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Grim Fandango Walkthrough

By Jeff "CJayC" Veasey


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    A Graphic Adventure from LucasArts for Windows
    95/98FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0November 2, 1998 The latest version of this document can always be found at GameFAQs http://www.gamefaqs.com Written By Jeff "CJayC" Veasey See the bottom of this document for Copyright/Contact information.

    ---IMPORTANT NOTICE--- ===READ ME FIRST!=== This is the first version of this document. It is in its rawest form, and very likely contains errors and omissions. This document does not yet contain any subtle hints about gameplay; only outright solutions. If you play through the game using this document as your guide, IT WILL RUIN THE GAME FOR YOU. A lot of solutions to puzzles won't make any sense, and you'll miss out on a lot of the game. I strongly suggest using this guide only as a last resort when you're stuck on a puzzle, and then using only the section pertaining to your puzzle. Reading ahead will spoil the game! Trust me!

    ###########Year One# ##########

    The Poisoning------------- The game begins in Manny's office, where he's just received a message. Go to the message tube and use it to read the message. Head to the garage elevator (that's the door on the left in front of Eva, the secretary) and down to the garage just in time to see the last car leave. Run to the corner of the garage, use the door to knock on it and meet Glottis. Then, pick the following conservation options: "Hey, you a driver?""I'm Calavera.""Looks like I need a new driver." "You want to be my replacement driver?""Come on, Glottis." "You're not too big. The cars are just to small." You'll get a work order, so head back up the elevator. If you use it on Eva, she'll try to get Don to sign it, but he won't. Go down to the lobby, and out the front door. Head to the side of the building, and climb up the rope of ties. Go into the open window into Don's office, use his computer, and change the intercom answer to "Ah, cripes Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya? I'm busy!" Head back out the window, down the ties, into the building, and back to Eva. Use the work order on her, and you'll get your modifications. Once you're in the Land of the Living, just use your scythe on the package. Another cutscene, and you'll be back in the office hallway.

    Getting a Better Client ----------------------- Head to your office, and pick up the playing cards on the table. Next, head to Eva's desk, and use the cards on her hole punch. Head down to the lobby, where you'll be accosted by a demon complaining about the tube system. Head out to the street, and go visit the clown at the festival. Converse thusly:"Practing What?""Twist me up one of them, eh fella?" "Bet ya can't do a cat.""A dead worm" You'll get a deflated balloon, which you should put up. Ask the clown for another one by saying:"My kid wants another balloon animal" "Do you have any more dead worms back there?" Head back into the building, and into the packing room (on Manny's right when you walk in). Use one deflated ballon on the red hose, one on the blue hose, then head upstairs to your office. Use each balloon on your message tube, and watch the fun happen! Head back to the lobby and to the tube switching room (opposite the packing room). Turn the deadbolt on the open door, and then strike up a conversation with the demon. "Who would do a terrible thing like this?""Well, I gotta split" You'll end up with the fire extinguisher, which you won't use just yet. Leave the room, and then head back in. Open the door, and use the perforated playing card on the red tube. You've got your new client! Unfortunately, you can't do much for her. Tell her: "Excuse me, but I have to go straighten this mess out" Head down the hall to Don Corpal's office, and then... well, lets just say you're in trouble.

    The Revolution-------------- You're trapped in Glottis' office, so knock on the door. Say: "I'm thinking about getting out and getting even. That's it." "The DOD runs a crooked game, and I intend to prove it." "I'm gonna blow the lid off this place." You'll be taken to the headquarters if the LSA, where you should talk to Salvador and say:"Okay, I'm in. What do I have to do?" "You want me to be your messenger?" "If I grab some pigeons from the roof, will you let me go?""I'm off" Head back to the clown at the festival, and say: "My kid wants another balloon animal""A cat." Then, grab some bread (in the tent next to the clown) and head back up to the roof via the rope of ties. Once you're on the ledge, go through the window into Domino's office, go to his punching bag and hit it three times, and then grab the mouthpiece that falls. Head to his desk, open the drawer, and get the coral inside. Back out the window, and to the ties. Use the smaller end of the ties to grab them, then pull out the coral from your inventory and use it on them. Pick up and use the ties to make a bridge, and use it to get to the next ledge and the roof. Go to the dish vent, and then use the cat balloon and the bread on it (in that order). Head to the nest to get the eggs, and then head back down to the street. Enter the garage and go back into Glottis' office, and use the mouthpiece on the Fill-A-Dent. Use the mouthpiece (without facing anything) to get your own dental impression. Head to the alley and use the blue eye on the wall, and use the eggs (in your hand) on Salvador. Use the mouthpiece on Eva, and you'll be able to leave town.

