400 + 200 = 6600

    Go forward twice to navigate the pillars and stand in front of the temple of the water god. Place the water container in the mouth on the lower right. Move forward until you reach the far end of the bridge. Turn right to take a look at the temple entrance. There is no way across so turn right and go forward to walk back across the bridge. When you hear the noise turn right twice to see the sections of the bridge swinging out of synchronization. Save your game.

    When the next section close enough for you to step onto it, the forward arrow will light. Click on the forward arrow when the next section is close and on its downward swing. Save your game as you make progress across the gorge. It might be a good idea to use a separate save file for this in case you panic and save at a particularly bad time.

    Once you reach the other side move forward twice to reach the altar of the water god. Look down and pick up the limestone block. (200)

    Points accumulation = 6600 + 200 = 6800

    Jump to Chateau Gaillard.


    Move R R F F F D F to climb down the stairs. Move U L F R, open the door and go forward to exit the tower. Move F F F F L, and wait for the boulder to crash through the wall. Move F R D F to climb down.

    Turn right, go forward and open the door. Go forward to enter the Smithy. Move L F R F R F to reach the forge. Look down at the forge. Adventure Mode Instructions Take the copper key. (200)

    Points accumulation = 6800 + 200 = 7000

    Move U R R F L F L F R to return to the Smithy's door. Open the door and move F F F R F L F R F to the moat. The Evidence biochip detects a temporal anomaly. Select the Evidence biochip, then look left and down. Select the Locate function. Click to record it. (500) Review this evidence. (100)

    Points accumulation = 7000 + 600 = 7600

    Turn right and move forward to wade under the moat to the other side. Look up. Save your game here. Throw the grappling hook up to the window.

    As soon as your direction arrow lights up, go forward to climb the rope. At the top, select your Cloak biochip and Activate it before the guards find you.

    After the guards have left to search for you elsewhere, deactivate your cloak. Select Arthur. Move F R F D to reach the front of the cabinet. Touch it to examine it, and you will discover a hidden panel with an impression for a key. The key is missing, but it looks like the one you just made. Move B U L L F F to get a closer look at the tapestry. Activate a mechanism of some sort.

    Move R R F L F F to reach the stairwell. Move L D F to climb down to the next landing. Move U L F to reach the door to the study. Touch the door, then go forward to enter.

    Move R F F R D to look in the fireplace. Pick up the burned letter. Select the translation biochip and activate it, then select the letter in the inventory to read it.

    Move U R F F F D. There are two journals you can read here, again with the aid of your translator biochip.

    Move U R F F D. This diagram of the castle shows an unidentified chamber below the food cellar.

    Move U R R F L F to return to the door you came in. Open it then move F F L D F to walk down to the bottom of the tower. Move U L F to reach the cellar door.

    Open the door, and the another TSA agent and jumps out. The Evidence biochip records the fact that there another unauthorized TSA agent in this time zone. (500)

    Points accumulation = 7600 + 500 = 8100

    Move F L F L D to reach the chest the TSA agent was standing in front of. Unlock the chest with the copper key. Move forward to climb into the chest. Climb into the storage chamber underneath. (200)

    Points accumulation = 8100 + 200 = 8300

    Look down and right. Open the chest and take some gold coins. Move U R R F. Your Evidence biochip has found another anomaly. Look right and down to look at a collection of items. Select the Evidence biochip, select Locate, and examine the sword. (200) Review the evidence on the sword. (1000)

    Points accumulation = 8300 + 1200 = 9500

    Jump to Chichen Itza


    Move R F L F. Examine the dials. Change them to read "8 Water", if necessary. Move B L D and pick up the bowl. Move U L F D and put the bowl in the statue's lap.

    Move forward through the first fork in the path and on to another fork in the path. Turn left to face the temple, and go forward to stand in front of it. Use the translator biochip to identify this as the temple of the wealth god, and note that all who approach must "turn their backs to worldly possessions and lower their heads in humility".

    Place the gold coins in the mouth on the lower right. Move forward until you reach a rope bridge. A golden doorway lies on the other side of the gorge.

    Lower your head in humility by looking downward. Turn right and look down. Adventure Mode Instructions Move forward to climb down the rope to the real temple, below you on the cliff face. Move forward twice to reach the altar of the wealth god. Look down and take the jade block from the altar. (200)

    Points accumulation = 9500 + 200 = 9700

    Move U R R F F to return to the mouth of the temple. Move R U F to climb back up to the base of the bridge. Move forward twice to reach the door to the temple. Open it and move F F L F to reach the door to the last temple, the temple of the god of death.

