Welcome to the Innocent Until Caught walk-through. This document contains the complete step-by-step solution for the game. These hints are accurate for both the Amiga and PC versions.

You may wish to save this document to your local drive to be printed out and referred to later.

Each section is separated by a header, to make it easier to choose only the section of the hints which you need to continue in the game.

Good Luck!


Talk to the passport official. He will tell you to see the Pawnbroker about a job.

Steal the passport off of the bench.

Go into the bar, and pick the pawn ticket out of the barfly's pocket.

Go further into the bar, and grab the jar and lid. Put the lid on the jar to make a single object.

Outside the Paradise club, give the passport to the bouncer to get access.

Go inside and talk to the madam. She will give you a mission to return a vase. While you are inside, grab the chewing gum off the corner of the receptionist's desk, the perfume off the table, and the cane off the floor.

Go into the pawn shop, and talk to the pawnbroker. Give him the pawn ticket from the bar, and he will give you a camera. Reach into the vase to the left to find a gum wrapper.

Walk into the alley next to the pawnbroker's. At the entrance are a bag, a pipe, and a hose. Grab the bag and the hose. Walk past the bum to the next screen.

At the diner, talk to the bikers. One of them will ask you to find his ornament. Also, on the side of the diner is a "Power Point" where you can recharge the camera. Grab the oil can while you are here, as well, and look into the trash can to find an egg.

Go back to the alley. Use the camera on the bum to blind him, and liberate his hat. Reach into the hat to find some loose change.

Go back into the pawnshop, grab the vase, and put it into the bag (after all, it's your bag, so it's your vase. Right?). Take this vase back to the madam, and give it to her. Talk to her, and she will let you take the ornament.

Take the ornament back to the biker. Talk to him, and he will give you his friend's coat (which will appear as money in the bag).

Return to the bar, and sit on the leftmost stool (don't worry, there's no gum on it). Order a drink from the barman, and pay him with the loose change from the bum's hat. A fight will break out (which you will wisely avoid), after which all that remains of the participants will be a ring. Get the ring, and the one coin that the bartender gives you as change.

Wrap the wrapper around the coin to make a slug. Use this to get into the subway (once you do this the first time, you can enter any subway for free, as long as you keep the "token"). In the subway, use the oilcan to loosen the screwdriver on the vending machine, then grab it. Also grab the radio at the far end of the platform, and the aerosol can from the train.

Go back to the bar (you're spending a lot of time there, aren't you?) and talk to the robowaiter. It will stand still for a while, giving you time to sneak behind it and use the screwdriver (the tool, not the drink) on its inner workings. This will give you a circuit board, which you can combine with the radio to make a remote control (bet you didn't know Jack was an electronics wizard!).

Go past the bikers to the docks, and try to board the boat. A robot will come out to stop you. Use the remote control on the robot, and watch it go wacko. On the rail of the boat is a captain's hat. Return this to the pawnbroker to get a "magic" carpet.


At this point the game can take one of two courses. You can either bring the ring to "The Hill" and show it to the camera to return it to the syndicate boss, or you can return it to the pawnbroker. Whichever one gets the ring will give you a mission to get a statue, an egg, and some bonds (if you don't get access to "The Hill", don't worry about it).

Connect the aerosol can (from the train) to the hose (from the alley) to make an airgun. Take the train to "The Hill", and go into the art gallery (the last door before the cameras). Before you go into the gallery, grab the mushroom from next to the cameras. Enter the gallery and grab the pellet off the first pedestal and put it in your inventory.

Use the airgun to shoot the glass of the display case. Do this twice. Put the carpet on the display case (Jack will actually lay the carpet down on the floor). Use the airgun again to knock the statue out of the case onto the carpet. Shake the carpet to get the statue, then return it to either the pawnbroker or the crime boss.


Take the train to Regurgi Station, and go to the abandoned hot dog stand. Put the jar on the stand to fill it with mayonnaise, then grab a hot dog from the stand. Walk over to the fly and use the jar (which is now filled with mayonnaise) to trap the fly.

Continue to the police station. Talk to the police sergeant. When he mentions the word drug bust, click on his words. He will give you a bag of flour (yes, it's really flour).