    Glottis' Heart-------------- You'll be in the petrified forest, so walk to the next screen where you'll talk to Glottis, who will rip his heart out in anguish. You'll need that, so head back to the forest behind Glottis to get it. Pick up a bone from the pile and use it on the web, and then use your scythe on the web. Go back to Glottis, pick up the heart, and use it on him.

    El Marrow ---------After the cutscene, you'll be in the Bonewagon. Drive to the right side of the screen to the strange machine. Go to the wheelbarrow, and use it to move it back and forth across the hoses. Each of the four hoses controls one of the pumps on the tree marrow extractor, and you'll want to synchronize the two pumps on each side of the device to get it rocking back and forth. The easy way to do this is to block the middle two pumps one at a time, and then unblock them right before the unblocked pump on that side of the tree is about to pump. Confused? It takes timing and a little bit of working with it, but you'll know you've gotten it right when the tree starts shaking back and forth. But, it's not quite enough. Go turn off the device, and Glottis will climb up to unbalance the tree even more. While he's up there, turn it back on and watch the fun.

    This Way to Rubacava?--------------------- Get out of the Bonewagon, and go to the road sign. Pick it up, and carry it to the forest to the northwest. Whenever you plant the sign here, it'll point in a new direction. Pick up the sign, move in the direction the sign was pointing for a little bit, and then plant it again. The sign is always pointing to a certain point on the ground, so you'll need to keep picking it up and moving it until you've got the right spot. Once you do, a cave will open up. (The right spot appears to be towards the center of the screen, just a bit down and to the left). Enter the cave, go to the sign, and use it to get the key. Exit, and head back to the clearing.

    Busy Beavers------------ Hop in the Bonewagon, and head over the rocks to the northeast. Go to the door and open it, where you'll get chased out. Head back through the gate, and at the edge of the bone dam (near a green bit), pick up three bones. Head down the path to the left of the bridge, and a beaver will come and sit on the overhead rock. Face the tar, pull out a bone, and throw it into the river of tar. Quickly get your fire extinguisher, and when the beaver jumps in after the bone, hose him down by using the extinguisher (hold down ENTER, move L and R to aim). Repeat twice or until all beavers are extinguished. Don't worry if you miss; there's plenty more bones. Go back to the gate, use the key on the lock to open it, and you're on your way.

    Welcome to Rubacava -------------------In Rubacava, head into the diner and talk to Celso, saying: "What are you doing here?""You must love her very much, Celso" "How do you know your wife hasn't gone ahead of you?" "I'll help you find your wife. What did she look like?" "Well, I'd better go see how my other clients are doing..." You'll get the photo from Celso. Head down the stairs, to the left and into the fog, and... Ahhh! After being rescued, head down and talk to Velasco. Say:"Well, don't let me interrupt your car talk" to end the conversation, and then use the photo on Velasco. Then say: "How do you know she sailed out of here? I don't believe it!" "Well, don't let me interrupt your car talk" You'll have the port log, so run up into the diner and use it on Celso. After a cutscene...

