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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Walkthrough

by Shadow Dragon (who else?)

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Indy music added here)

    Well, there are lots of random things in the game so what might work for me wont work for everyone cause I am not entirley sure what parts are random.

  1. In the beginning, you can go box if ya want by going to your locker room.
  2. Then go out the door and talk to Marcus. Ask him about the guy's situation and the new archaeologist.
  3. Then go back to the 1st door you saw and open it. When inside, tell the kids you have a solution for everyone and for the secretary to take down their names. When inside your office, pick up all the junk mail and papers to get the package. Open the package and there's the grail diary! Then leave by the window.
  4. Then go to Henry's house and go to the bedroom. Pick up the painting of the trophy. Go back to the living room and pick up the plant and table cloth to move them.
  5. Then go to the leaning bookcase and push it. Get the tape on the back of the bookcase. Go back to your office and use the jar of liquid on the tape. Go back to your dad's house and open the chest with it. Get the old book and leave to Italy.
  6. In the library, go to the lower shelves to look for books. Keep going to the lower shelves until Mein Kampf, biplane instruction book, and a catacombs book are found. Mein Kampf is the leaning book, the biplane book is black and in a how-to-do enclopedia like series. The catacombs is a yellow book in a series about maps of ancient Rome.
  7. Now go find the post and red cordon and pick them up. After that, open the computer version of the grail diary and it will show a window and tell what plaque to look at.
  8. Go find the correct window and look at it. It says it's the correct window.Now look at the correct plaque and use the post on the slab with the roman numeral from the plaque.
  9. Now look at the book about the catacombs. The top map is the upper level which you're on and the lower map is the bottom level.
  10. The sections where it shoes a closer view of Indy are the round looking parts which connect tunnels. Find the nearest one from the one you started from and go there to pick up the skeleton's arm/hook.
  11. Now keep going till you come to the manhole. Go up it and look at the wine bottle near the lovers. Get the wine bottle and use it in the fountain. Go back to the torch you should have passed along the way to get to the manhole. Use the bottle on it and pick it up.
  12. You should have fallen into a passage. Go right and choose the room on the right. Keep going past the bridge to look at the inscription.
  13. The inscription will narrow the grail choices to 2. BE SURE TO WRITE THEM DOWN. That is very important for the end.Now go to the plug and use the hook and whip on it.
  14. Go to the room on left and climb the ladder. Then go right and go to the room to the southeast where water use to be until the plug was pulled. Continue along the passage.
  15. Go north into the machine room and use the red cordon on the machine. Then use the wheel to operate it. Leave and go east and north and east again to a room with statues.
  16. Use the computer grail book again and push the statues to correct combo.
  17. Enter the door and go in a westerly direction past the bridge and skeleton room.
  18. In the next section go northwest to the skull playing room. Look at the computer grail book for the correct notes and play them.
  19. Enter the door and continue to go in an easterly direction to the tomb. Open the tomb and look and then go to the lock and pull it. Leave to the castle where your father is!
  20. Once in the castle, ask the butler if he has relatives near him and till him Otto sent you but he is ok. Then say you have proof you are telling the truth.
  21. Go north to passageways and go south then east. Choose the lower door on the east wall. Talk to the drunk about everything except don't say he's drunk. After getting the stein from him,
  22. go to the next door in the hallway just above the one you're in. Once there, get the ale from keg and use it in the fire place. Get more ale and get the roast boar after it cools off.
  23. Go back to castle entrance and go to the hall.
  24. I am not sure if the guards are random about what you can say to keep from fighting them. I will tell what I said.
  25. Go to south hallway and tell the guard you have come to interrogate the prisoner, you are Gestapo, and ask if he's leaking information.
  26. Then go to 1st room on right to get servant uniform. Then go to room on left and push the suit of armor in the far right corner.
  27. Leave and go to north hallway. Tell the guard you're selling leather jackets for $15 and you have authorization.
  28. Go upstairs and go south and east. Enter the north door and open the trunk to get money. Then wear servant uniform.
  29. Walk south to the guard and give him the painting. Watch the cut-scene about the painting and change back to Indywear.