    The Evidence biochip detects an anomaly. Look down. Select the biochip and select Locate. Examine the ground on the right. The biochip records the evidence (500). Review this evidence.

    Points accumulation = 9700 + 500 = 10200

    Put the obsidian, limestone and jade blocks in the mouth on the lower right.

    Move F F F F D to examine the sacrificial altar. The Evidence biochip detects another anomaly. Locate the anomaly in the bloody pool on the left. Review this evidence; synthetic blood. (500)

    Points accumulation = 10200 + 500 = 10700

    Put the heart in the bloody bowl. The Mayan Coffer bought at the auction appears.

    The Evidence biochip detects an anomaly. Save your game here. If you select the wrong combination you will be poisoned.

    Activate the translator biochip, to read the symbols, Turn the symbols so they read: 'The Breath of Itzamna'. Touch the right side of the Mayan box to open it. (200) The Evidence biochip automatically records the anomaly inside. Take the environ cartridge from the Mayan coffer. (1000)

    Points accumulation = 10700 +1200 = 11900

    Use the Jump biochip Recall function to return to your apartment.


    Move R R F R D F R F F L D. Select the projector and insert the environmental cartridge. The cartridge begins playing. (100)

    Points accumulation = 11900 +100 = 12000

    Before you finish reviewing the cartridge, you are interrupted and incapacitated by TSA Agent 3.


    When you recover, your jumpsuit is inoperative. TSA Agent 3 explains her reasoning and actions to you while Arthur to tries to take over the computer system. He takes some time but eventually succeeds except for needing the agent's password. Enter the correct password (TSA Agent 3's leisure activity): 'GRAVBALL'. Arthur breaks into the system, causing TSA Agent 3 to jump out and the power to black-out. (200)

    Points accumulation = 12000 + 200 = 12200

    You also lose your companion, the biochip copy of Arthur.

    Move R R F F D. Pick up the glowing blue object. It is a charged fusion generator core. Move U R R F D. Press the eject button and take the burned out core. Insert the charged generator core and the power will return.

    Move U R R F F R F to the plasma tool. Examine it. Scroll through the list of items to the "transport code". Select "Run Program". Keep doing this until you have written down the entire "transport code".

    Turn right to the bulletin board. Read the post-it note. (100) Examine the INN display screen. Select the Symbiotry Technology Discussions and listen to the news on the withdrawal of Ambassadors Icarus of the Krynn. (100) Page forward to the text section, select the Appeal for Denial and check the hypertext link for the Krynn. Their data corresponds to the sight and sound data on the post-it note. Adventure Mode Instructions Exit the INN system.

    Points accumulation = 12200 + 200 = 12400

    Move R F L F R R to the transporter. Save your game here. Make sure you have the special lens filter attached to your camera. Touch the transporter and enter the transport code: '657255190235'. Do not press the ENTER key. Adventure Mode Instructions The machine will open. Go forward and you will transport to the. . . (200)

    Points accumulation = 12400 + 200 = 12600


    Move F L F R F to reach a junction in the corridor. Save your game here.

    Turn right, and some aliens will be detected. Select your Cloak biochip and Activate it.

    After the aliens pass, deactivate your cloak. Touch the cabling at the base of the ring in front of you to travel down the tube. Repeat this to enter the room at the end of the tube.

    Ignore the pod you are facing as you enter. Go right (counter-clockwise) and turn left to face two pods. Examine the pod on the upper right. Place the explosive charge on the seal in front of the sword. Take the sword. Continue counter-clockwise and examine each of the pods and open the seals with the sword. Take the Sculpture, the Coffer, the Codex Atlanticus and the Environ Cartridge. (200). Return to the mouth of the tube that brought you here.

    Points accumulation = 12600 + 200 = 12800

    Touch the cabling to move down the tube. Repeat this to get to the end of the corridor. Adventure Mode Instructions

    Move L F L. Save your game here. Move forward toward the transporter pods. Ambassador Icarus arrives through the middle transporter. He places you in one of the inorganic transporters in order to transport your suit from around you. Drop the burned-out generator core inside the transporter pod. This pushes Icarus into the other inorganic transporter.

    Move forward as soon as you can.

    Disabling the Krynn Ambassador

    Push the pink button to right on his transporter, as above, to tranport his inorganic appendages. All he can do now is swim off!

    Turn right and go forward to enter the middle (organic/inorganic) transporter. Turn right twice to face the front of the transporter. Push the pink button on the left to transport home (200)

    You are awarded 2000 bonus points for completing the game. (2000)

    Points accumulation = 12800 + 2200 = 15000 (Maximum Points!).