    ###########Year Two###########

    The Lambada----------- First, pick up the letter from Salvador on the table. You've got a visitor, so head downstairs and out of the caf‚, where you'll be stopped by Lupe. Say:"Okay, back to work" and then head outside and down the stairs to Meche... sort of. After the cutscene, you can find out what you need to do when you talk to Velasco: "Alright, I'm ready to sail!""I'll work!" "Okay, if I get Glottis some tools, can we board?" "Who's the one guy who hasn't boarded yet?" "What if Naranja doesn't show up? I can fill his spot, right?" "So let me get this straight...""I'd better go finish packing"Joining the Union ----------------- First off, let's get a union card. Head back to the Calavera Cafe, stop at the bar and pick up the gold flake liqueur, and go talk to Charlie (he's sitting at a table in the roulette room). Say: "Right. So what are you doing in it?""How did you point fake betting stubs?" "What else can you counterfeit?""Can you make reasonable union cards?" You'll get a VIP pass and the betting ticket printer from Charlie. Head into the bar and use the VIP pass on Glottis, who will head right over there. Head over to the cat track yourself (use the lever to form the bridge to get there). Once you're in, head past the large stuffed cat to the litter room, and pick up the can opener. Head into the VIP lounge (second floor, the stairs next to the betting window). Go into the kitchen, grab the turkey baster, and wait. The waiter will come in and go into the pantry. Close the doors behind him and use the scythe on the doors to lock him in. After Glottis has finished off the wine, go up the ladder and use the can opener on the wine cask, and use it to get in. Once you're in the basement, hop on the forklift and drive it into the elevator. Once you're in, position the forklift so it's lined up with the right-hand part of the elevator door. Press the elevator button, then quickly get in the forklift and drive it forward through the hole in the door. As you pass by the "hidden" floor, push forward so the forklift will block the elevator from moving up. Get off, walk to the other side of the forklift and hit the lever, raising the fork. Head down the hall and get the suitcase, and in a couple of minutes, you'll have your union card.

    Seaman Naranja-------------- Head into the blue casket, and go to the back of the bar. After meeting Lola and Olivia, tell her"Well, catch ya later, hep chick" Head into the kitchen, and then use the baster on the dishwater. Head to Toto's place, and to the back of his shack. Open the refrigerator, open the crisper, and then run over to Naranja's bottle and get the baster ready. When Naranja gets distracted by Toto, use the baster on the bottle to knock Naranja out. Walk over to Naranja, and search him to get his dog tags. Next, head up to the roof of the Cat Track, and go up to the blimp security area. Have a drink of your gold flake liqueur, and quickly walk through the metal detector (before you burp). Once you're alone with Carla in the back, say: "Hey, Carla, that's an awfully nice metal detector you have.""Yes" Head down to the litter box room, walk to the end of the ledge, and use your scythe on the letter box to get the metal detector. Finally, head to the Morgue. Use the dog tags on one of the corpses, and then use the metal detector on Membrillo, who will find the tags and report Naranja as dead.

    SeaBee Tools------------ The Bees are uneasy, so head to the Blue Casket and go to the table with the three beatniks in the back. Use the letter you got from Salvador on them (did you forget it? It's in your office at the Calavera Cafe), and then take the book on the table. Go out to the bees and use the book on them. Looks like you need a lawyer, so head to the VIP lounge of the Cat Track. Talk with Nick:"Nick, I need a lawyer." "Friend of mine is in the slammer.""An excellent lawyer." "The very best is good enough for me.""You are, Nick."Talk to him again: "Virago, I REALLY need a lawyer.""I could tell Max about you and Olivia." Nick will leave, and he'll leave his cigarette case behind. Take it up to the Blimp security desk, and use it on Carla. Say: "I don't know. I found it under your desk.""Yes" You'll end up with the key. Now, head to the lighthouse, and use the key on the door. Walk in, and get the card that was left behind. Head to the Calavera Cafe, and use the card on Lupe to get the jacket. Use the jacket (without facing anything) to get a piece of paper. Now head to Toto's and show him the paper. Finally, head to the cat track. Pull out your ticket printer and print up a ticket for Week 2, Tuesday, Race 6, and use it at the Photo Finish window. (NOTE: Week 2 can be found by reading the plaque on the statue of the cat, Race 6 can be found by looking at the photo, and the day of the week, well, it's a 1 in 7 chance). Head to the VIP lounge, and use the photo you got on Nick, who's you're new lawyer. You've got the tools, you've got the card, you've got a job, now you need Glottis.