  30. Now go to east end of hallway and north. Enter the door and open the trunk for the uniform. Look at the uniform to get the key.
  31. Go back to where you got the servant uniform and unlock the officer's uniform.
  32. Go back to where you found the key and wear the officer's uniform.
  33. Now go north to hallway and walk east. Tell the guard you are on official bussiness and new here. After asking for authorization, tell him to go talk to the colonel.
  34. Go south and enter the room on west side. Get the 1st aid kit and leave.
  35. Go north and west till you can go west no more.
  36. Go north and enter the 1st door you come to. Tell the guard you're on official business.
  37. Leave by the way you came in and continue on.
  38. Go north and enter the door farthest right. Tell the guard you're on official business, you're new, and when he asks about you ask him if he has clerance.
  39. Open the door and enter and open the window.
  40. Go outside and walk to the 3rd window. Open it and enter. Push the loose brick near the window and go back outside.
  41. Use the whip on the brick and enter the 1st window on 3rd level. Open the cabinet to get money and come back for your father later.
  42. Go back to 2nd level by pointing the arrow at the 3rd window. Once inside, wear the officer uniform. Open the door and go to the door on the far left.
  43. Give Mein Kampf to the guard and use the stein with ale on the grating. Leave and go to the stairs leading to 3rd level.
  44. Go to the 1st door you find. Before entering, tell the guard he has wrinkled pants, a stain, and for the buffoon to get out of your way. In the office, give the roast to the dog.
  45. Get the trophy and open the cabinet to get the pass.
  46. Go back to 2nd level where you gave the guy the painting. This times go to the room on the far left.
  47. Go to the Mona Lisa and move it. Open the vault and go in. Look at the painting. I couldn't tell anything except it made the grail seem to be a bowl. Not sure though.
  48. Leave and go to the ale place and fill the trophy with ale. Be sure to change uniforms before 1st level.
  49. Go back to 3rd level and give the trophy to the big strong Nazi.
  50. Go south and tell the guy the same thing you told the guard about the security clearance.
  51. Go west and north into a room. Get the key there and go back east and north.
  52. Unlock the door your father is in and go to any guard. They will capture you and put you tied up in chairs near the knight in armor.
  53. Have Henry push the chair so the space between the 2 chairs is at the mark you made earlier on the carpet.
  54. Have Indy push the armor. Once free, push the top statue and leave. Go the motorcycle and talk to the guard at the guard post.
  55. Tell him you are a superior officer on a top secret mission with no ID. Once in Germany, have Hitler sign the passcard that had the combination on it.
  56. At the airport, have Indy ask the man about his grandchildren. Then switch to Henry to steal the tickets.
  57. Leave and go to the biplane or the blimp. Know what to do from the book if you decide to use the biplane.
  58. You don't have much time.
  59. If you go to the blimp, give the man your tickets. In the blimp, have Henry put a coin in the piano man's cup. Then have Indy enter the door and push the radio. Fight the guy and open the cabinet for the wrench.
  60. Leave and use the wrench in the hole and turn it. Save the game before hand. Climb the ladder and run from the guards. Go up the ladder in the top left corner.
  61. Keep going up the ladders to 3rd level. On 3rd level run to a different ladder going down.
  62. Go down to 1st level and this time you'll go to the biplane. Henry will already be there.
  63. Fly around and dodge the plane. Just don't let them shoot ya down for a while. After crashing, choose the expensive looking car.
  64. Give the pass to the guards at the guard posts. Once outside the grail temple save the game for the last time. Once inside, go to Donovan and go past the 3 trials.
  65. If you die on the trials you will have to start over from the 1st.
  66. The 1st trial is tricky. You have to get Indy to go more south or he will get cut all up.
  67. The 2nd trial is easy. All you have to do is step on letters that spell out the word Indy keeps saying. Just wait till he says the word.
  68. For the 3rd trial, immediatly possition the pointer over the cave to the right and press return to go there.
  69. Once inside, you must choose the correct grail from the written version of the grail book the game comes with and use it in the water.
  70. Then you can pick up the grail after rescuing your father and give it to the knight. You can also give it to Elsa and look at the seal once it is broken to use your whip to get the grail back.
  71. Be sure to give it to the knight. After that, the game ends! Pretty good game, huh? Corny jokes though. Good luck. Later....



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