Go next door to the bank. Click on a window to talk to the cashier. Try to open an account with the bag of coins. She will tell you to press the buzzer by the door. Do this, and give the coins to the man (oh, parting is such sweet sorrow!). Press the buzzer again. This time the door will stay open, so you can press the chewing gum into the latch. When it closes again, open it and walk through. Use the screwdriver on the keyhole at the top left of the filing cabinet, then use it again to get blueprints.

Take the subway to East Erux. Use the screwdriver on the kid's balloon (boy, you're a jerk!) and grab the string.

Take the train back to either Badside or Spaceport, and go back to the docks. A garbage truck will come and give you a lift to the zoo -- traveling in high style!

At the zoo, grab the vine and the stick, and connect them to make a grappling hook. Connect the string from the balloon with the cane from Paradise to make a bow.

Use the perfume on the monster to knock it off the edge, then use the bow to shoot the grappling hook into the roof above the monster. This will make a rope swing, which you can use to cross the gap.

Feed the hot dog to the man-trap plant so you can get past, then drop the ordinary egg into the nest to swap it for the alien egg.

Swing back to your starting point, and remove the straw and grille from the hole. Grab another piece of vine, and string it down the hole. Climb down into the sewer.

In the sewer, use the blueprints twice to find the spot closest to the vault. Put the mushroom into the alcove here. Stand back, and use the jar containing the fly. The fly will go to eat the mushroom, which will explode, creating an opening into the vault.

Enter the vault. Use the bag of flour to show the lasers, so that you can walk through. Grab the bonds off the nearby safe, and walk back out.

In the sewer, there is a pathway leading away from the screen. Walk down this pathway, and you will end up in one of the subway stations. Give the bonds and the egg to either the pawnbroker or the mob boss, and he will "reward" you... heh heh heh....


Relax. Stay a while. Have a seat. Specifically, sit on the bed.

Pick up the device on the floor. Look at it with the magnifying glass. Use it.

Walk into the cell next door and meet your new best friend, Narm N'Palm. He's a twit. Quite possibly the biggest doofus this side of the galactic border. But he'll be the most valuable resource you have. At least until you meet Ruthie....

Pick up the mat that is camouflaged as a floor, and open the trapdoor. Work your way through the maze. The best way to do this is just to wander around until you find a dead end, and then backtrack to the last turnoff. The exit is in the upper right corner, but you'll need to go to the lower left before you get there.

Once you get outside, use the device again. There aren't any walls to blow holes through, so it'll do something different this time.


Talk to the federation agent here. Squeeze all of the information you can out of him. Promise to do everything he asks you to do. In other words, lie through your teeth.


In the cabin, grab the flowers off the dresser.

Walk into the hallway and give the flowers to the newlyweds. While they're distracted, borrow the husband's wallet. Look inside the wallet to get a credit card and a passport.

Go into the bar. Talk to Narm if you REALLY want to, then talk to the bartender. Give him the passport and credit card to get your entertainment for the next two weeks...


At the customs site, tell Narm to distract the old lady. While she is making him miserable, steal the stole (get it? Get it? Never mind).

Walk off to the left, and then head into the hardware shop. Take a look at the screwdrivers. Take a real close look. Look at them with your pocket. Now talk to the shopkeeper. Since you don't have any money, ask him for a free donation, and you will get a box of bits. Then ask him his political inclinations to get a book. Read this book carefully (don't worry about memorizing the password--Jack will do that for you).

Use the screwdriver on the box of bits to make a clockwork mouse. Put the fur stole on this mouse to make a better mouse-trap. Actually it's a dog-trap, but that's another story.

Go into the bar (frankly, I'm surprised you kept Jack out of the bar for this long!). Talk to the lab technician and get a love letter to deliver to Ruthie.

Go to the palace and talk to the guards to give them the password. As soon as you get in the palace, take a sharp right (the path is hidden by a building).

You will see a very nasty-looking hungry dog waiting for you. Use the bait to distract the dog so you can walk past. In the garden, climb up the rose trellis (don't worry, it's safe!) to get in the window.

Talk to Ruthie. Tell her how you feel. On second thought, tell her how you think she ought to want you to feel. Whatever you do, don't give her the letter! If you do things right, the letter will end up in pieces.

Go back to the bar and talk to the lab technician. Tell him what a good job you did delivering the letter, and tell him how much Ruthie wants to meet him. Then ask him for a favor. Get the lab keys from him.

Go back to the customs site and tell Narm to get you a uniform. --

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