    Betting the Farm---------------- Glottis won't leave the track, so you'll have to cut him off by getting the cafe shut down. Go to your office, and use your desk to bring up the roulette system. When the red light is on for the rightmost wheel, use the magnet to make the ball land on a different number, and Bogan will shut down the club. This will get Glottis kicked out of the Cat Track, and you're on your way.

    #############Year Three#############

    Customs------- Head into the ship and down the ladder, then start down the hall, and you'll be rescued by Glottis. Raise the starboard anchor, use the controls and push right, lower the starboard anchor, raise the starboard anchor, use your scythe on the anchors out the starboard porthole, and raise the port anchor to rip the ship in half. Go to the controls and pull back to let `er rip.

    Under the Sea------------- Walk to the edge of the light, and along will come Chepito. Say: "Well, I don't wanna break your stride there" He'll walk next to you. Grab the light, and turn towards Glottis, who will handle Chepito for you. Once you're at the pearl, walk along the ridge to the rock sticking out of it. Walk around the rock counterclockwise (in front of it first), and Chepito will get caught, and you'll get a ride.

    The Edge of the World--------------------- Walk into the elevator, and go through the walkway on the right, through the doors, and you'll finally find Meche! Oh, and Domino too. Back in your office, talk to the kids:"Why do you want to bite me?" "What are you two doing in this cage?""Listen, children, I'm here to help." "I'm here to help you get out of this cage." "My hand are not to big to make light bulbs." "I just don't have any of those little, tiny tools, that's all." "Okay, back to work." Pick up the hammer, and go back to Meche's office (where you walked through earlier). Use the ashtray, and time it so you move the ashtray right before Meche ashes (this may take several tries). She'll throw her stockings in the trash, so get them. Head down the elevator, and go the left at the bottom of the screen. Use the hammer on Chepito to get the Bust-All, and use the hose on him to get a Gun. Head back to the elevator landing, and off the right of the screen.

    The Boat-------- Change the conveyor belt to move downwards, then climb on it and up out of the water. Climb into the crane, move it to the opposite side, lower the crane, and get down. Go to the crane's claw, use the Bust- All on it, and then go back and re-board the crane. Lower the chain again, and then raise it to cause even more destruction. Move the crane back to the other side, and lower the chain onto the conveyor belt. Exit the crane, and go back down the belt. Throw the lever to set the belt to move upwards, and the do it again to move the chain downwards. Get back on the belt, go up and board the crane, and raise the chain. Back on the crane, back to the other side, back down the belt, and back to Meche's office.

    Rescuing Meche-------------- Use the gun on Meche, and then you'll need to rescue her. Go back out, and use the Bust-All on the door jamb. Use the wheel and rotate it so all four tumblers are open, use your scythe on the tumblers, and pull the wheel. Once you're in, close the door behind you, and use the scythe on the plates above the door. Go into the secret room and use the scythe on the sprinkler system. Walk over to the large pipe and turn the wheel. Notice how all the water drains through a tile? Grab the axe from the other room and drag it on top of that tile. Pick it up, and you'll drop it on the tile, shattering it.

    Domino's Fall------------- Domino will come after you in the boat, and you'll confront him. Pull out your scythe, but you can't stop Domino with it. Instead, use it on the octopus.

    ############Year Four############

    Saving Glottis-------------- Head down the stairs to the coffin, and open it up. You'll meet Bruno again, and get a mug. Go back up, and watch the cutscene. As you leave, the Gate will give you a note. Go down, and head to the room under the tracks. Talk to Glottis:"What can I get you? Will anything help?" "Can't we make a new hot rod?" Head down to the kitchen, use the coffee cup on the rack, open the drawer, and get a rag. Go out to the oil can and use the rag on it. Go back into the kitchen and use the rag on the toaster to discover a new rocket fuel.

    Rescuing the Bonewagon---------------------- First of all, head down to the docks, and you'll talk with Velasco. Once he's gone, grab the bottle and head to the Blue Casket. Go into the kitchen and use the bottle on the keg. Go back to Glottis and give him the bottle. Talk to Glottis, and he'll lose it. Yecch. Well, the gelatin needs to set, so head down to Toto's shack and open his medicine cabinet and get the liquid nitrogen. Use the Nitrogen on the gelatin, and then walk across it and use the bomb to leave Rubacava.