    Enjoy your success while you can!


    1. Examine the papers on the left of the desk. Read all of Gage's notes. Return
    2. Watch the commercials which precede most of the stories. Write down the order codes for all products except the Geno Andrews cartridge (unless you want to play it for fun). Return
    3. Move forward to stand up.
      Move R F F R F R F F F L F to the replicator panel. Press the Power button, then the Menu button, then select ShopNet. Enter the product codes you saw during the commercials on INN: 625-94-978 and 689-22-378. Order the translator biochip and the Cheese Girl. Exit ShopNet and then select Post Box. Select the translator biochip and put it in your inventory. Repeat for the Cheese Girl. Return
    4. You land outside the station! Place the Cheese Girl at the left edge of the jumpsuit screen. Return
    5. The hatch will not open. Move L U F and examine the screen. Click on the section of the diagram representing the Capacitance Array, a blue circle. Click on the blue circle again. Something is blocking the hatch to the "Habitat Wing".
      Move B U R F R R F to the Habitat Wing hatch. Pick up the metal bar.
      Move R R F L U F to the control screen. Click on the Capacitance Array on the diagram again and the room you are in will fill with oxygen and fill your emergency oxygen reserves. Move B U R F to the Docking Bay hatch. Return
    6. The three red dots above three green dots must be exchanged to open Arthur's core. There is one empty position. Move the dots one over another so that the dot lands in the empty position until all the green dots are above all the red dots. Return
    7. Select the Recall button.
      Move F F F F L F L F to the kitchen. Buy another Cheese Girl via ShopNet. Select the Jump biochip and prepare to jump back to Farnstein's Lab. Note: When you get to the lab you must hurry as you will use up your emergency air reserves quickly. Return
    8. Use the Cheese Girl on the left of the screen again. Go to the Capacitance Array, and the atmosphere control panel. Move D L F F F F F. Touch the hatch, then move F F L U F. Use the control panel as before, but pressurize the Biomass section of the station. Do not pressurize the Capacitance Array. Move B R U F R R F. Return
    9. Turn right and examine the control panel sticking up on the left side of the railing. Touch "Run Mining Cycle" to extract ice chunks from the asteroid. After watching the process, turn left and look down to turn back to the control panel and examine it again. Touch "Run O2 Extraction" to remove Oxygen from the ice, then move B R R to face the recharge station. Examine the recharge station and touch the nozzle on the right to replenish your suit's oxygen reserve. Move B R R R to face the tram controls. Return
    10. Turn right and go forward to the door of the Smithy. Touch the door to open it, and go forward to the inside. Turn right, look down and.pick up the hammer. Return
    11. R F L F. This puts you in front of a panel with two levers with Latin labels. Use the Translate biochip to read them. Set the levers to Unlock and Up. Look down and touch the wheel to winch the elevator up. Move U R R F R F R R Return
    12. R F F R D. Pick up the rope. Move U R F F R Return
    13. F L F F F R to the wheel assembly and then examine the diagram underneath it using the translator biochip

      Move B D L. Pick up the pegs.

      Move U L F F F F L F R F R. Pick up the gear assembly.

      Move R F L F R F Return
    14. Put the wheel assembly, the gear assembly and the pegs on the jig. Use the hammer on the pegs. Return
    15. Look down. Operate the handle. Look up. Return
    16. Look down and pick up the skull. Look up, go forward then look down at the second skeleton. Pick up the copper medallion by its hand. Return
    17. Remove the skull, immediately turn right and go through the door. Go forward to the second set of serpent jaws. Put the skull in the jaws of the serpent on the left. Turn right and go forward. Take the skull on the left and return to the second set of serpent jaws. Put the skull in the empty serpent jaws. Take the skull from the jaws opposite and return to the first set of serpent jaws. Put the skull in the empty jaws. Return to the second set of serpent jaws and take the skull from the one side and place it in the jaws on the other side. Return
    18. Touch the discolored brick on the right to reveal a key mold lying underneath. Place the copper medalion into the pan in the forge. Operate the wooden lever above the forge to pump the bellows and melt the copper. Touch the melted copper and it will be poured into the mold. Return
    19. Tie the coil of rope you found at Da Vinci's Studio onto the extra anchor. Return
    20. Note the three digit "Transport Prefix". Return
    21. The screen will prompt you for another code. Enter the Transport Prefix: '272'. Return
    22. You arrive against a closed membrane that opens to reveal Krynn nearby. You need to seal it again to prevent being captured. Use the sword on the cabling at the base of the ring. Return

    This walkthrough is copyright © 1995 by Diana Griffiths. All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.



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