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Golden Gate Walkthrough

  1. Introduction
  2. General Hints
  3. Maps
  4. San Francisco
  5. Angel Island
  6. Closing Sequence
  7. Copyright
  8. References
  9. Letters


    You can solve most of the puzzles in any order. I have provided the solutions in the most efficient order.

    General Hints

    1. In the game package you will find excerpts from Jake's diary. They won't make much sense at first but read them anyway.
    2. Read every document you collect thoroughly or you won't be able to make sense of the story. Also there are clues to the puzzles in many of the documents.
    3. When the movement instructions are long and complicated, make sure you watch the cursor carefully and select the correct direction.
    4. Use the San Francisco teleport map, whenever possible. It can be used to get to a location instantly once you have visited that location by road.
    5. The Angel Island map is also a teleport map, but is not very useful


    San Francisco

    Angel Island

    San Francisco

  1. Pacific Heights
  2. Chinatown
  3. Balcutha
  4. Lombard Street
  5. Chrissy Field
  6. Fort Point
  7. Fort Gunnybags (Old Mint)
  8. Mission Delores
  9. Golden Gate Park
  10. Cliffhouse
  11. Fisherman's Wharf

  12. Pacific Heights

    Listen to Jake. Go forward to the front door then forward into the house. Go forward to the staircase then turn left. Go forward to the counter and pick up the letter. Drag it into your inventory and read the letter.

    Leave via the front door, go down the steps and turn right toward Alamo Square. Find Chinatown.


    Find the alley, next to the road barrier, and go down it. On one of the doors is pinned a purplish-blue chart. Copy it down if you can. This is a map of the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is a slightly enlarged image of the chart:

    From here go to Balcutha.


    Go up the ramp into the ship. Go right then forward up the steps, forward then turn left toward a door. Go into the room and look at the chart on the wall. You must rearrange the wheels to match the chart you saw in Chinatown.

    This solution works if you have not touched the wheels yet:

    1. Top Right Handle
    2. Top Right Handle
    3. Bottom Right Handle
    4. Top Left Handle

    When you have solved the puzzle you will find the necklace. Take it and put it in your inventory. Leave the room, and turn left. Go forward to the telescope and use it. You will see a lighthouse.

    Leave the ship and pier and go to Lombard Street.

    Lombard Street

    Make your way up or down the windy road, clicking on the three odd bricks. You can only see these bricks if you are facing uphill. On each brick is depicted an owl icon representing Science, Art and Letters. Make your way to Chrissy Field.

    Chrissy Field

    Go down to the beach and find a broken bottle in the sand. You will find pages from a diary and an elaborate key (Celestial key). Go into the grove of trees and explore. You should see a video of a woman tending a dying man on the beach and burying a diary. Find the tree with the hash marks and copy them down. Click on the picture below for a slightly enlarged version of the marks.

    Under another tree you will find Alex's diary. Return to Pacific Heights via the teleport map.

    Pacific Heights

    Enter the house. Go forward toward the staircase and you will see a video of a child hiding some diary pages in a toy. Find two closet doors. Open the right door and look at the toy. You have to set the tines to play a particular tune to open the box. The hash marks at the grove give you the sequence. The tune is the nursery rhyme "Pop goes the weasel". This picture depicts the correct positions of the tines. I have also marked the picture with the numerical positions of the tines.

    Turn the handle to play the tune and you will find some more diary pages. Put them in your inventory.

    Leave the house and go to Fort Point. Teleport via the map if you can.

    Fort Point

    Go through the tunnel to the waterside. Go left and forward five times. Turn left to the pile of trash. Take the pamphlet. From here, turn left, go forward twice, turn right, go forward and turn right. Go though the door and up to the telescope. Look through the telescope to see the angel bowsprit.

    Use the teleport map to leave and go to the Old Mint.

    Fort Gunnybags (Old Mint)

    Find the magic square puzzle and solve it as in this picture.

    Note that when the magic square is solved the number '41' is visible in the background. Go through the now open door and up to the bell.

    Configure the four levers as follows: Middle, Bottom, Bottom, Middle, as shown in the picture above, and pull the handle. Find the small cupboard. Take the Vigilante Letters from inside.

    Use the teleport map and go to Mission Delores.

    Mission Delores

    Enter the Mission then go to the graveyard. Find the memorial which reads: "Follow Idle Maniac". Rearrange the text to read:




    Sept 1733

    April 1789

    Note that September is the birth month of the king.

    When you have rearranged the text correctly, turn to the right, go into the tomb. Move aside the skull and take the key (Bestial Key).

    Leave and go to the Golden Gate Park.