    Getting A Suit-------------- Go to the fallen soldier's body and get his arm. Talk to Meche, and then head out of the hideout, up the ladder, and up the next ladder to the backstage of the Casino. Grab the coffee pot, climb the ladder behind the Thunder Boys, and pour the coffee on them. Head back down, replace the pot, and go into the makeup room to get a disguise. Head back up the ladder, use the arm on the grinder, and then take the grinder, as you'll need it later. Head down, and go into the casino. Talk to the man in the trench coat (actually, that soldier who got chopped earlier), and talk to him a second time to learn what he's doing. Talk to Meche twice, use the sheet on Charlie, then quickly talk to the soldier. Go into the bathroom, and you've got your disguise.

    Getting A Gun------------- Head back to the LSA headquarters, and get the photo from the trash can. Use the note from Hector on the pigeon, and then use the photo on it. This will eventually cause Bowlsley to run from Hector's tower. Leave the headquarters and go into the hall, where you'll get the remote. Go behind the Bonewagon into the sewers, and go into the tunnel. Use the grinder (with arm) in the tunnel, and you'll move forward to the Alligator. Get out the remote, raise the Bonewagon, put put the remote up, move the Bonewagon forward until you can get on the ledge. Get on it, run to the other side, and start climbing down the ladder until the Alligator turns around. When he does, activate the remote to trap his tail under the wagon! Go into the florists shop, pull out your scythe, and use it on the ball of tape above the door. You'll leave, so go back inside and you'll get a gun and some ammo.

    Meeting Hector-------------- To get to Hector, climb up and go into the Casino. Go talk to the Pink Demon, and he'll ask you a question. The answer? It's the latest number to pop up on the Keno board. If you miss the first one, just keep track of the numbers on the board and ask again. Once you're upstairs, talk to Celso, and: "Actually, I work for Hector. He sent me to answer your questions." "The real question is, don't you feel that you are worth it." "What exactly are you saving your money for? A rainy day?" "Well, enough about you guys, let me tell you about my problems." "I just got back from the worst vacation I've ever had!" Wait a second, and then one nice long cutscene later...

    Lady Luck--------- Go up the ladder, and over to the sign's arm. Climb on top of the border, face the cracked statue, and use the grinder and then the Sproutella ton the crack to dislodge the sign. Climb up the ladder, and you've got the tickets.

    The Final Shodown-----------------

    Head up to the greenhouse, and go in. Use the Liquid Nitrogen on yourself, then go to the car and look in the back seat. Talk to Salvador, then go to the suitcase and open it. Get the ticket, and go behind the greenhouse. The ticket will guide you to the right spot, and once you're there, it will fall to the ground. Search Salvador's body for the key, go to the car and unlock it to get the gun. Finally, run over to the water tower and use the gun on it. Run up to the greenhouse door and open it to end the game. ADMINISTRIVIA Kudos to LucasArts for creating such an outstanding Adventure game. Anti-Kudos to LucasArts for having a hint line that doesn't work. Of course, that just meant I had to figure everything out on my own.

    This walkthrough was written by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey. If you wish to contact me with a question that wasn't fully answered in this walkthrough, MAKE SURE YOU'RE READING THE LATEST VERSION OF THE WALKTHROUGH FIRST!!! It's always located at http://www.gamefaqs.com, just search on "Grim Fandango", and you'll find it. Now, if you are reading the latest version and you're still stuck, you can contact me at cjayc@gamefaqs.com. I can't answer every letter, but if you have a valid question, I'll make sure it gets answered in the next revision of this document.

    This document is Copyright 1998 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey. It may be reproduced electronically on the Internet or other on-line services so long as the content of this document is NOT altered in any way, and no fee is charged either directly or indirectly for the viewing of this document. It may be printed or copied for PERSONAL, PRIVATE use only, and it may not be placed on a CD, written in a magazine, or otherwise distributed outside of the above means. If you are unsure as to whether or not you may distribute this document, contact me at cjayc@gamefaqs.com. --EOF--



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