James Bond: The Stealth Affair Walkthrough


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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James Bond: The Stealth Affair Walkthrough

by Al Giovetti


  1. Read Al's Review
  2. Introduction
  3. The Airport
  4. Downtown
  5. Cave
  6. The Beach Outside the Cave
  7. You should now be in the bathrrom with a soldier.
  8. Getting Past the Guard Room
  9. References
  10. Letters

    The puzzles are basically the old pixel hunt game. A few small pixels (picture element dots) on the screen are active and will respond to the cursor when clicked on. The active areas in the game are a little larger than the ones found in Future Wars, and earlier Delphine game.

    Frustrating arcade sequences are in abundance during the game. Use the old maxim: save often and save early. I would like to add save smart to this oft quoted phrase. Make sure you err on the side of too many save games than too few.

    By speeding up (+) and slowing down (-) the arcade sequences, you can usually find a speed that is ideal for that puzzle and make the game go easier.

    The Airport

  1. Examine newspaper box. Examine coin return slot. Use coin on coin slot. Read newspaper and note the country who is hosting peace talks. Germany or France may be the correct name. The nationality on the newpaper is randomized each time you play the game.
  2. Enter bathroom. Enter the toilet. Open briefcase. Open passport. Take currency out of passport, passport, and pen. Operate the calculator. Program the calculator for the country having peace talks from the newspaper. Use used passport on the passport falsifier to tranform it into another nationality. Select the country. operate the enter button.
  3. Go west to customs official. Use the newly changed passport on the customs official outside the bathroom in the lobby.
  4. Go to baggage area. Talk to hostess. Read the telegram she gives you. Make a note of the name and the flight on the telegram.
  5. Go west. Use airline ticked on baggage guard.
  6. Go west to baggage carousel. Take the blue bag with the tag Mr. Martinez. Open the bag. Take watch and razor.
  7. Go to the other bathroom just east of the baggage area. Examine electric razor. Plug razor into wall socket. Use baggage on trash bin.
  8. Go west to customs official, show customs official passport.
  9. go west and leave terminal.
  10. Go to taxi stand. Wait. Enter taxi.


  11. James should be in the street. The florist is to the east. James can exit the street to west into the partk, the bank and the beach. The hotel entrance is north of the beach. Go west. Enter bank. Use currency on bank teller two times. James should now have coins. Exit bank.
  12. Go east. Use coins on florist. Take red carnation. Use red carnation on James.
  13. Go west to the park. Sit on the bench. Wait. You will be given a key.
  14. Go back to the bank. Use the key and the card on the bank teller.
  15. Go to west to vault. Use key on safe #2475. Take the small box, the safe-cracking box, out of the bank box. Open the envelope. Take the envelope.


  16. Go west out the bank vault to the cave. You are trapped in a cave and now you have to get out. Examine the ground. Operate the ground. Use ropes on metal piece. Examine the rock wall until you find the location where there is a fresh breeze. Use pickaxe on the wall where there is the breeze. If nothing works try a different location. Keep using pickaxe where hole is opening until you have a tunnel out.
  17. Go out cave through tunnel. This would be a good time to save your game. You must traverse the maze to land before you suffocate in the tunnel. The tunnel is filled with water, so you must go up to the surface to breath at least once before you get to the third screen. Leaving the underwater tunnel takes you to the florist. Go west to the street and west again to the beach.

    The Beach Outside the Cave

  18. Go to the beach. Speak with the man two times. Use the coins on the man.
  19. Go north to Hotel Lobby. Speak to the receptionist. Take the stairs to the top floor. Go up four times.
  20. Go to the last door at the end of the hall. Open the door and enter suite. Exit suite to the east.

    Water and Women

  21. You find yourself on the boat. Operate the bracelet on the boat. You will go to the bottom beneath the boat. When you reach the bottom, save your game.
  22. Operate bracelet. Swim over close to the woman. Swim to the surface.
  23. You should find yourself at the palace after you get through the arcade maze through Spy Headquarters. There are four levels in the Palace and they are full of rats. When you push one door you may change other doors at other locations in the maze. After the maze you will find yourself in the palace hall. Operate hall door. Enter the President's office. Examine Statue. Operate the statue's arm. Use the safe cracking box, the little box, on the safe.
  24. The safe cracking box starts working when you operate the validation button. You operate the up and down buttons while watching the box to determine the numbers and their sequence in the combination for opening the safe. Once you have one number, which will show up in one column, operate lock combination and do the same thing for the next number in the next column. After getting all the numbers operate the validation button. Take the safe-cracking box. Operate safe combination. Examine envelope in the safe. Take envelope.


  25. Save your game before the obligatory arcade sequence. In this area it is important not to run into the rocks. Your goal is to get next to the other boar and crash your boat into his boat. In the second arcade sequence, you are trying to get to the sub, and you must aboid the other guys to get there.
  26. When you get to the submarine you need to swim underwater. Follow the fish to find the safe way to get from one screen to the other. When you get to the ocean floor, examine the seaweed. Operate the seaweed. You should now have the elastic band.
  27. Go East. Go East. Go east. Examine the palm tree. Operate the palm tree. Operate button on palm tree. Enter tunnel. Operate porthole.

    You find yourself in a cage at Spyder Headquarters.

  28. This area has two corridoors, one south and one north. The south corridor has two rooms off the north side, the storage room in the west snd the soldiers quarters on the east (right). The north corridor has the bathroom to the west and the officer station to the east.
  29. Operate your pen on the lock. Operate your watch on the wall two times, once each on the left and right (far right) walls. Climb across the "line" until you are near the grill. Operate grill.
  30. You will have to traverse a maze through the piranha pit, save when you can for this arcade sequence.

    You should now be in the bathroom with a soldier.

  31. Operate soldier. Examine boots and find laces. Get laces. Tie up soldier with laces. Take clothes, boots, napkin. Use the napkin on soldier to shut him up. Use boots and clothes on yourself (James) as a disguise. Examine sink. Get glass.
  32. Go to storage room. Operate and examine all drawers. Take blank stamp and laces. Use laces on James.
  33. Go to quarters. Examine clothes. Get mission instructions. Operate garbage disposal. Take lifeboat.
  34. Go to the norheast corridor. Officer will send you to get a glass of water.
  35. Go back to quarters. Operate glass on fountain to get glass of water.
  36. Return to officers station in northeast corridor. Save game. Use full glass of water on officer.
  37. While officer is drinking the water take the validation stamp on his desk.
  38. Go back to quarters. Operate validation stamp on ink pad. Use inked valadation stamp on mission instructions.
  39. Go back to northeast corridor. Examine thumbprint I.D. device. Operate cigarette case. Examine cigarettes. Operate cigarette with blue ring. Use cigarette paper on glass to get fingerprint. Use fingerprint on fingerprint I.D. device.

    Getting Past the Guard Room

  40. Go north. Go north. Use now authorized mission documents on the mailbox.
  41. Go north into Hallway. Use electric cable on electric plug. Operate razor. Operate razor on trashcan.
  42. Go north to Headquarters Control room. After the island surfaces and razor speakes, use cigarette with red ring on computer. Operate Otto. Use compact disk on CD player.
  43. Go north to helicopter.
  44. Use elastic band on bomb. When falling, operate lifeboat.



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