    Golden Gate Park

    Find the gardens with the rose beds and the Esparance statue. Look carefully at the statue. Copy down the designs in the corners or use this picture:

    Go to the Cliff House.


    Explore. Note the Sutro baths plaque. Find the Mechanical Museum below the cliff house and go inside to the slot machine. Set the sequence to owl, owl, owl and take the handle.

    Teleport to Fisherman's Wharf.

    Fisherman's Wharf

    Follow the signs to the Angel Island ferry. Go to the ticket office, then board the ferry. Go inside and click on the window to start the journey across the Bay.

    Angel Island

  13. Ferry Landing
  14. Lighthouse
  15. Bowsprit
  16. The Clearing
  17. East Garrison
  18. Wallace Battery
  19. West Garrison
  20. The Cave

  21. Ferry Landing

    Leave the ferry and walk along the ferry landing until you meet Jake. Listen to him then approach the map. This is a teleport map. Click on Point Knox and head down to the lighthouse.


    Find the door into the lighthouse and go inside to the Vigilante puzzle. Remember the Vigilante symbol on the bell at Fort Point? You have to create the Vigilante "Eye" symbol by moving the tiles as in this picture:

    This is an easy puzzle, if time consuming. Here is the quickest solution:

    If the squares number 1 to 9 from top left to bottom right, numbering across the rows, click each of the squares in this order until the correct part of the symbol appears in that location: 4. 9, 2, 6, 7, 8, 3, 5, 1.

    Go though the doorway and take the ruby.

    Now find the angel bowsprit you saw through the Fort Point telescope. From the lighthouse return to the road and turn right. Go forward and at the fork in the road take the downward path. Continue down to the beach, turn right along the beach and on to the bowsprit.


    Click on the angel. You must create the patterns on the ball according to the Esperance Statue corner patterns. After setting up each pattern click on the top of the ball.

    These are the exact steps (as you face the puzzle):

    Right Hand
    Left Hand
    - 0
    - -
    - -
    0 0
    - -
    0 0
    - 0
    0 0
    - -
    0 0
    0 0
    0 0
    - 0
    0 0
    - 0
    - -
    0 0
    - -
    - 0
    0 -
    0 0
    - -
    - -
    0 -
    0 0
    0 -
    0 0
    - -
    0 0
    0 -
    - 0
    - -

    When you have solved the puzzle take the emerald and sapphire. (I was never able to solve this puzzle without the game crashing after the third step. I hope you have better luck than I.)

    Return to the Angel Island map and go to the Summit. From here go right twice, forward four times, turn left, forward four times, turn left and forward. Here you should see a man hiding a glass jar. Turn right, forward twice then turn right again.

    The Clearing

    From the pink glow take the letter and riddle poem.

    Go to the East Garrison either via the Angel Island map or via the roads.

    East Garrison

    Find the front of the hospital and go inside. Find the staircase and go upstairs. Turn right at the top. Go forward, right and forward twice. Here you will see a video of an autopsy. Turn around, go forward twice and left, forward twice, right and forward. Inside the room, turn right and look at the x-ray viewer. Click on the switch. Interesting x-ray! Look at the doctor's desk. Open the drawer and take the journal.

    Go to the Wallace Battery either via the Angel Island map or via the roads.

    Wallace Battery

    At the top of the battery you will see a video of the doctor's death. Return to the entrance to the battery. Turn right before going up the steps and then go forward and left. Go forward twice, right, forward and right. Look down at the stove, open it and take the key (Vegetal Key).

    You should have solved all the puzzles, at this point, before going to the West Garrison, via the roads or Angel Island map.

    West Garrison

    Go inside and up the stairs and up another set of stairs. You must find the bookcase with the green book inserted between the bookends in the lower right-hand shelf. Click on the green book and part of the bookcase will turn revealing the three lock box puzzle. The first lid is opened by placing the three keys in the order, celestial, vegetal and bestial from left to right. The second lid is opened by placing the precious stones from left to right: emerald, ruby, sapphire. Take the treasure map.

    If you get the keys or precious stones sequence incorrect, you will be possessed by the beast. To be healed, go to Mission Dolores and, ignoring the beast, go to the baptismal and click on the water.

    Once you have the treasure map, go down to the beach where you found the Bowsprit. Instead of going to the Bowsprit, continue along the beach until you reach the cave.

    The Cave

    Place the Egyptian staff (handle of the slot machine) in the centre of the eye to open the cave. Go into the cave and find the letter from King William.

    Closing Sequence

    I usually tell you to enjoy the closing sequence at the end of my walkthroughs, but not this time . . .

    This walkthrough is copyright © 1997 by Diana Griffiths (email: ggriffit@icons.net). All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.



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